American Idol 2012 Top 7 Results Recap: Judge’s Use Their Save In Results Shocker

American Idol 2012 Judges save Jessica Sanchez

Despite what Randy Jackson thinks, it happened again.

Once again, an unbelievable Bottom 3 was named on Wednesday night’s American Idol 2012 results show and an even more unbelievable elimination almost occurred. But the judges decided to use their save and give one of the season’s front runners the second chance Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry and Pia Toscano (to name a few) didn’t get.

At the top of the show, Ryan does the thing he does every Top 7 week and starts forming two groups. This time he started with Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez. They were put in two different spots on the stage, starting the two groups.

After a performance by American Idol alum James Durbin, we get back to the building of the groups. Ryan calls Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone to center stage. Surely Elise will join Hollie in the group that has to be the Bottom 3, right? Wrong.Elise joins Jessica and Phillip joins Hollie. Then that must mean that Jimmy Iovine was right and Phillip is in the Bottom 3 this week.

We get another break and a performance from Idol alum Jennifer Hudson and then Ryan pulls Joshua Ledet and Colton Dixon to the stage, leaving Skylar on the couches by herself. Joshua joins Jessica’s group and Colton joins Hollie’s group. Wait. What? This must be one of those moments when Ryan makes two people trade spots. That must be it.

He pulls Skylar up and tells her she’s safe. So this must be when he tells Jessica and Hollie to trade places, right? No. Instead he tells Skylar to pick the group that was safe like her. And as always, she refuses. So he places her himself. In Hollie’s group. Shock!

That means Hollie, Phillip, Colton and Skylar are safe. The Bottom 3 are Elise, Joshua and Jessica. And while I’m totally shocked by Jessica’s spot in the Bottom 3, I’m not at all shocked by Elise OR Joshua. I even predicted Joshua being in the Bottom 3 in my recap from the night before. So when Randy said “In 11 seasons I’ve never seen anything like this”( or whatever the idiot said  — I never really listen to him) I was like, really, Randy? Really. Moron. It happens almost EVERY season. That’s why there’s a judges’ save! I loathe Randy.

Anyway, Joshua is sent to safety and it becomes very obvious that Elise will be singing for her life. Wrong again. It’s Jessica. She is the one at risk of going home tonight. So she has to sing for the save. And as Deborah Cox’s “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” starts, the judges get up from their chairs and head to the stage.

Jennifer Lopez yanks the mic from Jessica’s hand, proclaims how preposterous it is and tells her she’s safe. And the producers are either really happy with this or really pissed because they’re going to be under on time. So Jessica’s safe and now she’ll ride that wave all the way to the Top 3. And next week Elise and Joshua will go home because they’ll have to send two people home.

What did you think of the excitement tonight? Did the judges make the right decision?





      • yeah. but she will NEVER have the CHANCE to at least land at top3. why? its obvious. teeny boppers love blondes and well, blindly… America’s still a racist country! sorry. just saying.

      • Actually JMC, history shows the the fans of American Idol are a fairly unracist group of voters. American Idol is in it’s 11th season I think. Of those 11 seasons a very large number of the winners have been black. So I guess that takes your racist theory down a peg or two.

      •  @96eee719adfc8164fce6b15a272c7609:disqus
        America is racist it is obvious. Simon said it long ago. Look it is not unusual that america likes some black singers. They just cant help themselves.

      •  I’m not American and I don’t live in the U.S., so I tend not to comment here, as I don’t have any saying in who wins or not. However, as I was watching the result show this week I kept thinking how much I don’t care for Jessica… Don’t get me wrong, she is an amazing singer and she seems very professional. There is just something about her that makes me rethink everything that the judges say… If I could vote, I wouldn’t vote for her.
         I absolutely adore Joshua and Elise… and Hollie!! I know… Hollie??? Yes… I just think she gets a little stiff (nerves?) once she has to sing live, but everything else makes me love her… her personality is endearing, something the super perfect Jess does not have.
        I’ve been reading all comments and people rarely mention Skylar… honestly, I hate country! I think it’s boring and singers have really annoying voices (sorry about that), but since day one I have kept my eyes (and ears) on her. She is an amazing performer and I absolutely love her! As for Colton an Philip… they are good, and that’s all I’m going to say.
        My crazy top three would be Hollie, Colton and Skylar… with Colton coming in third and Skylar winning… but hey! That is probably just me!

    • I don’t think the votes were staged. Hollie wasn’t in the bottom 3 because after the judges gave her harsh feed back, America felt bad and voted for her(thank god). Phillip/Colton weren’t in the bottom 3 because they have the army of teen girls voting 1,000 times a minute for them. Skylar wasn’t in the bottom 3 because we all know the country loves them some country singers and they are very supportive fans(which is why Scotty won).. then you have your bottom 3. Jessica/Joshua/Elise. The judges over praised Joshua giving him a standing o/Elise got the pimp spot which gave both of them the edge they needed to get more votes then Jessica.

      • I agree with the Phillip and Colten votes. I don’t think anyone would argue with you on that one. I do like country although Im not American but Are you for real on the over praise of Joshua. Anyone who has ever performed in their life would know how hard that song that Joshua sang was. The pace of the song, it is a very wordy song and he danced and moved constantly. To do a song like that you would have to be really fit just to get it out let alone do it without being breathless and without missing a note.  If you think about that and watch it back, I think you will realise why they praised him so much. He was stand out. Anyone who knows anything about music and performing would see that.

      • Totally agree.  And after the judges storming the stage with their (“Nobody puts Baby in the corner!”) style of reprimanding the American viewers/voters – Jessica is probably still far from safe next week – except (and she’s not been my favorite this season) that I think her stoic acceptance of being bottom-vote-getter (she may have been in shock here) said something for her professionalism and maturity.  She pulled off a much better face than did Randy, JLo and Steven.  I’ve been saying for several weeks now that I’m getting tired of the judges this year – and I REALLY enjoyed them and thought they were very helpful and entertaining last year.   While I would hate to see Seacrest go, I’m casting my vote for all new judges next year – and probably, every year thereafter. 
        They may get first picks of the talent that comes through – but once the voting begins – it does become, after all, AMERICAN IDOL.  I think, last night showed that the public is taking back THEIR show.
        It’s one thing to critique the performers/performances – but don’t give voting instructions to the viewers – don’t even campaign for your favorites, judges.  (The “standing O’s are getting a bit much, also.)  And when it comes time for the “save” – don’t rub the viewers’ face in it.

      •  I agree with the Hollie scenario.  I have 2 or 3 that I vote for because I want to keep them in.  That being said, if others are doing this, they probably wanted to save Hollie & figured Jessica & Joshua would get enough votes, like I did….wrong.  Because they can all sing, now is when you need to show some personality and entertainment along with their incredible voices.   Let’s face it, if I’m going to a concert I want a lot of bang for my buck….I don’t want to see someone just stand there & sing.  It’s only going to get tougher from now on.

      • i think  AI is just trying to drum up and do some excitement bcoz it became so boring lately.  Everything is in reverse order its crazy but that gave us some laughs at the end of the show

    • This is so unbelievable. People voting the wrong person. Jessica is super talented and she deserve to be on finale. Elise, Hollie, Joshua c’mon give me a break. C’mon America vote wisely!

      • I admit I am sort of shocked. But, even though she has the best voice in the compition, she can be rather boring to watch perform. So, I’m not all that shocked.

      • Why do you think people voted the wrong person….you don’t want them to vote their feelings, just vote your way. Wow, those whole purpose of voting is to determine who the public likes. I myself dislikes jessoca’s song choice, there would have vote against her, even she is one of the bests.

      • While I agree with you that Jessica is talented, I’ve felt no connection with any of her performances.   Her personality doesn’t shine through in the slightest and she comes across as cold!

  1. Wow. What a shocking elimination, I personally think it was set up (for ratings), but, I don’t know if that’s 100% true, so moving on…. I love Jessica, her voice is beyond amazing to only be 16! She hands down didn’t deserve to be voted off, I get it. But, the judges were sooooo unprofessional tonight, it was disgusting. Jessica is a outstanding vocalists/singer/performer but for the judges to basically make the other 6 singers feel like they aren’t as great as her was pretty unbearable to watch.. They basically should have crowned Jessica right then and there when they ran up on stage and stopped her performance to declare they were 100% using the save on her. Randy said something along the lines of “JESSICA IS THE BEST SINGER IN THE COUNTRY/AMERICA” wow Randy, way to make the other contestants feel like scum. Even if Jessica is now the clear winner of American Idol that was still very unprofessional of the judges, if I was the other 6 contestants I would be pissed. I bet they all think they are performing to be better then Jessica now, instead of performing to be better for their fans. If the other 6 contestants don’t see any problem with what the judges did they are either not trying to be vocal about it or they are just plain stupid. I still love Jessica (one of my favorites), but, any other fan of hers should like this and see where I’m coming from..

    •  Agree. I love Jessica, and agree that the judges were right using the save, but come on, the way they went on and on about how Jessica is Godsent just made me a little sick. There are six more fantastic voices there and that partiality towards Jessica was a little uncalled for. Would it have killed the judges to just at least stand in their seats and tell her she is safe? They are after all, good at doling out standing o’s…

      • the rule is clear. the person who received the least vote should sing for his/her life to reason the judges whether they may or may not use the save. no rule said to stop the contestant on the first note and go run to stage doing Oprah-saving-life.
        come on, Jlo. u know the rule and you are too young to have Alzheimer’s

    • But that’s what they did for Casey when they used the save for him last season. He about to sing  but Randy stopped him and said that this wasn’t right and they were using the save on him. So this is not the first time that they’ve done this so don’t say that they should have crowned her stuff when they stopped her performance.

      • …except that they didn’t go onstage, directly plead with America, and allow Casey to close the show with his song like they did tonight.

        PS…I also don’t recall Casey’s mother having been allowed to go onstage.

      • Yes Manman, this is my point exactly!  Who ever the judges save will in the end be eliminated, usely with in 2 weeks.

      • Ellie, the save used on Casey will go down in history of being one onf the biggest misuses of a save in American Idol history. At least this save makes a bit of sense.

      • yeah, i remember that when they saved casey but they did not do “that circus” they pulled off on thursday night when they saved their precious one. what they did for this save just showed their unprofessionalism and subjectivity. what a disrespect to the other remaining contestants! clearly, it was as if they were declaring jessica is already the winner when they stormed on that stage and said all their blah blah blah. this is american idol and the idea is, america voting for their favorites not the judges telling america to vote for the “judges’ favorite”.

    • Randy did not say that Jessica is the best Singer in America or whatever, Noooo I disagree with u. What he said was exactly these words. Infact I am going to directly qoute him. I qoute, myself Randy, Jenefer and Steve have decided to use our save vote for Jessica. He continue, Jessica is one of the best Singer in this competition you and I know that so pls pls America vote for right person, vote for Jessica. Qoute unqoute. That was exactly Randy’s words. Let face d reality Jessica does not deserve to go home at all.

      • It is just disgraceful to hear the judges pleading for votes for a specific contestant.  The other six contestants should protest, or do a sit in to correct the wrong actions of the judges.  Where is this program going?

      • No it’s not. This is what he said: We are saving Jessica without any doubt. wooh! Let me just say it is, from my self, steven and jennifer, this girl is one of the best singers in america. ever! Are you kidding me? Please everybody please vote for the best! It’s about finding the best. Come on!

      •  Sweetbeckito, that is not Randy’s words, he did not say to vote for Jessica. He said “Jessica is one of the best singers in America, ever. Are you kidding me. Please everybody, please vote for the bests. It’s about finding the bests”.

      • When Jlo pleaded for people to vote for Deandre it hurt him. If she was so wonderful they would not have had to save her. Randy did say she was one of the best female singers in America.

      • I just watched in Australia minutes ago and he did in fact call her out as one of the best in America.  The judges have decided their winner whether we agree or not.

      • Beck ur right, that is what he said. I just watched the ending to last nites show.  And if you can, after Jackson makes is big speech, look at the contestants reaction.  They’re clapping and trying to look gracious but none of them are smiling.  In fact Skylar is clapping but glazing far off in to the audience.  Like she is thinking,  just what went down and boy did we get screwed!!

      •’re wrong. I just watched it on youtube. He said she is one of the best singers in the country. He didn’t say a word about the competition.

      • Se did not deserve to go home. But, I thought her performance this week was not even close to touching my soul. In fact, most of the other did better in that regard. So, it is not as big a shock as some of you are making it out to be.

      • that6’s not what Randy said..he said she is the best singer in America…get a hearing aid if you want to quote listen and get it RIGHT!!!!!!!

    • i guess this is just drama for ratings but poor jsan will suffer for what the judges had said people will vote other contestant and maybe jsan will go home next week-i hope not.thank you judges for saving her.jsan fans wake up
      and vote

    •  I can’t be more than agree with your statement that the judges was unproffesional. DIGUISTING and SOME WAY OVER REACTED and also make the the rest contestant is NOTHING. Get a life. I bet Simon Cowell would not do that stupid moron like Jeniffer did. Anyway, is Jennifer have amazing voice talent??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • Yes , yes,yes, so true !

        I didn’t like the 3 fucking judges, just this time, just for now i realized that i should watch the voice than american blablablablabla
        They are so fake !!!!!!!

      • Yeah I think you are right(rating trick).  Makes me almost want to stop watching the show.  But I think it will all work out in the end.

    • When the judges did what they felt was right, JLo and company didn’t mean to disparage the other contestants much less belittle their talents. It was a burst of emotions triggered by anxiety and  hopelessness to undo an injustice that needs to be corrected right away. Anybody in his right mind, including Jessica’s haters, would not agree that the 16 year-old singer has to leave in this crucial part of the game. She still has more to show of herself as an artist and for this reason, the fans of her opponents are not resting easy. In Jimmy Iovine’s words, ” If Jessica goes, all of us should go.”

      • I agree with you. Yes, Hollie is good but compare to Jessica I will lie if I will say Hollie. Jessica has more technics than Hollie aside from the quality of voice and stage presence. Besides JS can sing whatever type of songs, it’s just ballad is her forte. She can rap as well, check it in you tube. I like her but I’m pretty sure America will go for another young male winner if not for a country singer.

      •  Hi Lanuza,

        I don’t want to disrespect your opinion but what Injustice are you referring?  America did not vote her out she was in the bottom because Jessica received the least amount of votes.

        In other words it is you guys who fell asleep and not vote enough and
        one more reason ,  because of some of her more aggressive  fans they actually turn off some voters that could have gone her way if it weren’t for some ignorant statements that has been filling up this site and other idol sites all around.

        Her fans had crowned her winner too early and have made a lot people upset and angry at her fans and eventually at her,  even though it is  none of her doing.  Statistics shows that once you are voted out there is no coming back to win.  But that trend can be broken.

        If I were you guys and you really want Jessica to succeed stop these
        aggressive campaign and start giving her the support she needs.
        We are not stupid, we know who can sing and who cannot, so no need to rub the salt in our faces.  It s better to win votes the friendly way than what has happened here in this site for a few weeks.

        If you don’t believe me ask us and we will tell you honestly.  I liked Jessica from the start but I eventually have chosen to support another singer because of you guys.  Listen to good advise you may learn something.

        Just saying…………………………………….

      •  i was shock about last night bottom 3 bout not because in the last 4 years on idol it’s real sugar coated for white singers to win on the show now. it is  very sad in 20012 we still dealing  with this matter still . have little white girls from 10 to 18 calling 2and 3 hunderd times each week and some one like me who  call 10 to 20 don;t have a chance for any one i like to win plane and simple you have more white singers on that stage each year and they are going to always win each year and this year too same thing going to happen again white is going to win again . it just take away  the dream that any one can win on american idol but the producers on idol can turn it around if they want to . the first 4 years  i got all the winners cd.s not any more …..for 7 years i just didn’t like any of the winners that much to buy there cd in just gone a little to much country for me i wish simon was back …………

    • jessica deserves to win the competition. she  is  he best singer at the idol stage

      • she is the best singer but she is boring…she won’t sell records though…skylar, phil, or colton have a better chance at being more successful career wise. It’s American “Idol” right? So just because she is the best singer, she doesn’t necessarily deserve to win.

    •  I was so disappointed when PIA Toscano voted off last year, come on, do not make the same mistakes America, open your eyes, open your ears, Jessica Sanchez should win this competition.

    • Randy said, She’s ONE OF THE BEST SINGERS…didn’t say, she’s the should go and back and watch the video.

      • He said best. But trurth be known Hollie indeed has the best voice out of the girls this year.

    •  i think she should have went home… if you listen to what Jimmy & Akon said last night they wanted to sign her… she basically already has a deal if she is voted you think america didnt hear that?? so why not vote her off and let someone thats working they butt and giving it all their heart…she knows shes good and like the judges did tonight which was so sick to make the others feel like crap.. my hope is she is gone next week and prolly phillip or hollie with go…you cant act that cocky and get all that praise like that… people just dont like that i know i dont…she is a sweet girl and can belt them out but she already has a deal in the bag no matter what…so let someone else shine…just saying..

      • How did she act cocky?  She said she wasn’t expecting the save.  She honestly looked shocked that they used it.  She was very grateful when they did use it.  I think she acted with a lot of class and poise.  She was definitely shaken up because when she was singing for her life, that was the first time I thought she didn’t sound good.

        She was in no way cocky.  Yes, I agree that she will have a record deal, but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t win.  I also think Colton, P2, Skylar,  Elise and Joshua will ALL get deals.  The only one I’d question is Hollie who is the one that should have gone home.  I think Hollie is good, but Jimmy is right, she needs a couple years to hone her craft.  I wish she was cut like Colton was last year.  Look at how much better he is for it.  

      • Yes they are really unfair with the other contestent, if they trully believe in jessica’s talent they should have let her go and use the save to the others to give them a chance to prove themselfs .

      • race is in the air ? ? ? by whom, you ?     So only a non white person can win ? whos the racist now ?.          Your immaturity is showing

      • Race should not be used as an issue. I know we don’t have popular Filipino singers in mainstream USA maybe America was not  ready and Jessica might change all that.  Vote America. Jessica needs to stay longer in the competition. I know with the teenybopper votes that always goes to the guys in the competition what America needs now is girl power to push Jessica to the top. 

      • @Gunvoncujo, JMC basically meant that America isn’t ready for a different race as the Face of THEIR American Idol . . .

        Just look how Scotty and Lauren won, they are two very talented kids but let’s face it they’re Sweethearts and Grandmas and Grandpas of the South can’t help but vote for them !!

      • you could be and probably are right….let us not forget about Joshua(africian-american).  Actually I have Josh & Jess as the finalist…..shows what I know!!!

    • They did it for ratings.  They gotta spike them as they head into the finals. And voting is down, which probably contributed.  Then they’ll announce a record number of votes next week, and ratings will go back up.  They’ve done it before:  Ruben in the bottom two; Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson and La Toya bottom three…ratings and voting spiked the following week.  It’s all about the ratings…

    • Makes sense. They made total fools of themselves. Their overpraise and obvious favoritism for Jessica may even be the reason why America is turning their backs on her. Still love her though. I hope she at least makes it to the top 3.

    • I couldn’t agree more with your comments. HOWEVER, you have to keep in mind that, as any show, it’s manily about theatricals. The purpose of the show is to keep people turned on the show no matter if they’re mad or happy. Suffice to watch the comments the judges make: always the same words and rarely a constructive one. To actually HELP the singer improve his/her skills. So, as long as we’re spending/wasting our time commenting on the show and watching it, I guess, they’re happy…  Just my opinion…

    • Randy said: JESSICA IS ONE OF THE BEST SINGER IN AMERICA. so try not to over react =)

    • To americanIdol300, I agree with you whole heartily.  I have always said that it is not right and fair to the rest of the contestants to let the judges over-ride the fan vote(even though it may be wrong). I mean this is a contest not a lovefest, and if I were Skylar, I would be pissed off to the highest degree.  I say this because, in my own worthless opinion, the final 3 would be Jessica, Joshua and Skylar in that order.  So imagine what Skylar changes would have been if Jess & Josh(the 2 favorites or judges favs) would have been ELIMINATED LAST NIGHT.  After all they are all trying to win!!  This is like Jessica gets a do over(or mulligan-golf term) and the rest don’t—how fair!!!  Also the sad thing is if a contestant get eliminated once, they will get elminated again and this time the judges can’t save them.  So in the end, America will win out and get their way.

    • Randy said nothing that was not correct. Jessica is the best singer of this compitition (with Joshua be a very close second). But, there are a lot of other performers that are much better performers. I know some of you can not see the differnace between a great singer and a great performer. David Archeletta from a few seasons back was a good example of this. But, David had the benefit of the pre-teen girls voting voting for him 1000 times a minute. Jessica does not have that.

