Watch Jermaine Jones Eliminated From American Idol 2012

Jermaine Jones disqualified

If you missed the segment tonight on American Idol 2012, then you can watch the big event right here in the video clip below. Jermaine Jones was ceremoniously dumped from the competition when production learned he had hidden his criminal past. How bad was it? 4 warrants for his arrest bad.

Of course production implies in the clip below that if only Jermaine had been forthcoming about his criminal troubles then they could have worked with him. Later they say there can’t be any American Idol singers with warrants against them. Seems like either way Jermaine Jones was on his way out from Idol.

What do you think of American Idol’s decision to eliminate Jermaine Jones?

Afterthought: I’m seeing a lot of comments that this was a humiliating event for Jermaine and FOX should have not aired it. While I agree this was very embarrassing to Jones I’d also suggest it was likely his last opportunity to widely address accusations of “a history of violence.” Jermaine was allowed to explain it was simply a scuffle with a friend during an already tense event.

Either way Jermaine Jones was going to be leaving the show, but this way he got to provide his own rebuttal and that would be worth it to me.




  1. Yes he desreved to go but it was inappropriate and humiliating to air his dismissal in front of the whole country….

    • I had the exact same thought. I mean, the show can give some people some dignity at least and just mention briefly that Jermaine was inelligable for the competition!

    • What were these producers thinking? totally agree with you. This should have been dealt with privately. They basically set him up to fail at anything now. I hope some firecracker lawyer contacts him for a payback. He didn’t deserve that humiliation on national TV. I love the judges but what about their past activities!!! 

      • Personally I think they helped his career 🙂  It wasn’t warrants for murder, child support or some other really degrading charge. He was fighting.  This is a blessing in disguise for his career and life. He’ll look back later and know that. His voice will be heard.

    •  You forget, had he never done anything wrong, or gotten caught, he wouldn’t have warrants for his arrest!!!  He signed documents to be on TV and this is what he got.

  2. Normally, I would agree in sending him home for that, but the little clip that they showed from rehearsals, singing “Somewhere Out There” was just beautiful. Made me wish he got sent home for warrants NEXT week.

  3. Considering the fact that he lied to the show and came in under false pretenses they shouldn’t even have allowed that last performance to be aired. I know it was probably an agreement that they could air his dismissal if they included that last performance but I think they shouldn’t have aired either. But they should have just explained that due to technicalities he would no longer be on the show. Then let the tabloids take it and run. 

    Now it is my understanding that past AI contracts have awarded all contestants from 3rd place through 12th place $100,000.00 to be paid when they landed their first recording c0ntract. Since Jermaine was disqualified does that mean his prize money doesn’t get paid at all or does it go to number 13 who is Jeremy Rosado? I don’t know because Jeremy was actually the lowest vote getter among the contestants at that time by America’s vote and may still be considered 13th spot even with the elimination. Actually I don’t think they said the word disqualified in reference to Jermaine. They said eliminated from competition. There may be a technicality there that they are tip toeing around. Just sayin….LOL

  4. I thought american idol was wrong for doing this on national tv making a total fool of JERMAINE. AMERICAL IDOL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES

  5. should not have been televised like that they should checked every one before the show just like before i got hired & actually before my schooling they did a whole criminal back ground check. finger prints & all so if that is there rules then do it before the show is aired.

    • indeed they should have checked every contestant’s records. i feel that that’s it’s their responsibility

  6. I felt bad for Jermaine,  he maybe  made mistakes but it doesnt mean that he deserves to be humiliated in front of many people watching this show.. OMG!

  7. Wao.. That was very humilliating . Doing this in front all the millions of people watching the swow  was unnecessary. I dont know what are the agreements whatsoever, but this negative exposure was really a bad decision from the production leaders of this show.  I felt bad for him…  To me this is called: LACK OF WISDOM.  too bad … 

  8. I hope he takes care of his record but he has a great voice. I would like to see him back after the pass is taken care of. I would pay to see him in a play – Porky and Bess. He has that special, deep, terrific voice that only a few have. That play is a classic and he has the voice to take it all the way. Hopefully, gentle giant takes care of his past and comes back.

  9. He’s not the first contestant to be disqualified over a criminal record…probably won’t be the last, unfortunately.  I didn’t have a problem with the reasons being aired–they did it with the last one who was sent on his way—but he left in a squad car.  I was actually surprised, with four outstanding warrants, that Jermaine didn’t leave the same way.  I do feel sorry for him, but he made the choice not to disclose his record.

