American Idol 2012: Top 4 Results Show Tonight

American Idol 2012 Joshua Ledet Top 4

Tonight on American Idol 2012, we find out which of the Top 4 did enough last night for America to send them on to the Top 3 and to their hometown celebrations.

Unfortunately, one of the final four will be going home without the celebration. Will it be Hollie Cavanagh? Joshua Ledet? Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez? We’ll find out tonight.

Also tonight the American Idol Season 7 winner David Cook is set to perform “The Last Song I’ll Write For You” and judge Jennifer Lopez will perform “Dance Again.” In case you missed her previous debut of the song earlier in the season you can catch up and watch the video below to get ready for tonight’s live version.

Check back later for the live Top 4 elimination and for a complete recap of the American Idol results show.

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      • I have a very weird feeling that it’s gonna be jess… hope I’m wrong…

    • Yes, it should be Hollie!   I predict PHILIP the winner  Remember the two
      David’s Finale- We all thought David Archuleta would win!!

      • I agree with you Robert, Phillip is great. I love him and his little thing he does with his legs when he’s singing. Jessica does have a good voice, but….. she’s singing like she’s alot older than she is.

      • that’s what we call “versatility” you are in the competition bro, she cannot sing ” DO , RE MI ” >

    • You’re wrong about Jessica but right about Hollie going homeas a matter of facts  SHE’S GONE NOW

  1. Im a skylar fan, in my previous posts, i siad i will wair for tonight’s show before i give my judgment as to who i will be giving my votes. For me 2 stood out tonight – joshua and jessica. But i found myself giving my votes to jessica last nighy. When skylar was still around i was hoping for an off night for jessica. I never realized that i will be voting for her. Well i did. Hope she gets thriugh the top 3. I think she deserves it. 🙂

    • But Skylar is really good friends w/ Josh, vote for him lol..jk I’m not trying to sway votes lol

      • skylar does not need” american” idol. she is on her way to the top anyway. the judges knew they wanted jessica and josha a long time ago. thats the reason they WASTED the save on jessica……….

      • Skylar is the winner no questions asked and will do better without American idol this year it’s screwed up didn’t even finish watching it this year:(

    • she deserves to win, Jessica is the only contestant that could really sings from the heart. win or lose Jessica has a huge career waiting for her, even the GREAT JENNIFER HOLIDAY is praising her voice now after she hears Jessica sang her BIG song…

    • What Jessica deserves is to go home and grow up !!!! Joshua needs to go on home also. He is way to cocky and thinks he cannot be beat with all the help from the judges !!!!

  2. Looking forward to David Cook..not looking forward to Jlo and her boyfriend. Ugh.
    I have a feeling it’s going to be Hollie and Jessica in the bottom 2.

    • I have the same feeling that it will happen tonite.  They have  the best vocals in the competition, just wondering why other people can’t see it.  Anyway, they might have other reasons and they just want to support their idols like we do for Jessica.  I am glad Jessica had shown that she can nail those big songs no matter how hard they are.

      You made us proud Jessica.

  3. Okay, I’m trying to come up with a way to put this. I’m not being racist. I’m just curious. Were all of you from the Philipines American Idol watchers before Jessica?
    I have never seen the comments section so full of mean spirited people. Heejun is Asian..I didn’t see all of this nonsense for him. However, he’s Korean. Is it the people from the Phillipines that make the difference? Idon’t see Hispanics coming on here and yelling at people either. What is the deal?

    • OMG! I agree, I was watching Josh’s videos and some of her fans went out of their way to hate on his page.. And I have heard from others her fans are the meanest and always put others down..I don’t understand. She’s not my fav but I don’t put her down.  But I’m not sure 

      • Jessica’s fans want Joshua in the finale.

        It doesn’t make sense otherwise. Only the BEST must remain.

    • Pally … you’re girl is on the block. 

      Don’t pick fights with anybody please. This is not about race. It can’t be helped that your girl is losing the contest. People win, people lose.

      Hollie has edged Skylar and she has over-achieved in my honest opinion. It’s Hollie’s time to go.

      • Uh Sukiayaki..if you have been paying attention..I’m a Phillip fan. I am NOT the one making this about race.  Just look at the posts..and they’re mostly from people that don’t live in the USA.

