American Idol 2012 Top 13 Guys Performances

American Idol 2012 Top 12 guys

American Idol 2012 live performances kick off right now with your season 11 Top 13 guys taking the stage. We’re about to find out which of the four guys is going to be the lucky one and join the rest of last week’s Top 12 for a chance at your votes. Will it be the one with the most votes in our poll or were the spoilers right?

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American Idol 2012 Top 13 Mystery Singer:

  • Jermaine Jones gets a second chance

Wow. Well it’s who I expected, but not who you all wanted from our poll.

American Idol 2012 Top 13 Guys Performances:

  • Reed Grimm – Moves Like Jagger –  1-866-436-5701
  • Adam Brock – Think  -1-866-436-5702
  • Deandre Brackensick – Reasons  – 1-866-436-5703
  • Colton Dixon – Decode – 1-866-436-5704
  • Jeremy Rosado – Gravity – 1-866-436-5705
  • Aaron Marcellus – Never Can Say Goodbye – 1-866-436-5706
  • Chase Likens – Storm Warning – 1-866-436-5707
  • Creighton Fraker – True Colors – 1-866-436-5708
  • Phil Phillips – In The Air Tonight – 1-866-436-5709
  • Eben Franckewitz – Set Fire To The Rain – 1-866-436-5710
  • Heejun Han – Angels – 1-866-436-5711
  • Joshua Ledet – You Pulled Me Through – 1-866-436-5712
  • Jermaine Jones – Dance With My Father – 1-866-436-5736

Vote below in our poll for your favorite American Idol male singer of the night. Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Did the right singer get a second chance?




    • I agree, nothing impressing. I miss Simon at least he was honest about the talent. These judges always like everyone. So far not that good.

      • These are the absolute best judges, who wants to cut someone down on their first night, give me a break!

      • Trouble is…these are the peeps they picked….so they have to say nice things tonight…after this it’s up to us….THEN they can start dissin……..

  1.  4 nice performances so far the least I liked was Colton but seems everybody did lol.  Is still super early in the competition to know who is my favorite, so far I am not dissapointed

    • Nope. He is the shrillest one tonight. Wow that was horrible. The only one I skipped through. Other than Creighton. I hate Creightons voice so very much.

    • I hope not. Not only would I not pay to see him or hear him, it is doubtful that anyone could pay me enough to make me do it.

    • Ha. You were really surprised by that. Welcome to the live shows on American Idol. Judges giving minimum 3 standing ovations a night. It is the very essence of Idol. LOL

  2. i have no favorites at all this year,last year i picked the winner and 2nd place in the auditions!!!!

  3. Not liking the new set at all! Way too dark, and how many times do we have to watch the boys bend down to touch people before it gets old? What happened to the judges actually giving constructive feedback????

  4. I kinda agree with Marta…there is alot of good talent this year and it is too early to decide who I like best yet. I also miss Simon. 🙁

  5. I’m not feeling tonights performances at all. Horrible. The judges suck at judging, the guys who have went so far haven’t impressed me, not one bit… The only ok one was Aaron Marcellus. Ugh.

  6. OMG where is Simon!! Many of the singers were off key and flat, the musical selection sounds like the 70s, no one would buy the songs performed and most would turn off the radio when singing high like a girl instead of sounding like a man. I want to hear honesty from the judges and not “you know what” kissing.

  7. I don’t know what is gpoing on with Idol this year???  The judges rave about evry singer, eben when they arn’t that good.  Of the first hour only two were really good. Whats up judges?????????

  8. Creighton reminds me of a modern day Pauly Shore. OK. I am really bored with tonight’s show!  


  9. i think everyone has done ok..but you can sure tell Simon is not here..its a judges lovefest.  i am not wowed so far.  lets see how phil does.

