American Idol 2012 Top 13 Performances

American Idol season 11 finalists

The American Idol 2012 Top 13 performances are set to launch and we’ll post all the details here throughout the show. This will be the first time the two groups, girls and guys, will mingle and perform live for your votes. The guys will perform Stevie Wonder hits and the girls will take on Whitney Houston classics. Let’s see if any of the season 11 singers follow Branden’s song suggestions.

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Ryan reveals this week’s bottom guy and bottom girl will face off for the judges to pick who goes home this week. So the judges decide this week’s elimination!

American Idol 2012 Top 13 Performances:

  • Joshua Ledet – I Wish – 1-866-436-5701
  • Elise Testone – I’m Your Baby Tonight – 1-866-436-5702
  • Jermaine Jones – Knocks Me Off My Feet – 1-866-436-5703
  • Erika Van Pelt – I Believe In You and Me – 1-866-436-5704
  • Colton Dixon – Lately – 1-866-436-5705
  • Shannon Magrane – I Have Nothing – 1-866-436-5706
  • DeAndre Brackensick – Master Blaster – 1-866-436-5707
  • Skylar Laine – Where Do Broken Hearts Go – 1-866-436-5708
  • Heejun Han – All in Love is Fair – 1-866-436-5709
  • Hollie Cavanagh – All the Man That I Need – 1-866-436-5710
  • Jeremy Rosado – Ribbon in the Sky – 1-866-436-5711
  • Jessica Sanchez – I Will Always Love You – 1-866-436-5712
  • Phillip Phillips – Superstition – 1-866-436-5736

Vote in the poll below for your favorite American Idol singer of the night. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!




  1. Hey im the first comment yeah
    i think it is unfair to the one that gets 36 i just do

  2. Shhhhh…The Phil Phillips Show is on………….lol…just to watch this with my peeps….hello all.

    • Ha! Good one…you never know, he could get his own show after this, I think he’s pretty talented! To be honest, I was dreading the thought that he would do Superstition, (I hate when contestants repeat songs they’ve done in the past), but I must say he nailed it! P2X!

  3. I think shannon fans are stealing people’s usernames and putting down… “The best is Shannon.”

  4. joshua nice voice..a little too close to stevie….same arrangement as stevie…its a b.  visually i did not like it. 

  5. Is it just me or are they doing the EXACT same thing x factor did with the judges and the final decision? That was alright but not nearly as good as Joshua’s performance from the semifinals

  6. hmmm…a little mary trivia…i bartended in college and a little while after…heard a lot of house bands and singers…..lots of good ones that never made it…elise reminded me of those days..nice singer…nothing special.

    • It was not good. She just gave up a front runner position. She might be the girl in the bottom 2 tomorrow.

    • He is definately a good singer… He will probably be in the bottom tomorrow though because a lot of people don’t like him.

      • yeah but he did well…his emotions put me off…maybe its a freudian thing…but his voice is nice.  as long as he doesn’t cry i can deal with him…lol.

    • thanks for posting…please share all your thoughts…me an kc are bored with each other..not really..but welcome.

    • Jermaine Jones could have a career on broad way a lot easier then tying become a pop singer, as I am sure that there are a lot more singer acting roles for him to be in rather then being a pop singer.
      There are many other black baritone singers who are now acting he has a career but not on American idol. 

  7. jermaine was much better than elise…but was not thrilled…but he might survive…my guess is someone will do worse. 

      • Hi kc, hi mary…. he was o.k…so was erika..didn’t like elise…can’t wait to see hollie…Here’s to hoping she does great tonight.

      • I agree Mossiegirl. Hopefully she doesn’t have to deal with nerves as much as last week.

  8. What do you guys think about the fact that ultimately it’s judges who are gonna decide who goes home tomorrow?

    •  I hate it.  Just another way to keep a guy around. It will be 7 boys to 5 girls after tomorrow night. And like last year, they will probably rag on the girls way more than the guys.

      • Not necassarly! The judges vote of one and judges vote off one, I thought America votes of one. Idk, this 13 line up throws me. JESSICA, may already have it seen up but I sure love many, deandre, PHILLIP OMG, and I love Shannon. Hope she pulls it off!

    • I was actually surprised at how well he pulled it off. I was expecting more of a train wreck. I’ve been a Colton fan from the beginning, but I still feel he hasn’t really proved it to everyone that he can take it all the way.

  9. i am originally from tennessee and would like to see colton do well…i did not understand him in the beginning of this song..seemed mumbled..when he opened up..much better..wish he got a haircut..the pepe le pew look is not so good…but i think he is talented.

