American Idol 2012 Top 4 Performances: Dreams And Inspirations

American Idol 2012 Top 4

Only four singers remain this week on American Idol 2012 and they’re about to compete again for your votes. You’ll hear selections from the themes of “California Dreamin'” and inspirational hits so get ready to be inspired to dream, or something like that. We’ll also get a few duets tossed in there to round out the Top 4 night.

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American Idol 2012 Top 4 Performances – California Dreamin’:

  • Phillip Phillips – Have You Ever Seen the Rain – 1-866-436-5701
  • Hollie Cavanagh – Faithfully – 1-866-436-5702
  • Joshua Ledet – You Raise Me Up – 1-866-436-5703
  • Jessica Sanchez – Steal Away – 1-866-436-5704

Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips perform the first duet of the night with “This Love.” Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez follow the boys with their own duet of “Eternal Flame.” In a surprise performance not listed on today’s songlist spoilers we also get a full group performance of “I’ve Been Waiting For A Girl Like You.”

American Idol 2012 Top 4 Performances – Inspirational:

  • Phillip Phillips – Volcano – 1-866-436-5701
  • Hollie Cavanagh – I Can’t Make You Love Me – 1-866-436-5702
  • Joshua Ledet – It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World – 1-866-436-5703
  • Jessica Sanchez – And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going – 1-866-436-5704

After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite from tonight’s show. Share your thoughts on this round of American Idol performance and who you thought had the best performance from the group.




  1. Top 4. I hope all of them would be able to give the greatest performance of their life tonight. All four of them deserve to be the next American Idol.

      • queen? as in beauty queen? this is not a beauty pageant but a singing contest. you are in the wrong website. this is not Miss Earth or Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. This is American Idol. The person with the most talented singing voice and the best charisma and audience impact should win. just cheer for your favorite and don’t badmouth the other contestants.

      • good thing its not a beauty contest cause she would lose that one. not much of a fan of jessica she just seems like she has to try to hard to satisfy america and she doesnt have a good personality seems to me phillips original im pullin for him all the way

      • dan , Queen of what? this is singing contest not a beauty pageant , listen  well and listen carefully, do you think the other 3  competitor has a voice ? Did you listen again how Phil sings? Is that voice for a competition? How about Hollie? OMG as if she is singing in a highschool  program, and Joshua, holly cow, He always shouting …is that a voice for you? something is wrong with your ears guys..only Jessica could really sing, and that is end of story. period.

      • hey hey,look all the black american singers,,,are they beauty queen, crap lets talk how they way they sing.

      • Exactly what show are you watching…all of them are a great talent…and Jessica has a voice that is so graceful, Phillip has a soulful voice that reaches you when he sings, he leaves you no other choice but to take the ride with him, Hollie has her moments; however she can really sing she just has to shake the nerves and just perform, she already has the singing down.  Lastly, but not last by far Joshua is in a class all by himself, this guy has a voice that is undeniable, he has an aura that is contagious, he is just that good.  That kind of presence is needed in the music world and no one with a conscious and a pulse can hold their head up and say otherwise!!!

      • hey, please, if you have something to say, better check first your grammar… stupid!!!

      • for you crazy dan, look you are laughing alone and only few liked your posting because you & the 4  who liked your post are crazy..typical teeny bopper voting for their favorite cute contestant. CrAZY..

      • Jessica or Joshua will only win if the judges have it fixed. I am sick of their screaming !!!

  2. Let’s see;
    Pitchless PP
    Juvenile Jess
    Jammin Josh 
    Heavenly  Hollie

    Yeah ,I’m goin for Hollie.

      • Hey, if that Liverpool accent was good enough for the Beatles, it works for me.  Listen to Adele’s accent when she talks.  It disappears when they sing.

      •  look at her she deserves to win , come on guys Hollie is the best , look at her performance, look at her , she is so cute n beauty she sings the songs carefully n nice to be heard

    • go with Hollie tonight going home NIck because her jouney ends tonight …..

      • shut up dan! just cheer for whoever is your favorite. but don’t say nononono… or put down the choice of other people. this is a singing contest not a beauty pageant. hollie may be pretty and has a nice voice. but there are others better than her as per opinion of others. respect their choices. 

      • dan , join Hollie tonight and pack up her stuffs, because wether you like it or not, this is the last night you will see her in  the show…she is not supposed to be there anyway, she 2nd timer in AI and she was just lucky that she has a group of fans supporting her, but she doesnt have the VOICE to compete, this is AI and not a High school competition ,..

    • Yeah, Good luck as you go home ! (I am hoping Lil’ Screaming Jessica goes home tonight) You can’t even understand her words. Please !!!! She can take screaming Joshua with her !!!!

  3. Phone full charge! Facebook voting page ready! Landline ready! jessica will sing for us stay tune! !!

  4. i love my phil.  he just makes me smile.  if you don’t love phil, you don’t know love.

    • ok it sucked.  you feel better now.  get over yourself.  who are you for…just ask about that.

      • Not really. I just couldn’t visualize with having just “perfect” as a comment. Your kind invites more haters than a vote for PP. I feel sorry for you.

      • Actually IMO he did great (not really a fan) he was able to execute and perform it very good

      • I’m not a P2 fan either, but round one tonight was for me his best. The comparisons between him and Casey are to be expected with the style he has, Casey was better.

      •  same here but his 2nd song in his last performance…he done a good job. i would love him in the final with jessica….

    • i don’t come here to rally support.  i am not that delusional.  nobody cares what i think.  of course there is always someone who wants to criticize me.  i am guessing you are a jessica supporter.  just a thought. 

      • You’re not rallying for support? Doesn’t look like it. Try to review your posts and replies to other posters and tell me if you’re not pimping  for PP. I support all 4 of them. And please, don’t flatter yourself, I’m not criticizing you, i’m just responding to your comments as you have responded to my post asking how’s Phillip’s performance and you answered “Perfect”. If that’s an objective assessment, I don’t know how you differ that from your subjective viewpoint.

      • You have to put up with a lot on this site, Mary.

        I always like what you have to say and the way you say it!

      • Why does one have to be a jessica support because they give you their opinion? Silly for sure…now you are sounding  ….lol

  5. I hope Jessica will not sing Faithfully by Journey. It too corny. Goodluck! FTW Jess. Im your undiscover prince charming.

  6. I will support Jessica all the way to the FINALE. She defines what a true AMERICAN IDOL is… We will vote for you Jess!!!

    • Jessica is so far away from being an American Idol !!!!! She is okay if you like screaming and nails across a chalk board. She would not even be here if not for the judges. Go on home Jessica and grow up !!!! Please spare us more pain in trying to listen to you.

  7. Sorry Phillip 2…  but I enjoyed Casey Abrams wins that comparison!

      • Sorry I am not  saying Phillip didn’t rock it, but I will never forget Casey’s version!

      •  just shut up already, we get it, you are an obsessed and obnoxious with your “love” for p2. suck it up.

