American Idol 2012 Top 13 Results Show Tonight

Tonight on American Idol 2012, we’ll say goodbye to the first member of the Top 13 and, as we learned last night, not in the normal American Idol fashion.

That’s right, the guy with the least amount of votes will stand next to the girl with the least amount of votes as Randy, Jennifer and Steven decide that the guy which person will go home. But for now you can still vote for your favorite in our poll.

And like I said last night, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that, since it’s the judge’s choice, the bottom guy will be going home. We know they’ve been trying to push for a girl winner the past several years (and JLo mentioned again last night), so they will most likely be shipping home a guy.

Mary J. Blige, who was a great mentor by the way, will take the stage to perform live. Also performing is Idol Season 10 runner up Lauren Alaina.

Be sure to head back here at American Idol showtime as Matt gives you the results live and share your thoughts as the show plays out. Also, join us on Facebook & Twitter and we’ll keep you updated all season!




  1. Bottom 3 would probaly been
    now the lowest boy and girl

  2. My Least Fav to watch is Joshua Just boring and forgettable
    sklyar boring forgettable i was thinking there was 5 girls until 2 hours and it hit me theres 6

  3. Jennifer is right for accidentally uttering a two-girl face0off in the finals! It’s a fight between Jessica and Hollie definitely!

    • Maybe a girl vs girl year however
      i think a guy will go tonight cuz
      it will be 6 girls and 6 guys this is beacuse they dont want the girls gone now so hopefully jermaine is gone

    • Yes, you are right, they are 2 best in this competition but I prefer
      Jessica Sanchez to be this year’s American Idol.

  4.  The Gentle Gian will be sent home (again).. Sorry, he sure has got the voice, but last night kinda flat..

    • i think the gentle gient has the same voice has the man that sung
      let my people go.
      Google american idol let my people go

  5. It’s interesting to see duet between Lauren and Skylar. She will definitely outshine her……

  6. Here’s my thoughts.
    Joshua-He had a good performance but it was kind of forgettable. I think he’ll be safe though.
    Elise- Maybe they shouldn’t have changed her song. If they were doing a bottom 3 this week I think she’d be in it. Hard to say, but I don’t think she’s the girl with the lowest number of votes, but I could be wrong.
    Jermaine-Forgettable performance, he was voted into the top 13 on the sympathy vote for being the 13th guy. If there were a bottom 3 this week I think he’d be in it.
    Erika- I think she’ll be low on the vote count but I wouldn’t put her in the bottom 3 if they were doing on this week.
    Colton- Not a great performance, but he’ll be safe.
    Shannon- I think she’s the girl with the least votes. If there were a bottom 3 this week she’d be in it and I believe she’d be going home if it were up to America this week. I could be wrong however and it could be Elise instead.
    Deandre- I think he did enough to avoid the bottom and will be safe this week.
    Skylar- I enjoyed her performance last night and I believe that she will be safe.
    Heejun- I believe that he will be safe because he gave a decent performance and  also did his comedy thing, but if he wants to be a true contender he needs to move away from ballads and do something uptempo before people get bored with his performances and his comedy.
    Hollie- She’s a contender and had a great performance so she will be safe.
    Jeremy- If there were a bottom 3 this week then I believe that he might not be in it, but he would be close to going into it. He really needs to step it up and bring the type of intensity he brought during his wildcard performance.
    Jessica- Safe for sure
    Phil-I think he will be safe, though I was kind of underwhelmed by his performance as we already seen him do that song. I’m sure there are some other Stevie Wonder songs he could have done to show us something we haven’t already seen.

    If there were a bottom 3 this week this is who I think would be in it.

    And if this week were based on who got the lowest number of votes then the eliminated contestant would be.

    However since it comes down to the guy and girl with the least number of votes then I believe it will come down this:
    Guy with the least number of votes: Jermaine
    Girl with the least number of votes: Shannon
    And since it seems they want to gear it towards having a female winner this year it will be Jermaine who is sent packing though I believe that it really ought to be Shannon who leaves. Sorry I’m just of the mind of having the best singer win whether that singer is male or female. And also I’m a huge Jessica and Hollie fan.

    Also if any Idol producers are reading this then please have a no ballads allowed theme!!! Make these contestants go uptempo!

    •  Wow! I pretty much agree with everything you said. Except, I’m leaning toward Shannon to be sent home. Her voice is good, but not up to AI standards. If she stays I think it will be because of her personality. Adults don’t take criticism as gracefully as she did last night, so kudos to her.

    • Please, make an effort to get over yourself.  Take a look at your post and realize that you could have condensed that into a hundred words.  People just skip over posts that go on forever and say next to nothing.

      •  If you don’t like the length of my posts then simply don’t read them. Sorry if I feel the need to give my thoughts on all of the contestants, so if you don’t like the length of anyone’s post then just don’t read it and just skip over it.

      • Shawn….you keep doing what you do.  Its very enjoyable reading!!!!!Everyones has the right to their opinion…Tico..just skip over the ones you don’t want to read….This is a free speech site!!!!

      • Ah what? That was totally uncalled for, Tico. I don’t personally agree with everything Shawn said, but he has a right to sharing his opinions. This is, after all, a board for debate and discussion. In order to do that, we need to know where the other person is coming from. Keep posting your thoughts, Shawn, it’s great to read!

