American Idol 2012 Top 13 Elimination Predictions

American Idol 2012 Top 13

American Idol reveals the Season 11 Top 13 results tonight and we’re ready to discuss our weekly predictions. Last week you all did an excellent job via our weekly performance poll in predicting who was safe and who was in danger of elimination so let’s go to our poll and see what you all are expecting.

So far this week on American Idol 2012 the clear winner is Jessica Sanchez with a staggering 59% of the vote at the time of publishing. That leaves just 41% of the vote to be divided among the other twelve singers and no one comes close to a lion’s share of what remains. Behind Jessica you’ve got Hollie Cavanagh and Skylar Laine for the ladies in second and third place, respectively.

That leaves Shannon Magrane, Elise Testone, and Erika Van Pelt standing in the girls’ Bottom 3. I’d have to agree with that assessment considering their performances last night. Looking to last week’s results we saw Shannon and Elise earn America’s support to move on to the finalists seats, but Erika Van Pelt did not. She’s already shown that she can be voted out and I’d guess America was ready to do it again last night. Look for Van Pelt in the danger zone.

Across the aisle in the guys’ group we’ve got a repeat of last week with Phillip Phillips leading the pack with 9%. Heejun Han isn’t far behind with his rendition of “All in Love is Fair” and gets second place among the guys. Colton pulled through enough to earn third place in your votes here on the site. I’d have a hard time disagreeing with that Top 3 for the guys, so I won’t.

Since the guys came in with an extra singer to the American Idol Top 13 we’ll just group that additional guy in to the danger zone. DeAndre, Joshua, Jermaine, and Jeremy own those seats tonight if your votes are any reflection. Just like my argument against Erika above, I think his previous elimination last week makes Jeremy a vulnerable candidate to be sent home.

At that point the elimination is out of our hands. The judges take control and will decide which singer will see the end of his or her journey through American Idol. If those bottom two singers are Jeremy and Erika then normally I’d say it’d be a close call, but Idol production is scrambling for a female winner. I completely agree with Branden’s predictions for tonight. Erika will survive her second elimination by America, be saved by the judges, and keep the girls at six singers. Meanwhile, Jeremy will head back home.

What do you think will happen tonight on American Idol 2012? Share your thoughts below and then be sure to vote in our poll as well. If you join us on Facebook and Twitter you’ll get all the results sent to you as they happen. But don’t worry, spoilers will be hidden behind the link if you don’t want it to be ruined.




  1. I hope shannon stays
    she got in the top 10 got a big fanbase
    and now has vftw she should stay and i know she would
    but she could be the lowest girl but i bet she beat out alot of guys

    • Please, shannon was the worst, last week she was boring, she is not ready… I would like Jenh Hirsh … But ok, Shannon is in the top 13, and I think she doesn´t deserve to be in the top 12 

      • Jen didnt make it
        along with deandre jeremy and erika they need to go
        buzz off jerk your a perfect example of a american idol judges mark
        you listen if they like it or not and that reflects your mind

      • She was, I’m a fan of her, she was really horrible , she was off key , she didn’t hit the biggest note  and in fact sounded horrible and made no comeback to  backup her mistake but I think she still has an amazing voice  and least deserves to prove that she can stay longer.

    • True.  J-Lo does seam to be a huge fan of the guy.  Haven’t figured out why yet though.  Simply because he’s a good guy perhaps?  Well, my experience has been that “nice guys finish last.”

      • Hey baby girl thats a possiblty she favors the boys cuz she is a ugly horny woman

      • i think you are right…J Lo has adopted him…..but to the poster who calls her ugly…J Lo is not ugly by any definition…that was not to you tim…lol….but Jeremy is boring…nice voice..but he is not connecting with people.  I think there are a few of those…jermaine, joshua and jeremy are all nice people, but  i don’t see the star potential…

    • The choice most likely belongs to production and not just the judges. But say it is the judges, then you’ve got 1 against 2 if JLo is the only support of Jeremy.