    • i really never get the casey comparison.  sorry, but casey reminded me of a drunk at a party with a karoake machine.  i never got him.  phil is not karoake.

      • phil is actually good. but casey is better. : i think when p2 performs he looks more drunk than casey :)) though he’s good :))

      • he’s not karaoke because he’s a broken record hahaha

        if u dont want your phil compared to other artists or past contestants, then he better sing songs that havent been performed yet. your logic is sooo despicable!

    •  Like his performance like this, no guitar. Not his best, but definitely good as always.

    • Hey is anyone tired of the judges telling us who should win can’t they just give impartial advice and please stop with the standing ovations. I will vote for who I want

      • I am sick to death of the judges and them being partial to Joshua and Jessica !!!! Are we wasting our time voting? Do the judges already have it fixed?  Makes me wonder.


  9. not sure how i feel about hollie’s song choice.  she sang it well, but it was kind of boring.  she looks nice tonight.  the  end was best.

      • they liked phil and hollie.  not real critical for either.  not a standing ovation for either. for phil jlo compared him to cocker, stevie like him, randy liked it ok, but thought the start was rough.  for hollie they were complimentary…nothing negative.  no standing ovation for either.

      • Judges liked it, actually praising her especially Randy… Like the performance but IMO the impact to the audiences wasn’t that much
        it’s just me though….

    • I agree. The end was best. She sounded kind of shaky at the start til mid. I think her performance last week was better, if not the best.

  10. I think jessica gets the pimp spot!!! Whoooohiooo. TeamBluJays ftw 🙂

  11. Its really nice Hollie sang Faithfully. TOOOOOOOOOO CORNYYYYYYYYY!

  12. I wish all perform great.. But I taking odd on who will get the standing O by the judges..  By the way Holly nailed her first song… Phil did a great job opening up the show.  Should be a great show…

  13. Josh really did great without the “screeching” , toned down, great control … Like it a lot

  14. josh sounds best when he keeps that voice under control.  when he starts screaming it really takes away.  i am not a gospel fan.  he is too sunday morning for me.  every song he does like a pentecostal scream session.  started out nice.  he needs a coach who will be honest with him.  i am sure his fans will love it, but its nothing i would buy.

    • Wouldn’t buy Phillips, same sound on every song cd, so your more than welcome to buy the one I left behind. Phillip doesn’t even come close to what Joshua can do vocally. But enjoy your repetitive cd, cause that’s all it’s gonna be, repetitive, bland and boring….does that explain you Mary?? Ha

        Just a free download of Joshua for you

      • Maybe you won’t buy Phillip’s but maybe you don’t know great music when you hear it,huh? Joshua should go on back to church and sing !!! That is his style with all the screaming.

    • If Joshua’s song plays over the radio in the future, I’d turn my radio off. I can’t stand the screeching voice. I might puke.

  15. finally a song by Joshua that I liked.  Not doing those riduculus screaching runs was nice.  He should always sing that way.  Still not my fav but good job.

    • I agree. He almost do his usual screeching stuff towards the end but he’s able to control it. I liked it too but it looks the judges like him doing his screeches because they did not give Josh an SO tonight. Is Josh sick? He looks tired.

  16. is tommy dressing randy this year?  what’s with randy and the fashion?  he is too young for some of what he has been wearing.  what’s up with the threads dawg?

  17. Goodluck JS…i just watch AI because i’m excited to see you perform..i hope you win!!!

  18. Seriously I LOVE JOSHUA!! You ‘Raise Me Up’ has always been one of my favorite songs.. & all the people that have been hating on him for so called “screaming,” well there you go

  19. Not sure i approve of a 16 yo doing a song like this, but i am old and mean.  jessica sounded nice.  she reminds me of jennifer hudson sometimes..but i think jimmy will be concerned about the age appropriateness of this song like me.  too old folks picking on the kids i guess.  she should do fun songs.

    • I was thinking the same thing once I guessed this was the song she would sing.  I watched Etta James performance and couldn’t believe a 16-year-old would do this…

      • can’t say i enjoyed it.  but she hit every note.  i wish she had better advice.

    •  Jimmy said he will gonna advice JS to sing songs appropriate on your age. What happen to that?

      • Jessica  has been singing for a long time that she learned to sing old songs–that’s why I think she feels more comfortable with older songs.  I think Jimmy listens to their song choices but not necessarily sway them into changing it at the last minute.  I don’t think there are many “youngish” songs that can show her vocal.

      • jimmy forgot all what he said already coz he has…… jajajajaja…jowkin

    • Agree with you Mary, I think Jimmy already mentioned her son choices in the past (some were not age appropriate). 

    • At this point of the competition it would be too risky to pick songs that she isn’t used to singing. I think she’s comfortable with old belter songs and even her pick on contemporary songs they are the types that require powerful vocals. I do agree that she should do fun songs as well  so younger gen can relate to her.

    • That is exactly how I felt…..I know the song and it just was not a fit for her.It almost seemed like a little girl attempted to mimic Etta.It was distracting to me and it did her voice no justice. However,”I am telling you” she was a damn beast,I actually saw Jennifer Holiday sing this live and Jessica could have given her a run for her money.Jennifer Hudson did well with the song also,but Jessica sang this song 10 times better that Hudson ever could. She is still not my favorite but tonight I gave her some votes.That little thing stood still and sung the hell out of “I am telling you” she put everything she had into that song.That called “laying your cards on the table” I swear she did just that. AMAZING!!!!

  20. One of the best I’ve seen in such a long time.” – JLo on Jessica Sanchez… trending. 🙂

  21. Sorry, I just don’t enjoy listening to PP anymore.  I liked him at first, but now I just feel like I am listening to a broken record.  

    • i really don’t get that statement.  every famous singer has their own sound.  frank sinatra, bob dylan, james taylor, you name it, they sound the same.  the other singers try to recreate the sound and arrangment of the biggest hit…phil has his own sound and makes the song his own.  not sure what you mean other than you don’t like his sound.   but the others can almost sound like the original artist no matter how they sound…but why not buy the original artist?  just my not always so humble opinion…but bob dylan always sounds the same…johnny cash always sounds the same, frank sinatra always sounds the same, barbara streisand always sounds the same, paul mccartney always sounds the same…dig that?

      • kenji you are a jessica fanatic…who cares what you think…in fact you no longer think..its a nationalism thing for you.  and you don’t get what i said because you are either too stupid or too bigoted. 

      • They do, but for some reason all of his songs sound the same.  I really liked him for a while.  But it seems all the tones, the style, you always know exactly what his songs will be like.  At least with the others, there is a bit of a variety.  I am not sure how better to explain it. Maybe I see others as being better entertainers?  (Although they all can use some work but will improve with experience.)  As far as which of the 4 I think should win it all, I honestly don’t know.  I no longer have a favorite.  I guess I keep looking for a new fave but I don’t see anything that really impresses me all that much.