  10. boooo I don’t want too see no sinking boys I wanna see Haley Johnson! Dang what happened to ladies first. No offense guys

  11. Hejuun Han and Eben Franfowitz got my vote. Jeremy Rosado, I’ll vote for him to and maybe Colton Dixon

  12. No, no, no….Phillip is ruining a good song with his twist on it. I didn’t like it. Of course J.Lo liked it, she likes all of them.

      • He is unique for sure…he is a good singer but I personally didn’t like the twist he put on it.

      •  I think Phillips can win this thing! The girls better be good because I thought several of the guys were really good. JMO!

    • Ummm, guess u really don’t understand talent. Stick a fork in this competition cause Phil Phillips, Georgia boy, is the next Anerican Idol. He is truly talented.

    •  It is all about them taking songs and making them their own and not sounding like they are copying off of the original artist! Sorry but this boy Phillips Rocks!!!!

  13. Phil has it.  He really moves me.  I don’t think he needs this show, but i am glad he is getting the chance to show off.  ok, i admit i am a big fan, but i am officially wowed.

    • If you like his performance just listen to the artist he is copying …. Dave Matthews . He copies his voice, moves, facial expressions everything! Wish he would be truthful and explain is a just a Dave inpersonator . He stinks!

      • i know dave matthews work and i disagree.  Visually there is a resemblance but voice not so much.  Matthews sings in a higher range mostly.  Compare them.  I think people are hung up on the looks.  Phil stays in a lower range..  the facial expressions look like matthews, but they are not close in voice. i think you need to play some matthews you will not hear phil.  i think the comparison is completely wrong.

    • Mary, I agree with what you say about Phil usually. But I don’t understand how you do not hear the similarities between him and Dave Matthews. I am a HUGE Dave fan, and their voices are VERY similar. And no, it’s NOT the look that I think is similar. Obviously their voices are not the exact same, but like i said, very similar.

      • jeremy go to youtube and play some dave matthews.  then play a phil. not even close..but make sure you close your eyes.  i am telling you they are not even close.

  14. Well so far I think they are doing good and who are u to say the judges like everyone they belive to at least give a chance to people u all just don’t how hard it is to be a judge….. anyway I like chase likens

    • I think the judges have prepared the young kid and one of the others that they probably won’t make it through.  OMG!!  JOSHUA!!!

  15. – a boy to sing an adele song has to be very talented. . . This boy singing set fire to the rain is so talented…… 🙂

    • Sorry but Eben was not good. He was flat and singing through his nose. He is not all uhau he nedsnto be. Sorry Eben.

    • Eben was flat the entire time, I thought i’d like him but no offense that was a really bad preformance from him.  I can’t believe the judges gave Heejun a harder time than him

  16. Omg !!! Love love phillip Phillips !!! Reminds me of Lindsay buckingham from fleetwood Mac !!!! Awesome !!! Did I say I loved him .., YOU GO PHILLIP !!!

  17. Sound system terrible. Dies injustice to all the male singers
    Please work on this
    Thank you
    L hood
    Lhood003@comcasr. Net

  18. I really want ask Phil Phillips where I can buy copy of the song he just sing tonight. It was so amazing.. he was best one tonight singing one of my favorite songs…. I just love strong voice he has

  19. I think tonight the judges are not judging, they are letting America decide for the best 6 guys they dont want to show favoritism for any0ne.  I think this is good as the judges wont be blamed for leading the public for this or that singer, this week the public must decide.  And I have loved almost everyone.

    • you are so right… i dont get it, why do they have to critizise contestants?  i think the show’s great so far

    • I think you’re right. I kinda think they should go an extra step further and talk about why they chose each artist after the whole selection process, their voice, charisma, personality, the whole package, that would give us a better view of what they saw, rather than just what the producers wanted us to see.

  20. I did not get to hear Reed sing due to station loss, but I am voting for him because I really like his style.

  21. Phillip Phillips deserve to win this right here and now. He is byfar the best. He’s got it all, voice along with looks!

  22. The band is drowning out all the voices. Who ever set up the mic volume tonight messed up big time. How can you judge the voices if you can’t hear them.