  10. In the last few episodes before Jermaine was eliminated, I wondered if he would soon be sent home for a couple of reasons:  1) his reactions to the judges comments (ie. not taking criticism too well – he didn’t smile and nod, and disagreed with the judges comments – I’m guessing that the judges and producers didn’t like him for that), 2).  Jermaine seemed at times to have a bit of attitude, and I also noticed that he was a bit self-involved when it came to other contestants
    –  as for airing his “dismissal,” on national TV, very shameful behaviour on the part of the shows’s producers – likely doing it mostly for ratings reasons, but regardless if there were warrants, it’s not America’s business – those are personal issues, and would have been best left off air!  That kind of humiliation is both unnecessary and vindictive;  perhaps Jermaine should find a good lawyer to pursue this treatment in terms of damaging his reputation and future musical opportunities by announcing these circumstances to the world…  Producers too quick to air a sensationalized story – not the brightest lights on the chandelier…
    – I feel sorry for Jermaine – the details of the warrants are unknown – sometimes, warrants are issued in the first instance if the offender cannot be readily located to be served a court summons, which they might not even be aware of is coming their way.  In other instances, if an offender has been given a first appearance date, and simply fails to appear, then again, a warrant can be issued.  And if these are really old offences, quite often they get dealt off.  Then again, if they are warrants of committal (go straight to jail and do not pass go), then Jermaine continuing on the show would of course be problematic.  
    –  Everyone should be given second chances – I hope that Jermaine sorts out these issues, and does continue to sing.  The notoriety (good and bad), might at least make him memorable.  It has done wonders for some celebrities.

    • I agree with you.  totally humiliating and completely unessary to
      air it.
      Just for rating?

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you.  They never should have aired this.  It was in bad taste, to say the least.  They could have done this privately.  The guy has a great voice and now, it’s up to him what he wants to do with it.  I wish him well!

  11. I started crying when as I watched. My heart sank when I realized what was happening and then I looked away from the screen as if to give Jermaine an offering of privacy, knowing that at least one person (me) would not see him struggling to keep his composure on live television as him dreams are ripped from underneath him, and god forbid any chance of decent employment now. And then I said, no, I need to watch. I need to watch to be a witness to this inappropriate act. How could they do this to him -or anyone? Why couldn’t they have just announced that Jermaine had been disqualified from the show? Did they have to crucify him? I am disgusted and I felt sick for Jermaine. None of us know the circumstances surrounding what he has been thru, therefore none of us have any right to judge him, no matter what the contract says. We all make mistakes, and I hope Jermaine sues American Idol for publicly crucifying him.

  12. It’s kind of wierd… I started watching the show and Ryan said something about this.. My first thought was Jermaine. He seemed too nice to me I guess XD

  13. I missed American Idol tonight but being such a huge fan I online watched the performances and did my voting. When Ryan made his announcement it didn’t register at first and then I realized what he had said. What a shame for Jermaine. I checked out the various stories about his dismissal. It was a humiliating way to let him go. I’m okay with the announcement but showing him being blindsided was unfair. That being said I have to say that I feel bad for the other contestants that might have been given the 13th spot. Jermaine should have been forthcoming about his warrants. I imagine there is going to be a lot of speculation on who he edged out for that second chance. I was kind of surprised they picked him to begin with. He was so emotional and distraught at the thought of being eliminated. That made me wonder if he had the strength to withstand week after week of the pressure to perform and deal with the possibility of being voted off. I was afraid he’d have a breakdown. It’s sad that he had to go and the way they did it was wrong but he should have been honest. You have to wonder about 4 warrants. 1 might have been explained. But 4?
    This is a tough break for Jermaine but it is what it is. Maybe this a different kind of second chance.

  14. I tend to agree – televising the dismissal was an obvious grab at ratings. Unfortunately, if they would have dismissed him quietly, all of the gossip shows would have just dug into it, found the warrants, and played it OVER AND OVER AND OVER anyway. You can’t hide from this stuff in today’s world. If you have skeletons in your closet, stay out of the limelight. Surely it had to occur to Jermaine that there was a pretty good chance this would surface at some point. The poor judgement was on his part.

  15. Could somebody please vote Jeniffer no signing Lopez of the show, this is why the ratings is low. I say bring Paula back her Randy and Steven will bring ratings back up.

