American Idol 2012: Watch The Top 4 Performances

American Idol 2012 Top 4 - Jessica Sanchez performs

Last night on American Idol 2012 the Top 4 finalists took to the stage with a pair of solos each, a set of duets, and even a group performance. It was a very busy night as the Hopefuls selected songs from California artists and inspiring hits. Now the votes have been tallied and the Top 3 will be revealed tonight on the American Idol results show, but while we wait you can watch all their performances again.

First up we’ve got the Top 4’s “California Dreamin'” performances:

Phillip Phillips – Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Hollie Cavanagh – Faithfully

Joshua Ledet – You Raise Me Up

Jessica Sanchez – Steal Away

The second round of performances were inspirational songs the Hopefuls wished they had written (I still think that’s a very odd way to describe it, but okay FOX).

Phillip Phillips – Volcano

Hollie Cavanagh – I Can’t Make You Love Me

Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Jessica Sanchez – And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going

Which of these American Idol 2012 Top 4 finalists had the best performance? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts.

There were also several group performances including “This Love,” “Eternal Flame,” and “Waiting For A Girl Like You.”




  1. Why don’t you say who you think won the round? Last season I always wait your opinion on who won round 1, then round 2..

    • bottom 2 tonight are Hollie and Philip based on their performances then Hollie finally will head home. They are great singers by the way.

      • I think Phillip sucks he sings his songs the same way every time. He does this stupid foot dance and makes these awful faces like it helps him with the pitches. He needs to go home.

  2. if jessica win american idol, do u guys think she will win any awards, i mean grammy, vma,….becoz i don’t think so….do u think she can beat taylor swift, adele, beyonce, lady gaga, alicia keys, jennifer hudson, lady antebellum, christina aguilera, and……….i know u guys will say ,’don’t compare jessica with the other artists’….but the truth is she will compete with them(artists) after her won american idol…do u guys think she will make a good records, well, i think no,…she’s a good singer ON STAGE…but in THE ALBUM…NOTT….WELL I DON’T CARE IF U GUYS WANT TO BASHING ME, DISLIKE MY COMMENT…THIS IS JUST MY OPINION,..IF DON’T LIKE, DON’T READ….AND I’M NOT GONNA REPLY ANY COMMENT THAT REPLIED MY POST, THIS POST….PEACE OUT….wow!!..think i gonna get  many replies…

      • Let us just have to give Jessica the chance to prove her self dude… i believe shel gonna make it to the top… if you try to  compare jessica among other american idols well you are insulting them others just like jessica.. they will all gonna make it… and i am sure JES can…. we love you jessica…. we love you all contestants… make it good make it best….

    • okay so here’s a reply: Let’s ignore this person because he has to fix his sentence construction first.

      • agree, His first statement proved that he’s stupid. If Jessica “win” American Idol. it should be “wins” LMAO

    •  Jessica is going to go on to stardom, whether she wins or not. As for awards, that shall be seen in time.
      As for YOU, well, baby, you’re not gonna win any awards for English for sure. 🙂

    • Not in the US, no.  I think she will do well in Asia, but not here or in Europe.  Maybe down the road when her life experience catches up to the lyrics in the songs she sings, she will do better here.  I just don’t think her music will appeal to young people and they are the major music and concert ticket buyers.

      • I think she has not sung her own music yet. You dont’ hold her future. Leave it to the above.

      • That’s not for you to say… let’s hope for the best.. You obviously are a hater..

    • for now, i think that anyone in the competition cannot beat that artists that you’ve listed… it doesnt mean that when you win american idol you are that great like the other hollywood artists… if jessica wins the american idol, i will be happy but i didnt consider her level as the level of other big stars. she is young and fresh. she can enhance her voice

      •  Yes Jessica is young and she has a beautiful voice, but she needs to mature and get guidance on her wardrobe and public speaking.  She will go far.  I don’t think she is quite ready to be all that an American Idol needs to be.  Yet.  Scared she is headed down the Brittney Spears path…sleazy attire and the inability to be humble and grateful.  An Idol  winner needs to show a sense of class, sophistication & creativity.   She doesn’t have those yet.

      • gonna break the rule..ur pinoy right…wau, i don’t know how tosay JHEROME…..HOW RUDE U R…..

