American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 Results Show Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Joshua Ledet. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

The judges’ save is gone, so someone will definitely be leaving American Idol 2012 tonight. But which of the Top 7 will it be?

Based on what happened last week with Jessica Sanchez and the performances last night, anyone is at risk. I’ve got my thoughts on who it might be and you can check those out to get in on the discussion ahead of tonight’s results. We’ll just all have to tune in and find it. Things could get crazy again!

Also tonight American Idol winner Kris Allen and LMFAO take the stage to entertain around the results and filler. Check out Kris’ single video below.

Check back later for Matt’s live Top 7 results and for my complete recap of the results show.

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  1. Whatever Hollie has been doing, eating, drinking or taking (as long as it’s still legal) this week, I hope she’s keep doing it. She’s really just flipped from bottom list to top list. Just hope she doesn’t have same journey as Heejun and Deandre, they were eliminated after their best performance throughout the show.

  2. pls dont send Colton,PP,Hollie,Elise,Skylar and jessica home…..

    BTW Kris Allen new song is awesome…..try it 🙂

  3. Im afraid a girl is sayin goodbye. And im afraid it might be elise or hollie. I guess its the latter 🙂

    • Colton may be sent home, or I won’t be suprised if it’s Joshua or Elise or Jessica, I didn’t hear any of them do something over the top last night.

      • Why did the judges give Joshua two standing ovations last night?  Absolutely absurd.  Joshua is NOT the best singer in this group.  The judges are doing a disservice to the other contestants when they show prejudice to one contestant. 

  4. Is it just me or are the song choices really boring??…cannot sit through this again…thank god for TiVo!!…can’t wait for new season of X Factor…woohoo!!

  5. I hope jessica stays, i want to see more of her! Go jessica! I tried my best and gave you ALL my votes. I hope others did too!!!!! By “others”, i meant those who like you and who believes in your talent. Peace!!

    • Normally the week after they save someone there are two that go home, but since they had to disqualify Jermaine earlier in the season Ryan said last night that only one will be going home tonight.

      • And they still might send two home. I don’t think they were expecting two to go at the same time last year.

      •  They were programmed to have two go home after the save week originally, but when the big guy was disqualified, it reset the schedule to have only one go home tonight.  That meant, that no matter what, the judges HAD to use the save at some point to keep the show on schedule.

  6. top 25: REFLECTION – very very good
    top 13:ALL THE MAN I NEED – good
    top 11: POWER OF LOVE – Very good
    top 10: HONESTLY – bad song choice but just OK
    top 9: JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL – ok
    top 8: WHAT A FEELING – bad, not good at all.
    top 7: PERFECT – One of the best
    top 7a: ROLLING IN THE DEEP –  She’s BACK, very good, one of the best version
    top 7b: SON OF A PREACHER MAN- she shows something new and groovy. the best

    therefore, SHE’S BACk. her last 2 songs lift her up the win.She proved that she has OTHER side. She sing great and a wonderful PERFORMER as well with so much fun, background and creativity. THE bEST of THE NIGHT. randy pull her down, but she can make it.

  7. my top 5 in order:

    1. Philip
    2. Jessica
    3. Hollie
    4-5. Colton or skylar
    6. Joshua
    7. Elise

    joshua is great but not interesting, he might land in the 6th or 5th place
    Elise as well, 7th or 6th
    Skylar and Hollie might go interchangeably, 4th or 5th
    Colton – 3rd
    Philip and jessica – 1st or  2nd

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but Phillip cant sing…I just  don’t understand why he is still there/ Joshua Ledet can sing Phillip Phillips under the table any day. Joshua has a god given talent,. Phillip is a one trick pony and can only sing in one octave. Take it higher and he screeches and moves like a turkey. Sorry not my taste at all. Cant  understand all the fuss about him.  

      • Phillip is on and has been there for three weeks.  Those people are keeping him in!