  22. that was a nice sound with phil and josh…you think randy is going to car dealership commercials with that jacket?

      • kenji i know you hate me because i am not praising jessica every chance i get.  blah blah blah. 

      • coming from the third world ask me how much i care what you think..  you are part of the racist filipino army…you would not give a tankers damn what jessica sound like if she was all mexican.

      • @Mary oh yeah and we don’t mind YOU over praising Phillip to right ? Psshhh (sarcasm) 😉

  23. can anyone update?what did judges say about the first batch songs??

  24. oh my gosh wake up American Jessica again…. Vote vote for here…. fort he common good…

  25. Am I the only one who thinks the performance order is unfair? Last week Hollie sang first and Phillip sang second. This week its Phillip first and Hollie second. Shouldn’t Jessica and Joshua have filled the first two spots instead?

    • However, Jessica has never been placed on the last spot. All of them except Jessica have been there 🙂

      • I don’t recall Phillip ever closing the show.  I thought that before they started to adore Joshua and Jessica was the “best ever”, she was in the last spot more that once?  I could be wrong, but that is my recollection.

      •  that is so true. Its the first time Jessica landed on the pimp spot. so stop complaining.

      • Rüüt : Phillip had been there once. Phillip-“Superstition” top 13 😀

      • Jessica has sung second to last way more than everyone else this season including last week while Joshua had the pimpspot. They reversed them this week like they did Hollie and Phillip. No matter what its not fair.

    • At this point does it really  make a difference.  People have already chosen their fav and that is how they will vote.    Really has nothing to do with talent.what a shame.

    • Rüüt : Phillip had been there once. Phillip-“Superstition” top 13 😀

    • You should be ready with your phone. The last time Jessica sat on the piano she was eliminated (and saved). I hope this time around it won’t be a repeat of that fate. 🙂

  26. In all fairness all of them did good on the first round. Looking forward to the second round. Go JS!

  27. thankful for fast forward so i don’t have to listen to jessica’s dreadful singing.

  28. summary 1st round
    IMO all 4 AI hopefuls had equal amount of praises from the judges. 

  29. The Judges have swayed the audience so much now it is boring except for Hollie. Now the Judges are trying to get her off so their  fav can win.
    I went to bed rather than watch tonight but can still hear the music. Boring now+ the Judges you need to increase your vocab next year. You say the same thing over and over except ST.  

  30. Have to say the guys duo was better then the girls, but did like the extreme high and low sounds of the girls.

  31. Jessica is soo talented but she sings songs way too mature for her. It makes me uncomfortable. 

      • But this suggests she just copied others’ versions since she likely doesn’t have the life’s experience for this particular song.  She hears the emotion other performers put into the song and tries to imitate.  She needs songs that speak of her own life’s experience, in my opinion.

      • @Ruut:disqus  Every starting singer experienced being compared to a more seasoned artist. In time, they’re able to establish their style and identity.

  32. NOW WHAT?

  33. Argh! That was an unbecoming arrangement for our Diva! As if Felina had the power to nail those high notes! Jessica’s Voice alone made her shine brighter in that somewhat bleak duet!!!!

    • I think he’s having a great time. The people who directed the song  found ways to insert everyone’s style. Outstanding!!!!

  34. Jessica sang a song made popular by Mahalia Jackson in the 50’s. She just reinvented the song for the good of America! What a talent, really…… I can’t wait for her second performance.

  35. The girls duet was awful. The swings, WTF, right out of Lawrence Welk. Idol needs a new producer. Or rename the show, tired old AI

    Phillip has been awesome tonight and Joshua screamed lik always,it’s really getting old.

    • @James, you are so racist with your “screaming” comments about Joshua! I suspect that you are in fact Mary.

    • James, you just proved how much you are musically INCOMPITENT. you pretend to know so much, but you know absolutely Nothing! To say that Joshua ‘screamed’ that song, just proves how much of a nincompoop you are, and also…well I won’t say the other word, as I see someone else already has. Just save us from your pathetic, ill-willed, idiotic clueless posts. You have no idea what true talent is, and I don’t give a damn what names you wanna throw out that your related to, your still an imbecile!!

      • same old comment from you. telling everyone is uneducated now incompetent when we cannot appreciate joshua’s screaming. im sorry to tell you it is screaming for us and maybe music for you. good for you if you appreciate it but stop calling everyone else musically uneducated. if you think you are that great then stop stooping on our level.

    • You make yourself look bad from what you posts. Your easy to read, and people like you are the ones that keep the hate alive in this country. You need Jesus in your life, then maybe you will learn how to be kind to people, ALL people.

    • I agree all the way James !!!!  I am not a racist  and I know great singing when I hear it !! Joshua needs to go on back to church and sing for someone that might appreciate him.

  36. comments to jess…………Randy: “I love the whole vibe, you are 16 and singing Etta James, your vocals are ridiculous. You could sing the phone book, amazing”.  Jennifer: “That was crazy, you are one of the best vocally”. Steven: “I loved it, you just nailed it, you showed the other side of your voice”.

  37. haha…etta james is trending in twitter…..jessica always does this….ai trending queen….:)…steal away also….:)love you jess…

  38. omg…hollie’s performance was so pitchy and low!!! what an amateur!!! she should go home tomorrow!!!

  39. Phil P looks like he does not want to be there. JL loves him but he is Bor.. ing every time! He sounds the same… every.. time.. he… sings!  Maybe the females just love the way he looks and picks up his leg!

    • In the name of SNL
      Jane you ignorant slut. You don’t get it because you don’t understand anything about music

  40. hollie and jessica will take big songs on the 2nd round….. hopefully they’ll do great…yeah…rooting for my 2 girls!!!

  41. OK P2 – 2nd roundhis performance was very smooth, easy and simple…
    Judges loves his performance and showed the musician in him

  42. Phillip had started to lose my attention the past few weeks, but his second performance tonite was really mite have saved him from getting voted off tmrw.

  43. Phillip is an artist, the others are singers. Phillip is brilliant!! Volcano was a song I didn’t know, but can’t wait to download it now.

  44. ok…time to leave.  the racist filipinos have invaded to praise jessica no matter how she does.  we should block ip from the philipines..this is american idol not filipino idol….of course the mexicans have more class they are not here creating the scene.  jessica is a nice young girl with a nice voice and you do her a major diservice with your racism. she is not the best btw, not yet..she is only 16.  too bad you just look at skin and nothing else…you are racist interlopers.

      • yep i hate..and you are objective…where were you last year?  no white or black contestant worth a comment?  you people are a  hoot…lol.

      • yeah right i am the racist… would not care about a white jessica.

      • @Mary
        Okay let me ask you something. Why don’t you like Jessica?
        Your probable answer: “Because I don’t like the way she sings/ she isn’t original/ she’s fake blah blah blah.”
        You reply: WTH I’m not racist, you are because you like Jessica and your Filipino . . .
        Is it hitting you in the head now Mary? Your theory does not make sense!!