    • I agree with Team CD(NOWP2) Jessica can sing yet her voice lacks that of the Adele’s,Carrie Underwoods& Kelly Clarksons(powerfu).She sounds dull and has no originality to her voice,nothing she has sang gives me the impression otherwise. I am really disapointed this season and don’t think the judges are doing a good job. It’s ok to hurt a contestants feelings,it is a competition.Stop being so nice and standing up for every high note that is hit.

    • Too early to tell, right? For one, she’s young. Second, AI always serves as an avenue for talents to become successful in their future careers. The future is out there and it’s always OPEN to everyone.

    • This guy has nothing but a below average IQ. Better Review your music class if you had it once, before you make comments coz ur one that is laughable, and caughable…. Aheeemmm

      • Where did you learn your very bad English??…here in my country we call that carabao english. But you did get the attention you desperately needed! Consider it our work of charity.

    • You sounded as if you’re on drugs. What was it , cocaine,metamphetamine,or plain marijuana?

    • Let us just have to give Jessica the chance to prove her self dude… i believe shel gonna make it to the top… if you try to  compare jessica among other american idols well you are insulting them others just like jessica.. they will all gonna make it… and i am sure JES can…. we love you jessica…. we love you all contestants… make it good make it best….

      • AGREED…this is the first time i agreed with jessica’s fan….i just hope all jessica’a fans like u, i’m bashing jessica because jessica’s fans always keep bashing other contestants….i just hate that….sorry, ….

    • I agree with you!  She’s good but she doesn’t have the whole package.  Joshua does and I think he’s great, so is Jessia but I also think your comment is true!

    • she can compete with anyone of them, she even have a better voice, some of them cant sing the way she can, live and not arranged in the recording studio, which could alter the voice to make it sound better. you better hear her when she start recording, you might get surprise on how good she’ll sound. definitely your just one of the hater, who never really listen, but ready to make comments.

    • you want to be a star? you like publicity huh? SORRY… this is not the right venue, and no shortcuts, earn it!

    • Don’t hate Jessica because she’s good.  She worked for it since her childhood. I’m sure P2 will also have a successful career as a singer. If America does not want Jessica, she will be most welcome in the Philippine, however if she wins AI you have to accept that she’s good and popular.

    • I will not buy her album, she sound like any other wanna be divas.. I’d rather buy Philip Phillips album.

    • When your mother enrolled you to your school did she think you will be the 1st honor in your class? If ever she has the same mentality with you she would have just let you stay at home at not give you any chance. She would have just have an abortion because you are no match with the other people. One word “chance”, everybody deserves to be given a chance. Imagine if Taylor Swift, Adele, Lady Gaga were not given a chance?

      Think.. think..

    • Go to school so you will learn how to write and construct correct sentences. Stop wasting your time on bashing people. It is very unhealthy. It will make you obese.

  3. Poor Hollie 🙁
    I’m gonna miss her!
    Happy for the Top 3 though: Jess, Josh and (yawn) Phillip…

    • dont say that, im jessica and philip fan, but its not good saying that to hollie, dont say that, this early, it might be one of them leaving tomorrow :/

      •  It HAS to be Hollie, sorry 🙁
        The other three have too strong fan bases, besides, aren’t we all so proud to see Hollie make it so far? I definitely am!
        Just HOPE that Jessica and Joshua are Top 2, that show would be spectacular, dont u think?

    • Hollie will be fine.  She is pretty, talented, is styled nicely (tastefully) and has class. At least she will no longer be subjected to the humiliation of Jimmy and the judges  She is the Haley Rinehart of this season (without the attitude).   She has a long, successful career ahead of her. 

      • Don’t compare Hollie to Haley Reinhart. Haley has the vocal chops and theatrics. Hollie doesn’t even come close. PS Haley is a fan of one of the top 4. Guess who? (Hint: it is not hollie)

      • Hollie is way way too green,, not enough experience in life,, she had been sheltered too much,, her vocals are  weak,  they are not solid,, she has nice tone.. but not the chops of a true vocal great.. she dont compare to jessica,, I do not think she will have much of any career..she dont have the passion as the others

    • You’re sure it might not be Jessica going home Hollie did out sing her in Eternal Flame. That’s why I don’t think the judges liked it.

      • Totally agree.  JS did terrible in both the duet and group sing.  Whenever it is possible to compare her head to head with Hollie, Jessica falls short.