      • said it before and i’ll say it again, if you badmouth p2 people are gonna jump all over you!!  i still can’t figure out why

      • LOL LOL thank you, WoW when Philip Philips hits the high notes he looks like he is ready to bust an artery he is straining so hard, Good comment.

    •  Philip is technically the best singer IMHO.  I have never heard him off-pitch or flat in any performance yet.  Everyone else, at least once or more.  But would I buy his music?  No, because I can’t listen to his ‘gravelly’ voice for more than 90 seconds.

  8. I wont wish for anybody to get eliminated (although one really has to go), because i know how it feels almost losing my favorite. I just wish them all the best. All of them did an amazing job last night! But it really boils down on how we support our idol through voting. I hope i did enough to contribute keeping jessica around.

      • jessica is a great talent as well, she just hasnt found her true path into being a recording artist. She is young and will make it in the business but she is not quite there yet.

    • Don’t feel too bad for who goes home.  They will all make a lot of money this summer, plus at least for the short term, will live large, and some may even get rich.  They will at least be better off financially than before they were on the show.  At least for a while…Jennifer Hudson went back to a real job after she left until she was rediscovered.  Only the Shadow knows!

  9. I guess Phil, Colton and Skylar are all safe. Jessica might make it til the last 4! So if if a guy is going home, it would be Joshua; otherwise, its a toss between Hollie and Elise! 

    • Did you hear how Colton sang September? I didn’t give him any votes last night.

      • in my opinion…, Colton sang good for september….i said GOOD, not GREAT…but he did GREAT for bad romance…..not many singer can sing bad romance really well…it’s one of a hard  song to sing…

  10. Screams, sqeals, screetches and growls are ways to cover up notes that you cannot hit. Word and vowel enunciation is also a way to reach a note that you can’t reach by pronouncing the word correctly. Another way to cover up notes you cannot hit is by going into falsetto. One more way to cover a note that you can hit but not sustain is to add a little run so that you hit it and then change to a different note immediately. Proof of this is the fact that you can sing a higher note if the word contains the “r” sound. That sound is a high note that your voice is trained to hit because you have been using it your whole life. With lots of practice some people can train their voice to hit those high notes effortlessly and for some it comes naturally. Also whether or not you are able to hit certain notes depends on the note before and after. This is why Steven said I know you have to go that low to make the next note sound higher than it actually is. That is exactly right! He should know after all because he learned from his father who is a classically trained musician. 

    I think this is what has been bugging me about the contestants this year. Obviously they watched the show last year and learned a few tricks from it. Haley Reinhart definitely taught a few lessons in growling throughout season 10 as did Casey Abrams.

    I am not saying that you can’t add a growl or anything else as decoration within the song because you definitely can. You can tell the difference though.

    The same as everyone was saying that DeAndre sang in falsetto too much which I actually agreed with except for two performances. Most of these contestants growl and screech and squeal too much for the same reason. 

    Thinking about that I have decided that there is only one true natural singer in this competition this year. It’s the one I stated a few weeks back that I didn’t want to see win but she has changed my mind.  That contestant would have to be Hollie Cavanagh. Sure there have been notes that she has not hit exactly right. The fact remains that she tried to hit it and she didn’t cover it up with any vocal tricks. She just missed the mark probably because of nerves and her vocal cords tensing up. I have always thought she was a good singer I just wanted to see a home grown talent step up to the plate and none of them have. So whether she wins or not she is my pick to have the most successful career. Anyone agree, disagree? 

    • Very well said!! Its your opinion and everyone has thier own thoughts. I disagree… Hahahhah

      • @yeojmdc He must be a writer! or reporter or blogger! But he has a point though..that’s why i disagree!! Lol

      • It’s a comment. Just trying to put a different perspective out there. I don’t swoon over one contestant or the other based on their good looks. I just listen and observe. I was just stating the criteria I use when deciding who is the best singer. 

