American Idol 2012 Top 11 Elimination Predictions

American Idol 2012 Top 11 elimination

American Idol results revealed tonight on the Season 11 Top 11 Results show, but now it’s time for our weekly elimination predictions. Once again I’ll be looking at your votes in our unofficial poll which has been a pretty reliable forecaster so far this season.

This week’s American Idol 2012 poll indicates the top 4 singers definitely safe are Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, Hollie Cavanagh, and Phillip Phillips. All 4 of these singers seem to be undeniably safe from elimination this week. All of them either had stand out performances this week or enough goodwill built up to keep them safe this time around.

Next we’ve got the middle ground singers in a 3-pack featuring Colton Dixon, Heejun Han, and Skylar Laine. Colton needs to stop satisfying his own creative desires and start playing to the crowd or he could find himself in trouble soon. Heejun is a crowd favorite and that might be the only thing to save him this week. Skylar is fortunate to be a unique singer this season with energetic and that alone should mean she’s safe at least this week.

Moving on to the danger-zone we’ve got the last 4 singers in American Idol 2012 bringing up the rear: DeAndre Brakensick, Shannon Magrane, Elise Testone, and Erika Van Pelt. Only 3 of those Idol Hopefuls will take a seat on the stools of suspense and I’ll wager it’ll be DeAndre, Elise, and Erika. Elise was a near-miss last week which makes her an easy target this time around. Erika was previously eliminated by America’s votes and we saw how that treated Jeremy Rosado. DeAndre and Shannon didn’t have a great week (song choice, song choice!), but considering Shannon survived the previous week’s performance I think she’ll do it again.

The Top 11 performance poll right now puts Erika and Shannon at the bottom with 1% each. Since I’ve thrown Shannon out of the Bottom 3 mix I’ll have to go with Erika Van Pelt for tonight’s elimination.

Branden has also cast his predictions. He’s put Elise Testone, Shannon Magrane, and Erika Van Pelt in the Bottom 3 with Shannon likely going home. Looks like most of you agree with his forecast.

The always interesting to review Dial Idol has their own American Idol predictions. They’re indicating DeAndre, Heejun, and Erika racked up the fewest busy signals on the phone lines, but since that’s only one voting venue it remains a limited measurement. It’s still worth noting the overlaps between our other predictions.

Now that you’ve read our various elimination predictions for tonight’s Top 11 results show, what do you think will happen? Who do you think should go home and, if different, who will go home?




      • actually no im not i voted for 2 hours and around 11 : 15 – 11  30
        i barely could even get through.
        and she suposly is at the bottom.
        if thats the bottom i would hate to see how many jessica gets.

      • you should be always doing that for Shannon every voting time if you wanna see her stay for at least two weeks more. just concern

      • Hey ize ize baby
        i got 4 questions first
        how many accounts do you have.
        dont you have something better to do then slam shannon.
        why are you jealous over shannon.
        are you a female lots of females where like this to haley too.

      • i only have one account and i just joined this site i think two days ago. Just expressing myself. i can’t do anything if SHANNON is not as good as the others. sorry

      • first, i only have one account and i just joined this site i think two days ago. second, i can’t do anything if SHANNON is not as good as the others. 
        sorry . third, 
        Just expressing myself.  Fourth, i am a female. 

  1. Heejun was horrible was of the night for boys.
    elise was for the girls tonight.
    worst of the night is drum roll please …………………………………….
    ……………………………………………………. heejun han!

    • jimmyboy you might be right…but I think you’re going to be wrong!  At least I hope you are..,..we know he can sing, he’s got loads of personality…..I hope Philip and him tie.  😀

  2. America’s Bottom 3:

    Who will go home:
    Close toss up between Shannon and Erika… Sadly 🙁

  3. HeeJun had a bad night…but we have seen him do better. DeAndre made me cringe a couple of times. Should have stayed with his Lion King song.

