American Idol 2012 Top 4 Week Ratings

American Idol 2012 Top 4 live

American Idol 2012 seems to be settling in to a ratings pattern as we approach the big season finale on May 23rd. As we saw last week, the Wednesday night Top 4 performance show dropped in viewership while the American Idol results show picked up a bigger audience.

Wednesday’s live performance show has steadily been losing roughly 200,000 viewers a week for the past month which settles it in at 16.4 million this week. Sure, there’s nothing shabby about over sixteen million people tuning in to check out your show (and, more importantly for FOX, your ads), but the steady decline isn’t a good thing especially when the performances are, in theory, supposed to be getting better and better. Again I’ll say I think they should narrow these performance shows down to an hour, but that’s not going to happen this season.

Thursday’s results show are the good side of the ratings news for American Idol 2012. After climbing more than half a million new viewers last week Idol saw a smaller boost this time around with 15.6 million viewers tuning in to watch Hollie Cavanagh’s elimination.

There are only four more episodes in American Idol Season 11, so be sure to get your fill before it’s gone again.

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  1. Real fans watch both nights. Others don’t have to watch Wednesday night because it is all recapped the next night.

    • Some people don’t have 3 hours each week to watch TV.¬† I love the show but I can not spend 3 hours to watch each week.¬† Next season I hope they really consider cutting the shows to 1 hour each or I will not even start watching from the beginning.¬†

      I tape Wednesday night since I have standing plans on Wednesday’s so I don’t get to vote and I do not complain if I don’t agree since I don’t vote.

      I love the judges!  They are so much more positive than previous years!  I am a big  J Lo fan!! 

  2. Yes, they could very well make some of the shows an hour. Same with DWTS when it gets towards the end. And put the results show of both shows on at 8 pm. Then the finale shows would be over at ten instead of 11.

  3. I hope the finale gets about 20 million+ viewers! chances are, it will, the Season Premiere got about 22 million, hopefully the finale will top that!
    God, I miss the days when 30 million viewers used to tune in!!!
    Anyway, the talent is really strong this year, people should be watching Idol at this stage! Let’s generate some word-of-mouth, people! #idol

    • I disagree. ¬†the talent this year is good. ¬†It’s not great. ¬†There really isn’t a “star” this year. ¬†Adam Lambert set that bar pretty high. ¬†And never mind that he didn’t win, that’s just politics/religion. ¬†The real winner is decided “In The Aftermath”. ¬†JHud. Daughtry, Pickler etc. have proven that the winner doesn’t always come in first place. ¬†Also, many people have lost interest because they realize that their votes don’t mean anything. ¬†If they changed the voting policy, many fans would return.

      • Templar, I totally agree!!¬† ADAM set the bar very high. And his career is doing great. He is making lots of money!¬† I love ADAM. And I always will. I have not seen him live in concert. But a friend of mine has. And she said he is just awesome in real life too. Also the ones you mentioned are doing real good too. And they were not even winners. You hit that one right on the head!!¬†I love what you posted. Did you notice most of the old commentators are not on this blog anymore? Have a great week end.

      • @ab4f75a5875324636e43c87efb2ba878:disqus¬†Hi, Sherry. ¬†Thanks. ¬†I do miss Phyllis and some of the others. ¬†I believe when their personal favorites are eliminated they stop watching, voting and posting. ¬†My faves are gone, but I didn’t have anyone I was wild about this year, so it’s OK. ¬†

      • ¬†I agree with Templar!¬† After seeing Lauren and Scotty as the last 2 standing last year, I think a lot of people were over it!¬† I realize Scotty has done well, but that doesn’t mean that most of mainstream America weren’t annoyed to have 2 country singers in the finale.¬† And I have noticed that very often, the best do NOT win.

  4. American Idol should be playing the song “Bye Bye Miss American Pie” at the beginning of their broadcast each week.¬†

    The “American Pie Syndrome” is felt by each contestant’s fans each time a contestant is ousted.¬†

    Just like in 1959 after that tragic plane crash that resounded like “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World”, when a viewers favorite leaves the show a lot of us tend to lose, if ¬†just for a short period of time, ¬†a tiny bit of appreciation for American Idol and for music itself. Fortunately for most that feeling is short lived.¬†

    Music is a universal language that spans cultures, races, religions, countries and continents as evident by the fandom of this website alone. Music holds the key to shaping our emotional status and in such a way that it can greatly impact our approach to the world as we head out on any given day to conduct our lives. 

    A lot of people lost their “Idol” on that fateful September day and never regained the level of appreciation for music that they had prior to that date. For many the music (any music) was just a painful reminder of those who had been lost and it takes some time to get over that feeling.¬†

    All of these contestants come into our homes by way of our TV sets but they also enter our hearts and minds and we grow to love them as if we have known them all of our lives. That’s what music does to us whether we like it or not and that is why emotions run so high on this site and all around the net where the subject is concerning American Idol.