  10. what did you guys think of that side by side with erika and ryan..erika looked like a giant…you think that hurt her?  how tall is ryan?

  11. i like shannon on this one..she sounded good..i think safe.  whitney was stronger…but we knew that…elise should be worried.

    • I know what you mean, Mary. She wasn’t THAT bad of a mess really. There were a couple of bum notes for sure, but I don’t think she really deserved that bad of criticism. But truthfully, it didn’t live up to a lot of people’s expectations.

      She’s always been missing something for me, from the beginning I never totally felt this girl. She needs more depth, more soul, more life experience.

      Her voice is on point though, that’s for sure!

    • sure did…and colton lol he’s looks sooo funny giving those ”smoldering” looks…not really

      • Ugh. Tonight, Colton made me decide I don’t like his voice or his personality at all. He comes off a bit cocky.

      • He is a cocky lil something…i don’t like him,but we all know he’s gonna be there probably until the end because of all the teenage girls.

  12. another poster in this site talked about deandre and hawaiian falsetto music.  i went to youtube and found deandre doing hawaiian music and really enjoyed was something i never heard of..apparently hawaiian music has falsetto as a tradition..but its almost a yodel in the language but apparently deandre is a master at it..but if you listen to it in native hawaiian you will be amazed…but when he does english songs its kind of painful in my opinion..he needs to stay away from falsetto and with his looks and his midrange he will soar.

    • Glad you checked it out, Mary. That’s the music I grew up with, so it really pulls at my heart when anyone can pull it off as good as Deandre does. But you’re right, he should use his falsetto very, very sparingly when singing English songs.

  13. Hope Hollie gets the last spot of the night!!! 🙂 Anyway, here’s the one I’ve been dreading all week.

  14. my favorite deandre you…i am gonna fall for this man…if he keeps this up..stop the falsetto stuff…ok you are safe.

    • I think he just made me a fan… I must have just hated his semi finals performance. But now I think he is my favorite guy.

      • youtube his hawaiian songs…he apparently is of hawaiian decent but grew up in california…it made me change my mind..i think his falsetto is the result of bad advice..the falsetto in the hawaiian language is traditional..and sound great…but does not sound so good in english.

      • He sounds like he has an accent. Wow. Heejun, Hollie, DeAndre, and Jeremy all have accents. I am happy american idol is finally accepting singers of different decent.

      • So cool to see other people checking out what else this kid can do. Actually, he is not of Hawaiian descent, which makes it even more amazing that he has mastered this traditional skill, it’s just that he’s grown up being strongly influenced by his family and friends who live in Hawaii.  

    • What do you know, Skylar is a screamer !  She did not do well on the quiet,  soulfull part at all ,  in my opinion

      • What I meant was –  I was surprised to hear  how purely she did on the soulfull part

      • I thought Skylar did amazing! She took an insanely hard song to sing and made it into a style that could totally be sold today. That’s pretty talented. I’m a moderate country fan, and Skylar is someone I could listen to over and over again.

  15. What is that thing on randy’s jacket? Skylar did amazing. Best of the night so far.

  16. ohhh schyler did really good, I liked it…and  i’m with kc about deandre didn’t like him until tonight.Praying for my holliegirl lol

    • I love heejun. He is stinkin HILARIOUS!!! “Whenever I see DeAndre’s hair I want to eat noodles.” hahaha. 

      • He tweeted a picture couple weeks ago of Deandre’is hair in a big bowl, and he was picking it up with chopsticks. Hilarious!

      • I just listened to it. You are right, he sounded great. I think Heejun and DeAndre are the best male singers.

      • I hope Deandre is safe tomorrow, and that he can stay in longer so that more and more people can see how talented he is. His hair can be irritating, though, which is what puts most people off I think, but I’m glad he pulled it back tonight. 

  17. She seems so much less nervous this week!!! She is doing GREAT!!! Such a strong big voice in a little body.

    • She did amazing! I have loved her from her first audition last season, the way she fought hard to change the judges minds by singing “The Climb”, it made me tear up then and still does when I watched it again today. That initial audition showcased how badly she wants this dream to come true.

      I think she can do it this year, her voice is stronger, she sings with the experience of having her heart broken, and she has fierce courage. Go Hollie!

  18. Okay, what was that Randy? You say it’s not perfect (which is perfectly fine) but you don’t say where he went wrong. You’re suppose to provide constructive criticism to make these singers better. That was really sad. If you’re going to say something like that, provide insights at least. You totally saw something was wrong. There’s nothing wrong on pointing it out so he knows what he did wrong. That is really sad.