    • Yup, yup, and yup.  I think the “other 6” handled the whole thing (on camera anyway) like total comrades-in-arms.  And Jessica, herself, was so much more professional and mature.  I’m really offended with Randy – but even JLo has been getting to me this year – pleading with America to vote for her favorites!  They are there to FAIRLY critique the performances each evening w/out their own “hidden agendas”.    While I like Hollie alot – I was beginning to see a certain lack of maturity in her performance this week – (High School Talent Show resonated here).  But good lawdy-Miss-Clawdy!!  After she was sooo rudely dumped on by all 3 judges, I was truly heartened to hear America respond as Americans do:  They fight for the underdog!  Yay America!!  Boo Judges!!  I really hope that last night was a learning point and we see a panel that has “cooled their jets” next week.  I would actually like to hear an apology from the judges to both the other 6 contesttants and to the American viewers.  Bad form, R, J and S!!

    • I think what Randy said was, “This girl(Jessica, of course) is ONE of the best singer in America”…not 
       “JESSICA IS THE BEST SINGER IN THE COUNTRY/AMERICA”..there’s a difference in that..And just because he said that, it doesnt necessarily mean that the other 6 were not.  Are you sure you really are a Jessica fan???? I am NOT a Jessica fan but I do believe there’s nothing wrong with what Randy had said.. Truth sometimes hurt..

    • I think what Randy said was, “This girl(Jessica, of course) is ONE of the best singer in America”…not 
       “JESSICA IS THE BEST SINGER IN THE COUNTRY/AMERICA”..there’s a difference in that..And just because he said that, it doesnt necessarily mean that the other 6 were not.  Are you sure you really are a Jessica fan???? I am NOT a Jessica fan but I do believe there’s nothing wrong with what Randy had said.. Truth sometimes hurt..

    • er, she is one of the best singers in America. I don’t think any of the other contestant would have complained – I mean Jesus wept – the girl is 16, and could eeeeasily hold her own on a stage next to Mariah & Celine. She doesn’t have nerves or sing badly or any of the things the others do. Shes a bone fide fantastic vocalist. Sure she doesn’t dance around the stage – but neither does Celine! It’s the same old thing – jealousy – happens everywhere in any business. Perhaps had she been a little frumpy – she would have made everyone happy. But since she’s consistently sensational, it gets some voters VERY irritated. And VERY IRRITATED people vote. Most folks watch the show and know that Jessica has the best pipes, so they don’t bother voting, cause she’s definitely going to win – etc etc. Sure you may prefer another of the contesatnts, they are all great – BUT we all admit deep down, no-one is as great of a singer as she is.

  2. I am so pumped for my girl Hollie!! I am so happy she was safe 🙂 I am smiling from ear to ear.. I hope she kills it next week, please make them stupid judges eat every last one of their bias criticisms towards you.. But, I must admit I’m still afraid for her, with Jessica’s SHOCK elimination.. All of Jessica’s demon fans will be guns blazing for her next week and not vote for her. Hollie is really really gonna have to knock it out of the park next week to stay safe, I have faith in her. LETS GO HOLLIEEEEEEEE!!

      • Sorry, but America spoke. They like Hollie because she can sing the style America wants. Vocals is only part of the reason to earn votes….think about

      • @ Boo judges 
        I think Hollie was saved by her desperate and pissed off fans thinking she was going home. After all a lot of people said she didn’t deserve the judges’ criticism.

      • absolutely not. Hollie was great. She does not deserve judges critcism. I hope she can get the moment. If she got  standing ovation next week, she’ll be in the top 3. Let’s vote for Hollie. She’s a complete package. great voice, charming personality, beautiful lady and loved by america. 

      • ??????? Sooo… You boo the judges… Then you blame Hollie’s fans for voting? What are you talking about? Why did you boo the judges? Remember, they saved Jessica

    • I know!!! When Jessica and Hollie separated my eart sank. Then phill came with Hollie and I felt a little better and even more better when Colton came. I jumped up and down when Ryan said that they were safe. Hollies getting her fans back! First bottom 2, then bottom 3, now safe!!!!!! Vote for Hollie!!!

      • pitchy hollie! she will be known as the girl who got saved because she’s blonde. others are better than her. 

      • Look into her eyes when she sings.   She is BLANK!  No personality, pitchy voice, DULL, DULL, DULL!  She will NEVER make it to #1 on the charts.  Blonde is all she has going for her when compared to the other top talent left next to her.

    • Come on it’s not about the performance anymore. Coz if it does, Hollie shouldn’t be safe. She was the worst last week. Let’s just face it! From Mentors & Judges, Jessica didn’t received any flaws feedback and criticisms. She  didn’t deserved being in the bottom 3. Hollie does and she deserves to go! She’s not improving at all. She even goes down. I don’t think she still have something to prove!

      •  i agree, she isn’t improving compared to all other contestants who used to be at the bottom three

      • NO!. she was just pissed off by the judges. she was just very confused on what she must do to be liked by the judges.. she’s great. I know, her edge was not yet discovered. waiting for her to kill a song. 

      • Come on kabayan, even though how amazing our kabayan Jessica, she won’t have a chance with American votes, she is neither black nor white, to win.  Remember J. Banig who won the Star Search (am I correct?)?, Who was the second place then? Christina Aguilera, where is Banig now. 

        The majority of Americans will not let her win, unless all Fil-Am will cast their votes for her all the way… am I right?

        Jessica is really amazing with her exotic Asian beauty, she has a chance to be a superstar all on her own internationally… as long as she have a good mentor and manager just like Charice has…

    • Hollie has the most powerful voice out of the group and it’s crystal clear. I can’t understand why the judges are so hard on her, she never went off key in her last song it was great. I’d like to hear her sing I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me.

    • There is no way anyone can with any credible authority believe that Hollie has anywhere near the abilities, talent, or voice that either Jessica or Joshua have!  Hollie should have been eliminated weeks ago.  It simply shows how talent does not matter in the end.  All that matters is how many votes one can squeeze out of the public who often confuse looks, fashion, or race with talent.  If this was radio instead of TV, and we had to base our votes ONLY on what we heard, the results would be much different.

      • I disagree. Hollie was really good on Perfect this week. I HAVE listened to them with just my earbuds. That song Jessica did this week was really hard to listen to..all the runs and scatting…ugh. It actually annoyed me.

      • How silly your rant is. Hollie can sing – they can all sing. One thing Hollie has that Jessica seems to be lacking is PERSONALITY. And America got it right same as they did last year when casey was voted off.

  3. I can’t believe that Randy said that Jessica is the best singer in America!  Why should there be any more shows?  The judges have already decided who is the best and what America thinks doesn’t matter.  So why have the shows?  I am appalled by the unprofessional behavior by the judges tonight.  Look, I like Jessica, I just don’t want her shoved down my throat.

      • Why don’t you move on instead of telling everybody else whose comments you don’t agree with to move on?  Childish.

    • he didn’t say she was the best singer in america. he said she was one of the best singers in america.

      • I
        believe that AI is desperate to get rid of Hollie because she splits
        Jessica’s votes, so desperate that the judges were down right rude to
        her this week. The judges bad behavior and a great performance from
        Hollie is why a lot  people voted for her. Ironically that is
        also the reason Jessica is at the bottom. The shows fears were
        realized by their own doing. I can’t help but wonder if the big push
        to put a girl on top is in part, to protect AT&T’s text voting
        monopoly from further scrutiny by putting the “WGWG advantage”
        roomers to rest. Or maybe they just like Jessica that much. All I
        know is that it’s not Hollie, Jessica or the voters fault. I would
        have to lay the blame on AI for the evil plan and Randy, Steven,
        J-low and Jimmy for the brutal way it was carried out. I can’t
        believe that Randy actually had the nerve to blame it on the voters.
        American Idol, shameless people making the world a crappier place.

    • The judges get one save – and it’s gone. So now America decides. That’s why you continue to have shows. The judges beat down Hollie and pumped up Jessica and Wednesday and yet it was still Jessica that got the fewest votes, clear proof America doesn’t vote the way the judges tell them to. Remember Casey last year, and his dramatic, somebody get the boy some water, collapsing, save? He still went home no matter how much the judges wanted him to stay. 

  4. I knew it, the moment they had footages of Jessica’s Filipino friends and families, i had already an inkling that America will stop voting for her

    It’s never good to play the I am a FIlipino card in the US

    in America, it’s either you are black or white and to some extent hispanic/latino (which Jessica was playing in the first few weeks)

    • You’re right! America will not vote other than their own. But what can she do? She’s born that way. It’s not her fault to be that damn good and not to be a 100% American! 

    • i felt the same way they shouldn’t have shown those footages, because of that they ship their votes to someonelse who  is white and blonde.

    • I totally agree with you Winmarv. In America,  Filipinos are looked down  by B or W, and H or L.  Superiority is what they feel and forget that inferiority also exist in their class.  American Idol is a talent competion with judges given the task of giving/rendering unbiased opinions/decisions.  Based on the performances of the Top 8 contestants, Jessica got a very positive rating from the judges …….but UNFORTUNATELY …. the viewers vote made it differently.  The result may have been influenced by very low numbers of Filipino community voting for Jessica, coupled with the absence of votes also from the other side of her ethnicity (Mexican?)  Overall, Jessica is a top contender to beat with, otherwise the judges  would not use their privilege of saving her unanimously.  For Jessica, THERE’S NO SHAME ON THAT SITUATION, because APPARENTLY  one of the B or W, and H or L rightfully negated the advance of UNFAIR voting to these promising singers.   

    • Agreed. No wonder there has never been an AI winner other than a black (Ruben, Fantasia, Jordin) or a white (Kelly, Carrie, Taylor, David, Kris, Lee, Scotty). Let’s face it, America isn’t ready for a winner who’s not that close to their skin color. Jessica will probably go no matter how good or better sounding than others she might be.

      • i also agree.its not about talent and performance now. sadly america will vote for their own kind.but no matter what , i still believe jessica is the winner. mabuhay ka jessica!!!

      • I have one question.  Supposing you are right in your assessment, why would viewers vote for someone whose music they wouldn’t purchase and whose concerts they would not attend?  Relatability plays a big part .

      • And your black winners have done What?, It has nothing to do with race although to Randy and Jlo it must be about race. They have pimped Jessica and Joshua since the show started. No matter how good Elsie is she gets knocked down,this week by Jimmy,who is he,god.

  5. Hollie Cavanagh should have been sent packing instead of Jessica Sanchez. From day one of the competition, she never had pitch problems. She wows the crowd everytime she hits the stage. She delivers an unbelievable performance and how many standing ovations to date? Jimmy Iovine loves her much and the same with the judges. Watch out for her comeback next week, America.

    •  yeah, but I bet her voice will not change, she will still sing off key notes and at some point, pitchy and nasally

  6. when Jessica was insisting earlier na she is Mexican-Fil, she is still getting those votes, but footages of her predominatly FILIPINO family and friends was a nail in the coffin

    cause AMERICA is one big racist country UP UNTIL NOW

    also add the fact that JESSICA is not getting the WOMEN”S vote at this stage as they are drooling over Colton and Philip

    Joshua may get the BLACK votes but she i mean he will not get the GIGGLING LADIES” votes neither as she I mean he really LOOKS SO GAY

    • You may be mistaken about Joshua.  Woman love gay men.  You can shop with them, decorate with them, they understand your moods and they don’t maul you when you’re not in the mood.  Ask any woman what she thinks of Matt Bomer, Sean hayes, Adam lambert, Clay Aiken etc.

    • Don’t take it too serious. it’s just a tv show . and they just wanna make the ‘borng’ show more interesting to watch..

    • Did she get the bottom spot because she is a Flip, or was ir the choice of song….I think and hope only the song.

      • the song choice in my opinion was a super song choice and she belted it out wonderfully …..but america is racist …..they should alow canadians to vote for american idols as well ……..oooops that might sound a little racist of americans ….but thats not what i meant by it ….just stating the truth

      •  she was in the bottom three (among with elise and joshua) because most votes were cast to hollie who was pitied by almost everybody because judges have criticized her

      • What i think is that Hollie should be the one packing but unfortunately she is one of Jennifer’s favorite and i know that she knew she was going home so they staged something so she won’t be sent home this week…what do you think?  It’s so sad that Jessica was part of the bottom 3 and thank God and for the judges …she was save and surely will win the American Idol.  It’s not about the race but i believe it’s the song choice which many of us didn’t know until she started singing that song.

    • Why do so many people have to immediately have to jump to play the race card when people don’t agree with their views it’s sickening.  Grow up !

  7. This is just a gimmick to revitalize the result show as it’s super boring so far this season!!

    • I do agree… 🙂 that’s also my opinion and its not about voting just for them to check what might be the reaction of America and instead they should use the save before it expires… 🙂 and still Jessica ftw… 🙂

  8. So i was right all along, it’s phil vs colton in the finals.. Very predictable for AI.would prefer watching the voice than this show.. for the past three seasons, none of the contestants who were saved from eliminations made it into the top 3. when will the viewers learn that this show is dominated by teen viewers who have no idea what talent truly is.

    • Right, you are. AI’s always been a popularity contest with the pretext of a singing competition. Not all the previous winners’ careers flourished post-Idol.

  9. I think what Randy meant was all three of the. Jessica, whom they want to see winning the whole thing. Joshua who gets praised week after week and all the standing O’ and Elise who got the pimp spot and so praised the previous night… Anyway I agree, Randy is an idiot hands down. And JLo who tried to use the save publicly on Hee Jun and deandre.

  10. after watching results…i can now tell, the winner of this season could be possibly philip or colton (because of TEENS)….jessica is now in great danger, unless her fans and those who believe in her consider this as an wake up call and might consider that their bet is not as strong as they have thought. Next week’s result will be filled with thrill. 

  11. Sooo emotional… heart go with jessica’s mom! Emagine watching ur daughter singing just to be save?
    How difficult it is!……

    • Everyone who is voted out has to do that. So why is this such a sad case? I feel for all of them when they are trying to be saved but that is part of it. 

    • You feel bad for the only mom in the history of idol to ever have been given the perk to go onstage as her daughter sings to close the show?  That ordinarily just happens in the finals after the winner has been crowned.  Oh, wait…the judges did look as though they were already crowning “their” winner.

    • Except that Steven had already said they would save any of the 3 in the bottom once that was revealed to be Joshua, Elise and Jessica.  It had to have been tough on her, however, to find that she was the one with the lowest votes – when everyone has been telling her that she’s “a legend in the making” and the “greatest voice in America” right now. 

  12. Hi Branden,

    Good point but I have one question for you because my memory is failing me right now.  In all of the 10 seasons was there one person that got save by the judges that went on to win American idol.  I think there is none.

    And how many that was saved by the Judges that went farther than the final 5 singers?

    And last but not the least, i still have hhogh hopes for my favourite – Elise,
    call me suicidal, but then again I said Win or Loose I will stick by my choice.

    just saying………………………………

    • Ed, you’re right. None of the saves have won. Matt Giraud from season 8 was the first ever to get the save. He also got the save top 7 week. He was eliminated at the Top 5 mark. 

      Season 9, the save was Michael Lynch – correction, Top 9. He went home in 4th place. 

      Season 10 of course was Casey Abrams. He would’ve been cut top 11 week. he finished in 6th place. 

      So if history repeats itself, Jessica could make it to the Top 3 or 2…

    • Ed, 

      Your girl gave it away that it was staged. She couldn’t contain herself. She was laughing and Ryan tried to explain it away. Do you really think she was laughing because she was nervous. She hadn’t done that before when she was in the bottom three. I am sure this was a ratings stunt. 

      America should just stop voting because Randy Jackson said we don’t know what we are doing anyway. Stop voting and stop watching too. Just let them crown her and end the show now.

      The other contestants should really be insulted by what happened tonight. I hope they speak out about it when they get eliminated and blow the cover off of this whole deal. They have probably signed some sort of contract though and will be at financial risk if they do.

      •  the judges didn’t say she IS the winner. but i think the judges also know that she deserves to be at least at the top 3 or 5 perhaps because she can really sing and that there are still contestants who deserve to go

      • That would be America’s decision, not the judge’s decision who deserves to go and who deserves to stay. I would guess that the judges can also go home and cast their vote by phone or online too.

  13. I couldn’t believe. Thank God they saved their save this year!!

    But they won’t have to eliminate two people next week, will they? Don’t we still have an extra week because of Jermaine’s disqualification?

    • Not sure. They have to finish on May 24, I think. That’s 6 more shows. In theory, they have enough time to eliminate 6 more people.  I didn’t hear Ryan say anything at the end of the show about elimination 2 singers next week……

  14.    The judges made the right decission.  Jessica is the best singer so far since
       the beginning of this season of American Idol. 

  15. If you are here to talk about Jessica and make a big impact to the voting result;  Please learn from this little girl how HUMBLE she is. If you cannot vote please shut up with your PRIDE coz it’s hurting Jessica. At least I voted for her 250x last night. Did you? so shut the fuck up…

    • So to punish the judges America decided to vote off the best? Do you really think the judges care so much about it? As long asthe rating is good, that’s all they care about. Jessica was a victim of the ploy. I hope you voters use your mind and not your a$$.

  16. Well, probably the Americans can’t accept the fact, that there are other people much better than them. 

    • Wait! Isn’t Jessica an American? Funny, I thought she was. Now I don’t know. How can she be an American Idol if she is not American.

      • She’s American, all right, on paper. But her descent is of Filipino & Mexican. Admit it, Taymaro, the majority of America is still black & white, not brown or yellow,  so they’d still rather vote for one of their own. Racism still exists no matter how hard you try to justify that by being politically correct.

      • That’s right….Jessica is an American …and she’s just saying that she has a lot of relatives who are Filipinos but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any relatives who are Mexicans…right?  Fighting about or quarrelling about race is not good …we are Americans…let’s just vote of who we think is the best singer among the contestants…for me …it is Jessica.

      • I am not arguing as to whether or not she is American. I am just making a point. All of these people on here saying that Americans are not voting for her because of her race is just wrong. All of a sudden we are the villains when it has been the JS fans that have been coming with their one liners that are insulting to other contestants. It has nothing to do with race. I think the racism is flowing in the other direction if you ask me. Just sayin…. 

  17. I was in total shock. What just happened is a wake up call to America. And its good that Jessica just got the chance to be saved by the judges.

    Reminder: Let’s not be so confident about how good Jessica does every week. She is still not in the safe zone as this is a competition. And the life that saves her as well as the other idols are the IDOL NUMBERS. Please don’t let this ever happen again as you almost missed the chance of having a well deserved American Idol. 

    • I bet many of those who comment here aren’t picking up their phones to actually vote for their Idol. Jessica’s fans may have grown overconfident that she’ll be safe even if they don’t call in. This is why Ryan keeps on telling fans to vote, vote, vote for their favorites (AI gains profit from that, anyway. But that’s ok if fans really want their favorites to win).  

  18. We shouldn’t allow this to happen again… let us vote for her and let us prove to the world that we are one, no matter where we are.

  19. I just thought about next week, and maybe they won’t send TWO people home, I mean, since Jermaine was disqualified early on, there’s an extra week to fill, since the Finale is May 22-23. That means 6 weeks left. So next week, the mighty producers may just have the ONE person with lowest votes sent home. Otherwise, they will have to fill one extra week somehow!
    Hey, maybe they should bring back Idol Gives Back!
    Or not…either way, what do you think?

  20. no wonder Seacrest is leaving after this season. This show has become a joke. The scream teens with hormones racing vote for the cute ones and the talented leave early. Phillip and Colton over joshua and jessica? C’mon. That’s why veiwership is down by 50%

  21. The show was exciting indeed and the judges definitely did the right thing. Jessica is really worth saving. One of the greatest power vocals in the competition.
    Although this isn’t really shocking because remember best singers in the competition doesn’t always win!

    I bet finale will be either:

    It will just be among these three contestants and if that ever happens i’m rooting for Colton !!!

  22. I think America got the bottom 3 all wrong this time. Common Everybody you need to vote for the best singers. the bottom 3 are great. OMG! whats going on here.

    • A week or so ago the judges said “you have to vote for the whole package”.  The singing, the stage presence, the look, etc.  Now they’re pissed and exclaiming, “Come on America, vote for the best!”   Well, funny thing is, “the best” is different for different people.  (I personally hate country music, but others love it.)  Obviously not everyone loves Jessica’s sound. Bottomline is, only ONE person can win.  Everyone else will be eliminated.  Each week from now on will be “a shocker” to some.  I wonder how the judges will react next week if the same 3 are in the bottom again! 

      I think it was totally unprofessional how the judges reacted last night. It was out of line that Steven announced they were definitely using the save before they even announced Jessica as the one going home.   It was out of line that the judges begged America to “Come on, get it right!” , basically saying the voters are idiots and don’t know what they’re doing.   I think Randy was right claiming,  “Jessica is one of the best singers in America”  She is, RIGHT ALONG WITH THE OTHER 6  CONTESTANTS!  