    • i’m a FILIPINO..but everytime i do comments on this stage, RACIAL STUFF is never been included. I feel bad whenever i see some co-filipinos bashing other contestant..Its somewhat degrading.

    •  now who’s being racist, im not a filipino but i don’t think you have the right to say that…

    • Wow. What an irony. Your anti-racist statement sounds more racist. I couldn’t imagine you can go this low.

      • yeah angie i am a racists…unlike you..the perfect objective jessica lover who happens to be filipino…yep…you have exposed me…

      • All you can do is speculate and make this nonsense comments. Check my IP if it’s from the Philippines. I wonder if Americans will be proud of you. Better go to Mars.

      • @Maey how is someone racist for liking a person of the same skin color? I see no racism in that.
        OMG that means that if your white and you like Phillip . . .

    • i am not filipino but i think you are the racist one Mary. Why do you go that low? OMG… how old are you? 12? what kind kind of thinking is that? what a shame. stop those comments…. perhaps you were not raised very well……… you should be ashamed.. what a loser!

    • Ahahaha please read your post again and see who is racist! I love P2 but because of you, I will root for Jessica alone 

      • then you don’t love phil…you liar.  why would you vote for jessica but love phil because of me?  you fake ridiculous fool..why do you lie to us?  rachel from manila.

    • look who is talking,are we racists or you are? please, please don’t say the “racist filipin@f4c21ff9e42705df65da1282ccb2d7b8:disqus “.will other americans be happy if I say, the “racists americans”.kindly watch our language, i could probably understand if a teen ager will say that, but i don’t think you are..

    •  mary, i am a filipino but have not supported a fil-american idol bet until jessica came along. it makes me proud she is of filipino descent, that is natural. but music is universal and appreciation of beautiful music is for everyone. instead of being bitter, leave filipinos alone and just do your best to support whoever your bet is.

      • @Mary excuse me ? Any person who has migrated to America as a CITIZEN is AMERICAN !! You probably aren’t really American yourself, your ancestors have most likely migrated to America in a law of events !! So why are you voting ?? Sheesh whatever happened to diversity ? People like you make me embarrass of this human race !!

    • wow mary. you must be a pathetic b*tch. your just so jelous that jessica is beating your poor little philip. honestly i was also a fan of philip, but thanks to you, im not so much anymore!

      and to think u have the nerve to blame everything on philippino people. they just love to support jessica because she is a good singer. you are really racist. maybe we should block voting from old hags like you who obsess over men 30 years younger.

      and fyi, im not philippino. and yes please leave mary.
      We all have our own tastes, but i draw the line when annoying hags like you are all racist. Unfortunately your tiny brain isnt aware that jessica has fans of all races, not just philippino and mexican.

      btw, why are you calling philippinos racist. even if they write comments like “Proud to be Pinoy,” sure a lot of ppl do that, but its not their fault that they love Jessica Sanchez and their race.

      Mary, sweetie, honestly i hope you have a horrible day, you racist!!
      Honey, if you have something to say, please use your brain before you act like a hypocrite calling everyone else racist.

    • Come on Filipinos are not racist ..maybe you have forgotten that several other singers with Filipino descent had joined  american idol the latest being Thia Megia who only landed in the 11th place because we Filipinos were not really impressed  by her performance…but Jessica is different.. she is not even pure Filipino..she has a  Mexican blood but we are rooting for her because of her  singing ability…it’s not everyday that we hear a voice like that and that’s why we are voting for her..not because of the color of her skin. and please stop using racism as an issue.. Jessica is an american citizen having been born in America..she like all the europeans, latin americans, africans and asians are of the same level their forefathers  immigrated to America at one point in the past ..only the  native indians are the true americans..the era of racial descrimation has long been gone.

    • Wow, Mary. That was an all time low. There’s really no accounting for breeding.

      You give us Americans a bad name. Why must you attack people of other nationalities? You are the bigot, Mary.

      And you are the one who is doing Phil a disservice.

    • Mary is showing her age and hate to Asians specially to a filipina girl who is better than her. I saw her type in the 60’s and above. She is just looking at the skin color and face. If one looks asian she hates right away no matter how humble a person is. Jessica is so humble and shy but Mary hates her for her skin color. So no matter what we tell her she will still hates Jessica all the way to her grave. And I hope it is not too far away. We don’t need any “mary” in this world. Anymore.

  45. VOTE for Jessica, don’t forget that! All the way from London. love, Steve Adams

  46. Steal Away was written by an Irish composer by the name of Phil Coulter. It is a story of two brothers escaping from Belfast in Northern Ireland. Mahalia Jackson and Nat King Cole sang it like a gospel song. More popular versions were made by the Fureys, Etta James, Celtic Thunder, Robbie Dupree and Jimmy Hughes. They were all good but Jessica’s version was GREAT! She’s really a genius!

  47. 2nd round- Hollie IMO was struggling but she was able to deliver it…
    judges didn’t really love it… Dynamically short

  48. Dear Mary,

    Phillip’s going home tomorrow, like it or not ….. 

    • so then i won’t have to watch this show any more…and i guess you are a really a fili for jessi…lol…fake jessi should have already gone home.

      • hey biatch

        dont make me sound like those helpless Flops when you just want some good’ol orgy! You old liar! 

        Phillip is just like you, MEANINGlezzzzzzzzzz

      • Wow ! What is with you and your hate for Filipino’s and Jessica Sanchez who also by the way has a FRIGGIN MEXICAN FATHER !! Okay I get you for defending your favorite but I want to tell you something I like to say to people with opinions like you: “If you hate me so much, then stop bringing me back into your conversations . . .”

  49. not too crazy about phil….but he did great in his 2nd song…………i’ll ranked them once the performance finished…(as if it matters)lol….but just for fun…

  50. Didnt like Hollies song choices. Two very boring performance from her. 

    • hey biatch
      dont make me sound like those helpless Flops when you just want some good’ol orgy! You old liar! 

      Phillip is just like you, MEANINGlezzzzzzzzzz

      • i am not sure that was proper english…maybe you should review what you want to say with your english teacher and get back to me.

      • this mary thinks she all just cause she talkin to me just like my 4th grade-desperate teacher…

        excuse me, gurl! I aint buyin you or any of yer crap….

        Phillip is roasted….and yah cant help but admit facts….

        if yah hate mah english…..the hell I care…talk to the freakin hand or get lost! 

  51. this board every week about this time is spammed by filipinos…and they could care less about then performances..its just skin color to them.  really a joke…

    • And you are the biggest joke to mankind. Please leave America. You don’t belong here. Don’t drag us Americans to your hate campaign.

    • mary…you should be the one must be blocked from this blogsite. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

    • Mary you are making assumptions that may not be correct.  If we go with your own analysis, then you only vote for P2 because he’s white.  I’m hoping that’s not true.  

      There are people who like Jessica who aren’t Filipino.  Plus you shouldn’t call people, even Filipinos, racist because they vote for Jessica.  Maybe…just maybe…they like her voice.  Clearly many people do.