  16. I’m sure it’s some that have been on AI that was not humliated on national T.V. and still stayed on the show…because he was arrested they probaly thought he would become the angry black man on national, hate to say it but, this would not have happen if he was the gentle giant white guy.  AI that’s why I stopped watching the show…”The Voice” will kick your ass on any given day. Randy quit calling women dude, Jeniffer just quit talking period….

  17. Sadly I agree with letting Jermaine go, however, the way it was handled on tv was in such poor taste and humiliating.  AOL management was disgusting without empathy. 

    • I agree, you said it perfectly American Idol should have dismissed
      him but Airing it Public and Reading What they found on National
      TV was Unprofessional. It put the Producers in a Bad Light.
      Humiliation was their Goal they succeeded.  If any other people
      did that to someone they would be Dismissed for making such
      a Huge Error in Judgement.
      I still say the show has went down hill after Simon left.
      The return contestant means they watched and copied Simon’s
      X Factor.

  18. I agree that he was allowed to explain himself. At least I’m glad I heard his side of the story – that it was only a scuffle. America’s imagination could have run wild if he was dismissed with only a press release!

  19. it’s plain and simple public humiliation. i think he was brought back just for this purpose, to have something for the people to talk to and bring up the rating of the show. tsk tsk disappointing.

  20. I think something is wrong with their screening process.  They should have caught this before he got this far.  Should have done an FBI screening.  Let this be a lesson to future hopefuls that you had better not hold nothing back.  I think the guy was incredibly stupid to think that his past would not catch up with him.  The tabloids would have eventually found out anyway.  Really sad since he has such talent.

  21. Why do we care whether a criminal with four (perhaps five) outstanding warrants for his arrest is humilated or not?  We’re rasing a bunch of spoiled pansies, if you ask me.  You broke the law (several times) and didn’t face up to it?  Why on earth should you be treated with respect?  You didn’t respect us (law abiding citizens), did you? 

    • You have no empathy for your fellow man. If you were in his place, would want that to happen to you? I would think not, at least I wouldn’t. His punishment will come from the law and being disqualified from AI. There was no need to televise the event and ruin his life more than he already did

  22. he was wrong in hiding  info; Idol was wrong in airing video of his termination.  Unkind, humiliating and unncessary.

  23.  America’s addiction to reality TV has come to this, humiliation and defamation of character on National TV…sounds like a law suit to me and if he doesn’t sue them, someone should. Very poor choice by AI producers. Second guessing their integrity….what else have they done to former contestants?? That will be the next big story. Sad. 

  24. hey…he will rise above this. Personally, I feel he handled it wonderfully, though embarrassing, and his voice is without a doubt, the tool that allows him to now put that behind him and seek his blessings in his God given talent. Take care of the warrents Jermaine…and go back next year!  Bad press can also be good press….dont sweat the media. As long as they are talking…your voice is being heard  🙂 

  25. I agree with everyone, I watched it too, and it was humiliating.  And for those that think, he done the crime, should have known better, lets just say “shit happen” sometime before you know it. Don’t think this will not every happen to you, it can wether you are guilty or not, it’s call circumstances and situations

  26. I wish that there had been someway to fix theses issues with Jermaine. I feel as if he might be getting a raw deal. Yes, it was his responsibility to disclose any possible issues concerning his arrest and any pending warrants which I’m sure he was aware of. But he didn’t. Who were the law enforcements? Why wait until he wait until he was well on his way to then pull his dream from under him, in an instant. Was his crime/warrants so heinous? Do you think, American Idol, that perhaps for future contestants, that right from the beginning before it gets to where a possible idol is disqualified, that you can perhaps have a counselor on board that is professionally trained to talk to contestants and assure them that in disclosing anything in their past, American Idol, if knowing before hand can assist them with any issues and get the issues nipped in the bud so as to avoid humiliation. Jermaine was not forthcoming, a lesson he will not forget anytime soon, but did he deserve to be disqualified for warrants, that if looked at deeper may have
    been just minor infractions, he did not seem to be the real criminal type. Can Idol change up the rules for special cases?

    Sad in NY…

  27. Let’s hope Jermaine learned a good lesson here  and takes care of his pending legal matters expeditiously.  The AI program would have been destroyed  had this guy stayed on a bit longer – and those of us who love the program would have blamed the producers.   Now, Jermaine, accept your mistakes and learn from them.  And by all means, keep singing. 

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