Meet Your American Idol 2012 Top 13

American Idol 2012 Top 13

It’s time to meet your American Idol 2012 Top 13 finalists. Last night on American Idol the semi-finalists were whittled down and left us with the season’s Top 10 plus 3 wildcard spots also known as “America didn’t want you, but the judges are going to force us to watch you again” singers.

Starting next week the American Idol 2012 finalists will hit the stage and perform for your votes as we march on the May finale. Here’s who you’ll be watching.

American Idol 2012 Top 13:

DeAndre Brackensick

DeAndre Brackensick
17 – San Jose, CA
Wildcard pick

Hollie Cavanagh

Hollie Cavanagh
18 – McKinney, TX
America’s Top 10

Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon
20 – Murfreesboro, TN
America’s Top 10

Heejun Han

Heejun Han
22 – Flushing, NY
America’s Top 10

Jermaine Jones

Jermaine Jones
25 – Pine Hill, NJ
America’s Top 10

Skylar Laine

Skylar Laine
18 – Brandon, MS
America’s Top 10

Joshua Ledet

Joshua Ledet
19 – Westlake, LA
America’s Top 10

Shannon Magrane

Shannon Magrane
16 – Tampa, FL
America’s Top 10

Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips
21 – Leesburg, GA
America’s Top 10

Jeremy Rosado

Jeremy Rosado
19 – Valrico, FL
Wildcard pick

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez
16 – San Diego, CA
America’s Top 10

Elise Testone

Elise Testone
28 – Charleston, SC
America’s Top 10

Erika Van Pelt

Erika Van Pelt
26 – South Kingstown, RI
Wildcard pick

Are you pleased with the American Idol season 11 finalists? Who has what it takes to win it all and take home the crown? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I am a big fan of Hollie’s!!! HOLLIE FTW!!! I am only voting for her this season unless she gets voted off!!! Like if you are a Holliepop!!! We need to make sure she sticks around!!!

  2. Hollie Cavenagh , Skylar Laine, Phillip Phillips are tops.
    But I don’t care too much, I only want MORE JIMMY IOVINE.¬†

    • Jimmy Iovine thoughts on each performance make the show much better. As he has the honesty of Simon Cowell, without the harshness. Which is more than I can say for the 3 judges. I hope we hear from Jimmy every week.

      • Shannon, He didn’t like the judge’s picks to start with. He would have probably picked an entirely different top 24 so why does he need to show respect to people that he thought didn’t even deserve to be there?

    • nooooooooooooooooooooooooo way. DEANDRE is a real deal. Soprano like him, for a man is too dificult to find. GO GO GO DD!!!!

  3. Wow, 2 people from Pine Hill, NJ eh?   That town must be going crazy.  I wonder if those 2 knew each other before the show.

      • Colton is from the same town as Chris Young who won Nashville Star about 6 years ago and is doing great in country music now. ¬†I wonder if they know each other. ¬†

      • Hey, no problem.¬† But that has me thinking, I wonder what the closest 2 Idol contestants have lived together who’ve been on the same season are.¬†

        I think it would be pretty neat if some town (not a big one like NY or LA) got 2 contestants on the same year.¬† Especially if they weren’t family.¬†

  4. Overall, I’m very happy with this seasons Top 13. There are a lot of unique voices this season… I’m excited… But, if I could change things a bit, I would switch Jermaine and Jeremy for Jen and Creighton. Jeremy and Jermaine are good singers, but, I find them both to be boring as hell on stage. Since their both in the top 13 I hope they loosen up a bit and actually perform on stage.

    On a side note… I don’t get the Jimmy hate, I agreed with mostly every single thing he said about each singer… He judges better then the actual judges. I would love to hear his feedback on the contestants from here on out.

  5. I thought America did a very good job this year – I agreed with almost all of the top 10 picks.

      • Ya know, Colton does not have that great of a voice. He actually seemed BETTER last year!!! I hope he goes home very soon

      • With you KC.¬† DeAndre’s falsetto and hair whipping ¬†is somewhat iritating and Colton had best not try and be a rocker, cause he’ll be compared to James Durbin and Adam Lambert.¬† Colton does not have the voice, the range, the anything that¬†James¬†or Adam have.¬†

      • I¬†don’t know if the public caught it, but it seemed like Deandre got caught by the camera mocking Jeremy’s wild card song. When he realized the camera was on him his whole face changed. Just for that I would knock him off the show.