    • You’re acting like a kid throwing a tantrum because you didn’t get what you want. GROW UP, will you!

    • You are such a racist person, I never really mention this but I’m Filipino and I am rooting for Hollie, (I have nothing against Jessica) If they do like Jessica because she’s Filipino, then let them be, I find no racism in that…… racism is what you are doing……. 

  52. Volcano is one of my all-time favorite songs. I never thought it would be performed on such a big stage like American Idol — Damien Rice is absolutely amazing.

  53. Joshua jus KILLED that song….the standin o was well deserved. This season of idol is amazing, first year in a while that ive actually watched the whole thing. Josh and Jessica have what it takes to become the next american idol. VOTE!!

    • I agree! These 4 contestants are so talented! That’s the best season ever. Joshua is absolutely phenomenal…such a TREAT every time!! So consistent and powerful. Jessica is amazing too, what a great vocal ability! I also love  Hollie, but tonight her second song was not as good (the arrangement was not great). I think she might be in danger, unfortunately.

  54. Not a fan of Josh last song.. And a Standing O was not justified.. I don’t agree with the judges…

    • A standing O was more then justifies. Je sang that song Better than Jea Browm did, rest in peace, that was witoit a doubt the beat of the might, and one of the best ever on idol It was PHENOMINAL. NONE OTH THE OTHER 3 sound do what Josh does, simply amazing!

  55. Top 13 review:
    Jeremy Rosado, ok live, ok in studio, went home at right time.
    Shannon Magrane, ehh live, great in studio, should have stayed one more week.
    Erika Van Pelt, great live, ok in studio, should have stayed instead of Heejun.
    Heejun Han, ehh live, ehh in studio, should have gone home earlier.
    Deandre Brackensick, ok live, ok in studio, went home at right time.
    Colton Dixon, great live, great in studio, should have stayed longer.
    Skylar Laine, great live, great in studio, should have stayed one more week.
    Top 4:
    Hollie Cavanaugh: should get second or third.
    Joshua Ledet: should get second or third.
    Phillip Phillips: should get fourth or first.
    Jessica Sanchez: should get fourth or first.
    I am pulling for Hollie.
    Jermaine Jones sucks.

    • She  has a pretty large fan base but that is possible.  She will probably be relieved, no more blatant dislike from the judges.  She is so talented and adorable, she will do well.

    • Everyone is at at risk.  I’ll just wait for tomorrow.  There are all amazing.  I’ll vote again…

  56. Dear Mary,

    you are a pathetic girl, if you want to leave then leave, stop being annoying. everyone has their opinions but yours is just damn right nasty. what a shame.

    • I think that Jessica’s fans are sometimes too much, but still I agree with you. Mary is just nasty and that’s not right. We’re all fans here–let’s be nice and enjoy the show, come on!

  57. this mary thinks she all just cause she talkin to me just like my 4th grade-desperate teacher…
    excuse me, gurl! I aint buyin your any of your crap….

    Phillip is roasted….and you cant help but admit facts….

    if yah hate mah english…..the hell I care…talk to the freakin hand or get lost! 

    • well that sounded like a 1990’s black chick…not the filipino girl we know you are.  phil will be more famous in america than jessica..accept it.  jessica might make it, but in a few years…you would not be here unless you had someone of the philipines to cheer for…because you are a racist.  its very tiring…every week you people come here and demand we vote for her..even a fake british voice coach came here and posted telling us to vote for her..its beyond ridiculous…its people insult america…get your own idol and i promise i will never post on any site to do with it…

      • And by the way, these people are not insulting America. You’re an insult to America. I hope you don’t spawn.

      • I don’t think we are insulting america.funny, you are the one insulting america.
        americans have breeding.are you american?

      • at this point, I think it’s ok if “your” Phillip would win.. because Phillip would capture America, Jessica will CONQUER the world of music instead.. nuff said.. can anyone report this Mary to the administrators of this board

  58. guys eyes here!!! vote now dont argue each other who is the best.. if i were u guys VOTE for Jessica that’s it simple..

  59. Jessica for the win! Sorry, but the other three look and sound amateurish. Jess is the breakout star this season! No contest!

    • I agree… From among the 4, only Jessica can sing like there’s no tomorrow. The last performance was the bomb. It’s the right way to end the show. I hope that that ends all doubts about her becoming the next AI.

      • Josha actually had 2 atellar performancea , Jess has one good one. Josh proved tonight he us the most talented singer in AI without question. He was phenomenal, period Josh and Jess fir the finale, the two best singer left!

  60. first set of songs;
    P2:  ok, not bad.
    Hollie:  blew me away, loved it
    Josh:  left halfway through the song to get a snack, was bored with it.  Back in time to hear the trademark screeching.  Snooze.
    Jessica:  not believing that at all.  Keep it right here baba.  Please. 

    Round 1 to Hollie

    Second set of songs
    P2:  Never heard that song and I’m diggin it.  Right on Phillip!  Nice.
    Hollie:  Yes please, turn down the lights.  Stunning performance.  Great job!
    Josh:  Well sung, but just kept waiting for the “Can ya Gimme an Amen”  Whhaaaaa hoooooooo……ARARRRGAEGE oh.
    Jessica:  If you like that bitchy kind of music, I guess well sung.

    Round 2 to Phillip

    P2 and Josh:  shoulda put P2 with Hollie.  Kept waiting for Josh to give P2 a ‘good game’.  Silly pairing
    Jess and Hollie:  Wanted to push Hollie on the swing and Jess off the swing.  Yes, yes, yes, I’m a bit smitten with Hollie. 

    • you know diddy, if you’re a holliepop it’s ok with us but stop being so rude to other idols ok just vote for your favorite

      • rude?  ?Well certainly not intended.  Sorry if you took it that way.  Just a viewpoint.

    • I completely disagree with you. You left during Joshua’s performance? Oy, say no more. You just have no taste in music.

      • Stupid observation.  Put 10 people in a room and you’ll have 10 different tastes in music.   World would be a boring place if everyone was in lock step and all thought the same thing.  Or are you one of those people that always thinks their right? 

    • Jessica was definitely far better than hollie. @Diddy.  Am i right? or are you one of those people that always think their right? :)))

  61. now THATS how u end a show…congrats to jessica. she did amazing on both songs but that last song just proved how much she wants this. In the words of Randy… “shes gotta have it!” Ladies and Gents….i think we have our next American Idol!!!!!!

  62. Wow. So just curious, who did the ‘screaming’ on the first song?? Round one goes to Joshua, and if anybody wants to say joshua ‘screamed’ that song, I’m sorry but your a complete nincompoop! A lot of you people complain about him for not just ‘singing’ a song, so come on, y’all got to give it up for him on that one right?

  63. I love Jessica as much, maybe even more as the next fan. But c’mon guys, let’s all just vote like crazy and not bash! Hollie’s fans do enough of the bashing. 