      • At Pally … Phillip, Hollie fans … they’re all the same to me. I would appreciate you better if you were a Joshua fan. All the others are … forgettable.

        Joshua … Jessica … dream finalists. Anything else would be arguable.


      • Sigh. It’s like a broken record. Please stop with that stupid word hater. It’s overused and boring. The only thing I have said about is Jessica is she is too young and I don’t like that kind of music. She doesn’t connect. I have said she has talent.  I haven’t called anyone a loser, dork, or said to bash their face in because they like her.

    • I am hispanic and absolutely love Jessica,,Joshua also has a remarkable voice..Holly hasa nice voice and I think she should be safe ,,not saying she will but I personally think it is Phillips time to go..talented young man but out classed this week..just my opinion.

      • See, Yolanda…there’s the difference in your post and the filipino posts. You state your favorite without having to bash the other contestants.

  4. jessica’s fans keep bashing the other contestants….NOT GOOD…NOT FAIR…

    • Frankly … you bash a lot. Jessica’s fans don’t need to bash because she got the goods ! Comprende?


    • Don’t generalize all Jessica’s fans. I am not bashing other contestants.. Are you trying to influence others not to vote for her? Duh!

    • @942a38f077c022748f8109fe4e097aa4:disqus …ONCE AGAIN..WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WORLD

  5. I hope JLo’s performance is just a little less racy than the video.  I hear she ensured her toosh for $500,000.00. Maybe she is going to try and prove it’s value tonight.

    I look forward to hearing David Cook’s performance although I think the wrong David won that year. Nothing against Cook but I was pulling for Archy all the way!

    • I was totally pulling for David Cook and my poor daughter was for Archy. Rought night at our house. Our DVR stopped because the show went over and we missed who won! lol

  6. Jessica should be safe bc she did good & she had “pimp spot”.. I also think Josh should be a 100% safe b/c he KILLED it..also Mary J Blige tweeted that she voted him and sent out his # as well and told ppl to votes, she has 2 mill followers..Gabrielle Union retweeted MJB’s tweet & she has 500,000 followers, so I feel like that mike spike some votes. But Phil has that girl vote so its anyones game.

    • Phillip has the votes of real americans because he is a American Idol. He is a clean cut southern boy and deserves the votes he gets.He also is the very best singer !!!

      •  Excuse me , your boy can’t move on stage all he does is twist his legs and make faces so he can hit the high note

      • AGAIN..not every artist has to have a 4 octoave range to be successfull. You have opera..and you have rock. almost all musician smake funny faces when they sing. Maybe Jessica doesn’t because she’s
        just imitating Beyonce and singing without any feeling.

  7. No one knows whos safe / not safe at this time except for the production people, ’til tonight after Ryan announce it who will be leaving us. Who knows maybe ur idol fav is the one leaving, so dont celebrate yet.

    • Are you the same Travis with Katrina H? If you are then … I have issues with your adobo recipe.

      If not then …. just ignore me please.

  8. At this point noone is safe. Sometimes i do think the show is rigg’d, kinda seen it coming to light once colton got voted off. But if it is really up to the voters i believe hollie and phillip in the bottom 2 tonite. Jessica and Joshua had very good performances last nite. I think all of them will have a good career in the music industry tho. (in my mind the next AI is Jesssica!!)

    • I think from the top 7, Colton Dixon down to the AI grand winner will have a promising career. it is just up to them how they will grab the opportunities ahead of them. but the door is wide open for them already. 

  9. HAHA I wonder if JLO is bringing her bf to grind up on tonight? I remember she did that to Marc Anthony on the finale last year.. I absolutely love JLo but COME ON, please spare us

  10. i think between joshua and jessica will go home…but i prefer philips2 or hollie and i really2 hope joshua and jessica go for final

  11. Will Jennifer Lopez REALLY be singing or will it be a taped performance AGAIN?  We shall see tonight – not that I can tell the difference – LOL!!

    • I’m not really fond of seeing other people’s butts. I think I’ll grab something to eat when Jlo performs on stage. I’m just after the results, you know.

      • Is JLO’s butt augmented? If you know …. spill the beans please? 