        Other people have a different perspective on things and use different qualities in a performance to make their analysis and that is fine. That is why there are so many different genres of music and so many different successful artists out there. Different is good. You freak! LMFAO 

    • I know what you’re saying, but I don’t hear Philip Phillps faking and I happen to like him over Hollie, singing isn’t always about who can hit the highest note or also has to do if you can move the crowd so to speak, He’s as down to earth as they come and for some reason he reminds me of Elvis Presley, there is something about him. I believe Philip can also play piano ,drums, as well as guitar and he had a twelve string last night. The guy has talent.

      • Elvis Presley??Phillip Phillips??????????Youa re kidding a ren’t you??!!!
        Phillip Phillips might have talent but  the man CANT SING.

      • ELVIS????   Elvis had a voice like velvet.  Was sex appeal personified.  Was tall, handsome and had so much presence all he had to do was enter a room.  What in the world do you see in P2 that comes anywhere near that?  Elvis WAS all that and a bag of chips.

    • I agree with you that Hollie is a natural singer. I also appreciate her honesty when she sings, because like you said, she doesn’t use the vocal tricks the others do when trying to hit a note. With any sort of art, you have to know the rules in order to break them. Does she know the rules well enough to feel that she can break them, is my question. 
      My biggest problem with Hollie is that she is just so… angelic. I have trouble connecting with her when she’s on stage. Her voice is lovely, and she really exceeded my expectations last night, especially with the Adele song.  I just wish she had more stage presence, maybe a little more depth. I like there to be something left to the imagination, some layers to be peeled back. 

      Then again, I have the same problem with Jessica. Great voice, but there’s just something amiss. I could blame it on age, but Skylar is only  a year older than Hollie or Jessica and I don’t feel that same lack with her though the vocals are not as good.

      At this point, all the idols are good. Any of them could win. Everyone has their favourites and part of what keeps us watching is the emotional component of the show. We watch them come all the way from a humble audition to performing live in front of millions on the AI stage.  I guess what it comes down to though is the collective consciousness, which can be a fascinating animal…

      • I like that statement. You have to know the rules to break them. That is very well said. Pretty good points you make here.

    • agree that Hollie has proven herself to be a true vocalist without tricks…she has not peeked yet, so stand by, for her best is yet to come…

    • I don’t know about most successful career.  While I’ve preferred her “big voice” over Jessica’s from the beginning – I think Jessica is more of “player” and has more business smarts on how to sell herself (even though she hasn’t really connected emotionally all that well to the audience and home viewers).  But I’ve downloaded all of Hollie’s music that’s out there to download (except for PERFECT, ’cause I’m tired of everyone doing that song) and her recorded versions are really, really good.  Jessica does too much vocal-play on some songs, the same as Elise, and it becomes tiresome to listen to.
      But the person who REALLY gives me a headache is Skylar.  She simply yells her way through every song and everyone seems to like her “energy”.  She can go home tonight as far as I’m concerned, but it will probably be Elise.

      • I agree with you. Skylar always sing like an angry country woman. Her voice sounds nasally too..

      • seriously? very Hollie fan. She’s a nice person and beautiful but doesn’t have the total package. No stage performance. Just singing. Very normal singing like Karaoke which many of people can just do it. 

    • I agree with you. I think Hollie has a great chance to be a successful recording artist. Her voice reminds me a little of Celine Dion’s voice.

    • 100 percent disagree man…jessica, joshua and haley can hit high notes without screeching and growling. they did it because they add tricks to the song?’s more of a flavor to me man. im not joshua,haley and jessica fan or anyone else’s. how about barbara streisand? she doesn’t screech or growl..but how about christina aguilera? she screech and growl. ..but they’re both great singers. i guess to you streisand should have a successful career and not aguilera. wrong! both were successful and i’m citing you two artists only..can you think of two artists more..cmon i have given you a hint already man. the problem with your analysis is that screeching and growling is used for vocal tricks in covering high notes. 