      •  I’m one of those people who doesn’t like  Jessica’s sound.  And I think although she clearly is experienced performer she lacks some personality compaired to Skyler for example.  I appriciate her technical skills, but I haven’t really heard anything that would make me buy her record. And other than that, the song “stutering” wasn’t that good a song. I guess for singers it is a fun song to sing and it might showcase her singing abilities, but it wasn’t really made for enjoyment. At least I didn’t enjoy, and the results made me think that others thought that as well. One of the best examples of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. 
        I was very supprised of the result, just because I really thought Jessica had strong support and she would be forgiven one bad song choise because of her following. The polls and views in youtube indicated that she has a lot of support.
        I guess the ethnicity could play a part, but I would like to think it is only a minor disadvantadge.

  23. Shocking!  Jessica will be safe for at least a few more weeks because this will get her fans off their butts and voting.  

    She should win the whole thing but at  this point though, it really doesn’t matter what place she comes in.  Jimmy will sign her to a contract (or another label will) regardless and she’ll have a great career.  She’ll sell more records than any of the contestants by far.  I think the best gauge for how a contestant will do in the real world is by looking at the Idol YouTube page.  Jessica is the only one with views in the millions.  The other contestants rarely break 100 thousand.   She beats everyone, every week (except for one which Joshua won) in views by a HUGE margin.  That translates into people wanting to hear her performances over and over, and those people would buy her records.   

    • That’s the more realistic scenario, James. Remember Season 8’s Adam Lambert. He’s such a phenomenon during & post Idol.

  24. Staged! So obvious…wake up people, this is a reality show…I bet Jessica wont even land the bottom 3 next week or at least the next 3 weeks.

  25. Sure im glad they used there save on Jessica but I just don’t like the fact that they used it this far into the contest because next week since 2 have to go home someones gonna end up going home that shouldn’t be going home

  26. These judges are starting to behave really badly- first that horrible criticism towards Hollie last night, and now calling Jessica “The Best”?? What’s the point of having six more weeks of the competition if they are already ready to crown Jessica? There are six more beautiful voices apart from Jessica and I believe it is now officially anybody’s game to win.
    As a longtime Jessica fan, I am happy the judges “Saved” her, but now I am not going to root for her so much. In fact now I prefer Phillip winning over Jessica- only because of the behavior of the very partial judges.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more.  The judges’ combined gesture of running to the stage, pleading with America, and allowing her to close the show with her song just gave Jessica the ultimate and most coveted “pimp” spot on the show.  It was rather uncouth and tactless of the judges to have been so disrespectful of the other six contestants.

      • How so, Bobaloca?  You watched the same show we did and you know what we’re talking about.  Perhaps you’ve run out of things to say so you’d rather overstep any modicum of decency and resort to making judgments about the poster and not the post.  I was simply opining on my observations.  You should stick to doing the same instead of going around this thread and making unnecessary judgmental remarks.

      • On the contrary, I think what they did can just possibly create a backlash against Jessica. Can’t the producers and the judges just let the competition take its natural course, so that whoever America likes the most wins?  And regulate the voting process so nobody gets to power vote.

    • Com’on, youre not actually a jessica fan! I can tell it, youre just using the situation to sway jessica supporters to vote for your fave philip because of the judges’ behavior??? Seriuously???. If you are truly a longtime jessica as what youre claiming, you will not forsake her just because of a situation which is not of her own doing. Thats a very lousy tactic which is not believable. Were not stupid so please stop, because youre not making any sense at all!

    • Gary…Randy said that Jessica is one of the best singer … of the best….not the best singer ….

      • Exact wordings of randy “for myself, stevenmand jennifer, this girl is one of best singers in america… Ever!. So please, vote for the best!” – they are entitled to their opinion as judges! Are you saying that youre voting are saying?? I know you dont! Its not jessica’s jessica fault that the judges saved her! How can you blame her for that?

      • Sorry – but I’ve heard Randy say is “The Best” in America right now.  Probably around the same time Akon was saying she was a “legend in the making”. 

    • GARY:  Agreed.  I just know that – after last night’s fiasco – if I was a singer trying to get my career boosted, I’d be trying out for THE VOICE and fuggedabout AI!  As a viewer, I also know I won’t be watching AI next year if the judges remain the same and Ryan leaves.
      And, actually, I could see Phillip pulling out entirely if things are really that biased, political, ratings-driven or corrupt as many are beginning to say.  I just gotta say – that  despite being as good as told the other 6 contestants were nothing compared to Jessica, they all seemed to be rooting for her. 

  27. i can’t help but think that this “shocker” was a scripted one – one that came from the AI producers for ratings’ sake. i also have expected that judges are likely to use their save for her. we have no way of knowing how truthful this show is and whether the results are really due to the nation’s vote or the producers’ vote

  28. I cannot believe the judges are telling us Jessica is the winner! Wow, America is wrong, and the judges proclaim Jessica THE BEST. Using the save was likely right , but not declaring a winner. Hey, judges, stop playing God.

  29. I thought it was rather amusing that Jessica got the cut..But what was even more amusing was the way the judges acted…I miss Simon ……..

      • Speaking of (Simon):  Wonder what he’s been thinking about all the nutso judges this year?
        Just heard that XFactor is paying Britney Spears to be one of their judging/coaching panel.   Last year was pretty unimpressive – not sure I’ll tune in this year.  But right now, I’m feeling a little disappointed in both AI and The VOICE.  May just go back to SYTYCD and leave it at that.

    •  you don’t know what Simon thinks. perhaps, he would think Jessica is a very good singer or the other way around. he could also either save or not save jessica. simon could have like the way jessica sings or not. you don’t know what’s going on in simon’s brain

  30. TOP 3
    1. Hollie Cavanagh – 30.56%
    2. Phillip Phillips – 24.81%
    3. Colton Dixon – 20.72%
    4. Skylar Laine – 13.15%
    BOTTOM 3
    5. Joshua Ledet – 3.588
    6. Elise Testone- 3.587
    7. Jessica Sanchez – 3.585 —–> (SAVED BY THE JUDGE)

  31. This melodrama that JLO and her cohorts pulled made me sick.  If they were going to use their save, then at least let Jessica earn it by singing for it.  The first few notes that came out of her was horrible and no better than Heejun which they chose not to save. 

    I knew when they didn’t save him that they were saving their save for Jessica.  As far as being racist, it’s not true because Heejun is Asian and I think he got the shaft.  If I didn’t think Jessica was good it was because that’s the way I feel, not because I hate her race. 

    I am a trained singer and when I watch a show like Idol or the Voice, I try to listen and not take favorites.  During the first week of live shows, I thought Jessica was off.  I didn’t have anything against her at the time.  Then the judges said she was the best singer they ever had.  Really?  I could not believe my ears. 

    Then when I heard Hollie, I thought she was brilliant.  And when they unloaded on her, once again, I could not believe what I was hearing. 

    The bias week after week is getting obvious.  If they don’t stop this, they will lose their ratings.  I know I might not watch this again and just stick to the Voice. 

    • you said you’re a trained singer and you thought that hollie is brilliant compared to jessica then try to audition next season or get chair and sit beside the 3 judges, get it??? a lot of great singers praised jessica because of her versatility,her strong voice and the technique she has it all then you’ll say that she’s not that good are you in drugs or something? you’re just insecure because she’s a great singer that you can never be

    • If you were a trained singer I think you wasted your money. Maybe you should train more or maybe just have your ears cleaned, cheaper! Lol!

    • golly are you stupid or what? hollie a good singer REALLY!…….. and you think jessica is bad you must have  hearing problem…….have a doctor check on you…….

    •  you can believe you’re a trained singer, well i don’t believe you’re a trained singer. compare hollie to other contestants who are voted off, those who are voted off are better than her. not that hollie is a worst singer, she can sing but there are others who are better than her. she’s still stands on AI stage because she’s the prettiest among the girls.

    • have you been watching the show? stupid you are……. do you not see that every guest mentor on the show is always praising jessica on how good she is and they are professional singer, ” mary j. blige, stevie nicks, will i am, to name a few. and you call yourself a trained singer……lets hear you sing……

      • Come on, they are there as guests, they say what they are paid to say. They want to stay on everybody’s good side.  WTH do you think they are going to say, u suck.  People are so naive.

  32. Of course Jessica deserved to be saved. She is a good singer. It was so unbelievable. Filipinos vote for Jessica

    • see, that’s the thing, this is likely why she is not getting the votes cuz us filipinos have been playing this race card which causes a lot of controversy w/ the american people.  it shouldn’t be “just” filipinos that should be voting for her, but the whole nation regardless of race, ethnicity, etc. as well.

      • Couldnt agree more. Youre not helping jessica in anyway by claiming and proclaiming her race and roots! Comon, this is amercan idol which means that they are what they should be – AMERICANS – when i see jessica perform, i look beyond what is she as a person. I merely focus on her versatility and talent because that is what this show is all about. So please stop all these comments abiut being racist and all. Its hurting jessica’s chances mire than its helping her.

  33. Do you think voting should change so that voters can’t vote for their favorite a couple of hundred times a night so you get the most popular moving on rather than the most talented? What is a better system? The current one doesn’t always seem to work with some talented people getting low # of votes (Pia last year, Jessica this year) Voting is more a popularity contest than who is best..any thoughts?

    • People are still going to vote for their favorite so how will that help. That’s why it’s called American Idol. In America the majority rules and if the most votes come in for one contestant or the other then that is the correct one to win. America can’t get it wrong as Randy said. When the votes are tallied America will have the Idol they chose. You can’t tell them what to base their opinion on. The entire format of the show would have to be changed and also the name of the show if it were any different than it is now. That’s my thoughts on the issue.

      • Lets say there are 4 people in the world, and only 2 contestants left. You, your mom and your friend vote for contestant “A” once a piece and I vote for contestant “B” (worst singer in the world, but is my friend) 4 times! Am the majority?? Nope, but contestant “B” wins. 

  34. Please America put asside racist infact throw it away or burn it down to ashes plsssss. I realised and strongly believe that Jessica and Jushua been at d bottom 3is totally base on racism. Please vote in the right person put asside racist trample them under ur feet. America is a blessed country full of millions types of people from all over the world so pls stop d racist.

  35. U guys r dumb. Jessica is AMERICAN!!!!! She was born there!!!!!!!!!!! Her parents r not but that not means she isn’t. Qué racista suelen ser los americanos, DIOS!

  36. I don’t get it!! If Jessica is the greatest singer in America why not ler her go on so she can start recording???? Why does she need the Idol crown???  As much as I respect her awesome vocals she’s just not the type of artist I would by a record from. Don’t hate on me for my opinion and the judges are wrong for making the other contestants feel like they are no where near as good as Jess!!! I Love Colton, P2, Elise and Skylar.

    • then don’t buy her record if you’re not interested and randy said that because he knows jessica is really talented and are you aware that randy worked with a lot of great singers including the late whitney houston so he has the right to tell what he thinks is right

      • OMG!  EVERYONE knows that Randy has worked with many talented singers – he name-drops them all over the place!!
        As far as critique-ing goes – Simon had the smarts to know what to say, how and when to say it.  Yeah, he’s a bit of a brute, but I believed he knew what he was talking about and not just coming off as a pompous know-it-all.

    • There are thousands of people who will buy Jessica’s songs. Even if
      you don’t buy, Jessica’s songs will still be bought by many.

      “If Jessica goes, we should all go too” – Jimmy Iovine

  37. I really think this whole show sucks. Why did’nt Pia Toscano get saved? I think it was because Jennifer Lopez was jealous. No one ever gets picked and or saved if they are from New York, or especially if they are Italian. Daughtry and Hudson speak for themselves, especially Hudson, for heaven sake she won an academy award. As for Pia I hope she becomes just as famous for she sings wonderful and has beauty and the whole package. I am getting so bored and tired of American Idol, I think its time to go. This show has become a sham. I remember when Pia was voted off. Yes they were in shock, but no one stepped foward to rescue her. Jessica Sanchez sings very well, but they are really all for her. I don’t know if they have noticed but she did have some bad tunes last week  and also on  the result show. Everyone does, but all of the above did also deserve to be saved but were not. What gives with this show.  A lot of viewers I know have also had it with American Idol and are watching it a lot less, especially after this show.

      • I don’t think they had a save that year. Maybe Pia is the reason for they started the save

    • Because they used the save last season on Casey Abrams when he was eliminated. I think that was around top 11 

    • listen people when chris daughtry, jennifer hudson, were competing back then i don’t think the judges got to save a contestant. saving started just few years ago i believe. cause i remember constantine maroulis  when he was eliminated early on judges can’t believe it even though he had a great performance the night before.

    • Honey, they already used the save on Casey Abrams. One save per season. Hence, they can’t use the save on Pia Toscano anymore. Wherever that “JLo was jealous of Pia..” came from was simply amusing. Stop. Eating. Carbs.

  38. It was obviously for ratings. Elise was giggling uncontrollably and Ryan tried to explain it away and she said it was because she was nervous. She hadn’t giggled before when she was in the bottom 3. 

    They are trying to increase ratings using the same method that has cost them viewers. Do they not see that? This is the end of American Idol I am afraid. They just put the last nail in their coffin tonight. Yeah the ratings may go up next week out of sheer curiosity but after that it will be obvious that this was all fake. 

      • Well you’ve got your opinion, there’s no need to bash other’s

      • Not bashing, just questioning here statement. As I read the comments it seems to me the using their save was ok, but the way they cut her song off and proclaimed Jessica the world’s best singer is unacceptable… they used very poor judgement. Yes, I’m not a Jessica fan, but I do feel the save was right. The judges (yes all three) disgraceful action were not right

  39. THe results were shocking, but in some way I could understand them. Jessica chose a song that showcased her singin ability, but the song itself  was bad. I didn’t like it at all. And I haven’t really been connecting with Jessica.
    Glad that Hollie is safe, but supraised that she wasn’t in the bottom 3. She’s terrible on stage, even though I love her voice.
    I’m happy that Elise is staying.

  40. Absolutely they have to save her. I am not her biggest fan (as in I don’t get morally outraged when people criticize her), but I do think she should get to the top 3 and possibly win. I think people at this point vote for people who they want to save because they think the stronger singers are safe.

  41. Yes saving Jessica is one of judges’ best decisions ever, we Filipinos support Jessica, if we here in Pinas can only cast our text votes we will do it for a kababayan who made us proud.  We will pray for you Jessica, we believe in you.

    •  Try this: On Facebook search for “American Idol Online Voting”, and vote from there. It might work even if you are outside the US.

    • Race has absolutely nothing to do with Talent !! I understand your proud that she’s got Filipino Blood but she does have a Mexican Father and she’s born in America so she is Legally and American too.
      I think the Pinay Pride comments are just putting off the others to vote for Jessica.

      When it comes to commenting:
      Leave Race Alone

      • Aren’t you being too controlling? Let them do what they want. Everybody else does. You presume too much.

  42. It was the right decision. Come on! Jessica is the best out of the whole group. She just doesn’t have The Look but she has The VOICE.

  43. Unbelievable, two of the most talented singers in the bottom 3?? and Jessica the most talented of all, eliminated?  Omg,  now I know why lots of people don’t watch this show anymore.  

  44. American idol judges did the right thing. Very unfortunate that voters’ didn’t vote for the right singer with potential and the best among the contestants. Hope that voters’ will heed Randy’s advice as the purpose is to select the best of all the best.

    • Ashame people don’t understand their votes count too. Cindy you spoke your one vote, but America has spoken….live with it.

      •  Hollie must go home she’s pitchy and out of tune most of the time.she just open her mouth widely and yell the song, what a pity she’s just there because of votes, otherwise she wont even make it to top 9.
        Good decisions judges, How i wish next week for Hollie to go home…and no more save by the judges!

  45. This is Wolram. What happened? Why was I banned? Is it because I agreed on someone’s comment that there is racism in America? If this is the reason, then how shallow and close-minded can you get? I always debate intelligently, never resort to insulting any of the contestants nor any of the commentators. And yet I was for merely for expressing an opinion? No need to ban me again. I’m not coming back. Just want to say my last words.  

  46. I think this is close enough to where there are no shocking exits.  Anyone from 1-7 can win this thing, finish 2nd, 3rd, down to 7th.  

    They’re all close. 

  47. Now that I think about it… I don’t think the votes were rigged/staged it all makes sense to me now.. Hollie wasn’t in the bottom 3 or in danger of going home because after the judges gave her harsh, uncalled for feed back, America felt bad and voted for her(thank god). Phillip and Colton weren’t in the bottom 3 because they have the army of teen girls voting 1,000 times a minute behind them. Skylar wasn’t in the bottom 3 because we all know the country loves them some country singers and they are very supportive fans(which is how Scotty won).. then you have your bottom 3… Jessica, Joshua, and Elise. The judges over praised Joshua giving him a standing o and Elise got the pimp spot which gave both of them the edge they needed to get more votes then Jessica, which is why she ultimately was eliminated.

  48. I think it’s staged to show 3 top contenders at the bottom. probably enticing viewers to vote for these 3 next week.

  49. This is off topic but what kind of microphone did Durbin have? It had some sort of button that changed his voice. Does anybody know what that was? It was egg shaped. Real artists don’t need crap like that to alter their voice.

  50. Bottom 3 was unbelievable…Can they please check their voting system?…something is not right.

    •  Who knows?  Bottom 3 this week will be AI’s remaining top 3 this season.  It will really be an amazing twist!

    • i agree with you something is not right!!if this results it was the american results not for rating!!!i think the american people are sorry i say (crazy)!!!!this bottom 3 in my opinion and i think in judges opinion,and in  many others they now what music and powerful voices is ,and unique contestants is  should it be at the final the first 3 places!!!I’m not a jessica fan but to eliminate her now ahead of holie skylar philipp and colton (in this order)… its sad for music!!!!hollie was 1 number of votes:)))))!!!!again if this results are real results of america, something need to be change at this competion!!its a popularity vote not the music contest!!!!!!!!elise joshua and jessica im not sure by the order here…is the best contestants by far in this competion,and elise was every week on the bottom!!!!its unbielevable !!!!even though at this week it was THE BEST PERFORMANCES!!!so america wake up and vote with your minds not with your hormons (colton ,philipp),not for country singer (skylar),it was enough last year (scotty and lauren instead of pia or haley),and not with your pride (voted for hollie!!!,because the judges critized her !!). common what have hollie had that good,???,skylar (another country singer)!!colton,and philipp only for teen girls!!elise and joshua are so unique with their voice and jessica has one of the best voice in this competion!!

  51. Ahhh I found it. It was a voice distorter. What kind of singer needs that? I guess a lot of them do now days. Most of the time it’s just called Autotune…LOL

    I guess with Youtube and all the covers of everyone’s songs it’s kind of like a way to protect your work and make sure nobody can do it exactly the same or even better.

    I guess anyone can get the same equipment but no way they can know the exact settings to mimic your work.

  52. that goes to show how good jessica sanchez  is,,,,they used their SAVED  just for her,,,to the other contestants they are not worthy saving them,,,,so next week  if you got send home,,,you go home,,,,that simple…..

  53. Jessica being eliminated is not impossible. I’m a fan of her but even me, a fan, grew tired of watching her perform week after week. She’s too predictable (like Joshua and Phillip). She’s great vocally, that’s a given but she really needs to add up some personality.

    I really thought Hollie will be the one to be sent packing tonight. I think she really has a strong fan base. As expected, the judges save will be used on Jessica. It’s way too obvious that the save for this season was really for her! I’m happy with the decision but I feel something is wrong. Maybe they eliminated Jessica to add some “drama” to the show? to increase ratings maybe?  I really don’t know… but either way, i really hope the results tonight were the results of the votes, not the producers!

  54. From a website.. could it be true? —– “Elise has been in the bottom a lot and a shocker elimination would probably be somebody like Jessica and Joshua. In addition, in recent seasons, minorities have had a bit of trouble staying in the competition because (we hypothesize) the voting demographics have gotten so narrow as the show has waned in popularity.”


  56. thank God for saving Jessica… if she makes it to the top 5… it’d prove that the judges did the right desicion

  57. The judges continue to show their sheer unprofessionalism and favoritism by storming out onto the stage for Jessica. How sad is it for the other contestants to hear randy say “shes the best singer in America.” Woooooow! That’s just rude! There’s 6 other people in this contest that deserve the spot just as much if not more than her
    If Jessica wins now they totally ripped off X Factor by saving a girl from elimination and letting her win.

    Just really hope the Holliepops keep up the votes 😀

    •  It’s plain and simple logic.  Jessica is one of the most talented contestants.  I also like Hollie to be in the finals.  So, if ever she got the fewest vote, I would be happy if the judges use the save on her.  So, it’s a wise move on the judges.

    • JESSICA is more talented and really have that GREAT voice more than Hollie, besides she dont deserve to be in the top 7, she’s out of tune or pitchy most of the time?what the hell do you have to vote for her? american idol represents great voice, talent and personality.
      Judges have the right to say their opinions, i believe even if jessica won’t win, she still has the gtreatest voice among the girls. Sorry, but Hollie “doesn’t have it”

      • Don’t you ever think that hating on other contestants can put off more votes for your favorite contestant ?? I’m a Jessica Fan DONT ruin this for anyone of us

      • DID I EVER DENY THAT JESSICA WAS GOOD! everyone in this competition is good, if they weren’t then they wouldn’t have made the top 13.  and I am not going to argue with improper grammar.