      • Hollie cannot outsing anyone of  top 12 as she had no business being on the show cause of her weak vocal ability.. so what ,she can sing loud.. she goes off key,, she has minimal vibrato no vocal running chops to speak of.. plays it safe on songs she cannot perform like the original versions.. cant hit the high highs,, or run the vocal scale.. weak weak

      • I agree Gail I just dont get all the comparisons of Hollie to jessica because in my opinion she out sings Jessica most of the time.  This is especially evident when they do duets like eternal flame.  Jessica’s preformance was sadly lacking compared to Hollie …….. and yet many seem oblivious to this. Just don’t get it.

    • Not convinced Hollie is going home. The person to be concerned about is Joshua. It seems most voters are already set with their favourites so who will steal the Skyler votes? Will they go to Josh, P2, Jess or Hollie. After the dressing down by the judges, history seems to show that a lot of those votes will go to Hollie, so she might just escape elimination again. Josh did great last night. My biggest concern for him was that his strongest performance was a song that was covered on another show a week before. As good as Josh did, it was second fiddle to the earlier performance. While many might not agree I think most will  and that might have hurt him. So for Hollie fans hope is not all lost.

  4. i started to like philip, now the 2 of u… jessica and philip… go, go go!!! for the finals 😀

  5. I’m afraid Hollie chose the wrong song.Sometimes artists chose what they like before what they do best.Skylar chose country but her best performances were not country .Patsie Cline liked upbeat music but her power was in love ballads..Oh well.Sincerely depressed!!

    •  Sometimes the songs they picked first were not cleared. But still, they should avoid choosing bad songs.

    • I actually enjoyed Hollie’s second song and really felt her emotion.  I think the judges are so set on cutting her yet don’t want to appear any more biased than they do, so they planned to compliment the first song and closer to the end of the show slam her.  Hoping this backfired on them.  I hated Jessica’s performances, especially the second one, but the judges piled on praise.  We’ll find out tonight what happens.  Remember, Jessica has already been eliminated once…Hollie has not.

      • Comparing all four finalist, all of them have their good and great performances last night. But at this point of time of the singing competition, it is imperative that Idols must be at their best choice of what song to sing.  The three Idols, Philip, Jessica & Joshua made the right decision on choosing what song that fits their voice. 

        Hollie made her first song Faithfully off at first place. Wrong move. Faithfully is one of the famous song of Journey.  Some audience had made it their favorite or their love song with their partners. If you mess up some audience love song or favorite song, the singer will be compared to the original artist of that song. If those audience are not satisfied with the results, the Idol is in trouble. Audience might be disappointed with the singer/Idol giving her no vote.

         Steve Perry and Arnel Pineda sang Faithfully on high note in the intro, and almost all throughout the song, while Hollie started it just mid note. At that point, anybody can say she just pick the wrong song to sing. On the second one, the judges didn’t like her emotions too much, quoting ” I’m sorry Baby” putting her down to 2-0 scorecard.But, we must take into account that the scores will come from the voting audience.  We’ll know tonight how Hollie’s followers voted up to the last second to save their Idol.   good luck and god bless!

  6. Hollie chose the wrong song. Any contestants watching previous seasons should know what kind of songs are bad. I Can’t Make You Love Me is as bad as Take A Look At Me Now.

  7. Skylar Laine stated that no matter what the contestants should stay true to themselves.  I believe Hollie did just that and come what may she can be proud of that. She is not an 18 year old trying to sound 30 years older.  The song matches the person, not all of the contestants do that.  I think Hollie  is amazing and how proud her parents must be, when she is on stage, she looks like a beautiful, classy, talented young woman….enough said.

  8. I just love Joshua he is such a beautiful person through and through!!!!!!!!

  9. That (2) Big Songs put Jessica on top again.  Never heard about Steal Away but she killed it, nice rendition indeed. I like this song the way I like “Id’d Rather Go Blind” which happened to bw another Etta James song.

    Her rendition of And I am Telling You is so breathless, captivating and amazing.  This really shows her singing prowess and made her Star of the Night.  Thanks, our wish was granted!  We are anticipating Jessica to sing this song in AI since early stage of the competition because we believe she will nail it… and she did.

    Congratulations Jessica!  No matter what happens, you will be #1 for us.  You made us proud!  Mabuhay!

  10. i don’t care if u guys said my english horrible..becoz im not english people, and im asian and im still learning. …it just same if u guys using my languange with irregular words….AND THIS IS MAERICAN IDOL NOT ENGLISH QUIZ….HELLOOOO..

