American Idol 2012 Top 4 Performance Show Recap: Big Songs Win the Night

American Idol 2012 Top 4 performances

The American Idol 2012 Top 4 took to the stage tonight to sing songs from California artists and songs they wish they had written. The California songs ended up being duds compared to the songs the Idols wish they had written.

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved.

Round One

Phillip Phillips, “Have You Ever Seen The Rain.” No guitar for this one, so Phillip was out of his comfort zone right away. But it was better than he’s been the past couple weeks. Phillip is apparently never going to do something Earth-shattering, but consistency is important, too. A-

Hollie Cavanagh, “Faithfully.” I thought someone should sing Journey this week, but I didn’t exactly expect it to be her. I think that was a smart move for her to pick a popular song by a popular band, but I’m not sure it was enough to do what she needed this week. I mean I liked it. I thought it was nicely done and entertaining. But there wasn’t enough to grab a new vote, I don’t think. At least Randy got his chance to name drop his time with Journey. A-

Joshua Ledet, “You Raise Me Up.” Ugh. This song, really? I guess I’m watching too many singing competition shows because hearing this song again makes me want to assign the grade F. But I’ll pretend like this is the first time I’m hearing it. He did a great job and actually held back a little, which is when I like Joshua the best. It was also more emotional than some of his other performances so that was good as well. A

Jessica Sanchez, “Steal Away.” Not so sure her picking such an old song is going to do her any favors. She probably should’ve done a younger song or at least a more familiar older song. The vocal was good but she’s back to that disconnected stage presence a lot of us had such an issue with earlier in the season. Not sure what it is, but she just seems to be singing only for herself and not for others. Still a solid performance. A-

Phillip and Joshua Duet, “This Love.” That was surprisingly good. For both of them. Who knew.

Hollie and Jessica Duet, “Eternal Flame.” The swings were a little too precious. And the vocals were just ok. The guys definitely win the duet round.

Round Two 

Phillip Phillips, “Volcano.” This was very Dave Matthews, which I try to avoid saying, but this week I had to say it. It was definitely a song he believed. It was very intimate and emotional for Phillip. It was a good performance. I imagine that is indeed the kind of song he’d record on his own. Good choice. A+

Hollie Cavanagh, “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” This is one of the most emotional songs ever written and it’s a song you have to believe in order to pull it off and I didn’t get that from Hollie. It was a fantastic vocal, but she couldn’t relate to the message of the song, so it didn’t work. Maybe she should have sung it to America since she’s been so close to going home so many times. B+

Joshua Ledet, “It’s a Man’s World.” Another song I’m sick of hearing on singing competition shows. Ugh. But again, it was a solid performance. Of course it dipped into screechy territory, which I never love, but what do I know. Joshua had a great night tonight and that’s going to be good news for him tomorrow night. A+

Jessica Sanchez, “And I Am Telling You.” This is a HUGE song and I kind of couldn’t believe she was doing it. Let’s see if I can finally get what everyone else (but me it seems) has been getting all season. OK, the vocal was AMAZING. Definitely amazing. But there’s still something missing! I wish I could explain it. After thought: Her styling was terrible. A+

And now on to the predictions.

It’s just too hard this season to say who is going to be totally safe and totally not safe, so I’m going to say what I think kind of might, possibly happen.

  • Most Likely Safe: Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet
  • Possibly The Bottom Two: Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez
  • Possibly Going Home: Hollie Cavanagh.

My thinking: Phillip is probably the person this season who will never land in the bottom. It happens almost every season (Scotty, Lee, Adam, David). And those people almost always win (minus the Adam/Kris season), so I think saying Phillip is safe is a safe bet. Joshua has that rare things where America is actually voting for him because he can sing. That should keep him safe this week. And I think Jessica’s luck has finally began running out, so that puts her in the bottom with Hollie, who is surely going to go home. Right? Ack! Who knows this season! Anything can happen.

What did you think of the performances? Who’s going home?





    • It’s not really live tv. anyway…it is only how the producers want us to perceive it.. they edit everything taken and add the things that will make us feel they way they think we want to!  Really

      • It’s rumor mill for me unless some concrete proof has been presented out in the open.

      • I don’t care how it’s edited…nothing can hide the real talent of anyone. 

    • Three weeks ago, I would have agreed that it is anyones ball game. But Jessica and Joshua are very much out distancing the other two in my viewpoint … By a MILE.

      • I agree completely. I was always a big Jessica fan. Don’t care for the Blues and so I didn’t care for her first song. Joshua gave a boring performance of the Josh Grobin song ( always dangerous to sing that). Liked both Hollie and Phillip. The 2nd round was different. Really dislike the James Brown song but Joshua was very good with it. Phillip did great with Volcano. Hollie picked the wrong song. Jessica was just out of this world with her song which put her miles above anyone there ( doesn’t mean she will win, though she should). In any case, Joshua and Jessica are way better than Phillip and Hollie. Hollie has a really nice tone to her voice and deserves to make it to the top 3. Unfortunately Phillip was good tonight and great compared to last week. Still a weak singer but he will probably win unfortunately, very unfortunately.


      • agree.  i STILL don’t get p2, and i do adore hollie.  the big question is whether or not the contestants will still be making records ten years from now or will they fizzle out into oblivion.  who has the staying power to continue in the industry?

      •  Jessica is like a light year away from the other 3.  Oh gosh, she’s soooo winning.

    • Sometimes I think that the judges purposely bring attention to the negatives a contestant is order to pursue that in the long run that will make her fans vote more and even harder!

      • The clueless young fans are voting because they are friends of the contestant or relate to their age, not because they have talent.  The judges give advice because they are in the business… and the music business is not for thin skin cry babies.  

      •  She did well. But not good enough compared to other contestants.
        Don’t bashing me, Hollie’s fans.
        But all the people can see she’s gone a too long way in AI 11.

      • Hollie is good but should of been KO’d a long time ago. also if you feel that she is better than JLo you are crazy.

      • Hollie is good but her capability is not enough at this point of the P2.

        She should shine and be consistent…like Joshua.

        and she needs to experiment with a lot of Jessica. ^_^

      • to call yourself a hollie fan means you simply lack musical taste,or you have been sheltered in musical exposure,maybe you dont appreciate true talent and hard work.. which hollie does not display… she is at best average, hollie cant sing well,or you just vote on her looks ,, she dont have the vocal chops, no memorable vocal runs,, limited vibrato… she is forgetable,, she will not be a star even if she records an album or two,, she should move into acting..

    • based on the Judges comments, if she stays…she has them to thank…the standing Ovactions for Joshua on the other hand, could hurt him and send him home…

    • Tonight the judges were right on the money … with every perfomace. Hollies fist performance was amazing. Unfortunetly, her second so not.

    • and what’s with giving her awful spot? like always?
      she has given the first place to perform three times in 4 weeks.
      last week, 3 weeks ago, and again this week.. ok she got 2nd, but with phil practically she’s 1st, coz phil can sing during the commercial and still got tons of votes 😉

    • Me too!   I think Hollie had a rocky start but she’s been pulling some good songs out with her vocals in the last 3-4 weeks.  Jessica Sanchez has a great voice but she’s still too young still for stage performances.  I believe JS could very easily sell some CD’s with that voice but winning the whole thing?  You have to have the whole package and so far both Joshua and Phillip have that whole package although my ultimate fav is Joshua!  He Rocks it every time!  Stage performace is great, vocals amazing and he’s got so much soul ooozing out of him, he’s incredible.  And we are looking for the whole package right?!

      • Yall crazy as hell Joshua is definitely going to win this season. The boy has real talent that will go far in the industry. I mean do yall listen to music or just skim through it

  1. Hahahahaha it is really obvious that this page does not like Jessica hahahahaha gully

    • all those jessica fans, how many of her songs have you bought at $1.29 a pop yet, eh?

      • I bought all of them in itunes and recently I can’t buy only her song so I have to buy all the album starting from top 7 but I still bought it so I can listen to her voice and I will still continue to spend my dollar on her.

      • I bought all of them. have you done anything for your favorite? I thought so…

      • anca , I buy all of her song in itunes and who are you to ask that ? ha anka? if you buy the others songs, so be it, and dont pretend and act like somebody here.. get lost ok?

      • Sweet dreams, everybody has a dream, IWALY, stuttering, you are so beautiful, dance with my father… those are the ones i’ve bought so far and i’m definitely gonna buy and i am telling you..

      •  She is also the most self absorbed and immature! She was voted off once…it will happen again and the judges won’t be able to save her!

      • She is the best, by far. Unfortunately, Phillip will probably win even though he is very weak vocally. Basically, he can’t sing. Kind of like Bob Dylan, except Dylan wrote great songs. Perhaps Phillip is a great songwriter. Don’t know and I didn’t think that was what AI was about. He did a very good job tonight on both songs. Nowhere near in the same league as Jessica and Joshua and a much weaker singer than Hollie.


      • We don’t like Jessica because she has gone downhill- her song choices stink- her vocals are sounding more like Joshua’s screeching. I used to like her, but not how she is singing now.

      •  I know! these poor people are just jealous.  Jessica is in it to win it!!!

    • I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!! if thres any website like this that doesnt have any favorites!!!!!!!!! I WOULD GO with that one hmmmm…..!

      •  no….. she always wants to whitney,Tina turner, not being her self, go home u little girl

      • Dan………. if she can sing like Whitney, Tina and  Beyonce, she’s a better artists……. you get 3 for 1!!

    • Yup I agree…..coz I have sensed that many times but it’s OK. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion and everyone is rooting to his idol for this competition. It just happens that Jessica has not been his pick. 

      Good Luck Jessica!!!!!!!Hoping for the start of another picking of huge songs!!!!!!

      • Was that comment intended for me? Is there anything in the words “great review” which meant that I do not like Jessica?

      • What an intelligent comment! What exactly does it mean? That nobody is allowed to have an opinion that differes from yours
        ? Grow up and learn to speak while you at it!

  2. ur fuckng comment always bad,jessica was the best ever sinced season 11 began.. and shell gonna win this folks…!with flying colors…

    • Could you comment without the f word. And maybe learn how to write a sentence.

      • Grammar is not the name of the game for as long as you get what the message is, you should know, just simple plain English, hello!!! Still, it’s Jessica’s night tonight and she will win this AI’s 11th episode.

    • has a point, though Jessica is really good, and I dont care if the writer doesnt like her because he likes Phil so much , he doesnt have a taste and all he know is the cuteness of Phil…Try to listen again how Phil sings , you will ask your self , like AM I WATCHING SINGIng contest or a program in highschool…omg

      • Phil is clearly an Artist.  He should have been on The Voice.  Who cares if he’s cute?  He’s weird, he moves funny, he makes strange faces. . .  and so do ALL the great Artists out there.  I don’t care how much Joshua Screams (GAWD) or Hollie who has a great voice but is a wreck.  Jessica will be big when she finds out who she is.  I really don’t care who wins. AI is too mainstream anymore.  THEY pick the winners , regardless of what people believe.  Go Phillip Phillips, show us what you’ve got.

  3. Pretty much agree with those ratings. Would have rated Jessica’s first song a bit lower as it didn’t grab me, however she nailed her second song even though I am not a fan of the song. Joshua’s second song was brilliant, but done too soon after Juliet of the Voice did it only a week ago, and in my viewd did a better job, which is saying a lot. P2 stepped back up to the plate tonight. He looked more confortable and it showed in his performance. Hollie I think is gone, but fans have reacted against judge critism before so who knows.

    • spot on! juliet simms did way better! his just lucky judges didnt watch juliet performance! lol

      •  Juliet’s and Joshua’s performances were pretty different, as Juliet puts a raspy Rock spin on music. I don’t know how you could definitively say that Juliet’s was better though; Joshua sang with the most passion I’ve pretty much ever seen on a singing show. The way he phrased each lyric and inflected his lyrics–whether rhythmically or dynamically–was unmatched by any singing show contestant, and, hell, even many signed artists. He is the definition of soul.

    •  Yeah, I can ignore her.  She has an amazing voice, but, she lacks something that she needs.  She will be burned out before she is 20 and she has reached her peak.  She won’t get any better.

  4. I guess it’s the other way around.  Joshua and Phillip are going to be in the bottom 2 while Hollie and Jessica will be safe.  This season is going to be girl power.

    • Are you crazy? Josh is no way going to be in the bottom. The person who SHOULD be at the bottom with Phillip is Hollie.  You people must have a deaf ear because you can’t hear talent when you it’s in your face. What is it you can’t relate to about Jessica and Josh?

      • the Top 2 was already predicted by Jennifer Lopez when Joshua Ledet & Jessica Sanchez sang “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me.” Whether people admit it or not, those 2 (Joshua & Jessica) are perfect examples of SHEER TALENT.. they know how to perform and entertain.. they are still young and still have a lot of room for improvement to perfect their God-given-gifts. We all have our own favorites in this competition.. and every week we’re rooting for them.. now we’re down to the Top 4. American Idol is just a stepping stone for all of our Idols.

  5. Who cares about your ratings? And I am telling you, Jessica Sanchez is not going.. Like???

    • Tonight I came to realize one thing, All songs they sang Jessica can sing, but….can they sing Steal Away the way JS did???

      • Not all songs are for every singer. Song have to fit the personality of the singer.  Jessica cannot relate to some songs because she is too young. The ones she sang well were great covers.

      • Seriously…you think Jessica could have sang Volcano with the same feeling as Phillip? PUH_LEASE!

    • He doesn’t hate jessica hes just not a big fan! But seriously compare Hollie and Jessica’s voice comeon Jessica is far better than Hollie! Hollie cant even hold high notes. Jessica never had an off key to all her performance but Hollie had some!

      • All a matter of taster.  I would not purchase or go see Jessica in a concert, cannot stand to watch her sing.  Hollie on the other hand, I would buy her music.  That is how most people vote.  I am sure Jessica is a sweet young lady and has a wonderful career ahead of her, as does Hollie.

      • Like Sandi said, all a matter of taste.  Jessica does have a greater range, but for me, Hollie’s tone is more pleasing to the ear.  I’d buy a Hollie CD and pass on the Jessica for now.  Give her a few more years and let that voice percolate a little more.

      • Hollie had a bad note at the start of her first song, Jessica had at least three bad notes I noticed. Both girls have bad notes and off key moments when they sing. Yes…BOTH girls. And Holly was instructed to hold back and not sing the high notes, I wish she had not been instructed to-because she can and has hit them.

    • I have always asked the same thing to him. I don’t know why. Maybe he’s racist and doesn’t like her to win. He’s NEVER really liked Jessica. He must start thinking why almost everyone (on this poll and almost every week) choose Jessica as the best singer. He must look up her videos and maybe then he could appreciate how good she is. But who cares about Branden? Are you going to vote for Hollie instead of Jessica because Branden wants it? Of course, not.

      Right now, 9/10 posts are about Jessica. She gave the best performance of the night. There’s NO WAY (we’re leaving without her) she’ll be in the bottom 2. 


      Could you imagine how angry will Branden be writing an article with the title “JESSICA SANCHEZ: The winner of American Idol 2012”. I can’t wait for that moment. That would be fun. LOL!

      • It’s probably because of idiots like jessica fans who accuse everyone of racism for not liking Jessica. I don’t like her because of her fans they made me dislike her.

      •  Brandon thinks Hollie is better because she is- Jessicas songs are a turnoff
        and lately Hollie has been outsinging her- Face the facts.  I used to like Jessica until  she went downhill

      • to paul, i am a jessica fan how dare you say we are idiots? you are the idiot…how people like her and perceive her is non of ur bussiness, we like her because of pure talent and great voice not because of how she looks like. american idol is a competition for singers so there —a great  voice is what counts! 

  6. Jessica might be going home this week, Hollie has always escaped elimination by picking up new voters for herself and I don’t think Skylar fans are going to vote for an R&B singer like Jessica.

    • Jessica can’t go home after she sang the BEST SONG of the night (and the entire season). Maybe next week, but not this one.

      • Really, you thought Jessica was the best of the night? Did
        you hear Joshua? I thought Jessica’s vocals were ….good, but her performance was
        a little boring. I honestly….HONESTLY prefer Holly to Jessica. I just don’t like
        the expected.


      • @gail, it just because she is with hollie. everytime hollie is in a group that group stinks

    • hollie always escaped elimination because trying hard fans are saving her, what a pity, every week she’s been in the bottom 2, votes only saved her not her talent-non sense

    • Jessica will not be going anywhere this week or next week. Hollie should have left last week instead of  Skylar, and Phillip should not have made it this far.  The show is a talent, not a popularity contest.