  19. hollie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!loveeeeeeeee her OMG GREAT…i thing she did great…amazing..

    • Yes, i really agree, Hollie did great! Her big note was so full and rich, and she held perfect timing. I liked her from her first audition last year when she picked that Miley Cyrus song to give the judges a second try, it showed how much she wants this, and I’m glad she’s in it this year.

  20. I think this is the last season I will watch American Idol.  I don’t understand the final contestants the judges choose.  There is no one who “wow’s”  No one like a Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson or Carrie Underwood.  There are so many good contestants in the line-upand I can’t believe what the judges choose as the finals. 
    Some are good, but not great…and I’m so tired of Randy.  He is a different person from when Simon was on the show.  He goes along with all the others.  It’s a different show.  I think I’ll try th XFactor.  Too bad.  I used to LOVE American Idol.

    • It’s too bad you’re making yourself choose between one or the other, I happen to love them all, including The Voice.

  21. YEAAAAAAAH! That’s my Hollie!!! I hope she does make the fianl (as JLo hinted she wanted) Hollie did amazing! Does Mr. Tyler have a lepord print microphone?

      • Because he is a rock star. And he definitely moves to the beat of a different drummer than most regular people. When he is in concert he always has a scarf around the microphone. I have always liked Steven Tyler. If you want to get to really know him better as he truly is read the book ” Can you hear the noise in my head.” He is really a nice guy which most people don’t belive. But the book puts  in to perspective a much better of an idea of his real personality. He is about as cool as rockers come! He is very funny too. Love you Steven Tyler ! Stay safe. No more falling down. and TRY to stay good. LOl! If he read this he would be laughing.

  22. Jeremy did pretty good… was it enough to save him from his inevitable elimination?

  23. Jessica’s singing I Will Always Love You -_-
    Don’t get me wrong I love her voice, but I think she may keep singing the same songs.

    • and she has to say she’s taking a HUGEEE risk…i mean i like her but sometimes i think she’s a lil cocky just as colton

      • Yeah, she has to be careful not to isolate herself from the viewers, that could happen very easily.

      • It was A HUGE RISK , after WH death + J Hud performance ???

        and she did amazzzing BTW

  24. Tell skyler layne that she should be the next American idol and she is good at singing. From Addie Cultra

  25. wow i predicted jessica would pull it off…and she did.  this was the worst choice for an idol..and she did it…and with her strong voice she did amazing….i think she will be hard to beat…

  26. She can’t handle the big note. It just fell WAY TOO SHORT. I think I’m slowly losing my interest Jessica. Of course standing ovation -_-

    • Funny, I can’t stop watching it. I keep going back to the performance over and over all day today, especially the ending where she hit those last 3 notes in such a beautiful and seamless way, and then gasped at the end (almost in awe of what she had just did), before turning herself away from and out of the spotlight to collect herself. 

      I thought that was an absolutely beautiful moment for her. But sadly, it seems, perhaps it was too subtle of a moment for others to have noticed.

      • I noticed  it~~The808Mystery! She did a fantastic job of singing Whitneys iconic song!  I am glad some one else noticed it too.  Smiles. Have a great week end!

    • I am a huge Whitney Houston fan. It was so sad when she got messed up with drugs. But I think Jessica pulled off that big iconic song of Whitneys. The only part she got wrong was at the very end of the song Whitney came down to a soft ~~You, You, You. Listen to the song with Whitney singing it. Aand pay close attention to the very end of the song for that soft ~ You, you, you. That is the ONLY part Jessica left out. Other wise she was spot on!  She sang it great!!

    • Sorry Shawn. You are way off base on Jessicas singing Whitneys song! She did great!

  27. no doubt jessica has a great voice, but c’mon she wasn’t perfect, she didn’t deserve that standing O..hollie did much better IMHO

    • at her age she did that well..a standing O was well deserved…this was not completely studio..some studio, but not what whitney had in the album…not taking anything away from whitney..but this young girl did awesome…

    • I agree, I also feel Hollie would be better in more versitile genres. Plus Hollie’s big not sounded “bigger” than Jessica’s big note to me.

      • If we don’t say it was the most amazing performance we’ve ever seen we’re haters? Really?

      • I’m not hating on her…i’m just honest…she’s just like pia,great voice but something is off…like she’s not herself but some character in between j.hud and someone else 

  28. I feel it was good, but I think this was the top of her ability. She won’t be able to live up to that in the future weeks.

    • And that’s why the perceived frontrunner never wins. They peak too early. I think it might be a singoff between hollie and Jessica for the big voice vote.

      • Yeah, but I think Hollie just might win though because she hasn’t peeked yet. I feel like she’ll have good instincts on when to do her “best” song.

