American Idol 2012 Top 13 Guys Wildcard – Vote For Your Favorite

American Idol 2012 wildcard

The American Idol 2012 Top 13 guys wildcard spot was announced last night and promises a second chance for Jermaine Jones, Johnny Keyser, Richie Law, or David Leathers Jr. Which singer snags the lifeline won’t be revealed until Tuesday live when they take the stage but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to speculate.

Let’s kick this weekend off with a poll to voice your opinion on which Idol Hopeful is most deserving of a shot at redemption. Vote in our unofficial poll below and check out the video clip after the break re-introducing the four singers up for the coveted wildcard spot on American Idol 2012.




      • He’s an asshole! He stepped around the girl after she fainted and kept singing int eh Hollywood group round. Why would you want that kind of person as American Idol?

      • Johnny is a friend of mine and NOT an asshole. He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Don’t talk about people you don’t know!!!! Go Johnny!!!!

    • david is amazing
      and totes adorbs 🙂
      i definitely agree with you
      i hope he makes it
      fingers crossed 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • david is amazing
      and totes adorbs 🙂
      i definitely agree with you
      i hope he makes it
      fingers crossed 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  1. do you think this twist was planned or as a result of some feedback the producers are getting?  perhaps they have been monitoring twitter traffic.  I think Johnny is the only one they would have had time to monitor traffic for.  Just my theory.  any thoughts?

  2. This is merely speculation on my part, but I don’t think this is a “Wild Card” spot.  I think maybe there was a mistake made at some point — perhaps there was a mistake in numbers and a person was accidentally let go who wasn’t supposed to be.  I also think the whole “who is it of these four?” thing is just for dramatic purposes, and they knew all along who is was.  A lot of people are speculating that is is Johnny because the girl in his group during Hollywood Week fainted, and they were not able to finish their performance.  I personally find that hard to believe since Johnny did go on to Vegas Week and was cut there — and not in Hollywood, I do think there is some sort of numerical error or extenuating circumstances that is leading to a specific individual being brought back.   

    • there is something strange since they are only adding back one guy.  if its some type of error, it must have been discovered since vegas wrapped or they would have just fixed it before the top 24…but i am also thinking it was some type of polling of twitter chatter or something like that..and if that is the case Johnny was cut early enough for that to be tracked.  they could always claim someone was scored wrong to cover what was really happening. 

  3. I definitely think Johnny deserves to be brought back…something is very
    fishy as to why he was dropped … he is heads and tails above all the other
    contestants as far as vocal ability.

    • wonder if he lied about something on his release, or they thought he did.  a few years back there was someone who actually had a contract with a record company and another who had been arrested or something not disclosed.  it was strange he went from one of the favorites to dismissal without even letting us see the performance.  it has to be him thats coming back.

      • Johnny was my favorite this year and yes it was very odd how he was dropped, just like that. I thought for sure he’d be in it till the end.

      • That could be possible and would explain a lot! i do remember that incident you r talking about! wasn’t it that the person had a record contract and they didn’t find out untill the competition was in full swing? i remember something like that happened a couple of seasons ago where a contestant had a legal contract issue where it was unclear when the contract expired and he got cut because it looked like he auditioned while still under another contract. i don’t remember if he was actually under contract @ the time though. this was the incident that happened that brought tim urban back 2 the competition.

  4. Richie will win. He’s by far the best not only
    out of these four but he truly is the greatest
    singer of all time. And this is coming from
    someone who hates country, but when
    Richie sings its so much different.

    • Not someone to be idolized, the way he behaved in his group. That boy is cut to be a politician.

    • I happen to like country and most every other type of music as well. But, in my viewpoint Richie was OK, maybe even good. But, he certainly is no Scotty … though that is what he is trying to be.

    • You have got to be kidding me….he is so rude. I mean sure he could sing very well but there is no way he would have received one vote from me. Someone who acts like he did does not deserve to be on American Idol. He was way beyond rude. I am glad he was kicked. 

    • I dont know if you new this or not but country and blues is the root of all music.thats not right that you said know nothing about music.try some research befor you open your trap

  5. I Dont think any of these guys should come back. I think Lauren Gray should be brought back. She was so good

  6. Richie Law should definatley win. He has
    the best voice theres no doubt about
    that. And he is so sexy!!!! I cried when he
    was voted off. Now im so happy he could
    be coming back!!!