      • …and what makes you the final authority on this?  You speak with such incredulous finality.  If you’d like your opinions to be accorded respect, then I suggest you learn how to regard the views of others with the same respect.  Geez.

    • With all due respect, Randy said that Jessica is  “One of the best singers in America” not the “Best singer in America. 

    • opps did u watch it? Randy said ” we are saving JESSICA without any doubt, let me just say it is : For myself , Steven and Jennifer, This girl is ONE of the best SINGERSSSS in AMERICA! EVERR EVERR . 

      stop spreading the news that randy says “shes is the best singer in america”  you are exaggerating it .

      the judges has no favoritism they  are just appreciating jessica’s talent.
      and we all know who deserves to be voted out. we cant deny it! but jessica she deserve to be back in the game!  

      • oops does it matter?! the favoritism is sickening. Im not exaggerating it, the judges are.  If she was so good she wouldn’t have needed a save in the first place.

    • As if three votes can make her win! Come on. They are just doing their job. Randy didn’t say she’s the best, he said she’s one of the best singers… Let’s just face it! The best should win season 11. And we all know it’s Jessica. So vote! vote! vote!

      • Its a matter of opinion and the judges do heavily sway upon the votes of America.  That being said it is usually the opposite of what they say.  Look how harsh they judge Hollie each week, especially this week, and if the polls are correct she had the most votes this week.  Now all the praise for Jessica is going to backfire on her and get her sent home for a second week in a row.  Americans aren’t idiots, they can see past this fiasco of trying to shove a contestant down our throat and personally I think Jessica is winner worthy but the favoritism is making me not want to see her on that stage anymore.

    • You are just upset that the save was used on jessica. Everybody knows that they will never use it on some undeserving contestant like Hollie. Well, I guess you have to work your fingers again to the bones to put in your thousand and thousands of votes to save Hollie next week. And even if youll able to save her she will never have any recording contract from interscope. Maybe some local recording company will give her a contract but not American idol. Her voice is good but so common. And she’s boring…no personality … I think she’s cute though but you need more than that to sell records and that’s what AI wants. There’s a reason why the judges including jimmy are not into her. They see Hollie and they see no $$$$. Just being honest.

  58. This is what really happened in the voting, everyone alerted that Hollie will be off stage that’s why they cast all the votes for her,knowing Jessica is safe.It was not anticipated that this urgent voting for Hollie at last minute will cause turmoil to Jessica.
    I’m sure next week it will be a neck to neck battle again,but not for Jessica anymore.Many got shocked,Hollie got the highest vote percentage this week because it was voted simultinously to save her,it is my opinion only.

  59. alot of people are over thinking what Randy said… i mean come on, what do u expect them to say… thats the reason why there’s a “save.”  if it was colton, philip, joshua, skylar, or even elise in jessica’s shoes they’d say the exact same thing in a different manner.

    • You’re correct! They will definitely do the same thing if it is Philip, Colton, Elise and if it was Joshua they might not even let him sing even one single note and save him right away. 

    • They wouldn’t. That’s why they are called judges. They just know who should and can win the competition (the one who deserves it). Deandre was a favorite but wasn’t saved. 

  60. I am shocked and speechless.  Good thing Jessica was saved by the judges.  She truly deserved to be saved.  America should vote based on TALENT and NOT just BY POPULARITY or FAN BASE.  Wake up, people….

    • People vote for who they like.  Not everyone perceives “talent” the same way.  What makes someone a popular music artist?  It is their fan base that buys their music. 

  61. OMG? WTF were Americans thinking?  So it has come to this eh, battle of the races again! Why would anyone place Joshua and Jessica in the bottom when they’ve performed nothing but the best all the time. What is so correct in not placing Skylar, Philip and HOLLIE in the bottom three? Hollie can’t even be a recording star. There is nothing special to her voice at all. She says she wants to change so she took up Pink’s song but nevertheless shouts and shouts throughout the song! isn’t that what she always do? She has no versatility.

    • Jessica is talented ang has a great voice than Hollie and among all the girls.Hollie doesn’t deserve to be in the top7, its either she’s pitchy or out of tune. She doesnt even know how to perform, she just open her wide mouth and yell the song….she’s trying so hard.

  62. Using their save vote for Jessica Sanchez is perfectly right,you can see on the video that  they were shocked by the results.Wow! ridiculous votes went wrong Jessica Sanchez at he bottom?oooh the most applauded girl in the venue came run out of gasoline………… this a joke?

  63. Let’s take this logically and realistic… as people know that jessica have a lot of supporters, america think that they will vote for another contestant because no matter what happen Jessica will be safe. But unfortunately it didn’t happened. Will see next week… 🙂 Jessica ftw… 

  64. Oh, i know… that’s why jessica was almost sent home.. because she’s a phil-mex!…GOSH, AMERICA….that only shows that your votes were not based on the talent..i mean, obviously, JESSICA SANCHEZ is SOOOO TALENTED, NO DOUBT, DUH…?? but base on you-know-what…

  65. Here is what i think and its only my opinion….but think about what im saying …. I think that people are prejudice against her nationality…… forgive me for saying that …..but the truth is in the world there are still prejudice people and thats why Jessica did not get the votes ……For her TALENT…… she should be amoung the top 4……. MY top 4 and not in any sort of order as im still watching and waiting ….are: Colton….Jessica…….Elise……and Philip……. Im happy about this save …..but I was almost ready to stop watching when….. DeAndre was voted off america what were you thinking.

  66. I read some comments obviously not from Jessica’s fans that the reason they don’t like her is because she seems perfect. I guess that’s what happened to Adam Lambert he didn’t win the crown because he was perfectly good.

  67. many voted for hollie because they pity her not because of her talent. yeah she can sing but the truth is that others are better than her. i must admit skylar sings better than her, both sings nasally. 

  68. I am not surprised by the bottom 3 as most.  Although Jessica in my opinion is far superior to Hollie they likely both appeal to the same voting demographic.  Last night both did an excellent job but because of how brutal the judges were towards Hollie many of those voters likely feared that Hollie would be in trouble and thus put all their voting efforts towards her at the detriment to Jessica who they figured was safe regardless.  
    With Elise and Joshua it becomes a likeability factor.  I love Elise, I think she is very talented and she seems to have a great personality.  But obviously she doesn’t appeal to the majority of AI voters as the producers have done everything in their power to keep her around and she continually ends up in the bottom 3.  One problem she might have is that the more mature AI audience like myself TIVO AI and by the time I watch the show the voting period has ended.  However, I doubt that my one vote would really make much of a difference in comparison to the Teen girls that tend to be able to spend their entire night texting.  Joshua lacks the sex appeal needed for the female vote in particular the teen vote.  He is enormously talented when he in my opinion is not SCREAMING through the entire song but talent is not enough on this show.  Which has been proven throughout it’s history.  Likeability/marketability and semi talent will beat out the most talented every time.  Jessica should be ok moving forward because the voters that voted for Hollie will likely shift their full attention back to Jessica.  Elise and Joshua on the otherhand will not last much longer.Another thing I have been wondering about is how much a factor the West coast vs East coast play into the whole voting outcome.  For example the lines on the East coast open up at 10p est right?  When do they close?  How would they regulate someone on the East coast from voting from 10p est until 3a est(12a pacific time).  If there is no way to regulate it then I am sure that those on the West coast could start voting at 7p est time but, first of all, most wouldn’t know each individuals number to vote and secondly most would wait until after the show.  I am not even sure if it makes a difference but who was the last winner from the West coast?  It certainly would make sense as to why the contestants that appeal to the southern voters last longer.  Last years winner McCreery was from North Carolina and Alaina who came in second was from Georgia.  Just a thought. 

  69. biggest mistake on AI…. i don’t blame the judges for acting that way— circumstances pushed them to act that way… and besides!!!! it’s all in the ears man!! HYPOCRITES BACK OFF!!!! …………. AND now I’m so excited what Jessica would do in her next performances!!!! think she’ll kill them all…. (with her voice ) ………can’t wait.

  70.  Nice thing is we all have our own opinions. None are right or wrong. They are just a part of us. Personally, I think both Jessica and Joshua should be gone. Jessica is a great ballad/Whitney singer but lacks when it comes to anything with tempo or attitude and Joshua sings everything like he’s in church. But with all of these type of competitions, it comes down to a popularity contest. Just like in life….lol. Remember, it’s not what others think of you it’s what you think of you.

  71. The problem is Jessica’s fans. They are so mean that they gradually turn out like the judges. They bash other contestants just because they were Jessica’s fans. Hollie and Jessica are brilliant in their own respective ways. You shouldn’t be comparing them by giving harsh opinions about Hollie, or to any other remaining competitors.

    In response to Paula_cee, people voted Hollie not because of the pity they felt, but because they refute upon the judges comments.

    Anyways, HollJess way to the finals!

  72. the truth is, jessica saved all in this night elimination! its an obvious scripted, to get the eagerness of the person who have the most number of fans, coz its a fact that AI  is losing on ratings. jesicca, just go for the win, as randy said,” ur one of the best singers in america, ever.. ever…” so pls stop rejoicing to all jessica haters, its hard sitting on safe place, if u knw for urself that there is jessica, who is a best singer of all of them!

  73. I just lost respect for JLo and Randy. Impartial. Unfairly fierce. Unprofessional idiots.

    (As expected, Jessica fans will again give bad feedbacks on this.)

    That is what AI was meant for. The competition for the voice comes second. Our personal tastes matters.

    For me, my taste is Elise’s music.

    My favorite is Jessica Sanchez but I am not losing fact that many Holliepops are there to support Hollie. What is talent if their are less fans. 

  74. I still have faith that jessica will win the competition. Yes, I like Hollie .. But in the case of performance Yesterday, I think Hollie get ranked 7th and Jessica on 1st!! … Please America , Vote for the one who deserves to win the competition! And I know Jess is one of the deserving ones.. For me, the one who deserves the top 5 spot is Jessica, Colton, Elise , Joshua, and Skylar. Pick up your votes for JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!!! PLEASE!

    • I like you being so ideal thinker. However,  people  vote for their idols regardless of their voices. In that case, my top 5 would be Jessica, Hollie, Elise, Skylar, Colton =)

  75. I am shocked! Why do American voters vote for the mediocre?  This Sanchez girl is so goood. I don’t always agree with Randy’s opinion but this time I believe he is right. Sanchez is one of America’s best singers! And only sixteen at that!

    • AMERICAN IDOL is a singing competition and has something to do with  TALENT,  and is not a Beauty Pageant . 

      • True but can you really claim that being attractive and appealing isn’t a part of being a successful singer? At this stage, all the contestants are talented, so people are voting based on their personal tastes, which includes style and appearance. I really don’t think Jessica will win this thing. She probably has the best vocals, but she’s not a great performer, she doesn’t seem to have much personality and is very meek. But she’ll still come out of this with a recording contract, so does it really  matter if she wins? 

  76. It wasn’t that suprising to me. Jess is a great singer but doesn’t it always seem that the most talented (Lambert, Hudson, Toscano, etc.) get the ax earlier in the show than those who aren’t as great? Look at what Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson have achieved since Idol. Just goes to show…you do not have to “win” American Idol to come out a winner!

  77. Well… I think people voting for what is popular not because what is the person capable for or if he/she deserves…

  78. Just lately, videos of the Top 7 Results night (Part 1?) were posted in Youtube. Once again, Jessica’s fans bash other performers and compared them to Jessica which is I think the reason why there are as numerous JSan haters as there are fans. Stop stabbing Hollie. She did not do anything bad when JSan was declared the least-voted contestant. 

    I hate to say this but some Filipinos were too feel-free to say whatever they wanted to say regardless of its badness. Is that what Pinoys were? i thought they were hospitable people.

    • they wont say bad things if they didn’t hear or read an attack on Jessica and the fact that all Jessica’s fan are always  in Jessica’s YouTube video’s which makes it the high rating video on AI yt account and why would other contestant fan’s  came in out of no where and ATTACK Jessica in a bad manner ? seriously Jessica’s fans are just  defending Her! thats it

      • Pinoy here..some Pinoys tend to go way far out and bash the other contestants even when JSan is not criticized..At the end of the day, the question will always be about who got the most votes..sadly for Filipinos in the Philippines they cannot vote. Considering how much hype JSan has been getting in the RP news at the moment, it is no wonder she gets a lot of YT views from Filipino fans who want to support her. one thing that must be considered is, how many support Jessica, apart from the overwhelming Filipino pride fans, in the mainland US? 

    • dont get me wrong but this line in your comment irritates me,

      Filipinos were too feel-free to say whatever they wanted to say regardless of its badness. Is that what Pinoys were? i thought they were hospitable people.


    • You are totally right. If you guys have ever read any comments in the youtube, you guys will realise something about Pinoys. They like to compare things to what they like, they will praise for every thing that they stand to, and they say a bad things about others.

      I’m not racist in here but I do think Pinoys really have to learn how to respect others. Peace.

      • Please don’t make a blanket stereotype of Pinoys.  I am 100% Filipino but certainly don’t fall under the category you describe.

      • ooh I’m sorry, only some of the Pinoys acted like that, but those some are everywhere in youtube and those are not stay invisible.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m Jessica’s fan too and I do like to watch drama series from Phillipines.

    • i’m a filipino and you don’t have the right to say something like that to my fellow filipino and if some of us are saying something about hollie that’s because we have the freedom to say what we want and if you don’t like then just shut up and don’t you dare question the hospitality of the filipinos because it’s not the issue here

      • thats the problem with us Pinoys..we think we are free to bash on other contestants but our very own Jessica cannot be subject to the same treatment. If we are free to say what we want, others too can say their piece on Jessica. 

        If you are going to be objective enough and read what other Pinoys are posting, you will see that there is reason to believe that some are undeniably rude. JUst saying

      • You’re trying to defend the Filipinos but your venomous attitude just gives everyone reason to reaffirm their growing distaste for us.  I’m 100% Filipino-American and I am utterly disconcerted by your insensitivity in stigmatizing the rest of your fellow Filipinos/Filipino-Americans with such display of callow behavior.  Try a little civility.

  79. It’s crazy. Jessica was going to be eliminated? C’mon, people, be fair! All the contestants are good but she’s better than most of them.

  80. Big shocker. Honestly it wasn’t that she got overlooked or people forgot to vote for her. Don’t get me wrong the girl can flat out sing. I don’t vote for her though. Here is my main 2 reasons.
    Reason 1: She’s the diva type of singer. You know Beyonce, Celine, Whitney, Mariah, etc. I don’t own a single album by any of them because I don’t like that style of music.
    Reason 2: Likeability. Maybe she is a nice girl, but all I’ve seen of her so far makes it seem like she’s the stuck up popular girl who treats people like they are lucky to be breathing the same air. All I know about her is she is from San Diego, is Filipino, likes shopping and according to her has worked hard for this. If you want America to vote for you then show us your personality.
    Now a new reason…
    Reason 3: The judges complete lack of professionalism. What they did has now officially swayed me all the way over to the I will never vote for her ever category.

    • if you don’t like jessica then don’t because no one is forcing you and you don’t have to tell us your reasons why you don’t like her because jessica joined the AI because of her talent and not because of her attitude or her looks blah blah blah and if the judges is very unprofessional according to you that’s because they know how talented jessica is so they want america to choose the person who deserves to win

      • If you disagree with what someone else says about your favorite, then disagree by all means because your opinion is just as deserving of respect as the other person’s; but you have neither the right nor the authority to tell someone else what he/she can or cannot say.

      • All I was stating is that fans don’t just vote for vocals. Personality is a big factor and her’s is either vapid or nonexistent as far as I can tell. When all you do is sing in pageants and shop it’s hard to find things that people are interested in about your life. That’s all. 

  81. be thankful that jessica saved … im sad when i see her eliminated… pls vote vote vote for jessica its the best thing we can do. god bless to all..

  82. It really doesn’t matter who stays and who goes at this point. They will all get some sort of record deal. and actually the ones being voted off now are better off, if they win AI then they have to make their first album whatever AI wants them to make, not what they want. If I were on the show I would hope to be voted off now rather than win. As for the people left, they are all amazing BUT, to put out an album today there are some on the show that would never make it. Takes me back to Ruben when he won, great voice, no sales for his record.

    • Maybe so, but Scotty won, put out his album, it went platinum, his first single stayed on the charts for 30+ weeks and the second single is climbing now, he won New Artist of the Year and he’s on tour through next October.  Yeah, too bad he didn’t lose.

  83. hrmm.. I get what all of Jessica’s fans wanted to say, at some point, I do think Jessica’s being almost eliminated was so racist. But then, when I think again, in American Idol, good singers always been sent packing earlier than those who just have not-that-good talent. Last year, we had seen Pia Toscano been eliminated during the Top 9 when all of us thought she could have win the whole thing. But personally, I did see this will happen from the beginning. I tried to warn Jessica through twitter, but I think she didn’t read my warning. I’ve been her fans from day 1 but after her ‘I will always love you’ performance, she seems to be running backwards and never redeem herself. The judges like her so much, they will never try to criticize her like what they did to Hollie, even Jessica’s performance is not that great as always.

    and to the other Jessica’s fans out there, grow up!! You all being so childish in here, this is not racist at all, this is something that always happen in American Idol, you know if you have been watch this program like you never watch any other TV series.

      • That was my first thought but I changed it right. I don’t think AI is racist at all. Read the last paragraph of my comment above, I did say that “this is not racist at all”. 🙂

      • and how many of them? Jessica is not black, blacks are generally more accepted as Americans than those of Asian descent.

      • @chaos86:disqus Do you think it might be because most American black people can trace their American roots back 200 years?  Most African/Americans ancestors were here 100 years before mine.

      • @chaos86:disqus Do you think it might be because most American black people can trace their American roots back 200 years?  Most African/Americans ancestors were here 100 years before mine.

    • Chaos86 – Jessica Sanchez was born in San Diego. Her father is a Mexican American US Navy vet from the Iraq war who was born in Texas. Her mother is Filipina and her maternal Grandfather also served in the US Navy.

      Sanchez is an Hispanic name. 

      Jessica won a full scholarship training at the Theater of Arts in Hollywood and appeared on AGT at age 11. 

      She is not the untrained novice 16-year old people make her out to be and has probably had more coaching and training in her young life than most of the other contestants.

  84. Gheeez….. Clean your ears people, watch the video again and get your facts straight. The huge judge just said “She’s one of the best singers….” [period]. What I didn’t like about last night’s results is that they were unprofessional because they didn’t glued the’r butts in their seats.  

    • “One of the best singers in America – EVER” is what he said and then went on to tell America to “vote for the best.” This was with the other 6 contestants on stage behind him.

      It was disgraceful and totally unprofessional.  

  85. Breaking down Jessica’s chances of winning AI this season.  I am huge fan of hers and after tonights close elimination I wanted to take a closer look into how she could have received the lowest amount of votes.

    Jessica is from California so after my previous post I wanted to take a closer look at the potential impact of East Coast vs West Coast in the voting process.  My question to everyone was what time does the voting start on the East Coast?  10pm est right?  And what time does it close?  AI might say 2hours of voting period but how do they regulate it and decipher a vote coming from the East or West because it’s open until 12ap on the West which is 3aest on the East.  Which would give people on the East Coast 5hours of voting compared to just 2hours for the West.  Sure if this is true then people on the West could probably start voting at 7p est but how would they have the contestants number and people are much more likely to vote after the show is over anyways.  If more votes are coming from the East Coast it certainly would make more sense as to why contestants that appeal to southern voters tend to last longer(Alabama and North Carolina are tied for most contestants to make it into the final 2 with 3 each and 13 of the 20 final 2 contestants where from southern states).  Even further proof of the impact and more frightening for Jessica is that over the previous 10 seasons only 1 winner was from a West Coast state.  Only 4 of the 20 contestants in the final 2 were from West Coast states. 
    Even looking past those almost impossible odds for her to overcome she also has to break the recent trend towards all male winners.  Over the past 6 seasons 5 of the winners were male and 8 of the 12 final 2 contestants were male.    

    I am sorry to say it’s not looking good for her despite her talent and looks.  The odds on favorite’s are Phillip Phillips from Georgia and Colton Dixon from Tenn.     

    • It’s the southern vote impact, as I have posted week after week. Including Hollie who is from the UK but now lives in TX, there were 6 southern state contestants in the top 13. As of last night, there were 6 out of the final 7.

      Florida, despite having the most southern point in the contiguous 48  and California, which borders Mexico, are not considered southern states.

      First to go was Jeremy from FL, followed by the DQ for Jermaine from NJ. Then it was Shannon (FL), Erika (RI), Heejun (NY) and DeAndre(CA). Now Jessica (CA) is at the bottom this week.