      •  idols who get overshadowed gets to win sometimes.. like kris allen. kelly clarkson, lee dewyze… they are called the dark horses..

      • Again I agree with you The808Mystery again! Where is Kris Allen now? Where is Lee Dewyize Now ? His record label has already released him!

    • How many people would have the gumption to sing Whitneys iconic song? And in most peoples thinking she did a GREAT job. Look at the poll. She got like 56 % of the votes. Jessica, I am proud of you! You did a remarkable rendition of Whitneys song. And I did see the tear rolling down your face at the finish.

  29. Great.  Bottom girl and bottom guy and the judges choose. Another way to keep the bottom guys on the show even after America will vote them off. 

      • Except Hollie as KC said. I agree with Dylan personally I don’t want her in the finale. I feel like her personality is just so sleepy, and I can never realte to her you know? However you like her and that’s great 🙂

      • She hits one out of the park every time she sings/performs, but he personality just seems so  phony.. “ohh my gosh” in a high pitched, teenager voice.

      • Hollie is good, Jessica is 10x better, I like Hollie and I thought she would be my favorite.

        By Jessica is by far the best singer without a single doubt, she did Whitney the most justice out of any of the girls

    • How is she over pimped? They barely even showed her until the Top 24 decisions. Same with Hollie and Deandre. All we got were shots of them here and there, and not much to go by. At least Hollie and Deandre had some fans from last season who would point them out, but no one even talked about Jessica until they aired her singing “The Prayer”. Compare that to contestants like Heejun, Phillip Phillips, Shannon and Colton, (all of whom I think are great by the way, except for Shannon kind of), these guys were featured one after the other in almost every episode, every where the cameras turned. If anyone was getting pimped it’d be them! Let’s all just sit back and enjoy the talent this year instead of complaining how unfair this contestant is being treated compared to all the other contestants.

  30. omg phil is next….i need to fill my glass of wine…if i were 30 years younger i would stalk him…lol.

    • I know! It doesn’t even sound like singing to me! It just sound like he’s growling. My cousin’s dog could be on American Idol if that’s all it takes!

    • i don’t get the casey abrams comparison..casey abrams was like a drunk at a party with a mr. microphone…phil is a songwriter and musician..heads over abrams…

    • Especially with the frequent hospital visits. It happened during Hollywood Week and now last night. Coincidence? I think noooooot.

  31. ok all the phil haters…he is not karaoke and he is does not sound like dave matthews..looks a little like him, but no way sounds like him…i love this guy…he does his own thing

    •  I pretty much agree…but what’s your opinion on Jessica?? Just curious… since pretty much everyone raves about her and she didn’t make your top three.

      • I thought she was good. I just feel like I can’t LOVE anyone who sings that song, espicially after Whitney passed less than 1 month ago. She just paled in comparisson. I feel like if she had kept soft and done it similar to Dolly but without the country vibe it would have been much better.

      • Sean, I know what you mean. Deep down inside I knew she was gonna pick that song, and I found myself preparing to hate it because of the very reasons you brought out. But after watching the performance, I have to say, she nailed it, in an absolutely unbelievably awesome way.

    • Replace Hollie with Jessica, Jessica still probably won’t win but she is the best in the competition and probably one of the best on any of the singing competitions in a good while.

      Jessica is amazing, I tried not to like her originally it didn’t work, I was trying to like Hollie more, and still didn’t work.

      • Sad but true, the chances of Jessica really winning AI are pretty slim. I’m not sure if America is ready to vote in an Asian/Latina as their idol, no matter how solid her voice is. (And before you start calling me racist, I am half Asian and half Polynesian.) I hope I am sorely wrong though, because with that voice and talent, Miss Sanchez really deserves it!

  32. ok based on tonight i would send jeremy and elise home…everyone else did well enough to take another look

  33. Tonight may have cured me of Idol.  The only ones I remotely enjoyed [remotely being the operative word] were Deandre and Hollie.  Colton and Joshua were just so so for me, and I hated the rest of it.  Maybe I’m the one having an off night.  By the way Jennifer and Ryan were both looking spectacular.

    • I kept thinking the same thing about Jennifer tonight, she looked unbelievable! I’m glad there are more and more people noticing Deandre, as well. This kid has some real potential!

  34. is anyone else having problems voting?? my phone says they are unable to connect

  35. Jessica sounded just like Whitny Houston she blew everyone away i will be one who will buy your cds way to go girl i love you.

