American Idol 2012: Top 13 Guys Perform Tonight

American Idol 2012 Top 24

Tonight on American Idol we will see the start of the live voting as the Top 12, make that Top 13, guys take the American Idol 2012 stage.

We’re not sure if we’ll get the announcement of who that 13th guy is right away and he’ll start singing for your votes right away or what. Surely that would be the only way it would be fair, right?

Who do you think that 13th guy will be? You still have time to vote in our poll. Also, be sure to check out and weign in on our Top 24 Break Down.

The promo below doesn’t tell us much more, of course.

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  1. let’s see…singer…commercial…singer…commercial…singer…commercial.  so it goes.  will record idol and watch both episodes of ncis.  enjoy the show, folks!

  2. a shout out to phyllis g…rumor has it that adam and james will be performing on idol at some time this season!!!  now we’ll get to see REAL talent!!

    • Where did you hear that? I will be looking forward to seeing James performing if the rumors are true! 😀

    • James Durbin performing with adam will be epic but i would rather hear david cook with scotty more

      • I respect your choice but are you kidding??????? I like David Cook but with Scotty?????  Scotty is the epitamy of boring!!!!!

    • YAY……Now the season is definitely worth watching.  Pr63 thanks for the update….I love it!!!!!!!

  3. Live shows!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! top 5 guys will most likely be Heejun, Reed, Phil, Aaron, and Colton. (DeAndre will probably be a wild card)

    • Heejun-yea buddy!!!!
      Reed-love his song 2nite!
      Phil-<3 voice and name!!:p
      Aaron-not sure bout him
      Colton-what was with the climbin on piano thing?!?!?? No 4 me.
      Deandre-at first I thought he was a girl!!

      • I think your forgetting about Joshua Ledet! I am from Louisiana and live there still today so I am a huge fan! But I mean he is pretty amazing even if I wasn’t from LA! 🙂 Joshua all the way!

      • Hahahaha It’s funny… after the performances the top 5 prospects are looking different… Jermaine, Phil, Heejun, Joshua, and Reed. Of course, I am probably wrong. lol

  4. I am so excited to finally get to hear all the performers, by themselves, singing a song….YAY…..

    Pr63….I dvr it and then half way thru it I watch it and zoom thru the commercials!!!!! Perfect timing……

  5. Creighton Fraker – What’s going on

    Joshua Ledet – Use Somebody – Kings of Leon or Run – Leona Lewis

    Colton Dixon – Breakeven – The Script

    Heejun Hun – Bohemian Rhapsody or Don’t Let the Sun Go Down
    On Me or Faithfully by Journey

    Reed Grimm – Something by Michael Buble or Your Song by
    Elton John

    Aaron Marcellus – Without you – David Guetta

    Adam Brock – God Bless the Child

    Deandre Brackensick – Human Nature – Michael Jackson

    Phillip Phillips – Don’t care cause I don’t like him.

    Chase Likens – Don’t care

    Eben Franckenwitz – He could probably do In the Arms of the
    Angel, or he may be able to do something cool with Every Breath you take.

    Jeremy Rosado – Don’t care; he doesn’t really have a chance
    of making it to the top 12.


    • Hey Kmbaker I Love Phil and Chase
      it is amazing how someone loves someone and then another dont
      like i dont care about eben and you like him
      and you dont like my favs

      • Yeah it is interesting the difference in taste people have. IDK, I just don’t really like Phillip Phillips, I think he is overrated just like Scotty was last year, just not my type of artist.
        Chase Likens, I think he is okay.. but I just don’t see him making it. Male country singers are just not my favorite in singing competitions. lol
        Eben – He’s okay. He’s not one of my favorites or anything, I just picked songs for him because it was pretty easy.
        Jeremy is a good singer, but he just isn’t going to stand out compared to the others.