      Of the 10 winners to-date:

      Alabama – 2 winners with Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks
      Arizona – 1 winner with Jordin Sparks
      Arkansas – 1 winner with Kris Allen
      North Carolina – 2 winners with Fantasia and Scotty McCreery
      Oklahoma – 1 winner with Carrie Underwood
      Texas – 2 winners (David Cook was living in Missouri but was originally from TX) and Kelly Clarkson

      The one exception is Lee DeWyze who is from Illinois and he has flopped after his win.

      The runners up have also been primarily from southern states. 


  86. As I predicted before the show and the tweets from Nigel and Ryan, it was Jessica, the last remaining non-southern contestant.

    Memo to “judges” – your actions were over the top and you are a disgrace to the business you claim to love.

    Memo to Randy Jackson – who the hell do you think you are? Yelling at America on stage to vote for the best.

    First of all on Tuesday night, Jessica was not the best and, if I recall, at the end of the show, you, JLo and Tyler all said; “Vote for your favorite.” Well, America voted for their favorites and they were not Elise, Jessica or Joshua.

    You probably put everyone off and, if the voting goes according to the way it has these past 10 years, the southern vote will still be the force and the age factor will come in so don’t be surprised if Jessica and Elise are the bottom two again next week.

    Again, no bragging by Ryan about the number of votes cast because the ratings are dropping and, in my opinion, a lot of that is due to the lousy judges and the fact that AI refuses to change its voting policy that year after year favors southern acts – primarily male acts.

    Finally to Randy; I will vote for who I think is the best on the night, as I have done since Season 1 and not for who you tell me to vote for because you don’t strike me as someone who has the best of taste. 

    Next week, two will go and your outburst completely dishonored the other 6 singers not to mention countless others in America. The best singer in America – really Randy?? 



      • He said the one of best singers -EVER – and then went on to tell America to vote for the best. That is totally disrespecting the other 6 contestants and this is the guy who the night before told America to vote for their favorite.

        I stand by my assertion that what the judges did was over the top and she didn’t even sing the so called save song well, even after she was “saved.” Tyler has already said they were going to use their save card so all the “judges” had to do was sit, let her sing and then announce they were using the save.

        That would have been normal and acceptable but interfering as they did and then Randy telling America how it should vote was disgraceful and totally unprofessional.     

    • When Nigel tweeted about “interesting votes” last night, I predicted that person who will be in the bottom 3 was Jessica too.
      American Idol is so predictable so far.

  87. The judges was wrong!!!!! they should have let her go. elise and josha should be the next 2 to go.. i see who they are pulling for to win. i think they want josha and jessica to be the final two.. if they are, no more american idol for me….

  88. The judges know better to save the best singer…Their decision was right. 

  89. This is what happen when you leave the voting to 13 year old girls. While I don’t think Jessica was the best last night she certainly wasn’t the worst. Elise and Joshua were the best 2 last night but they ended up in the bottom 3 anyway smh. Colton, Hollie, and Phillips should have been in the bottom 3 by last night’s performance alone, all three were extremely boring and didn’t bring anything new to the game but of course in Idol, it’s the good looking people who wins.

  90. I’ve been watching AI for 7 years now. And I never believed the show and the whole voting system was rigged.

    I do now.

    Let me say this now, I’ve never been a big Jessica fan (mostly because she has like the most annoying fans), but I’m positive there’s no way Jessica was in bottom 3 tonight, because she held one of the strongest performances yesterday.

    The producers pimped this elimination, so she will get sympathy votes  (like she ever needed those), scare her fans to vote more, and be pushed straight to the finale.

    That was a disgusting move, and I’m not sure I wanna watch this show anymore.

    Randy basically said “F…ck you, stupid America, why aren’t you voting for  Jessica.”

    BTW that was a major spit in the face of other contestants.
    If I was one of them, I’d quit the show.

    Oh, and the judges getting up on stage, like OMG THIS IS ISN’T DRAMATIC ENOUGH, LET’S ADD MORE DRAMA.


  91. Do these judges realize us Americans voted for who we liked Jessica didn’t get enough votes. Obviously she shoul have gone well next week they can’t save her no two get to go home.

  92. Because of judge comment last night it triggered the voters to side for Hollie knowing Jessica was safe,but it turn out for Jessica nearly off the stage today.Suddenly 3 judges came out in the stage saving one the most qualified contestant in AI11 season.Now we just wait in a week more to analyst more if the voters shift their votes Hollie or no,I was surprise also that she got the highest percentage to all the A Idols in this round.
    I don’t believe it was riggeed or counting machine malfunction happen.The real score is some of the followers of Jessica shifted only to save Hollie for 1 round only.

    • Jessica did quite an awesome job every week. This makes voters feel confident that she will be save, so they vote for the other contestants.

      and also, not everyone votes for their favorites in here, some voting for the best performance based on their opinion. For me, last night, Jessica did sing a difficult song but that song didn’t really went anywhere. It kind of stay in one place and lacks of wow factor.

  93. The judges are there to give constructive criticisms. They somewhat “bashed” Hollie the other night. I really felt sorry for her and bit mad at the judges with showing such attitude and an unprofessional character. They did the same with what they did earlier with Jessica. Yes, she is deserving of the save, but saying things like that makes the other 6 contestants worthless/talentless. 

    So sad. 🙁

    • I don’t like the judegs too. For me, they being so unfair by far, especially in jugding the contestants.

  94. Jessica has nothing to do with how judges react or saved her~ 
    Don’t hate Jessica for it or for her some undying/annoying fans~ Please do consider her talent~
    She definitely deserve the save. If you like other contestant, it’s fine, we all do have, but it doesn’t mean ‘hate her’~

    Let’s be fair~pls.
    I’m not requesting people to vote for her, 
    It just bother me because she’s being hated for things she has nothing to do with.

  95. nakakahiya tlga ang mga noyfi, kahit saan tlaga nagkakalat ng lagim … nahahalata tlga kwalan ng breeding. .(except ung noyfi na nsa US, may mga breeding yun) Kayo ang nagpatalo ky jessica, matuto nmn kayo, wag nyo dalhin dito kwalang pinag-aralan nyo…sana wag n kau magpost sa mga sites para lng makipag away.

  96. Don’t you think this just to create a buzz, for rating purposes….I Jessica to win but of course this is American Idol its America’s power to choose the winner and we can be all subjective which means we can vote who we like not by mere talent. Jessica should know that she is far better than rest no matter what happen.

  97. Branden, i thought i will never see the end of debates here. I cant belive jessica made this possible, but here’s my take:

    1. Jessica doesn’t deserve to be in the bottom 3 and be eliminated, so the decision to save her was a good judgment call; america, please stop contesting it because no matter how hard you try, even if you comment your butt off and say all the nasty, hurtful, evil, degrading, uncalled for, childish words, you cant change the fact that its a DONE DEAL, SO DEAL WITH IT,

    2. The judges overreacted and the outburst of emotions were kind of way overboard. I think they will learn a lesson here. Judges are just human…. They are prone to mistakes, but if you dont like what they are saying, then dont buy it! You are the ones casting your votes, and if you are objective with the way that you support your idol, no amount of prodding from them can sway you to vote otherwise. Pure and simple.

    3. Assuming for the sake of argument that jessica really got the lowest vote – its about time that suporters should stike off the racist issues/comments…. You shouldmstop claiming and proclaiming about jessica’s rates and roots. Its hurting jessica’s chances more than its helping her.

    4. Voting plays a major role in deciding the fate of your favorite idol!

    I rst my case…..

    • you are damn right and these jessica sanchez haters need to shut their mouth and if they want their idol to win then keep on voting and don’t blame the judges for saving jessica because they have all the rights

  98. Seems like the buzz is a success, its trending world wide….hmmmm stellar show.

  99.  i reviewed the video. Hollie and Skylar are probably the one’s who are insecure with her.. When ryan seacrest said that jessica is in danger of leaving, I see her mouth moved like ” That’s right” and I was like WTH! Your true color has shown girl. And I see the smile of Hollie and Skylar, it was obviously a plastic smile. Obviously those two girls wanted Jess out cuz she is a threat among them. And BTW, Elise is so sweet..  and also Philip Philips and Colton… 

    • You are creating something which you don’t even know it is true or not. If you want to back up Jessica, do it. But don’t insult another contestants which don’t even have any relation with the votes.

      • I’m sorry I should have put there “In my opinion” , I was just really expressing my thoughts about the results. That’s what I see in their reaction when the judges used their save on her. And of course I am not the only one who noticed that . 

      • Yeah yeah.  Last yr when Pia got the boot, there was Haley smiling like it was Christmas.  When they showed the others, Hollie was smiling like I’ve never seen before.   If Phillip isn’t in the running, I’m switching to Jessica since she can sing well, unlike some of the most popular singers who can sing but not at Idol winners should.  Pagent singers.

  100. did you notice that jessica sing’s  a new song when she is singging for is life
    whereas deandre,heajun,erika&shannon sing’s past song that they performed

  101. respect? do you know what you’re talking about? we filipinos know how respect other people and if you want you can come to the philippines unlike in your country

  102. Jessica is definitely one of the best singers in AI. Unfortunately, because of her morena skin..and voters, who cannot accept the truth that someone..not blonde nor black is kicking ass..they want to send her home. Come ‘on! America wake up..its 2012 already! prove that you are not racists! Vote who truly deserves to win despite the skin/hair color. Open you ears and mind.. JESSICA can definitely sing and should win the competition!

  103. The most importatnt thing is that Jessica’s still in the competition, so if Jessica’s fans wants her to win, then vote for her, non stop!!!

  104. Jessica should have been sent home. The ppl voted and she received the least votes. Though Jessica has a nice voice, she’s definaty NOT the best in this competition She’s not a complete package. She has NO LOOK or stage presence. The only thing judges did was to delay the inevitable. So she’ll goes home next week or the week after. She’s NOT going to the Next American Idol. Sorry.

  105.   JMC 3 hours ago in reply to Janmeekovidal
    but she will NEVER have the CHANCE to at least land at top3. why? its
    obvious. teeny boppers love blondes and well, blindly… America’s still
    a racist .country! sorry. just saying.r u speaking for yourself that you are racist and you wanted a blond person to win?will you kindly tell me, who among the blonds become famous? Is there anybody like J>lopez, Beyonce, the late whitney?thanks very much for being racists,you are special.

    • I don’t think its a racist thing although I do wonder..Joshua, man he is such an awesome performer.  Jessica, I thought, had it in the bag bc of her popularity on this site alone.  But…I predicted the newly blonde jerkoff Colton would be final 2 but at least he can sing somewhat….but Hollie..seriously, blonde, cute, can’t sing a lick.  Maybe u r right.  PS.  Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Lady Ga Ga, Pink, the lists goes on and on of famous real or bottle blondes.

    • I’m 45 years old and I Jessica leaves me cold. Does that make me a racist? I like Phillip, Colton, Skylar, and that order. Just because I don’t like gospel (Joshua) and Jessica CAN sing..but I just don’t feel it…that doesn’t make me a racist. I’m not a huge fan of Hollie’es either. I’m just not into the diva thing.

  106.  bahahahaha that elimination show made me laugh!!!! I don’t want any of them to win now……. they should bring back Deandre and Heejun and have them win……its such a weird show now it all seems so contrived and pointless……ahahahahaaaaaa sign them all to a record deal…..i don’t care….that’s really the sum of it all at this point. I.DON’T.CARE!!!!!!!!

      • @Mildred….I am sorry for the name insult.  To be honest, I don’t even remember that post, not much sleep night B4 but no excuse.  Love the name Millie.  Essa is a combined name of relatives, I hate it too.  But I am very sorry to you.

  107. I really don’t understand the voting public anymore.  I know that I am older than the average voter.  However,  I think image and youth often prevail over talent in this competition.  I think having a system that selects a male and female winner per season might help overcome the teenage coo coo over “cute boys” voter effect.  I am not sure how or the judges can factor more prominently in the saving of talented people, that loose by the fickle popular vote, of the current system.  The save of Jessica Sanchez was the absolutely right thing to do.  However, all of the bottom 3 of this week didn’t earn being relegated to the bottom 3, based on their talented performances.

  108. I’m so sick of people calling racism!!! Do you all realize how ridiculous that sounds??

    Just because someone likes Hollie and her voice, does not make them a racist!! It’s actually more of a racist thing…to say that or think that way.

    I like both Hollie and Jessica. Hollie just happens to be my favorite this year!! You can say what you want…but don’t you dare say that makes me racist, because you are wrong!

    I will continue to vote for Hollie non-stop next week and I hope her and Jessica make it to the end.

    All the Hollie fans out there…don’t stop now, we have to keep voting!!

    The judges need to go…I’m sick of their unprofessionalism. I think even Nigel Lithgoe realizes how unfair they are being.

  109. Just for the record, Stephen said they were going to save the person before Jessica’s name was go back and take a look.  They wanted none of the 3 left to go.  Also, Randy did say “one of the best” which is accurate when referring to Jessica…whether you like her style of singing or not.  Basically, I think she is shy…except when singing…thus her stoic demeanor….and remember, she is just a kid.  On the other had, Skylar is often critiqued for her spunkiness.  And, I don’t think the judges over react (other than the elimination last night…they were just as shocked as everyone else) to Jessica…sometimes I wonder why they were so hard on her…I seem to think they are pulling for Joshua.  Looking back, I wasn’t all that impressed with Mia…good voice but I didn’t connect but with Jessica, I keep pulling for her…so…as with everything, it is in the eye of the beholder and America will get the vote…Although, you know…I would just love to know if it was a hoax because I still can’t believe……

    • yeah, she is only 16 and she still has a kid in her…. she doesn’t know how to react but what she knows is she was being eliminated and whatever the result is she has to do her job, still sing and accept what happened…. she is very candid, she was matured when performing coz she has passion for singing and she just wanted to pursue her dream….

  110. Teary eye when seeing jessica elimated but thankfull to the judges for saving her..

  111. I think alot of it has to do with the comments Randy says, every year when it gets to this point and he says their in it to win it and will be the winner, america shows him he is not the boss. If he would just keep his mouth shut about it they probally wouldn’t have voted that way.  Hey Randy get a clue you do this to the best singers every year. So shut up already……

  112. It’s about the American Idol. Other countrys have their Idol show too. Even Jessica is a very good singer (she’s only 16, but has a lot experience comparing to other contestants and she “plays” Beyoncé a lot) but if I watch her video I would never thought she’s american, thou it doesn’t mean she’s less talented than she really is. I don’t think it’s racism, maybe american people like the others more than they like her. The judges are not helping her doing such things like they did last night. She has talent, she doesn’t need a protection like that. Randy was extremily unprofessional and other judges too. Let’s america vote, it’s about who they want to be their american idol. Even more it’s about personal taste this time. Not about blond, filipino, black or white. 
    For me Jessica is not the best. All 7 are beautiful, talented and deserve to win. Please Americans vote for Hollie, she’s soo sweet and I love her voice 🙂

    • hollie LOOKS american?  why, because she’s white and blonde?  she was born in liverpool, england and both her parents are british!
      btw, what DO americans look like???  i guess you look at jennifer lopez and say she’s not american.  how old are you, ten?

      • Don’t be stupid. I studied history. And american people are black,  white or a mix of both. And when I look to JLo I see a latin woman who made a lot of plastics to seem more american. I think all races are beautiful, all people. I know USA it’s multiracial country, but c’mon I know Hollie is brit and that’s why she seems more american than jessica. Great Britain (and not an Asian country, thou I like and know a lot asian people) colonized USA if you don’t know. When you listen in the radio Kelly CLARKSON, Carry UNDERWOOD and see them you already think they’re american. And I really think Hollie, obviously, has an europen GORGEOUS type. If I saw a video from a girl who surname is Sanchez (latino) and an asian look, WTH would I think? That she’s real exponent of american women??? If I am ten you’re a sperm XD

    • JLo was born in the U.S., not “Porto” Rico.
      i truly wish i could make sense of what you are saying.  history?  you should have paid closer attention in english class.  poorly constructed sentences and numerous misspelled words distract too much from what one is trying to say–no matter how passionately.  “thou,” “plastics,” “listen IN the radio,” “that she’s real exponent..”    sorry, you lost me.  sigh..

    • oh, and by the way, when you see and hear BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, do you “already think” he’s american?

  113. I am so shocked!!! last night I said that eventually the bottom 3 will be Phillip, Colton and Hollie…so Ryan devides them into two groups and one of the groups is my bottom 3 without a doubt

    and then he said the bottom 3 is not them!!!?!!? and Jessica recieved the lowest number of votes?!?! 

    I think the producers tried to do a “Pia Toscano” again!!

  114. Okay..several possibilities.  First, the save is BS and alters the way history is written.  If Jessica would win, it would always be tainted bc she was voted off..but my God did she ever take it with grace, I give it up to her.  Secondly, conspiracy theory.  After someone gets “saved” the next week they get the pyscho vote…everyone votes for them…ensuring her as the world of Idol predicted, most likely, the win.  If Hollie (who should have gone wks ago)  were to win, it would be a travesity about America.  All u have to do is be a pretty blonde girl to win the prize.  Kick her butt  Jessica!


  116. People seem to forget it’s not just a singing competition, it’s American Idol. By this I mean finding someone teenagers will want to follow and listen to. Who wants to know hear gospel on their radio station? How many kids out there listen to Luther Vandross? Joshua? He’s only getting the ‘brother’ votes. Jessica? Well, we need another Rhianna, Beyonce, (insert any hot black female singer) or a pasty white love sick female with a broken heart, like a fish needs a bicycle! Phil is at least different. Its why John Mayer and Dave Mathews made it..they have their own gig. If you had Jessica sing among 10 other big voices….you would have a hard time picking her voice out. Same sound…different face.

  117. I can’t understand why they didn’t let her go home, she is no more deserving then the others. Everyone has different tastes in music and some think all because she can hit high notes and has a strong voice she should win. Randy was wrong as the other judges, they should have let her sing her song and saved her if they wanted too. Everyone that the judges have saved are home now aren’t they. America votes and we don’t need Randy to tell us how.

    • yep, the three judges are wrong, and you’re the one who’s right.  again, you are right when you say that the reason some think Jessica should win is “because she can hit high notes and has a strong voice.”  you are so wise!  America should not listen to Randy on how (for whom) to vote–they should listen to you!!!  Amen.

  118. Sorry to say but the judges are bias and by saving Jessica, they showed their hand who they want to win this season. J Lo practically picked Joshua and Jessica for final 2. However the others have every right to win, it is America’s vote and yes it is a popularity contest.

    I think this was America’s way to show how they disagree with the judges. IMO have had enuff of their bias rants. Blame the judges too for asking America to vote and keep their favorites alive the other night. Funnily they have to now say please ‘save the best singer’ – idjiots.

    I do agree with other comments that should Jessica win, the win is tainted as she got to be saved by some bias judges. 

    • Every judges do. Even in the past. Simon Cowell predicted Carrie’s win. I don’t think it’s a bad thing! They know what they are doing..

  119. If it wasn’t staged then the judges really showed their bias tonight.  I think Jessica is a good singer but I don’t think she’s a very good performer so to pick a song that I personally had never heard before left me a little cold – despite the gushing from the judges.  I think Jessica is a sweet kid with a good voice but I think the judges are way over the top in their praise for her.  I know it’s all subjective and that I may cop flak for not loving Jessica but I don’t – wouldn’t have voted for her and certainly don’t share the judges opinion which is clearly that they would like her to be the winner.

    • It’s not Jessica’s fault that she is damn good and talented at her age. And you cannot blame the mentors, the judges, the audiences to have reacted that way coz she trully doesn’t deserve it being there in the bottom 3 last night. If solely basing on their last performances, it’s indeed a no-no for her to be leaving tonight. It’s not a bias decision to save her, what happened is not really good and it was a too disappointing illogical elimination night. 

  120. One more wise ass comment because I see a lot of people calling any negative feedback against Jessica racism.  As someone from o/s who can’t vote I reckon the racism could be against Hollie by the judges because she has an accent they don’t find cute anymore.
    I think the judges/producers quite want an Asian winner – they haven’t had one before if only Heejun had had a stronger voice they could have backed him all the way.

  121. It shows that America really doesntknow talent or they are just really  racist

  122. Come on America, vote for the best by their singing ability not by popularity.Jessica is amazing. All the contestants are very talented andwill have amazing oportunities ahead of them. But this show is about how well they sing on  stage not by race or popularity.

  123. If my favorite contestant got eliminated. I’d never vote for Jessica because of the idiot Randy. Who, by showing support for one contestant, unprofessionally belittle the others. ” the best singer in America”. Really?

    On the other hand, I agreed with the save. Nobody deserved another chance like Jessica.

      • He said..she is one of the best singers in the country…vote for the best. He singled her out…and it pissed me off.