  11. I think you said that your musical taste was eclectic Matt. I don’t know if there are different levels of “eclectic” (i.e. mildly eclectic, moderately eclectic, super eclecticism….) but I consider my musical taste probably toward the super end. 

    Eclecticism is a conceptual approach that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions, but instead draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject, or applies different theories in particular cases.

    I don’t think giving a grade to these performances is fair way to rate them because they were all good in their own respect. These 4 are very different types of singers. I look back at my ipod list and find that I have each and every one of these songs on there among the 1000’s of others. As I look at the playlists they are an even blend of slower ballads, up tempo, blues, jazz, R & B, rock, heavy metal, hip hop, country, pop,  and so on. 

    These top 8 performances would definitely make my playlist. I would probably have them in a different order but they would all be there. The artists are so different that you almost can’t compare them against each other for a grade.

    In my opinion the top 5 deserved to be there and all of them are great singers and would make it into my collection. So I can’t say that I would rate  one over the other and I think they all did great. The order of performance is so important in the contest. If you would change the order you might have a very different take on the performances.


  13. This young lady can sing and should do very well life after AI…her only needs of improvement I saw while singing song “He gonna love me”, was that there was no personal connection with the audiance. She did not appear to make them a part of the song and her performance. All great singers has a certain connection with the people who are watching them perform. They seem as if they are singing personally to them. Her stage awareness was missing also she had no stage presence as in walking and working the stage, just standing clinching fist is not performing. With that being said, Jessica will do well after AI, a good producer, artist development, and a tour with a proven artist/performer will only enhance Jessica’s naturally raw but gifted talent.

    • Watching those clips of her as a child all I could think of was MJ, Tiger Woods, and Jonbenet Ramsey (who is dressing this girl?)…. gifted she is, I just hope she doesn’t become the next child star tragedy  Not a fan…. but she is the best singer in the competition  Josh is the best performer Phillip will go as far as his own song writing can take him (which I hope is a long career).  Hollie will be doing voices for animated musicals and Broadway   

    • I agree that Jessica still needs improvement just like everybody does. No one even great singers says they are perfect. She may be not connecting to you but please dont include other people’s feeling – you don’t have the right to do so.

  14. I look back at the duet of Hollie and Jessica. That is the perfect example of how each one of these contestants shine in their own wheel house. Did you hear how Hollie’s voice just soared in that song and Jessica was just one dimensional throughout. Now that said, I don’t think Hollie could do what Jessica did with her solo performances. So you have take all things into consideration and make your call. It’s your call to make.

    Hollie brings things that Jessica doesn’t have. Jessica can do things that Hollie can’t do. It’s just that simple. They are two different singers with two unique styles and approaches to a song. You really cannot compare them. I guess it will just come down to popularity and votes.

    I still say, at this point in the game, everyone should continue to vote for their favorite. 

    • I agree that both have different singing styles. However, in the duet portion, I think Jessica tried her best not to outshine Hollie given the power of her voice. She has to complement with Hollie’s singing style and voice capability. If she went there singing all out then it would not look like a duet, and it would be a mess. I know this is a competition, but you’re singing to let others feel what you’re singing, and to that in a duet there should be synchronization of voices.

    • IMO In duet, trio, or group performances everyone of them doesn’t need to outshine her/his partner/s. They are being judged as a group not individually.

    • Sorry, but HOLLIE was out of tune when she started singing the duet with Jessica.  Listen to it the duet again….
      Watch some of Hollie’s performances in the beginning of the competition,  she was off key.. Hollie has problems learning songs that are new to her. 

    • I wish…Joshua n Jessica should be in the final.! really sad if He’ll go home to night….,he’s amaziiiinnnggg…..n talented.but we have to understand….this is American Idoooolllssssss……nobody can say….He/She will be win to night, the answers all about Idooooolllssss……n the’re fans.Soooo… saaaaaaaaaddddddd………..from the bottom in my heart……….if Jhosua go home to night.God Bless You Jhosua…..

  15. Based on last four performance, Joshua & Jessica should be in the final,  if they  chooses the right songs of choice.

    • Hollywood round should be for big voice singers from now on. Let’s fill top 24 with Jacob Lusk, Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez, Charice, Jennifer Hudson, Latoya London, Aaron Sanders,  Lil Rounds, … the list goes on.