  36. based on tonights performances:
    1. Hollie
    2. Jessica
    3. DeAndre
    4. Skylar
    5. Joshua
    6. Heejun
    7. Jeremy
    8. Erika
    9. Jermaine
    10. Colton
    11. Phil
    12. Shannon
    13. Elise

    • Thank you KC for posting this!  I am soooooo glad someone see’s it like I see it!!1 I thought that Shannone and Elise were by far the worst and everyone keeps saying Jeremy was the worst guy and I TOTALLY disagree. I thought Colton, Phil, and Jermaine were all worse than he was. I feel as if he is the underdog and I dont want him to go home. 

      • I don’t want him to go home either. I do think they will send home a guy tomorrow though.

    • Jessica Sanchez should be the winner. Who else there could pull off Whitneys ” I will always love you.” As good as Jessica did? And she did have a tear rolling down her face when she finished. I am glad some people can hear talent.

  37. Jessica sanchez was awsome tonight she had tear running down my face. She should be proud tonight

  38. Hollie, Erika, Jessica and Skylar — the best
    Shanonn, Jermaine, Jeremy — the worst

  39. Can you say  O V E R P R O D U C E D ?
    As usual, couldn’t hear the singing (although X Factor is even worse).
    Ho hum.

  40. Here’s how I’d rank them tonight
    1. Hollie
    2. Skylar
    4. Heejun
    4. Jessica
    5. Jeremy
    6. Erika
    7. Josh
    8. Jermaine
    9. Philip
    10. DeAndre
    11. Elise
    12. Colton
    13. Shannon

  41.  Joshua-Safe
    Elise-I am going to go out on a limb and say safe as I don’t think she did all that great, but she wasn’t the worst girl of the night
    Jermaine-I’m going out on a limb and going to say he’s going to be the guy with the least number of votes.
    Erika-Not a great performance but not bad either so I’m going to say safe.
    Shannon-Going on a limb and going to say that she will be  the girl with least number of votes
    Deandre-Probably be on the low totem poll for votes, but will not be the one with the least number of votes so I say safe.
    Heejun- Comedy + Good performance=safe.
    Jeremy-Probably won’t be the highest vote getter but will be safe
    Jessica-Safe for sure

  42. In addition — what’s with the judges just telling them all they did great? I almost — a l m o s t — miss Simon.

  43. elise and jeremy should go home based on tonight…not sure the judges will agree…but thats how i see it.

  44. What an incredibal show tonight I could listen to all of them all night long but Jessica Sanchez stole the show.  He was correct there were 40 million people with teares in there eyes and I am proud to be one of them. I know Whitney was smiling.

  45. Also one thing about Shannon’s performance. It’s like Idol stole from X-Factor. Look up Melanie Amaro’s performance of I have nothing from X-Factor everything from the lights on the stage and the spot on the stage where they are singing is the same.

    • I saw it I agree completely except Melanie had stronger vocals and didn’t  crack on that note quite as bad as Shannon

      •  Yeah I forgot to mention that the only difference was that Melanie nailed that song and as where with Shannon the song nailed her.

      •  Sorry just realized that the “song nailed her” comment can be taken the wrong way. So I don’t mean to offend anyone with that comment. Please forgive me there.

  46. Here’s how I grade tonight’s performances:
    Joshua Ledet- B+
    Elise Testone- D-
    Jermaine Jones- B
    Erika Van Pelt- B+
    Colton Dixon- C-
    Shannon Magrane- D
    DeAndre Brackensick- A-
    Skylar Laine- A-
    Heejun Han- B+
    Hollie Cavanagh- A+
    Jeremy Rosado- B
    Jessica Sanchez- A
    Phil Phillips- C-
     on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being in danger and 10 being safe for sure:
    Joshua- 6

    • Shannon fans are stupid she’s really not that good I think it’s just one person making different profiles and cheering her on Deffionatly bottom 3

      • now, now. Let’s not call them names. But yes, and I think they are copying people’s usernames and using them to put the best is shannon. I’m sorry, but that is immature.

    • Im sorry but Hollie wasn’t better than Jessica, I like Hollie and actually before the top 24 show liked her better than all the girls.  But Jessica is completely an amazing singer period, not just for her age, but singer.

    • even if you kill yourself,jessica is way better than hollie…anyway i like hollie 2

    • I think Jessica was amazing I swear when the smoke and lights hit her and you couldn’t see her face it looked just like Whitney and I’m not sure about anyone else but I think I saw Whitney looking over her shoulder in the background

    • I agree! I feel like you shouldn’t even consider that song, unless you try the softer version, but still. Less than a month after she died? It just proves Jessica will neevr be that good.