      • He said one of the best in the country or the world..can’t remember.  But he was basically saying she was the best on the show and telling us to vote for her.  Apparently, American doesn’t need another diva.  We didn’t vote for her. I hope she goes next week.

      • Yeah, he said one of the best in the country…. Still, it’s not implying that she is the best in the season. American idol and America are two different things. American idol…… and America. I hope the idea rings a bell to you. 

        When you said “We didn’t vote for her”, are you speaking for the entire America? Wow, I’m speaking to the spokesperson of USA! It’s a great honor! 😉

        Meanwhile, it isn’t over yet. She isn’t going anywhere. We still have next week. So let’s sit back and relax. I’m hoping the best for your favorite as I am hoping the best for Jessica.

        Have a great day ahead! 🙂

      • Jessica had nothing to do w/ this  peeps …..if u think Jess is a talented girl ..just vote for her if u believe ! 🙂  we’re begging for more …let her stay for a week and sing..then u decide …

      • He said “the best singer in America” not one of the best. Play the tape back and listen.

        This is American Idol and not General Jackson’s Idol.

    • Vote for Jessica, if you feel it and if you think she deserve it.
      She should not suffer another’s fault~ 🙂

      Feel the same, she definitely deserve the save~ 
      but the judges~~~aaaaaaaa, really not the proper actions and right words—–haist~

  124. First of all I am English also older then you lot most likely and for this reason I can see why you Americans voted the way you did for Jessica to go.Yes she did not deserve to be there and was humble how the votes went. 

    But without Jessica there for the next few weeks in the contest it would mean that some other underdog would stand a chance who was not Jessica standard and won’t win it outright. Jessica has been the outright favourite from day 1 she is and has only been the best for many seasons.
    In a horse race most people will put their money on an outsider not the favourite to win.
    Whether America voted the way they did because they did not like the song she sang, might be the reason, but America did not vote for consistency that Jessica has been every week.
    She has been the favourite every week.

    Every year there is a upset, whether the producers were behind this upset we wont know, until we all see the true votes on the screen on Thursday/Friday [Asia] nights, no one will know if the votes are correct every week.

    If Jessica does what Jennifer said that they want her do and let it all go next week then she will bring the house down if she is voted off again then yes it is not only a fix but You Americans did not wont the favourite to win like you should.
    You shouldn’t vote for someone who cannot sing, it is a waste of time.
    Philips sings the same song and style every week, much like Casey did.

    Hollie should have gone and has not improved at all.

    From Tony in North Bali.  

    • Whatever you are, your post proves you are NOT English.  You may be a British subject and live in a country that is part of the UK, but you are not English.

  125. they have to only send one person home lol. Remember Jermain Jones? yeah he got kicked off that week and so did somebody else. SO the time frame is still set normally. Next week only one person will get voted off.

  126. i think idol faked the whole thing.  it would be hilarious if jessica and josh went home next week…the judges could sit there and look stupid..Phil is the best talent..and jimmy who cares what you think. everyone should vote for all the others but josh and jessica..the judges need a lesson.  hopefully there will be decent judges next year.  JLo is an idiot and randy is no longer relevant and steven is a joke.

  127. why does everything have to be about RACE????  jessica sanchez, jennifer hudson, adam lambert, all brilliant singers, no?  are we discussing race here or the power of their voices??  let’s all get on the same page, people.  it’s  not about race.  it’s about THE VOICE!!  (oops, wrong show!)  it’s about who can really entertain and sell records.  after all, show biz is a BIZ.  it’s about whether or not the consumer will buy those cds and attend those concerts.  grow up, people. the civil war is over

  128. this unprofessional stunt by the judges might piss off America. Randy urges ppl to vote for one of the best in the US and A ? they will do the opposite
    and what is next week theme btw?

  129. I don’t know about you guys and all this. I just want to say that all of their reactions when Ryan Seacrest announced that Jessica Sanchez got the lowest vote are epic! 

  130. It will be too shame if Hollie is still there next week like uggghhh.. most of the votes she got were sympathy votes.. hahaha

  131. To you all Jessica and Joshua Haters:   According to Mary, all the judges and Jimmy are all idiots , except those racists jerks called BULLYS exist in America.   Ha Ha Ha …… I am not joking though.   What a shame !!!!  Oh no, you need to look at your mirrors and wash your mouths, you big FAT BULLY !!!!    Do you know how much you weight ????   It is beyond healthy.     Go to see Jenny Craig.    Shame on you !!!!       

  132. PLEASE PLEASE STOP WITH THE WORD HATER!!! Anyhoo, I was laughing my butt off that Jessica was in the  bottom. I haven’t made a secret that she leaves me cold and apparently America agrees with me. What really bothered me though was being reprimanded by the judges because we didn’t vote for THEIR favorite. This is, after all, AMERICAN Idol..we pick..not them. This just makes me more determind to keep voting..and often for MY favorites!

  133. well jessica didnt deserve to be in the bottom.and dont blame jessica if she was saved.its not her fault.i love all the contestants but jessica is the most talented.jessica and colton in the finale.i think hollie should go.

  134. I think this week’s elimination was scripted! I don’t believe that Jessica Sanchez got the lowest votes! 

    This elimination night had 2 saves, a big 1 for Jessica Sanchez and the show’s rating apparently going down!

  135. Ok so whoever wrote the blog SHAME ON YOU for loathing Randy he’s a sweet teddy bear who also happens to be the only judge that has been on the show from the very beginning …..and calling him a moron….how low and unclassy of you….

  136. Yeah, nobody in this world make any sense, everybody is an idiot,  Except Mary !! !!!!  Ha Ha !!

  137. I wasn’t surprised.  I thought Jessica would go.  Fans of American Idol historically pull for the sweet contestants who don’t already seem like a professional.  Yes Jessica is fantastic, but she’s too perfect – almost like a diva already – and that’s not who America pulls for on this show.  Jessica is fabulous if she were already a star.  

  138. I just couldn’t believe that Jessica was gonna be voted off , unbelievablE!!  jESSICA FANS IN AMERICA PLEASE KEEP VOTING FOR HER. IM A HUGE FAN OF HER BUT UNFORTUNATELY I CAN’T VOTE AS I LIVE IN AUSSIE!

  139. After reading all the comments from the Jess Lovers, I’m becoming a Jess Hater. I won’t vote for her now because you Jess Lovers are acting like you’re 10 years old. Calling anyone who doesn’t put her on top all kinds of derogatory things like crazy, stupid, racists, etc. STOP IT. People who support others aren’t doing that to you, what is wrong with you people. If I hear the race thing one more time, I going to be convinced that “Pinoys” are the most racists hating people on the planet.

  140. Think it gets to a point in the competition (half way through) when people start to get a bit bored and lose enthusiasm.  The young girls are obviously supporting the two guys (Colton and Phillip), American just loves their country music girls with sweet southern accents (Skylar) and then there’s the underdog (Hollie) like last year’s underdog (Haley).  We’ve almost got a similar position to last year in these four without the country boy although Phillip is from Georgia with that wholesome boy next-door image.

    People resist being told how good the contestants are or how good their  performance for the week was  (Jessica, Joshua and Elise). 

    I half suspect Elise has an age barrier and Joshua does not inspire a younger audience with his soul. Jessica is just plain great but people become  so damn complacent.  They see sample polls showing her support at 42% and this week the remaining six had an average of 8% each. People probably weren’t voting for Jessica – she was too safe!!!  After so many weeks, the money dries up or Mum/Dad say enough is enough, cut the calls.

    People obviously don’t vote on quality of voice or pure character attributes.  It’s a skin deep personality contest and don’t necessarily show loyalty and stick with the one’s they selected from day one.

    There’s also been two boys go in the past two weeks (Heejun and D’Andre).

    The vote is based more on emotions and feelings plus the irrational thoughts of voting to save rather than voting for a winner and no idea that such irrational voting patterns (fired by social media) may  influence the outcome.  Unfortunately, loyalty, quality, excellence and good judgment have nothing to do with playing the game.

    The game is playing the viewers and altering the logic!!!

    • The polls on here have been skewed for Jessica every week because all the Filipinos can vote for her on this site but can’t for the show itself. 

      My theory all along has been the majority of voting comes from the southern states (AI and AT&T’s stats) and has done since the start.  Just look at where the winners have been from and 8 of the 20 have been from southern states. No-one from a true norther state has won and no-one from FL or CA has won.

      This year (including Hollie who is from Liverpool, UK but has lived in TX for 10 years) there were 6 southern state singers in the top 13. As of last night, there were still 6 left in out of the top 7 and Jessica is from CA, as was DeAndre who went out last week.

      Jeremy is from FL, Jermaine who was DQ’d is from NJ, Shannon is from FL, Erika from RI, Heejun from NY and DeAndre from CA. They are the 6 who have gone since the top 13.

      Left in:

      Colton from TN
      Elise from SC but she has the age bias against her because 28 is ancient to the kids who are the primary voters.
      Hollie from TX
      Jessica from CA
      Joshua from LA
      Phillip from GA
      Skylar from MS 

      Idol was warned about the southern block voting in season 2 when Ruben Studdard won and has done nothing about its’ voting system since, despite constant warnings about the way it is abused.

      Other contests like The Voice, X-Factor, and AGT have a limit to the number of votes anyone can make via the internet, text or phone calls so no-one or no group can block vote and make 100’s of votes for one person. I think they have a maximum of 50 votes per person per method so the maximum any one person can cast is 150 votes.       



  141. If you are white and vote for someone white, you are racist.  If you are Asian and vote for someone Asian you are proud.  Does that about sum up what I’ve been reading?

    I’m not sure where anti-Asian is found — but I’ve never seen it.   Our culture is very multi-cultural these days — just look at our music scene.  It’s anything by “whitebread” — and there are very many teen girls buying music of all genres.  

    Teen girls have always loved cute guys with guitars — back to Elvis…. no one will ever say the Beatles were the best singers — but they had magic.  To see P2 and Colton continue to advance should have surprised no one.  

    I think that we have been getting a distorted view of Jessica’s popularity on here — as the site has very many of her supporters coming on here as different people leaving duplicate messages, etc…..

    I also think that the criticism of P2, Elise, Colton, Hollie, etc sounding the same each week also holds true for BBChez….. — she sounds like Jennifer Hudson — and after hearing Jennifer Hudson last night, confirmed it.  The only problem?  — she’s not as good as Jennifer Hudson…..and let’s be honest Jennifer Hudson is good but she’s not Whitney…..or Mariah……or Celine…….

    People were starting to award BBChez “Diva” status she hadn’t earned yet.  I warned everyone about 3 weeks ago about Diva Backlash — that’s what you saw last night.

    She should “shut up” about the alter ego — and just be Jennifer…..and be humble, be real, and then she might earn some votes instead of everyone acting like we owe her our vote.

  142. Its obviously not a singing competition –really tough to watch after that—time to change the format—last night worse then when Daughtry was eliminated

  143. A reason to do away with the ‘save’..The public voted and I thought that was what the game was about..Jessica is ok, but last week was awful..I feel she will not win..

  144.  i am a big jessica fan but i was lil happy cos    she was in the bottom this is to show that she is not on phillipino idol this isamerican idol. so all those phillipino crap  should stop cos is really affecting her americans are getting tired off that shi#t she was lucky her ass got the save, and now that the save has been use its anybody game right  now so if that phillipinp nonsence doesnot stop i will not be surprise hen she gets eliminated

  145. Next week I think Hollie and Elise are gonna go home. I think that folks were pissed at all the flack the judges and Jimmie have been giving to Hollie so she received massive votes thinking that Jessica in no way will be near the bottom 3 much less eliminated. Everybody better bring it next week. JMO…

  146. I believe jessica would still sell records, why? because it is not only America who is rooting for her.. for those with Twitter check jessica’s timeline, everyone is rooting for here in other countries like Europe, SE Asian countries including her mother’s maiden land Philippines as well as Canada, Mexico and South American countries.. so Win or Lose, Jessica will soar high..

  147. This is the most nonsense competition ever. Can someone just give the title to Heejun or Shannon and buh-bye! Might as well change shows now. *coughs* The *coughs* Voice *coughs*.  Skylar and Jess, I’m still rooting for yah guys!

  148. I was outraged that the Judges “stormed” the stage, the rule is a contestant HAS to sing, yanking the mic out of Jessica’s hand is an insult to all the other artists that have to sing “for their life” This panel has been so unfair to all the other artists!!! So unprofessional to jump up on the stage, they will likely cause more negative reactions towards Jessica who is viewed as the best of the best!! Their adoration of her and Joshua is sickening!!

    • I agree 100 percent! I hope their little stunt backfires and Jessica goes home next week.

    • I like Jessica. But due to the judge’s actions, I’m starting to ignore her but then she’s only 16. If you look at her expression, she’s kinda confused by the judges and if I were her I’m like “Dafuq JLo, Imma singing, how dare yah yank the mic away?” So disrespectful. AT least they should wait for her to finish. Due to their actions, they established a bad effect to her supporters, thinking the judges are bias and thus they will start voting other since 1. The judges like Jessica, they will do everything to save her. 2. The viewers got pissed off, like me. Okay, nothing to do here. Off to Skylar. I hope the judges redeem theirselves. And just stay strong Jessica. Oops, I thought there are just top 2 (Skylar and Jess). :)) Oh well.

    • Randy Jackson should be forced by Lythgoe to apologize publicly for what he said last night. Ranting at America to vote for the best singer in America – really??

      They were totally unprofessional and, the way Jessica started off singing, she was not doing a good job with the song. 

  149. I SAY everyone go watch “The Voice” lets boycott American Idol so it can up and die once and for all!!!!!! whooo hooooo

    • Aye aye sir! And the American Idol will either quit or established its original glory by new judges.

  150. This is the same like last year. People ASSUME Pia is the front runner because the polls said so. People ASSUME Jessica is the front runner because the polls said so. The reality of the votes tell a very different story. I am not surprised at all. I have predicted here numerous times.

  151. And can we please move away from that RACIST issue. You sucks yah know. We are not being racist, personally in a general view, we might think Jessica as TOO SAFE to be voted that we might have shifted our vote to others. (Like Pia last year) but then due to a table-turning events last night, her supporters might come back to avoid the same scenario OR forever leave her. Why? Because of the judges actions last night. Guys, let’s admit it, it’s the judges fault. They are manipulative, they control our minds. And disrespectful and bias. So it comes to an end that we should blame the judges for their wrong actions. Hate them, so pathetic. Leave jessica, she’s innocent. And please vote for Skylar and Jessica! :))

  152. Please. The racist card was being played everytime the black singers were in bottom 3. Remember Jennifer/Fantasia/Latoya case? But when the black singer beat the white singer, where is the racist issue? How about when Ruben beat Clay, or Fantasia beat Diana? Stupid. Grow up people.

    • I agree. Race has nothing to do with how people are voting.  What will these people do if the finals have Joshua (Black) and Jessica (Asian) in it.  If Joshua wins, suddenly everyone is racist against Asians,  If Jessica wins, everyone is racist against Blacks. Would the caucasions be screaming racism that there are no white’s in the final.  I don’t think so.  People are voting for the person they like best, regardless of skin color.

  153. I think the judge’s behavior is going to come back and bite them!  They can’t save Jessica twice.   I think America is pissed that their vote apparently meant nothing this week and will put Jessica in the bottom again.   

  154. You know people telling “Because of the judges’ actions I might (insert negative verb here) Jessica”. Yeah, like you people are professional in that kind of thinking. 

    Yes, the judges might overreact a bit too much but, I mean, if you’re in that situation and you know that everything was effed up—what would you do? Blame adrenaline rush for everything, that’s more reasonable.

    It’s so stupid to say that because of the judges’ actions, you will ditch Jessica and let her suffer for something she didn’t even do or expect to happen. 

    BTW, I’m happy that Hollie ^^

    • I’m not ditching Jessica..I was never with her. Their comments will just make me vote a lot more for my favorite than I did before.

      • Okay, then that’s good. I’m just annoyed to those people who are keep on saying these things. I respect your decision for doing that and I know what you feel. My favorite Idol is Hollie and I am really rooting for her but I’m still going to vote for Jessica because I know that she is really one of the best singers of the bunch and she deserves a vote.

        Actually, because of what happened tonight, I’m going for Hollie and Jessica. HolSica for the win!

      • Woah, woah, woah! Now you’re being defensive. I understand you so please understand our part, too.

        If our comments will just make you vote more for your idol, then go. We won’t mind. We have the so called freedom to vote for “our” favorite idols and there’s no problem with that.

  155. I think i know exactly the reason why she was ‘ eliminated’
    2 days ago Asia here was hit with Earthquake of 8.4 scalar Richter. If affected countries in Asia, esp the tsunami warning that people were busy trying to save lives. So at that moment,  Filipinos were not voting and she lost those votes and support:( Dont worry, NEXT WEEK, filipinos are back to vote

    P.S. Im not filipino and I wished all Asians can vote!

    • Lmao, agree. You Pinoys go away! Please, if you wanna support Jessica, just please shut up. Sorry, and thank you! And stop using the “R” word, just because you aren’t staying here, goddamit. Shame on you guys!

    • some people here are just pretending to be pinoys, so that u will hate them more.  I’m pinoy, It’s ok with me now if jessica gets eliminated nxt week. I don’t care anymore if she stays or not… this whole fighting thing is really sad…

  156. inspite of gender, religion or color…VOTE BASE IN PERFORMANCE, not in the Performer…
    C’mon America vote wisely!
    Randy Jackson is right – Jessica is one of the best singer


    • r u really pinoy? I know u r just using that name to ignite the anger people here feel toward pinoys.

  157. I love this top 7. I think David Cook years was the best, but this year is better than others. My prediction

    1 Colton
    2 Jessica
    3 Elise
    4 Skylar
    5 Philip
    6 Hollie
    7 Joshua

  158. Yes, the judges were right to be outraged. The problem with the popular vote stems from the segment of voters who are most passionate and vociferous, that being teenage girls. They vote more on looks and relegate talent and strength of voice as secondary. How sad. Myself, I would be happier if the judges were able to have a 50% voice in the results. After all, they are the professionals and experts and are better able to  asess talent.  

    • I disagree with your last sentence.  The judges thought DeAndre had talent…UGH!   Talent is relative.  What one person likes is not always what another person likes.  It is personal preference as to what one enjoys listening to. 

    • “After all, they are the professionals and experts and are better able to  assess talent.”
      You must be joking? Tyler is a 64-year old rock singer who screeches and murdered the National Anthem at a Patriots play-off game – talk about off key and pitchy – and does not judge. I have not heard him give one piece of advice to any singer but he does clearly favor certain ones and has picked on Hollie mercilessly for weeks.

      JLo is a show girl and does not have a good singing voice. She is another one who almost always favors the boys while declaring she wants a girl to win and wants singers to better their previous week’s performances. That is an impossible task for anyone and Jessica is a prime example of this because she sang the socks off Whitney Houston’s song the first week of voting and has not been able to approach that performance since because it was flawless, while being a total copy cat of the original.

      Jackson is a had been and is a joke and caricature of himself. You may as well put a cardboard cut out of him in the seat with tapes of him from any of the 11 seasons of AI because he has nothing original to say and what he said last night was disgraceful and disrespectful to the other 6 contestants and a lot of other singers out there in the USA.      

      • Pretty harsh judgement you have of three very successful people. What are you good at dude?

  159. For the past several weeks, the judges have been really trashing Hollie and trying to shove Jessica down America’s throat.  I don’t dislike Jessica, but I do think Hollie is better.  It’s clear America does, too.  Nobody is going to stand by and watch a beautiful, extremely talented girl get picked on by a bunch of nasty bully judges.  After people perform, they deserve applause for their hard work – all of them.  If the judges have comments, perhaps they should send them in e-mail to the contestants so that they can’t influence the voting.  Personally, I think after hearing Tyler’s version of the National Anthem at the Patriots game, maybe Hollie should offer him a few  pointers.  He’s a rock star, not a vocal coach – there’s a huge difference.  Jessica should be packing her bags this week.  Even if she ends up winning, she will always know that it was because of the “save” which ( in my opinion) is just one more way (other than the comments made by the judges which are clearly meant to influence people) to cheat the deserving people like Hollie of votes.  All of the remaining contestants are talented.  The judges should also remember that stuffed lobster may be delicious, but we don’t necessarily want to eat it every day.   Sometimes we may just want a pizza … or a juicy hamburger.   America is tired of having the judges tell us what we should want to eat.   People don’t always buy music because of someone’s voice alone.  People have eyes as well as ears.  Hollie is just adorable, and America is just eating her up like apple pie.  When you invite someone to a party and offer a buffet full of tasty treats, you shouldn’t say, “Here – eat this one because it’s my favorite.”  The spicy meatballs may disappear before the  salmon puffs, and that’s just life.

    • “trying to shove Jessica down America’s throat”???

      Jessica, for 2 straight weeks, didn’t receive SOs from the Judges. Who did consistently? Joshua! In Hollie, Jessica and Joshua’s trio performance, Randy said that he gave the edge to Joshua. 

