American Idol 2012: What Should the Top 6 Sing?

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Phillip Phillips. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

The American Idol 2012 Top 6 are again singing two songs for the theme this week and one of the songs they’ll be singing will be a song by legendary rock band Queen. The other is any song of their choice.

Queen just happens to be my all-time favorite band, so while I’d rather no one touch the songs sang by the late Freddie Mercury, I do have a bit of expertise in Queen songs, so suggesting songs this week should be easy for me. Of course my song choices won’t be the popular song choices because some of Queen’s best music isn’t heard much on the radio. I’ll only be suggesting Queen songs since the other song the American Idol Top 6 will be singing can basically be any song they want.

Skylar Laine, “I Want To Break Free.” Sure, the absolute obvious choice for Skylar would be “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” but I think this Queen song would suit her very well also. She could put her country angle on it and add in some of her spunk and make it a great moment.

Phillip Phillips, “It’s A Kind of Magic.” It’s not Queen’s best-known songs even though it is one of their best songs. I could hear Phillip doing an acoustic version of it and putting his usual spin on it. If not this, than “Killer Queen” would work too with the same Phillip spin.

Hollie Cavanagh, “Who Wants To Live Forever.” One of Queens most powerful songs, Hollie could get in the zone and really deliver this one with her big range.

Elise Testone, “Don’t Stop Me Now.” One of Queen’s fastest and rock-est songs, this one would be perfect for Elise. Like Jimmy Iovine says, Elise needs to stick to the hefty rock songs to keep herself in the game. This performance could do that. And the song title could have special meaning. Much better meaning than say “Another One Bites the Dust.”

Jessica Sanchez, “Too Much Love Will Kill You.” This would be a good song for Jessica because it’s powerful and very emotional. And one of the biggest complaints about Jessica from almost anyone is her lack of emotion and connection. So this song could help her achieve that.

Joshua Ledet, “Somebody to Love.” If any Queen song lends itself to a gospel slant, it’s this one. I think Joshua could have a moment. And since it’s one of the band’s more known songs, it could keep him from ending up in the bottom this week.




  1. those who can’t appreciate elise are not really musically inclinde.. people who have EAR knows how good she is.. those who cannot appreciate Jessica are  mostly fans of some idol and got irritated coz people are praising her insted of their idol thinking that their idol is better or maybe just jealous.. or maybe bec theri annoyed by jessica’s fans. guys of course what she does will be always best for her fans. show lovethose who hate hollie loves their idol so much they tend to be very defensive and blame hollie for their idol’s lost of others… hollie may have bad perf. but she is staying bec her fans love her and are voting.. this is POPULARITY “SINGING” CONTEST.. people will decide.. again, don’t be so stupid, this is a populaity contest, like the show’s name.. AMERICAN IDOL, those who won are idolized by america.. most of themthose who hate joshua are people who cant appreciate the effort he’s giving everytime he sings.. guys he’s giving his all!!! and if he sings gospel, them let him sing, if you dnt want him, dont bash him… that’s who he is and dont let him sing something he’s not… let hi do what he think he  should be doing.those who don’t like philip are people who always think that he is still their bec of teen girls vote… guys, dont forget the gays and old ladies… kidding…. hahaah he’s their bec the fans love him and he’s singing and the people like it.. no problem about that..those who are bashing skylar are people who always think that 80% of the people watching are country music lover… wow,, she’s good ad cmon she’s giving her best everytime.. plus she’s vesatile.. you guys are having something like POST TRAUMATIC SYNDROME bec of what happened last season… if she wins, so???****AND TO THE CRITIC/owner/writter on this pageGIVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM AND AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and dont’ be to rude sometimes…..been reading your reviews since last season.. keep it up

    • I honestly don’t hate any of the contestants. How could I? I don’t know any of them personally.  I AM annoyed with Jessica’s fans but it’s not her fault any more than the Green Bay Packers can help that they have some of the most annoying fans in the world.
      However, Phillip’s fans are not mostly teenage girls. Whoever started that nonsense has no idea what teenage girls like. They like Justin Bieber for Pete’s sake. Phillip is nothing like that! I’m hoping for an Elise and Phillip finale. The odds of it happening are slim but they seem to be the most all around talent on the show.

      • Shut up Pally45! As if u know good on judging,… Excuse me, ur a second rate trying hard commentator wanna be!

      • I agree with you 100%. Your spot on. I’ve said this from the beginning. Philip/Elise faceoff with Elise winning. It’s a long shot but I adore her and her vocals. GO Elise….

      • How if I say that I am annoyed with you you like that? did someone ask your opinion about US, fans of JESSICA? do you know the GOLDEN RULE? Leave us alone , of if you will not say something good better to SHUT UP!

      • Who knows?  Let’s watch them perform and hope all of them will kill it.  Hope they chose the right song for them.

    • Not everyone likes the same kind of music. I am not a fan of Joshua’s singing. That being said, he is talented, it’s just not a style that I enjoy. The same is true about Jessica, not my kind of music, but she is really good at what she does. Everyone has their own opinion about music and that should be fine. You have your opinion and other people have theirs. 

      • yeah i understand, that’s the point of everything i said above.. everyon has their own taste.. so do i.. that’s why people should stop bashing other contestant saying.. she/he screams a lot, her voice annoys me, he looks so constipated.. who cares?? 