      • but sad to say it is already a POPULARITY CONTEST… coz it depends now on the fans.. having a big HUGE fanbase is really an advantage of winning…

      • I love Phillip Phillips.  I am 43 years old and his music is the only music I would buy, and perhaps Hollie.  Jessica while having a wonderful voice that can’t be denied – is lacking something – but she will be star whether she wins or not.  That voice is too good to be ignored.  But to say Phillip Phillips has no talent is your opinion. His rendition of Volcano last night was by far my favourite – he doesn’t have to show off – he just does his thing.

      • This show should be a talent contest, unfortunately it is a popularity contest. Whatever, I’m just rooting for Jessica.

    • reallyyyyyyy?
      kkkkkk………………. but for me jessica is the best.

  7. Hollie is definitely safe. Now that Skylar is eliminated, she has both fan bases votes because of how close they are. All of the SKOUlAWS and Holliepops are voting for Hollie, so I am pretty sure she is safe.

  8. I’m afraid Hollie will go home, but I’d prefer it to be Phillip. Am I the only one who doesn’t get him?

    • No your not the only one!  Yea he has that husky sexy groveling voice but he needs to show us some range..a different side of himself.  He should be going home in my opinion!

      • I heard a lot of range last year and Scotty won, who by the way didn’t have the range like the others.

      • I agree, he has a strong resemblance to Sting, who I love, but don’t listen to all that often. Steve Tyler says he could listen to his songs over and over with the headphones on. Maybe after a huge doob!

    • I think he’s staying there because of his looks. Jessica and Joshua are there because of their vocal abilities.

      • Are you serious? Staying because of his looks? NO WAY and it sure isn’t his singing either.  

      • I hope your wrong.  I think Hollie is going to have a big career ahead of her.

    • So with you Ebon – I have been saying the same thing all season.  Always sounds the same – an average singer, and last week he was flat during almost the entire song.  I am totally miffed. 

      • Yep, i completely agree. Phillip sounds the same every time. There is no difference in his songs and if he does win, he will just go down in history with Lee Dewyze. The only winner that I hear nothing about ever.

      • Listen guys, they are all fantastic but you can only have one winner here.  It should either be Hollie or Jessica, because it is time for the gals to win.

    • I am asking myself why he still in the competitions?let me see ohhh girls are voting for him…..because his handsome and ????? Just handsome.America wake up! Vote for who truly deserves to be AI

      • Gail; ???? Brings something new, he sounds the same every week for every song.

      • Good grief….ALL the other ones do is YELL>>>>>at least Phillip is different and can sing. Even if it is a different style…Its his style and he has stuck to it.  The others sound the same.  But like I’ve said before…Its who calls in…are all of you sitting and voting for you favorite or just talking.

    • My vote is for Philip to go home  their is know variety to his songs or his tone , he would be great in a karaoke bar jamming with the house.

      Hollie has an amazing voice slow or fast song and looks like she belongs on any stage. Two thumbs up Hollie.

      • Nah, Phil is not going anywhere.. too many teenagers who write down on their chemical books saying “Mrs. Something Phillips” with big weird annoying colored hearts during the class while their teacher giving them study material for exam. And they vote like it’s their final exam.

        my point is:
        if my niece fail her chem exam this semester, I would blame P2.. 😀

      • Phillip does not sound like he is doing Karoake! How can you even say that when he makes EVERY song his own? Ridiculous.

    • I’m not gonna say i don’t like P2 but I’m really hoping Hollie staying.. She’s the surprise factor on AI. Without her, AI just too predictable.
      WGWG, SO guy, and the Judge’s save that would be a fave line-up from AI producers.
      And you don’t have to slit a crow’s throat, meditating in jungle or anything else to have vision for future. SO guy will leave first and the following week WGWG takes it all. It’s Idol de javu all over again.

  9. The writer will always find something on jsan,

    That’s what people do when he/she don’t like someone. It’s natural.

    • Seriously?!?! The guy gave her A’s….how the heck is that a bad grade??? How is that hating on her at all? What do you want him to do? Say she’s the most amazing thing to hit the scene since sliced bread & that he wants to have her babies? Will that make you happy? Sorry for the snarkiness but seriously, he gave her good grades. So what’s with the trash talk?

  10. Goodbye Hollie!!! I think its Joshua and Jessica will fight for the finale!!!

  11. PEOPLE! its TIME FOR A GIRL TO WIN AGAIN!!!!They deserve it!:|  if you let a guy win win, you only prove that we men are more powerful/dominant than girls. SO VOTE PEOPLE

    • The only reason guys win is cause it’s a singing show and we have to face that a majority of girls watch Idol and vote. And girls are going to vote for the cute boys that they grow obsessed with and that is the reason he is here.

    • It shouldn’t be judged by whether it’s a girl or a boys turn to win. Sometimes it’s more than just the voice the personality counts as well. When the judges start telling the singers that they’re a diva it starts to give them the idea that they are. You have to earn that distinction, which Which I think takes many years and many sales.

  12. Jessica and Hollie must be safe tomorrow. And I am telling you, they will both be in the finale.

  13. Adam Lambert was in the bottom 3, once. The same night as Kris, if I remember correctly, during the top 5 when they still did a bottom 3

  14. vote vote vote!! do ur comments later!! much as i want to i cant vote as im not from d US!!

  15. No. VOTE FOR HOLLIE! Skoutlaws, us Holliepops need you.  Keep the best friend alive. 

    Hollie is so deserving of the Top 3. Her journey is not over yet!

    • No way! Keep the best singers alive. HOLLIE is the worst of them, sorry. She’s going home tomorrow. 

      •  Im sure you said this the last three weeks as well and like i said Hollie is the little engine that could. She deserves the finale more than anyone from the sheer criticism and unfairness the judges have portrayed upon her.

        Go listen to her studio recordings and tell me she doesn’t deserve to win.

        Best studio recordings of the four that are left.

      • Did you see their duet? Jessica opted for the low notes because surely, surely, Hollie will mess it up if she does it.

    • Just because Skylar is Hollie’s bestie, the skoutlaws will vote for her? I don’t think so. Now that Skylar’s gone, we, the Skoutlaws will vote for the one we think is the best. 

      In my honest opinion:

      Winner for round 1: Joshua
      Winner for round 2: Jessica

      Voting for these 2 for tonight. 

  16. I agree with you. But I don’t think Jessica will be in the bottom 2. She’ll be top 2 for sure. Either Phillips or Joshua could end up in the bottom 2. And of course Hollie will go home tonight (unfortunately, no more luck for her).

    • I think you are absolutely right. Hollie is almost for sure going home and in B2, but JS won’t be in B2 after tonights performances.  Should be P2, who is a very poor singer, but could even be JL.

    • I remember people saying this about Haley Reinhart last year and what happened. She stayed, just watch Hollie stay this week.

    • i doubt so. Trust me. i have this gut feeling that it will be a philip and joshua finale

  17. The only performance that I liked apart from JS’ performance was  JL’s 2nd song, the rest???u…. Jessica deserves to win..peace..:)

    • yeah i agree with you,, everytime branden post his review he always saying theres still lacking in jessica… always always

      •  I agree with Branden. The only time JSan has really made me like her was “prayer” in vegas week. I know she can sing. But shes always lacking. And prayer was a long time ago. For me, I think its simply because I don’t like her voice or tone. This week I was comparing Jsan to Jennifer Hudson and sad to say JSan lost there.
        I am though a Hollie fan, but she was kind of Bland this week. 

        Joshua, I’m kind of hoping he  leaves this week, because he’s sure to get a record deal anyway.

        P2. Nothing special there but a cute smile. And I think at this point it’s unfair to judge him on a different scale because of  his kidney stones, cause I really haven’t heard anything special from him ever. So forgettable performances that  I don’t remember any of them, except the trainwreck fron last week.

  18. ! Quiero votar, pero no puedo, no estoy en los Estados Unidos 🙁  Poder votar a favor de Jessica por favor…. VOTE VOTE VOTE for JESSICA!! no one is safe!!!

    • I don’t think any of them sucked per say.  I enjoyed both of Hollie’s songs and P2’s Volcano was incredible.

    •  I don’t know what you’re listening to, but you are so wrong.  Hollie has the vocals unlike the men and her choice of songs is  better than Jessica and lately she has been outsinging Jessica- quit listening to Randy and Jaylo who are brain dead.

  19. A great night!
    Phillip was awesome, dropped the guitar for a little CCR and then he was definitely in his wheel house with Volcano.  I would love to see him perform #41 by DMB, if he does he slams the door on the rest! He could win!
    Hollie was Hollie, very very good, she had the highest ceiling coming in and she continues to grow.  She could win!
    Joshua, once again, turned great songs into GREATER performances.  He is an amazing vocalist.  The James Brown song was ridiculous! He could win!
    Jessica was great as well.  I dont relate to her music nor her style, but she is also a tremendous vocalist, obviously!!!  She could win!
    The duets were very different, the guys had alot of chemistry and did a great job but the girls, I have to agree with Randy, were awkward.  Not sure what it was just no chemistry, I guess.
    I think the guys are safe and the girls are in trouble.  No mattter what, just my opinion and I think all 4 are amazing!

  20. HAHHA why  the writer of this site always give jess a negative comment when she always have a great performance..
    just asking…

    • Either you like someone or you don’t.  I don’t think it’s personal for Matt, it’s not for me.  If you’re driving in your car, going to work, do you really want to hear that, not me.  Nor do I want to hear Josh singing, although I wouldn’t mind seeing him in concert.   When I’m driving in my automobile, it IS Phillip whose voice I want to hear.

    •  i always observed that and comment oon that hahaha the blog owner hates beautiful music hahaha

    • Again….last I checked, A’s were GOOD grades, right? Or am I way off? Could’ve sworn A’s were good, huh. I must be all confused on the grading system.

  21. The judges conspired against Hollie. They waited the second song to bash her… It’s pretty clear that they haven’t wanted her turre for a long long time. Unfortunatelly for them, America loves her. Even if she gets voted off tomorrow (because the other 3 are also amazong), she will leave with head up. Luv you Hollie!!!

    •  hollie fans in rage when the girl gets the flak but rejoice when given the praises–fake praises at that!

  22. at this point of the competition, all of them had proven their worths. They are all great singers, so whoever will be going home tomorrow will surely have a great welcome on the music industry. Goodluck to all of them..

  23. Jessica was absolutely fabulous tonight.  She looks amazing…sounds amazing….and has amazing stage presence….I really do think she is older (LOL)…I don’t know who will win but I do know who has fantastic vocals.  WOW!

  24. Jessica just showed the 3 guys how to sing!!! Jessica you just made the whole east coast stopped!

    • Jessica can sing – but she lacks something – don’t know what it is.  It could be that she never sings age appropriate songs.  One thing I’m sure of –  if Simon was a judge she whould have gotten the boot by now. . . he really knew how to put things in its proper prospective.

      • What she lacks is personal charisma.  She has no appeal for the average music or concert ticket purchaser.  She appeals to the older, non music buying, non concert going viewer.  She isn’t cute, not the sort to be emulated by the teens and tweens who loved Miley or love Taylor now.  She isn’t “COOL” .  She’ll do well in Asia, but not here.

    •  Hollie’s voice was perfect on her 2nd song.  Just beautiful.  And the judges chopped her up!  WTH was JLo talking about?  I sometimes think Lopez is on some kinda pharmaceuticals.  The judges do not want Hollie in the finals.  SO VOTE FOR HOLLIE NOW!  The show is “stacking” the finals!

    • Agree with you Ev.  Holllie is so much easier to look at, has amazing vocals, and her styling is so much classier than the rest.  The judges are very biased, Hollie will do well when she leaves, whenever that might be.

    •  they’re just being honest and that is better than giving her fake praises. durrrrrr!!

  25. Honestly, stop bashing Branden just because he didn’t write what you wanted to read. If you hate his reviews so much, then write your own blog. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we all have different tastes in music. Respect, guys.

    •  its not bashing, they’re voicing out their opinions too. as you said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

      • It is bashing when they are taking it out personally on the writer. People can voice out their own opinions without criticizing other people who make theirs.

      • So does commenting. Now you know “tadan”. 

        And in what way was the writing irresponsible? 

  26. one blog out of 30 says that there’s something missing with Jessica’s performance. but still A+. You are a dude so hard to please. :)))

    •  Hahahahaha…maybe he cannot sing that’s why he cant relate to Jess hahahaa

  27. OBVIOUSLY, the writer of this blog is an anti jessica and a pro hollie and phillip.. just saying

    •  we all know that…
      even the start of this competition the writer of this site
      always have a negative comment to jess…

    • i agree..too obvious! but thats ok…keep hating….i still love this blog!

      •  Oh, come on. Just because someone isn’t interested in your style of music doesn’t mean they’re a racist. That statement is ignorant and rude. I’m not a fan of theirs either, but that doesn’t make me a racist. It makes my taste different than yours.

    • Maybe he’s as fed up, as many of us are, with the rude and aggressive behavior of the Pinoy pests who try to denigrate anyone who says they like someone else better.   Jessica will do well in Asia and maybe within the filipino population in the USA, but she will not sell well in North America or Europe because she isn’t an exciting or charismatic person.

  28. sadly and predictably, the way america votes, it’s probably going to be between jessica and joshua in the end…some things never change:-(

    • It’s actually a change from the usual WGWG winning streak for the past 5 seasons.

    • i doubt so. definitely i think will be Philip and Joshua
      All ladies are voting for Philip. He will take the crown.

      •  most probably. very saddening. josh is a great singer so is jessica. but…you know…

    • Did you notice her expression after singing 2nd song.  What a little diva.
      She already acts like her —- doesnt’t stink.  she can go home.  Hollie all the way !!

  29. I’m hoping its P2 and Hollie in the final two.  I get what Branden is saying about Jessica.  Can’t put a finger on it, the gal can certainly sing, but I don’t find myself rooting for her for some reason.  Well, she has plenty of fans, so I’m not sure she’ll be in the bottom two.

  30. And I am Telling You, vocal perfection for Jessica, but no performance value, just stood still, although she had the vocal chops and performance for the Etta James number she did.  Joshua on It’s a Man’s Man’s World, unreal performance!  Agree with the judges, probably one of the best performances ever on Idol.

    • I agree with your statement on Jessica,I really,really like her a lot,but she has NO stage presence,maybe because she’s only 16 years old,she needs more gorowing up to do.Her vocals were superbly amazing with the 2nd song,but she just stood there,she could have at least done some hand movements,especially on the lyrics where she was suppose to be upset.I will still vote for her tonight…

      •  that was the catch…to sing that song effortlessly…heard the comment of JLO? Come on

      • I agree too.  I think her voice is great, and way beyond her years…but her personality is just kind of blah.  I wouldn’t see her in concert…but I’d definitely pay for Phillip or even Joshua….for different reasons obviously.  I would listen to her on the radio if she had a good song…but I don’t think she’s very entertaining at all apart from her voice.  

      •  a singer doesn’t have to move around to interpret a song. a less talented performer though has to move or even do acrobatics to divert  viewers’ attention from the performance. just my thinking

      • It isn’t her age.  Allison Iraheta and Jordin Sparks were her age when they were on Idol.  Jessica is just a great voice with no matching personality.

    • “but no performance value, just stood still,”
      Guys, isn’t stading still the best interpretation of the song?????? you couldn’t imagine her walking around with that song~

  31. I think u people dont know what yall want u all know who won just just vote..

  32. Well of course it will be the guys in the end , because the 14 year old girls will be voting for the boys all night. Typical Idol , nothing ever changes.

  33. They’re all good, but I really do love Phillip.  Whoever wins, I’ll be happy for them, but Phillip always makes me smile.  His voice is great and his personality is awesome.  Hollie is like a little Tinkerbell who can sing like crazy.  Joshua is blessed with a phenomenal voice and Jessica is like a tiny prodigy.  I just don’t think any of them will have to worry about getting singing ‘gigs’ in the future.  Good luck to all!

  34. I felt every bit of emotion in Hollie’s performance of “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. 

    See what I mean about the inconsistent statements by the judges. They praised Josh when his emotions got the best of him but when Hollie is singing all they can say is, “We didn’t feel the emotion. Oh but your emotions got in your way.” 

    So which was it a** holes!? No emotion or too much emotion?

    This pisses me off so bad I can’t stand it!

    No her performance wasn’t powerful but after all Jimmy told her “What ever you do, don’t over sing this song.” It wasn’t supposed to be powerful it’s a low key moving song and she did an awesome job!

    I actually thought she did better on the second song. I prefer the original arrangement of the “Faithfully” but she sang it perfect nevertheless. 

