American Idol 2012 To Be Jennifer Lopez’s Last Says Insider

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol

While Jennifer Lopez’s comments last week to E! News went mostly unnoticed until she repeated it on Ellen this week it now seems all but official that JLo will not be returning to American Idol next season.

E! News’ Marc Malkin cites inside sources as confirmation that Jennifer Lopez is out and done after this season of Idol:

While J.Lo has publicly said she has yet to make a decision about her future on Idol, sources exclusively tell me that she she’s planning on calling it quits.

“She’s just too busy,” one source said.

If E! News’ sources are correct then there are just three more appearances with JLo on American Idol before she says goodbye to a two-year job that paid her $32 million in total.

Fox has already promised big changes for next season which inevitably conjures up thoughts of a new judges’ panel. Perhaps Lopez sensed the changing tides and is just pulling a “You can’t fire me! I quit!” move or maybe she’s looking to play hardball and get yet another pay hike.

Do you think Jennifer Lopez is really going to leave Idol or is she just pressing for yet another massive pay raise?




  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! (I wanted that to be in triple sized caps). 

    Didn’t she shoot someone awhile back?   I was talking about how much I hated her to some people & one of em said “because she shot that guy?” I was like “huh?”  I already couldn’t stand her.   I didn’t even know about that incident.  From what I was told she shot someone and a cab driver or someone like that took the fall for it.  PDiddy was apparently involved (another person I can’t stand) Then she dated a clean image guy named Ben Afleck to clean up her image some.  Does this story ring a bell to anyone?

    • Watch South Park, the Miss Lopez episode and you shall find the truth about Taco Flavored Kisses……

  2. YES
    , she only used American Idol to get back in the spotlight and now that shes up, famous, and working again she will call it quits.  She was just a sit in and I do hope she does leave and American Idol gets back some real judges like Simon again. YOU GO PHILLIP!! I hope you win it all…..

    • i couldn’t have said it any better, thanks!… she’s only been in this for her own profit, the woman doesn’t have an artistic bone in her sexy body… sorry, Jlo!

    • NO!  She’s as bad with music as she is with fashion.  Picture the girls last season.

  3. $32 Million wow! that will give me a lot of  goosies too.  That is serious money, no wonder!  when the producers says jump they say how high?

    I am so jealous, it hurts.  LOL

    That is one , two more to go. Until next time for the conclusion of the
    story of the Tres Amigos” or better known as Goosie , Yo yo and Beautiful.

    • She was getting 16M a year? Wow that’s more than Howard Stern is getting for AGT. 

      I don’t know what she’s doing but it certainly seems like she is indeed going to be very busy for the rest of the year. 

      Now all we need to do is find something else for Randy to do so his schedule wont be so open.

      • i think she has this other reality show with march anthony…is still on?

      • Randy hasn’t come up with a new idea in years.  He bores the crap out of me.  

        He hears pitchy when no one else does.   Get all three new judges, and Cher sounds like an interesting idea.  

  4. I want Jimmy Kimmel as a judge next year. We need some comic relief on this show. 

    You see how everyone enjoyed Heejun during his stint on the show. That’s what we need for a judge.

  5. Bye Bye Ms Jennifer Lopez… were basically washed up when AI came along & saved your career.  You are too biased in your “judging”.  For the person who recommended Gwen Stefani….wow that is a great idea.  She would be a judge to really respect.

  6. I ued to like Jennifer in season 10. But now, she’s lost her good taste and objectivity.

  7. That someone making around 16 mil a year would be playing hardball to get a raise is simply unfathomable to me, but I know in show business it happens.

    While I don’t mind JLo as a judge, AI could do better, especially at the rate they apparently pay! It wouldn’t be a tragedy to see her go.  The panel could certainly use a judge or two who isn’t afraid to give constructive criticism. While the taglines are funny at first and could be attached to each current judge as a term of endearment, they don’t go far in helping the contestants become better singers or performers. At the level of talent we see in the contestants, it is almost insulting sometimes to listen to the comments. It’s usually a fan’s job to gush. A judge should be able to do better.