      •  exactly which is why the judges need to stop trying to steer a certain singer named Hollie off the show…In their opinion Jessica is the best so if she gets in the bottom 3 then it must be that we didn’t vote. In the top 10 they shouldn’t get any saves. No one at this level is bad they are all great it’s just a matter of personal choice. That said, GO JOSHUA!! See we can agree to disagree, Gues

    • Yes they are all talented and very good singers. Any of them could win it. But for me, I am pulling for Elise! I know it is a long shot because America just don’t get her. I think her voice is the most unique and I love hearing her sing. I don’t usually vote but last week I pulled out the phone and voted and tonight will be the same!!!! Best of luck to Elise!!!!

    •  just people who have pure heart, can hear and listening how much Incredible Elise voice inside

    • Wrong!  Elise is the only one of the six who is old enough to have the life experience to carry that lyric.  On 16 year old Jessica it would be ridiculous.  She could sing the song, but again there would be a total disconnect emotionally which is what has been her biggest problem with previous song choices.

      • Shut up templar… Just shut up!…. Any of them could sing if they would do thier best, just like doing your commments up there which really seems correct, as if ur a professional when it comes to singing…. How about if we let you sing, would u give a try?!!!

      •  idk why people are saying  jessica is not connecting with her renditions of the songs .really ? then how do you explain the high number of her FB , tweeter followers ? how about the extraordinary number of hits her  AI songs gets every week. hers almost always reached millions of views while no one of AI finalist has come even close to a million !

      • Jessica haters, get lost ! have life OK? we dont need your bad opinion!then if you will continue bad mouthing Jessica we will double force voting for her to make it sure she will not be voted off.You guys are so lucky that we didnt pay too much attention in voting because we are confident that she will win , Hello! open your ears and listen well.Jessica is the only contestant that could really sing!And the rest hello! as if I am watching in one of the High school program.

      • How else would somebody do to connect with all the songs Jessica sang? She had the facial expression, stance and poise to match the emotions of the song. She can’t overdo it or else she’d get more criticisms. Crying while singing (Joshua) would be a bad option(nobody died). Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Right emotions will surely do it more than overdoing it. She can’t growl (Joshua), roll-over the stage, jump and hop like a kangaroo (Joshua), bang her head (almost like Skylar) for the song Fallin. She has the right emotions matching her vocals and the lyrics. She always performs an ensemble.

      • @google-42347afe6271a759bf3fd22dd50bbdbf:disqus Who said anything bad about Jessica?  Saying a song is too old for her is nothing against her.  Nigel said this week that they were going to try to give her songs that were more suited to her age.  It’s not a criticism.

  2. like your choices and thanks for not suggesting “bohemian rhapsody”  which none of the six could touch.  one of these days i’d love to hear a contestant tdo “cara mia”.  there’s got to be someone out there with the lung capacity

    • I do agree that the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” would be a very tough song to pull off. But, even though he is not on my top 3 list, I can visualize Joshua giving that song a go.

  3. There had been a rumor/leakage of the song choices. I’m hoping it is not true. Based on the leakage, very poor song choices.

    I really like your suggestions Branden.

    • Hoping it’s not true also……so pissed off for the another poor choice of song, it makes me wanna think they are playing safe or there is just a thing called “limit” in their singing ability that’s why they are scared of powerful songs. Again, it’s not true….

    • i love you skyler you are my idol on this american idol sesson!?!??!?! i love you and good luck i hope you win this sesson.

  4. Yes I agree with your chosen song for Jessica but if she didn’t choose that song then I hope she will sing one of these powerful songs of Queen like Bohemian, Mama, We Are The Champion, even I Want To Break Free and We Will Rock You!!!!!If she sings one of this familiar, she will surely be at edge of the competition again. Hoping no more for unfamilar or strange song or else her mistake of a lifetime for the show…..

    • and for the personal choice – i hope Jessica sings “Listen”  this time. what about? I Surrender by Celine, do you guys think that it still fits on her or can be a disastrous move?

      • Its Official, Jessica will do “Listen” as one of her performance this week…. So we will wish her a Best Luck….. Jessica a New Legend!

      • I really hope that Jessica will sing “I Surrender” again. I mean, it can be like the “Before” and “After” of a Diva. Nailed it “Before”, nailed it even deeper “After” XD

    • Funny how JESSICA “should sing” the most unknown Queen song of all!! He wants her to leave next, I really hope she sings a well-known song and kill it as always. Go, Jessica!!

  5. I would have picked “I Want to Break Free” for Elise or Phillip. It has a little raspiness to it and Andrew Wishart did a great job with it on “The X Factor Australia”.

    “Somebody to Love”….oooooohhh tough one to pull off. Vocally it’s all over the place and who ever tackles this better be on their game. But since they always back him with a choir it makes sense for Josh. 

  6. IMO Hollie should sing Show Must Go On because the lyric reflects her time in the bottom 3 and her voice is powerful enough to do it justice.
    Elise – Too Much Love Will Kill You because she’s lived a bit.
    Joshua – Killer Queen done in a jazzy New Orleans style.
    Skylar – Crazy Little Thing no brainer
    P2 – Another One Bites The Dust or Hammer To Fall 
    Jessica – Radio Gaga 

  7. Tomorrow, the possible standouts would be Jessica and Hollie. Their song genres are very contradicting to Queen’s so if they will make Queen’s songs their own it would really impress the audiences.

  8. Phillip – Fat Bottom Girls (Maybe not the best choice but it’d be fun and he wouldn’t need his guitar)
    Hollie – Somebody to Love
    Elise  – Stone Cold Crazy (maybe a little hardcore for the show but she could do it)
    Skylar – Don’t really know, Crazy Little Thing would be too obvious but it’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head for her. Kellie Pickler did a decent job of it back in her season, but Skylar is better than her.
    Jessica/Joshua – My Bicycle (not gonna happen but I would love it.. not a fan of either).