    By the way it’s Steal Away Branden. Not Still Away. At least spell it right if you’re gonna give a believable review! LOL

    • There are just too many male singers who can sing like Joshua, or even a lot better, ever heard of Jermaine Paul and Javier of  The Voice Seasons 1 & 2? Whereas  Jessica’s voice comes just once every soooo many years, as per Randy Jackson.

  35. Jessica has all the talent there is no question who the star is on this show. With Hollie running a close behind. Tonight i sure felt like i was in church with joshua. And Phillip always sound the same, they both bored me . UGH

  36. Joshua honestly should be the winner this season.  Word to the hormonal teenie boppers who vote for Phillip because he’s cute – it’s just the wrong thing to do.
    This is not a “cute guy” contest, it’s about singing talent and entertainment. 

    • the “cute” guy happens to be a true musician and artist, not just a “voice”…do you get it?

      • Guess I dont get it.  Is he a true musician and artist because he can play a guitar and copy other true musicians/artists songs and style while trying very, very hard NOT to sound like them – all the while straining every  face and neck muscle he has to NOT sound like them?

    • This is American Idol. However you put it, this is more of a popularity contest than a singing contest. I’m not rooting for anyone, just stating a sad fact.

    •  Josh has a great voice.  BUT when he starts screaming up and down the scales and putting all that crap at the end with the hollering–well, that turns a lot of people off.  I know I do NOT like it and mute the sound on the TV.

    • i guess you really don’t know the difference, i suppose it’s all in the eye of the beholder…let’s leave at that and you can go back enjoying the las vegas, church choir, and/or nashville music…to each his own, no offence given, or taken!

  37. I still hope it will be an ALL-GIRL FINALE.

    I am either rooting for a Jessica-Joshua, Hollie-Joshua or Hollie-Jessica Finale :)))

  38. I always read this site but I just have to respond to Brandens review. It seems like he’s getting bored doing this review. For hollie he repeated almost exactly what jlo said. And this is the second week in a row he’s said the jessica is runnin out of steam, or her “high from the save” yet she hasn’t been in the bottom so how does he know?? Lol. Definitely can tell he dislikes jessica and joshuas type of singng. (Gospel/R&B). I’m not saying you shouldn’t have bias opinions when writing about these shows, but this one is getting annoying.

    Anyway, hollie sucked tonight in comparison. Judges aren’t being mean to her, she was just the weakest. In her second song, she sounded faint and weak in her head voice. She didn’t sound confident and commited to her notes. It would be sad if anybody but her went home.

    Phillips was great. I’ve never heard his second song, but everything about it was great. And him and joshs duet was wonderful.

    Oh and who set up that arrangement for the girls duet? Horrible. Jessica sounded better, and hollie doesn’t have too much of a lower range. So jessica did a deep alto in the end to contrast hollie, and it blended horribly.

    Josh is great, he is so passionate when he sings. He’s deserved those SOs. Although I don’t want him to win. I feel like he wouldn’t be successful in the mainstream.

    Jessica is just ready. She does need some hamburgers though lol. Jessica would be successful in th rnb world. Lovely.

    • As great a singer Jessica is already at a very young age, she’s going  to be so much better after a few years.  Sky’s the limit… that’s  Jessica’s future in the music industry. 

    •  Dude, go back and listen to Hollie’s second song again.  Sung perfectly.  HOWEVER, I do wish she had picked a power song.  I can agree with Randy on that but as far as the “singing” is concerned-it was great!  All of them had great nights.

  39. Based from Performance – Joshua, Jessica, Phillip
    Based from Popularity – Phillip, Jessica
    Going home is either Hollie or Joshua

  40. ATTENTION HOLLIE FANS: Vote for her like crazy tonight! Your votes count! Please try your hardest to keep her in this competition!! She’s amazing and she definitely doesn’t deserve to be thrown under the bus! PLEASE VOTE FOR HER HOLLIEPOPS!

  41. Yea you are right about the girls always voting for the cute boy , it’s really getting sickening. I do think Jessica out sang Joshua tonight. He is ok but Jessica is a star.

  42. I think Hollie is going home. I agree that Phillip and Joshua should be top 2

  43. Have no idea. All are pretty spectacular. No winners or losers this year.

    Still would like to hear Jessica and Joshua duke it out for the title.

  44. The winner of the show can’t move forward for a contract, so maybe it’s better for the girls to go so they can get started with a great life. If Joshua or Phillip wins they have a very long time that they will be attached to Idol. Idol owns the winner for a long time.

    • A winner is still a winner and it will go down Idol history. Better be referred to as the winner and not just a finalist.

    • NAH !!! Winning the title is why they joined. They already got careers but winning the title would be the fig in the newton. 

    • YUP !!!! She’s going to whoop everybody’s a***s from now till the finale.

  45. jessica is going home.  america is tired of the 16 year old diva.  she didn’t sing that song because it inspires her.  she can’t even fathom the meaning of the song.  she just wanted to compete with joshua on a whacked out blow out contest. 

  46. If we were to pick between the better technical singer or the better connecting singer, I would choose the better technical singer because hitting all kinds of notes is WAY harder than reflecting about your life and others. Jessica is the best technical singer in the competition she can sing almost anything, she just has one teeny flaw(connecting) that isn’t enough of a good reason to bring her down as a great singer and to bring her out of the competition.

  47. There is still time for you to VOTE FOR HOLLIE.  **Look everyone, all the singers had a great night!!  All four of them will have good careers.  So what is with the judges prejudice against Hollie coming out on her 2nd song.  They chopped her up dude.  She did NOT deserve that shabby treatment.

    • what shabby treatment are you talking about?! i think that judges were even mild in their comments. she sounded so awful! honestly! so you want america to vote for her not bec of her talent but bec of PITY?

    •  sympathy votes won’t do her good in the future. she will reap the unfavorable fruits and it will be very difficult for her as she is apparently not ready. she’s a lovely lady though

  48. i think jessica and joshua will battle it out in the final two. joshua can interpret well but jessica’s voice is more beautiful.

  49. Phillip and Hollie should be in the bottom. No way Hollie is equal to Jessica in singing.  Phillip should have gone home last week instead of Skylar.

  50. tel u guys if jessica voted out. this site is useless and viewers of american idol become less.. tel u….

  51. HOLLIE is first in DIAL IDOL. How can it be???? I hope it happens the same as last week with S. Lane. She was first in dial, but got eliminated instead.

  52. some gave bad comments to jessica because they are afraid that jessica has the greatest chance to win the game…..jessica is really good….that’s it…..and everyone deserves to win…..whoever he or she is……wherever she or he came from….AI is just a contest, the real challenge happens after the season ends….

  53. I love the 4 of them. They’re so talented! My rankings:

    First round:
    – Hollie A-  : Beautiful voice
    – Phillip  B+ : Good, a little too mellow for me
    – Joshua A  : Another facet of his talent
    – Jessica B+ : Great voice, a little too old

    Second round:
    – Hollie B- : Bad arrangement, not enough emotion
    – Phillip A+ Excellent song choice
    – Joshua A++ : Mind-blowing, pure musical genius
    – Jessica A : Superb voice, still something is missing for me

    Top 2: Joshua and Jessica, possibly Phillip. Going home: Hollie 🙁

  54. even if jessica did perform really well, reading all the comments from various sites, looks like people are out to save hollie and ensure that philip or joshua gets the AI win … poor jessica 🙁

    • and that’s really sad. because you should be voting based on talent. and for the past few weeks, hollie gets saved because people pity her. i don’t think she stands a chance against the other 3 contestants, talent-wise.

  55. I feel like Hollie obviously connected with her song. She ended it with tears in her eyes? If any other performer on this show gets emotional, the judges are all – “Yo! I feel you! Yo! That was amazing! Yo! Best in the last 60,000,000 years! YO!” Get real.
    I’d like to see Hollie stay, I’ve always been rooting for her though. She’s had my heart/attention since last season.
    Joshua FINALLY impressed me. With his first song, I “got” it. But his second song didn’t move me in the way it moved the judges.
    Phillip is getting boring, in my opinion. I miss his first song, unfortunately, but I wasn’t blown away by his second. He’s done other things this season that have made me more of a fan than tonight.
    Jessica’s good, but she lack’s emotion … and I’m not even a “hater.” She can sing. She’s flawless with her vocal abilities. But she’s not my vote.
    I’m hoping for Hollie and Josh tonight, for the first time ever. I’m aware it won’t go my way, not likely at all, but I’m hopeful.

  56. Disagreeing with Branden on who gets the bottom. Jessica shouldn’t be there. Suspiciously missing in this review was the fact that there were 2 standing ovations tonight and it’s not all Joshua’s.

    Jessica finally got one in there by brute force. A Standing O for ‘And I am Telling You’. Se just showed us her ‘A’ game. Unbeatable.

    I’m getting tired of comments about the ‘disconnectedness’. I’ll tell you what the ‘disconnectedness’ is. It’s Jessica not being your ‘personal choice’. You like somebody else so it disturbs you that somebody else is ‘killing’ your personal idol …. = ‘disconnectedness’.

    Just my opinion … of course.

  57. I have been a Joshua fan from a few weeks into the show…and tonight he did things to James Browns song that i didnt think possible…nailed Josh’s song too…but who suprised me tonight was Jessica…I was not a big fan of her first performance, tough of course she can sing…i have always knwon she had an amazing voice..but she had always lacked feeling for me…her rendition of holidays song was absolutely beautiful…philips Volcano was amazing to me too..he reminds me of john dylan a little…but hollies performaces tonight fell short for me too…and the duet between the girls was a bit ugh painful…and i didnt think i would say this but Joshuas performance in the quartet was lacking for me too..first time i didnt care for his singing…He is still my fav though 😀

  58. oh what a REVIEW… jessica will be at the bottom? oh my….. hope jessica can still go on up to the finale….

  59. Voting for Hollie like crazy… maybe not enough to keep her but I won’t give up!!

  60. OK, the so called judges are USELESS, its the American thing,  don’t upset the IDIOTS, give them a medal for showing up.
    Philips, USELESS
    Joke UR, USELESS if thats singing?
    Sanchez, Give me a break ….. a sixteen year old, thats experience.
    Holly, WINNER 

  61. What were the judges thinking tonight? They are so inconsistent with their input. Again they are trying to manipulate the public. I am not sure why they have been so brutual to Hollie. I thought she did a great job again tonight. GO HOLLIE!!!

    • If you have to think about it, they are judges and they can say what they want to say. You, on the other hand, is a part of the voting public who can determine the winner of the competition. So, who do you think has more power?

    • Absolutely not. Why the hate? Why do you take the time to post something negative? Is Joshua threatening you with his talent and charisma?

      • Hi Alix. It’s just my opinion, dear. All of us have opinions. Sorry.  And to make it clear, he is not threathening me. I just don’t get his way of singing. But I’ll admit he is good, though. All of them are great. 🙂

  62. DialIdol AI Ranking Predictions:
    1. Hollie Cavanagh – 17.338
    2. Phillip Phillips – 16.166
    3.  Jessica Sanchez – 13.411
    4. Joshua Ledet – 12.653

    • Dial Idol is SOOOO WRONG… even though it is conforting to think that Hollie has a chance to be safe tomorrow

    • uh-oh that means Hollie & P2 in the bottom 2 and Joshua & Jessica safe… Because for dialidol its always the other way around…  lol

    • Based on this ranking, tomorrow’s likely result will be:

      Top 2: Joshua & Jessica
      Bottom 2: Phillip & Hollie
      Going Home; Hollie

    • last week hollie is on top but she landed at the bottom 2,,,, cant rely on that dialidol anymore

  63. No Jessica Sanchez , will be the first one who sits to the couches after that nerve-wracking performance .

  64. I vehemently the heck could you score phillip the same as Hollie for the first song..phillip sucked.  Bottom 2 will be the guys!!

    • You really don’t know music, none of them suck (well I hate Joshua screaming, but I won’t say he sucked). You need to get some Valium or Xanax tomorrow because Hollie is going home.

      • ah ha ha….ur comment made me laugh..but in deed very very true..and now that these 4 contestant reached this stage i agree that none of them suck…good luck on each of our favorite…tho i wud lve to win my bet,but who ever win my heart goes to him or her..

  65. The judges made it clear Hollie will probably be voted off.  It’s such a shame they have to influence the votes.  I’m sick of their comments and J lo’s
    goosies! Play fair!!!!!

    • Totally agree, the judges so do not like Hollie.
      I just heard Jessica sing the first song, was not impressed with the song or her styling.  But the judges love her and they do absolutely influence the vote….if not everything else.

      • Why not listen to all performances first before making your comments?  The judges panned Hollie on her second performance, and gave Jessica and Joshua the SO on their second performances.  If you only saw the first part, it’s no wonder why your opinions are so different. Or maybe you just plain like Hollie no matter what.

  66. there’s no manipulating on the judges, they are all right and also they have their own opinion.. this is a singing competition guys.. they just only tell what is good and what’s just ok..  so vote if what u like to go through..

  67. i think joshua and hollie will be on bottom 2.  Jessica did well for her both performance.  the other three had a so-so round one. Hollie’s second song was not that good.  Joshua second song was incredible.  Phillip showed his old self. He’s great.

  68. I think we should all know by now that whoever has the least vote will be sent home. Whether they did good tonight or has been consistent all throughout the run, it’s still the votes that will determine who will remain and who will get booted out. However you hate or bash those contestants that are not to your liking or keep on pimping those whom you desire to win, our own vote alone would not determine the winner of this competition. Our vote will just add up to the number of votes who has the same liking as ours. These are all numbers by now since all of them have delivered to our own set of standards.

    •  Votes, really? Per AI website, “we reserve the right to make adjustments to votes as we determine to be necessary”

  69. this writer never got his predictions right. (a quick shout out to Skylar). the whole of America always disagree with him anyway. very comprehensive coverage of AI episodes are very much appreciated though.

  70. Jessicas performance: if this is poker, it seems like shes going all-in. She gave everything she got including the sink.

  71. Jessica did an awesome job, especially with the 2nd song from Dream Girls.   She really showed America just how good she is! How emotional her singing is.

  72. Jessica is amazing.. Good luck and God Bless her.. she is talented 16 of age..

  73. Personally, I thought that Man’s World was WAY overdone, I didn’t get it.

  74. Hollie should NOT have listened to Jimmy when he said “don’t over sing” on her 2nd song. It made her under sing so the judges could knock her down which JLO and Randy GLADLY did. Jimmy expressed early in the season that the Asian market needs a break out singer. He wants his first Asian AI so his company can sell in the Asian markets. He was hoping HeeJun would be it but after HeeJun bombed, he picked Jessica. It’s a BUSINESS and last yr the top 2 were the “all American country boy and girl”. This year the BUSINESS needs  something different so Joshua or Jessica are the perfect  choices for AI winner and runner up.  Phillip is different too but I feel they do not think he can get the votes to win so they just let him keep repeating his boring renditions week after week. This is the week they want Hollie gone as they are banking on Jessica getting Hollie’s fans votes. I understand that but the way they have treated Hollie has prepared her for the tough music industry because she’s been battered on this show. Joshua, Jessica, and Phillip may get shocked when the REAL music industry does not praise them for breathing like the judges and Jimmy have done on the show.

    • “Joshua, Jessica, and Phillip may get shocked when the REAL music
      industry does not praise them for breathing like the judges and Jimmy
      have done on the show. ”

      Tell that to Richard Marx, Colbie Caillat, Jane Lynch and other past Idol contestants. And by the way, Akon wants Jessica to be booted out so he can sign her immediately.

  75. Either Hollie or Phillips gets booted out but I’m more positive Hollie has a higher risk since Phillip’s fanbase never disappoints him plus the second round placed Hollie in a danger zone because she got shaky and judging w/ the talents left, one poor performance is considered unacceptable. Based on their performances tonight, it feels like Jess and Joshua are just waiting for the other two to be eliminated. They’re so surreal they already called dibs on the final two. haha 

  76. you gave Hollie A- for ‘Faithfully’ and Jessica got the same rating for her performance of ‘Still Away’ ???!!!

    You serious??? The two performances were definitely NOT ON THE SAME LEVEL! Not bashing Hollie (she’s had great performances though) but please, not the biased views. 

    • I agree, I live on the West Coast and just saw the first half.  The difference is I was not at all impressed with Jessica and thought Hollie was amazing.  All a matter of taste…..Branden has an opinion just like the rest of us.