  7. Johnny!  Johnny!  Johnny!  And not because he’s cute (although he is), but because he is really good!  I met him this week in person, he sang the National Anthem at a local basketball game and did an amazing job, plus he was incredibly kind and friendly to everyone who came in contact with him!…especially my kids!!!!

  8.  hi Matt , I should call you Inspector Boyer, LOL.  And just for that , I do hope Richie makes it just for all the fun that can happen especially with him and Heejun, it will be worth watching !! ha ha ha , that’s really funny

    By the way I think you know who this is don’t you??

    • Pepe, I agree. I was under the impression from the judges’ attitude that they though Richie needed to learn a little humility. I actually think they should bring him back. At least he has personality. It might be a bad personality but it’s better than none or something fake. And another thing, he may not have been the best and that is a matter of opinion but he was pretty good at country music and actually had more of a vocal range than Scotty did last season. So, while he is not my pick to win or even get very far, I still think he deserves a chance to be put before America to be voted on. I saw a video of his high school graduation where he was singing and there seemed to be a lot of people shouting for him there. He must not be all bad….but I guess mothers and other family members don’t count….LOL BTW are they going to eliminate two guys after the first show to get the number back even again?

      • Taymaro,

        I agree that Richie Law is a better singer than Scotty McCreery…which leads to my next assertion.  Do you REALLY want to let him into the top 24 and give the teenyboppers a chance to make the wrong decision again?  I mean…Scotty over Lauren last year…really?  Scotty over Haley? Really? Scotty over James?  Scotty over PIA?!?!?!?!?  Goodness.

      • Good grief! I hated Richie, that jerkish fool! Who would vote him back? I am sooooooooooooo happy he is gone( hopefully forever) and I really think he was rude, bossy, selfish, and too country. Seriously, of course they voted him off, plus the last AI was country. Why would they get him when they had four country people already? Good grief!!!! I hate Richie! Hate mail ova, l8tr

  9. Well here goes. I think we’re looking at another male winner this season.  It seems a lot has been focused on the guys this season over the girls. Why bring back one guy and have a top 13 guys? Why not have a top 13 girls too? And there are quite a few guys I see myself getting behind and supporting and well there might be a couple of girls I might get behind but other than that meh. Also there isn’t too much musical variety. What I liked about last season was that there was plenty from different genres  you had country, rock, pop, r&b, jazz, ect. Well that’s just my two cents.

  10. Jermaine Jones.  Nice rich baritone…..I don’t believe idol has ever had a baritone on their show.  He is such a respectable young man.   Good luck to them all.  

      • Hmmmm, I guess we will have to wait until Tuesday then.  I sincerely wish them ALL the best of luck.  I can’t sing.  Not even in the shower.  😉

  11. Richie Law, a couple shows back. was soooooo rude, arrogant, bossie and
    plainly disgusting the way he tried to boss other people around, etc.etc.
    and, honestly, I did not find him that great of a vocalist. His personality
    turned off a huge number of Idol watchers!

    • It was all editing for ratings. They took what Richie said out of context and twisted it to make it seem like a jerk. He’s actually a gentlemen I talked to him.

      • Umm, the guy told Phil “shut up” and HeeJun to “go away” right in front of the cameras, I can only imagine what else he would say off camera. You can’t edit words in people’s mouth. He’s a jerk and now America knows it. Richie, go home and stay home!

  12. I think it should be Johnny, I was so surprised that he was let go when he was, he was highlighted all through the show and they just like that they don’t even show his last performance, so we couldn’t tell if he did something wrong, its like they forgot about him, I really think he has one of the best voices ever on the show.

  13. Johnny was ok, but I hope David is brought back. When he was cut, the judges’ reactions said it all…they were disappointed. There’s no way he should have gone home this soon. I wish him the best.

  14. I hope AI brings back Johnny if it’s not Johnny their ratings will drop even lower. I can’t see them putting him up their knowing he has many, many, Many fans it just wouldn’t be right, for them to give us false hope like that. 

  15. JOHNNY! he was cheated and was not able to sing bec. of some fainting incident in his group! and The judges NEVER gave the other THREE a chance!
    It’s JOHNNYYYYY!!!

    the othe 3 had proven something already and did not make the cut.

    so it better be JOHNNY!!!