  16. Seriously,are the judges deaf? This is the worst season ever! If I hear one more time”That may be the best performance all season”I am gonna throw my TV outside and burn it! This show needs another Simmon  if it is going to make it another saeson. Stop being nice and grow a pair.

  17. Phil is just too good. Jessica performed well last night. Joshua’s good too, but not the one you wanna listen everyday. Twas a good showing for Hollie –  however she fell short compared to three. 

    If Hollie will go – her votes will go to Phil
    If Joshua will go – his votes will go to Jessica

    Either way, its Phil and Jessica for the AI finale! 🙂  

  18. About Jessica Sanchez performance last night that was phenomenal a sure winner.She’s only sixteen what more when she grows.

  19. If Hollie is voted off I will NO LONGER watch American Idol – she is treated so unfairly.  She outshined Jessican in the duo and because of that the judges said they hated the arrangement…..yeah because their Jessica was outsung.

    • Duet, trio, group performances does not count in the competition. I just wonder why the judges are still giving comments.

    • Well, if Hollie puts her entire best in solo instead of the duet then she has a shot of getting into the top 3. Her song choices last night was bad. Jessica is smart. She doesn’t care much about duet or trio. She concentrates on her solo. They’re not really being judged in group performances. Jessica doesn’t need to show off for that. This is a competition. She knows how to strategize. Go Jessica!


    • I think there were contestants that went home already that were better than Hollie or Phillips.

  21. Please dont vote for joshua.
    the judges are trying to get him to the top vote hollie.

  22. How about letting the public vote instead of the judges pushing there favorite along,  started at the beginning. 

    • IMO, Idol winners are declared by public votes not by the judges. So if you think the judges are wrong dont mind them and continue to religiously support your favorites. 

  23. Josh is by FAR the BEST of ALL….Jessica is lovely but too YOUNG, Josh has the whole package and ready to be American Idol but Jessica is the Bomb as well…It’s really a hard one this year…But to me, it’s between Josh and Jessica….My only issue with Jessica is that she’s singing songs that are not her age group so it’s hard to relate to her singing cause she’s singing songs that are to old for her…

    • We keep on bringing up the “singing songs not her age” thing. What songs of her contemporaries could you recommend that would fit her voice?

  24. The judges were so wrong to say “Sorry, baby…That wasn’t good” about Hollie’s performance. I feel that was a planned,  group, negative commentary and that was designed to somehow make the public feel that Hollie was truly not good, and that is so far from the truth!  She has poise, class, and such a great attitude despite such unwarranted devastating comments.  After Hollie’s performance, I was so shocked by the judges comments – all 3 of them nonetheless- that I believe Hollie will get more votes just because they were so wrong! The judges do have a lot of power, but they missed the mark on that one,  and I believe that their comments will backfire in their face! I also think it is so sickening and “see-through” to watch the honey drip from their mouths when it comes to Joshua and Jessica. You can see who they are promoting, and they are definitely not as perfect as the judges praise them to be!  As for Jessica, she is a good singer,  but the songs she sings are all wrong for her,  and that makes her unbelievable and hard to relate to,  and definitely not someone you’d buy tickets to see in concert – not until she acts her age and  becomes the kind of American Pop Idol that people are looking for rather than some overdone, over- the- top, freakish, over- emotional, burlesque character that she presents herself to be. I’m not really a fan of Philip Phillips but at least he’s somewhat  unique and different, and more real.  Joshua is a good singer and could have a nice career, but he’s not the American Pop Idol type that America will finally vote for.  I believe the top two contestants that most epitomize a real American Idol (of the top 4) are Hollie and Phillip.  I believe Jessica will go tonight, Joshua next week as long as Philip keeps pace, and the final will be Hollie and Philip(or Joshua), and Hollie will win. Everyone who voted for Skylar will now be voting for Hollie rather than Jessica.  But most of all, the judges blew it with their negative comments for Hollie. America’s got her back, trust me! 

    • stop lambasting other contestants because your favorite made a mediocre song choice.. You just can’t take, don’t you? you are pathetic to the highest form

      •   @b276766158e4c6817b8ee54121d91505:disqus I would agree with you if you are there on that event. Otherwise, I would assume that you are just watching on TV and relying only on the quality of your audio system. The judges are there, at spit range and can hear every hit and/or falter of the note. They can say anything they want but the final judgment will be determined by votes in which you have a say on. If Hollie, or any of the other 3, leaves tonight, it only shows that she didn’t get enough votes to continue on with her Idol journey. That doesn’t mean she’s not good. Same goes with other contestants.