      •  and another difference of opinion..i think they both fell short of their talent in their first choice.  But in the duet…i think Holly did better..though i think it was a mess

  77. Came into american idol as a fan of Skylar.  Never really understood what people saw in Jessica or Joshua.  Joshua lost me after the first couple of performances sounded the same.  However,  he brought me back tonight with his 2nd performance that was just sooooooo AWESOME. I voted for him like crazy tonight like I have never voted before because he blew me away. For the first time tonight I saw something in him that would make me buy his album and I saw him being succesful in mainstream.  I was pleasantly surprised with Jessica but she doesnt have the confidence Joshua has (imo).  I think they will both be successful but my preference is Joshua.  I hope he nails it this week and is the first one sent to the couch. Im liking Hollie more and more each week and think Phillip should just go ahead and sign today.  All of them are super talented but Joshua won it for me tonight.

    • Oh and I saw the Juliet Simms  performance which I think she NAILED. She did  sound awesome. They both did equally the same  on that song and I would buy any one of those songs.  For me Joshua did very comparable and  better than the rest.

  78. why do the judges continue to give joshua a standing ovation? they should’ve just crowned him the winner a month ago. i think it’s ridiculous they give him a standing ovation every week. the other competitors are just as good, but the judges are trying to persuade the fans to vote for him by doing that. i think he’s good, but their actions are stupid.

    •  they are just being human…and going with their feelings…they stood up for jessicas 2nd song tonight too…which I think was her best performance…joshuas singing has made me jump up too, and grab my hubbys hand…it is about the feelings the performance evokes…IMHO it has just been so long since we have had a voice like his with a energy like his…that i can feel even through a tv screen…ok so not everyone feels that way…but the judges jobs are to give their professional and personal opinion…and that is all they are doing

  79. Phillip continues to show he is an artist and the other 3 are just singers. Phillip was brilliant tonight and Volcano really took me by surprise. I can’t wait to download it. Brandon, I disagree that P2 sounds like DM; his style is similar, but the voices sound different. P2 has a raw richness that defies comparison. The guy is the most consistent week after week.
    Jess is my other fav, but tonight she didn’t get to me like she did with “you are so beautiful”. I think she did good, but something I won’t want to download. I still voted for her, but if it comes down to her and P2, presently I’d go P2, but either one could change my mind.
    Hollie, I like too, but she stubbled a bit tonight, but not near as bad as judges played it up as being. Obviously they want to give her packing orders and my guess it will happen
    I HATE JOSHUA and each performance I hate him more. His voice is screaming and I hate it. I hate his attitude and how he acts. The judges make me sick. I have come to really hate Randy now, he ner shuts up…I wished Steven Tyler would just look over and tell him to shut the F up.

    •  hmm but steven even agrees that Joshua is one of the best out there 😀  everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but to go so far as to hate someone you do not even know…wow…maybe some inner soul searching is in order there buddy…we only hate that which we cannot understand or appreciate…or covet for ourselves.

  80. You’re so biased for Philip, Branden. I’m not going to read you from now on.  Satiate your readers with your stupid biases and prejudices for all i care. You should be working as publicist for Philip , not pass yourself off as a legitimate critic. Jessica’s performance was near-perfect, and you know it. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a candidate for a lobotomy.

  81. It’s over the top, Jessica!!! Superb performance. You are in to win the title !!!

    • The greatest singers are those who can sing with just a mic and an
      accompaniment on stage without all the smokes and screens and screaming
      props and struts to cover up their voice or the lack of it.

  82. i mean…yeah…the noise of  the talent that Jessica Sanchez made these few weeks on American Idol will make her  THE WORLD IDOL!..and her talent will not be in isolation in just one country.

  83. I don’t think Jess will be in bottom 2.
    I had to be Josh and Hollie.
    And I agreed with you in one point. Hollie’s probably going home.
    She’s really good i bet. But not good enough for now.
    Let’s see what happen tomorrow.

    P/S: If Jess is out, I’ll stop watching AI this season here.
    They disappointed me one time with Colton’s elimination.

  84. yah.. i mean.. the noise of  the talent that Jessica Sanchez made these few weeks on American Idol will make her THE WORLD IDOL! And her talent will not be in isolation in just one country.

  85. your recap for the bottom 2, i beg to disagree. hmmmm why not joshua and hollie we dont feel the shouting kind of song .

  86. I am an Asian(from the Phils.) but I want Hollie to win instead of the others. She is an amazing singer! Voters! Please vote for her. Just let her reach the top 3 and I’ll be okay. She deserves to stay and let JLo and Randy swallow their words. Vote for Hollie!

    • Voting for Hollie and you being a Filipino doesn’t make sense. Stop this race thing, would you? And should we celebrate because there’s somebody here who’s a Filipino and not voting for Jessica? You’re voting for Hollie because you like her.

    • they need to eat there words. hope them doing her like that gets more people to vote for her……

    • I can also pull that same stunt you just did, may be even better. what are you trying to prove? I’m Filipino and I’m voting for Jessica. Not because we have the same nationality but because she deeply touches my heart every time she sings. N’est ce pas?

  87. yah.. i mean.. the noise of  the talent that Jessica Sanchez made these few weeks on American Idol will make her THE WORLD IDOL! And her talent will not be in isolation in just one country.

  88. If Jessica goes home, it is not for a lack of talent…it is for bad choices…IMO, she wears the wrong clothes for a 16 year old…picks the wrong songs for a 16 year old…either she is getting very bad advice or making very bad choices…

    I wanted to see Hollie and Jessica in the top 3, I dont think I am gonna get what I want

  89. Don’t be so sure about Hollie going home. I think she has quite a large fan base voting for her. There were other shows in which I thought for sure she was going home, but that was not the case. Having said that, this is the most talented season of AI that I have ever seen and I think that they all will have very successful futures ahead of them.

    • hollie is going to get skylars votes. this should put jessica and josh the bottom 2.  sorry judges, no more saves for your favorites. the standing o’s have done more harm then good.

      • and how did you know that skylar fans will vote for hollie?! because they’re roommates?

  90. I agree that even though Jessica can really sing, there is something off. She seems robotic. Well, we will see!

  91. American Idol Top 4

    California Dreamin songs

    Phillip Phillips – Have you ever seen the rain –
    Once again, just a typical Phillip performance. Nothing special at all. It very
    average. (C)

    Hollie Cavanagh – Faithfully – The first two
    thirds of this song, were extremely average and boring to me. She kicked it in
    the last third of the song. It was pretty good. (B)

    Joshua Ledet – You Raise Me Up – This was good.
    Wasn’t his best performance, wasn’t his worst. I liked the ending of it better.
    This show is starting off sleepy for me tonight. But, this was the best
    performance so far tonight. (B+)

    Jessica Sanchez – Steal Away – I thought that
    was really good. Finally something not sleepy! I loved her vocals here. The
    vibrato could have been a little too pronounced in this performance. Other than
    that this was the best performance by a clear mile this round. (A-)


    Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips – This Love –
    This was much better than the duet they had last week. I thought Phillip
    actually sounded good on this song. He has a couple of off moments. But, other
    than that he did really good. Joshua didn’t over sing the song. I liked when he
    hit the higher notes. The chemistry between the two was much better. Overall, I
    just thought this was a really good duet. Phillip (B+) Joshua (A-)

    Jessica Sanchez and Hollie Cavanagh – Eternal
    Flame – Yeah, I didn’t really care for that too much at all. Both of them
    didn’t really sound good. Jessica never did anything really. Hollie had her
    power stride, but for me they both had pitchy moments throughout, and I just
    didn’t care much for it. Jessica (C) Hollie (B-)

    All four – I didn’t realize that they were all
    going to sing together. I thought it was pretty good. Nothing amazing, nothing
    horrible. Everyone had their moments to shine. (B-)


    Songs They Wish They Had Wrote

    Phillip Phillips – Volcano – This was one of his
    best performances. He really connected with the song, and I actually like it! I
    will never LOVE phillip. But, I really did like this pretty well. (B+)

    Hollie Cavanagh – I Can’t Make You Love Me –
    Something about this song, just didn’t work for me. It was alright, I’ve heard
    this song done better. Her vocals were very crisp to me, it could have been
    better. (C+)

    Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World – This
    was a really really really great performance. This is one of my favorite songs
    of all time. I didn’t love the arrangement they did. I’ve heard the song done
    better. Such as when Elise did it. Juliet Simms, and Christina Aguilera. But
    those are all girls. So, it is fair to say that he does my favorite male
    version of the song. (A)

    Jessica Sanchez – And I’m Telling You I’m Not
    Going – This was everything that I expected and more. I thought this was just
    fabulous. I’m not sure why, but nobody in the competition touches me like
    Jessica does. Very similar to Haley last year. I just absolutely loved this.
    Her voice is perfection to me. (A+)

  92. I agree I feel like the judges are very bias and are really pushing for the wrong contestants. Seriously Jlo can you push for Joshua anymore? The judges act like saving Jessica was such the right thing to do when I think America had it right the first time, she seems to be really into herself. In my opinion it is Phillip all the way! Rarely does he get the attention from the judges that he deserves, he is the only one staying true to himself! I also feel when it comes to Hollie the judges are personally trying to vote her off with their comments and put downs, she has an amazing voice! I would be a little nervous to perform every other song they tell her to do something different! Ryan is so predictable when it comes to results look back…if he asks them, “if your here next week what will you do differently?” That means they are not coming back next week…he did it with Colton and Elisa!

    • However the judges like or dislike a performance it’s still upon the voting public who will stay and who will leave. You have more power than the judges.

    • Jessica showed tonight why she is the best singer in the competition and why America should vote for her. I respect you like Phillips, but you can’t say “America had it right” after the performances Jessica gave that night.

      •  I love Jess and vote for her, but..tonight she didn’t make any new fans at all and I was disappointed, but I’ll still support her.

    • I keep reading comments about Jessica being so into herself and so full of herself but no one ever gave their reasons for thinking that way about her.  

  93. Phillip should not win all the way or even be in the finale. But I think hollie has to go. P2 is basically a growler to hide his limited vocal ability, and any of the sesame street character can sing better than him.

    •  I like growlers, Phillip and Jess.
      Joshua is a screamer and I hate screamers.
      Since Jess is a growler and a screamer….she’s just a notch down under Phillip.

  94. Jessica she will be the am. idol season 11 she got the voice. thats all i can say.

  95. All of the singers are talented.  Jessica is undeniably a good singer, but I think she sings like an older person in a younger person’s body – it’s just weird for me.  I can’t imagine all of the young kids voting for her on speed dial for that reason.  I’m just not sure what kind of people she is trying to get to vote for her.  It would seem that she is going for the older segment of the voters rather than kids her own age.

    Phillip is a more artsy type, and I can appreciate him for that.  However, there is a bit of “sameness” about him from week to week.  Obviously, he’s appealing to a certain segment of the audience, because they are voting for him.  Joshua reminds me of Johnny Mathis.  I don’t know if he will win the popular vote, but he’s amazing.  People would have to be blind and deaf not to see and hear how great he is.

    Hollie has the whole package.  She is drop dead gorgeous, sweet as punch, and has a consistent beautiful voice, even if the judges fail to appreciate it.  She must get tired of hearing how great Jessica is from the judges, even though the voters voted Jessica off weeks ago (and even if Jessica would somehow win now, what kind of win would it be?), but she is so modest and sweet.  One week I would like to hear her stand up for herself and say, “Hey judges, open your eyes and clean out your ears!”  It’s likely that Skylar fans will now vote for Hollie since she was Hollie’s best buddy.  So, I am hoping she’ll be around next week (and for the finale).  In my mind, the ideal finale I would like to see would be Hollie and Joshua. 

    I’m leaning toward Hollie because even though the judges have declared her to be unemotional, somehow she’s managed to get into my heart more than any of the others.  Hollie, no matter what happens, remember that there are people out there who are your fans and who have been voting faithfully every week who just love you for you!

    • .To Only the truth– So the bottom line is you’re Hollie’s fan. Why go to all the biased Critique.  Just say you want Hollie to win period minus all the bs reason. I am Jessica’s fan , so I hope she win it all!!

      • While I do want Holly to win, I have a musical background and feel my comments are very fair and on point.  Jessica has a nice voice, but I don’t think it’s fair to bring people back from the grave, so to speak.  She’s already been voted off by the voters.  So, even if she wins, I will consider the second place person the REAL winner.  I will never vote for someone that the people vote off, because it’s just not right.

      • Does your music background at par with that of the judges? I don’t see any from your review. Sorry.

      • If she’s been saved by the judges then blame the rules and the judges and not take it on Jessica. Everything should be even for all of them from then on and she keeps on proving to herself and to the viewers that she deserves the judges’ save.

    • If the judges fail to appreciate her voice, then maybe there’s really nothing there to appreciate to begin with and all’s left will be a drop dead gorgeous and sweet as punch. 🙂

      I just hope you had enough time to vote for Hollie given your long review. 🙂

      • Sergo…there is plenty to appreciate..and he had plenty of time to vote considering the lines have been closed for over an hour & he posted under a half hour ago. Hollie for the win!!  Bye Phillip!

    • ” a bit of “sameness”
      Its call consistency and it’s a good thing and one of the biggest things Hollie is lacking.

  96. Don’t Forget to vote for Jessica Sanchez. By the way She’s not Chinese. She’s Mexican-American-Filipino. 😀 

  97. Wow, I cannot believe how biased the judges are against Hollie and Jimmy gave them a head start.  But they think P2 is amazing….what?

  98. Hollie’s performance of “I Can’t Make You Love Me” was extremely moving. She had the emotion but the vocal did not suffer because of it. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. It wasn’t a big powerful performance like Jess and Josh but it was absolutely outstanding. The judges made it sound like it was the worst thing they ever heard. 

    The judges were all so rude and just plain wrong about that performance. If they can say we voted wrong a few weeks ago I think it’s fair game for us to say they are wrong when they are. 

    They tell Josh that it was okay that he broke and wiped his nose on stage because that was just the emotion that he was feeling at the moment and it’s shows such maturity that he can get caught up in the moment like that and feel the song. Then they tell Hollie that she didn’t show any emotion but yet her emotions affected her vocal. What is that crap? You either show emotion or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways. Is it any more obvious that they are not being honest with their comments. They are ruining the credibility of the show.

    Come on people, even if you pull for someone else you can at least agree that they are giving unfair treatment. Even if they didn’t feel her performance was the best of the night they could at least just say that and not put her down the way they did.

    They could say, that was good but I think …..edged you out tonight. That is what they would say in any other situation. But for some reason with her they are just being down right rude and I don’t get it. Is there something else going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about? Was it the Leno appearance by Randy? What is the deal?

    Can anyone explain that to me?

    • that’s why he always get Screeching/Screaming Ovations from the judges..IMO

  99. i don’t get it.. why branden always give jessica a negative comment even though her performances are great? are you bias with hollie?

    • He gave Hollie a lower grade….weren’t you paying attention? Now that right there is ridiculous.

  100. Are the Judges saying that Joshua is better than James Brown himself? I think not…oh the pimping please…..

    • we gotta first boot out Phil… HE SUCKS… If he suddenly wins it will be 5 seasons in a row a male has won (and at least 4 of them have no talent). Phil will join the one with no talent.
      With this kind of style here are the titles for the next 3 albums
      1- An Acoustic Album
      2- Hey Guys, Another Acoustic!
      3- Surprise! Acoustic Album!
      The other 3 can actually put up an amazing album…

  101. I just heard Joshua sing Its a mans world, was not impressed.  Juliett sang that song on The Voice so much better.  What is it with JLo and Joshua….

      • and what exactly do u mean by child voice? is that being pitchy and flat o lot of times? then thats hollie….just saying 😀

      • And the child voice is whooping the bjeeeezus out of the soso adult singers. Amazing right?

      • really? jess sucks in comparison to hollie? hahahahahaha! ur funny, oh yeah ur name is “hehe”……….

    • Not sure I can agree. In the duet, Hollie shined over Jessica. Jessica is good, but the duets show she doesn’t heve the refined quality a true singer needs. Since we are to judge on the present, Hollie, currently, is a step above Jessica….

      • a step above jessica? really? oh okay, then why all this fuss on Jessica…why so many artists, grammy winners are praising her, rooting for her? wow so u mean these artist/grammy winners dont know what real talent is coz they’ve been rooting for the wrong girl? wow, amazing! jennifer holiday, hudson, beyonce, adam lambert, colbie calliat, richard marx, jessy mccartney, kris allen, pia toscano, melinda doolittle, akon, haley reinhart, latoya jackson, stefano….and so much more…..these guys are all so stupid and deaf, tsk tsk…why dont they root for hollie instead……(SARCASM OVERLOAD)

      • Yup …Hollie is going out ahead of Jessica. Couldn’t agree more :-))) 

    • Two different styles, but I think I’ll take the more mature singer. The bubble gummers may vote Jessica thru, but Hollie is still quality

      • mature ????? what mature person allows herself to be dragged on the floor by the feet while giggling like a maniac? c’mon ….