      We all know that the judges’ favorite is Joshua but the reason why the judges saved Jessica is because she doesn’t deserve to go!

      If you’re hatin’ on someone please at least be considerate to your use of proofs. 

      HolSica forever!!
      Go Hollie! <3
      Go Jessica!

    • I agree with every single word.  Judges are being so forceful to having America like Jessica and it is making me dislike her even more than i already did.  For the judges not to apologize to Hollie and for Jimmy not to say anything about it turned me off from American Idol so much.  That is just pure disrespect. and for the judges to blatantly say about Jessica “She’s the best singer in America. America vote for the best.” uhhhhh there are 6 other contestants, that is so disheartening and rude to them.

      Hopefully Jessica goes home next week as well and she can thank the judges for that.

  160. America votes based on looks not on talent 🙁 Luckily, the judges used the save. I’m so happy. Phillip Phillips should go home. He said in his mentoring with Jiimy and Akon that he wants to be different. DIFFERENT? Oh c’mon? He sounds the same every week… Agree? What is different there? I didn’t see it nor hear it. It’s just my opinion, sorry.

    • Phillip’s sound is different from the other contestants which makes him stand out.  You say he sounds the same every week, well, so do the others.  Colton always sounds nasally, Skylar always sings country stomping around in her boots, Hollie always sounds good but stiff, Joshua always sings in a big church voice. etc……the contestants’ sound is what it is.      Last year’s Scotty sounded the same week after week, look where it got him…to #1.   

  161. ok … i think the drama will continue .. yesterday the judges told to vote for your favorites, now they said to vote for the best…
    I’ll follow to vote my favorite off course …
    c’mon … why randy is always overrated?? 
    I’m not a fan of Jessica, but I think she’s the best amongst other contestants … I also think she’ll go home next week after tonight’s drama..

    • i don’t think so because real american people is smart
      not that i was saying that you are not 
      but i believe america know’s a true talent

  162. We got it in reverse, the bottom 3 should’ve been the top 3 in my opinion. Maybe next week we’ll get it right 😉

  163. im SORRY but…. Brandon clean out your ears. If we are judging purely on singing and performance then, joshua should be ahead, What he did last night blew me away. not many singers can sing that song like that!

    skyler always brings her a game and she has BITE. GO girl.

     jessica to me doesnt sound real even though i think she can sing and has a powerful voice — i just dont believe her when she sings.

    • it’s funny that all people here started to say the word i dont believe her when diddy 1st mention it to jessica 
      i think people here is just copying it 

  164. Unbelievable results and unexplainable except that the American voters don’t  know a good singer from a bad one. These voting programs are beginning to stink, such as Chas Bono not getting eliminated from the first episode of Dancing with the stars. As always money talks. This is fixed and the people voting are brainwashed or someone is paying for them.
    Next year it should be judges only.

  165. Let get off the racist angle…(though it might be valid).  I think it is more about bad thursday night ratings than anything else.

  166. Last week, as far as I know of, I was the ONLY ONE to place Jessica (and Joshua)  in my “personal” bottom 3. Though I stated it was not likely that either would end up there. I guess my musical taste is more in touch with the average voter than I thought. Maybe Mathew or Brandan need me to do all the future perdictions for the rest of the season. Being as I am such a great judge of talant and boldly may perdictions that few other dare. 🙂

    • I had them both in my personal bottom 3 also. Here’s to Foxstar doing all the predictions! 🙂

    • I forecast Jessica would be the one singing for her save and, frankly, she started off totally off key and shaky. If she can’t perform under pressure, then she has further to go than te so called “judges” think.

      If I were one of the other 6 contestants hearing what the “judges” (especially Jackson) and Jimmy Iovine said last night, I would feel totally disrespected and the attitude of Jackson was disgusting.

      Yelling at America to vote for the best singer in America – give me a break. The night before, they had all said “vote for your favorite.”

      I wish we could vote the judges off each week and have them replaced because they are abysmal. 

      • I agree 100 percent and I think the judges owe the other 6 contestants a big apology. It was a disgusting display.

      • judging a contestant in a reality show is hard 
        do you think you can do judging 
        then replace them if you want
        it seems that you want it

  167. Oh well, Jennifer Hudson got eliminated but she has grammy and oscars. Adam Lambert did not win the competition but, as we all know, more active than Kris Allen. Same as David Archuleta. 

    Vote for Hollie people!! ^^ She deserves some love.
    and Jessica too! My new favorite Idol. 


    • Uh..David Cook has WAY out-sold David Archuletta. I think Kris Allen’s first CD out-sold Adam Lambert’s CD and Kris Allen just came out with a new one. Can’t stand Jennifer Hudson..another diva and she didn’t sound all that great last night. James Durbin,  on the other hand, was awesome!!!

      • You really think that the only basis for “success” is the number of CDs sold by an artist? 

        And, excuse me, Jennifer Hudson, the another diva you cannot stand, has a grammy and an oscars which, I’m really oh so sure, you don’t have. Thank you!

        BTW, James Durbin is freakin’ amazing that night.

      • @JustBeingReal Weeeellll…I would say the success of an artist would have a lot to do with how many cds they sell. So..would you call a store that sells the same goods and makes 100 dollars or a store that makes 100,000 more successfull?

      • @JustBeingReal..and what does the fact that I don’t have a grammy have to do with anything? I never claimed that I did. Silly statement.

      • Adam Lambert sold just over 1 million with his debut and Kris Allen 348,000 with his debut plus Adam Lambert is a top attraction on tour and has won more international awards than any other AI Alumni as far as records are concerned.

        Jennifer Hudson has won more awards because she won all the other major international film awards in addition to her Oscar.  

      • @Pythagoras475 I stand corrected. When I looked it up, I admit I was surprised to see that Kris Allen had sold more. It didn’t look right to me. Thanks for the info.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus Well, you’re statement was rendered invalid because Adam Lambert is indeed more successful than Kris Allen in terms of the numbers of CDs sold. Same with David Cook and David Archuleta.

        I’m sorry for that statement about the grammy and oscar thingy but we all know that Jennifer Hudson proved herself to the whole America and, even though she didn’t sound all that great last night *according to you*, she definitely has more amazin’ and superb performance than what we have seen last night. 

      • JustBeingReal actually only half of my statement was rendered invalid. Adam Lambert is doing better than Kris Allen but David Cook has outsold David Archuletta with only 2 cds compared to Archuletta putting out 4 that have obviously not done well.
        Honestly, I just don’t get the whole diva thing. It sounds like yelling and screeching more than singing to me..but that’s just me. But apology accepted. 🙂

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus  Okay, I totally understand what you’re saying and I absolutely respect your opinion. Let’s just hope for the best for our idols. I love Hollie to soar high on the competition ^^

      • I think you need to check further about Kris Allen out selling Adam Lambert’s CD.   I am a hugh James Durbin fan, HUGH and last night I was disappointed.  He didn’t sound nothing like he did on his CD.  I loved that song on his album but thought he was not that good last night.  JMHO

      • Hi again – I tried to post the link but am not sure the moderators allowed it. Google “American Idol Alumni Album Sales” and there is a full list of all the sales on Wikipedia showing how many of each album was sold and, if they have the information, when the next album is due for release.

      • It’s a rarity to see civility on these boards, so kudos to you guys for agreeing to disagree.  🙂

    • Jessica failed to win America’s got talent, yet come back big~
      If Jessica will not win, she could just do what she did~ AI is not everything anyway~ 🙂

      • Jessica failed to win America’s Got Talent but she got wildcard and wowed the judges. And, yes wait for it, she’s just 11 years old that time. I just wish she will sing “I Surrender” sometime in AI. That would be amazin’.

      • Pressure is on for her~ but I know she has the capability of wowing the judges and viewers~ 🙂 Why not sing ‘I surrender’ let’s see the difference~ :)) #JustBeingReal

      • @Fun101 I hope you aren’t trying to say that means he’s more successful than David Cook because he has a tv series in the Phillipines. If anything, that underscores his failure to do anything here.

      • Archie, having come of age and finally able to escape the overbearing hand of his stage father, is taking 2 years off from singing on the pretext of doing missionary work.  Look it up.

  168. No, i don think dat next week 2 ppl go home , the reason is becoz of Jermaine ! Don u remember?  

  169. I absolutely think the show was rigged big time! At the end of the day Jessica will go on to do big things if she doesn’t win, infact she is probably better off not winning cause it seems to me that the people who don’t win AI become more famous than the winners IE Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. The AI winners sell one record and than seem to disappear lol.(besides Kelly.)

  170. Enough of this “Proud Pinoy” chants. You are the reason Jessica get the least vote this week.

  171. Part of me feels ad if it was set up for rating but then again I was glad Jessica is getting too cocky she needed to be brought down a few notches but that didn’t happen because of the judges extensive praise for her. It was disgusting.There are 6 talented singers on that stage and it was like they didn’t matter anymore. I almost hope that america votes the same way and jessica goes home. Only because of the way the judges acted and Jessicas repative “ive worked so hard all my life.” oh all 16 years must be a tough life Jessica.

    • AMEN! i hope she gets voted off twice. The praise she is getting from the judges will be the end of her.

  172. More than the shocking bottom 3, What I really like is the rendition of JS of her “save me” song. WAHAHA. that’s what I noticed the most actually~ :))
    She did again for me, making unpopular song, so popular and current~ 🙂 Nice big voice. 🙂 With that redition alone, woah, I definitely would love to hear more~ SAVED~ 🙂  

  173. I think Joshua and Jessica will compete for the final two if the vote is based on talent!and if the vote is based on looks Hollie and Phillip will be the final two!!’Any way public choose her or not Jessica is going to be a legend and Joshua is going to be quite popular aswell.I wish you all good luck as at the end all matters is talent and Passion!!

  174. 該死的白人

  175. For those who are using the nicknames, JSan and Holsica, you are pathetic. You are making my brain explode. And leave Hollie from this. Anyways, vote Skylar! I’ll never fail to say this. Btw, I’m no Jessica hater, in fact I love her, it’s just that you-know-what.

    • I’m using the nickname “HolSica” so please explain to me why I am pathetic.

  176. No 1 this week is Joshua.  Note perfect, no breathlessness amazing, so much soul, mind blowing.
    No 2. Skylar. Note perfect, lots of punch, great emotion. I love how she brings it in her own way.
    No 3. Elise, nice job, great voice. Looking forward to more consistency.
    No 4. Phillip. I  loved Phillip in the beginning but went off him in the middle of the comp. I think he got a bit lost. too much of the same old same old. He has found the light and shade in his songs again. Love it, keep it up.
    The best duo was Elise and Phillip, really enjoyable. I love Holly and Joshua’s voices together but I think Jessica ruined it.  I wish Holly could sing on her own with the confidence she does when she sings with Joshua.  I saw a little of her letting go when she sang with him tonight. 

    I don’t get the Jessica thing. I just don’t like her robotic responses and over technical singing.
    Colten I don’t get either. When he sang last week the Cindi Lauper song it really suited him because she slurrs her phrasing too. But I don’t like it. I didn’t like it in the 80’s and I don’t like it now. I just don’t get it with him.

    Come on Guys can’t you see how far ahead Joshua is of the game. If he doesn’t win with these performances, and unless things change dramatically, something is serverely wrong.

  177. I have been really dissapoined in the judging this year and I have been  loyal fan since season one…The week Jennifer told America to vote for Deandra…That wasn’t right…Last night when they all said that America really got it wrong…Can you imagine how Hollie, Phillip and Colton felt…That was not fair to them and I am sure it made the three of them feel terrible…The judges are there to judge…They shoukd never show favortism for any of them…This was a horrific display of unprofessionalism on their part…I really feel bad for Hollie, They have been cutting her down for 3 weeks now….Everyone is telling her different things and when she tries to perform the way she thinks they want her to they come down on her even harder…Not right…Not at all right…I am very disheartened with the judges….Especially Jennifer…Please just judge the rest of this competition and stop trying to influence the vote…It just isn’t fair to anyone…I really don’t have a favorite, I will like whowvwe wins but it needs to be a fair win…

    • I agree 100% if Jessica wins, this will indeed be the last season of idol because we’ll know it’s staged,

      • how did you say that
        are you the producer
        it’s funny how people in this blog
        sat’s anything they don’t know

    • I have also seen favoritism with Simon Cowell. Have you watched the AI 8 Finale? While Kris Allen was announced to be the winner, as he sang, all of the 3 judges stood up except Simon Cowell. See? And that is the main purpose of “save”. They come up with this idea because of Jhud and Daughtry being eliminated so early in Idol. 

      • Daughtry was eliminated in 4th place so the save would not have figured that year had it been available. It did not come in until Season 8 so this is the 4th time it has been use and none of those saved have gone on to win.


  178. I’m going to say it again…leave the racist comments to yourself!!  We are all aware that racism exists all over, but I don’t think it has any place when talking about why Jessica was the one that could have been sent home last night.

    I will be blunt…being gay is more of a minority that being black or hispanic.  I in fact am a gay man, and guess what…that doesn’t mean I voted for Adam Lambert.  In fact, I prefered Kris over Adam.  This does not mean I am self hating either.  Season 3, my favorite was Jennifer Hudson…season 5, my favorite was Katherine McPhee…season 2, my favorites were Clay Aiken and Kimberly Locke.  It’s not about race, it is about what I like and want to buy.  It is not just one genre or one look. 

    This just means that everyone has their own personal tastes in music, clothes, food…everything. Hollie is my personal favorite, and I just prefer her voice.  I will continue to vote for her because she is my favorite!

    If Hollie is not your favorite, that is fine…vote for who you love and want to buy an album from.  Maybe the voting system is messed up and we should only be able to vote a certain number of times, but that is not how the system works.  So if you like someone and you do not want them to be sent home, then vote!  Vote as many times as you can or want to.  Yes, I will be upset if Hollie is sent home, but I know that is just how this competition works.

  179. This is a mostly a pop contest after all and SADLY the voting reflected that.
    Jessica is low for me because although she can sing and has a powerful voice i dont believe her when she sings-she comes accross fake to me- saying that she is not bottom for me.1,Joshua was again ahead of the competition. He is a freak.2,Skyler rocks as she always does. Great attack and lays it down solid!3,elise she rocks and is my favourite female although i think skyler has been more consistant.4,jessica has talent, BUT i dont believe her when she sings and she comes accross a little fake.5, hollie is a pocket rocket and i think the judges have beemn a little too picky with her–id like to see what would happen if jessica got the same treatment when she messed up ( and she did and never got pulled up on it).6,Phillip just does the same thing every week and although i love his character- he is not in the same league as an singer- but he is improving all the time– i like him to do well.7, Colton sorry but you dont do it for me- maybe because im not a 16 yr old girl.

  180. Two judges, Randy and Jennifer, have been criticising Holly for the last three weeks. I am a retired musician of over 40 years experience and I don’t agree that Holly was pitchey, etc. Those two judges had already made up their minds. Jennifer’s and Randy’s rants are getting tiresome. They showed so much bias when they jumped on stage to save Jessie. That was so wrong. I think that the American public will make them pay in the next vote. Come on, America spoke, but they didn’t listen. The “save ” should be eliminated in the next season.

    • You are right, but it is all three judges. They have already picked their winner….and none of the top 3 are part of it.

    • The save can be a good thing, but it has to be done with judges who can recognize talent. If you watch The Voice, notice that the save does work there. It also works for So You Think You Can Dance.   Again, the save is what the judges make it.

    • you know in a blog you can pretend to be somebody
      but to say that you have 40 years of experience in music
      needs some evidence 

  181. Before all of this happened, I totally do not care about Jessica. But now, I’m rooting for her. She became my new favorite next to Hollie. 

    I don’t care about the other people say but I’m going to use this nickname anyway.

    Go HolSica! Go!

  182. Anyone see the look on Hollie’s face when she found out her group was safe? Total shock. This is just Pia all over again. Beautiful singer, but she gets boring. Plus people think she’s amazing so she’ll never get voted off so they vote for their other favourites. I actually think the bottom three was right last night, based on their Wednesday night performances – well kind of. I don’t think Elise should have been there but it didn’t surprise me. 

  183. What is wrong with the judges these days ! They are so facke ! To make the other contestant to feel that they are nothing with Jessica so i hope next week that Jessica will go home!

    And one last thing , just don’t say that i’m wrong please ! Coz i knw right now that im not the only one who felt like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • that is just your opinion
      did you ever ask the judges if they meant that way
      or did you ever ask the other contestant if they feel insulted

      • You could see by the look on their faces that they were insulted. Anyone would have been.

  184. What a mess these judges has developed. Let’s bring Paula and Simon back, with a replacement for Randy. These judges have no respect for America. They have proclaim themselves the only judges……how do we vote them off!

  185. The judges behavior was offensive..  They insulted the other participants and forgot that they are not the ones to decide the winner. Everyone has their favorites and for Randy to say the entire voting population “got it wrong” shows that he and the other judges feel they know best.  Makes me want to just stop watching.

    • then stop watching 
      nobody forces you to watch 
      even everybody here 
      you are not forced to watch

  186. It is just disgraceful to hear the judges pleading for votes for a specific contestant.  The other six contestants should protest, or do a sit in to correct the wrong actions of the judges.  Where is this program going?

  187. If the judges keep up their bias actions Americans may stop watching this program.  The winner should be based on the peoples choice and not the judges.  The people will be purchasing their records and not the judges.

  188. ok I would have to dismiss the likeability theory. She was never in the bottom 3  (if they did not like her, she would have landed at the bottom 3 ages ago) and for once I was thinking that AI did it on purpose to boost ratings over The Voice. 

    Or probably sympathy votes went all to Hollie. Neither did Elise or Joshua deserve to be there. But since they are insisting that this is popularity contest & not a singing competition. why don’t they just stop singing & just wait for votes just to give sense.

  189. I am writing this because I believe that American Idol no longer really counts the votes, right from the start they start pimping the people they want in the top 10,it isn’t rigged because this is a reality show it dose not say a talent show it says reality so things are made to go the way the show wants and to believe anything but that is totally nieve, Even for you a professional blogger. and here is my reasons. Deandre nor Jessica got any screen time until the very end of the taped shows, but the other ones were pimped and pimped and pimped again so the show said okay we want these ones to make it so just show them all the time right, then they realized the reactions they got from america about deandre and jessica why the hell did candice get cut she was not one of the ones they picked, then at first deandre was considered a contender along with jessica they went uhoh cant have that so then came jimmy lovine he knew that he had to start downing deandre he was the whole package and all the bloggers bought right into it, you all do you jump on the band wagon and mimik jimmy, they could not have deandre close to winning he was to much of a threat he was the whole package and jessica was the one they wanted which i believe she should so she got popular was told she was the best she is rated the best and again it was bought hook line and sinker. Poor deandre he came the marked contestant, but the judges and the other contestants knew he was awesome. His looks, his humbleness and his range in voice. so jimmy said so many cruel things about him to justify why he would be voted out. Last night was just another reality show looking for ratings so they made the one person who is always on top dead last with america, if you believe that i have a great property in the swamp to sell you don’t be nieve. now when she wins american idol they can take the credit for her staying in. They absouloutely do not count the votes they have already decided who was going to win and america has no voice on it no matter how they spin it. so here is how it is going to go.. Jimmy is now after Phillip 2 so he will be next to go, then it will be hollie and then elise leaving jessica skylar joseph and colton then colton will go then skylar then joshuaua and jessica will be are new American idol believe me it is all in the script. IDOL IS A FAKE!!!! COME ON YOU CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT JESSICA OR JOSHUA WAS IN THE BOTTOM 3 FOR AI TO TRY TO MAKE US BELIEVE IS HISTERICAL. U AMERICA DECIDE!!!!!!

    • I’m a jessica fan… but  I am not expecting anymore. I think it will be better if Jessica leaves next week.

  190. What a mess last night.  Once they separated Hollie & Jessica I knew Jessica was in the bottom 3.  Ryan does this every season.   Do I buy this?  No….. I knew Hollie was going to get the sympathy votes just like Haley did last Season.   Jessica the lest amount of votes…..I just can’t wrap my head around that one.   I do agree with one thing that Randy said.  Vote for the best not the best looking or cutest.  AI really needs to change their voting system.  IT SUCKS!!!!!!  The judges are awful this season with their comments.   They really need to get judges that judge and give constructive criticism.

    I was disappointed with my man James last night.  He looked terrible and he changed up that song from his CD and I did not like his new version.

  191. I don’t know what Thursday nights American Idol was really about but clearly two of the best performers were on the bottom according to what we were told.  After last nights nonsence American Idol has lost a viewer in me.

  192. they need to change the rules as this show is becoming a farce, it’s a singing competition, not a popularity contest
    Hollie has no right being there
    phillips , it’s time to go as he has one style and always sounds the same while his vein pops up in his head, and  has no class
    Skylar  screams too much for my liking
    Elise and Colton are descent and will probably have a good career
    which leaves us with the 2 who have the most talent and probably will be gone before we know it.

    singing contest, I don’t think so

    • Really? The most talented? I beg to differ. I haven’t seen either one of them play a single instrument. Do they write songs? Didn’t think so? Can they sing. Eh…one is a gospel singer and one is a copycat diva singer. I think America got it right.