    • The sound is awful. Can’t hardly make out vocals. They have to correct or this show won’t make sense.

    •  I replayed just through horrible tv speakers and sounded much better than through my stereo.  It seemed they weren’t sending much vocals through the center channel and all the instruments blazing through the mains.  FOX needs a sound person for the broadcast since the sound person must of been doing their job at the show based on the judges comments.

  23. Loved the male singers so far, but having difficulty in HEARING their voices. It seems the music is louder than the voice mic, which is a shame. I have a large plasma, and panasonic surround system, and still can’t hear them very well. Hope this is fixed by the time the girls sing. Thanks.

  24. So far all contestants are all doing good… I like Deandre and Heejun so far… but all of em are as ive said are good!…

  25. So far I’m not really impressed with any of them. I guess I’d have to say Colton is my favorite boy. I’m really hoping the girls will do better tommorow.

  26. American Idol is just not the same without Simon.  Most of these contestents are terriable. I think with shows like the voice and Xfactor….American Idol will soon become a thing of the past. Have you noticed that all the judges just praise all the contestants and really they need to be honest and tell the contestents when they don’t perform well. NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL. Idol has just lost a fan….Check out the Voice and Xfactor if you want to watch real singing compentitions.

  27. The performance of the night OMG Joshua Ledet was the stand out for me what a voice!!! second place Creighton Fraker and third Adam Brock.  Deandre and Jeremy were amazing also and just because I like his vibe Heejun is my sixth pick.  This is my list.

  28. I’m thinking American Idol need to change the rules and let the top 12 go through and not require it to be evenly matched with 6 guy and 6 girls.  There is just to much talent with the guys and only a few of the girls from the auditions come close.  Curious what Simon would say.

  29. I think it may be Johnny, since it is rumored Schylar may come back, and they got booted on the same round. I think it just may be

  30. I have one question.  Did Simon Baker dress Ryan?  i keep expecting Ryan to come out holding a cup & Saucer, dunking a tea bag.

  31. I was watching the whole show I already pick my vote so i hope everybody else agree with me Joshua Ledet 

  32. They have the contestants Mic’d too low and the background too loud.  It is hard to tell how good and dynamic their voices really are.  Maybe it will improve over the show or with the next one.

  33. oh its  cry baby mama’s boy…why bring him back?  he will go home soon enough.  i would have rather nobody be brought back…but if someone had to come back i would have guessed johnny.  this is another fraud.   well wonder if they will give us some reasoning?

    • Its true, I don’t think he’ll make it through the next round, and if so, he won’t last at all. It was a losing cause, and they only brought him back because of how much it broke his heart. At the same time though, something inside of me feels happy for him, that he at least got to sing on the stage this once. 

  34. I so so agree with the judges to bring back Jermaine he has an incredible voice and really touches the public.  Hope he stays.

  35. I think top 5 will go in no particular order…

    Wildcards will most likely be Adam and Jeremy

  36. So disappointed Jermaine Jones was brought back.  I would have preferred any of the other 3.  Looking forward to ladies’ night tomorrow.

  37. 1. Colton Dixon
    2. Creighton
    3. Phil
    4. Chase Likens
    Then I really don’t care about the rest of them.

  38. my winner is Phil.  If i were voting off i would probably vote off eben, voice was weaker and he is young..but as some people pointed out the sound was messed up….but he sounds too much like a young boy..nothing wrong with that but his voice isn’t ready.  the other i would vote off is jermaine..mistake bringing him back.  Chase, Aaron, Colton, Deandre were also very good. I would not miss adam if he left.  Reed and creighton kind of strange but talented…heejun a nice guy, think his performance was weak because of the sound issue.

  39. Heejun Han
    Reed Grimm
    Phil Phillips
    Aaron Marcellus
    Even Franckewitz
    Joshua Ledet

    These are my favorites. Fingers crossed!