      • Hollie may be the older one, but when it comes to maturity as a singer, Jessica leaves Hollie behind.

  102. Please vote for Hollie Cavanagh…
    She is a potential singer….

    I love Hollie….

    Go Hollie

  103. James, she may not be the ebst but she will become one of the best. Don’t simply say that kind of word even you yourself doesn’t have even a 1/8 of her voice so better keep your mouth shut. I know most of you can’t accept the truth because she is Asian definitely from Philippines one of the big reason you discrimated her but the 3 judges especially Jennifer Lopez have seen the capabilities of Jessica so don’t tell me that you are better than Jennifer Lopez or you are better than the lead vocals of Aerosmith? Common boy, you better go out and eat some dried snow falls around you,,,huhuhu!

    • Cmon Joker. What’s this thing about Jessica NOT being the best. James is just playing with you. 

  104. THE favoritism towards Joshua IS NOT Fair to the other contestants !!!!!! IT’S Obvious the judges wanted to have Joshua win, they have been biased from the beginning ! The show is a joke now. Many talented singers other than Joshua . GO HOLLY!

    • Really!!! Were you saying that when they were on the Jessica pimp train?!?! Joshua IS phenomenal & I do agree that Hollie is just as awesome!!!

  105. I can’t beleive all the Jesica stuf.  Ok she is just ok.  Remember she is but 16 and would NOT be able to stand the pressure of an Idol winner

    • how would you know that?  just because she’s 16 she wont be able to stand the pressure? are u kidding me? hahaha

    • She’s in the top 4 and soon to be in the top 3. What’s that about not being able to stand the pressure? The ones who couldn’t hack it are long gone. But Jessica’s still there. 

  106. Jessica and Joshua are similar, they scream and I cannot always understand what they are saying/singing.  Don’t know who styles Jessica but she needs a new stylist.  She is so young and they certainly do her no favors.

    Imagine that, a standing o for Joshua and Jessica….wow, could they be any more obvious.  And Jennifer says wow, we don’t know who is going to win, yeah, right. 
    Could they pimp those two any more then they have.

    • You couldn’t stand it because it is not to your liking. Would you react the same if the SO been given to PP or Hollie? I think not.

    • u pretend not to understand, well, if u dont, u have a problem in your ears 😀

  107. Please what is wrong with these judges… How come when they judge the contestant …they still mention Joshua’s name… Best performance Instead of talking about the contestant in front of them and only about them. Not to compare with another contestant. It seems unfair to that contestant in front of them. Just saying.

  108. The judges are obviously not hearing what we are. What do they have against Hollie? Her voice is incredible. She has a better voice and range than Jessica. Phillip needs to go then Jessica. Joshua should win and Hollie is second.

    • You’re listening just by watching it on TV. They, on the other hand, are watching it live on stage within a spit distance. Who among you has the better judgment then? Vote for Hollie if you wish her to stay.

    • I TOTALLY agree w/ you but like you said WE obviously aren’t hearing what P2 fans are hearing!!! Ditto to the observation about Hollie & Jessica’s voices; Joshua did the DANG thing tonight w/ James Brown!

    • I don’t think Hollie has a better voice and range than Jessica. It’s totally the opposite for me. But it’s your opinion and I respect it.

  109. Randy reminds me of Java the hut. J-Ho….enough said. Steven Tyler must be smoking something…he never has a valid remark.

  110. philip is not that talented compared to josh, hollie and jess, but I hv a feeling he is going to be the winner this year. 

    • if you keep on voting for her until she does. others are also voting for their bet.

      whoever has the fastest fingers and available technology will surely have their bet catapult to the top. 🙂

  111. Holly looks like an alien, seriously when her hair is pulled back and the shape of her head, she looks like a Klingon.  I think she will win because the public hates the judges this season and want to show them who’s boss.   Way to go voters, show those judges who’s boss – vote for the British/Klingon idol. 

    • It’s because her hair color is very close to her skin color. I thought I was the only one who noticed that :-)))

  112. I’m going to go ahead and say its safe to say that Joshua Ledet is 100% safe.. Mary J. Blige tweeted that she voted for thin & then sent out his # and told ppl to vote, and she has over 2 million followers.. then Gabrielle Union retweeted it and she has 500,00 followers. soo..

    • I LIKE Joshua. I want him to duke it out with Jessica in the finals. But Dial Idol . com placed him at the bottom of the pile. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

      • I don’t follow dial idol or really understand it.. but from what I have been hearing every single week is that it is completely off. I don’t the show would let Joshua go home after that haha

    • I like Joshua too.  But Mary J tweeting her fans to vote for him is no guarantee that they will.

    • It isn’t a problem.  Everyone else sees it in it’s proper place.  You need to exit and re-enter or hit refresh[depending on your device] and it will go chronological.

  113. Josh won the night HANDS DOWN! Im sorry, Jessica is a great singer, but I personally thought Josh’s were way better tonight, and I’m sure most of America would agree Joshua performed his songs better

      • seriously grow up.  You are either tone deaf or just jealous. Its not screaming. he is amazing! So stop hating, unless you can do better.

    • You’re sure? How can you be sure? You read people’s minds even without seeing them? Get off your rocker and get real.

  114. I am an Asian, but i’m not very in love to Jessica. Would you all people right here accuse me as a racist? It’s ridiculous when everyone who said that Jessica is not their favorite being accussed as a racist. People who said bad thing about Jessica non-fans shud learn something from Phillip Phillips. See what he wrote on his pic for Idol, just ‘Vote Whoever You Like’! That’s it!

    You all, Jessica Fans, have to stop spread racism issue rite here. This is not true, very-very-very stupid. Your attitude even worse than the Branden’s mark for Jessica… you all, Jessica fans, C-! I don’t hate Jessica fans, I just can’t understand on how you all defending your opinion and then give the other attacking word an making it as a racism issue. Stop it, people, as PPhillips said ‘Vote Whoever You Like’ !

    • You’re asking to stop racism by first stating that you’re an Asian but you’re not rooting for Jessica who has Asian blood? Isn’t that a racist comment? You’re not voting for Jessica because you don’t like her and not because you’re Asian and you feel you’re obliged to like and vote for her. If you want the racism issue to stop you should haven’t posted this kind of comment.

      •  I declared my status as an Asian  because so many people rite here accuse for everyone who don’t vote for Jessica (Not DISLIKING) as a racism. See what people wrote rite here then you can see my goal right here.

        I don’t like Jessica? I don’t even know her! LOL! i don’t vote her just because  i heard so many women singer  similar like her (someone here said like Beyonce etc). This is singing competition and we all so lucky to have so various singer on top 4. I love Jessica voice but she is not my favourite, done!

        For all people who not vote for Jessica, they are not racist, it just about flavour. Respect it!

      • Respect. You should have done that first in your original post before coming up with a racist comment.

    • This might be the very first post on racism today. I hoped I wouldn’t see on today… shucks.

      •  I think you shud change your comment setting to oldest first and you will see how many people wrote that Branden is a racist 🙂

      •  You can’t read? Read the previous comment, i am not the first. I just made the defending comment for all of them who not choose Jessica as their favourite then people blame them as a racist!

    • No one was talking about racism until you brought it up.  so what if you are Asian? You can like who you like, but there’s no need to stir things up especially when it’s off topic.

      •  Me first???? Don’t you see what happenned on this forum since Brendan say Jessica is not his favorite???? Or you just want to make as biased stataement here?? See the previous comment or if you don’t know how to see it, turn your comment setting to ‘Oldest First”..See that i am not the first!!!!!!!

  115. This week is a hard one but of the 4 keeping the entire season in mind Hollie probably will be the one to go.  They are all really good this season.  Usually there is one that you feel might not should be there but is popular.  This year they all could be the one.  I predict showdown between “the boys”.  Phillip is my favorite but I would not change channels if Joshua won. However  gooooo Phillip

    • yes she is…but not tom, this week, top 3 will go back to their hometown, hehehe

  116. Phils second song A+ first B+
    -tonight he proved the type of artist he is, and I really liked it.

    Hollies second A first A
    -maybe not the best vocally but I love her rawness.

    Joshua’s second A first C
    -to me this was a very rare deserving standing o, his first song though was bad. Normally that song has some power in it, his version was too gospely.

    Jessica’s second C+ first ?
    -Jessica is usually consistent, but tonight she was very flat. She sang well and put alot into it, but throughout the whole thing it was just the same… and that ending grunt thingy… heh. Sadly, I didn’t catch her first performance.

    Overall, Phil one the night with that se one song… definitely wont be the most popular, but I am not a radio mainstream crap fan anyway.

    Second goes to Hollie, again just love the voice and the way she sings.

    Third I’d a tie with Jessica and Joshua

    • I think you’re watching another programme. C+ for Jessica’s second song? Are you sure you recognize all the contestants? Maybe you confused her with Hollie! LOL.

      • Just my opinion.

        As I said she usually does well, but tonight I thought her second was very flat. I still see her in the finale but at this point I don’t think it really matters. I do think vocally her and Josh are the best… technically but with some help I think Hollie and Phil could easily be with them.

        Just vote for your favorite!

    • You really did not miss much with Jessica.  You basically got these all right in my opinion…notice everyone, I said my opinion.  That is what this venue is all about, giving our opinions.  Not bashing each other.  Have a great evening everyone.

  117. Jennifer Holliday jest tweeted that Jessica was her ‘little soul angel’ and that she ‘killed it’. So how long is that list now?

  118. I think after tonight’s performance Joshua Ledet has won American Idol already.

    •  If you mean the show is promoting him and trying every way possible to hand him the win, then I agree. Personally I hate his screaming, his personality, and his sissy act.

      • James, I do understand this blog is simply OUR opinions but do you really have to resort to such comments??? No matter what ANY of the contestants preferences are, they are being judged on their SINGING & performance capabilities so PLEASE keep that in mind!!!

  119. Hollie Cavanagh1-4–Jessica Sanchez1-4–Phillip Phillips1-4–Joshua Ledet1-4–

  120. this is a talent show guys, regardless of what AGE you are, what RACE you are etc and this is not a Fashion show stop complaining how they dress.. keep it real this is a singing competition.. BTW best Top 4 ever.. good luck to them.. 🙂

  121. It will be another SHOCKING ELIMINATION tomorrow as PHILLIP (who’s never been in bottom 3) will be sent home. HOLLIE will luckily survive one more elimination week…WGWG  is finally going home. Don’t cry Branden.

    •  Shocking Elimination tomorrow is Joshua Ledet, and it is a slap in the face of judges

    Exciting everytime: JOSH
    What else do they want from her:  Hollie (i hope she doesnt go homemm,GET RID OF JESSICA!!!  YAWN…  SHE’S SO BORING, AND FULL OF HERSELF)

  123. the best thing to do is to keep supporting/voting your bet and just wait for tomorrow’s elimination! and please, lessen arguing! i think, those things are the best things to do while waiting for the elimination :]]

  124. Exciting everytime: JOSH
    What else do they want from her: Hollie (i hope she doesnt go homemm,GET RID OF JESSICA!!! YAWN… SHE’S SO BORING, AND FULL OF HERSELF)

  125. Dial Idol . com had Jessica at the bottom initially … and NOW she is at the top. The fans sounded the alarm and everyone responded. That is one powerfully responsive fan base !!!!

    The Jessica machine has become formidable.

  126. Well, the judges are at it again. They should sing as well as Holly! They have a nerve. Holly sang both songs, brilliantly and they started bashing her again. The other 3 have been screaming and yelling their  way through the competition. The more they make these painful noises, the more the judges like their  performances. Tonight American Idol made sure that Holly would go home by jamming up the phone lines. I had a constant busy signal from beginning till the phone lines were shut off. I don’t think that is very fair. I called the phone company repair service and they told me that the lines were all jammed up. My husband actually was able to get through more than I, on my cell phone. I feel terrible that I was prevented from voting most of the two hours and that Holly probably will go home because of this. If everyone had the same problem, then she probably didn’t receive too many votes. I believe that Holly is a better singer then Philip and she deserves to stay around for at least another week. I don’t know what is so wonderful about Philip, he really can’t sing.  The tweens must be really voting for his cute face. Please vote for real talent. Does anyone remember Taylor Hicks? Do we need another person like him to win this year? Good luck to all. May the most talented win it all! 

    • I am on the West Coast and have voted for Hollie for over half an hour….lines busy off and on.  You are right about the judges though, so blatantly obvious.  Hollie is talented, adorable and has class….she will do very well.

    • R u one of those brainless bubble gummers who have nothing better to do than vote.

    • you must not have much faith in jessica if you feel the need to vote that many times or you know no one else will vote for her

  127. I hope it”s Jessica!! ughhhh…she should have NEVER been saved!!!! what a wasted save!!!!

    • why still people are bitter…the save was used, get over with it…enjoy the show, if not then don’t watch…duh

    • Get over it already. It’s bad for your health. And a Save is wasted only if the person to whom it was given gets  voted off again the following week, thus confirming the original result.

  128. phillip will win, with hollie in the second place, joshua or jesica will be going home tomorrow..
    as ussual….

  129. I do not have a favorite performer. So I think I am capable of given honest evaluations. Here is my evaluation of each performer on this given week and what I think their chances are on making it to the finale in two weeks:

    Hollie: I love Hollie. When she is on fire, like she has been the past few weeks she is one of the best. But, with here small fan base, she absolutely needed TWO knock out performances tonight. Her first one was such a performance. Unfortunately, her second performance was just as weak as the judges made it out be. As much as I love her, she should be the one to go home tomorrow.

    Phillip: Even though I am a fan of blues style music, I am not the world biggest Phillip fan. But, tonight he was as good or better than anytime I have seen him this entire season. That second song was a recordable hit, just the way it was. I would buy his album if it sounded like that. But, as good a night as Phillip was tonight … He was MILES behind the next two. But, with his strong fan base, you never know.

    Joshua: Those that claim all Joshua can do is scream and are STILL saying that after the past two weeks are either completely freaking tone deaf or jealous that he is simply out singing their favorites by a freaking mile. I think it is the latter. His first song was just OK for me. His second song got the usual standing OH’s from the judges. And just like last week, he so freaking deserved those standing OH‘s. That was sung and performed with such clarity and passion, that I personally think it was one of the better American Idol performances … EVER. And I think that is what I said about him last week as well.

    Jessica: Last week someone said Jessica is a “one trick pony” … Even though she has been singing a lot of up tempo rock songs. And tonight Jessica attempts a bluesy number by Etta James and then on her second song has another powerful, I mean POWERFUL “Oh my God” kind of performance. It was not that long ago that I used to think Jessica was just a good voice without the ability to make me connect with her performance. I so, do NOT think that any more. This girl is a freaking powerhouse. And no, I am not Filipino or even a die hard Jessica fan … Until recently.

    Hollie and Phillip are BOTH good, sometimes great performers. But for the past few weeks neither of them are within a mile of Jessica or Joshua’s shadow in terms of vocal quality, vocal performance or given me a emotional connection that those two do. I would be very disappointed if these two are not the ones in the finale.

    • Yes I know I wrotethe word given, instead of giving (like I meant). But, that aside … I think I gave honest evaluation of everyone with all ther hate and drama that some on this webite need to do.

    • At the beginning you said you didn’t have a favorite performer and then at the end you say you have recently become a JSan fan. Which is it?

      I respect your opinions but they are just that, opinions. I would like to differ on your opinion of Hollie’s second performance. I think it was amazing and emotional and spot on perfect. 

      Just because you sing with more power doesn’t make your performance better IMO. You can have a great performance just singing soft and low and beautifully which is what Hollie did. It was note perfect and I felt every bit of passion in every note. 

      The very beginning of the first song was lacking that punch I am used to in the original arrangement but she brought it up and took it home. 

      Josh and Jess had two good performances as well but there were missed notes and pitch problems in both. Josh totally missed the mark on that little squeal he did toward the end. It came out very ugly and sour but that did not spoil the whole performance.

      • In my viewpoint both of Hollies songs started out a bit too slow. To the point were she was starting to bore me to tears at first. But, her first song she was able to show off that powerful voice she has. The second song was such that it did not give her the opportunety to show that clear, powerful voice she has. Which translates into … Bad song choice.  Joshua used to oversing a lot of his songs in the past. But, I stand by my statement that people who think Joshua is STILL screaming songs at this point, must be saying that for no other reason then they are jealous that he is very much outsinging their favorite performers at this point. Or they are the type that consider the ability to sing a high note and hold it perfectly, as Joshua does … as screaming.