    • same here. he is absolutely adorable and such a good singer. he is definitely my fave on the show, along with eben frankowitz, ariel sprague, and shelby tweten. why did he have to go? 🙁

  16. I hope the spoiler is right and it is Jermaine Jones! He really wanted it Bad and I think he will work really hard to get to the End!!!

  17. While I believe that Johnny has the best voice out of all of them (with Jermaine in very close second) I don’t think he will be in the top 13. As a quick reasoning of those four and why they were chosen…

    David – He’s good, but he’s very young. The judges seemed pretty sure about the decision they made with him; he is a bit overconfident and his last performance was iffy. YES he’s very good, as is everyone on AI, but he is kind of sharp. There are much better people out there. The  judges know that, and cut him because of it.

    Johnny – I was very surprised and somewhat upset when he was cut. I had assumed that he was going to win or get very close to winning this whole thing – not just because he’s good lucking, but because he has a great voice. However, it is very unlikely he’ll be coming back, as he was cut in Vegas, and if he did come back, he would completely skip the last couple rounds. That wouldn’t really be fair. He’s just thrown into the mix to make people watch next round, because he has a rather large fan base.

    Richie – That kid annoys me. Obviously the show was edited to make him seem extremely obnoxious but in my opinion his voice was just mediocre. The last performance he did was completely horrible compared to a lot of them. They’re also throwing him in there for the people that were really glad to see the end of him (*cough* Heejun *cough*) to get riled up again, and a potential for more drama. There’s no way they’re bringing him back.

    Jermaine – The “gentle giant” as he’s being referred to, is probably the one that’s coming back. He has a very good voice, and it is conceivable that the judges want to give him another chance. WHY they put him through the stress of being cut I have no idea – it was obviously very emotionally wearing – but I doubt he’ll make it that far even so. His voice is definitely better than Richie’s or David’s.  

  18. It’s got to be Johnny!  I could not figure out why he didn’t move forward.  What happened to…”You’re gonna be a star…keep singing!”

  19. I wouldn’t be too thrilled with Johnny going through… He is a great singer but everyone knows he would probably have a HUGE shot of winning based on tweenie fangirls. I don’t think he deserves, based on his voice alone, to win the whole show. Also, it isn’t fair for him to get in past David and Jermaine after they made it farther than him. I would prefer Jermaine but I just don’t want to see the evil cowboy or Johnny go through.

  20. I feel so bad for Jermaine, it’s pretty much his last shot, David’s young enough to come back or try some other way. Since I like both, I’m just going to continue to vote for both. Over and over and over!(:

  21. I think and hope it will be Johnny!! He’s the best choice out of these four! If I had to pick two I wouldve said David and Johnny. But the judges were right, David is over confident although he really is great, but he said no matter what he would be back next year to try out. Jermaine, while totally different than the other contestants, just doesn’t seem to fit what they would choose as an “American Idol.” And lastly, I came to despise Richie Law very early on. He is very cocky, and only cares about himself. Yes he can sing country OKAY, but like we all know, they have to sing a variety of songs and he will not do well with any other genre. I vote JOHNNY all the way!!!

  22. I’d like to see Johnny back. I didn’t think of it before, but there is something fishy with his exit from the show. Judges really liked him every time he performed, and then  suddenly they drooped him. I don’t like cowboy at all, and  Jermaine is not my cup of tee. David is entertainer and good singer, but maybe a bit too young, although he handled his exit form show manly. Wouldn’t mind seeing him back too, but if I have to chose, I prefer Johnny.

  23. oh God please not the Cowboy dude.. he’s way too similar too Scotty and way more annoying too. That Johnny dude is the whole package though David Leathers Jr. is also damn good! Jermaine is too one dimensional imo

  24. Johnny should never of been let go in the first place. The judges got this one wrong. Thats why they are giving him another chance. He is by far the best of the four. I hope he gets in.

  25. Please Please bring back LAUREN GRAY, her voice is so unique ! She deserve to be in top 12 !!!!! It was a mistake !!!! Bring Lauren Gray back !!