    Much as I love HeeJun, he is in danger of being in the bottom three…unless his fans got a fire lit under their bums by Randy’s comment and voted like crazy. I voted for him, on my cellphone and online.

    However, I don’t think ANYONE’S going home. Oh, they’ll weed out the bottom three and make them stew and sweat on the stools for an hour, but they’ll all three – whoever they end up being – end up on the couches because of Jermaine. And, I think, because of the universally horrid song choices this week (and Jimmy talking three people – two this week and one last week – out of songs that would have been better for them).

    Call it a lesson learned for the three at the bottom this week – you get a second chance because of a perfect storm of circumstances.

  4. Elise was great last night. Hope she’s safe. I don’t even know what is shannon still doing in the competition..hope she gets cut tonight.

    •  Hi watwat.
      If you like Elise, show your support and go to the latest blog and say so.  next week I heard it will be Billy Joel week.  That is right in the alley of Elise vocal range and tone.  She will do great!!

  5. I think heejun should go home BUT I think shannon or erika will.erika doesn’t deserve going so soon & I think if there is a SAVE then the judges will use it on erika if she gets the least amount of votes tonight.that’s it…

  6. Shame on Idol executives for the public way they dismissed Jermaine Johnson.
    Mean spirited and in poor taste . Is Idol in such a decline they choose to throw throw their contestants under the bus for ratings. I’m on a doctors office right now and someone brought it up and were all disgusted with the proceedings.
    OK. So immover Idol. I’ll just spend the rest of the season watching the Voice.

  7. Hollie, Jessica, Skylar, Colton, Phillip and Joshua are the 6 best…

    the rest will drop off one by one probably in this order…

    1. Erika
    2. Elise
    3. Deandre
    4. Heejun
    5. Shannon

  8. All,

    There are a few bad apples calling me a “tool” and telling me not to post audiophile rankings anymore…so please let me know if you dont want to see them anymore, and I will stop.  But until then…here goes! At any rate, I am getting tired so I wont be able to offer as much this week.  Night shift takes its toll.    I have to go to work so Ill try to be brief.

    Phillip Phillips

    PP is PP.  That is all.  His best performance yet.  By far!  On top of having kidney stones, its good that he was able to sing like this.  Again, its Dave Matthews, Jack Johnson, John Mayer all mixed together.  Anyone that cant hear that is well…a jive turkey?  🙂 

    Week Ranking: 8.1

    Overall Ranking stays at 7.9

    Jessica Sanchez

    Week ranking: 8.1

    Overall Ranking goes from 9.2 to 8.8

    The Swagrnaught had big shoes to fill with last weeks preformance, and it appears that they were just to big.  She was pitchy, and the rythym of the song…it was off.  Almost a half beat off, most of the time.  When she did catch up, she hit the delayed falsetto and fell behind again. 

    Week Ranking: 8.1

    Overall Ranking stays at 7.9

    Heejun Han

    Audiophile Ranking 7.9

    Overall Ranking goes from 8.3 to 8.2

    I think he judges and others are being very critical of Heejun’s voice.  We just haven’t heard a voice quite like his.  Audiophile has a hard time with his voice, because its just that different.  Its tough to tell the difference between flat and sharp notes with his voice…his accent throws it off. 

    Colton Dixon

    I enjoyed it.  For lack of time I have to be short…it was good.  Wrong song choice…

    Elise Testone

    Song Choice:  Good!

    Audiophile Performance Ranking 9.0
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.6 to 8.7

    Elise got it together this week, in a HUGE way.  She corrected her demeanour, her attitude, and her confidence level.  Her voice recoevered and she knocked it out of the park.  Literally.  She will not be in the bottom 3.

    Deandre Brackensick

    Bad.  My choice to go home this week.  Out of time…gotta go to work.

    Shannon McGraine

    Better.  Out of time…have to go to work. 

    Skylar Laine

    AudioPhile Ranking 7.5

    Overall Ranking goes from 8.7 to 8.3

    Not quite as good this week.  The cawntry girl needs to step it up!  Out of time…have to go to work. 