        And yes, Both Jessica and Joshua have been my “favorite performers” for the past two weeks. That does not mean they will be next week.  

      • It wasn’t a bad song choice in my opinion. It was powerful and moving from beginning to end. 

        The fact still remains that the judges accused her of not having enough emotion and having too much at the same time. That is impossible. 

        I guess you just like big ole songs and big ole voices. Some of us like the softer more melodious and touching stuff as well. 

        It all boils down to a matter of opinion at the end of the day.

      • Hollie is simply not in the other three’s league. She’s good, but one singer is better than her and the other two are simply, unarguably gifted. 

        It would be a kindness to send Hollie home now. 

        Nobody should be getting any more dissing from the judges at this stage in the competition. It would be embarassing and to a certain extent, cruel. Having Hollie stay on would bring more of that.

        Just saying ….

    • This is as fair an assessment that can be made. When the bell of truth rings, it does so resoundingly … and it resonates to the very core of everyone who hears. 

      • Truth is in the eye of the beholder. There can be no bell of truth in an atmosphere full of dissension for all will not hear the resonance of the toll. 

        The assertions here are arguable and with that being the truth then the truth cannot be contained within the context of debatable rhetoric.

    • Let’s face it.  This is television, not radio.  People have eyes as well as ears.  When it comes to looks, Hollie wins hands down.  She not only looks like a star but she has a voice to match.  She is the whole package, folks.   I will refrain from making negative comments about the looks of the various contestants this season.  Instead I will just give Hollie the praise she is due.  Jessica is a great singer, as well.  I’d hire her to sing at a wedding in church or something like that.  However, if I want to to watch someone perform, it will be Hollie all the way.  Her eyes just sparkle when she performs.  She is just the perfect weight.  On top of this, she is modest.  She doesn’t act like the world owes her something.

  130. Hollie is cute and beautiful. But she´s definetely the worst singer among the contestants. I’m just telling the truth. I hope she does well tough.

  131. I honestly don’t get either what brandens saying about what’s missing with Jessica’s performance. Her second song was spot on in terms of emotions and vocals… What do they want her to do? Cry while Singing ?

  132.  Its Phillip whose sound is the best for me. Like Stephen said, he could put on ear-phones and listen to Phillip sing a song like ‘volcano’ over and over. I liked both of Phillip’s songs.   For sure, Joshua, Jessica and Holly have powerful vocals! No denying! But its really  all about,  personal taste in music, and for me, Phillip’s cds are the ones I’d buy.

    • Well said, it is all a matter of taste.  I personally think they are all talented but whose cds would I purchase…Hollies. 

    • I totally agree with all you said and I will buy Phillips CD.  I can just imagine Phillip singing “It’s Been A Long Time Coming” with Crosby, Stills and Nash at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO, the greatest music venue in the whole wide world.

  133. HAHA …. it’s Game OVER !!!!

    “If the audience sees and the judges see what I saw, it could be game over,” record producer and mentor Jimmy Iovine said during rehearsals (on Jessica). 

    We all saw it now … didn’t we guys !!!!

  134. Hollie got a fantastic vocal comment from this writer. Really??? She can’t even control her voice and switching keys… This review is not reliable. 

    • I guess we all hear things differently, I think Hollie was amazing  this evening.  Would be a very boring world if we all liked the same music, etc.

    • Maybe after the 2 or 3 years she will mature enough to win Idol, not by getting just teen votes. Teen will spend 2 hours voting , but that still won’ t maker her the best singer. Just the o e with the most votes. Oh, and with JLo bowing her praise to Joshua, Jessica may still not get enough teen bubble bummer votes

      • I saw a tweet where a teen from the Philipine’s said they are voting for Jessica via Skype

  135. Interesting opinions on the contestants. I would not rate any of the remaining contestants as highly as this article reads. I will say that we can only imagine what we may have seen from Colton and the others at this point in the competition. Since departing from the show it seems to have lowered the bar, as if maybe some of them were looking over their shoulder and pushed themselves harder to keep up with the unpredictable and at times very impressive performances. I am sure some viewers may not totally agree, but I do think most would agree that the remaining majority of contestants have had predictable type performances with few, if any exceptions at all.  

    Regarding the terms “Live” and the “editing” of it. “Live” in this venue has come to mean “performed Live and recorded doing so”. I think most people realize it is filmed at the time with many cameras (I think AI uses about 18) and much editing takes place. It is that editing process that becomes the finished product. The viewers see only that finished product and it is what the show wants you to see, (that is typical for practically all shows) nothing is released from the makers of American Idol for the network to broadcast by Mistake.

    However, most of the rest of us do make a mistake once in a while, this suggestion is respectfully offered to “Branden”. I would suggest if your going to do reviews for American Idol you may wish to run your text through a spell checker or have someone proof read it for you because too many errors can become a distraction and, or a reflection on the author.  Most of the contestants have spent years of hard work, practice and honing of their talent and skill. For some its down to each and every timed breath, carefully starting and finishing every note they sing in a struggle to gain some credibility among us and for us all to witness those moments. In my humble opinion (as a former successful musician) and in all fairness to all of the contestants, if one is going to review and critic them, then one should also put some effort in to the form or medium used to do so if the intent of the author or their opinion is to gain any credibility among us as well.

    • Are you saying that the show is not live. They say they go live at 5pm on the west coast. We watch at 8pm on the east coast. I imagine some editing could be done before the show is aired on the West Coast. 

      Are you telling us that it is not really live? If so do you have evidence of that?

      And if you are a former successful musician then name yourself. It would add to the credibility of your statement.

  136. This is the first Idol season I can honestly say TGIAO–Thank God It’s Almost Over. Did anyone else hear Randy say Joshua, Philip, and Jessica near the end like that was already the final three? He didn’t even mention Hollie. It’s like the decision is already made. Why are we voting? 
             The best thing a singer with a powerful voice can learn to do is control the volume. After all these weeks, the only one who does not oversing is Philip, and I’m not sure he has the power to do that even if he wanted to. I think he is understating how he feels, or maybe he’s just tired of the question.
              Did anyone notice after his first song how Joshua seemed surprised that he did not get a standing O? Guess he thinks it’s automatic, but after his second song it was again.
               I would like to see Hollie get to the top three just to spite the judges. They criticized her unmercifully all season. When someone votes against the judges instead of for the contestant, the show has lost all credibility. 

    • I think the show lost all credibility when Jlo ran up on stage to save Jessica.  Come on, like that wasn’t planned.  Why did America vote then just to get shot down.  I do believe the results were determined weeks ago and not by America.

    •  Randy did the same thing on Jay Leno. I vote for Hollie because she CAN sing. I WOULD buy her records and because Randy and JLO are too harsh on her.

    • I remember Jasmine Trias with Hollie~
      Like Simon would want her out already so many times but in his surprise Jasmine get into the top 3~ HAHA.
      So harsh of Simon, and now Randy~ tsktsk.

  137. OMG…..Joshua did the DANG thing w/ that James Brown song!!! Now you Josh haters chew on that.

  138. Can’t wait to see Josh at Burton Coliseum this wknd!!! We are sooo very proud of you, Joshua!!! : -)


    “This is one of the hardest songs to sing. You got up there and slayed it.”

    “With a performance like that there is nothing to say. That was amazing.”

    “Another winning performance. Just over the top.”


    • I think the comment was that “This is the hardest song in the world to sing”. I could be wrong. But how many times has Randy said that? And how many times do we have to hear that he was a bass guitarist for Journey? The key word there is “was”. LOL They must have found a better one. I really have no use for Randy Jackson or anything he spouts out of his pie hole! 

      Did I make it clear that I don’t like Randy Jackson at all!

      • What ever you want to believe. There must be a lot of hard ones then because he sure says it a lot. Especially when he’s trying to pimp a certain contestant.

      • IMO, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” is one of the hardest to sing
        in live competition.

      • Uhhh, let’s calculate from season 1 to season 10…and then add season 11. I’m sure we’ll get to the answer Hahaha. I don’t usually listen to Randy anymore. Just a waste of my time.

  140. okay.. i wanna see jessica and joshua in the final… this week performance proofed who deserved  top2 places.. 

  141. I believe Joshua and Jessica are both AMAZING contestants in the competition. I am praying to see them showcasing their talents on the finale. In my opinion, I think that is what most of the people wanted to see this season of AI. 🙂

  142. What I love every week is that you give straight talk; Jessica is not the best.  I agree completely.  She is missing something and, not for nothing, but she’s annoying!!  If I hear her say that (at 16 mind you) she’s been working for this her whole life once more, I may drive to the theater and shake her parents.  It’s just ridiculous.  And, to the commenter who noted that Hollie can sing better than JLO I ask you, who can’t?  

  143. I will miss Phillip Phillips. :(( 

    I am gonna miss his deformed face when he sing.

  144. The songs “And I’m telling you” and “I can’t make you love me” are still trending on twitter almost after 2 hrs post show…quite neck and neck competition lol

  145. deep of my heart, i hope jessica voted off because TO ME  her performances was always  boring….but i know that is impossible…so I think I want joshua going home this week..

    • seriously fangurl, diane farr, sailor moon , sadie……well, this is what jessica’s fans do ..keep  bashing and make as a joke to the other contestants…..when people bashing jessica, u all mad, but when people support hollie, phillips, u just laughing and bashing  hollie n phillips…what happened to this world….

      • How do you even know she’s a Jessica fan? Wow…. Are you Nostradamus Jr.? 
        I remember you talking about issues about your hometown. LOL Did you find any answers to your problem?  

      • How do you even know she’s a hollie’s fan? Wow…. Are you Nostradamus Jr.? 
        I remember you talking about issues about your hometown. LOL Did you find any answers to your problem?  babii….

  146. P2 is a real artist but that doesn’t mean he’s the best singer. When it comes to vocal calisthenics, Joshua and Jessica are more prominent. Hollie knows how to sing but sounds very amateur.

    • Being an Artist is much more demanding than just being a lounge singer like Jess; probably why she dresses like she’s a lounge singer. Phillip is creative and can give us new music that doesn’t exist. Jess…is just a Karaoke Queen, nothing original from her or the other 3 either. Phillip is great and should get the win based on his broad abilities.

      Go Amish Pride!!

      • what do u mean this is the best thing that i can do..this is serious thing… not suprise if jessica act like miley cyrus sing party in the usa at teen choice awrd , after she won american idol

      •  Team CD (NOW P2)I do wish Jessica would sing that song, miley cyrus sing party in the usa
        If she did…she would pick up a ton of new fans…the teen/tween girls who she currently doesn’t have as fans because they can’t relate to her.

    •  Yep, I that showed up on the Camel Toe Report website. Jess just keep resorting to sex to try to sell herself instead of relying on her talent. Maybe it is just a Philipean thing to dress so slutty. Everything is so tight on her…maybe she would sing better if stuff not so tight.

      • Lessons on how to avoid flashing your cameltoe in public

        camel toe manually by hooking your thumb into the zipper area or base
        of the crotch. Apply pressure against the thumb and index finger and
        gently pull down the inseam. Adjust the legs of your pants or undies to
        create more wiggle room.

        the easy-to-remove camel toe created by a short pair of shorts by
        turning away from the crowd and pulling the fabric from your crotch
        area. Keep in mind, short shorts are hot, but not if you have to keep
        pulling fabric out of your most personal crevices.

        yourself from the crowd and head for the bathroom if you’ve got to
        remove a camel toe lodged into a pair of heavy denim jeans. Pull down
        your pants and readjust the waistline to sit lower on your hips to
        remove said toe.

        by a department store and pick up a pair of underwear. Just because Jess leaves her drawers behind doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.
        Prevent camel toes from returning by wearing a flattering pair of
        panties. Remember, high inseam pants plus exposed private parts may be a
        formula for a nasty infection or irritation.

        a sweatshirt or sweater around your waist and let the arms fall around
        the front of your hips. Remember, some camel toes will continue to
        appear if you’re not wearing underwear or you’re wearing pants with a
        high inseam. If you can’t handle the toe, cover it up and toss those
        pants as soon as you get home.

        yourself with friends who are honest enough to tell you when you’re
        sporting a camel toe. These are often the same confidantes who will tell
        you when something is hanging out of your nose.

        grab your crotch in public. If you’re going to dig out that camel toe,
        go to the bathroom, hide behind a bush or walk around to the back of the
        building. Some people might mistake your camel toe removal efforts for
        an obscene gesture.

      • this is serious thing okayy…im not making a joke or anything..serious

  147. Tonight for the first time ever, when I voted for Phillip by phone, I kept getting blocked…like 15 times up to an hour after voting started.

  148. I was totally impressed with Phillip tonight. It honestly looked like he was feeling better. He just seemed to have a little more spark in him. That was  nice to see because people who have fun when they are singing spread a good disease. “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” is one of my favorite CCR songs and this time P2 re-arranged it just enough to make it his while keeping the melody that makes that song so iconic and easy to sing along to. Loved the horns! The second  performance was undoubtedly enjoyable; the song choice stellar. I thought Phillip sang better all around, showed us a little more of what he can do, IF he wants to. 

    Hollie’s first performance was surprisingly good. It was brave of her to take on Steve Perry and I thought she carried it off nicely. Loved the outfit, especially the red shirt with the necklace. For the second song, I thought the judges may have been a little unfair. The vocal was admirable if not perfect, and Hollie followed Jimmy’s advice about not over-singing. Unfortunately they were right about one thing: most 18-year-olds simply don’t have the experience to pull off songs by a mature woman like Bonnie Raitt. Why wouldn’t someone have tried to steer her toward something more age-appropriate? One of her best performances was when she sang “The Climb,” which was written for a girl her age.

    There is no denying Joshua has talent. This man was born to sing. I can tell because he’s one of those people that don’t seem to have a lot of personality off-stage, but when he sings, magic happens. “Screaming” the way he does has got to be one of the hardest things a singer can do. It is easy to scream, but to do it without losing complete control of yourself is another thing entirely. You also have to get emotionally wound up in order to do it, which Joshua does, every time. He gives his all and lets the music take control. The second performance gave me “goosies.” If Joshua wins, they will have to play their cards right when he cuts a record. Obviously a gospel record wouldn’t sell, but a vintage throwback James Brown type record might. 

    Jessica’s vocals are usually spot-on, but tonight I thought she was off. First song was quite good and I liked it, but the second song was just not for me. The vocal acrobatics got to be too much for my ears to decipher, making it sound like a grab bag of assorted tricks without much in between. She sounded angry, bitchy, and as diva-ish as they come, which is a huge turn off. I do not see JS that way, because when being interviewed she seems sweet, so I don’t know why she has to be like that when on stage. It’s possible she is trying to show emotion, and going about it the wrong way. She seems to be concentrating too much and losing the audience. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jessica’s a star, but one that needs to be groomed a little more. I hope she tones it down next week, she can be amazing.

    I’m afraid to say who I think’ll go home. Could be anyone.

    • pls. check Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” and you will understand why Jessica sang it that way. Jessica is not 16 yrs old while singing and returns being a normal 16 yrs old afterwards. This has been the observation of the judges and many people from the very start. 

      • I loved Jennifer’s performance. And I do agree Jessica’s vocal development is far beyond her years. I just find there’s something missing, and with this song, it was no different. I can’t help how I feel. Nonetheless, Jessica will probably win this competition and I wish her the best. I’m sure maturity will bring the missing element eventually.

    • Well I respect that you admit Joshua is as screamer. Some screamers are good and I like them. Joshua’s scream is a very annoying scream like nails on a chalk board. I can’t image what he could record that would sell.

      • This year on AI has been weird, hasn’t it, James? All my favorites are gone now. Of the remaining contestants, the only one whose record I might buy is Phillip, if it turns out he can write a good song. Maybe I should stop watching this show, since I don’t like popular music anyway, lol.

    • Do you know what’s the message of the song “And I am telling you”? Well everyone is entitled for their opinions and reviews but please study it very hard before you post it.  Once you post a comment/feedback, it’s either you gain supporters or opponents. And I believe no one’s believing on you. Does your post have likes? i don’t think so. Don’t try to be a smarty pant one. Hater!

      • No I am not a hater. I do not hate people on reality TV shows, and I certainly don’t hate Jessica Sanchez. I do know the message of the song, and how it’s supposed to be sung, but I didn’t buy Jessica’s performance. Secondly, I don’t give my opinion in order to gain popularity. I come here to have a little debate for entertainment and fun. For all you all know I am Jessica’s biggest fan and I’m just here to play Devil’s Advocate…

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about. A true artist always  transforms into something other than herself when she’s onstage to project the right amount of pathos in her song and movements. Actually, I don’t have to answer you or dignify your senseless comments. I’ll just have to ignore you.