    For many people, the day that their American Idol leaves the show, is “The Day the Music Died”.¬†

    Happy Mothers Day to everyone who is and everyone who has a mother. I guess that would be an all inclusive wish wouldn’t it? ¬† ¬†

    • Taymaro, Your comments about Buddy Holly’s plane crash made me wonder if Idol ever did a salute to Buddy Holly’s music? From what you have written about music, I think music is an important part of both of our lives. It is music that keeps me watching this and other similar reality shows. Even though my favorite may be voted out early or may not win it all, I continue to watch because I love music of all genres. When Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, Jim Croce, and others died in plane crashes, I did not stop listening to music. They can’t be replaced, but neither for me can music. So for those who stop watching, it is more about the performer than about liking music. We can’t all have what we want, even a happy Mother’s Day. For me, the music got sadder in December 2011–the day my mother died.¬†

      • Sorry for your loss. My mother also passed suddenly in 1993 at a very young age, so I feel your pain. Not so recent as your loss but I feel I should have had more years to spend with her so the bitter feelings still fill my heart.¬†

      • Reply to Taymaro: Thanks for your kind words. This has been a difficult day. I don’t really believe the saying, “Time heals all wounds.” Time just makes some things less painful and more bearable. Sorry to read that you didn’t have more years to spend with your mother. Thanks, again.

      • Im leaving on a jet plane. Dont know if Ill be back again. Oh Donna. What about other musicians lost tragically? Does Millie Vanillie count? What about Eddie Murphy or even Don Johnson¬†their musical careers went down in flames too metaphorically speaking of course.

    • This isn’t a Japanese variety show. Why not let them battle the final 5 in MT Moriyama like Ninja Warrior. Pie in the face? seriously?

  5. Ratings may drop but votes are surprisingly growing in numbers but I am sure the finale will surely bring back huge viewership.

      • lol…………thought of an adverb actually but it was the very first word that came to my mind¬†anyway hehehe……..yup I should have used some appropriate word……….what do you think should be?…….thanks anyway.

  6. This is the hardest  Idol to choose from!!  The last 8 was  very hard to pick from!! Got harder by each week!!! can we have the last 3 IDOLS?????    Good luck to all 3!!

    • @ Ricky, I agree with you! All three of these great kids are equally talented! And it is really difficult to pick a favorite. Or at least it is for me. I like all 3 of them. Which ever one of them wins I will be truly happy for them. Like you I say ~ Good luck to all 3!

    • i bet he will have to let out one or two of them screams and will get the judges giving in standing o’s..¬† the best is gone skylar and hollie. skylar will sell more albums then ¬†the¬†ALL ¬†the top ten together..

      • Skylar is good but you can see more of like her in Nashville, TN and in the part of the south singing in bar and small venue. Hey, I travelled a lot and listen to every kind of music. From instruments, alternative, reggae, religious, r&b, soul.

        One time I was in the middle east, I bought a CD that some of the songs are in English and some are in Portugese. I just love love the sound and listen to it even I didnt understand what it was saying. Then I met a Portugese that told me that the song had a beautiful meaning. The same thing when I was in Taiwan, I bought a CD coz they sound so beautiful and someone told me, the songs was sang by a Hongkong Superstar.

        Remember, our movies and musics are also selling overseas and most of them dont listen to country songs.

        Hollie is good but sings the current songs which have limited impact than what kind of musics that Jessica can sing. Yes, young people can relate to it but what about the older people. What Jessica can sing targeted an older audience but will be appreciated by younger ones too. Maybe by not you but I know a lot of 12 years old and younger also appreciates her talents.

  7. The audience has stopped watching because we all know what will happen. Phillip will be praised for his “uniqueness” and sexy ways….. I admit, he is hot! But……. Joshua will be placed on a spiritual pedastal because every week the judges give him a standing ovation because they say he takes us to a place that is unexplainable…. which ultimatlely sounds like a subsequent tag to a sequel to Star Trek….yes, the guy sings damn good, but C’mon…. it is getting boring to watch! And then there is “the one that got saved”, Jessica. Although, the girl has some pipes and is a great vocalist, the audience is tired of hearing the same ol’ thing… “wow, this girl is 16!” Yes, we know! But she still has to be loved by the American People….hence, their “Idol”…. so, ask yourself….. out of the 3 left, who is your Idol? Well mine was Hollie because she took the worst criticisms and still fought to the end. Not to mention, that girl can sing her butt off! If she was “trained” like Jessica to sing her songs with “runs”, the technical term….Hollie would have blown Jessica away…. in the end, all 4 will have a recording contract with someone….. it was a great season!