  26. I like voting for american idol. I don’t like the way they vote. It should be one vote for each contestant and thats it. The 50 vote idea is very bad and I have seen some good people go down the road because of it. I really hope someone checks this out………

  27. I feel for Richie the Cowboy,  the way he was made to be hated by all the editing.   He is one opinionated boy,  but he is so-o  not “evil”.  Come on!  Stop trushing him.  On his exit,  and even before,  he’s shoen,  that he has a good soul. A little  out in the clouds, though

  28. Johnny. Hands down.
    Richie means well, but is way too annoying and not talented enough to cut it.
    Jermaine….if I have to see him cry to his momma one more time I’ll lose it…
    David is indeed adorable, but I just don’t think he’s there yet.

  29. Johnny Keyser sings Dreaming ,I just saw it and heard him on youtube, His voice is amazing. What were they thinking him sending him home in the first place. Johnny is Amazing. 

  30. I think we had enough country in idol and it’s only right they bring some diversity back ….. Therefore Bring back DAVID

  31. Is AI bringing back someone because there are no possible winner in the top 24 that are already chosen? I don’t think so.

    I am still not convinced that we need the 13th guy in the line up.  If so, then
    why not add a 13th girl?? I can think of one particular girl – Lauren Gray??

  32. It would be tragic if Richie was let back in…. he was so bossy, arrogant with other idol contestants … as well as having a less than winning voice!

  33. Johnny is by far the best of the four! In fact I think he is the best of all this
    year’s Idol contestants.

  34. They are obviously bringing back Johnny. He was eliminated in Vegas.. So why would they even put his name on the list?

  35. please,please,please bring back  johnny keyser ,I think he deserve to be in the top 25, the judges overlook him,,,,,,he”s the epitome of  the real idol.

  36. David get my vote johnny is arrogant wen that girl fell out in his group 1 he let her hit the floor 2 he left her there wen other ppl came to help her 3 it took randy telling him to put the mike down c’mon now common sense Shuda told him U DONT LEAVE A PERSON FOR DEAD for a shot at fame. That didn’t look good on his part.

    • He did catch her fall, he was in between a rock and a hard place. Had it been me I would have kept singing. She knew she wasn’t feeling and had passed out before and should have not put Johnny and the rest in the group in that position. I took time to listen to all of Johnnys work so far on AI and can’t see really, why, he was ever sent home. Noobody should hold what happened on the stage against him, it also explains why he might have not wanted the group he was in  to over rehearsh the next song for fear of somebody else passing out. I hope AI gets this right and brings Johnny back.  

    • he actually caught her.  not sure what you were watching.  but my guess is the director told him to start singing again.  nothing in this show is by chance.  and this girl knew she was unsteady, and i am not sure it wasn’t faked. 

      • All  “reality TV” is more or less a fake,  including competitions (for our  entertainment…).  Tallent is real and plentiful,  it’s just, that it’s being bossed around

  37. I have not watched the qualifying rounds well enough to know the names of the four wildcard guys. But, I think that young black boy has the best voice of the four guys in the running for the wildcard runoff. And he has a certain look that young girls my go for. And young girls are who rule the telephone wires on vote night. So, don’t be surprised if he goes deep into the competition.

  38. Johnny BY FAR exceeds these guys vocally and most of the guys and girls taken. As soon as I heard his audition I was hooked!!!:) It would be so wrong if he wasn’t given another chance! He didn’t even get a full chance to prove himself!! Sure, David Leathers is great. But looking at this from a vocalist’s point of view, Johnny is better. Better sound, tone, and control.

  39. Johnny obviously! He’s the best, but besides that, he is the only one on that list that did not get eliminated that night that they announced the special twist… Something fishy is going on

  40. This competition is called American IDOL. The winner not only has singing capability, but they have the qualities to be a role model to others. Look at the winners the last few years. In the very end the winner meets all the criteria. The judges are supposed to look for all around ability – remember what happened to the “ballad singers” last year. I predicted Scotty and Lauren last year because they are good role models. I hope they bring Johnny back because I think he meets the criteria and there had to have been an extenuating circumstance or huge mistake as to why he was cut. Plus not showing or explaining why. My vote is for Johnny.

    •  umm…this is a SINGING competition.  You can be a saint, but if you are NOT the best singer on the show, then you should NOT win the competition.   If you don’t preform like the best singer on the show, then you should not win the competition. 