    • JLO will have a hard time letting Jeremy go but she will be out voted by both Randy and Tyler.  Those guys are to big of fans of both Elise and Erika.  It will be interesting if Shannon ends up in the bottom because then I think they would send her home.  My guess though is that as bad as Shannon was she will still have more votes than Elise and likely more than Erika.  

  2. It would seem to cruel to the contestants perhaps, but America should be voting for the worst with the biggest vote getter going home!  This would eliminate the possability of any “shocking” eliminations.  However, the producers would never do it this way because not as many people would vote and there would be little drama.  It wouldbe the “fairest” way to judge this talent contest though.

  3. Shannon is splitting votes with Hollie right now and she bombed last night so most of her votes are going to Hollie.  Elise struggled with her song while Erika did well.   Jermaine and Jeremy are a close call but I hope it’s Jermaine in the bottom.  The judges will equal the genders so it doesn’t matter which girl lands the bottom 2 because either Jeremy or Jermaine will go home. 

  4. Deandre has far more talent than Phillip,  Heejun, and Colton. America is completely blind. Deandre has far more talent and range than these guys. 

    • i don’t agree completely, but i do think deandre was much better this week.  He is attractive and does have a great voice, but not sure he knows what he wants as an artist.  someone pointed out his hawaiian falsetto youtubes and i was impressed..guess falsetto is a hawaiian language thing..but he needs to be careful with it in english..he sounds like a girl when he does that…i like it when he sings the mid range.  after last night, i am convinced he will be around for a while.

    • I totally agree!!! I loved him so much last night. He was beautiful IMO. Soooo much better than Heejun.

  5. I think Jermaine is going home tonight along with Shannon. jessica has it in the bag. That girl can sing better than anyone i have ever seen on idol. I hope she wins it, it would be well deserving.

  6. I dont think Erika should be at the bottom. Based on the last performance, Shannon deserves to go home. but I liked her more than Jeremy… just send the boy back home. end.

    • Finally i can post shannon deserves to go on tour she shouldnt be cheated she got in the top 10 and erika didnt

    • Shannon gave the worst performance but, as we all know, this is American Idol where multi-speed voting reigns. Who knows. But I will say that Erica gave a solid performance and does not deserve to get cut tonight. So probably poor Jeremy leaves. May as well be now than next week. Nice kid, nice voice but no start power. Jessica and Hollie at the top for a while. 

  7. Jessica sand well, but i dont know how shes going to keep up. plus shes young and foolish. 

    Phillip and Colton for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. jessica might win this contest, but she will not be selling many cd’s…this organized effort for her will not translate into a career…she will have to earn that on her own..she is not original, but she is talented…..she needs to mature and lose that fake vibrato…its distracting..she needs a coach…

    Phil is the only original contestant…he might not win, but he will sell cd’s and fill venues…he does not do karaoke..he does his own thing. 

      • lol….you also said JLo was ugly…so you are blind and deaf…lol…just kidding…Phil was amazing….who cares if he wins this…he already is ahead..this show will open doors for him..but he is not going home tonight…

    •  You’re wrong!!! Jessica is original, but when you sing Whitney Houston, you have to either sing just as good, or totally sing it different!! That showed off her vocal range!  She has alot of originality in her voice.. Have you seen some of her youtube videos.

      Phil is better than all the other guys as far as selling a certain type of record, but he is definately not the best boy singer…not even in the Top 2… if you listen to his voice it sounds like a raspy-er Bruce Springstein…

      • wow…bruce springstein, that slouch… just don’t get it…its not about a perfect voice….its about connecting..Phil connects with people..Jessica might one day..but right now a bunch of 12 year olds will not make a career..they are as fickle as a pig in a pie factory.  Phil will rock what ever you give him…jessica will just repeat…one day she might mature enough..but she is so young…i think idol should not even have anyone under 18…but they want that 12=15 yearold calling away..and its about ratings.