      • WOW… really were you not watching the same show, 1st they all had to pick a Whitney song less than a month after her passing !! She had so many HUGE songs I am not sure that any of them would be off  limits but they did it & they best they could… but seriously that little girl (Jessica) did that song justice & I have no doubt Whitney was smiling down clapping along with everyone else when she was done… 2nd I am going to take the critics of some very talented & knowledgeable ppl in the industry because I am fairly certain they know what they are talking about… I know I am proud to say it brought tears to my eyes… but so did Hollies performance tonight 🙂 Just Saying 

    • I don’t think Jessica was trying to beat Whitney, she was singing the song as a tribute to Whitney different.

      There is a reason she got 56% of the votes on that poll on a week where the best contestant usually gets 16-20 at most.

      • Yup I agree 100%, not sure what a lot of ppl seem to be missing on here with her, maybe because she is so young but seems much older I have loved her voice since the audition stage, sure at times I didnt liker her perceived attitude but I think she carries alot on her shoulders for her age, holds a lot of responsibility & truly wants to win this for the better of her family, not even i think she realizes how talented she is.. I wish her luck she is one amazingly talented young women with a huge future in front of her no matter what… 

      • Rinsewash, I totally agree with you! Jessica is a big fan of Whitney. And she did sing the song as a tribute to her. She did a damn good job of it too! And duh. she did get 56% of the votes. Wonder why? Maybe because she deserved it!

      • Rinsewash, I agree, I can see how she carries a weight of responsibility on her shoulders. I just hope she can live in the moment and let herself feel free to enjoy the experience, because that’s when America will see her as someone they can vote in as their idol. If she doesn’t, she could find herself isolating herself from the audience, and will ultimately be rejected. But either way, I’d say it’s safe to assume she has a bright future ahead of her post-AI. I hope the best for her and her family.

    • Yes there is only one Whitney Houston. God rest her soul! But I thought NO ONE could ever sing ” I will always love you.” And Jessica did a damn good job on the song. The only flaw I heard was at the end of the song where Whitney goes softly  you, you , you. Jessica did not get  that in there . But other than that she was spot on.

  47. I like heejuan. Does he have the strongest voice? No but could he? I believe he could if he focuses on his singing instead of comedy

    • She stunk BADLY tonight. Ironic; the guys were all middle of the road with two of the girls stinking and 2 ruling the night. Hollie, I’m behind you for the whole competition. You can win for sure.

      • Voting for hollie all the way…she’s no one trick pony..really versatile and strong voice.

    • I agree.  She may not have done well tonight but she has one of the most unique voices of the females and deserves another shot. 

  48. Okay so every one on here is just going off of what the judges said if they would have said “jessica sucked” then all of you would say it! I BELIEVE THAT SHANNON MAGRANE DID THE BEST:D

    • Disagree entirely. Jessica had pure emotion with it and brought everything to the table! The judges said Shannon sucked and I still liked her!

    • There’s a difference when Shannon was missing notes all over the place, and Jessica was literally flawless.

  49. Did not like Elise or Shannon.  Do not particularly like Colton or Phil.  Did like jeremy, jessica, hollie, and skylar.  Also liked Joshua Ledet and DeAndra.

  50. this is to DeAndre Brackensick i wish he can win ti and i konw ti from his true tned him and i konw ti and his Feeling  comeing out now and i konw ti from his Flamy he loves to win ti if he wins i will till my freands and i konw you from muic i  konw  from you DeAndre Brackensick and i konw ti from you. you are amazing and strong voice you have and i konw ti from you DeAndre Brackensick American Idol is you to win  ti and konw from you Deander Bracknsick and i konw you from your muic of you and i can see your Deam from you   are in a Dand i see from my Dems of you and i konw ti from you all

    • i like deandre for the first time tonight.  he has a great voice but has been using it wrong until tonight.  i learned from a poster in hear about the falsetto tradition of hawaiian singers…i youtube deandre and was quite impressed…he is definitely handsome…and he has a nice voice but used the falsetto for non hawaiian songs…the hawaiian language is beautiful and when deandre sings in hawaiian using falestto or more a yodel he really sounds amazing..i think he needs to have better arrangements with english songs.

  51. Keep voting Holliepops!!! She will need them for every week that she is here after 0 face time.

  52. Hollie was by far the best of the night!!!

    I know I’m going to get a lot of slack for it, but I did not feel Jessica’s performance. She sang it very well, but I still firmly believe it was not the right song. It was still probably second best performance, but I think it lacked the passion but hit all the notes.

    Skylar was a huge surprise…I loved her performance tonight. Phil was one of my other faves.