  40. I sure would hate to be the judge they have their work cut out for them, it would be too hard to decide, I think it’s Chase Likens, he is definitely country I’ll get a great job, Creighton Fraker and when he sang that song I was impressed I think you did a good job,Eben Franckewitz, yeah are you have to give a hand to him he’s only 15 and a pretty amazing so young, Heejun Han, as the judges said that song did not actually show what he could really do with voice, but he did a beautiful job, Joshuam Ledet he definitely has a credible, voice I think you will go far in the future, Jermaine Jones totally incredible I am so glad you guys gave him a second chance it is a tough decision to make I think they are all talented in their own way, may god bless all of them and go with then on journey, wherever it leads. good luck.

  41. shocked they chose Jermaine…way too much drama to bring him back…if it were Johnny, I would get it because he was cut before the final 42…to bring Jermaine back, he is not likely to survive public voting long…bad choice

  42. i cant believe they let jermaine back he sucks so damn bad also the judges did Not make good choices this year at all for the top 24

    • better than that suckie white cowboy who couldnt sing and mad ya just want to punch him in the was bad enough that lauren and james lost last year for that little scottie who sounded like any guy faking his way thru karoke glade they didnt let a nother no talent little jerk on the show…love my phillip though..think he is gonna win

  43. there are only a hand full of good singers this year…was ready to change the channel after the first few singers!

  44. I feel American Idol  used Johnny  for ratings tonight, It’s not right….I’m gonna sit this year of Idol out. 

  45. I thought Joshua was honestly the best of the night. Everyone else, not feeling the amazing just yet, but it is the beginning of the show, gotta give it that. Haters gonna hate I guess though…

  46. It’s been years since we had a voice like Barry White and Luther Vandross!!! Welcome Jermaine to the world!!

  47. Great show tonight!!!  It is very tough to vote for just one man….Can’t wait till tomorrow…..

  48. Mr.Ledet was. Above n beyond this is the reason I watch american idol n 2 c he is our neighbor sing on my bother God bless n keep u B proud mama u have a reason 2 Take care

  49. so much talent, & diversity. Image, personality, stage presence aura..the package is what will separate the best, from the best. Im totally feeling Phillip, Heejun, Deandre, Joshua, Jermaine, Eben (wished he picked a better song- hes adoreable)…

  50. OMG!!! Jermaine Jones, WOW!!!  I cried, but, he sounds like Berry  White and I love listening to Berry White…He’s up in heaven voting…

  51. Jermaine was the best male singer in my opinion.  LOVED his deep bass voice.  The song he chose was beautiful as well.  I hope Jermaine wins.

  52. Awesomly talented people who have the guts to get up and sing. I applause you all. Joshua, Philip, Heejun, and Creighton are all awesome. I would have a hard time deciding who to choose. Philip is awesome.

  53. Likeability is always key, how these artists connect with audience, the personality, image. humility. Add to that talent. Phillips is so fine, OMGG…

  54. jermaine jones  you are a very  bleest  man anr aheart of  gold wecome back.when i saw you cry i knew there was men out there who showed their true feelings and i cryed  with you .

  55. Jermaine Jones was fabulous
    Joshua Ledet absolutely wonderful
    Heejun Han beautiful voice

    I don’t know how you could pick just one.  Great show. 

  56. Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, Jermaine Jones, and Joshua Ledet should be the 5 voted through

  57. Im really frustrated I keep trying to vote for phil phillips and it continues to say the number is invalid…wth!

  58. Was getting really bored with the guys n about to give up till Joshua sang . OMG !
    Awesome voice !

  59. Joshua’s performance was electrifying! Wow! The best of the night in my opinion.  Some amazing talent so far although some are more remarkable than others. My other favorites are: Phillip Phillips, Reed Grimm, Adam Brock, Chase Likens, and Jeremy Rosado. My picks for Top 5 + One. It’s tough to narrow it down so quickly–it would be nice to hear them a little more before deciding who has to go. The girls have a tough act to follow. Way to go, guys!