  7. Don’t get what folks see/hear in Jen – the screamer – or Skylar – barely on pitch and jumps around like she is having a seizure and Jermaine will be gone quickly as well.¬† Hallie Day was the total package as she has the looks of an old fashioned hollywood movie star and much better vocals than Skylar or Jen.¬† Time will bear that out I’m pretty sure.¬† Reed could have been there but too much over the edge with his theatrics to connect.

    • You’re calling jen a screamer and then backing up hallie? Talk about contradicting yourself.

      • Hallie was a very good singer, and would have done better than Jermaine,¬† he has a good voice with the low baritone, but he will not go far as there is not a want for his music.

      • Hallie Day was obviously looking to be compared to Dorris Day. She tried to look similar to her with her hair and all. That annoyed me. Also Jen was a screetcher, not a screamer. She annoyed me as well. I am glad they are both gone. Rock on Colton!!!

  8. The judges definitely need  to  do a better job with the critiquing as they have been way too soft so far.  Totally agree that Jimmy would  be a great regular judge!

  9. I agree with everyone being in the top 13 except for DeAndre Brackensick and Jermaine Jones… In place of those two it should have been Reed Grimm and Eben Franckewitts. Why do the judges get to pick 3 people as wild cards anyway? America voted! They should have let our votes choose the top 13! WTH American Idol…

    • I like this, no Jermaine and put in Eben and Reed I like also, ?????dont know who else I would take out… Jeremey will not last long, but he has a sweet voice.

  10. I am mostly happy with the top 13! Although not my top 10, I was right about all but one of them. I thought America would have put in Eban over Jermaine.

    Although I don’t think it’s going to happen, I would love for Colton and Heejun to be voted off!!

    I think Jen should have made it, but she honestly was not as good when she sang for her life last night. I am glad they picked deandre though. Jeremy has a good voice bit he was only chosen because he cried and is a nice guy. I also like Erika, but her rendition of that song last night was way off. Brielle was a wasted spot that should have been given to Hallie hands down!!!! Reed’s spit should have definitely been given to Creighton…he is one of the best male voices and my favorite guy.

    I will be voting for Hollie all season long!! I hope she receives good direction from Jimmy and takes it all the way for the win!! I really hope the girls don’t get picked off one by one like they have been in recent years.

    • stop complaining america made there vote shannon is the best a lot of people is jealous cuz she is talented

      • She is good and she works really hard but to say she’s the best among this talented lot is too much

  11. Elise is making Charleston Proud! She might be this years Idol. It’s gonna be close tho. There is some really strong competition.

  12. You would have gotten a like from me, but then you said you wanted heejun voted off… I agree about Colton needing to go though. Hopefully after the save so the judges don’t make any stupid decisions huh?

    • Why does colton need to go? I’m confused. I am picking him to win the whole thing. Don’t make me come over there KC. At least let him stay a couple weeks so I wont be all THAT wrong. LOL


  14. That kid Heejun can’t sing, he shouldn’t be in the top 13, the best voices are: Joshua-Jessica and Deandre… The rest of the top 13 is good except for Heejun I agree with Steve this is not a comedy show plus is not funny it all to me..

  15. Glad the judges woke up and selected Ericka she is fantastic……and then there is Hollie who is also fantastic. It was a very disappointing selection for me this year, it’s like America went tone deaf and GOD only knows how a nasal singer like Skyler could even be in the running….just my opinion….and I love American Idol, what happened to JUDGING??? ¬†

    • we have j lo the worst singer ever
      i thought american idol was for good singers
      same goes for steven

      • Your opinion happens to be yours only as J Lo sold millions of records, Steven Tyler Billions.¬†¬† and they are both stars and rich.¬†

  16. This is my prediction of the top 13:
    1.Jessica Sanchez
    2.Elise Testone 
    3.Philip Phillips
    4.Colton Dixon
    5.Erika Van Pelt
    6.Joshua Ledet
    7.Shannon Magrane
    8.Heejun Han
    9.Hollie Cavanagh
    10.Skylar Laine
    11.Jeremy Rosado
    12.DeAndde Brackensick
    13.Jermaine Jones
    How Much do u guys agree?