    Shannon was a huge let down, along with Elise, but for me…heejun and Jeremy were the worst of the night.

    • I agree with your top picks except for maybe Jessica I think she was great and last season’s Pia Toscano lacked what Jessica has. Emotion, connection with the song! Pia could hit the notes belt them out and slay every song but Jessica does that and feels the song.

    • Not sure how Heejun gets worst of the night over Shannon, Elise, Jeremy, and Jermaine.  He didn’t do amazing, but he did good, and was probably more near the middle. Hollie wasn’t the best by far, she was good but I forgot about her by the time Jessica sang.

      There are three powerhouse girls, Shannon, Hollie, and Jessica.  Most likely only one has a chance of making it far, and that one is most likely Jessica.

  53. Top 2 as of now: Jessica and Phil Phillips with Jessica winning! We need a girl winner!!!

  54. good list but I would switch Phil with DeAndre, Jessica with Hollie, and Colton with Heejun.

  55. 1 – Hollie
    2- Philip
    3- Jessica
    5- Heejun
    6- Erika
    7- Colton
    8- Deandre
    9- Elise
    10- Joshua
    11- Jeremy
    12- Jermaine
    13- Shannon

  56. Omg Jessica nailed that song, never have I cried after a performance. Awesome performance, awesome.

    • she’s predictable…a copy cat… i honestly hope she find her own song with her unique own style… just a thought…

  57. 1. Jessica Sanchez
    2. Phil Phillips
    3. Skylar Laine
    4. Shannon Magrane
    5. Joshua Ledet
    6. Colton Dixon
    7.Hollie Cavanaugh
    8. Elise Testone
    9. Jeremy Rosado
    10. Erika Van Pelt
    11. Jermaine Jones
    12. DeAndre Brackensick
    13. Hee Jun Han

    • i don’t disagree with your list, especially your top three…i would put jeremy and elise in the bottom two though.

    • Not sure how Heejun is below Shannon, heck how is Shannon 4, I like her but she did not do good tonight.  Heejun wasn’t the best but wasn’t the worst, and I don’t like DeAndre but he did decent tonight.  Jeremy, Jermaine, Elise, Shannon, and even Erika and Colton are probably deserving to take up the lower section

    • Shannon did not do her best but if she would have hit that one note she would have been great Hee Jun I just don’t take him seriously I do not like him at all. Shannon is really good though I like her a lot. 

  58. Ok I saw that a lot of people are pissed that Jessica chose “I Will Always Love You” because it’s too soon. Well what about Jennifer Hudson?? She sang it at the Grammy’s and her’s was simply a tribute to Whitney’s death! As was Jessica’s! just a tribute!! Calm down people!!

      • If you sing Whitney Houston in her style, its a tribute unless you do it better, which you won’t.

        It was a tribute

      • Well if you dont feel her song was a tribute than what was everyone elses ; they ALL sang a Whitney song tonight, I took that as a tribute from all of them to her, why should Jessica be any different !!! 

    • it was just so predictable of her…she should have picked another less popular song of Ms. Whitney Houston and make it her own…

  59. I really hope Shannon doesn’t go home, she wasn’t her best tonight and I
    want her to get the redemption she deserves. Her and Jeremy should be
    in the bottom two, with Jeremy going home.. Like I said, Jeremy isn’t
    the worst guy singer, but he’s to boring and I don’t see him having star
    quality.. Shannon better stay tomorrow, and I am so looking forward for
    her to redeem herself. Her voice is to good to only be 16, she can’t
    get cut. Right now, she’s the underdog and next week I want her to
    sleigh whatever song she sings. #TeamShannon

  60. Here’s my top 13..
    1. Jessica Sanchez
    2. Jessica Sanchez
    3. Jessica Sanchez
    4. Jessica Sanchez
    5. Jessica Sanchez
    6. Jessica Sanchez
    7. Jessica Sanchez
    8. Jessica Sanchez
    9. Jessica Sanchez
    10. Jessica Sanchez
    11. Jessica Sanchez
    12. Jessica Sanchez
    13. Jessica Sanchez

    with Jessica Sanchez going home tomorrow night.. hahaha.. Just kidding.. Half of the contestant sucks.. Let’s fast forward to the finale and watch Jessica crowned as the new American Idol.. How would that sound?

  61. the best performer in american idol tnight was the ff: J. Sanchez; Heejun Han; DeAndreBrenkensick; Philipp Phillipps; Holly Cavanaugh; D.Colton;S. Laine; ndLedet,J. Congratulation people.