    Erika Van Pelt

    ….I have to go to work…Ill repost the audiophile rankings later. 

    Joshua Ledet

    Song Choice:  Good

    Audiophile Performance Ranking 9.8

    Overall Ranking goes from 9.3 to 9.5

    Is it the crawfish?!?!?!?!?  Was it the Jacket?!?!?  I was in tears from the minute the man started singing.  I almost feel like I am not worthy to even write a rating on this performance.  I heard James Cleveland in there…I heard Donnie Mcclerkin in there….I heard James Brown…I heard it all!  Percy Slash…woooo!

    -Jennifer said it was the best performance she had ever heard on American Idol.
    -Stephen said he had never heard anything like it. 
    –Seacrest was so excited he didnt want to go to a commercial.  🙂
    –They gave him a standing ovation HALFWAY through the song.
    THIS  IS WHY I WATCH AMERICAN IDOL.  This is why I truly believe that the vocal ability is 90-95% of a singers arsenal.  Stage presence, charisma, none of that even matters when you have a voice like Joshua does.  But the problem is HE HAS BOTH OF THOSE TOO!  This is why our team picked Joshua to win this year.  He is going to break the WGWG syndrome.  AMEN BROTHER!!

    Holly Cavenaugh

    Song Choice: Good

    I had to run this through DVR and into Audiophile, so it took awhile to fix this. 
    When I worked with Holly at a 2007 music convention in Wales, I told her not to pause too much before she hit the power note, because it zaps your power.  You have to conserve your breath throughout the breakdown and bridge, so you have enough to offer the climax note.  Holly made that mistake tonight.  Her low notes were a bit shaky as well.  That being said, it was still an awesome performance and I am such a big fan.  She, like Adam Lambert, Celine Dion, and Pia Toscano, have the ability to HIDE mistakes with a falsetto and make it sound beautiful.  I hate being hard on Holly because she looks so innocent, but pull it together next time!  You still did really well!  Better than Jessica this time!

    Audiophile Preformance Ranking 8.9

    Overall Ranking goes from 9.3 to 9.2

    Barack Obama

    Ok, I didnt vote for the guy, but he can sing!  When Idol posted that clip, I was like, neat!  Wow!   I googled Obama singing, and the guy has some soul!  I still wont vote for him though!  LOL

    Bottom 3

    Probably Heejun

    Deandre goes home. 

    • i think elise might go home because heejun and deandre might have a following that will let them hang longer than they should.  I had worst performances, heejun, elise, erika and deandre…..sending elise.

    • I wish Heejun would go cause he is the least talented singer, but he has ttoo big of following…

      Erika might be the one going home this week in my opinion since deandre wasnt even in the bottom 3 guys last week

    • TTBA range is defferent from POL. Even if Jessica sang incrediblly that will not give her a better audiophlie ranking.

      Keep up the good work.I still believe that Jessica is better than Hollie .

      • Ali,

        Range is only a certain portion of our ranking…so yes you are correct that it plays a part, but not the whole part.  The most portion of the overall ranking that range could give would be 25%.


      • Templar.  No.  Our team has decided that we will not stop developing these rankings.    Thanks for the opinion though.

    • I don’t know who you are, but I really enjoyed your post.  I’m glad to see you were as thrilled with Josh as I was (well, probably as the world was).  I still have goosebumps just thinking about it.  I think I’m going to have to watch it again right now!

      Thanks for your posts – I’m going to have to follow you through the season.

      • 🙂 Thank you ginagem.  Its nice to know somebody appreciates them.  I will continue them, but maybe not quite as long. 

    • Are you tone deaf? Jessica is pitchy, and the rythym of the song was off? Do you hear things that I don’t? I don’t even see any fault that Jessica did. She was amazing! Her power, growl, yelling and scatting were all perfect. Jessica is the best for me that night. Hollie was terrible! She lost control, pitchy all over the place and mimicking Celine’s tone and sound most of the time. Sorry but your assessment for the two is really wrong. It’s the other way around. Try to review their performance again. For the other comments I agree with you. Peace.  