  60. Jeremy Rosado & Cregighton Fraker were the only ones I liked I got goose bumpes when they sang the only bad thing about this is only one can win…

  61. This is not fair for Jermaine as you have noted the wrong phone number for him above. The number above connects to an adult entertainment site!!
    The correct number for Jermaine noted on your show on TV is 1-866-436-5736.

  62. Go phillip all the way u have my vote. You sing great luv your voice…you are my idol……..

  63. yes, without a doubt. He really stole the chance to prove he belongs. The song selection was so perfect for the situation.

  64. Just gotta say that IDK WTF the judges are smoking, but personally there are alot of performances that I think absolutely sucked but all we hear for each of these guys is ooooooh your voice is so good or you’re such a great singer, sorry I am just not hearing it

  65. Gay idol nothing but a bunch of gays besides a select few wtf is going on standing ovations for a gay then criticize the best real guys them let another gay in a wild card wtf is this world coming to besides a bunch of d ck suckers oh let’s feel sorrys for the quires don’t puck on them f that sorry u grew up to be a d ck sucker u faggots!!!!!!!!

  66. Reed- He was pretty good, pulled it off neatly.
    Adam- Meh, pretty good. He could do better…
    Deandre – Dude needs to lay off the falsetto, but other than that, he’s good.
    Colton – Amazing performance!! Couldn’t be better~
    Jeremy – Good voice for a big heart. :]
    Aaron – Almost flawless, but could of done a bit better.
    Chase – A bit boring to me, but It was still a good voice.
    Creighton – Really, really good. I liked it 😀
    Phillip – Well, he was pretty good. Very talented musician, he’ll go far.
    Eben – Two words, flat and karaoke. Wasn’t that great.
    Heejun – Well, as much as I hate to say it, he could’ve picked a better song, but still AMAZING, gave me chills~
    Josua – Flawless! Gave me chills every second he sang of the song~
    Jermaine – Glad he was given a second chance. He was awesome~ 😀
    Hard choices this season, but I still love Heejun. <3

    • Other than DeAndre and Colton, who I really don’t like, that is a great list. Go Heejunites!!! lol trying to spark a new name for us heejun fans.

      • You’re welcome! The people I am voting for this season in order of how much I like them:
        1. Heejun
        2. Tie between Jermaine and Hollie


  68. Finally we got something to talk about ! 

    The 6 guys who I am hoping to go thru:  Based on vocals , pitch , style , timing and overall dynamics. Not necessarily in order of preference.

    Joshua Ledet –         good pipes !!
    Phil Phillips   –         he reminds me of someone, heh heh , guess who?
    Jeremy Rosado-      smooth as silk, very nice
    Heejun Han –           same as Jeremy but he has more range.
    Jermaine Jones-     finally someone who can sing as deep as Mr B.W.
    Creighton Fraker-  good vocal control , nice timing

    Wildcard – AAron Marcellus , watch out he has the music in him.

    No favourite yet , I am waiting to hear the ladies tomorrow night.

    Can’t wait to hear the ladies then I can make my choices , one guy one girl
    that’s it.

      • Thanks for the reminder KC , I will drop Creighton from the top six and move him for the wild card, alright??   sorry AAron , you are off my wish list, LOL

      • Hahaha you’re welcome Ed. I wish Aaron were through over Creighton. I also hope Jermaine and Heejun go through.

  69. I wasn’t to impressed with tonites show. 90% of them all sounded the same. Jermaine was a good choice and I like the different sound. My favorites of the night is Joshua Ledet and Jermaine Jones. Hope to see a better show next week. Good job to all the contestants.

  70. I was gratified to see that 5 of the 6 I thought were the best got the highest percentages of the votes so far. Jermaine is a potentially great singer. Bartitones, in general, do not make the biggest stars, but his voice is remarkable by any standard. Philip and Reed are different, but Reed may be too different in the end.  Joshua has a crowd pleasing and rousing style. While I like him (I am not deaf), he reminds me too much of a Baptist preacher to think he is the best. Heejun has a nice tone, but I fear that he does not have enough range. Adam, the 6th of my personal choices, has a great tone and quality, but the song he chose to sing did nothing to show it off.