  41. BRING BACK Jermaine! PLEASE! He has such a big heart! He has a real passion for singing! All these Richies and Johnnys are young enough to apply next year! But this is jermaines last chance! Did you see the way he cried after he was told he wasnt going through? Well i did and my heart melted! So please VOTE FOR JARMAINE! NOt only as a sympathy  vote but because he has a truly amazing voice and i WILL buy his record when it comes out!

  42. I really hope Johnny comes back he is a great singer and he should be the one to come back on American idol and I remember his audition the judges said to him that he is going to be a star and go far in life and I want that to happen and they also said that he is one of the best singers in thr compution so he deserves to be back on idol 🙂

  43. Johnny doesn’t deserve the spot!!! He got eliminated like 2 rounds ago…he didn’t even sing the final audition…that’s bullshit

  44. Rumors are flying that a female singer will be rejoining the fray.  Lets hope its Skylar Dixon or Candace Glover.

  45. I loved Johnny from his first audition! I was so shocked when they sent him home! I couldn’t believe it! He is an amazing singer with a wonderful voice 🙂

  46. Jermaine should be voted back as he has humility a voice and great stage presence, The others can try out again next year as they have age on their side,  this could be Jermaine’s last chance, come on guys give him a chance… As for Richie Law, Please don’t vote this arrogant egotistical person back in,, Many thanks on that last part 🙂 

  47. I think this is how the top 12 should be:
     1.Jessica (oh god!really 16?)
     3. Jen
    How much do u guys agree? 

    • No, and it will most likely be a top 13 again like last year

      Top 5 Guys (most popular (on twitter and such) and most likely)

      Top 5 Girls (Most popular and most likely)

      3 Wild Cards (Who the judges and producers like the best)

  48. Ok here goes. Let me look at the four guys who could be the possible 13th guy.

    Richie Law- I highly doubt that it’s him. First Richie fans can say edit all they want but his “confessional” speeches were definitely not edited. The guy has come across as rude and arrogant and will likely not make the top 13. If it is him he could come out and give a stellar performance and still not get voted through, and the judges probably won’t offer him a wildcard based on his popularity. Remember last season Clint Jun Gamboa who came across as a jerk during the Hollywood rounds go put through to the top 24 had a great performance but did not get voted through or offered a wildcard. Also there’s already three country girls in the top 24 I think having four country artists in the top 24 is a little much. So I doubt it’s Richie.

    Johnny Keyser- Like Richie I doubt it’s him. Not because he isn’t good, but because he was cut in Vegas and thus didn’t take part in the “sing for your life” round. Unless of course the judges thinking they made a mistake with him changed their minds and got to him before he left Vegas and the producers decided to keep his continued presence in the competition a secret and he did the sing for you life round. The judges having difficulty in who to cut talk to the producers they and they said “Well on the X Factor Simon brought back a girl who was previously cut and she went on to win the show so you can have 13 guys.” But I doubt it’s Johnny as much as I’d like it to be him.

    Jermaine Jones- I think he’s one of the two that’s more likely to be the 13th guy. He had a few moments where he’s impressed, however I think it more likely to be David over him simply because I think David would have more of a chance to go far in the competition than he would.

    David Leathers- I think it’s going to be him over the others. I think the judges weren’t too sure about their decision to let him go and based their decision more off of the sing for you life performance than what happened overall. So I strongly think David is going to be the 13th guy but that’s just my opinion as it could be one of the other three.

  49. Johnny went way to soon. He is so much better then alot of the ones they kept..Makes no sense .. He has talent and looks and seems nice…BringJohnny back!!

  50. if you think about it, the fact Johnny is in the list must mean its him.  If he is just there for suspense, why add someone who was cut a round earlier?  it must mean something.  I bet his dismissal created a lot of fan feedback.  the other three were just cut from our perspective…how would that create buzz on the same night?  I think something happened during the round johnny was cut, and johnny was unfairly removed from consideration.  either he was treated unfairly or the producers were told by polling you screwed up with this one.  I am actually not a big johnny fan yet.  But i expected him in the top 10.  

    •  i agree! there’s something strange about how quickly johnny was eliminated. there must have been a mistake. the “four guys” thing was just to create drama- the producers really want johnny.