    • I meant to say that I would suggest Bohemian Rhapsody for Skylar because Kellie Pickler did a decent job of it during her season and Skylar is a much better singer than her.

    •  Kellie Pickler performed Bohemian Rhapsody, NOT  Crazy Little Thing. Get it right…

  9. I dont think Too Much Love Will Kill You is what jessica will sing. They want her to sing something more her age. Remember Jimmy saying he was going to push her into songs more her age. So with that said i think they’ll give her a more known Queen song to her like “somebody to love” and too much love will go to Elise or Joshua. Skylar will probably sing crazy little thing but i hope not. Too predictable. I think most will struggle this week but Elise and Phillip will do just fine. Skylars iffy this week, depends on the song same with Joshua. I honestly think this week will all come down to song choice and twist they put on the songs but with Jessica and Hollie, this will either hurt them or they will do fine but PROBABLY not gonna be their best week. AND NO JESSICA AND HOLLIE FANS I DIDNT JUST DIS THEM!  Im just simply saying they may not do GREAT but have a chance to do pretty good with the right songs.

    • No Queen song is current. It is a make or break for each contestant. Since the second song is by their choosing, they should really shine with it and redeem themselves if they didn’t do justice to the Queen song that were assign to each of them.

  10. definitely “Who Wants To Live Forever” for Hollie!!  She is the only one with the range to handle this song.  I just hope she can really connect with the lyrics, because it is a very emotional song.

    We cannot let Hollie slip into the bottom 2 or even the bottom 3 this week!!!

    •  We gotta get Hollie to that finale and she will blow everyone away this week just like last week!

      • I was not a Hollie fan. But, I will admit that last week, she rocked. And if she can keep it up, she could be the dark horse contender this season. Much like Haley was last season. Actually, those two (along with Elise) have something in common … They were all consistant bottom three dwellers for a number of times, until they finally started to catch on with the viiewers.

  11. i just hope it’s not true that jessica will sing radio gaga on wednesday… what a disappointing choice..

    • Radio ga ga is a great performance piece, arguably best of all time @ live aid. I doubt jessica could pull this off. If she did she would convert me to a fan. Better suited to elise. She’s probably the only one able to. If she could, then she would bring down the house!


    • I just heard Don’t Stop me Now and I think this is her song. Great beat. Will move the crowd and home audience. I’m confused. I can imaging how Elise must feel about picking her song. Go baby. 

  13. i though it would be awesome for P2 to sing Another one Bites The Dust.. i think is really like him, as also is Smooth or any Rob Thomas song! 

    • Adam and Kris did it with Queen on their finale and it was spectacular.  Since this isn’t a champion week, I’d rather the group song on Thurs. was either Boho Rhap. or aptly Another One Bites the Dust LOL

  14. i wish i could vote, but i can’t since USA is the only country allowed to vote! so greet to Branden & co. awesome job in this blog! real fan of you guys for years!

  15. Queen Song selections to let them shine

    Hollie Cavanagh – Somebody to Love or I Want It All
    Skylar Laine – Crazy Little Thing Called Love or Don’t Stop Me Now
    Joshua Ledet – Bohemian Rhapsody or Fat Bottom Girls
    Phillip Phillips – You’re My Best Friend or Under Pressure
    Jessica Sanchez – We will Rock You or Seven Seas of Rhye
    Elise Testone – Another One Bites The Dust or Killer Queen

    I hope they stay with the up tempo songs like above and please Divas stay away from the slow boring ballads.

  16. It’s amazing how once again they’re stuck singing 30 year old songs again. This show really needs a reboot.
    One or two will again be chastised for “not connecting” to the song. Duh! They weren’t even born when this came out.

    • That doesn’t mean you can’t connect with a song but I hear ya. The problem is…a lot of today’s music is crap.

      • Right on. More than half s crap. All they do is jump around like a bunch of monkeys. Most can’t sing. This s a bad era for music right now. Need the Pia’s Jessica’s and Elise’s to change it back. Lol

    • IMO the reason they keep dipping into old material is that what is current on radio is crap.  There are few if any great songwriters these days and most of the better ones are writing in Nashville.  Pop music nowadays doesn’t use the wordsmiths who write meaningful lyrics.  Plus, a lot of pop today is too raw and suggestive for a family TV show.

      • Amen..Templar. Pop music is in the toilet right now. Alternative is alright though. What category would you put Lifehouse, Rob Thomas, The Fray, Hinder, Shinedown..that kind of stuff into?

    • I think this is unfair for some of the contestants. They should sing a Queen song and a Beyonce song!!! 

      A Beatles song and a Christina Aguilera song.

      A Backstreet boys song and a Spice girls song. (Joke!)

      It would be fairer if they sing different kind of songs by different artists.  Two of them are rockers, one is country, one is soul and the other two are “popers”. So, they must sing a different genre every week. P2 always sing songs according to his voice while the rest have got to take more risks. It’s UNFAIR!

      • Maybe if the rest were as talented as Phillip, they could take an Usher song and make it their own. 🙂

      • Maybe if the rest were as talented as JESSICA, they could take a Beyonce song and make it their own. LOL! 

    • Half the music out today is a remake or a sample of 30 year old music.  In addition, a good song is a good song and can be easily made contemporary.  That is a cop-out.

  17. “Somebody to Love”? I thought that was their group performance?? Would they allow it?