  9. Joshua Ledet you are the best the small island of Grenada is backing you 100% we love to hear you sing you are a truly a child of god

  10. I would probably agree with Branden’s bottom three, only because DeAndre wasn’t even in the boys bottom three.  Although with Jermaine out he could have been next in line.  I still will go with Shannon, Elise, and Erika as the bottom three even though that’s not what it should be, not this week(for me).  I’d say Erika will go home.

    • No i disagree with branden fire him.
      he votes on his favs.
      he obviously dont know talent.
      to say shannon is in it.
      she was the best of the night.
      Branden Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I think Shannon should go home but she is backed by VFTW so I am afraid it’s gonna be Erika. That is if anyone goes home. I really don’t think that there will be an elimination tonight. I think that they will go through the whole charade and then Ryan will say, “Erika you are also safe. We have decided not to send anyone home tonight due to the elimination of Jermaine Jones but we didn’t want you guys to feel safe as it may have affected some of the performances last night and as always we want to get the best out of our contestants because that is what America wants to see.”

  12. Shannon would most probably be eliminated tonight.  If you ask me, she should have been the one to go last week.

    • Whats the matter you changed from ize ize baby and tyetus.
      must be a slow day for you.

  13. Hi AI bloggers,

    This is a general question to all.  How many of you that actually listened to all the singers last night?  I am wondering because of the remarks I have seen so far.  Unless my ears and my mind  failed me , some of the comments today is confusing the hell out of me. You see I went back and listened to all 11 singers one more time , but this time I did not watch the performers I just listened.  I listened for overall dynamics , pitch , tone much like what The voice had done with their selection process.  I was quite amazed what I heard without watching.  And I scored them according to how I like each performances.  All the songs except Colton’s I am very familiar with.

    What I am trying to figure out here is how much we differ in opinion on who
    did better and who did worst.  As a matter of fact I am quiet surprised even to those people that I usually respected in terms of “musical input” and
    unbiased comments.  The commonality of opinion on who is going home tonight is disturbing to say the list.  Of course my comments is solely based on what I have heard again by going over each and every one’s performances.  My conclusion , are we really interested to know who sings good and who doesn’t?  Be honest at least to yourselves.

    Anyways enough speech, tonight we may find out who goes home 😀

    • which is EXACTLY why my team develops the audiophile rankings.  I agree on all fronts.  This started out as a SINGING COMPETITION and it needs to get back to that. 

      • but therein lies the problem, it’s NOT just a singing competition any longer.  due to the ridiculous voting system it’s become a popularity contest and not a talent contest.  the past few winners tell the tale.  and i know i’m beating a dead horse with adam lambert, who should have won (but is now doing a helluva lot better than kris allen) but also crystal bowersox, chris daughtry, and even jennifer hudson.  how can you justifiy a taylor hicks winning???  until the voting system is changed the really talented singers won’t come out on top.  at least in this competition.  in the end, though, those with real talent will have a career

      • I’m glad we can agree on something. But let’s try not to let this happen too often. It’s not as much fun! 🙂

    • which is EXACTLY why my team develops the audiophile rankings.  I agree on all fronts.  This started out as a SINGING COMPETITION and it needs to get back to that. 

    • I did the same Ed. I always do.  I didn’t see your final rankings posted. Care to post that again or tell me where to find it? I would be curious to see what your rankings look like. I admit I did not choose the person I thought was gonna win because of the musical ability but that is useless with American Idol. It is indeed a popularity contest. As far as spontaneous musical ability goes I think maybe Hollie and Joshua are at the top of the heap. It’s far more like hard work for the rest. Yes, even Jessica. I think she can sing a song like nobody else if she has a lot of practice to get each word, phrase and note perfected but when she is rushed for time into a performance she is a little lacking and she loses confidence and leads to nights like Wednesday. Would love to see your rankings and compare them to my own opinions.  