    I miss Simon’s acidic, sarcastic, yet often true perspective on American Idol. He came across as mean and sniping sometimes, but his curmudgeonly personality was entertaining and added to the show. 

    Maybe it’s time for AI to find a more fitting panel of judges. We really only need one celebrity judge. Another could be someone from the production side of the recording industry who has an idea what sells, and maybe one who is an actual voice coach and knows about singing. A general entertainer may also be a good choice, someone who can give tips on stage presence and how to put on a good show. 

    Each judge could then give comments on the performances from his / her point of view pertaining to his specialty. 

    Gene Simmons might be interesting as a judge. I doubt he would hold back much, and he has experience in more than one of the above areas.

    • No more old farts!  Gene Simmons is from when dinosaurs walked the earth. Instead, maybe, Jon Bon Jovi, Mark McGrath, Chris Cornell, Alicia Keyes, Carrie Underwood, or Taylor Swift?

    • And NO standing ovations for any contestant.  That is not what the judges should be doing on a competition like American Idol.  Just give their comments on the performances (as Erin said) and then shut up.

      • Did you notice JLo had her chair back to stand up and when the other judges didn’t, she just pulled her chair in.  She’s a follower!

  8. Can’t stand her.  She picks one or two contestants and basically sells them all season.  On occasion I like the person she blows sunshine all over and eventually end up hating them because I get sick of seeing and hearing her freak out over them.  The judges really all have no credibility as they flounder back and forth and throw out one prediction after another with each conflicting on the prior.  It’s kind of a joke.  Randy is a joke.  He sits up there and pimps himself name dropping and rolling out a bunch of ridiculous punch-lines. J. Lo is still trying to recover from a series of horrible movies, remaking one song into dozens (if you listen closely there is a single song that is sampled in at least 3 of her latest singles, I kid you not.) And by the way, at 42 you should probably stop wearing the outfit she wore last week when she pimped her song AGAIN. Self serving much.  And Steven, while I find him tremendously entertaining he is a master of contradicting himself in the same breath.  He is probably the only one I could stomach returning.  Randy should have been long gone before Paula or Simon and I didn’t even watch Idol back then.  Go back and play with Journey or something DAWG.

    • Tyler…ok…but i hope he makes himself amusing again like in the audition

    • How about this—READY???      Simon,Cher, and Steven, what do ya think????

  9. I hope she doesn’t let the door hit her fat ass as she walks out the door! Good ridance!1 She stinks and I hope Tyler is right behind her!!

  10. Well…AI producers seem to be in Simon Battle mode, so that
    means…since Simon got 2 Disney bimbos….AI producers will be looking
    for Disney Bimbos as well…who’s left…I don’t watch Disney?
    Lets assume all new judges:

    #1-A Jonas Brother perhaps

    #2-Miley Cyrus or Raven-Symoné

    #3-Leaving the heavy weight…..
    Will Smith, the only real musician/comedian and the Fresh Prince of AI.

    Guess what happens to the 16-25 age group ratings.

    •   whatttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!Miley
      Cyrus as a JUDGE???????Jonas brothers as a
      JUDGE?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!r u kidding??!!!!!!i think it is NOT
      disney ‘s music video!!!!oo lets have justing biber and salena too!!!!!!
      o my GOD if this happens i will NOT watch American Idol for ever!!!
      and X factor is kidding itself by Demi lavato as a JUDGE!!!!!!!!
      whats with people these days!!!!

      is awkward enough when they play 17 years old Scotty’s song as a
      goodbye video and he says u will be better and….!!!Ooo my God that is
      terrible!!!remember season 9 and 10 ‘s goodbye songs!
      every results
      shows when that scottys song plays im like aaa no i have a bad feeling!!!cause he is 16-17
      and its like he is preaching somone who is older than him that is eliminated!!!!it really
      is bad choice

      • I agree with the part of Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez . The x Factor: fine if you want to spoil the whole thing, but Idol is so much professional and this is not Disney Channel programs. If the person is young it doesn’t mean that he/she doesn’t have good taste or other things that the show needs but are you serious?? None of them can sing. At least the panel on Idol has enough experience and they are funny I think 🙂 

      • Demi on X Factor is the smartest thing Simon Cowell did. You must not know how bad The Voice ratings are going to suffer due to Simon’s geniusness!