  18. Branden, I have a question for you. Why do you hate JESSICA so much? You have been trashing on her since the beginning of the show. Don’t say you don’t (I don’t believe you, sorry). 

    Do you really think that singing an unknown song like this we’ll be a good choice for her? You just want her to go next. She’ll sing a well-known song ans she’ll kill it. 

    You’ll see her winning the title and you’ll have to eat every word you’ve said against her! You must learn to be objective when you write something in your blog. Why more than 40% of the voters here in your poll choose JESSICA among the other contestants? Because we think she’s the best! You better ask yourself why so many people think the same (you can be mistaken!!!), and then you’ll see the answer. You can start by searching her on youtube and see all of her videos (she’s got hundred of them) where she sings different kind of songs in different ways since she was a little girl.

    JESSICA, you are the best. No matter what all the haters say about you. Go Jessica!! Fans, please, vote for her. She deserves to win.

      • Pally, my friend. Most recording artists want to make it big all over the world. Here in Argentina, in Philipinas and in the USA. EVERYWHERE. I guess you are a racist and a xenophobic for your comments. So sad, man! But I don’t care. JESSICA is the one who will have the best career of them all whether you like it or not. In the USA she’ll be number one and you’ll be one of them to buy her album. That would be really funny!!

      • Ferjp, I, my Argentine friend.(not sure if I buy that you’re from there) am not the racist here.  I vote on what my ears like..not the color of someone’s skin. I will not buy Jessica’s album. I don’t have a thing in my collection by Beyonce, Mariah, or Celine either. Not my cup of tea..sorry. This happens every year. Some big diva voice and everyone oohs and ahhs…and she goes home without the title. We don’t like that crap. Oh..and most artists make it big here and THEN all over the world.

      • Why don’t you believe i’m Argentinian?  Some people here study English as I did years ago. Maybe you didn’t study a foreign language when you were younger. It doesn’t mean everyone is like you.

      • I guess you only hear that ohhs and ahhs in bed my pal. LOL
        On the scond thought, you’re right. You only vote and buy on what your ears fancy. No need to be bothered by him @117b750a6c68bae9244ce3dcdc1e5a6e:disqus .

      • You fool! Out of the abundance of heart, the mouth speaks….you’re busted!! You’re a racist!!! You and your delusion! i bet, you’re a lousy singer!!! 

      • What does my singing ability have to do with anything? I am not the racist here. It’s all the people calling me a racist because I don’t like Jessica that are racists! The majority of them are from the Phillipines and like her just because she’s part filipino. They could care less whether she is like a robot or not. I, do not judge by color but by what my ears hear. So, don’t you dare call me a racist.

    • @117b750a6c68bae9244ce3dcdc1e5a6e:disqus The reason Jessica leads the poll on this site is because people from overseas can vote here, but can’t vote for her on the show.  So this poll signifies nothing except the fact that filipinos read and post here.  The same goes for youtube views,  open to overseas and one person can watch the same video a hundred times.  It means nothing.  This is Branden’s site, he can say whatever he wishes and any one who disagrees is welcome to move to a blog they agree with if they so choose.

      • Filipinos? You’re so wrong, man! I’m Argentinian. And I’m a Jessica fan. That means she’s not only popular in the USA and Philipinas. She’s popular all over the world, much more than any other contestant in this season of AI. 

      • Ferjp_88 its funny though…most recording artists want their records to sell big here in the good ole US of A..not in the Phillipines or in Argentina.

      • @117b750a6c68bae9244ce3dcdc1e5a6e:disqus You missed my point.  It was that online polls don’t make a winner on Idol.  Using people from the Philippines was just an example.  the same goes for those in Canada or Germany for that matter.  All the youtube views and votes here are meaningless in determining the Idol winner.

    • Get over it…he didn’t say anything negative about Jessica other than quote what others are saying.  This was not a top 40 hit but it is still pretty well known.  What would you have her sing?  Bohemian Rhapsody?

    • The problem here is that when you praise or appreciate your bet to win in AI, people would think you have the same citizenship with that idol or maybe you are friend or relative of that contestant. just like in your case Sir. i’m sure they were shocked to know that you’re not a Filipino and liking Jessica on AI. 

      • So the only ones who can appreciate Jessica are the Filipinos? Hollie is British but nobody assumes that those who like her are English people.

      • Can you people be so stupid? (Sorry!) I can’t believe that you think i’m a friend or a relative just because i like Jessica Sanchez! American Idol is a show watched worldwide and people from other countries watch it too! We choose our favourites but we can’t vote on the show. We still listen to their music and buy their albums. When JESSICA was voted off and saved, she became a WORLDWIDE trending topic on Twitter! That’s the reason why her videos are the most watched on youtube. She’s the only one with international stardom and she’ll sell more albums worldwide than everyone else. Someday she’ll be as good as Whitney and all her fans we’ll be proud of her, and we’ll say ‘I remember when she was 16 and became famous on a TV show’. She’ll be a legend! 

        It would be a shock if people all over the world will be fans of Hollie! She’s got nothing special and she’s a cute girl with a little talent. JESSICA has a huge talent and is the one of the best singers of our generation in the whole world. 

        I’m not a relative or a friend of Jessica. I wish I were but I’m not. I’m one of the millions of fans she has got all over the world. JESSICA, whether you win or loose, you’ll be remembered! HATERS, you make her even more popular. Nothing we’ll stop us from loving her. So please, shup up!!!

      • Say what…about people from all over the world not being fans of Hollie…I’m a South African and I’m a huge fan of Hollie’s. Wow, haha and FYI Hollie has also trended. So don’t get it twisted!