        If it’s not augmented then … even God plays favorites :-)))

      •  @942a38f077c022748f8109fe4e097aa4:disqus I’m not sure if it’s augmented or not. I don’t usually look “down there.” 😛

  12. i don,t see any of joshua’s fans bashing other contestans…bravo joshua’s fans….i love u gus…joshua FOR THE WIN…

    •  Yeah they do. They are very anti-Phillip by the way. Everyone bashes Phillip and p2 are innocent and nice and out of nowhere….Kabong,

      • Hey James … Phillip has a career. BUT HE DOESN’T DESERVE TO win the American Idol contest.

        There are two singers who will wipe the floor with him.

        One of these two deserves to be the American Idol.

      • ur face is my face…it’s like a mirror…….anti-teamcd(now p2), hey u miss 3 dots ….

      • You are just proving my point about the mean spirited character of Jessica fans.

    • The Joshua team is the only other team that matters. IT’S Jessica and Joshua in the finals.

      Anything else DOESN’T make sense.

      • this is what happened, im praising for joshua, suddenly jessica’s fans said jessica and joshua are the same….one of them (anti of me) aka jessica’s fan doesn’t agree when i said joshua for the win…

  13. If I were a selfish bastard … I would want a Jessica – Hollie finale. Hollie would be murdered. Just listen to Jessica’s rendition of Jennifer Holliday’s song and you would know that I kid you not.

    Hollie can never sing any SONG with that virtuosity.

    Only Joshua is EQUAL to the task.

    Phillip ? Honestly, he has the votes, but doesn’t have the CHOPS.

    It’s Joshua and Jessica. Any OTher combination would be forced and foolish.

    • i agree. a jessica-joshua finals showdown will be exciting. both have powerful and wide range of voice, style as well as versatility. although Jessica sounds better with her growls, falsetto and sustained high notes with sudden pullbacks compared to the shrieking shrills and screams of joshua. so my guess who will win is obvious.

      • More to the point … Jessica vs any other than Joshua / or Joshua vs any other than Jessica WOULD BE A MISMATCH.

        Hollie and Phillip would be SERIOUSLY mangled. We do not want that.

        A contest has go to be balanced and fair.

        We do not want humiliating wins or worst vistories via PITY VOTES … determining the next American Idol.

        No … no … no.

      • @ sukiyaki  You just don’t get it, do you? Just because you can hit a high note does NOT make you any more talented than the guy who entertains people with his guitar and his voice. Did you even listen to Volcano last night? It was one of the best moments of the season! They would not be seriously mangled. It’s completely different types of music. It all goes by your tastes. 

      • @942a38f077c022748f8109fe4e097aa4:disqus
        There just isn’t a nice way to say this…after reading your comments on here…YOU don’t know poo and you aren’t a hot beefy dish. You’re about the most obnoxious person on this site and that is really saying something.

      • It would only be exciting if you are deaf !!!!All that screaming and shrieking would be a real nightmare !!! But I think we are wasting our time voting. The judges have already decided the 2 J’s to be in the final.
        SAD !!!

    • I don’t think you are considering the duet last night and the trio a few weeks ago.

      Hollie outsang both of those girls and she outsang Jessica last night in the duet. Randy of all people actually pointed that out at the end. Hollie nailed that final note like a pro. With the right song choice she could definitely over shadow Jessica in the finale. I think Jessica would have to have an off night at the same time but it could have the potential for a very close finish.

      All that said I don’t see how any scenario from here on out would result in a Hollie win. Josh’s fans would go to Jess I believe and Phillip’s fans might just stop watching. 

      I hope Hollie makes it to the top 3 though.

      • Duets, triplets are … sideshows. Anyhoo … if we insist on talking about duets …. it’s Jessica and Joshua AGAIN doing an Aretha Franklin and George Michael’s number.

        BUT honestly … these things (duets) are merely side dishes. For consumption but not really for serious digestion.

        Comfort foods.

      • All that may be true but these performances were on American Idol and offered a side by side comparison and Hollie won that comparison.

        Even when Jess and Josh did the duet it was great but Hollie and DeAndre did just as good with their duet the same night and with only 24 hours preparation and no choir to back them up. So I think it’s clear that Hollie has just as much to offer as Jessica even though they are both different in style and genre.