  11. Well…AI producers seem to be in Simon Battle mode, so that
    means…since Simon got 2 Disney bimbos….AI producers will be looking
    for Disney Bimbos as well…who’s left…I don’t watch Disney?
    Lets assume all new judges:

    #1-A Jonas Brother perhaps

    #2-Miley Cyrus or Raven-Symoné

    #3-Leaving the heavy weight…..
    Will Smith, the only real musician/comedian and the Fresh Prince of AI.

    Guess what happens to the 16-25 age group ratings.

  12. Idol needs someone that critiques the singers again. Simon was a little harsh, but this season, every performance was “the best”. I’d hate to see two “nice guys” and a “bitchy woman” panel, but….

  13. but ALL ANd all I THINK AMerican Idol has been like a huge huge chance for JLo …she really should be thankful for this i really mean it…for someone like her …i mean its gonna be stick in the history for her…this is huge….
    and another thing is that by these kinds of interviews about she may not be on the show next season or… maybe she is doing some business kinda thing here and wants to increase her salary on idol…
    and hey if it wasnt Idol i didnt know that JLo can comment and think this high in the music and somehow has a good taste of true music cause hey it can’t be recognized from her works!!! she is NOT a good singer at all and also her songs are all meaningless and…
    so this was a great opportunity for someone like her

  14.  Good. Kick out Randy and Steven too, and bring us Jimmy Iovine, Peggy Blu, and Sacha Baron Cohen!

  15. Hallelujah!!!! It will be good to c her gone! She is always partial to one contestant and I think as a judge you should be there to give advice and to coach all! She is paid too much, highly overrated! Liked her the 1st year but now she needs to head on home! We don’t need to hear how beautiful contestants look they are not there for a beauty contest they are there to be judged on singing! We need someone like Jimmy on the panel! He does better judging the contestants than any of the judges! Please take note Nigel, it’s getting old listening to this panel of judges! Get rid of Jennifer!!!!!

  16. I’m pleased that J-Lo is calling it quits! I use to like her, until she started promoting her own music on a show that supposed to be helping new artists find their way in the industry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I think Shania Twain would be a great replacement for JLo if ever she will not return…

    • or Taylor Swift then match with Usher…atleast it wouldn’t be too country or too RnB, right?

  18. The American Idol has shown it true colors.  Joshua should not have been eliminated.  I am sure America did not vote him off; he was the best thing that ever happened to American Idol.  Jessica, Phillip and Joshua are all great, but Joshua stood out from the rest.

    You guys eliminated Jennifer Hudson a few years back and she has risen above all of your artist; and now Joshua, he will also rise above this show and what it stands for. 

    I will never waist my time watching American Idol again. 

  19. I think it’s time she go, she was able to be fair in music genre or  her favorites. WHich it not what we want in a judge.

  20. I hope they replace all 3 judges! Randy is NOT a judge, he’s picks a favorate and thats all he cares about is that person winning. I bet he’s real upset his “Boy” went home! Jennifer Lopez Is a joke as a judge, She likes the “Boys” and gets all jucied up over them like when Phillip sings. I bet she would jump in the sac with him if she could. Steven is another joke! He’s been on drugs so long he cant think straight, he hits on the girls and that is why Hollie never got good reviews from him as she told him to F—Off when he hit on her earlier in the show. I hope they dump them all!  They went down hill when Simon left and this season was the worst yet.

  21. At first I thought JLo was a nice addition, because she DID have good and even helpful things to say to people, as well as the other 2. But now A.I. Is so boring I hardly watch it and therefore don’t care so much whether or not she is a judge next year :/ whatever’s BEST for the show though, please! I feel like it took a big dip this year…

    • Yes,it did take a mighty dip this year,will kinda be glad when it is over,and previously,I always looked forward to when it came on, makes me sort of sad really.

  22. Nooo lol jlo gives good advice ….. but if they do replace put kelly clarkson … after all shes the frist winner.

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