      • How is that impossible…. because you’re a Racist!!  So  for you, it’s a battle of a race, not talent!! 

  19. TOP 5: Next week’s theme “Christina Aguilera VS. Britney Spears”.

    Philip Philips – Genie in a bottle

    Elise Testone – I love rock ‘n roll

    Jessica Sanchez – Beautiful

    Skylar Laine – Baby, one more time

    Joshua Ledget – Hurt

  20. Branden, don’t take it personal. I really like your blog. I just think that you must learn to be a little more objective about your criticism on some of the contestants. 

    I really couldn’t believe when you gave a ‘A-‘ mark to Hollie when she sang ‘Jesus take the wheel’, and a ‘B+’ to Jessica for ‘Sweet dreams’. It says it all. You don’t like her at all (it was kind of funny).

    • I think if there’s anyone who needs to remain objective its the judges. Is it just me or have they already picked their winners. Good grief Hollie slayed Adele’s rolling in the deep and yet she still got told it was pitchy by randy, and yet when Jessica over-sang Try a little tenderness it was perfect…???

      •  jessica oversang try a little tenderness ?  WTF ! nobody oversings otis redding . he’s a nutcase idol. otis has ADHD  before the medical field learned to use the term….

      • They didn’t tell Jessica it was perfect. You didn’t hear it well. And Hollie was a little pitchy. LOL.

      • For me, Hollie wasn’t pitchy-pitchy at all. However, she really was Adele at that time which I really didn’t like. It was sort of a clone to me. Jessica, they didn’t mention Jessica was perfect in that song. It wasn’t overly sang. I gotta agree though that it’s really not that great but still, powerful.

      • i can’t remember Randy saying that Jessica is perfect on her rendition on “Try a little tenderness” and there’s nothing new to Hollie’s performance when she sang “Rolling in the Deep” because it’s just the same like the Adele version and anyone can slay that song because it’s not a difficult song to sing

      • i dont hate Hollie KJ..but Jessica’s  version of  rolling in the deep is far away better than hollie..forgive me but its true…check it out…:) peace!

      • I listened to both of them and Hollie’s version is MUCH better. She just has the better voice for that song.

      • Pally!!! “Hollie’s version is much better”!!! I haven’t laughed so much since I was a little kid. That was the best joke I’ve ever heard. LOL!

      • @Ferjp…no the best joke ever was when Jessica got eliminated and needed to be saved. That was funny…I haven’t laughed like that since I was a kid…LOL

  21. Queen songs:
    Elise – “I Want it All” or “Radio Ga Ga”
    Hollie – “The Show Must Go On” or “Who Want to Live Forever”
    Jessica – “Play the Game” or  “I Want it All”
    Joshua – “You’re My Best Friend” or “Too Much Love will Kill You”
    Phillip – “Bicycle Race” or “The Show Must go On”
    Skylar – “It’s Late” or “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

    I personally think it is best to stay away from their more well known songs because they are too iconic.

    Choice songs (and this is a total crapshoot, but songs I would like to see done)
    Elise – “Crazy on You” – Heart
    Hollie – “Kiss Me Goodbye” – Petulia Clarke or “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me” – Dusty Springfield (she is really reminiscent of them)
    Jessica – “I Could Fall in Love” – Selena Quintanilla-Perez
    Joshua – “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me” – Mel Carter
    Phillip – “Long Black Veil” – Johnny Cash/Dave Matthews
    Skylar – “Fancy” – Reba

      • That may be true, but contestants have repeated before.  At the very least it should be an uptempo Reba song.  “Take it Back” would be good.  The funny thing is she isn’t that much older than Jessica but she can do the “mature songs” that they seem to think Jessica can’t.

      • jbeee shes already said on twitter and other places she doesnt want to because shes done it before. doesnt mean she wont pull out another Reba song

    • she does look great and sound amazing but weight shouldnt be a big factor in this. its sad bc girls her age or below see these comments about her weight and it makes them feel bad or makes them think they have to be super skinny to be pretty. Healthy is the key and skylar has said in interviews she wants to be that role model and lead a healthy life and get down to a healthier size. but to alll the rude and nasty comments out there remember who may be reading this and think before you post. putting people down isnt gonna make someone vote differently.

    • hill12, I didn’t really say anything negative, it was meant to be a positive comment. I will say, I am concerned about the big change in Skylar and just maybe she needs a workout partner, I would gladly do it for free, I’m a personal trainer who is an expert in weight loss and fitness. I respect what you’re saying.

  22. As a former English teacher, I cannot ignore your verb tense mistake, Branden:

    “Queen just happens to be my all-time favorite band, so while I’d rather no one touch the songs sang by the late Freddie Mercury, I do have a bit of expertise in Queen songs, so suggesting songs this week should be easy for me.”  

    Anyone else notice that? You should have said “sung” not “sang.”

    Sorry, I know this is not the point (and that your point is more important), but I cannot let this go unmentioned. 

    • You call him out for that, but not for songs instead of song and than instead of then in the Phillip paragraph?  Sloppy, teach.

      • Well, we all have our off days  sometimes. We can overlook typos and inadvertent errors – it happens even to the best writers. As long as the ideas and messages come across loud and clear, not scattered all over the place  and not painful to read and understand
        (I happened to read one post like this) , for me it is quite okay.

        I read somewhere that Queen is is into rehearsals practicing “Some 
        Kind of Magic”. Wonder which contestant is taking on this one. In the same post it mentioned that the  band is performing “Somebody to Love” for this week’s show..Am excited to find out  the finalists choices. Hope Jessica and Hollie makes good ones..rock is not their genre and if they could nail  it this week, bravo!  