      •  I totally agree! Jessica is a great singer. She possesses wide variety of vocal range that enables her to sing different genres. She can do ballad, of course, rnb, pop, soul, gospel, dance and even rock. That’s fantastic! Enough for her to win this whole Idol thing! I bet!

    • Mary…We get that your behind Phillip, but to say he is the only original artist is false.  Thats all I will say.

  9. jessica has it but i think  she’s not going to win it….. just like haley last last season voice wise sh’es the best but she got beaten with the looks and the package………………………………… 

  10. Why does American Idol insist on equal number of boys & girls- I think some deserving guys didn’t make the top 13 because they were guys…W0uld it be so terrible if it were uneven?  This new rule seems to ensure the judges will have control over it. Must be a marketing thing…

      • Salv…my thinking is…i am a little tired of the gender arguments…there seems to be a rivalry that shouldn’t exist egged on by the show itself..i know this show, like all shows, is about ratings and advertising dollars…but i am not so sure dividing up the award would hurt the show and might produce better artists..if you were going to really find an idol you would not do it this way…this is not really the search for an idol..if you were searching for an idol, you would find a very attractive young person, train them, coach them, and only pick flattering commercial songs….this is something else…kind of like a beauty contest but in reverse…in a beauty contest talent is offered as a side show…here its talent where beauty is a side show..but you really need both….and we should not be comparing beauty across genders.

      • Mary I so, soooo agree!  A boy Idol and a girl idol!  Then the voting problems would be at least cut in half!  All the tweens and grandmas will vote their boy wonder to the crown, but on the girls side…i bet the best singer wins everytime!

  11. Alright Folks.  I am a bit late posting this. I agree with most of the Author’s predictions here.  What a great night for singers.  Only two bombs in my opinion.  One was Shannon, the other was the band itself. 

    First of all,  Stevie Wonder is one of my favorite musicians of all time.  Great on the piano, although his voice definately isnt what it used to be.  He truly is “wonder”ful.
    Whitney Houston, God rest her soul.  Bad decisions lead to only a sparkling career, as opposed to a historic career.  But She will go down among the greatest singers of all time.  Hit after hit after hit…they just kept coming.  I love these theme nights because it takes you back.  I agree with you Ed, I have an undying love for music and it appears you do too.  Good on ya too mate.

    Joshua Ledet  “I wish”
    Song Choice: Great!
    Audiophile Ranking 9.0
    Overall Ranking goes from 9.4 to 9.3

    A natural gospel singer is a joy to see.  It just makes you want to get up and dance (which I did).  Scats, moves, runs, vibrato, he mixes the old school choir gospel with contemporary styles.  He definately reminds me of Andrae Crouche and Willie Johnson.    J-Lo is right, you can feel the soul in Joshua.  I hope the nieghbors didnt see my bad dancing through the window.  Joshua Ledet!  Ladies and Gentleman!

    Elise Testone  “I’m your baby tonight”
    Song Choice: Terrible!
    Audiophile Ranking 8.5
    Overall Ranking stays at 8.6

    Before she started singing you could tell something was wrong.  She just looks emotionally exhausted up there.  Her timing was off, the band was making mistakes, and Elise was not Elise tonight.  She looked very nice.  She is not concentrating on her swagger and moves…but the notes are spot on!  The tone was genius!  She just looks really frustrated.  This shows that she probably just cant handle the spotlight and will be gone soon.  I could be wrong.  Steve was spot on about not nailing the chorus.  She is in trouble.

    Jermaine Jones “Knocks me off my feet”
    Song Choice:  Wonderful
    Audiophile Ranking 9.2
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.9 to 9.0

    Someone is going to reem me for this, but I was in tears by this preformance.  His rich baratone voice had my cats listening.  Perfect tone.  He needs to work on his stage presence.  His key changed a bit, otherwise Audiophile would have registered a 9.7.  What a humble guy too.  Shake off the nerves though!  He is not in danger.