    • Hollie is already¬†singing too since she was young. She said in the interview that singing is what she wanna do and would like to sing the current songs but she is not like Jessica Sanchez who has a clarity in voice. Listen to Hollie if you¬†are really a music listener, Hollie is always pitchy and cannot control her voice. Most of the times she¬†raised¬†her voice too much that its seems powerful.¬†¬†I like her too but I think she stayed this long because people think¬†she was underdog and she is pretty. Hollie dont wanna take a challenge, she only played in safe zone.¬†Do you think Hollie can sing the National Anthem that powerful in a big venue. I doubt it, Jessica is already booked to sing the National Anthem in Washington for Memorial¬†day¬†a week ago. If someone invited to sing the National Anthem in this kind of event¬†you must be a good singer with powerful voice. I believe Jessica will be singing in the future in one of the most watch sports in the world which is NFL. Watch that day, it will come…

    • Correction please, Jessica has NO TECHNICAL TRAINING. What she has is NATURAL TALENT. Please enough with the bashing.

      • Not true. She has been groomed like toddlers in tiaras since age two. She is very much a musical diva whose parents have signed up for jsut about everything including lots of karokee. She’s ok not bad but she’s boring. And dressing her up way beyond her age wont overcome that.¬†Great nightclub singer probably ¬†going to sell lots of records in the overseas Asian market but here boring.

    • @e091077d5771abf3314dcf5cdf79be0c:disqus¬†just because she’s been singing since two, does that equate to technical training? your intellectual level is amusing! i don’t know about any nightclub singers (unlike you, i don’t frequent nightclubs), but it’s funny that a lot of singers/producers (jennifer holiday, akon, tommy mottola, jennifer hudson,jesse mccartney, richard marx, colbi caillat, mary j blige, just to name a few) have been praising a ‘nightclub-singer-wannabe’. it’s because of people like you (pathetic losers) that champions are made (there will be no champions without losers). i hope your intellectual capacity can fathom this. ¬†

      • To MagicJack, I totally disagree with you. I listens and¬†buy¬†all kind of musics, alternative, reggae, pop, r&b, instruments. I love watching all kind of show,¬†concerts, plays, broadways and singing competitions. I dont drink or smoke but I love going to bars, lounges¬† just to amuze myself listening to music. I even watch people singing/dancing on the streets.

        Listen to all these contestants without knowing how they look. Just listen… Everyone of them sounds the same who sings in bars, nightclubs and lounges¬† except for Jessica Sanchez. Hey, her talents is RARE. You dont see it a lot even in Superstars. I have listened to their songs over and over again, Jessica’s voice is so flexible and can sing variety of songs. I dont know, something with her that catches me even she was just standing by herself alone on the stage and not many contestant cant have that. I dont think she is boring, Her charisma is in her voice, mesmerizing.

        The way she dressed up, honetly I like it and I didn’t find¬†her dress in “Proud Mary” too much. In my opinion I like it.¬† I think she’s the contestant that dressed up well in the show.

        Hey, I love music so I love listening to all of them and they are all great. But this is a singing competition.¬†In singing competition, there should be a sets of criteria, like 50% vocal, 20% clarity, 15% perfomace and 15%audience impact.¬†Vocal and clarity, I’ll give her a high score. that I listen to some of the contestants, most of the time I dont understand the lyrics. Everyone can sing current songs that most people can relate to, but like I said, this is a singing competition, you measure them by their ability to sing. Tell me if anyone in the contestant who can sing an unfamiliar song but still sound so beautiful. But¬† when she¬†sings it, splendid.¬† Joshu is one that can sing an old song and still can sing it well. He is a great perfromer and singer¬† but when he tries to play his vocals¬†it would sound not so well. Jessica is the only one¬† has the capacity, ability¬†to sing and play with her vocals and still sounds beautifully and you dont see her style in many superstars.

  8. after 11 seasons i think this is by far the best…first time i’ve been moved to vote! the top 10 were awesome and the final 3 are the perfect finalists as they each appeal to very different voters. any one of them could be idol and each will definitely be stars once it’s over. i think joshua should win since he’s been the most consistent. i can appreciate jessica’s talent but not my kind of music (she’ll probably win since she’ll most likely get hollie’s votes now) so, i’m voting phillip phillips since it’s his music i want to listen to and his music i want to buy.

  9. allowing 50 votes on the computer is pure BS. Not sure I will watch next season at all due to the way the voting is done. Not honest or fair   Either the judges them selves should do voting or just actual audience in the theater should do the voting.  For sure  no one should be allowed 50 votes per computer. Revise the voting viewers will return.

    • Why 50? that’s so lame. Why not one per IP, one per phone #, one per facebook. Thats more sensible. Why not let ATT run the presidential vote tally. 600M votes. Greater than the population? DOH!