      • @Esmo:disqus Queen isn’t performing on Idol.  It’s a tribute band called Queen Extravaganza.

  23. Jessica’s Youtube performances latest view count:
    Stuttering – 1,688,759 views
    Sweet Dreams – 2, 268,687 views
    How Will I know – 1, 050, 727 views
    I Will Always Love You – 3,414,687 views
    Everybody Has A Dream- 1,423,337 views 
    I Knews You We’re Waiting (with Josh) – 731, 524 views
    Falin’ – 608,272 views

    Hollywood: group (with deandre and candice) – 957,940 views
    Final judgment The Prayer – 882,105 views

    I wasn’t really a big fan of hers, but when she sang Nobody’s Supposed to be Here.. Dang, that’s when she proved she’s worth it. I have never seen such a buzz over an AI contestant beside her and Adam Lambert (who I believe is amazing too).
    Check for yourself! Type in the search box ‘Jessica Sanchez American Idol’. I only counted in those that reached 500K +. There’s no intention of spoiling the name of Jessica Sanchez but truth speaks for itself, reality is reality, but for me, she’ll kill Billboard charts.

  24. i like this comment about Jessica Sanchez from a voice coach, he says:
    in just 1 performance (talking about Nobody’s supposed to be here) she uses these kind of vocal qualities,styles and types:Raspy/Husky, Airy, Fading, Strong, Faint, Piercing, Melisma, Falsetto, Rich, Growl.She got the breath control, Adrenaline, Sustain, Power and Endurance.The switching of Chest.Throat and Head voice is definitely hard but she nailed it…She can play the music whichever way she wanted.Only those singers that were considered as legends can do so however, even if she was young, still she can be 1 of those legends.

  25. Jessica’s Youtube performances latest view count:
    Stuttering – 1,688,759 views
    Sweet Dreams – 2, 268,687 views
    How Will I know – 1, 050, 727 views
    I Will Always Love You – 3,414,687 views
    Everybody Has A Dream- 1,423,337 views 
    I Knews You We’re Waiting (with Josh) – 731, 524 views
    Falin’ – 608,272 viewsHollywood: group (with deandre and candice) – 957,940 views
    Final judgment The Prayer – 882,105 viewsI wasn’t really a big fan of hers, but when she sang Nobody’s Supposed to be Here.. Dang, that’s when she proved she’s worth it. I have never seen such a buzz over an AI contestant beside her and Adam Lambert (who I believe is amazing too).Check for yourself! Type in the search box ‘Jessica Sanchez American Idol’. I only counted in those that reached 500K +. There’s no intention of spoiling the name of Jessica Sanchez but truth speaks for itself, reality is reality, and for me, she’ll be the one to kill Billboard charts.

    • Have you noticed she’s the only contestant that has reached more than 1 million views in a video?

      • Lisa, don’t be stupid, girl! You’ll say anything not to recognize she’s the best of them all. Please, take a nap and some medicine agains eny. You need it!

      •  Oh my, I knew it another genuine crab mentality proudly made in the banana republic…..without an inch of nationalism in her bone!  

      •  James seems to know a lot about the Philippines. You must be a Filipino hiding behind the tail of Uncle Sam without an inch of nationalism in his brittle bone , stuck with a crab mentality who’s so full of himself that he thinks he is an expert but is actually nothing but a sour loser!

      • I’m 100% American and grew up in the Philippines for 10 years while my father was the commander of a military base. I was married to a beautiful Pinay for 10 years. Yes, I know something about Pinoy culture. 

    • Wow! Really? Views have reached that much in each song! Must really be something! How can we now contest the likeability factor of jessica. Even if she’s not everyone’s favorite, she can draw audience and listeners and that’s already proven!

    • Youtube’s worldwide, voting’s only in America…she has a good voice but zero charisma…

    • The capital metropolitan area of the Philippines is inhabited by almost 10 million people. I bet 90% of the viewers on those YouTube videos of BBChez are Filipinos who do nothing but to bash other idols.

  26. It’s not true that Jessica has no emotion while singing have you watched all of her performance sespecially the Prayer? Some people just can’t accept the fact  that a 16 year old nailed any type of songs.  On all her journey in life since she was a little girl singing is her paasion all the trials that came to her life  make her a stronger person and came out on her emotion while singing

    • It is less about emotion and more about believability.  When I see her up there singing she looks like a little girl with an adult’s voice and she just isn’t believable to me.  Yes the notes are right, yes she emotes, but it is like someone playing at performing and not actually performing from her soul.

      Sorry, that might just be me, but that is what I see and that is what Jimmy and others have been getting at.  I have been saying that for the last few weeks after the initial awe of her ability wore off.

      • Yes, that..and she seems to be “acting”.  Maybe she is. She’s only 16 and a lot of the songs that she is singing, she has no possible way to really relate to the lyrics.

      • Interesting I can’t reply to Ferjp_88 but I can to me….hmmm

        Ferjp_88, I think I said it was my opinion, it is what I see when I see her.  I have always thought she had the most talent and the most potential, but there are things she needs to work on.  If you think she is perfect now then throw her out to the world of recording and see where it gets her.  