        I actually think Hollie would be better suited as a mix of country/pop much like Carrie Underwood. I think she is that good and Jessica is good in her genre as well, pop/rhythm and blues.

      • @ Taymaro,  I actually think Hollie would put out something like a Kelly Clarkson cd but I totally get the Carrie Underwood comparison because she has reminded me of her times. She has a deep, rich voice. I love her voice, actually.

      • Duets are … sideshow. 

        Fah ! Very minor … no good to consider wasting effort with.

        SOLO’s, on the other hand, still important.

      • But who gave the best vocal in them? That is the answer I’m looking for. Don’t wave them off just be honest.

      • You are right sukiyaki, group performances are side shows. Nothing to really proud about. Jessica is smart, she puts her entire effort on solo because she knows she’s being judged on it. She strategizing. Who cares about duet and trio in a competition like this. Jessica knows how to strategize. Talented and smart, and she’s only 16. I do like Hollie too but she didn’t pick the right songs last night. The 3 others chose great songs and nailed it. Hollie pick a mediocre song. It’s supposed to b a song that inspires you and she came up with that? What a disappointment.

    • Phillip has never been in the bottom, and the man is very comfortable with himself. Nobody has convinced him to not wear what he wants.

      Go Phillip

      • When there are only THREE singers left, you will find that Phillip can no longer appear to be as cavalier or unaffected. MOST ESPECIALLY if the competition is of Joshua or Jessica’s caliber.

        In fact … Phillip should begin planning on what he should sing for his ‘buhbye song’.

        After Hollie … Phillip will find that he is next on the chopping block.

        This is unavoidable !

        Jessica and Joshua sing like … demigods !

        Who the hell is Phillip Phillips?

  14. I’m going to miss Hollie terribly :'(
    Albeit for one week! Will see her at the finale dueting with Mariah Carey or Carrie Underwood 🙂

  15. josha say good by tonight. you and jessica will be the bottom two. all the screming done you end last night. jessica next week you will be saying good by.

  16. I already know what Ryan’s gonna do: What he does every year: make two pairs and declare one in danger but not “necessarily” the Bottom 2, then send one home.
    Oh, has anyone noticed that Ryan has stopped saying “This…is American Idol!” anymore? Last he said that was during Top 13 week! Just a thought 😛

    • Yeah, I miss that line. “This… is American Idol!”

      You are right. There won’t be any bottom 2 tonight. Let’s all stop guessing the contestants who will end up in the bottom 2. Let’s just guess who will be out.

    • Maybe he should be saying, “This is Judges Idol” . They seem to be pulling the strings !!!

    • I wish it was Joshua. He should have gone long ago, along with Jessica.
      They are only there because the judges decided.!!! 

  17. At this point there is not much more to say…I think Joshua should go home tonight.
    I think the TOP 2 will be Jessica and Phillip
    I hope the TOP 2 will be Jessica and Hollie

    Jessica to the WIN!!!!!!!!

  18. what happened with sukiyaki   aka   anti of me    aka   jessica’s fans….im praising for joshua, they all mad, im praising for hollie, they all mad, im praising for p2, they all mad too….im bashing jessica OF COURSE they also mad….ONCE AGAIN, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WORLD…..

    • Haha … sukiyaki only tells the gad awful truth. It’s Jessica, Joshua, Phillip and Hollie in that exact same order.

      The only variation is Joshua and Jessica are dope enough to unseat the other.

      Phillip and Hollie … are below par to these two … Hollie being at the rock bottom.

      I ADD … talent wise.

      I leave it to America to SCREW THIS UP. As they did Adam Lambert.

      America is capable of doing the absolute worst.

      If you don’t believe me, go ask the judges. They’ve been around. 

      • That is YOUR opinion. Just because you like gospel and diva like music does not erase out the talent of the other two.  Stop ripping on America and get your own talent show.

      • im talking—-> u bashing other contestant

        u talking —–>adam lambert, rock and…..


    • skylar and Colton is way better than Hollie, I am just wondering what she is doing in top 4, sometimes the voters are really crazy rooting for a cute contestant..I like Hollie being cute and beautiful , but hello she doesnt have the VOICE to compete…

  19. 4 totally different styles.  Tough to read results.  I like Hollies voice but her stage presence is not quite there.  Based on past weeks bottom 3 it would seem to be Hollies swan song but I would like her to stay as her voice is nice to listen to.  Girls like Phillip.  Joshua is liked by the judges.  Jessica sings well but most song choices are poor.  Tic doc…..If Hollie stays then ousted person will be a shock.