  62. I’m not a fan of American Idol and very rarely watch it….. However tonight I made effort to sit and listen….  Wow some amazing talent… Jessica Sanchez and Philip Phillips….  I think whom ever mixed the music for all the contestants in terms of volume (of musical scores relative to volume of performers voice) for each respective contestant had their head up their butt…. way too loud.  You could in some instances not hear the fine voices over the instruments….brutal.

  63. Jessica you make the Filipino people so proud of you…you nailed it….Yes! we will always love you…

  64. I love Jessica Sanchez she is Phenomenon, and she has a great Voice, Philippines are proud of you Jessica Sanchez….

  65. My Top Females: Skylar, Hollie, Erika, Jessica
    My Top Males     : Heejun, Phil, Colton, Deandre

  66. Damn Shannon, talk about murdering the song.
    Among the three: Elise, Erika , or Shannon? who do you think will be safe among the 3?? O_O really rooting for ELISE!!! GOOOOOOOOO ELISE!!!!

  67. DeAndre is the best. he has many ranges in his voice. if he had sang I will always… would have been  better than all the  women.Non had reached the high tones!!!!

  68. DeAndre is the best. he has many ranges in his voice. if he had sang I will always… would have been  better than all the  women.Non had reached the high tones!!!!

  69. DeAndre is the best. he has many ranges in his voice. if he had sang I will always… would have been  better than all the  women.Non had reached the high tones!!!!

  70. Love the show, but did’nt agree with them , Shannon was not as bad as they said she was.

  71. My ranking!!
    Top 31. Jessica Sanchez(talent right there! its a gift)2. Phillip Phillips(amazing what a twist!)3. Hollie Cavanagh(she was great though i could have wanted more melody)Upper middle 34. Skylar Laine(her high notes was tasteful)5. Joshua Ledet(nice his pitch is perfect)6. Heejun Han(beautiful, sweet, he felt the song and i felt it too)Middle7. Deandre Brackensick(good not great, disappointed with his song choice)Lower Middle 38. Erika Van Pelt(nice technique but it lacked the soul and the emotion)9. Colton Dixon(the last note was the only good thing i heard)10. Jeremy Rosado(it only stayed there, nothing happen, monotonous!)Bottom 311. Elise Testone(she just sang the song nothing special)12. Jermaine Jones(he is too limited, no wow factor at all)13. Shannon Magrane(if she didn’t fail with  that one high note, she could have been in my 8 or 9 spot)Sing off between Jermaine and Shannon, I think shannon will win the judges votes.My favorite of Performance was Jessica’s and Heejun’s.

  72. Jessica, I’m one of the 40 million people cried after I watched your performance. I remember the late Whitney Houston from your vocals, and you really gave justice to the song. Nevertheless, you really impressed me! You’re unforgettable. And Jes, we’re always here to support you all through out! Go Jessica! Win or lose, I’m looking forward for your future albums. 🙂

  73. Jessica was great but Hollie sang better.  Jessica had some sharp moments and still too much vibrato.  Hollie ‘s performance was flawless!!!!!!

  74. Jessica Sanchez had me sitting on the edge of my chair.  Was reading a book and when she started she had my complete undivided attention.  Wished I could listen to the whole thing again.  Junebaby

  75. The best singer of the whole night was Jessica Sanchez! Period. Anyone who could sing  ”’ Iwill always love you. “‘ As good as Jessica did should be the winner. Period. Good luck Jessica!  I think Randy said something to that effect. JMO.

      • Yeah she’ll win you know if America isn’t stupid like last year with Pia… True talent deserves to win though!

  76. Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh might be on the final round.. they are great!!! two powerful voices in AI. 

  77. I’ve never watched this show and, someone sent a vid of Jessie singing, “I Will Always”.
    I have never ever heard anyone absolutely NAIL a song as if it was the original like she did.

    This young woman WILL BE a star and pretty much is already.

  78. I think that the winner on the night of voting who has the highest number of votes should go through to the top 5 automatically but still continue to perform to become better as normal but cannot be ejected.

    On Oscar night J lo supported a low cut dress without much bob on show but last night J lo was supporting her new boob job, surprising Ryan never made a comment! 

  79. jessica is the best by a mile. Unfortunately the scream teens will probably latch on to their cutest guy again and another season will go by without a star being born

  80. Standing ooooos for HeeJun, Deandre, Phillip Josh and Elise….many if not all will make a nice living singing…Josh is best to me….Jessica seems not genuine like its a karaoke contest …..Great Songs tonight, loved it

  81. Im an avid fan of AI since day 1 til now..every year talents are so amazing. This time i rather pick Jessica as next AI because she is so simple, great vocals, down to earth. I hope she would not change. Go Jessica

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