    • Skylar will not go out that early. And i don’t think Erika Van Pelt will get 5th. I would switch Erika and Skylar. And i would also switch Elise with Phillip. And Joshua with Hollie.

    • making predictions at this point doesn’t mean that much… it depends on style, song choice, vocals, and preformance level…the likely-hood that they are not going to grow and get acclamated to the show is completely unreasonable. just my humble opinoin… ūüôā

    • Wish your list stay put. see what comes in the end. I agree with you about Jessica, until the 5.

  17. Who is everybody kidding… Elise was the show stopper. Everyone else should be glad they didn’t have to follow her performance on Wednesday. Hands down the most original voice of all the female vocalists.

      • Jessica already proved that she can really sing..The three judges commended her flawless performance. She (Jessica) received the longest standing ovation from them (the judges) ¬†including the live out for her next performance.
        Definitely Jessica is the best. 

  18. You want my honest opinion Armond? NO!!! Hollie going out at 9th?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

  19. Heejun??? I agree with Jmmy-he is way too silly to be on here. Fun is fun, but he does not take this seriously. He should be voted off as as possible. Good voice, but nothing great. Lets get serious now. Have fun, but this is it. Top 13….

    • Heejun is nice i want him to stay until Jeremiah jeremy and erika leave then he can go

    • He will show you all, he is a good singer and being fun¬† or funny does not take away from his singing ability. gosh people

      • I usually agree with you but not this time.¬† HeeJun is NOT a good singer but he is a very funny guy and thats his forte……

      • So everybody who has nice voice should work in funeral homes.People are so …stupid, what other word can I use.I vote for Heejun and I will every time He makes me happy!

    • He is NOT a singer, he is a comedian.¬† Definitely America got it wrong with him.¬† The other 9 are really good singers.¬† The wildcards are OK but probably will be eliminated early in the competition, unless we have some surprises next week.¬†¬†¬† Maybe once these kids and I say kids because 7 are teenagers calm down they may surprise us.

      • He has a very natural flair for comedy but he CAN sing. ¬†He has a very nice tone and perhaps the reason why people do not consider him to be outstanding is because he doesn’t use vocal calisthenics to enhance his performance. ¬†I don’t think he will win though because he may not have a big fanbase.

      • He IS a singer. You might be blinded maybe just cause his asian. Or maybe you dont know that people can have fun on air. Plus phillip never underestimate him so there.

    • so if singing is only for serious people what about Steven Tyler??You must be a very sad person.

    • what’s wrong of being funny? He’s nervous and it can take away the stress, he’s just being who¬†he¬†is.¬†Just see when he’s singing, he does it seriously, and he has such a beautiful voice.
      Yes, he has lack of experience, unlike jessice who has done america’s got talent. But he has a voice, he will learn, and heejun will shine.

  20. Jimmy is way to disrespectful
    Little jimmy is gonna get got!
    Like if you know R truth

    • jimmy is a producer and has been in the business for years and years.¬† he is being honest, not disrepectful.¬†

  21. There are actually quite a few who who have a chance of winning, in my opinion they are Phil, Jessica, Colton, Hollie, Skylar, Josh and Elise

    • almost agree…Phil, Skylar, Jeremy and Elise.¬† i can’t even remember who Jessica is… colton will get a career – somebody will sign him but he will not win.¬† Hollie doesn’t have the total package, who is Josh????¬†¬†¬† Go Phillip, Go Jeremy.¬†

      • yAH you dont know!! cause your choices wont last until finale..i can see jessica and Joshua ant the finale!¬†

        remember the you know!

      • Jessica is the one who received longest standing ovation from the three judges and so with the live audience. fyi. just stretch out your radar.

  22. Jessica Sanchez…has the overall package she had the most powerful and versatile Voice among other contestants plus the confidence she is showing in every performance…OMG this girl is Crazy!!!!

