American Idol 2012: Top 11 Results Show Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Elise Testone. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

I think it’s now OK to officially say the Top 11? Anyway, American Idol will say  goodbye to its third contestant from the Top 12 following last week’s elimination of Jeremy Rosado and this week’s disqualification of Jermaine Jones.

Well, at least that might happen. If you were paying attention last night, you might have heard Ryan say the person with the least amount of votes “might be at risk” of going home. That makes us think maybe the popular judges’ save could be reinstated in the American Idol 2012 game once again come tonight.

But since American Idol has been flying by the seat of its pants the past three or four seasons, who knows what will happen.

All we know for sure is that, fresh off his date with Colton Dixon, Chris Daughtry and his band Daughtry will perform along with a performance by Demi Lovato. Oh, and there will surely be a group number and a Ford music video.

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  1. Heejun needs to go home tonight! Idc what anyone says, his voice is just average and he hasn’t had a WOW performance yet in this competition.

    • You know it funny because last night I said “WOW! His glasses have no lenses!”

    • Totally wrong. Heejun has a beautiful voice, he just needs to pick the right song. I don’t think he should go home, just needs to step it up a notch. 🙂

  2. I
    have to agree with Randy, Heejun was def the worst last night.. I don’t
    understand the craze people have for this guy. He has a pretty average
    voice if you ask me. The best last night goes to Joshua, he goes on
    that stage, sings his heart out like he wants to win. I appreciate that.

    My Bottom Two:
    1. Heejun: Like I said, his voice isn’t anything amazing, he’s an average singer with an annoying sense of humor.
    2. Deandre: I didn’t connect with his performance at all tonight, boring song choice, and a bad song choice.

    My Pick to go home:
    1.Heejun: He hasn’t amazed me yet, and his
    performances are all the same and he tries to be funny. This isn’t
    American Jokes, it’s American Idol.

    America’s Bottom Two:
    1.Shannon: America hates her for some odd reason, I personally think she deserves to make tour. Her performance last night was amazing, she picked a really hard song and still pulled it off.2.Erika:
    She’s a wild card pick, and although I absolutely love her, she may be
    in danger. I really want her to stay, and if she does she needs to WOW
    everyone or else she’ll be next to go, if not next to go. 

    Who will go home:
    I say it will be a close toss up between Erika and Shannon.

    • I dont know if I agree, Heejun has a good voice and I like him.
      my bottom ones are Erika and Elsie and then Shannon and Heejun or Deandre… I dont know,  they are all so good…  then Joshua
      something about Elsie I just dont like. and Erika has to many sour notes

  3. Top 3
    Shannon Rulez best of the night.
    Hollie is pretty good lot of mess ups if it was shannon everybody would be attacking her.
    phillip bad vocals but everyone loves him

      • Boring? what was boring about the best of the night.
        Hollie did crappy pitch worst than shannon last week.
        Phil was horrible they sugarcoated it.
        jessica let her cockyness get the best of her.
        erika need i say less shit!
        Heejun was the worst ever heard on idol.

  4. Heejun is my favorite just like Thia last year.

     And Heejun is also becoming like Thia who is singing song that would make them be hated by the nation.. 


    • He is really funny he can work it out in showbiz as comedian. From the every beginning his been singing ballad that it became boring, I can’t imagine him singing upbeat songs…anyway I like his personality alot. But still go and vote!

  5. I am afraid the Elise might be going home tonight. Shannon is getting the VFTW support right now. How many weeks does that make her good for? A couple more I think. Why did they get Will.I.Am to mentor though? That’s where the show went wrong this week. That’s your explanation right there. They should have MJB mentoring all season. 

    • vftw almost changed to heejun last night but they decided to stay with shannon since the judges are big fans of heejun.
      they said that heejun was the worst though.

  6. deandre or elise will go home.  if i had to pick i would say elise…deandre might have enough of a following to pull it out.  I think elise and heejun did the worst last night, erika and deandre were pretty boring and forgettable as well, but heejun might have enough of a cult following to last a week or two more.  heejun needs to go out on a limb and do something off the wall.  if not i am sure he can sing at weddings…he has that nice predictable wedding singer voice. 

  7. well, my Favorite is Hollie, gosh she is great. and I love Skyler, (love country)…  I dont see her being an American Idol, but I hope to hear her on the radio or a CD
    Jessice is good, really good, but I will see how the weeks play out, she was not great last night.  Colton was great, but dont know with him… Philip is good but I am not sure with him, (two weeks he has played a sick role) and I am sure he has been. but dont play it. love Heejun just because…  Lov e Shannon, but she is not quite ready for this now…

  8.  I don’t get it! when a contestant keeps on singing ballad songs every
    week, the judges tell them its kinda boring and now Jessica took the
    risk of showing her talent on an uptempo song and they told her it is
    not a good song choice. What the heck! for me everything was perfect
    from using the stage, the look, the moves and the audience connection is
    just PERFECT! Jessica’s song is a difficult one and I believe Hollie
    will not give justice to the song either if the judges will let her sing
    that song too. Jessica tore that song up! i think the judges were
    hating. like come on now, they didn’t clap. That is kinda harsh! I
    just hope they gave those comments so she won’t end up like Pia Toscano.
    I hope that the producers told the judges what to say. I just hate it!
    look at the reaction of Will I Am and the crowd! Nevertheless, let’s
    just keep supporting her! She deserves to go far or even claim the
    title! She is not over confident. She is grounded and humble. Kudos to JESSICA!!!