  27. How else would somebody do to connect with all the songs Jessica sang? She had the facial expression, stance and poise to match the emotions of the song. She can’t overdo it or else she’d get more criticisms. Crying while singing (Joshua) would be a bad option(nobody died). Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Right emotions will surely do it more than overdoing it. She can’t growl (Joshua), roll-over the stage, jump and hop like a kangaroo (Joshua), bang her head (almost like Skylar) for the song Fallin. She has the right emotions matching her vocals and the lyrics. She always performs an ensemble.

    • She acts the emotion, but she doesn’t FEEL it.  Watch her when she stops singing and the light goes out.  Switch on/switch off.  Auto pilot.

      • She’s great and she shows her feelings everytime she sings. Maybe you don’t feel it ’cause you have some problem on your ears. But most people do! It would be good for you to go to the doctor’s and check if everything’s right with you. Take care!!


        I’m really getting Psycho now with  these people!!!  really! They are such a lot of non-sense!   “She acts the emotion, but she doesn’t FEEL it” ???? Bwahahahahahahaha! I’m going crazy!! What are you talkin’ about? 
        “Switch on/ switch off”????? Auto Pilot?????   “She  has no feeling”, “switch on/switch off”…Auto Pilot??? Do you mean a ROBOT? No way!!! Jessica is not a robot!! I think we have an Alien guest on here…Help!!

      • i don’t get it, no emotions? there were performances where she looked almost crying singing ballad songs…

    • She’s only 16 and Jimmy pegged it correctly. Jess should sing songs that don’t require that intense connection that she will only get with experience. There is nothing wrong with her, it’s the song choices, let her be 16 and a song to match and I think you will see something amazing. I just hope someone guides her to the right song and give us a fun party that a 16 year old can deliver on.

      Yes JessPushers I am rooting for Jess’s success and being a Diva at 16 isn’t it; maybe when she is 20 something. I would love to see her do “Party In The USA” by Miley Cyrus or “Part of Me” by Katey Perry; something for a 16 year old.

      • Wow! Mr. Guidance Counselor!!!  Are you insane?!!!  Jessica had invested and had put so much effort working on her vocal and singing style since she was 12, doing school concerts and stuff… and who are you to say that she should change her songs and singing style???!!! Huuuh?!!!!!! Are you really insane?  And what song would you think be good for her?? “Twinkle, twikle little star” ?? Huuuuuuuuh?!!!!! Right now, i want to be  a lion standing near you, and I’ll eat and swallow you right away!!!!!  Jessica had made countless friends and fans…(minus you) and didn’t she get most # of the standing ovations from the judges?? Stop that non-sense! You know nothing about music. rev james….

      • Robertomkat,

        Insane, no, just smart.  BTW, you need anger management.

        I, and most of those not yet behind her, still would like to see Jess do well and she would with a younger, fun, party song.

        She needs to win new votes, she already has the votes of those who like diva ballads. It’s called “expanding your market” . With a good younger, fun, party song performance she could pick up votes from groups she isn’t getting votes from now.

        Are you afraid she can’t do anything but diva ballads? Stop selling her short, if she did this and did it well, she would win, otherwise P2 or Skylar has it.

      • @16bca7960e645143c6b80521212e949d:disqus Since she was 12?  Her mother had her on America’s Got Talent way before that.  Do your research, dude.  She’s Toddlers & Tiaras for teens.  Pageant performance, shallow mimicry at best.  Great voice, but no passion.

  28. we all know who is the best in this competition… 
    its the 16 year old girl.. 
    if this is a SINGING  competition she will win it 100 percent..
    but if  noT …ITS no other than P2 will win… 
    that a fact…

      • it’s his/her opinion James just respect it and don’t call him/her arrogant and i know that you don’t like Jessica but can you please leave her alone

      • sailor moon,  He asked for feedback “LIKE IT IF U AGREE…” so I gave it and I have the right to if I want. You do not know where my support lies, so quit telling me I don’t like someone when you don’t know.

        You wanna go out on a date?

    • I agree with you! But people in your country prefer a beautiful face over true talent! Sorry, not all of you, just the teenage girls!

  29. Phil should sing “I’m in Love with My Car” or “Fat Bottomed Girls”….
    Holly: “Under Pressure”…..Elise: “Tie Your Mother Down” or “Keep Yourself Alive”…Skylar: “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” Joshua: “Somebody to Love”…
    Jessica…”Who Wants to Live Forever” or “Show Must Go on…”   

    • Okay stop with the foreign language crap. This is a blog about American Idol…please speak in English. It’s rude to do what you are doing.

      • @jbeee, you have a point but the blog is written in English.  This would be like myself going on something written in Spanish and then starting putting all my posts in English and getting all my English speaking friends to do the same thing.

  30. as for me.. Jessica and elise is my dream finale or jessia joshua.. but i think it will be Jessica vs skylar….. that’s my opinion. respect

  31. Oh Wow Branden, we are on the same league when you said Jessica will sing Too Much Love Will Kill you … I posted that on the previous blog, I love Jessica to sing that …

    • Oh, that’s a great idea, have her sing another funeral dirge. Go upbeat instead and win the audience over.

  32. @ rojoj2002..but here’s the thing. If someone isn’t a fan of Hollie, they’re not immediately attacked and called a broken English.

  33. i want jessica to sing who wants to live forever by queen and i am changing by jennifer hudson.

  34. joshua would kill anything in the otis redding song book..he has the moves, facial expressions and the  voice to cover any of  otis’ song’s..last week was a joke when jessica sang,or  tried to sing,”try  alittle  tenderness”…joshua would have  brought  the  house down had he sung it!! with all the buck’s there  paying Tyler, Lopez,Jackson and Iovine,one would think they would guide the contestants to song’s that fit  there  style..let’s see what  happens tonight…

  35. All voters must vote for his/her favorite to keep them in the competition. Now is not the time to slack off voting.  Failure to vote as many times, (and ways), as one can, could result in another favorite leaving before most of America believes he or she should.  I encourage everyone to vote multiple times for their favorite (s).  Thanks to all concerned who have reacted favorably to my previous comments.  I appreciate each comment and will respond to some.     John S. 