    EVP “I believe in you and me”

    Song Choice: Pretty good.

    Audiophile ranking 7.2

    Overall ranking stays at 7.1

    EVP seems like a really cool girl.  I’d love to have a conversation with her someday.  The red stripe was cute too.  Let me start by saying that Whitney Houston is probably the princess of soul (Aretha is the queen).  If you cant slay Houston, then dont try one of her toughest songs.  EVP has SOOO much potential.  But she is turning out to be consistantly…average.  That is not going to cut it with all the powerhouse vocalists we have nailing it every time.  I cant even begin to describe this girls talent, but she must belt it out to survive.  She must pull a stefano and come out of nowhere in the next few preformances to extend her stay, or she will be in trouble.  The guitarist didnt help with the chemistry either. Nice smooth ending.

    Colton Dixon “Lately”

    Song Choice: Tough pool to choose from with this guy

    Audiophile ranking 8.1
    Overall ranking goes from 8.6 to 8.4

    I was waiting to see this guy get out from behind the piano.  He doesnt have much range, but he does with his range is fantastic.  He has the “breaking soul” He can do the voice crack and get people going like crazy.  I dig this guy.  Mostly because he hails from my genre of music.  He didnt have perfect tone, but the pitch was above average. 

    Shannon McGraine “I Have Nothing”

    Song Choice: Good…

    Audiophile Ranking: 5.2

    Overall Ranking goes from 8.9 to 7.4

    Yikes!  All i can say is…what happened Shannon?!?  One of my favorites from the start.  Where to begin…umm….umm…Shannon has all the tools to tackle this song…but all her tools where broken.  Shannon has the “Celine Dion, Pia Toscano, Twila Paris, Vanessa Carlton” wail in her voice.  The problem is that Dion, Toscano, Paris and Carlton are always consistantly on.  The wailers have the high risk, high reward type scenario.  So when they fall…they really fall hard.  The wail sounds more like a shriek.  Whitney defeated Shannon tonight.  She was so nervous.  The big note was horrid…Terrible.  Sorry Shannon but you are in grave danger.  The band didnt help at all, they were off on the rythym.  I dont think Shannon is used to playing with a live band.  Its different then singing with a hairbrush in front of your mirror. 

    Deandre Blackensith

    “Master Blaster.”

    Song Choice: Below Average

    Audiophile Ranking: 8.1
    Overall Ranking goes from 7.9 to 8.0

    The reagee turn on Master blaster was neat.  Not my style, but its cool nonetheless.  This guy knows his timing…but he seems to be overshadowed by the others.  His tone was spot on, but I fear this is the best he can do and will be forgotten quickly.  Good luck Deandre.

    Skylar “Huge earrings” Laine  “Where do Broken Hearts go?”

    Song Choice:  Very Good

    AudioPhile Ranking 9.0

    Overall Ranking goes from 8.6 to 8.7

    Scotty aint got nothin on Skylar.  I dont care how many records he sells. 
    But on a serious note, Skylar has big shoes to fill.  Whitney sleighed this song at so many venues across the world…not to mention Pia Toscano absolutely KNOCKING THIS ONE to the moon last year.  But Skylar did it.  She made it her own without making it too twangy.  She did the song justice.  ALso, what an explosion at the end, my goodness this girl has power!!  She just keeps getting better and better.  What a joy!  Tears!  The best so far!  But the night is not over.

    Heejun Han “All is fair in Love”

    Song Choice:  Very Good
    AudioPhile Ranking 8.1
    Overall Ranking goes from 8.5 to 8.3

    This guy makes me wish I was Asian.  He has passion in his voice and he is not just there for comic relief.  Again, big shoes to fill.  Pia Toscano SLAYED this song last season.  Dont mistake his Asian tone for flat notes.  His pitch isnt perfect, but Heejun is a force to be reckoned with in this competition.

    Holly Cavenaugh “All the Man I need”

    Song Choice:  Great!