  10. Jessica is the winner for the judges and they saved her once, they will make sure she will win because behind doors they are the one choosing, that’s my take on it!¬† like they say” it hasn’t been any girls winning this passed 4/5 years now you know who’s gonna win…thank god there is people out there who will buy cds to let them know how awesome they are…but I will not be watching next year contest.¬† The judges are very disappointing to me..where is Simmons and his real criticisms?¬† All we heard this passed month was the same week after more American Idols for me unless the judges are changed!

    • Honestly, I hate the show for using Jessica for their own advantage. Everyone knows she was that good and check the percentage of each contestant, her percentage was way above the rest. When she was voted off she still had the highest votes. They used her because she was young. But who can stop her from winning the AI.

      Sorry to say but I have seen a lot of Philip Philips in bars and lounges. He sound the same and the telents are limited. Remember, singers and musicians have different genre. He is a musician but not a singer.

      Joshua, he is so great performer but his capabability is limited to.

      Yes, we have already divas but where they are now? Some of them retired or around but prioritized their families and Whitney is gone.

      Hey, wheather you accept it or not, no one like Jessica who can sing that powerful. Some contestants are great but limitedand  can never sing the hardest songs that Jessica can sing.

      Sorry, but thats the truth.

      • She can yell. She’s ok. She is no Rihana. She would be great in vegas as a lounge singer. Or on tour in Manilla with Jasmine Trias. She again is no Adele and is not even a Rihana. Even Curt Cobains wife Hole sounded better.

      • Oh Hell No. Jessica is no Whitney! Not even as good as Jodi Watley. And dont compare to some of the other greats like Irene Cara. She’s not even as good as Lea Salonga-Chien. She’s ok but more of a lounge singer than a trully exceptional artist at this time. Maybe with some seasoning over time. Sorry Jess baby but you just dont ring the bell.

      • Sorry kiyod and Roger. I watched shows in Vegas and seen Lea Salonga’s broadway performaces. They have different genre but no comparable. You guys are out of the line. Jessica is competing with the other contestants not with the people you are mentioning. You guys are weird, you dont know when to criticized.

      • Kiyod and Roger,¬† I watched Lea Salonga’s “Miss Saigon” in New York tha’ts why I knew she was a Filipina. Are you guys in the Philippines right now? You guys sounded different from the Filipinos I know in this country. Are you guys¬† denied a US visa or not able to travel overseas. Both of you sounded so envious and jealousy in your writing. What a shame on the Filipinos I know.

  11. I watched Chris Mann’s sang You Raise me Up from the Voice and compared it to Joshua Ledet’s who sang the same song It never stood out or rose to Chris Mann’s level and yet got only third place on that competition, so why should it be Joshua and Philips was just a mediocre. ¬†Jessica Sanchez out sang ¬†and out shine them all. Inspite of it all few people can sang what Jessica sang. ¬†¬†

    • Merceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Please it’s obvious you are voting for her because you share the same nationality. Ok I get it. But she’s not the second coming. She’s mediocre. She’s not even as good as Charlotte Church who has a very special market appeal. She’s another Jasmine Trias. Please!

      • Sorry Jack ¬†you were wrong, I have never voted anybody even up to now. ¬†Hope you will understand range of their voice. ¬†Good luck to your choice.

      • Not to fuel the nationality card but it’s true. An Asian AI winner would open a new market. Too bad for Hejun. They will force a girl winner this year.¬† The almight dollar is more valuable than the truth.

      • Hey Magic Jack, I dont think Filipinos vote for her because she is Filipina. Because I don’t find her Filipina in the begining, she looks more latin to me. The Filipinos I know here in Massachusetts vote for her because they find her talents great and not because she is one of them. Look at you, I guess you are¬†one of the small percentage of ¬†jealous and envious Filipino who can’t be happy of someone’s success.¬†

        You have to make a choice in your life Magic Jack, be happy that someone from your race is going to be the next American Idol or be alone complaining while the rest of your people celebrating….

        I think, I will celebrate with the rest of the Filipinos coz they cook great food…yummy…yummy

      • Way to go MagicJack. I got sick of people saying how good Jessica was. The poor darling could sing good. But she had 0 personality. Which as a performer must have!!. Take ADAM Lambert for example. If he controls the show and keeps it at a level where some little kid is not going to see something naughty, his public persona is great for being a great entertainer. Phillip Phillips had a good personality!! And he¬†was bad sick. he will be having kidney stone surgery shortly. Get well soon Phillip. You are going to have to cut that first album.

  12. I want Jessica to sing I surrender. I’ve heard her sing it before when see was younger I want to see what she does with the song now. Please

  13. This was a terrific season, great selection of contestants and great star guests.  Randy, Jennifer and Steven are terrific, best ever.  They really know how to selcet great singers with potential.  Just look at last years and this years.  Good job.  It will be sad if Jennifer does not return, it will be a great loss to the show!!!

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