    • No way!!!¬†¬†great singer but Phillip, Skylar and Jeremy have the all around package!!¬†

      • Jessica already proved that she can really sing..The three judges commended her flawless performance. She (Jessica) received the longest standing ovation from them (the judges) ¬†including the live out for her next performance.
        Definitely Jessica is the best. 

  23. From a longtime older Idol fan – It’s too early yet but ¬†I prefer the 3 J’s – Joshua, Jessica and Jermaine. They all have amazing voices !

  24. Pretty much agreed with the top ten.  Still struggling with Elise.  I truly thought her performance on Wednesday was horrifying.  Off key, all over the place, and a very average singer.  Willing to be enlightened. What am I missing?  Oh and Jermaine.  May be a bit boring at the moment, but if you listen to his voice it is absolutely beautiful which is more than I can say for some of the contestants!

  25. Watching from the UK – so glad Heejun made it – beautiful beautiful voice.

  26. Colton<333333333
    I think that the judges are being too easy for the most part, Jimmy should become permanent<3 He stated things like it is. 

  27. Actually neiher of my favorites are in the top 20. Both Chase and Reed Grimm were eliminated. Now I may watch if convientient but I will not go
    out of the way or change my schedule to watch it as I have in the past.

  28. whoo!!! Really love Jessica. She sings like a pro at 16 with full cofidence and a good voice. I really hope she wins. I don’t like DeAndre and jermaine that much. They should have let Hallie in intead of that 2.

  29. For the most part, I think the voters got it write with all their picks. But, I think the judges failed MISARABLY with the wildcard picks. I can see them picking Erica Van Pelt, as she has talent. But, choosing very weak vocal talents like Jeremy Rosado and Diandre Brackensick over Crighton Fraker and Jen Hirsh … Is Shocking. Makes me want to bitchslap all three judges.

    • 13 Heejun
      12 Jeremiah
      11 Deandre
      10 Jeremy
      9 Erika
      8 Hollie “Minor Shocker”
      Elinmated¬†Elisa “Shocker” Saved
      7 Phillip “Biggest Shocker”
      6 Joshua
      5 Jessica
      4 Colton
      3 Skylar
      2 Elise
      Winner shannon

  30. skyler laine isn’t that good at all…Lauren Alaina is ten times better…to be honest don’t find any of the girls this year to be that great…wouldn’t be surprised if the top 5 are all guys this year..

  31. I love Jessica Sanchez’ voice…powerful and not irritating to the ears and at her young age she can already sing big songs…i am pretty much sure that she will make it to the top…


  32. So I found out yesterday, that everybody who is in music business or wants to be, must be very serious and sad.Well so what is doing there Steven Tylor for example???Please Heejun, dont get serious!!You make me happy!!And your voice is like a velvet blanket:))

    • ¬†Oh get real Heejun¬† has a long way to go¬† you saw his attitude in the group and with that i will say he needs to grow up and set serious, Show business is hard to live with and you have to have a great pwersonality and learn to get along with the public cause remember they are your boss, and the old saying is “The public can make you and the public can break you. so think¬† Heejun will never make it to the 5 .

  33. Mr. Ladet was truly passionate when he sang and reakky has the kind of talent Jakob had…but has control over his vocals and knows where he`s going with a song when he sings it…Erika has the same talent….sound quality is just as good if not better when she’s in her zone..if she stays in her zone, and matches her talent with feeling when she sings,.she will take it on the girls side. She can win it all, it won`t be a gimme. She can do it….and if she does, you will see the next Kelly Clarkson…….

  34. I think Joshua Ledet , sanchez, deandre, will be in the fnal 5.  This year there is a very good selection of talent  anyone of them are capable of being the next amercan idol

  35. Phil Phillips is unique and definitely interesting to watch.¬† Sorry, but I’m not an Erika, ¬†Jeremy, Jermaine or Heejun fan.¬† It’s tv….I want to be entertained.¬† DeAndre’s constant hair flipping really bugs me, but other than that he’s a cute kid.

  36. I can see Jeremy winning.  he is all american, sings like a bird!   i am sure most of this years top will have real success.  Reed should of got the spot instead of Jermaine.  Heejun is ok but lacks in personality.  Elise, Holly and Phillip Rock.  i still think it will come down to Phillip and Jeremy. 