  25. I like Jessica to win this american idol season 11… she offers a different and amazing kind of talent.. GODBLESS you always Jessica….

  26. Honestly, I thought holly got screwed by the producers in the second song.  If they had let her sing it as just herself it would have been so much better.  But no, they’re intent on turning every song into a full on production…

    • You are correct, from the beginning Hollie had the talent to sing a song with two instruments and no back up singers. Joshua was overblown last night with 12 back singers and gazillion strings.
      Look at the singers that Hollie tackled and won.
      It was clear from the beginning, they wouldn’t let her win. Too bad.
      Coltan shouldn’t have gone home either, but I think he was sacrificed to scare the people into calling in, that is where they make so much money. The fix is in

  27. Even the judges and the mentors said that Jessica Sanchez is the most technically talented among the contestants this season and as a 16 years old, that is something. Even Akon wanted to sign her up already. On the comment/question asking if Jessica would win awards or beat stars like Adele, Beyonce, etc., answer this question first: who among the previous AI winners have made it or have won awards? Except for Kelly Clarkson during her initial 2 years (good thing she’s making a comeback) and of course Carrie Underwood (who is the most successful among Idol winners), none have really popped out after winning the title. But hey, JS is only 16 years old and is very much talented that other previous winners.

  28. I know why the judges didn’t like Holly and Jessica’s performance of Eternal Flame, because Holly out sang Jessica. She sounded much better too. The judges don’t want Holly to go on in the competition. I listened to that song over and over and Jessica did not do as well. I know that Holly will probably be going home tonight and it is very sad to see her go home before Philip Philips. His tween groupies are keeping him in the competition, but I believe that he will be another Taylor Hicks. He has a cute face but that is not better than Holly’s voice. She has a beautiful, strong voice. Well, good luck to all. I hope that we all get a big surprise tonight.

  29. What is it that any of these talented singers that you do not like about yourself? Is it realy the performences. Be honest with the comment. Did you ever here the term reading between the lines. Well some of these posts here are very easy read! Like said be honest not so superficial.

  30. they cant just accept that one of the leading contestants is not from their country..and asian is better than them 🙂

    • Lets not be regionalistic. Jessica is an american with an american accent. She is mixed Fil and Mex but she’s a US citizen.

      • Nailed it. Would she be getting the same attention if she’s in the Philippines? America raised and nurtured her and gave her the avenue to showcase her talent. Keep the pride to yourself and make good use of it. Let her inspire you and not make a racist out of you.

  31. I think Joshua and Jessica were to over the top. They both screamed their songs instead of singing them.

      • Jessica and Joshua do scream too much and Jessica is so not ready for records! She doesn’t have the experience! Hollie was 1000 times better!

    • So you prefer Hollie and Phillip for the final? Interesting but not probable.

      • It’s up to America. But Phillips is unique and Hollie has a clear voice but don’t think she will get enough votes to go thru.

    • Your “screaming” comments remind me of my 77 year old Mom.. My Mom’s idea of music was always very bland, passionless singers like Perry Como or Frank Sinatra. But, she had a excuse, she grew up in a generation were all music was pretty bland and hokey. Songs like “Jimmie Crack corn and I don’t care” was the norm for her generation. And whenever I would listen to artist’s that performed with passion (what you call screaming) … such as Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, Joe Cocker and later Steven Tyler, she would cover her ears and complain about the screams as well. All I can say is I am glad I am much more open minded than you. Or music would bore me to tears.

      One more thing. Why do so many people continue to say that all Jacob does is scream? Many weeks ago he was guilty of over-singing a song, I agree. But, unless you are tone deaf, you would be foolish not to see he has not done that for the past 3 weeks. These days he will hit those high notes with crystal clear volume, then pull it back at just the right time. If you STILL consider that “screaming” I really do feel sorry for your bland taste in music. I understand everyone has their right to what they like in music. I except that. I just don’t understand why most of you use the same worn out line of “screaming” for Joshua, when everyone else does it just as much as Joshua does these days. Well, maybe not Phillip, as he does not have the vocal ability or control to do so.