      • Yes, you are right, a true artist can and should transform when on stage, like Joshua does. Jessica’s “transformation” is not believable. Maybe one day it will be. The girl does have talent. Oh, and as far as dignifying my comments with a response, you just did.

    • you put a long comment but it  lacks of content, you seriously dont know what you are talking about, FYI Jessica Sanchez sang AND I AM TELLING YOU IM NOT GOING perfectly.  look up for the original singer JENNIFER HOLLIDAY. That song should be sing that way, sweetie. The way J. HOLLIDAY and J. HUDSON and J. SANCHEZ did!.

      • Did anyone see the rest of my comment? Why is it always the rabid Jessica fans jumping on everyone for having their opinion? It’s an opinion. Once again, I didn’t say she didn’t do well, I said it was not for me, and then I explained why.

    • Love Jessica’s AND I AM TELLING YOU IM NOT GOING. Especially the “YOU’RE GONNA LOVE ME” part. Full of conviction.

    • If you see a ninety nine runners in a stadium running clockwise and a lone single runner going counter clockwise, that errant runner would be ERIN. Haha !

      Just keeping it light guys  :-)))))

    • Okay, I thought that this is about your objective point of view. That was way too subjective. Listen to the message of the song and then relate it to the performance Erin so you won’t miss the point. 

      • I didn’t miss the point. I just didn’t like it. By saying that, I don’t mean I don’t think she did well, I mean I didn’t care for it.

        Coming from her it just wasn’t believable. Sorry.

  149. Branden, these contenders are in top four not because of luck but because of talent. You are obviously singling out jessica by saying jessica’s running out of luck. She’s there because she has the talent you should know that! 

    • Branden thinks Hollie and Phillips are the best. It says it all. He has no taste in music, neither in talent. He’s racist and mediocre. I don’t want to be rude, but I’m tired of his criticism and his bad comments about Jessica (like what “she’s running out of luck). 

  150. I hope dialidol doesn’t screw up with their predictions this week. If they get it wrong again this week, then it’s game over for them. Having 2 inaccurate/wrong predictions in a row is not good at all.

  151. In my opinion, Jessica’s ” and i am telling you” is her best performance in the show surpassing ” i will always love you” because she sang this song with so much emotion, i don’t know if she already felt that experience asking a man to love him but the way she sang it especially the line … you’re gonna love me … it felt so real… unbelievable. I can see the angst and pain in her. I really got goosebumps when she was singing.
    Vocals no doubt the best but the emotion and her delivery of the song that is the winning point for me!

  152. hollie sang to the crazy judges. 🙂 she sang i cant make you love me if they won’t. it was actually one of her better performances since she showed more emotion. they should have at least gave her credit for that.

  153. i think the top 3 tomorrow will be jessica, joshua and philip. i think hollie will go home tomorrow. she’s good but good is not enough. great is better. let’s cross our fingers.

    • fingers crossed for hollie as well. these 4 totally deserves whatever spot they may achieve. this has been a very talented season.

  154.  jessica is definitely going home with and i am telling you….

    going home to her hometown.. wow that was a blast…

    •  You are in for a surprise with tomorrow’s result. People Power reigns.

      • Darren meant JSanchez would make it to the Top 3 and she would be part of the traditional homecoming of the top 3 contestants. Please read and comprehend before you even comment on the posts…

      • hey im not hatin’ on jessica… i just said she is going home to her hometown… hello? visiting hometown? that’s for the top 3 right? 

      • did you understand what Darren wrote? He just said JSanchez will go home for the traditional homecoming of the Top 3. contestants where the Judge’s song choice is usually revealed. 

        OA much? 

  155. Hollie is going home. I don’t care much for Jessica, but her second song was outstanding. Josha did great. Phillip’s second song “Volcano” was excellent. Bottom two, Hollie and Jessica.

  156. I just downloaded Volcano and listened to it a couple of times. It’s great. P2 doesn’t need to win AI….I hope he doesn’t so he can get an album out sooner.

  157. I don’t like how Joshua sings it just annoys me when he hits that high pitch,  he hollers and screams.  Everyone else in the competition sounds really well.

  158. Hollie has the best voice + stage presence.
    Phillip has a unique sound + He gets most of the “Teenage Girl” demographics that has won the last 4 seasons.
    Joshua is really Good, but the “Screetching” is starting to get old, and J-Lo’s constant blathering all over him should embarrass her.
    Jessica has a fantastic voice, but can be so “Stiff” on stage, But she is only 16, if she comes back in a year or two, she can win the whole thing.

    Phillip will probably win (can’t forget those teenage girls).
    Hollie, “Should Win”, but probably won’t due to the biased Judges  and teenage boys don’t vote anywhere close to how teenage girls do.

    That’s the way I see it … and I’ve been right 8 of the last ten seasons.

    • jessica might win the whole thing now. so why come back? come back for double wins?

      go jess and hollie.

    • Anyone who makes it to top 24 can no longer return for another season. And the judges weren’t biased against Hollie tonight.  She was praised for her first performance, and criticized for the second, as was proper.

    • you cannot compete again when you have made it the top
      and why’d they have to audition all over again, when the whole America witnessed and heard their consistently stellar performances on AI for so many weeks..

    • “Phillip will probably win (can’t forget those teenage girls)”. Sorry buddy, copied your quote here but just to let you know, I am in the 50+ age bracket and the only music I’d buy from these 4 is of course the fabulous, down to earth, no fakeness about him, good genuine soul………Phil Phillips. My second choice for AI winner is Hollie……..dooo dah dah

      • I’m 45 and love Phillip does my 70 year old mother and 73 year old father. They just use the little teenage girl thing as an excuse.

    • Soulshines & Pally45

      Ditto, I’m 45 and rest of family is older than me up to 85, we all P2 fans. That’s from a family involved in the music biz and gospel music for generations. We don’t like Joshua…he is way over-rated.

  159. I must say that if you’ll observe that all of Jessica’s standing ovations were genuine and they truly deserving.

  160. The girls in my opinion:

    I heard first Etta James’ take on Steal Away on youtube, and Jessica’s performance today…the original was bluesy soulful and latter was way better in a way that it was made to fit Jessica’s style and personality, it was a bit current.

    I heard also Arnel Pineda’s version (the current singer) of Faithfully on youtube, and Hollie’s performance today…the latter was a sounded a bit amateurish for me at first, it lacks something I could not pinpoint.maybe the stage presence, I’m not so sure.but the wind for her hair added little something but compared to Haley’s performances last year (just remembered) it was lacking from wow factor…then in the end she redeemed herself with her vocals, getting to the high notes and all…well, nicely done.
    Probably if hollie was born earlier, she could be a hit in the 80’s…she remind me of sheena easton.

    I came to know I Can’t Make You Love Me when Allison Iraheta sang this last season 8, and loved that rocked with angst version.   It became one of my fave song ever since.   I also heard the version made by Adele.   Probably Hollie’s take was based on Adele’s version but then again I am not sure…AI surely took time to let her shine while performing with all the musician in the background, the lights, and stage moving which i found distracting at times…what matters most is how she take the song, but I am not going up and down about it…it’s still okay for, and she put a little spin to it in the end to make it her own…well, it suited her because it is like she was talking directly to the audience, “I’ll give up this fight, cause I cant make you love me if you don’t.”

    Like everybody is saying, And I’m Telling You I am Not Going is big song to take, you need big strong voice for that…We have Jennifer Hudson and have Charice to take note of…so she has big shoes to fill in…well, Jessica has it, that big strong voice and she nailed it for me, hands down!!! you could see it in her eyes (teary in a way) and feel the emotions behind the lyrics and song, as if any minute she could burst into tears but she didn’t and that’s good compared to Joshua’s earlier performance.   She doesn’t need that kind of drama to get the attention, or all the lights, back-ups, and stage moving…perhaps the smoke and minimal focus of light with her voice is well enough…like she did in Whitney’s I Will Always Love You.

      • How many? HAHA. I dunno~ just got my mobile and Globe7 to vote probably more than hundred times?~ :)And you know what it’s the first I ever done that in AI, only for JS~ waah. I think she deserves it. 🙂 Hope it helps though~
        The first time I ever vote in AI is during top7 I guess, for JS and Josh that time but that was just more or less than 30votes~ I just used to watch and enjoy and not vote at all. 😀
        Just sharin’..HAHA. hope you don’t mind. LOL. :)))

      • How many? HAHA. I dunno~ just got my mobile and Globe7 to vote probably more than hundred times?~ :)And you know what it’s the first I ever done that in AI, only for JS~ waah. I think she deserves it. 🙂 Hope it helps though~

        The first time I ever vote in AI is during top7 I guess, for JS and Josh that time but that was just more or less than 30votes~ I just used to watch and enjoy and not vote at all. 😀

        Just sharin’..HAHA. hope you don’t mind. LOL. :)))

  161. Who cares about winning AI if that means a singing career that will never bloom? How many of the 11 AI winners made it big?

    • Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood Fyi. Both of these AI winners and alumni have Grammy Awards under their belt. Kelly Clarkson even made it as a guest coach in The Voice. 

      Fantasia Barrino, winner of her season and also a Grammy Award winning artist
      JHudson won an Academy Award and she’s not even the winner of her season. 

      Chris Daughtry, not even the winner of his season, sold millions of his albumConstantine Marroulis (not sure if I got the spelling of the name correct) is nominated for a Tony Award.

  162. Just done listening to her 2 songs in American Idol site with 1,108 listening right now… great talent, gifted power vocals. It’s really time for a girl to win right now who are so deserving. Ok, now i will get bashed in 5…4…3…2… 1…. lol. :-)))

  163. I watch Eternal Flame again~ I just really feel the awkwardness of them singing together~ I got this feeling that they just don’t want to be compare with each other and that’s awesome~ 🙂
    Go girl power~ JS-Hol top 2~

    • I found that song to be a little creepy for me…..Jessica having the higher range and Hollie having mid to low ranges…..when they sang, it was the complete opposite…..very stange…..I think Randy Jackson was right about that one…..

    • It was bad, my dog(who is a professional music critic) just looked at me and shook her head like “no way’

  164. You can’t get much better than Jessica… unless Kelly Clarkson, Carrie, Fantasia, Jennifer, Jordin were competing again.

    Imagine Jessica is side to side with these amazing American Idols.

    • Kelly doesn’t impersonate the singer of the song she is doing.  She does her own thing!  I hate when people compare JS to other girls who have succeeded.   She is a great impersonater, but what kind of song would she record?????

  165. Eonline!
    Randy was killed on his way home last night. Apparently,  he was killed by a pack of dogs who mistook him to be a giant ice cream cone and ate him. A bystander who witnessed the whole thing, Jack a homeless cat, said “it happened real quick, Randy just kept screaming..Dawgs…Dawgs, we cats knew Randy wasn’t a ice cream cone, we can spot a pile of poo a mile away”
    Randy is survived by his lover Joshua. They were planning on getting married later this fall. 

  166. I’m not liking that Joshua is at the bottom of the Dial Idol . com . It should be Jessica and Joshua in the finals. I’m beginning to think that Jessica and Joshua are SHARING the same voters (just a suspicion). These are the voters who appreciate REAL talent.

    •  Nutz….I would vote for Jess 1,000,000,000 times before I would vote for Joshua. Jess’s voice is beautiful, full, sweet and makes me feel good. Joshua like a dentist drilling my tooth with no gas or Novocain. Don’t dare compare Jess to Joshua in any way, it just isn’t so. Joshua is in a class all his own and I’m not sure if it is even human.

      • You don’t like Joshua’s style, I get that, but STILL, his singing ability is the only one in that competition that rivals Jessica’s giftedness.

        I want to see the two BEST singers go toe to toe. That would be American Idol at it’s very best.  

  167. Hollie has the most talent, she’s the new Celine Dion, though I’m surprised she’s made it this far as the judges have been brutal to her.  Jessica sings and acts too old and the judges shove her down our throats.  Joshua puts too much screech and warble into his singing.  I don’t enjoy anything Phillip does.  I think the judges and Jimmy are trying too hard to sway votes the way they want them to go…….I keep reminding myself….it’s a show. 

    •  Hollie should have gone weeks ago, when she did that Flashdance song.  The public voted hard for her that week just to spite the judges.

  168. Jessica just set the bar REALLY high!!! Yes it is American Idol but come to think of it, after the whole competition what matters is that they should be liked by the people worldwide and I believe Jessica has it. If ever there will be another ‘World Idol’ it should be Jessica’s turn now (as far as I remember, Kelly C. was the one represented America). BBChez for the win!!!

  169. Oh my goodness, people need to quit blaming things on racism. Just because someone doesn’t love your precious Jessica, doesn’t mean they’re always being racist. If they flat out said “omg I don’t like her cause she’s filipino” then THAT is racist. However, most “bitters” on here just say that they didn’t like her performance, and then some people say “Don’t be so racist!!!!”

  170. lets make a fact guys… based on the perfomances ONLY PHILLIP PHILLIPS DIDN’T STAND OUT AT ALL.. NOTHINGS NEW WITH HIS PERFORMANCE.. same old phillip singing what he wants to sing and what he thinks is best for him. i really dont get the point of the judges pimping phillip like he is the best. forchristsake.. WAKE up! wake up america! is this guy the one you want to win??? seriously?? or make it to the top 3?? ar u kiddin me??? the most boring finalist remaining?? oh comeon.. id rather want to see jason castro or kris allen sing rather than phillip.. cant stand the tone of his voice and the way he sing… only jessica hollie and joshua fought their lungs out with their performance as if they are fighting for the crown literally.. they are the 3 people who are deserving to be on the top 3..  swear… as i said i like phillip at the start of the show but eventually it faded.. i dont want boring person on stage.. OUT PHILLIP.. please!

    • I want phillip out but I have this weird feeling that it’s either Jessica or Josh going home… 

      • For me, either Hollie or Josh~ just a feeling~ 
        Hollie going home is not a shocker based on the performances, another than her going home is shocker for me~ 

    •  P2 hater….see you later!
      You don’t deserve to listen to his music.
      You should be strapped down and headphones put on your ears and be
      forced to listed to Joshua on high volume for 12 hours…then we see
      what you think..haha.

    •  Sorry that makes no sense. You might not like Phillip and that is fine,
      but of the 4, he is the most diverse, most original, and the greatest
      artist of the 4. The other 3 pretty much to the same thing each week
      without creative originality in their performances, usually they are
      straight covers, which is what Phillip doesn’t normally do.

  171. Philip sang and performed last night – definitely the best of the work.  Hollie should go, but Jessica’s first song was not sung well.  Why do people that because someone sings loudly all the time, that they’re great?  I agree – Josh and Philip are both safe – the girls are the bottom two – Hollie should go home finally.

    • I don’t know of too many young people who want to listen to that.  It sounds like JS is auditioning to be on Broadway.   I want to hear someone who is relevant NOW and I can listen too without earplugs!  That is Phillip Phillips! Yay 4 him.   But, with that being said, if this site is any indication JS will be safe and I guess Hollie 2 go, but we’ve been fooled before.

    • Jessica should go home.  At least Hollie has a whole heck of alot more personality than JS, but yes I know…….it’s a singing competition…..Go PP all the way, we love you and so do millions of others, you’re the bomb!!

  172. P2 hater….see you later!
    You don’t deserve to listen to his music. You should be strapped down and headphones put on your ears and be forced to listed to Joshua on high volume for 12 hours…then we see what you think..haha.

  173. The Boys in my opinion:

    I was able to listen to the original last night, it was so folk and
    country for me (nothing wrong about it)…and Phillips’ rendition on it
    was just okay for me, the usual Phillips with a little upbeat song.  i
    realize i was moving my head with the music, so i think its good, like
    the song is…probably he based his take on Rod Steward’s version, it
    reminds me of that…but the performance, it doesn’t have any wow factor
    for me.  

    if he only done it like the original and make it more softer and slower
    maybe it could work out for him, if he only take it differently than
    last night.

    i think everyone was having an upbeat song and a slow one for the second or vice versa, or is it Jessica and Phillips only?

    I did not heard the original and went straight away to hear Phillips
    take on Volcano via youtube…I would say, might dare say, that it was
    right on his lane, it was smooth and intimately subtle, one of his best…in terms of
    musicality (whatever that is and i am not referring to vocals alone), he
    is way ahead of his AI contenders…an artist already, a league on his
    own…he is like a guest in that show performing with his latest single,
    it felt like that.