    All the rest sounded like girls (nothing wrong with that, if you are a girl) or were pitchy (e.g. Colton).

  71. a few of then did pretty well but most of them were NOT that great. disappointing night. i KNOW the girls will be a lot better!

    and at the end i was even more disappointed when johnny wasn’t bright back!! jermaine got brought back because of his dramatic, tearful elimination. johnny’s elimination was really quick, so idol couldn’t play that up for drama. they just gave jermaine a sympathy vote. i’m so mad.

    • agreed!  i wanted johnny too.  he was my second fav after phillip.  jermaine is a cry baby and the judges just prolonged his misery

      • Jermaine is a very emotional person. He does cry easily. However, he also seems to laugh and show other emotions as readily. This quality does not detract from his talent – it actually should add to it. However, as AI is really NOT a talent show, but a popularity contest these qualities could hurt him.

        I doubt that he will win despite the fact that he has the best voice because baritones rarely attain stardom and he does not have a personality that has wide appeal.

  72. I wanted to vote for my favorite guy but there is no place to vote officially. So my other sites came up that were not the official site. 

  73. something was wrong with the sound man on the show tonight? American idol is watched only because of Steven Tyler!

  74. I am soo loven colten dixons voice ahh i loved him last year and soo happy he made it this year and hope he makes it far! 🙂 i haven’t been this i love with someones voice since daughtry still on love with daughtry 🙂 voice

  75. What with the love fest that’s going on tonight. I don’t think everyone is as fantastic as the judges think they are. The producers are not doing anyone a favor.

  76. I enjoyed listening to Creigton…Eben..Heejun…Jermaine….liked the songs they picked and the way they sang them

  77. jermaine jones ,they brought back the right singer. his singing voice is not
    like all the others its different. i bet he could realy sing old man river with
    that voice. thank you,  mike

  78. I hope deandre wins cause he is a really good singer my cousin Bruce and Paul go to school with him well know its just my cousin Paul cause my cousin Bruce moved schools but ENYWAYS good luck deandre wish you the best. i LOVE SAN JOSE

  79. It is dissappointing to see Adam Brock go from singing praises to God every Sunday at Church in front of a large congregation to not acknowledging God throughout his Idol experience.  He said that it was “luck” that has allowed him to move on in the competition.  Luck and faith do not go hand and hand

      • O please?! His church family wasn’t even recognized when he did his personal video? He showed his “new house!” Too ashamed to sing his praises to God who brought him to this point in his life? What is he showing his church congregation back home? I am truly disappointed. He can wave his “terrible towel” all he wants trying to win people over, but in the end, God has given him a public opportunity to win millions to Christ but he has seemed to have forgotten that aspect!

    • O please?! His church family wasn’t even recognized when he did his personal video? He showed his “new house!” Too ashamed to sing his praises to God who brought him to this point in his life? What is he showing his church congregation back home? I am truly disappointed. He can wave his “terrible towel” all he wants trying to win people over, but in the end, God has given him a public opportunity to win millions to Christ but he has seemed to have forgotten that aspect!

  80. What a mistake not picking David Leathers and keeping Eben.  He was horrible horrible horrible!!!

  81. The performances overall were very poor.  I would not be concerned if at least six of them were gone.  Joshua Ledet however, blew it out of the ballpark.  The interpretations of Paramore’s “Decode”,  Phil Collin’s “In The Air Tonight” and Sara Bareille’s “Gravity” were mind-blowingly bad.  At 68 years old, I guarantee that I can do Gravity better than Jeremy, and probably Decode as well.  That country song was total garbage as well.  Eben couldn’t sing on key at all.  Choosing an Adele song is like saying “I’ve got no range, so I’ll play it safe.  Adele is entertaining and has a melodic voice, but absolutely no range.  American Idol is better than the XFACTOR, but no by much, and the xfactor was really bad.  These judges need to be more critical in a constructive way.