  36. Colton
    fans, to make a point to the judges, vote against their favorites. It
    is like voting for Colton’s ghost. Ghosts happened when people in life
    get ripped off and treated unfair like Colton got ripped off by AI

    Let’s haunt them for what they did to Colton. Vote for the ghost of
    Colton by voting for the judges’ anti-favs; vote your choices: Elise,
    Skylar, Phillip, & Hollie for the most impact of an anti-vote. Vote
    as many times as you can, like they did to get rid of Colton.

    Long live Colton’s ghost! Help it be a force in the AI to the end,
    haunt the judges for their bias and unfair favoritism. The other fans of
    the favorite contestants mocked you as “Teenie Bopers” and told you
    Colton was terrible and deserved to go, especially the JessPushers. Some
    called him Colon. You know what I say is true. Don’t be sad, get even.

    Remember…how cute Colton was until they killed him off, don’t you miss him?   🙁 🙁

  37. I agree with ENZO on a lot of his comments.    Should this be based on popularity and looks.  No it should not.  This is a singing competition.  And should be voted on as such.  My thoughts come down to who would release the best album or whose album you would buy after the competition.

    These are the my favorite singers in order of the Top Six and these are the albums I think they should release.

    1.Elise -Great raspy voice-  Rock/bluesy Album
    2.Jessica -power singer- Kelly Clarkson/Mariah type album
    3.Phil- rough and tumble- remind me a lot of Dave Matthews- but grittier.  So something close to that style of music.
    4.Joshua- soulful power singer- Gospel/r&b
    5.Skylar- country singer- country-  Rated low for me because I am not a huge fan of country and my opinion is she does not sound much different to me then a lot of the country out there right now.
    6.Hollie -somewhat of a power singer-  pop/ballads –  I am not a big fan of Hollie-  Take some of the songs she sang last week and put some of her competitors in there instead.  Elsie would have killed the song Son of a preacher man and Jess or Elise would have done  rolling in the deep justice.
    So this is my opinion.  So please comment back on your top six in order of your favorite and what type of album they should release.

    • Okay..I think Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey are completely different types of singers.

    • I have not heard a single song from jessica that makes me think she could put out an album like Kelly Clarkson. Mariah Carey, yes..Kelly Clarkson..not a chance.

      •  Okay so yeah she may not have sang anything that resembles a Kelly Clarkson song. What I’m saying is I would buy her album if she were do do a mixture of both styles of music.  I  think she could sing both styles even though she has not.  Again this is my opinion.  My question  is: by their vocal ability and sound whose album would you buy rated from top to bottom in your opinion.

      • @ Robert Nelson’s my order. this style of music. Would definitely buy his CD.
        Elise..same reeason.
        Skylar. I like country music. I bought Scotty’s it.
        Hollie.  I think her version of Rolling in the Deep on youtube is WAY better than Jessica’s and I can actually see her making a Kelly Clarkson type of album before Jessica. I love Kelly Clarkson.
        Jessica…eh. Not a big diva fan. I don’t like beyonce..except that one song. Not a Mariah Carey fan either.
        Joshua..not much of a gospel fan. I liked when Elvis did it though. ;0)

    • Kelly Clarkson and Mariah Carey are totally different in their singing genres and, given all the coaching Jessica has received since she was 9 years old, I expected to see her improve but she has not done so and, apart from 1 stand out song and one other very good one, she has not excited me. She tries too hard to mimic the original singer.

  38. Didn’t like your choices at all brandon. Please nobody sing “who wants to live forever”.most of your selections are obscure and boring. Let’s have fun! Phillip=fat bottom girls, elise=radio ga ga, Jessica=somebody to love, skylar=killer queen, joshua=crazy little thing called love, hollie=you’re my best friend. Lighten up

  39. I think “Somebody ToLove” would lend itself more towards Elise. I sure hope they Le Elise pick what she wants and not force her to pick a so o song. You know the judges and producers have their favorites.

  40. I am so excited to see what my man Joshua is going to sing tonight! I hope it’s “Somebody” …that would make my week. I’m just tired of the judges trying to tell us who to vote off each week. Jessica can do no wrong…Hollie is the one who needs to go. Hey, just let us vote and trust that when it gets down to the final 6, it’s just a matter of personal taste, not who’s better than someone else. LOVE this show.

  41. Elise: Bohemian Rhapsody; A female friend of ours does this and she slays it as does P!nk. Could be a winner for Elise.  

    Hollie: Don’t Stop Me Now; she needs an up tempo one with which she can have fun and also let her use her power voice. 

    Jessica: Who Wants To Live Forever; She can use her voice and emotion in this one and it suits her voice more than Hollie’s.  

    Joshua: Under Pressure can be done as an R&B or Rock song

    Phillip: Somebody To Love or Fat Bottomed Girls (tailor made for his style)

    Skylar: You’re My Best Friend, which can be arranged as a Rock/Country song.  Are they singing 2 Queen songs tonight?

  42. I like the music of Phillip Phillips, I love the way he sings so different, he makes every song his own a true star, I just love him, there are 5 of us in our family and he gets them all, we range ages from 12 to 69, godbless and we hope u win.

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