  51. Ive watched the last 4 years of this show and I am still at a loss as to how they figure things out, the screamers always seem to get in, whereas the ones that can actually sing a bit seem to miss out….if that duet between Jermaine and Richie wasn’t the highlight of what in so far has been nothing but screaming and long-legged blondes for Steven to leer over then I dont really know what a good song is…yes Richie appeared to be arrogant and his over confidence probably killed him in the end….but he could sing…and should have been put through….as with Jermaine…..with a voice as deep as his we could be at least guarenteed that there wont be any screaming coming from that way….if you like country then Chelsea Sorrell should hold that end up for the girls whilst Jessica Sanchez is the best of the rest….does anybody notice a trend here where they seem to be trying to match most of last years contestants with similar types this year….anyways what do I know….Ive never picked the winner yet….Hayley shoulda won last year, Didi the year before that and Danny Gokey before then…..of whats left this year and getting a feeling for how they go I would say that someone like Adam Brock will probably win when it should be Reed, Eben, Chelsea or Jessica

  52. There seems to be a bias against Johnny Keyser … which I don’t really
    understand … Some professional vocalists are of the opinion that Johnny’s
    performances were far better than any of the other Idols in the competition.
    Some blame him for not catching the fainting Idolist on the stage… hey, when someone faints, you don’t always have a chance to catch him/her.
    Johnny was probably so concentrating on what he was doing ( singing for his life on Idol)  that he probably didn’t realize someone was fainting.
       I think Johnny is by far the best in this season’s Idol competition.

    •  remember that we only heard Johnny sing once.  He might have nailed it, but we have no idea how the other preformances went.  He could have pulled a Jacob Lusk.

  53. Jermaine or David. Richie is a jerk, and Johnny shouldn’t even be considered to come back since he wasn’t even in the top 42. 

  54. I think david should come back. His voice was more appealing to the ear compared to the others .. Plus i dont think none of these contestants vocal abilities are at davids level ..


  56. Johnny <3

    But I doubt it is him and that makes me sad. 

    Oh, and if it isn't him (which it probably isn't) a lot of Johnny fans are going to pissed, myself included, because then they just named him as one of the choices for ratings (just like they used him when they were promoting the new season) and in the process, getting our hopes and Johnny's hopes up for no reason. 

    • And yet you, along with all the other “pissed off fans”, will be tuned in again on Wed night to see how the show moves on… such is the way of TV, entertaining the masses.

  57. Ok Folks, now that we have the top 24, lets see what our companies audio engineering program has to say about them all!  What i will nickname, “Audiophile” is our proprietary sound engineering program that measures every nook and cranny of a singers voice, based on their Idol performances and any youtube videos they have put out.  Granted, this is all preliminary data, and the more performances they have, the more accurate the data becomes.  Audiophile measures vocal range, frequency, harmony, and pitch.  We average all those values together and spit it out in a 1-10 format. 

    We have been putting this together for 5 years now…and Audiophile has never predicted who wins the competition.  But we always predict a winner at the top 24, and most of the time we come close.  The past two years, Audiophile’s rating for the actual winners was in the 4s….(yikes).  THIS YEAR we will hold our vote until the top 12 in hopes of actually nailing it. 

    Season 6 Predicted Winner: Melinda Dolittle, Real Winner Jordin Sparks
    Season 7 Predicted Winner: Carly Smithson, Real Winner: David Cook
    Season 8 Predicted Winner: Adam Lambert, Real Winner:  Kris Allen
    Season 9 Predicted Winner:  Siobann Magnus,  Real Winner:  Lee Dewyze
    Season 10 Predicted Winner:  Pia Toscano, Real Winner:  Scotty McCreery

    Here it is folks…the tabulated data our engineering program spit out for your American idols!!
    • Jen Hircsh  9.7 (She also had the highest power rating ever recorded by our program)
    • Deandre Brackensick 9.5 (Whenever he preformed a falcetto, the rating was higher than 9.9)
    • Joshua Ledet 9.4
    • Hollie Cavanaugh 9.1
    • Jessica Sanchez 9.1
    • Shannon Magrane 9.0
    • Reed Grimm 8.9 (His scats registered high values)
    • Skylar Laine 8.7
    • Baylie Brown 8.7
    • Brielle Von Hugel 8.7
    • Adam Brock 8.6
    • Colton Dixon 8.5
    • Creighton Fraker 8.5
    • Heejun Han 8.5
    • Hallie Day 8.2
    • Aaron Marcellus 8.0
    • Haley Johnson 7.9
    • Jeremy Rosado 7.9 (although his last performance spit out a whopping 9.4)
    • Phil Phillips 7.4 (surprising, i need to double check this one)
    • Eben Franckewitz 6.9
    • Chase Likens 6.9

    Remember, these values will go up or down based on better or worse performances in the future.  Comment!!!!