  20. What are the WORST/Fake issues about Season 11 of American Idol.

    – Jessica’s disconnectedness
    – Joshua’s screaming and screeching
    – Phillip’s one style
    – Hollie’s learning curve
    – Jessica’s very young age
    – Jessica’s clothes
    – Elise’s attitude
    – Jessica being boring
    – Phillip’s wincing in pain when he sings
    – Colton’s being the top favorite

    HOLY COW … they never talk about the music !

    WHAT ARE THE VALID issues?

    – Hollie’s pitchiness

    Sorry … this is, IMO, is the only valid issue.

    Hollie is more ‘High School Musical’ rather that American Idol. She won’t even make it in GLEE.

    HOLY COW GUYS !!!! Get real 

    • Why so much hate she out sung  jessica last night.
      i know you love phillip but his all the seasons performance was horrible.

      • OOOOPPPS ! Be accurate, Jessica is my baby. She gonna win (I hope).

        However, just because I have a personal favorite doesn’t mean that I accept all the crap that goes around. NO NO NO !

        I appreciate Phillip for what he is. A solid commercial talent.

        But if we talk about a singing contest …. there is only Jessica, Joshua, Elise, Erika, Skylar. 

        The rest are just idol stars. 


        Don’t be.

      • @ sukiyaki See, that’s where you are wrong. It’s not just a singing contest. It’s called American IDOL..not singer. It’s about the whole package. Jessica is lacking in a few areas. Very talented but lacking in the charisma area. Phillip has it all.

      • No hate at all ! Because Jessica beat the CRAP of ALL her roomies? Jennifer Holliday song …. HELLLOOO ! OBviuosly !

        Phillip is good … but Jessica is a once in a lifetime occurence.

        As Hollie would say ….. ‘payfeck’.


    • sukiyaki, Well at least your obnoxiousness won’t generate any racial bashes since dog poo doesn’t have a race.

  21. AI needs drama….and I just can’t believe in all this Joshua love on the show, it just seems fake…just maybe they have set it up to create huge drama by building Joshua up each week so that near the end like this week, they can pull a huge shocking elimination of him???

  22. I think either Hollie or Phillip will be going home, although Phillip is really loved.  It’s really funny because I though Skyler would still be there,

  23. I’m wishing for Jessica to win but i think Joshua deserves aswell my take on it

  24. Hollie can’t sing, it’s a miracle she’s still there … I couldnt bear to listen to Jessica last night, I put my sound on mute. That last song she sang was terrible. I would like her to sing a “young” song.          Phillip to win ! 

    •  because your choice of music is detestable, ghostly and nonsense..that’s the reason why you don’t like her singing. Look at your favorite— Less talented among the 3!

      • Less talented among the 3? Nice use of the English language. I assume you meant the guy who plays the guitar, sings, and writes song is the least talented compared to the two others who just sing is the least talented. Riiight.

  25. jessica should definetily win! holly or phillip will most likely be leaving tonight.

  26.  The top vocalist are definitely Josh and Jessica. I am a music teacher/trainer and if we are going off of pure god given voices with  incredible ranges these two should be the last two standing.    

  27. I still don’t see why Phillip is still in this.  He has no stage presence, he has no ability to connect.  For me, his performances seem repetitive without creativity.  He’s not someone I could sit and watch in a concert.  I could listen to him in an occasional song, but I simply don’t see him as an entertainer.  

    • Maybe you are watching the wrong show or have him mixed up with the 2 J’s.
      Phillip is great !!!!

  28. This is all I have to say , just like what Jimmy said , if Jessica goes home , we all go home. Jessica will be the season  11  AMERICAN IDOL

  29. it should have been joshua who goes home… i don’t want to hear him singing bext week anymore. He sounds like a screaming cow! Moooo!

  30. Jessica has made the greatest come back of all times.She is good.Joshua as well as Philip are great singers.

  31. JOSHUA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    &&i don’t give a [bleep] what anybody gotta say:)

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