    • I agree–let’s just vote and vote.   Take our energy to voting for JS

  64. And I’m Telling You I’m not going by Jessica is just over the TOP. Jennifer Hudson and Whitney made it popular and was also a winner in the TV series GLEE. I am now totally convinced JESSICA SANCHEZ belongs to to the class of the GREAT DIVAs! She just doesn’t cease to impress me everytime she sings!

    • Why is it just ‘wow’ when Jessica does the exact same thing as as Joshua does, but when he does it he’s ‘screaming’, but when Jessica does it she’s the greatest singer in the world?? Just replying under your post, but this is for all the Josh haters and Jess lovers. What is with? They both do over the top runs, but Josh is the one people label as a ‘screamer’. Hmm. Just so many hypocrites here it’s ridiculous ! Joshua>>Jessica>>>Hollie>>>>>>>>>>>. Phillip

  65. please please please!!! vote for Miss JESSICA SANCHEZ!!! SHE MUST WIN!!!

  66. Hi, guys. I’m sorry I didn’t watch the show. Could you please tell me what the judges said about the performances? And who got standing O? Thank you!!!

    • Joshua and Jessica each got standing Os for their second songs.  Everyone except Hollie got high marks.  The judges were pretty hard on Hollie.  She’s my favorite, but I didn’t like either of her song choices.  Too heavy and slow.

  67. WOW! JUST WOW! 

    You’re not going My Dear BB Chez! You’re not!

    We have loved you, loving you, and will always love you Jessica!

    Bravo! BRAVO! BRAVO!!!!!!


    • it happens every week…about this time…like i said..coincidence…i think not.

    • hey you ugly racist who sings Hot Problems of Double take..
      shut up… 🙂

    • mary, we all know u love P2.. but honestly.. i know u know bashing other contestants will only cause more hate/ war most likely… 

      like i said let’s stop the bashing and respect other’s opinion……… people… please please please…STOP IT! ISN’T RESPECT NOT IN YOUR VOCABULARIES??? 

    • So did you like the second song, Mary?  I hope you at least enjoyed it even if you are not a JS fan.  I sure enjoyed all the other contestants

  68. so much for the bashing!!! just bash them through your votes….. pls vote for Jessica Sanchez America

  69. “If the audience sees and the judges see what I saw, it could be game over,” Jimmy says.PLS VOTE FOR THE BEST AND WE ALL KNOW WHO IS THE BEST..

  70. That’s the way to end up the show, Jessica! Take a bow, you did a great job…. you got us all hooked on you. May god bless you more, so now it”s time for my fingers to get numb but i won’t mind coz  you deserve it! 🙂

  71. I am crying and having goosies at the same time. I love your performance Jessica Sanchez. Thank you very much.

  72. Just saying I called every singer/song, including the duets. 🙂  Please vote for Hollie–judges don’t come down hard on JS for wrong song choice but pile it on Hollie.  

    • Im a Jessica fan but I hate it when Hollie’s treated like that.  She has a wonderful voice.  Jessica fans, please vote Hollie as well.  I hope these two girls will be the final 2.

    • For whatever reason they do not like Hollie, that is blatantly obvious.   They have always treated her very badly.  They treated Elise the same way.  Jessica has been their choice from the beginning, along with Josh.

      • Sour grapes……how come you didn’t complain when they were so nice to Hollie last week (because she did well!!)  and was mean to Jessica (even if we thought she did okay).    Not the contestants fault…the judges just do what they want to do.  They only stand up for Jessica when she deserves it–the same way that they have done it for Hollie when she deserved it.  BUT for Joshua’s SO..go figure that out.  I could care less.

    • Oh please….don’t pass it on.  I like Hollie but if she didn’t do as good as Jessica don’t fret it and blame it on JS.   They are both good but Jessica just shone more tonight–just like the way they loved Hollie last week when she did a good job!!!  They didn’t love Jessica on her first song choice, remember?  

  73. people dont waste ur time and effort bashing and contradicting what fans say of  their faves..  respect each other’s opinion.. be polite and courteous pls.. just vote vote vote!!!

  74. Place you bets now! I am betting for Jessica Sanchez without any doubt. The flood gates have opened and her detractors are drowning in their own miseries!

      • After American Idol and school she will surely make it up.  Smile 🙂

      • She’s sixteen! That’s a normal size for someone that young at her height.

      • I think Asians/Asian-Americans  just have a naturally slender built. Most Asian-Americans I know are tiny. The Asian-American figure skaters are so tiny and cute. The Chinese gymnasts too.

        Jeremy Lin and Yao Ming are tall but still really slender.

        My roommate at Columbia is Asian American and she can eat anything and not gain a pound. Which I think is not fair. She’s always munching on something whenever we were burning the midnight oil but never gained the freshman 15.

  75. Jessica Sanchez sang BIG and BOLD with EMOTION and with POWER – she IS the BEST singer  of that song “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” !!! Jessica Sanchez IS NOW THE WINNER of 2012 American Idol – regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity – OR votes not cast.  Goose bumps AND shivers AND nothing else mattered when she was singing. She’s gotten better and more confident after each song she’s sung. CONGRATULATIONS Jessica! 

  76. Hollie’s second song was not great – I agree with Steven, it gave her no where to go vocally. Her first song “Faithfully” was amazing!!

     However, it’s not fair that they call Hollie out on her 2nd song, but not Joshua on his first song – he was off and didn’t even sound good when he sang “You raise me up” (he did do amazing on his second song though)!!

    • Jessica and Josh could stand on the stage and lkook cross eyed and the judges would give them a standing o.   I am now pretty convinced that this contest is predetermined at the beginning.

      • Yes, Sandi…they COULD look at the judges cross eyed and get a standing O… because they are the best two singers on the show and that damn good. The show is obviously not predetermined, but if it was, they chose correctly 🙂

      • Haha you’re just jealous they did so well.   But don’t worry, just because they are the best does not mean that they will win.  Let’s see whose fans can outvote the other fans.  They all have a 50/50 chance so don’t sweat it.    Honestly, the other 2 just didn’t perform well enough to get a standing ovation today.  Maybe next time? 

      • you said that right. they WASTED the save on jessica that should have been used for skylar. i read today she signed a recording contract and will move to nashville. she will sell more albums then all top 10 together can….

    • So even though you left it out…by pointing out the others were inconsistent, what you were saying indirectly is Phillip was the only one who consistently performed all night

  77. Hollie looked exhausted tonight. She will probably be going home 🙁 just not the right song choices for her. Still a great singer though. Phil’s 2nd song was great for him. BUT….Joshua and Jessica’s 2nd songs were 2 of the best performances in AI history!!! Joshua and Jessica for AI Finale 2012!!!!!



  79. I want to know what the judges said about “And I’m telling you” by Jessica. Was it good? I can’t find her perormance on youtube. Tell me, please!!