    • For me Jessica did so much justice to her upbeat song. so much graceful & stage presence. In my opinion, nobody in the competition could do an upbeat song like that, only Jessica. She only proves that she can sing anything. That’s how versatile she is. And I like what Jimmy Iovine said, “If Jessica goes home tonight, we will all go home”… Keep it up Jessica… good job.

      • I agree. I even like the performance of jessica over joshua. she showed talent and versatility beyond her years. it is ok for the judges to tone down their praises for jessica and give her constructive criticisms and insightful advices. but still, she did a great performance for this week, as expected. Jimmy is in tune with all his comments. he should now be sitting as a fourth judge. it is possible. they have done that in the past.

  9. Phillip I predict will win this year’s contest. He pretty much has it all. The others have s bit of a flaw either physically or vocally. You kind of have to imagine who looks like what on an album cover and in publicity coverage. Think Carrie Underwood. You can easily imagine what Phillip would look like on an album and in publicity shots–both add to sales as much as singing ability.  The powers that be at American Idol are looking for another Carrie Underwood in the looks, personality and talent departments.  

    If Colton got rid of his mullet mohawk and let the real guy come through — and do the same in his singing too — I’d say he might rise toward the top for the season. But he won’t do that because he’s busy visualizing himself  being one of a kind and unique. He can just envision all young kids world wide imitating his mullet mohawk. He ends up looking and sounding like  a maverick where his music is concerned .  So he’ll be leaving some time about mid season.

    I’m beginning to think it might be time for JImmy to go too. He and the weekly “mentor” seem to be more of a confusion to these vulnerable young hopefuls than actually a help. On one hand they want to encourage them but on the other hand they want to play “big dawg” and fill their heads with a bunch of gobbledy gook nonsense. I have not seen an instance so far where any A plus mentoring was given. Generally it’s B- at best and more times than not  “C”.  Maybe it’s just me, but all of of this screaming by the judges at how Joshua is the greatest singer ever on American Idol (isn’t that what Jennifer said?), I just don’t get him. He didn’t hit one note last night as originally written in the song. He screeched 31 times in approximately two and a half minutes and apparently that is enough for some people to get their jollies. A whole album of that? Please.  Jen, I suggest you bring your head back out and get some fresh air. Joshua is one very nice guy though. I just wish he’d use his voice to sing and not screech. Push the mute button and watch his face. It looks like he’s in deep pain. I just hope the judges are not trying to turn this into a screeching contest. 

    • I disagree about Jimmy.  He’s one of the brighspots each week to me.  He basically doesn’t spare their feelings and really tells them if it’s good or bad(particularly on results shows), but doesn’t do it in the over the top, dramatic, horrible way Simon does IMO.

      • Drew, I have to agree with you in part. I was speaking mainly about the last couple of weeks. I do remember when he was first brought in several weeks back to dive in with his thoughts on people, he was direct and told it like it was. Those critiques were quite appreciated by me. However, changing people around as to song choice and then re-shaping their interpretation didn’t bring around the desired results for several people over the last couple of weeks IMO. I know in Las Vegas they had several vocal coaches working with people and I liked that sort of help better than all this global mentoring as to content and choice.  If their advice is bad and it is shown to the nation, their words could influence people’s voting to a BIG extent. 

    • I agree again……the screeching sound to his voice is quite annoying. He should tone that a bit. Still, jessica for me is the best talent and singer there is this season, not necessarily of the entire AI show, though.

  10. Shannon was the best!
    and i dont want any arguments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do not comment and say she is boring.
    cuz she is not boring she is the best.

  11. Jessica Sanchez is save..She has always supported by all Filipinos..Even in the Philippines are for Jessica..we always support our Kababayan (Fellow Filipino) nationwide.

    • Jessica is my favorite not because she is Asian or Filipina. It is great to support your contrymen. But objectively speaking, she is indeed very talented. So regardless of her roots, i am definitely rooting for her. She is a cut above the rest of the field in this AI season.

    • Ahm, not being racy about this, but, Jessica is supported by most of the people in America–most of the people who watch Idol all over the World. Let’s stop stereotyping her as it doesn’t sound pleasing to the people.

      Can’t we just support and praise her without connecting her roots? It will help her, I promise.. 🙂

  12. I liked Shannon. I don’t think she should have been sent home before Hee Jun or Deandre…I don’t like either of their voices. And I am not a fan of the raspy voice of Elise. I was really hoping Shannon would have made the tour.

  13. I cant believe that heejun is still there .. he is  a no talent singer .. The young lady let go tonight had more talent in her finger  than heejun has in his whole body .. Im gonna watch the voice from now on .. Idol you lost me .. He should have never made the top 24 .. I am repulsed !!

  14. Last week there was 9 People in the top 10. Tonight there was 10 people I don’t get it. Did they bring someone back. \after  Jermaine Jones was asked to leave?

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