  32. phillip-phillip he will be won ,he look like sccoty  and next day’s  he will song duet 

  33. I think Phillip sucks he sings his songs the same way every time. He does this stupid foot dance and makes these awful faces like it helps him with the pitches. He needs to go home.

  34. I sincerely hope that the audience (“little girls”) gets it right!  Jessica, MOST DEFINITELY, has the best voice, Joshua is good, but second to Jessica.  Everyone knows this is the truth — regardless of how much Jennifer wants him to win.  Jessica’s voice is distinctive, strong and clear, and beautiful.  She is an “old soul.”  Please AMERICA, get it right!!!!

    • What’s right for you may not be right for others. Just respect what others want.

    • I agree, Jessica deserves to win. When Joshua picks the right song, he is great, but he screams too much in a lot of songs.

  35. Yes, definitely Jessica has a career (winner or not) after American idol…. Hollywood has a big space for talented singers like her. And she’s got the whole package, she’s young, her talent is fresh , her vocal ability is incomparable to anyone. After Idol, she’s definitely gonna get better and better as the big companies will support her.  Her big advantage is that she’s so young. And there’s a bright future ahead of her. 

    • All the top 5 (Joshua, Jessica, Hollie, Philip, Skylar) has sure career after AI . They all have a place in Hollywood as each of them has different style. 

  36. Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez for final 2! Im happy if one of them wins. 🙂

  37. To me Jessica’s both songs were the best of the night hands down!  They were two different songs, “Steal Away”, was a jazzy blues classic and, “And I Am Telling You Im Not Going,” is a classic Broadway epic song. Both songs were from great artists Etta James and Jennifer Holliday.  Jessica nailed those songs and then some.  Jessica is the “Total Package” of unbelievable raw talent, good looks, style, stage presence, versatility, marketability and good wholesome personality.  She can sing from uptempo, r&b, pop, soul, urban, ballad, dance, rock, blues, broadway, motown, oldies, big band, gospel and even rap…check her over 200 youtube videos in the net.  Also, a female has to win this and break the WGWG syndrome…she is way deserving of this.  Jessica has been singing and practicing day in and day out ever since 5 yrs. old and lets vote for the best.  Let’s make her dreams a reality and she can show her talents to the world.

  38. Wow jessica what a wonderful and a powerful voice. You are number 1 here in dubai…. Congrats…..

  39. It should have been P2, not Hollie.

    Best if Jessica and Hollie in the sing off in the final.

  40. Bad decision, Hollie is much better than Phillips. For weeks they have been cramming Ledet down our throats. The judges haven’t been very covert about it.
    The past few weeks, all the girls had 2 strong songs, where the guys had one strong and one weaker.
    In the guys duet the other night, both were off key and a little flat.
    Ten the girls came out and nailed it, but in their time to shine, they had the guys come out and sit in the swings. Not cool at all.
    For goodness sake, Hollie nailed a Steve Perry song. She didn’t take the easy road for song choices.
    Jessica. Well, she is amazing. So talented and strong.
    Hollie does have a better range though.
    Phillips is boring, all his songs end up sounding a like. He didn’t seem to want it at all. He was less emotional and hungry than Hollie.
    He should have left before Skylar and Coltan.
    But we figured out early on, they wanted a guy to win and Hollie knew this, so why waste the tears. She did it with class.

  41. Hello…. with all the comments against AIsingers…. Now who is on the
    stage??? Just go for the best… i.e. sings with clear lyrics, not just Humming, with high pitch not just who got stuck on same tune. Joshua and Jessica will win… both  J.J.  are the best.

  42. Yeeeesss…….I’m agreeee J n J to be final…I Wiiiissshhhh…….Both have the Best Voice n talented…….!

  43. I am a Filipino but I will vote Philipps Philipps. I like everytime he sang his piece. I feel amaze and asked what song is that? Because if he win American Idol, he is a great asset to music industry. He can make every song he sing unforgettable. That even Joshua is so boring with his screaming voice..

  44. Haven’t kept up with” American Idol”..Too busy watching “Dancing with the Stars” .But since I was curious, I watched the video from last week and thought Jessica’s singing was incredible. I will be shocked if she doesn’t win this years competition.

  45. all the people in philippine islands are all voting for jessica..there’s approx. 94million..!!! so fans of philipps and joshua should triple their order to win the AI title!!!!O:O:O)..not including the mexicans!!!! hala?

  46. all are good! but joshua ledet & jessica sanchez will be on the top..goodluck!

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