  80. The way I see it, Phil and Jess  equal front runners. Two different styles and voices.. Love them both… Both performance were great. Would pay to see them..
    I liked Josh’s & Holly’s  first song. Not so much their second.. Not slamming here, they are very good. 
    I’m finding these singers on Idol and Voice do a better job singing then the paid performers they have on..

  81. Everyone was really good tonight , BUT
    JESSICA BROUGHT ME TO TEARS WITH HER LAST SONG ! OMG ! What a wonderful Performance ! It looks like
    Jessica and Joshua will be our finalists !

    • I know, right! That was a chilling moment for me! I haven’t got the chance to watch it last night. But…… Wow, I thought I’m gonna sleepy after getting home but when I tuned in to her. From round one to round two—-O_O Gotta watch again and again and again and… How many times am I gonna say this? Hahaha I just love everything about her every performance. True to the heart. 🙂

    • i agree, the way she stood there on the 2nd song and she stared to te audience  and took some breath after… she did very well

  82. Jessica was just amazing. she gave me chills from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. JESSICA FOR THE WIN!!! Vote Vote Vote for Jessica… the true American Idol in my book:)

  83. JESSICA or JOSHUA? Who deserves more the standing O?

    After watching both performances, I have to admit they were both great. But Jessica won for me! LOL.

    • And I have to go with Josh, because he did a better version than The original. Tho Jess was amazing as well, the reason I pull for him over her is that she sounds like many powerhouse female singers out there already, whereas Joshua has a distinct sound and sounds like no one in the industry. They have been the two Best Singers all season, and they are Both really deserving of the title. They are both great, and both will have outstanding careers Also, if either of them won, I’m sure it would really piss James off, and that would be fabulous!!

  84. just vote for your favorite idol..bashing,  arguing and fighting is a NO in this site.. lets make love.. not war…:D

  85.  I always knew that your votes and mine will help this 16 year old Jessica fulfill her dreams. She just showed us how grateful  she is by giving back one of the best performance on AI.

  86.  Jessica’s reviews:

    (And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going by Jennifer Holliday)

    Standing Ovation from the judges.

    Steven – Another winning performance, just over the top, tell me how
    you really feel, how did you feel singing that? that’s what we’re
    talking about, congratulations.

    Jennifer – it’s going to be a great race to the finish, with a
    performance like that there’s nothing to say, you let out so much, I can
    see why you’re so emotional. It was a real moment, that was amazing

  87. jessica is currently in the bottom based on “dialidol” im worried right now 🙁

    • ‘that’s good news~ 🙂 dialidol fails for me for AI, everytime~ 🙂
      Hollie & Skylar top that last week but they’re in the bottom 2. 🙂

      • jessica’s line is busy,its hard to get through..that means millions are voting for here 🙂

      •  kiyoshi, are following PST (Pacific)-you must be that’s why you get a busy tone. Vote at exactly 2-3am EST if I am not mistaken.

    • It  is because lots of her fans are busy trolling and bashing other idols in this site. Just vote and  after voting, bash till dawn.

      • Let’s work harder. Wait for the West Coast, that’s where the bulk pours in.

    • Well last week dialidol completely got the results  backward! They had Skylar on top but then she was eliminated…. Guess who’s at the top right now…. Yes, its Hollie..

    • You cant rely on dial idol…last week P2 was at the bottom and skylar was on the top spot…and yet skylar was the one who went home…..dialidol is not reliable…

  88. she didn’t move because that’s what the song intends! she’ll stay, not going anywhere!

  89. Jessica’s 2nd performance:

    h t t p : / / daily. ly / IZmr3p (remove spaces)

  90. this is not the best time to be complacent!!! pls vote for your idols… VOte for jessica!!!!!

  91. good by joshua, i think the hollering and screaming done you in on the last song. i am afraid hollie will not win it, but hope its between her and phillip. 

  92. Jessica brought down the house! She sings better than any diva i have ever heard in my life.

  93. DialIdol AI Ranking Predictions:
    1. Hollie Cavanagh – 17.338
    2. Phillip Phillips – 16.166
    3.  Jessica Sanchez – 13.411
    4. Joshua Ledet – 12.653

  94. Oh my God, just caught up to my dvr….. Joshua was absolutely phenominal, James Brown eat your heart out. UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE!!!! So freaking talented, and nothing the ‘haters’ say will EVER take that away from him I can even put into words….WOWWWWWW

  95. Breaking News: China now claims Jessica Sanchez is Chinese…. hahahahahahaha!!!

  96. It’s your turn to vote now West Coast…. am done and my fingers are all darn numb and shaking but for Jessica it will be all worth it. 🙂

  97. Those were some pretty awesome performances tonight. My vote goes to Phillip because that’s the music I’d buy, but if I were a Judge, Jessica would get my vote. Hollies first performance was so good, but Joshua won me over tonight with his duet and his final song, amazingly good. I loved it and I didn’t think Jessica could top that performance, I was wrong, she is amazing, blows my mind how good a 16 yr can sing. Wow.

    • Why was Hollie told not to oversing her 2nd song?? That was 1 song that she could have oversang & it would have been much better than the way she sung it……BORING & NON-MOVING! That is the song that you have to get into viewers’ hearts & cant do that if you don’t try & bring the house down! I really like Hollie (even though she isn’t my favorite), but Jimmy screwed her over!!! She may very well be leaving us. P2 is hanging in there, but I feel as though Skylar could have stayed over him. But Jessica & Joshua are naturals & may stay to the finale. Stranger things has happened though. I wouldn’t be surprised if P2 end up in the final two. HOLLIE, YOU SANKED @ THE END, BUT IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT!!!!!!!!  

      • That song wasn’t right for Hollie at all, didn’t allow her to show vocal range at all. She must have daddy issues…just guessing

  98. yes yes,,,,game over……the 2 songs jessica sang,,,,was the clincher,,,,,but next week she will give it all,,,,shes not done yet,,,,she will explode……assuming shes safe tomorrow and she will be,,,,,,soooo. stay tuned…..

  99. WOW!! Jessica have so much support!! If she doesn’t win, there’s gonna be alot of crying going on! She is very good though. Joshua is good too, but I think he may do best singing gospel than any other type of music. With that being said, this may be one of the reasons why P2 may be in the final two with Jessica.

  100. I hope that the 52% who voted for Jessica here also voted in the poll of AI. It will surely make JS  on the top 3. 

  101. OMG…..Joshua did the DANG thing w/ that James Brown song!!! Now you Josh haters chew on that.

  102. And yeah right to this poll shown; talk about a complete disparity in the votes!!!

  103. Getting 52% from a sample size of 4,637 (or is it still going?) voting public gives an ominous sign of what the outcome will be of AI 2012. There is a clear winner already, don’t you agree?

  104. OMG!  Jessica singing”And I am Telling You” is phenomenal. Singing that song standing up without even holding her stomach or bend a litle bit is rare to see artist sing this song.  I am amazed of her huge talent.  The last note holding her breath for 12 seconds after high notes is unbelievable.  WoW! She is a STAR!!!!