      • I didn’t say only high notes. I also said they can be used to add decoration or “flavor” as you put which I like better. Some people take on a nasty tone or pitch on different notes throughout the scale. Not just the high notes. I was just making an observation. I really thought there was way too much growling last night. That really annoyed me. The only one no doing it was Hollie.

    • Right on Taymaro, I agree with every word you say about Hollie, I think she’ll have a great career regardless of where she ends up in the competition.

  11. My top 5 are Jessica, Philip, Colton, Joshua and Hollie. Hoping all of them are intact this week so that we will see who will win in the battle of the best up to the final 2.
    Jessica, you’ve always been my no.1 but your choice of weak songs keeps me worried of your potential end in the competition. Like I always said, this is not a competition of who makes the best version of the original song but sadly I see it in the entire competition. It seems that no one dares to sing known powerful songs now in spite of wide range of potential selection every week. Eventually, I feel like I wanna ask. Do these contestants knew themselves that they have certain limitation of singing songs with high notes because they seemed to stray away from them?……Good Luck everyone.

  12. My rankings (1-7) Colton, Phillip, Hollie, Skylar, Elise, Joshua, Jessica. No one is terrible, but someone has to be in the bottom 3 and someone has to go. I just think Jessica is the one this week (again)

  13. Ive watched all of their performances several times now, Hollie is now top 5 for sure, she should be safe…Philip might have been the best last night, safe for sure…Colton was not at his best, the lady gaga song was fun…earth, wind and fire burned bottom 3 on performance but should be safe on past and solid fan base…Jess improved but might not climb out of the bottom 3…Elise is bottom 3 for sure, most likely to go home…Skylor should be safe…Joshua, just dont know…he might have the most talent but his fan base still might not have that dancer in his background out of their heads yet, that situation put him at risk…

  14. I like colton hairstyle and the red color on his hair something blood. Looks Amazing!! And in fairness to thier fashion stylist all contestants are wearing bling bling and nice outfit!! Kudos!!

    • At LAST!  Someone else whose head hurts after one of our shriek-fests!  I’m just afraid there are too many out there who LOVE that “down home” energy.  Tedious.

      • And another! I honestly think the judges are idiots half the time. Just because someone can SCREAM at a key point in the song doesn’t mean they are talented.

  15. my personal opinion..

    1st round best- Hollie Cavanagh
    she’s finally brought it home
    tonight I was totally blown away.. not only by her voice. but the
    passion and the determination she showed to me of how bad she wants to
    win this. I still think she got what it takes to be the winner. I really
    am. Though many people are hating her, for me, she has got the total
    package and America would gonna miss a lot if this girl is booted out.
    and ohh.. not to forget, she’s made Adele proud..and me, proud of her. (crazy voice, not perfect, but crazy good!!)

    2nd round best- Jessica Sanchez
    she’s always in her zone.. and
    tonight is no exception. of course she has big chance of winning this
    whole thing. but she needs to calm down a little bit. dig in more to her
    emotion and slay out what she does the best- melodic need to growl so much… the
    first time i saw her and straight away loved her was when she killed
    that song called ‘The Prayer’ in the green mile round. for me that’s her
    only moment that got me really deep.. it’s so beautiful. though I like
    Hollie more, I wouldn’t mind at all if she wins it…… but I really
    want Hollie to win. haha. nvm.

    still it’s a long way to the final. I hope all of them stay on their best and may the best singer….. WINS.

    p.s (I like colton and skylar too :))


    • I agree Hollie had the best performance in the first round of the night…I think she is the most improved in the past 2 weeks and has put herself neck and neck with Skylar as the top female vocalist…the thing with Hollie, she has not peeked yet, so her best is yet to come…

      As for the best 2nd half performance, might have to go with Philip there…he dropped the guitar and showed something extra…I liked Jess 1st performance better than her second one of the night…but I think she was good enough to stick around another week atleast…