  37. Jeremy Rosado? Really there were at least 4 more people more deserving than him…….

  38. My fearless forecast: It’s a tough battle between Jessica and Phillip in the end. My vote goes to Jessica.¬†

  39. It’s a tough battle between Jessica and Phillip in the end. My vote goes to Jessica.¬†

  40. agree! except that I want a female to win this year. teeny bopper girls are voting too much, most of the latest winners are BUM

  41. Deandre, do something other than falsetto; a little goes a long way.
    Colton, great multi talent.
    Shannon, love the voice.
    Phillip, cute – good talent
    Jessica- best female vocalist.

    those are my top 5 the rest will wash out.

  42. I think the most talented, interesting, charming, and pleasant looking contestant is Phil.¬† He probably will not be the idol…but not sure being the idol pays off anyway.¬† But i want him to stick around as long as he can.¬† My second fav is Skylar.¬† want to see more of her. i really enjoyed her Wednesday performance.¬† heejun is talented, and funny so lets keep him around for a bit.¬† Colton get a hair cut, and show us your music.¬† I would like to see Jermaine and Deandre go home first.¬† Deandre because i don’t get the girl voice…and Jermaine because you don’t deserve to be rescued.¬† you can’t win.

  43. Tall heavy set dark haired girl – the BEST didn’t even make top 13 are you kidding me. There are 3 that shouldn’t even be in this top 13.

  44. Go Deandre. All are great but, jeremy and jermain are quite boring. I hope jen, reed or brielle made it. and Haley’s voice is good but she did not showed the right thing. as well as very poised and beautiful Baylie.

    • Deandre, Phillip, Heejun are great in the boys and Hollie, Jessica and erika are great in the girls. Eben was good but not yet ready.

      • Yeah Eben was pretty good ( my father said boring and totally ruined his image of adele ) and probably better than JB. What jimmy said is ture too.

  45. Do you guys care about looks or talent? Cause from the way Im reading, half are about looks. Its American Idol not American model. 

    My faves are phil, colton heejun jessica hollie and erika. Their awesome!

  46. Crazy Top 13 this year. Variety of talents. Finally, people got tired with pop rockers and cutie-pies… I bet this year it would be a girl idol. The girls have a fair competition with the guys and Jessica, stood out for me. So excited for the final. It would be a tough competition this year though.

    • Very right!Another BIG TALENT from philippines.She is the next American Idol,watch her until the final!Of all the Filipino contestants of AI she is the most talented and almost perfect VOICE!

  47. Deandre is terrible. There is a snowballs chance in hell that a record would make the airways sung in that dreadful falsetto. The judges are gonna ruin this kid if they keep on praising that crap

  48. Jeremy rocks. I’m glad the judges brought him back. He is well deserved. Go Jeremy!!!!


  50. My vote is for Joshua and Jessica I cant seem to get a vote through american idol .com  Heejun and Skylar should be runner uppers.

  51. I’m very pleased with the contestants this season. I do have some favorites at this time and I feel that Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips have what it takes to really soar in this season .

  52. Watched the show tonight and I have to say that the elimination was correct ¬†and I’m looking forward to the next show-can’t wait!!

  53. Jessica Sanchez can sing but  has no Star quality face. 
    She’s so ugly! But Heejun Han has a Start quality good looking face, humor and amazing voice.¬†

  54. I vote for Heejun Han. Only reason why I watch the American idol is “Heejun Han” because he’s making the show is watchable…

  55. DeAndre  is so adorable he seems so sweet any mother would adopt him! i see him more as a teen heartthrob in acting, that is not an insult in anyway i just think vocally he is good but not great i think the final 2 will be Jessica Sanchez and maybe Colton Dixon. to early to tell though!!

  56. get it elise! elise testone has the most unique and amazing voice. i would love to buy her cd!

  57. I like to watch American Idol when good singers are not voted off in favor of  a connection someone might have.

  58. Jimmy needs to show respect to everyone because they are all people and deserve it.  He should not be given air time at all if he doesnt show respect to all, if he wants respect  especially..

  59. go, Jessica! hope you gonna win this competition. your voice is so lovely. God bless you…

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