    •  Yes! I agree with you. Sustaining that last powerful notes for several bars or so, is not easy. After belting out high notes and some good growling here and there, she ended that performance with that powerful last note. It’s funny you counted it 12 seconds. I was so awed and mesmerized with her performance i failed to count. It is a long time coming but she really deserve the standing ovation, which she was not given the past weeks.

    •  I watched the replay. I counted the last note of her song. Jessica’s last note lasted for four bars and a beat. It is a 4/4 time signature song so it has 4 beats per bar or measure. it means she sang and held that high note for a total of 17 beats. and i mean she sang and not screamed that last note. hahaha! an amazing singer indeed!

      • So she sings high notes, and Josua screams?? The comparisons between the two by some of the people on this site are laughable. You can’t label one a ‘screamer’ and the other a beautiful high note singer. They are both brilliant in their high octaves, neither of them ‘scream’, it’s called range. By the way, Joshua hit a phenomenal high note as well, which if you measured tone and octave, would actually be bigger than jessica’s, maybe not held as long, but definitely higher.

        Zander, this wasn’t necessarily directed towards you, I just replied under your post to give props to Both Jess and Josh. 🙂

  105.  no george, Hollie is good , Jess, keep on forcing his voice , not that good.please ,either Philip or Hollie

  106. Joshua is good but when he sings he always singing as a choir  and  he is shouting and over reacting. I like Jessica to be the next American Idol winner….

  107. Phillip and Josh were the best tonight.  Josh was a show-stopper…he has range, and he can sing, and clearly he is a performer.  Hands down they all have extreme talent; however there are a lot of people who can sing, the thing is can they perform.  Josh and Phillip #1. 

    Its sad because Jessica clearly has the strongest voice of everyone, yet her confidence seems to have faded after the bottom three mix-up!

    • Maybe I’m not reading your right. ‘Sad because Jessica has the strongest voice of everyone?’

      She mowed down the competition boy / or gurl. 

      What exactly do you mean?

  108. all i can do now is to pray…and hope that hollie and jess will be safe for tomorrow’s elimination…..all 4 of them gave good account of themselves…….but hollie and jess are my favorites…….what i thought of their performances……

    p2- his first song, i honestly liked it, because he doesn’t looked bothered at all, I always find it hard to watch p2 sometimes because, he seems to feel uncomftable or something, but in that song(without his guitar)… he sounds so relaxed and really enjoying what he’s doing, then his 2nd song…. just………….beautiful…… very simple…but really soothing to my ears….

    hollie- I certainly will agree that she’s not the best tonight, but this girl definitely deserves a spot in the top 3..her resiliency makes me love her and the way she carries herself…. you can’t just help but love this girl more…. not much to say about her performance…. it was an offnight for her…a

    joshua- the thing with him is the same with deandre…joshua’s performances are very polarizing…it’s either, you love him to death or you find him annoying….. and he has proven that, most of the viewers love him more than hate him…and his 2nd performance although there were very very high notes and shouting??? (but in a good way)…… i really think he can go straight to the finale…..

    jessica- my jaw just dropped………and i am telling you……..hahaha…. no movement just standing still, dealing with pressure and emotions but keeping herself, intact on that stage???? homerun baby…….she just showed us that she really is a teenager..after the performance, when she almost cried because she was keeping herself composed and calm….. i can’t help but really admire this baby….arguably the best of the night…(between her and joshua’s 2nd performance) and i guess she clearly won the first round…..

  109. Josh is super great…this guy can sing, he can perform and clearly he has prepared himself to connect to the song each week.  Joshua comes out and performs, not just sing.  I had stopped watching American Idol live shows, because it was so redundant, each year.  This year I continued to watch because of the level of talent that was on the stage.  These guys can really sing, and they all deserve to be here.  The question, that everyone should genuinely asked themselves is, Who’s concert would you pay to see?  The answer would be Joshua!!!!  I don’t want a maybe concert, Now grant it Phillip can sing and he has great stage presence; however I would have to see who else is performing with him to go to the concert.  Buy his CD absolutely!!! I would buy all of their CD’s. 

  110. Jessica took a risk to share her heart with ALL ages because she is in love with the art, MUSIC!!!  She is the voice of many perspectives: teen, woman, young adult,  Filipino, Hispanic/Mexican (whatever you see), gentle, but powerful exposing all of her, hopeful for all males and females to see that anything is possible if you go after it. 

  111. Jessica was over the top last night ! As Randy would say ; She’s in it to win it ! And be the first contestant to be voted off by Americas vote and come back to win the Crown as America Idol ! Enough said,

  112. if your looking for an artist people would want to go see it’s got to be phillip i don’t know anyone that would want to go see jessica,joshua or hollie as they are just too boring. they are all good at what they do but the only one that would be worth going to a gig to see is phillip phillips as he is an original artiste. holla

    • I think Phillips is the most boring contestant since top 7. I don’t care about him. I don’t listen to him ’cause I’m too tired of his monotone performances (always the same). He doesn’t deserve to win.

  113. jessica is the all out favor to won we need a california girl in there is time

  114. the 3 judges are selling joshua ledet too much with those standing ovations that it turns me off…. i actually need to turn down the volume of my TV set because the screams of joshua gives me a headache.  the judges need to be more objective. they look so obvious.

  115. Jessica, Jessica, Hooray!  You are the best!  We hope and pray that you will win!

  116. For the talent aspect Joshua should win…..Jessica is real good…..but overall Joshua should take first

  117. Jessica’s performance last night was awesome.  She proved she can belt out all types of song.  More power to her.

  118. good by josha…. all the screaming will end for you this season . jessica next week will be your week to say good by…

  119. I don’t think it’s right for the judges to get stand up and praise certain people. It’s like they are telling people who to vote for. Sit down judges and let America decide who to vote for.

  120. Sorry….love Joshua….think Jessica sings nice but, hate the screaming….She’s a very annoying girl….and her ego could be slapped down a bit….she’s boring zzzzzzzzz………But, Hollie should go home 🙁
    First night the judges did not declare her the winner, which was an interesting turn of events……….

  121. I dont like Josh singing style to old fashion, but Jessica woy Jessika Sanchez is DIVA.WOY

  122. Holly is bad version of PiaToscano, Philip is ok but not that strong , Josh is too much old style more like a church singer , JESSICA is the best she can sing anything , but no one could sing what she did last night WOY

  123. Love American Idol. Phillip  and Joshua are the best of this years bunch. Lets hope America gets it right. Well done guys. I live for Thurs/Frid in Australia. Bring on the finals 

  124. Can you tell hollie that she is really talented and I hope that she wins
                                             ps jessica you are the wearst singer in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Jessica’s army of fans will fight till the end! I hope Hollie’s army will consolidate behind Jessica, the only female left to fight for a female winner!

  126. They are all so good – but I think that the final three will be Joshua, Philip and Jessica. 

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