    • so what you are saying, with all your numbers and calculations you have been wrong every time.  i think i will just watch the show….

    • Salvatore……I just find this very interesting…….but I have a feeling that as the show progresses these numbers will change…….Some of these top 24 we hardly heard……

      • Salvatore…….You are great!  Sorry Matt that this is not just under Salvatore’s post. But there is no reply there!  Just like or not like! You go salvatore. I like Phyllis G like your data on the contestants. It is quite interesting. And good answer to Mary!! We shall see as the show processes along who is going home. And etc. Hi Phyllis  G.! And you go by youtube videos?   What diference does that make?

    • I wasn’t being disparinging..i was pointed out the obvious.  your posts are long and not very meaningful.  just a bunch of numbers.  who do you like?  its all nonsense.  sorry if it hurts your feelings. but do you post your model for all compliments. but if i had a model that never predicted anything i think i would need to stop posting it.

      • Mary, lay off, geez! 

        I find his posts interesting. I don’t agree with it 100% of course, that’s where personal preference comes in, but it’s still interesting to look at. Keep ’em coming Salvatore, don’t let the haters stop you!

      • Some people like Salvatore’s post!  What is the big deal? If some of us find it interesting then why whine about it???  Just move on down to the next comment. You know who you are.

  58. I think the whole thing about bringing back a 13th guy is going to end in johnny coming back,cause the judges did eliminate the other three with reasoning in top 42.well,they couldn’t just say ”u see we made a mistake,and we wanna bring johnny back”!!!

  59. Jermain is another Susan Doyle do not know what the judges were thinking. He is absolutely amazing – let him loose on some Andrea Bottelli and Josh Grobin numbers – he will blow USA away

  60. Johnny didn’t get his chance to really sing, because one of his team members got sick! That wasn’t fair to him at all!

  61. While I agree with the comments, lets get Johnny back on mistake or not. Stand behind him and vote for him when the time comes.

  62. When Johnny Keyser didn’t get through last week I was gobsmacked. I was saying to my missus ‘ Wow, I think this bloke could win this year ‘. Then, bang, he was out. I am hoping he is the one to get a second chance. By the way, we are watching ‘Idol’ in England, UK. I think it is far superior to X Factor. Just for the record, I think he should meet Jessica Sanchez in the final.

  63. David david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david david

    • Johnny Keyser, Johnny Keyser, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Well I ran out of breath before David all the way. Kind of childish any way!!! On my part too!!!!! SORRY

  64. I WANT DAVID!!!!!!!!
    He is so talented and has a great personality!
    He def has the potential to go far with singing!

  65. wow… im just saying you guys shouldnt just vote on how cute they look, vote on how good they sing bc some one may be totally ugly but may need the money lol…. jermaine jones has to make it he has an awsome voice.

  66. Johnny!!!!!! He is better then that little kid who sings like Justin Bieber on helium 😀

  67. I think David should go on because his voice is unique and very versatile, all guys are great but I def put money on David

  68. David deserves it the most. He has a great voice and performs really well. It would be a shame not to give America the chance to vote for him.

  69. If Johnny isn’t chosen for the wild card spot I will not watch American Idol anymore, end of story.

  70. I wish we had seen Johnny’s group performance in Vegas. Then we might get some idea of why he was cut. My choice right now is David, but I will be happy with anyone who isn’t the Cowboy From Hell.