    I knew and liked the song because of Josh Groban and Westlife’s
    version…Joshua made it a bit gospel with all of his glorified husky
    voice, it started good i would say up to the first chorus (i’m listening
    by the way to the studio version) but i think it was too much for me
    from the last part with all that up and downs, runs, and growls.  he
    could have done more with a simple rendition since it is so much
    inspiring song.  

    He is a good singer, no contention with that but sometimes he makes things too complicated for us to enjoy his voice.

    I am not familiar with the song, but It’s a Man’s World is sort of an
    old blues song like…this one i should say fits Joshua’s style
    perfectly…like I’ve said in the first statement with all of the ups
    and downs, runs, and growls..well, it fits here because it has soul and
    angst…i don’t find irritating, and i don’t know why either…Joshua was never been a fave or his style my cup of tea but with this performance all i
    could say is well done.

  174. Oh, God… Please tell me I’m not going from Alt. Rock to Soulful Ballads because Jessica just took my heart away from that song!!!  .^_^ 

    Way to go Jessica! 

  175. Look atHollie ,her voice, her attitude, her appearanc, her voice, so nice , excellent Hollie , loooooovvvvvveeeee u very much, come on America vote for her.

  176. I don’t think the voters are not wise enough. They will vote for the most deserving minus all the emotional attachments with the contestant.

  177.  Really…. do the girls  really like  Phillip Phillips.  Overall his signing   for the last three weeks has been bad compared to the others. PP looks and acts like Shaggy on Scooby-Doo. Come on man! ……..the girls like PP- Shaggy.  Tell me it’s not so.

  178. Adam did land in bottom 3 when he sang Ring of Fire.  It was awesome but the judges hated it along with Randy Travis!

  179. Hollie is this season’s Haley Reinhart but not as GREAT as haley. just sayin’ 🙂

    • Hollie is very good, actually.  She won’t make it this far if she isn’t, right?  But then, she needs to be consistent.  You’re right, Haley was (still is) great and she sounds unique (in a good way).  I still wish she won last year. 

    • Agree!!! Haley has a unique voice and tone and she shined so much when she sang House of the Rising Sun which was freakin’ awesome!

      And Haley’s version of Rolling in the Deep is much better than Hollie’s ^^v

  180. Colton is still going to be the most successful of Season 11. When you think  about it, what radio stations would play the music of any of the contestants that are left?  Joshua is awesome and a natural talent and will sell gospel music, I believe. Jessica is also a natural talent but you have to like that growling that she does. Personally, I like to hear her voice and not all of the extra stuff.  Holly has a voice that is so sweet and pure. She is just inexperienced.  I guess you could hear her on a station that plays pop. As far as Phillip, I don’t care where they play his music. He can’t sing and I don’t want to hear him. Wish the little girls would quit voting for him. I believe he will win Season 11.  Colton is still going to be the winner of it all when it comes to selling music and making money.

    •  Your a inconsistent little filly, Colton and Phillip are the same species, usually if you like one, you like the other too.

  181. I feel like you dont like jessica at all … You always come up with something to criticize her ;( … that’s not fair.. she should win this competition

    • one of my friends posted this on facebook:  

      “Someone who hates you, normally hates you for one of three reasons. They either see you as a threat. They hate themselves or they want to be you. ”

      so true…..

      • I disagree, sometimes you hate people because they are just plain annoying as hell….the way Joshua sings

  182. I would not criticize Jessica at all. I love her singing and I agree that she could win it all. I would just like to her her sing songs where you can hear her voice and not all of that growling and screaming.  She is a natural talent and the girl is going to make lots of money.

  183.  CORRECTION: Adam landed in the Bottom 3 together with Kris and Matt during the Top 5 week of Season 8.

  184. I like that Branden has an obvious dislike for Jessica and yet he gave him an A+. Again, coming from one who doesn’t like her. That should tell us something.

  185. I’m still hoping Hollie does not go home!!! I did not think her second song was ba at all…I actually believed her.

    I still have an issue with Jessica’s second song. First of all…it comes nowhere near jennifer Judson or Holliday singing it. Second of all…she is 16, and I just cannot believe her with the vocals despite how good it sounds. That song is sang after Effie finds out she is pregnant and refuses to be left behind (I hope Jessica cannot relate). I still think she has picked up too many habits from other singers and is too much of a stage kid. Talented YES, but original NO.

    Jessica will stay tonight, but I’m hoping Hollie will too!!!!!!

    • Yes, I hope voters will go to Hollie’s side.
      The judges are seems they are on booze or something that at some point Idol should not be partnered with Coke, it should be Jack Daniel, Heineken or something…

      • Ha Ha….I wondered what the judges were on too.  I would love to see Holly stay and I am hoping that she gets Skyler’s votes.  Holly is an awesome talent only lacking experience. That is the only thing that is going to hurt her right now but in a few years, she is going to put it together and be awesome.

    • i feel the same way, jess’ second one bugged me, but hey who am I to criticize

  186. It’s all about what you like to listen to. Personally I like Phillip when he does grind out a lyric. I can listen to Hollie all day long (look at
    Her too). Jessica obviously has talent, but her song choices are not goin to win over the crowd she needs. Josh needs to get control over his emotions. He is awesome when he holds back a touch.

  187. I’m not really impressed with Philip. He looks like he’s always struggling to reach the high notes. He is just good looking so he has a lot of fans. I want to see Joshua and Jessica head to head in Finals. It’s a hell of a show down! 🙂

    • And Joshua doesn’t scream out those notes like a constipated cat? He sure does , and a not str8 one at that.

    • You don’t have to have a 4 octave range to be a successful artist. I would bet Bruce Springsteen might have a hard time reaching the high notes also. Not everyone is a diva..and not everyone likes that kind of music.

      • I bet Bruce Springsteen would cut off one of his extremeties to own a four octave range hehe !

        HE WOULD ! 

      • @sukiyaki You didn’t seriously say Bruce Springsteen would cut off one of his extremeties to own a four octave range? Seriously. Set down the crack pipe and back away slowly.  I think he has been beyond successful with his voice. Yours might go down as the most ridiculous post this season.

  188. What makes Phillips so great is that he is an artist, he made pieces of art while others are just auditioning. Some may argue that this is a singing contest where big voice, great vocal wins. But what is better between a song that goes on loop in your earphone and songs that sounds great on TV but nothing more than that?

    Teengirls will vote for P2’s cuteness, I will vote for him for his artistry.

    • I thought that about Elise also. She was one of my favorites. I didn’t understand why the people didn’t like her.  Maybe just her style of music and presentation. Personally, I thought she was awesome.

  189. Jessica is adored not only in America, but around the globe.. just look at the number of views her videos are getting in youtube. Its crazy… she’s a phenomenon like no other.. winning idol or not…it doesn’t matter… you gotta love her…

    • she’s just not personable.. i try every week to like her but she just doesn’t do it for me…she has a good voice but idk. I still think she’ll be a star, just needs perform better

      • I think Jessica is a little girl with a big, adult voice and that is what some of us aren’t getting.  Her stage presence still needs lots of work.  Look at Carrie Underwood.  She looked like a little farm girl and ended up being a beautiful girl with an awesome voice.  After Idol and a few years of maturity, I think we will see it all come together for Jessica.  She sure has as awesome voice though and well deserving of where she is. 

      • Entertainment is selling, showbiz is selling, competition is selling. What part of it you don’t understand. You’re a father, right? But you don’t sound like one.

  190. First time ever 2012 I endured the 8 songs and trying to be as fair as possible, but I can only relate to Phillip, a little of Hollie, but sorry the other two as the opinions of others were very good, especially to the judges, but I cannot relate to them – the songs were too old for my taste and as usual I cannot relate to singing with shouting and see them in sort of pain singing on higher voice range – I see Whitney or Mariah or even Fantasia 
    or James Brown – their singing all seem effortless smoothly and a joy to watch and to listen to and definitely with a greater punch  to me – touch my soul & stomach. I like the sweet smiling of Jessica and Joshua, I just I cannot relate to them singing:) I accept if people here gonna be angry with me, but it is about personal choice and thank you:)

  191. Love Holly, but please stop licking your lips after you did a blockbuster performance as if you are not sure of yourself.  P2’s first song was just okay, but the second one was great if you understand what it means (not sure myself!).  

    Joshua’s It’s A Man’s World was outstanding but I can’t imagine setting through a full concert with him as the star cuz you would be tired out.  Jessica’s second song was better than I thought it would be, but hard to see her as a pregnant black woman.  I wish she would stop playing the femme fatale as she is too young.

    The judges praise Holly and then dump on her.  No wonder she is never sure of herself.

    • I completely agree!!!  I just do not understand why nobody says anything about the songs Jessica sings and how she tries to sing them.  It all comes across as contrived and stage school to me (and she is an amazing singer).  The song choices were supposed to be songs you wish you had written, which means they are relatable to you, and I do not see how she can relate to a song about a pregnant woman who is looked down upon because she is not as “pretty” or as “thin” as everyone else.

      Hollie had a mature song as well, but there is a big difference between 16 and 18 (more so than people think)…and that song can be relatable in so many ways with so many people.  It does not mean it is the same meaning that Bonnie Rait had in mind.  The difference with Jessica’s song is it came from stage and has a very specific emotion and meaning attached to it.

      I really hope Hollie sticks around tonight!!  She deserves to make it into the top 3!!!

  192. I like Casey Abram’s version of CCR’s Have you ever seen the rain compared to P2 but I’ll give P2 two thumbs up for his 2nd song.

  193. I love Phillip, and I am 59 not a teen. They all deserve our respect. We all like different types of music and will vote for who we love, after all when this is over, no one is going to buy a concert ticket because the person has a lot of talent, but because they have formed an emotional bond with the artist.

    • don’t you realize that you’re betting for the most non quality vocal ability to all of them.

      •  Just because he’s not a powerhouse doesn’t mean he’s not just as good.  It’s a different style, that’s all.

  194. Phillip is genuine and real. Close your eyes when he sings, you can feel it. He touches your inner soul. There’s no screaming or over-kill, it’s just the song and how he delivers it. That’s a true artist!

    • you can really fill his passion for music and the words he really understands the meaning for a tallent like that hard to belive hes only been sing and playing guitar for 3years really great

  195. Why is it that everyone just wants the guys?  Last year was the guys, Voice had the guys.  WHY can’t the girls have it?  Everyone looks at Phillip cause he looks good, Joshua-he is good, but a total package, Jessica.  Remember it’s taking amateurs and making them in to a star.  America we were wrong many a times, like Jennifer Hudson.  

      • And jHud doesn’t want to do anything with you either. Don’t like diva eh. Must be a dork

      • Who are you to be deal with J hudson? Excuse me, she likes singing to her fan. Not to a drag Queen like you.

      • Grammy and Oscar winner does nothing for you? What is it that moves you then? 

      • Never saw the movie either. I don’t like that kind of music. Sorry. I’m a white girl fromMinnesota. I’m more prone to rock, alternative or country.

    • @ Tyetus..because I don’t like the diva crap, I’m a dork? The maturity level in these comments is astounding. Are you all 13 years old?

    • Phillip Phillips all the way!!  Does not matter, male or female, his is the only marketable music on AI this season, like it or not.  PP has more fan support than you can imagine.  Since I totally enjoy  Jack Johnson, Donavan Frankenreiter music, I would totally enjoy Phillips music any time of day………That’s all for now…….Peace

  196. Let me say this as well – Jessica appealed to all ages.  I am so delighted that she just is in love with MUSIC and a way to express through her singing.

    • Tweenie/teens girls don’t like her, my daughter is a tween and she and her friends watched the show at our house, they talked about Jess being an old lady and don’t believe she is 16.

      •  Dude, you need to stop encouraging drugs and alcohol to minors and yourself as well. You make a blanket statement that your daughter and her friends don’t like her, so ALL teenage girls don’t like her? If you or your daughter don’t like her, then that’s cool, but making comments like that, without facts, makes you look to be a bigger tool than you sound like.

      • On the contrary…on Jess’ FB page ang Twitter, teenies have been inspired by Jess and looked up to her. So you’re story is kinda…fictional?

      • I guess you thought your kids a right manner on how to see talents,… I feel sorry to your kids,…. Sad to say, there are childrens who are unfortunately raised by cruel parent like you… u need guidance so badly…. Tsk tsk tsk

      • know it’s one thing to talk about the contestants but to start ripping on someone’s children whom you do not know is disgusting.  What is wrong with the Jessica fans? You have seriously crossed the line.

      •  Pathetic person you are there, Ronronron. 

        You people are disgusting.  Her parenting skills are in NO way wrong because her children do not like Jessica.  I thought I’d seen it all from the crazy Jessica fans. (And I do not think they are all crazy.  It’s just the ones who hopped on the racist witch hunt thing, and now these people bashing her and her family.)  My 6-month-old cries when Jessica sings a lot of the time.  Have I done anything to make her do that?  NOPE.  It has been scientifically proven that most of peoples’ musical preferences are established before birth.  Nobody’s parenting is to blame for someone not liking Jessica.  Get a grip people.  This is ridiculous.

      • What’s wrong with you people who are doing the bashing?
        It’s a TV show and the guy said what his kids like. You guys try to make him and his family into monsters over it….you ever hear of Karma…if Jess goes home it will be because of all the bad Karma her fans who are nasty fans have created.

  197. Jessica for the win. Last night was so full of feelings, she deserves to win. Joshua are still screaming and shouting his way to the top, luckily America feels different about him as the judges.
    Come on America vote for Jessica.

    • That wasn’t screaming. Jessica is too boring, don’t get me wrong good vocals, but to me she doesn’t have both like Josh

  198. win or lose jessica, my winner is no other than you..joshua is a great singer but his style is not my thing..sometimes getting too much over the top and exaggerated..please vote wisely hehe..

    •  Joshua is just a tamed version of Jacob Lusk.  my gosh he’s sooo going home next week.

      • Total package wise, Joshua is a little better than Jacob Lusk. Joshua NEVER makes mistakes. With Jacob, there’s always that feeling that he will either be totally brilliant, or awkwardly … awkward.

  199. Branden, I still think Its the performance Jessica is missing..she needs to connect to what she’s singing. I try every week to like her but I just don’t connect with her, great vocals tho obviously

    •  forget about the connection thing if you have a big voice! gosh you won’t need that effin connection if you’re listening to Jessica’s songs via iPod. who cares?? she’s gonna win. you haters should just accept that and bid goodbye to Hollie/Joshua/Phillip in just few hours.

      • You are so wrong.  She might be techinically perfect but if she can’t connect to a song, you might as well have a computer sing it for you.

      •  I know I can listen to a studio recorded song, on an iPod, and still tell if the singer is emotionally connecting.  There’s a certain fire that comes to their voices, even in recordings.  I don’t want to listen to something without that.

    • You will never connect with Jessica my friend. I have no problems with that. 

    • i know it….its called prejudice…Prejudice is a baseless and usually negative attitude toward members of a group. Common features of prejudice include negative feelings, stereotyped beliefs, and a tendency to discriminate against members of the group. While specific definitions of prejudice given by social scientists often differ, most agree that it involves prejudgments (usually negative) about members of a group.

      • A quite ignorant comment.  Not being able to emotionally connect with a singer, and just plain not liking their style or voice, does in no make anyone prejudice.  It’s their opinion.  Get over it, Jessica fans.  Not everyone is going to bow down and act like she’s the greatest thing ever created. 

    • then you don’t have any good taste of music. simple. don’t care to bother coz whatever songs she sing you’ll never like it.  no wonder if you’re one of those gaga fans!!! goodluck

  200. Okay..I think Hollie might be in trouble tonight. Phillip’s second song was great! Joshua did two very good songs. I liked how he held back on the first song and on the second, there’s no way you can sing James Brown and not scream. Jessica can sing but I thought the first song made her seem WAY too old and I have to agree with Branden, she did sing the crap out of the second song but I was still left cold.

    •  She’s always in trouble anyway!  She’ll go back to Brit, don’t worry.

      • I take offense to your comment. Do you think that all of the contestants on “American” Idol are from this country?  Take a good look at them and study their family history. They definitely are not. 

    • Just … in trouble? Understatement. Her journey ends tomorrow. She will not be credible as the 2012 american idol. Kris Allen is probably going to be the last of THAT breed.

      People have LEARNED.

      • Seriously..what are you saying? What does Kris Allen have to do with Hollie?  What does he have to do with the 2012 American Idol? 

    • don’t worry coz u’ll see lots of jessica next week and in the finale. just prepare yourself .  coz your favorite might leave this time. hope u know how to pray..

  201.  JS is way too young to be wearing 5 inch stilettos and way too young to be performing the way that she does.  She will be eaten alive by fame.