      • Hi Taymaro
        I did not post it because it was too late anyway.  I did it for my own peace of mind and also to decide which way I am going to go in choosing a singer and that’s how I chose Elise, who by the way was selected by many fans to go home tonite.  I am glad they were wrong. 

         It did not matter to me, she was the only one left that I like.  She won’t win idol since she  was branded to have an attitude problem, which I believe is false!!  She has a mature way of singing, simple yet, very pleasant style combined with a raspy , bluesy tone.

        I told you my interest is not in pop, but more into blues and Jazz, so anytime I hear someone with that type of vocals I will always go for.
        I am sure you still remember XFactor, LOL.

        Why I wrote what I wrote is an observation that has been brewing ever since I went on to this blog.  I noticed only a handful who will actualy
        will make statements that is based on what they hear and how they feel about it, you are one of them along with our resisdent technician Salvx.

        Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy reading some of the whacky and comical
        remarks by the people here, which makes this blog a joy ride !!
        I guess I am just expecting too much out of the selected contestants.  You can’t blame me too much since they were selected from thousands of singers.  And out of these group of young singers , one will be crowned American Idol.  And that my friend is what disturbs me the most.
        I can honestly say there is only 2 out of the 10 that I like and I am sure they won’t win Idol, one of them is Elise, and the other is Philip.

  14. No way!  I DON’T think Heejun will be at the bottom 3.  We know he can sing, and he has so much personality and is so likeable!  GO HEEJUN!!!!!!

  15. HeeJun???? Are you freaking kidding me??  Is everyone tone deaf?  Is everyone getting drunk and laughing saying, hey, let’s vote for this guy….You all are going to wake up the next day and sayl… “He freaking won??”

    • What the hell is wrong with you? Criticizing people isn’t going to help them lose. And yeah, Heejun’s performance was better before but you can’t possibly think he’s that bad… Wake up and stop criticizing peoples.

  16. Jessica can sing any song…shes great and i love her…GO GO JESSICA!!!ur gonna win im sure…

  17. Shannon should go home..shes just beautiful..she can sing but not for a competition like american idol..

  18. I just watched this episode last night, so I’m avoiding the results post.  So, since I don’t know who was eliminated, my vote goes with Shannon.  She was the most forgettable and really not on par with the top 4.  She’s cute though, and that might save her.  I thought Erika and Elise both did much better than Shannon last night.  I felt bad also for DeAndre – but his obvious charm should save him.

    But can we please talk about Josh Ledet?!  I mean, seriously?  That man ripped it apart the other night!  I got goosebumps and went almost as crazy as JLo!  He absolutely rocked it!  Nobody was near that good on Tuesday.  I think he may have just moved up into my Number 1 spot (followed closely by Phillip and Jessica).

  19. Colton should go coz his singging is so ordinary. His votes comes from liking his style and looks.  All the girls outshine Colton. 

    With the exception of Joshua, the rest of the boys can go home.

  20. well,shannon’s 2nd performance is better than the 1st one..but i think,that is not the best performance i’ve seen,as she really sang better during casting week in las vegas…..

    jessica and hollie, keep up the good work you are really stand out week by week..hope the two of you hs face off on finals as jlo says..

  21. Jessica is first with Joshua a close second. He should not have been sent home. Jess and Josh should do a cd together and revive Motown! The freak of the year award goes to Jennifer Lopez. What happened to last years little tearful soulful latina lady Jennifer? Now she is a cougar, boinking her dance backups, flogging her last husband in public, and dominating the show with her giggling, screechy stupid pointless commentary. They gotta get her off the show, and set Jimmy Iovine in there, or someone wise who understand music. Jennifer Lopez can’t dance, and her big butt is too much of an insurance hazzard to continue on the stage. She is getting old, and despite the paint jobs and the icing sugar lipsticks, she is really looking worn out…used up…and no longer sexy. 

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