  71. I want Jermaine back~ It’s so sad how he really wanted this and then didn’t make it.. :[
    Also, I love how no one wants Richie back in.. And I totally agree, he’s an ass and doesn’t really deserve it.
    Johnny is a bit inconsiderate, he kept singing when someone fainted in the middle of the song. I mean, WHO DOES THAT?! I would’ve stopped to help her.. ;_; but all in all, he’s a good singer.
    David is amazing as well as Johnny, he’s freaking adorable and I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t going though… :/

    So, all in all, I want Jermaine back.
    David and Johnny I’m fine with, too.
    But I swear if it’s Richie….
    I’m going to be PISSED. >:(

  72. Jermain Jones??? When did the judges listen to the other guys?? I thought for sure it would be Johnny,( 23%)   or David. I thought they had the most talent. And could possibly win the wole thing. Jer main Jones???????????   Is anyone else for him? And please tell me how this happened and they did not tell us first. Before the show. Or at least at the start of the show. I guess the judges picked him??? How confusing!   I mean in our litle vote 23% for Jermain………  37% for Johnny Keyser,……….Davids Leathers Jr 38%. What the heck happened? AFTER THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!  I guess our little votes didn’t mean anything. ?Some one please clue me in on what took place. Was it in the back ground that we did not get to see??  Thanks

  73. Wow what is this gay fucking idol this fucking sucks like I’m sure they all really suck bunch of gay fucks

  74. Why did we even VOTE if you didn’t choose one of the top two winners … Johnny and David were the forerunners and you chose Jermaine … seriously??? I feel like not even watching anymore especially since it is a show based on public vote. 

  75. It was announced last night??? I guess I was asleep! I didn’t hear anything about it last night. What a joke!!!! Dumb me. I guesss everyone but me knew what the hell happened. Oh well there are a few left I like. Rave on American Idol!!

  76. Johnny please he desearves it i love David but hes just seventeen years old Jermine is good but not as good as Johnny and Richie Law. Really? He is a wannabe Scotty Mcreery now i see why the other guys did not want to be with him after the group round.

  77. Omg I’ve watched this show for 11 years but no longer. Idol judges got it totally wrong…so disappointed in the show. I cannot watch this rigged show any longer nor will my husband. No disrespect to Jermaine or his family but David was a much better choice.

  78. I thought Deandre  singing in that falsetto was fantastic.  Thought he did a fantastic job with a very difficult song.  Nobody you know can sing that song, I’ll bet.  Pretty tough.  Who sang that for “Earth, Wind and Fire”?  Anyone know?

  79. Britnee Kellogg was by far the best one to have been cut so far… she had amazing pipes and she sounded so close to the next woman country star… I mean even if you don’t like country everyone likes Carrie Underwood and Britnee could have been that!

  80. As i listened to each of the guys sing last night i couldn’t help but think to myself..boring!!!. They were alright but nothing great….there was no WOW FACTOR  except for one singer that stood out above the rest==Phil Phillips

  81. These judges get heavily swayed by their feelings.  Jermaine cried in just the right way to come back.   Johnny kept singing when the girl fainted.   Lauren let out a high note in a singing event with Steven Tyler.  It is not how good they sing as we know that Johnny and Lauren would have been interesting front runners.   It is all how they felt that day.  That is one thing I liked about Simon because for the most part he kept his emotions at the door and judged the singing.   It gets pretty irritating that they let such petty things matter.  Those guys are under a lot of pressure and they are trying so hard to impress that they sometimes get looked on as arrogant. 

  82. I don’t know whether or not we’re running out of talent or we perhaps need new judges, but this season doesn’t measure up to any and I mean any of the previous seasons.  I count 2.5 of the ladies who have talent and only slightly more talent on the men’s side.

    The judges gave three standing ovations during the men’s competition.  Why?  Only one deserved it.  I think the judges screwed up in their choices and now, come heck or high water, they’re standing behind their picks.

    Yuck on this season and “The Voice” here I come…

  83. Bring back Simon.  If you forgot the words, too bad.  If you weren’t good at that particular time, he didn’t try to soften his critique.  If you’re planning for career in that field, get used to rejection.   Many of these contestants are being  led to believe they’re better than they actually are and later when they are unceremoniously dumped, they’ll have a breakdown on the stage.

    To the judges, I say, “Keep it real”, “you know the three or four who have even a remote possibility of making it.”  Don’t build false hope, it’s unfair to the contestants.  (That’s what I liked about Simon, if he thought they were awful, he told them.)

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