    • I serious doubt shannon would go she made it in the top 10
      the wildcards got babied through
      shannon did not have the lowest i dont care what anybody says

    • Haha let the best voice win
      Jermaine best voice
      Jermaine votes are from 1 group african americans

    • I agree with what you said about Elise. That was too bad what the mentors did to her, it frazzled her a bit and that showed in her performance. Hopefully she can get through this elimination and come back in swinging!

  7. Jeremy or Elise . One of them will be sent home .
    I will go with Geremy

    Jessica  . I am still waiting to show america who u r . 

    • I am with you,  Ali.. Jessica is extremely gifted,   I don’t doubt that,  and I love her,  but for now,  from what I’ve heard,  she is an extremely gifted immitator.   I want to hear more!

      • She’ only 16 and she will have her own style as she evolve as a star. No one can deny that she’s is very talented and gifted. That’s the most basic and essential tool to be a great artist and singer. Give it all to her! She will make her own songs someday showing her own style and emotions. 🙂  

    • She’ only 16 and she will have her own style as she evolve as a star. No one can deny that she’s is very talented and gifted. That’s the most basic and essential tool to be a great artist and singer. Give it all to her! She will make her own songs someday showing her own style and emotions. 🙂  

  8. What is wrong with the “peak” thing ???
    I am a huge fan but her chances of winning is very difficult
    ( the voting system ) . I keep telling people ( Just wait ) . She is different
    and you will all see it . JUST WAIT.
    Adam peaked ( top 13 )  + He didn’t win = where is he now ?!

      • Ali,  she is only 16.  I really want her to show the true artist in her,  but there might not be enough of life experience to be original just yet,  I  think

      • Oh God … I thought u meant Jessica  LOL ..

        Adam was one of the best in his season and perhaps in all seasons , That
        for sure . We might get in an argument whether he succeded after or not . He succeded ( At least as I see it according to many contestants ) .

      • I know . I still didn’t get ” you are joking ??”     What did u mean ??

    • Adam will be the front man for Queen this summer.  He is already in the Top 20 VHI Videos for his new song and the CD hasn’t even come out…
      I think Adam is doing just fine….Thank You……

  9. My bottom predictions:

    Jeremy or Jermaine (Sadly, Deandre is not totally in the clear yet either)

    Shannon or Elise 

    • erika and deandre dont count them out they didnt makee it in the first place i say replace shannon with erika
      and jermaine with deandre

    • Woohoo! I got the bottom 4 right! It was sad to watch Jeremy go, though. That kid had heart!

  10. Could somebody do me a favor?  If you have  links to Jessica singing something original,  please,  post it in the “reply”  Thank you!

  11. All talent set aside,  I can tell you right now who is going to win.  Based on the last 5 seasons of this show I can almost guarantee that Colten will get the most votes.  mark my words.  

      • Yeah he’s got charm for sure. He’ll stay in there for a while. But he’s gotta do something sickeningly spectacular to win it, and I just don’t see it happening. 

  12. Well I have been an IDOL fan for years and it never goes how you expect it to… the teeny boopers carry the most votes and they vote for the cute guy they like or the cute girl they want to be…. so i cant weigh in my thoughts on who will win. but my favs are mostly the girls, Holliie, Skyler, Shannon and Jessica,  the Boys Phillip and Heejun.  only so far.
    the first two Id like to see go home are Elsie and Jermaine
    then Joshua, and Ericka
    or Jermery in there

  13. I don’t think Ryan should ask the judges who they think will go on. I think it could affect the voting.  Shannon looked absolutely miserable last night.

    • Your are 100% right…..Ryan should keep his questions to himself.  I know Shannon was not the best last night but they didn’t have to say it outright.  I felt so sorry for her and probably so did a ton of other people.  She just might not be in the bottom   tonight.

    • Yes hopefully it backfired and everybody voted for shannon i know i did for 2 hours and i couldnt get thorugh a few times a lot of people were voting

    • Shannon didn’t do so great, but she definitely doesn’t deserve to be going home yet. I’ve never been 100% sure about this girl, she’s still so young and inexperienced, and that comes through in her performances. She already has the vocal skills to sing, but I almost feel like she needs to be shaken up emotionally to be able to put that fire and emotion into her delivery. She has a lot of growth potential in her, and it would be a shame to see her go so early. Having said that, if she’s put up against my boy Deandre…GOODBYE!  haha

    • Yeah that wasn’t very fair. And the way he asked Steven who deserves to go home, and Steven flat out said, “Jeremy.” That was so coooold.

  14. How about a surprise elimination –  Jessica youre going home tonight, your idol journey ends tonight hahahaha, kiddin, I think runner-up or 3rd place is already secured for jessica, but she still has a good chance of winning.

  15. YouTube this video if you have time, this shows the multicultural appeal Deandre has with the audience. I think this kid could truly break down stereotypes and barriers if given the chance to shine and show his talent. 

    “DeAndre Brackensick’s hometown gathers to watch him sing Master Blaster” 

  16. GOODBYE 
    Jeremy Rosado… i thought Shannon will be sent home as she had flat notes last night 😛

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