    • How did you remeber those names they are boring names
      colton dixon sounds like dolly parton pet goose

  6. Adam Brock – “Think” by Aretha FranklinCreighton Fraker – “True Colors” by Cyndi LauperEben Christian Franckewitz – “Set Fire To The Rain” by AdeleJeremy Rosado – “Gravity” by John Mayer or Sara BareillesReed Grimm – “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera

    • Davey….I was just teasing Shawn……I totally agree with you about the music themes.  I say lets get into the 2000’s……I’ve had enough Motown (even though I like it), Elvis, Michael Jackson.  The majority of these contestants are very young and should be singing more up-to-date music.  

      Shawn…..I was just teasing you……You write so eloquently I knew you weren’t that young……..maybe your just an old soul!!!!!

  7. I want to post something a little different. Now that the live shows are here I want to talk themes. I believe the theme for tonight is that the contestants can sing anything so it won’t be towards this week, but more in line with the coming weeks.

    Theme that needs to be retired: Motown. Sorry but this theme has been overdone and needs to be retired for a few years. Not saying that the contestants should not be allowed to sing a Motown song, but it shouldn’t be a requirement for one week. I just have no desire to hear songs like “Aint no Mountain High Enough” or “Heard it through the Grapevine”.

    Themes in which the rules should be stricter: Rock and 21st Century. When it was rock week last season there were only a few contestants that actually did a rock song. During rock week last season we heard Michael Jackson who was pop. Percy Sledge who was R&B, and Johnny Cash who was country. The only rock I heard was from Haley, Scotty, and Pia. So enforce the fact that they have to do a rock song during rock week and don’t let them have a loophole.

    21st century needs to have songs that were first recorded during the 21st century. Don’t let them take a song that was first recorded and released in the 80’s and allow a contestant to sing it during 21st century week just because it was covered by another artists in the 21st century. Example Scotty doing Swinging

    No themes that restrict the contestants to one artist. Sorry but I found weeks like Elton John week and Carole King week quite boring. Those weeks you know whose going to do well and whose not going to do so well. And there are some songs that have been done before that  can only be done by the artist that originally did it.

    Keep the themes a little more current. It gets a little tiring having to hear songs that were big in the 50’s  and 60’s. It’s the kind of music that my grandfather listened to when he was young and it doesn’t show what kind of artist that the contestant will be, because they aren’t doing music that’s a little more current.

    Well that’s what I think should be done with themes this season at least.

    • Shawn…..since you are referring to your grandfather listening to music from the 50’s/60’s when he was young, please don’t tell me you are a teeny bopper……..

      • Hey im a teeny bopper but not really in to teeny bopper music
        but yeah it is annoying to hear Surfer girl from beach boys or happy days music i mean come on maybe 70s and up but lets not let people
        sing beatles monkess rolling stones or any horrible music that i dont want to hear

      • Davey I wouldn’t mind hear Beatles or Rolling Stones as that’s more my parents generation. The music I’m referring to is old style 50’s and early 60’s music. Music that was big when my parents were just kids, stuff that my grandfather likes.

    • Pardon me Shawn, but Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, The temptations, Stevie Wonder, Malalia Jackson, all disagree with you.  I am sorry, but Motown has a hand in all modern music, and as a 28 year old musician, I appreciate the music.  It is my favorite.  I look forward to Motown week every year, and in my opinion, the best preformances come from this week.  I am sorry that you don’t appreciate this style of music, but I have to respectfully disagree with you.  Keep Motown alive! 

      •  I’m not saying it’s bad music but that theme has just been overdone and if you re-read my post I said that the Motown theme needs to be retired for a few years, not just put away and never brought back. And you will also see that I said that I don’t have a problem with a contestant doing a Motown song, but they just shouldn’t be forced to do one. Don’t put words into my mouth as I wasn’t saying that it was bad music it’s just been overdone that I am tired of hearing different takes on the same songs like “Heard it through the Grapevine.” I am also getting tired of everybody doing Adele songs but that doesn’t mean I hate Adele it’s just something that’s being overdone to death which I think might go down after a year or so until Adele’s next big hit record.