    Audiophile Ranking 9.6

    Overall Ranking goes from 9.1 to 9.3

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! I played this one ten times.  She just makes me feel like I have so much more to learn at 42 years old.  I cant describe to you just how good Holly is.  Her undeniable power, unmistakable pitch, unique vibratto, rich falsetto, its just perfect.  She may have put herself in the top 3 with this one.  I cant see how this girl doesnt go the distance.  And at only 18 years old…To sleigh Whitney’s second toughest song (arguably). P E R F E C T !

    Jeremy Rosado.

    Boring…Bad pitch…Overshadowed…Overwhelmed…Nervous..Its over Jeremy.  You are going Home.  Goodbye.

    Jessica Sanchez “I Will Always Love you”

    Song Choice: Great!

    Audiophile Ranking 9.5

    Overall ranking goes from 9.1 to 9.2

    Say WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????  And here I thought the show had already been stolen by Holly????  It was Heavenly, it was angelic.  It was from God.  One of the hardest songs in the world to sing.  Jessica nailed it.  THIS is why I watch American Idol Folks.  Tears are falling.  So much talent.  The only reason her ranking was a tad bit lower than Hollys was the first two measures of the song.  It took her 4 seconds to find her pitch, then she sleighed it.  Id say it was a tie between Holly and Jessica.  They are sooooo close. 

    Phillip Phillips “Superstitous”

    Song Choice “Great”

    Audiophile Ranking 7.8

    Overall Ranking stays at 7.9

    Let me say this.  I enjoy the heck out of PPs covers and renditions.  He has overwhelingly good guitar skills.   That being said, he already did this song on the show.   Shouldnt this be a rule that you cant repeat the same song?  I thought you could only do that when you sang for your life.    Anyway, I would go to his concerts.  Lord knows he will be opening up for DMB and JJ soon enough.  He looks like a natural up there.  Right down my alley too. 

    Well folks, in my opinion Holly and Jessica shared the “Stole the show” award this week.

    MY pick to go home is Jeremy.

    Bottom 3 Girls

    Bottom 3 Guys
    Jermaine (simply because folks with mad text skillz will keep PP and Colton alive for now)

    Comments?? Suggestions??

    • Great analysis once again. Your rankings for Hollie & Jessica don’t surprise me at all. Anyone can see and hear the pure talent there. Personally, I’m behind Deandre more though. But part of that is because of the common background we share. I do think he’s a talented kid and I hope he goes far in his career. Thanks again for these rankings, gives us great things to discuss!

      • Yup, born and raised! 

        Deandre is not actually Native Hawaiian, though, but he is musically influenced by the Hawaiian culture, and also by his family who live in Hawaii. He does a great job in helping preserve the traditional language, music and dance of Hawaii, which is rare to find in most young people, so I feel a deep loyalty to the kid. I know chances of him winning are slim to none, but we know most of these talented contestants will have careers past this show, so I’ll support him even beyond AI!

      • Amen, glad you found someone that moves you.  I had the privledge to work with Holly in Wales about 5 years ago so I am so happy she is doing well. 

  12. Jeremy may have not performed his best last night but he sure is a good singer.  He is not technical when he sings unlike the others.  He sings with passion and from his heart.  He is a natural singer.  I would like to see more performances from him  in the show.

  13. i think deandre brackensil goes,dude cannot sing other then using gimmicks with his voice,weakest of the male side

    shannon has to go,she butchered that song last night 

  14. I think it was a shame to ask the judges who they think should go home.  Tuesday Jennifer said Shannon and Steven said Jeremy on Wednesday.  These kids feel bad enough already this makes them feel even worse.  I think if this was Ryan’s idea to say this he should be told never to do it again.

  15. ok, why hate on shannon? dude, she has an AMAZING voice for a 16 yr old!!!! and i think she has the voice to win!! AND ERIKA is one of the best in this competituon and i WILL VOTE AN VOTE AND VOTE FOR EM BOTH TILL MY FINGERS FALL OFF LOL


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