      After watching each performance multiple times, I would say Elise is clearly the one most likely to go home based on history and last nights performances…Colton had an off night but history should save him…

      Joshua should round out the bottom three (Colton, Elise, Joshua)…if Joshua fan base has not forgiven him for the dibacle last week (sexy dancer in background of his pefromance with his dads blessing)…he could be headed home…I think he may have completely lost his audience at this point

  16. I’ve notice a lot of Haley Reinhart song choices are being sung and I can’t help comparing performances with Haley’s. Haley’s “Rollin in the Deep” version was killer last year and Hollie did a great job with changing it up so we didn’t have to compare the two so much but Jessica’s version of “Fallin” was terrible, if she wanted to connect with the audience she should have watched Halley’s version and come on stage differently…plus!

    • Jessica reminded me of Haley last night and we all know what happened to her.  Jessica’s inside her head now.  To win she has to focus and do what she does naturally.

  17. I think from here to the finale, there won’t be any double elimination. We already had it during the top 12; where Jeremy was disqualified, and Shannon was eliminated. That was the double elimination of this season. So, we will only have single elimination per week for the remaining of the season. The finale is on May 23rd, so it’s still have enough time.

  18. I think it’s time to say goodbye to Elise. I don’t think she did to well last night. I think Hollie did very well.

  19. I get so sick of the judges praising Phillip Phillips.  He sounds the same all the time, and yes he is sooo BORING.  I don’t really care for how he sings.  I hope Jessica stays.   She is the best singer in the competition.   Hollie should go home, she is not good enough, and she lacks confidence.  

    • I don’t think Jessica lived up to her potential last night.  She didn’t even look good.  Maybe the stress of last week (real or not), made her realize she was more famous internationally than here at home.  It was like the air was let out of her balloon.  It seems the tides are turning in favor of the little holliepop…not by me..but by a lot of posters who are potential megavoters.

      • There is some sort of change in the air.  Even M. Slezak has finally said that JSan doesn’t connect to the music and he’s been a big fan up to this week.  It’s kind of like when Pia knocked it out the box in the early rounds and then went on auto pilot until she was gone.

  20. I’m hopeful Jessica Sanchez is’nt going home tonight.For me she’s the best of them all.I hope she will be the next AI.

  21. I’ m glad. COLTON is gone. I never like him he is too cocky!!!! I will never buy his records no one will ever will!!! He is ugly!!!! He can’t sing!!!

  22. Might just stop watching this show.  They should have voted the “diva” Jessica off….she stays by herself and thinks she is better than them all.  And J Lo is in love with Josh but we won’t go there.  Tired of watching Skylar bounce around like a ball also….The show is becoming insane!

    • I share in some of your frustration..I said that if Hollie was voted off I would stop is so dumb that she almost was voted off!!  Jessica is boring & sucks!!

      • I don’t think Jessica sucks. She was just okay. Hollie always tries to impress when she sings – totally pathetic!

    • Jessica is NOT a diva. She even said that she was not expecting to be in the top 10. She’s just inherently reticent so she stays by herself most of the time.I don’t think Jessica’s goal is to win. I think she joined AI to hone her craft, for the amazing experience and to be a better singer – because it would really push you to strive harder and do your best every week. Well, as the saying goes, you’re only as good as your last performance.

  23. Elise should have gone home! Her attitude is so crappy!!! She thinks she’s the best BUT she sings like a bargirl!

    • What attitude? She has been knocked down by judges this whole season, yes she can sing and sing very good. Stevie Nicks was the best mentor they have had this season and said Elsie was amazing. I will take what she says over anything the so called judges have to say. I see 
      Elise as a very shy girl that has a lot of heart break in her life. Lets give her a chance.

  24. I can’t believe that  Elise, who did mouth off to J.LO,  is still there. I wonder who she is blowing to stay. 

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