      • I think he’s saying diversify the themes a bit more, and I agree Motown is done pretty much every year, so  I think retiring it a couple years is fine. 

        Not wanting a theme does not mean dont appreciate it, and honestly if they are going to do only songs from one artist they need the artist to be huge and have a very large variety of songs, like Michael Jackson, or the Beatles.

        The themes should be more strict and different from past themes,  I agree.

    • your right Shawn.  I apologize for not reading your post as clearly.  My mistake.  But….i still respectfully disagree.  🙂

  8. Rumors are flying that these songs will be sang tonight.

    Adam Brock – “Think” by Aretha Franklin <– Should be VERY interesting!Creighton Fraker – "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper <– Wow…cant wait!Eben Christian Franckewitz – "Set Fire To The Rain" by Adele <– LOL! Really?Jeremy Rosado – "Gravity" by John Mayer or Sara Bareilles <– Unexpected!Reed Grimm – "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera <– I could have predicted that one.

  9. Here are a few more Audiophile readings from Idol Eliminations during Vegas week.  The scores are more reliable because these two posted a BUNCH of Youtube videos. 

    Janelle Arthur – 7.1 — Gorgeous, but was overshadowed by the other country singers.  Although her 2010 audition registered a 9.1.  She was eliminated during Vegas rounds.  She sang with Chelsea Sorrell, and Baylie Brown. 

    Comparisons to Janelle
    Skylar Laine 8.7Baylie Brown 8.7
    Lauren Aliana 9.1
    Carrie Underwood 8.4
    Chelsea Sorrell 8.8
    Candace Glover — 9.5 She is another Mandesa!  I hope she comes back next year!  One of the highest ratings Audiophile has ever registered. 

    Since she didnt get the airtime, Ill reveal that Her Hollywood Solo preformance was an R&B version of Adele, Someone like you. 

    Comparisions to Candace
    Aretha Franklin 9.9
    Alisha Keys 9.0
    Diana Ross 8.8
    Mahalia Jackson 8.9
    Janet Jackson 7.9

    • So…Apparently Lauren Alaina is better, or a stronger singer, than Carrie Underwood?

      Was interesting at first, but these are getting harder and harder to believe that this Audiophile machine is accurate.

      • How so?  Lauren’s pitch and tone are more on than Carries.  Just because Carrie is more successful (so far) doesn’t mean that she has better pitch and tone than Lauren. 

      • also, remember…the more stuff that Carrie puts out (recorded live shows, live dvds, the more our team adds the data to the bunch)  If the data is deemed corrupted (bad audio file, too much entropic background noise) then it doesnt go through.

        Lauren’s files are considerably smaller than Carrie’s, because she simply hasnt released enough STUFF. 

        Think of it this way…
        In baseball, Albert Pujols batted .299 last year, but his overall career average is .321…after the season he had, it brought his career average down.

        Lauren is due for a fall (unless she really does have better tone and pitch, which some would argue, she does!)

      • So far? are you kidding me? I no longer am going to read this Audiophile stuff. Not accurate at all.

  10. After listening to HeeJun pull off an impressive Billy Joel number — that dude might be able to sing darn near anything…..

    I do hope that Joshua Ledet makes it to the next round….the dude has some kind of voice!

    • Reed has a unique talent and stage presence……..he is a tru performer!!……He could just step out in front and win this year!!

  11. Just realized something tonight when watching that cute Heejun sing.  He looks quite a bit like Elvis Presley.  Surprised even me.

    • If you have a phone you dial the number that ryan seacrest tells you to dial. After the show is over, call the number for your favorite person. Hope this helps!!! 

  12. I think the show has run its course. The contestants lack the talent that was present when Simon was a judge. The current judges seem to lack the ability to deliver constructive criticism. It’s gotten rather dull and boring. Time to be canceled. I’m ready for the X-Factor again. American Idol is full of people that smell like poopy farts.

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