    • At 68 years old, I cant expect you to understand the song Decode, by Paramore. 

  82. Most of guys sang well! The judges gave straightforward comments. They are just good in different way!

  83. Joshua Ledet was THE BEST singer last night….but he also has a good attitude …seems humble to me….not WEIRD like some of the other guys.

  84. As a singer myself and a musician  there were some good and bad moments last night. The best performance was JOSHUA LEDET. Now that being said i need to see a melodic song from him where he is not hollering the whole time but good nonetheless. ADAM BROCK had mad energy and sung a song that really suited him and his personality. But at the same time as SIMON would say it was a bit karaoke. COLTON DIXON stepped away what made him great. Stay behind the piano because he is at his best. DEANDRE BRACKENSICK ummmm not so good. When you sing an EWF song like reasons you have to slay it. He knows his falsetto is his signature but i think he is better in this alto/tenor tone and go to the falsetto when needed but dont be a falsetto singer because he jumps in and out of the falsetto like every other word. That shows his youth and inexperience. JERMAINE JONES was good perfect pitch but the sad news for him is there is no need or want for a baritone singer in 2012. I can not imagine that but then again older watchers might want another Luther or Barry so i dont know. HEEJUN HAN terrible song choice his voice is like a r and b (boyzIImen) type of voice and he tried to many runs in there that were OFF … stick to what made you good sir. EBEN hmmmm go home sir. Bad pick up for the judges. FLAT THE WHOLE SONG … the judges faces told the tale but i commend then for being diplomatic when i came to their comments. My sister calls his GLEE”S Justin Beiber.  MR PHILLIPS did very well. Solid not great but solid. No wow moments but 7/10 overall. REED GRIMM i think he can go far but he reminds me of CASEY ABRAMS i would study some more and see what CASEY did not do so he can make it further but good jazz interpretation. JEREMY ROSADO he was pitch perfect but i need more confidence and personality. People will fall in love with your voice if it has personality. AARON sing something for your age sir and ppl will connect. Your 27-28 and singing a Jackson 5 song come on man think a little harder for your song choice. That being said my TOP 5 of the night are JOSHUA LEDET … PHILLIP PHILLIPS … REED GRIM … COLTON DIXON AND JEREMY ROSADO … i will do the girls tomorrow >>> let me know if you agree disagree etc

  85. I think David Leathers Jr. should of been picked before the wildcard.  I would of liked to see him in the final 2 with Phil Phillips.  I was hoping Heejun Hun would of done better because he can sing.

  86. Praying for all the people who lost loved ones and the injured from the tornadoes early this morning in Harrisburg IL. 

  87. I was very disappointed with the show last night nobody blew me away…hopefully the girls bring it!

  88. I would have stopped watching if the “cowboy” came back. The show is bad enoug this year, I was fast forwarding half way thru the vocals. By far the worst group I may not make it through the season.

  89. hee jun is my favorite here…he may be lacking in some aspects but his voice and style can be honed further…i hope he can be given the chance by the american voters! HE IS MY AMERICAN IDOL… 🙂

  90. Philip Phillips sings and moves like the lead singer on Dave Matthew’s Band. But he looks like Chris Martin of Coldplay. Hope he tries a new spin on “the scientist” of Coldplay…

  91. Jermaine Jones….  why ??   how about  all the other talented performers that were sent home ??    this just isnt right !  can u now cry your way onto the last 24  oops  25 …?? once  your sent  home you should have to wait till the following year to come back !   rules  are rules !!  man up Jermaine its about time !

  92. To me its Colton Time!!!!!!! The guy didn’t even want to audiction this year, so, the JUDGES must have seen something special about him 😀 

  93. how do i get the music sang tonight by joshua ,wen a man loves a women who like to down load it to my computer but cannot find it or any music what am i doing wrong 

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