    • Phillip has no class? How would you know this? He seems like a very nice person to me. Sklyar screams too much? LMAO…look at your two favorites! OMG…hello pot, meet kettle.

      • Pally are you very angry? If u are them that’s good… Our job here is done! Bye!

      • Idolfan2   angry? LOL..not at all. I’m seriously laughing here. You are the one who sounds angry. BTW..nice grasp of the English language. Not.

    • You are entitled to your opinion, as are the rest of us. I concede that Jessica has a great voice but she copies the original and if Simon Cowell was still there, he would have told her she is often singing as if she is at a Karaoke contest. 

      Great voice that has received a lot of training and coaching since she was very young – full scholarship to the Hollywood School for Performing Arts, AGT at age 11 and a record deal – and it shows in her scripted performances.

      The fact is that AI has been dominated by the southern vote since Season 1 and it has had many scandals about the voting system but refuses to change the system.

      Ratings are down, we have not heard Ryan brag about the number of votes once so far (he has always told us in the past) and the “judges” for the past 2 seasons have been rubbish.


  193. I don’t care how good a singer you are, if you sing an ugly song, you get ugly results. Jessica is selecting songs showing us who she is…she is a good singer, but I do not like the personality she is showing us. Hollie has selected songs the public knows and enjoys, therefore showing us a likable personality – and getting the votes.

  194. After the “gimmick” result show last night, it would be much more exciting for next week as it’ll be double elimination & no one is saved anymore!!

    • tenisaddict…..did you notice that Ryan never said anything about a double elimination next week?  Remember there was a double elimination when Jermaine was let go.  More drama!!!!!!

      • Oh no! You could be right & I would be disappointed if it’s not a doubles E.  next week…as the show is getting anti-climax the few weeks! The only good thing is …no more “save” from now on!!

  195. While I agree w/the judges using the save tonight (if they didn’t use it now, they had only 1 more week left to do so & Jessica is about as worthy of saving as they get), I also agree with the other comments as to their complete lack of professionalism & obvious bias.  The night before, they all but ordered Holly to be voted off, and when that didn’t happen,( and 3 of their pets ended up in the bottom 3), they acted like petulant children (or perhaps like some bullies react when someone actually stands up to them).

    Last I checked, this was a POPULARITY CONTEST – ironically, just like the music business is in real life – d’uh!  While talent obviously helps, in the real world it’s just one of many factors that determine how successful a performer is going to be.

  196. the save that j lo, randy and steven did for jessica was just awesome. but then again, they can’t do it again this season. here are the facts:1. jessica is asian and they can never accept the fact that an asian singer will be hailed as an “american idol”. hello? racism is still an integral part of daily american life and will never fade, i tell you. no asian has ever won AI, ever. perhaps jessica can win it if racism is eliminated :)2. most texters are teenage females and they naturally would go for the cute guys in the finalist, no matter how auditorily annoying and disgusting their vocals are. talk about fanaticism! they only go for the charming guys. perhaps they have busted eardrums due to constant yellings and chantings around them and appreciates only what is visually appealing to them. pathetic!3. the winner is picked thru texting simply because they earn more revenues from the text votes. AI is business, period! several previous AI winners have their careers in the drain yet those who did not win are far better off in the industry 4. the judges can only speak their minds and cannot pick who will be chosen the next AI. they have only one save for season 11 and that’s it! still, i stand my grounds that jessica is definitely the best singer among the group with joshua and philip comes as close second. let’s not get our expectations too high but there still might be hope. miracles happen everyday and it just might happen in AI this season. what the 3 judges did simply put a big slap on the faces of the stupid, dumb ass texters in america. as randy shouted, AI is about the best, and most americans don’t seem to comprehend that. how sad, indeed!

    • Maybe Americans don’t agree with Randy. I know I don’t and it has nothing to do with Jessica being Asian!!! Stop with the race thing! It’s stupid! Honestly, I thought she was hispanic. I didn’t even know she was Asian until you people told me. So there goes that theory.

      • Her father is a Mexican American born in Texas and a US Navy Vet. Her mother is Filipina whose grandfather was also in the US Navy. Sanchez is a Latino name. Since she was born in San Diego she is American with a Mexican American/Filipina ethnic mix.   

    • you can noy believe in a second american idol is racist why do people always pull that card they have so many diffrent nationalities on this show think about it white has been in top 10 lavk, italian, irish, mexican mixed german hawwiian fillipino, asian a littje of all of our nationalities around the world so please leave race out of it man grow up

    • Jessica Sanchez is not Asian. Her father is an American Mexican who was born in Texas and is a Navy Vet from the Iraq war. Her mother is Filipina but her Grandfather also served in the US Navy.

      Sanchez is Hispanic and she was born in San Diego. She had a full scholarship to the Hollywood Theater for Performing Arts, has recorded a CD and was a contestant on AGT when she was 11.

      There is no doubt that she has a great voice but she has been schooled, coached and mentored since she was a kid and that sometimes shows in her performances. 

      She was not the worst singer on Tuesday but neither was she the best and, as I have posted often, she is another victim of not being from a southern state. 


    • expect the unexpected..  jessica maybe the 1st asian american idol.. who knows..XD

  197. The AIdol judges broke all of the rules last night. Top 5 was the rule to save someone not top 7. I thought America chose the AIdol not Randy Jackson trying to stuff j.Santez down our throats. What are the remaining contestants to think from this time forward about their chances. Randy Jackson’s outspoken statement that America should vote for the best singer and she is the best…….Just wait one moment,what criteria of selection prevails here,the judges opinion or the actual vote from the watching audience? From this time on as other contestants are eliminated and J.Santez is still competing certainly taints the end results when they choose the winner.

    • if that’s the rule, how come Ryan kept asking the judges if they want to use the save everytime an idol gets eliminated?  Like in the case of Shannon, Erika, Heejun and Deandre

    • They can use the save up to the top 6. Once hey reach the top 5, it cannot be used.

      The save only came in in Season 8 so Randy saying they used it on Jennifer Hudson in Season 3 is simply untrue. 

      • They didn’t have the save in season 3.  Had Jennifer won the whole thing, chances are she wouldn’t have succeeded like she has.  Every situation has a let fate take over and don’t try to tell Americans they are ah’s for not voting for THEIR favorite.  This girls head must be spinning…but as I said early this morning, now she will get the psycho vote from everyone who feels so bad they didn’t vote for her.

    • Well maybe you have problems with your listening. The save can only be used before Top 5, after that, they can’u used it anymore.

    • I think mostly kids on this site love Jessica.  If you span the net, you’d see it’s more the hype than anything else.  They wanted a megastar and after she sang Whitney so well the first week, they thought they had her.  Not so much.

  198. I think the judges did this themselves.  All they do is tell you how good Jessica is.  What about the other kids?  Praise them more and stop telling America that Jessica is the best singer in America. 

  199. Every year it comes down to the same thing at this point. Who receives the votes of the last person eliminated? That was Deandre in this case. Who was voting for Deandre? A lot of young girls that are not about to now vote for another young girl like Jessica. Colton and Phil most likely split those votes which kept them both safe.

  200. This is the worse thing I have even seen the judges do.  It was a slap in the face to EVERY contestant sitting on that stage who was safe to watch them  physically storm the stage and dramatically “save” her.  Going on and on about how she is the best singer ever and blah, blah, blah.  Her song wasnt that great this week, neither was what she started to sing when interrupted by Lopez. It was a sickening display. And to hear Jessica go on about how hard she has worked HER WHOLE LIFE for this.  Give me a break, she’s 16!  I hope the judges got that out of their system, or they will have lost a viewer here, just for the disrespect they showed the real “safe” contestants………I feel better now…..getting that off my chest….

  201. The way the Judges acted was horrible.  For Randy to say what he said to the nation was just horrible.  The other Idols had this “what?”  look on their faces hearing that Jessica can out sing anyone in the nation. For pete sake, this was so disappointing the way they acted.  AMERICA VOTED!!!!

    • Randy is dumb. He said the same thing each time his fave singer did not get enough vote. Pia, Jennifer, Latoya, Fantasia.

    • I agree 100%.  Every year there is some sort of a surprise, and Randy always says America got it wrong.  Hey dawg, we’re paying your check by watching your show, so shut up.  Should Jessica go on to win, her star would always be tarnished as America did vote her off.  Now she will get so many votes bc of last night, it isn’t a fair fight anymore.  The safe is bullsh*t.  I realize this goes back to Daughtry, Hudson, etc., but they made it just fine without being numer 1.

  202. If it was Joshua who got the lowest votes, the judges would have reacted the same way as well. Jessica and Joshua objectively did give good performances and did not deserve to be in the bottom 3. Even Jimmy, who is very objective would agree.

  203. black,white,yellow,brown or what have you!all are immigrants in america!true americans are red indians.papered or not once settled please consider them as americans!just vote based on sheer talent!sometimes am maddened by the fact judges or critique are saying that they are disconnected to him or her, it goes to a point that you don’t like the person,it’s really the it factor.if your disconnected your not engaged to that person, as basic as that.

  204. Why don’t we look at it from this angle:

    See, despite them being judges, they have their favorites too just like we do. Just because they saved Jessica and said that ‘she was ONE OF THE BEST SINGERS in the country’ doesn’t mean they think the rest are crap or that they mean to insult the rest of the contestants. Supposedly they have other favorites too and Jessica doesn’t have monopoly on that or otherwise, they wouldn’t be saving their “save” up until the crucial point of the show. They just didn’t believe that she should go home that soon and offer her a second chance to change our minds. Imagine if Joshua was the one being sent home so soon or even Colton? I dare say to expect something similar or even more. But just think, probably, be it staged or not, maybe it was one way for them to also stress to the “general public” that AI is not just a teeny-bopper voting haven but also for mature music enthusiasts who actually would want to listen to good music and not just good-looking guys and gals screaming their lungs off. I mean, c’mon people…these producers, guest artists and judges are the same ones who have given us good artists over the past years and we enjoyed them and buy their records, have we not? So I think, despite the negative comments, that their opinions do matter at some point and they have a right as much as we, to also voice out their opinions any way they want.

    And besides, it was also a call to everyone to make sure they’re voting for the ‘best competitor’ and not just the ‘best looking’…that means, whether we like it or not, technicality also plays a major thing here…otherwise, we should just have them sing a couple of songs, have them stand there like a firing squad and ask: “ok so who do you LIKE to win?” and not “who do you think MUST win?” See, “like” and ‘must’ are two different things….

    Whether Jessica was really in the bottom 3 or not, bottom line is we have to look back and evaluate on what is AI all about and how it started…..because if it’s more than just a singing competition, then maybe we are voting for the right people in the wrong show or vice-versa…

    • I wish you people would stop insinuating that the only people who aren’t voting for Jessica are the young girls. It’s simply not true.

      •  I was talking about voters in general, not just  young girls or for Jessica but for everyone else in the competition…sad to say but fact is a large faction of the voters are teenagers and if you look at results, winners have been those who appeal to their age  group and sound like singers from their age group…and mostly male.

      • You are wrong. The median viewer age is 48 years old. My daughter is 18 and she and her friends do not watch American Idol. 

    •  I’ll give you an angle. If the bottom 3 yesterday was Joshua, Jessica and Holly and Holly gets the boot, do ye think the judges will save her?
      As for saying the others are crap, by their words and body language, the judges have definitely picked their finalists and that is saying much to the others.

      Don’t get me wrong, I like J Lo, Steve and Randy. They have a chemistry together and have uncovered talents across America. But as judges in this show, they should not be BIAS.

      •  i guess not…but if colton or joshua did get the boot they might just have done the same thing…see, they are judges and they judge you according to ‘how well you sing’. they are judges for a reason and the reason is because they know their craft and they know what to look for in an artist. Now if they think that Hollie or anyone else is not worth saving, it’s not because they don’t like her or him but probably because they think someone else deserves to be there or there’s someone better than her (which I agree, not necessarily Jessica alone)  and maybe for them she’s not consistently making a break. Admittedly so, Jessica IS talented..try to have them SING each other and you will see the difference. I agree they overdid that stunt, but I also agree that they did right to use the save on someone really worth saving, not because I’m a Jessica fan (which I’m not) but because I believe that she is ONE of the BEST singers in the competition, as Randy would put it.

  205. For those who talk about race, Jessica is a mix of Mexican American (father born in TX) and Filipina (Mother from Philippines) so she is half Filipina.

    In Season 3, two Filipina’s finished in the top 10; Camile Velasco (9th) and Jasmine Trias (3rd) who were both from Hawaii.  

  206. Some of us don’t want to vote by phone.  The way Idol lets us vote online is totally rotten, so we don’t vote.  First they make us vote only on facebook, unlike other shows which have their own voting.  Secondly they steal all our information and tell us they will sell it, use it for targeted ads, and the worst is that they will automatically change our facebook pages to the new timeline.  They have no right to do any of that, so they are missing a lot of votes.

  207. What the hell is going with the judges ! They are going sometimes wrong!!! Why did the judges saved Jessica ! There is over reacting about Jessica and its too much annoying, and i can feel that she’s not definitely the winner! Just the last thing, there is much better contestant!

  208. I know I post a lot about the impact of the Southern Vote so I went back to Season 1 and work forward to Season 10 and awarded 3 points for 1st place, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd.

    Out of a possible 60 points, Southern State singers take it 44-16, which in Super Bowl terms is a blow out. If you just take the first two and allot 3 pts for 1st and 2pts for 2nd, the score is 39-11. 

    The only Californian to place is Katharine McPhee who finished 2nd in Season 5. Florida has had two 3rd place finishers in Vonzell Solomon who was 3rd in Season 4 and Syesha Mercado who was 3rd in Season 7.  

    The top States point-wise are Alabama and North Carolina with 8 apiece and two winners each, followed by Georgia with 6 pts from 3 x 2nd place finishers and then Texas with 5 pts with one winner and 2 x 3rd place finishers.

    The leading “Northern State” is Illinois with 4 pts from the Lee DeWyze win and Haley Reinhart’s 3rd place last year. So the top 5 are:

    8 – Alabama and North Carolina
    6 – Georgia
    5- Texas   
    4- Illinois

    So the top 5 States have a 27-4 win for the Southern States.

    Whichever way you look at it, the South has dominated from Season 1 when it was TX-GA-TX being the first three and Season 2 when it was AL-NC-TN.

    Last year, it was NC-GA-IL.

    So is anyone really surprised that only one non-Southern contestant has survived this year to the top 7? We started off with 6 in the top 13 and still have those 6 in the top 7. You could argue that Hollie is not really a southern gal as she is from Liverpool but has lived in Texas since she was 8.

    • Be accurate. ‘America’ did not get it ‘right’. Jessica’s supporters relaxed and that’s all there is to it.

  209. Ridiculous Drama…I am hoping that people are not believing that was for real…just a ratings ploy.

  210. I don’t think they’re gonna send 2 people home because they DQ’d Jermaine Jones and that cuts off a show. And also I don’t think at all it will be Joshua, but maybe Elise. People always talk about Skylar being the only country vote, but you gotta think Joshua is probably the best R&B artist on the show sense Fantasia so he’s getting all the R&B new and old school fans.

    • Last night Ryan said next week two contestants will be leaving because of the save this week. Unless he incorrectly spoke based on an assumption, then two will be leaving.

  211. Good lord, people are so dumb. Because their favorite is in bottom three they accuse this to be a ploy to get rating. Puh-leez.

    • If you don’t think it’s possibly a ploy, you are terribly naive.  They wanted a girl to win despartely and when she sang Whitney, baboom, they had her.  Games shows have been rigged since the beginning of their existence, but not a reality show.   Come on, the fix is in for the win.

  212. I personally think that the judges should apoligize to the american idol viewing audience.. After all its called Am Idol not Judges Idol.. This was after all the decresion of the viewers.. and the judges basically said we know nothing… i personally will not watch this show next year unless they get rid of jenifer.. after all she thinks this is her show!!

    • The judges don’t have to apologize to anybody. They can have their choices the same way you and I have. After all … they don’t get to decide who wins. All they have is their opinions. American Idol is after all a …. REALITY show.

      It is not an ordinary singing contest where judges say who wins.

      •  Altho the judges do not decide, they have a lot of power in persuading people to vote for their favorites. Hence they should not be as biased as they have been. They have probably saved Jessica and in the process made sure she gets thru to the finals. IMO the others have every right to get there, it is just favoritism that makes me sad.

  213. Its not called the Jessica Sanchez Show,  and the Randy Jackson thinks show,  or the Judges know best show.
    its American Idol.   and it has never been said vote for the best singer
    its been said vote for you favorite idol
    Randy Jackson and J-lo were discussting last night, its an embarassament to the american viewers let along for the 6 other contestants that had to listen to randy say Jessica is the best singer in America, and jennifer say she dont deserve this, steven is to high to even know whats going on, sorry im really mad, We as viewers vote for who we like, do I think Jessica was in the bottom, no,  it was a sham, a publicity stunt to get viewers to get attention, I just hope the creators of the show see it as Idol Judges are getting bad attention not good attention.  and it reflects on Nigel, I thought he had more sense than to allow something like this to happen. I am disappointed in Idol, I will still watch, for the singers, not for the judges very sad very sad

    • Well, to be totally honest between the 3 of them (the judges that is) YES they know waaaaaaaaay more than you or I EVER will – music biz wise. So not digging the judges, isn’t your best move.

      Jessica sanchez sings the hell out of that show, shes 16 and theres no-one that’s as good as her on the show. THAT’S the judges point. Had she been an ok singer, they would have let it go, but (and surely your ears tell you) she definitely has the supreme vice. That doesn’t mean she needs to win, but it sure means she should get to the final 3. Or perhaps class doesn’t count.

  214. Jessica should just shrug this off. Sing for us Jess ! We almost failed you yesterday. Our bad.

    This thing happened NOT because america didn’t like her … it happened because her supporters RELAXED. You can’t vote AGAINST a contestant … you can only vote FOR a contestant.

    The judges behavior was very human. They are all professional artists and they simply could not accept that someone who is obviously so gifted (three of them, actually) is being kicked off the show.

    I’m just hoping that Jessica will put this behind her and sing as she always does. She tried to sing last time and I could see that she was hurting really bad.

  215. Last nites show was rediculious..really Randy do you call yourself a fair judge?how do you think the other 6 contests felt when you announced Jessica was the best in America and scolded the voters for voting her out..maybe you wanted them to go home the challenge was over ,and all 3 of you ran to the stage to comfort her half way through her song..really as judges Jennifer and Randy should go….TOO much favoritism  you don’t even try to hide it…you 2 are really over paid and we are really sick of you….

    • Randy must have said that  3 or 4 times in the past weeks. If anything, Randy was just being consistent. And so was Steven. The same with JLo. 

      When you have three judges saying the same thing over and over again in front of national television … with the other contestants as witnesses, I wonder why you are acting so surprised and outraged that they did it AGAIN this time.

  216. I think Jessica is a wonderful singer one of the best Idol has had and if I would have voted I think Elise should have gone home long before Jessica or even Joshua Ledet.  If Skylar wants to win she needs to change up her style of singing When and if she wins she can then sing her country vibe. 

  217. I would think that both Nigel the producer and the company broadcaster were not surprised by Jessica being voted off,because their ratings were dropping and they forged the results to boost the ratings. Like Pia before her and now Jessica it was FIXED! Take the group photo who stands out only 1 person. Yes everyone has their favourite, but the real question must be asked who will put bums on the seats and sell tickets only 1 or 2. Skylar is country girl, Scotty sings country but does not sing anything else and is never seen on the Red carpet!  But for the love of the game how Jessica can go from hero to zero when she has been voted the top since day one does not really make any sense, since the start of voting she has never dropped down below 28% to 58% ,so how come she was voted with something like 2%  when Hollie was the worse. Reading on  DISQUS you read that much of America does not see Jessica as being American! There is the problem with many.

  218. people will start voting now for jessica, she will be safe for the rest of the competition,,,,the worst she will do is second place….and they will send home 2 people next week,,,,l hope is colton and ellise……..

  219. help jessica please vote… vote… vote… AMERICA CHOOSE TRUE  BEST  !!!


  220. Let’s just vote for our Idols and stop this drama. I’ve had enough on the show, I don’t want to get dose of it up to here.

  221. i love jessica. i hate the pushers (they should not say bad stuffs against other contestants since all of them are good) and the judges (since they don’t jude fairly, but keep in mind that they are like us, they all have their own favorites.). but that doesn’t mean i won’t vote for her. just saying. ^^

  222. My first and last comment this season: the season´s best performace was delivered by James Durbin. He should win!

  223. jessica will never win! just like pia toscano… they should change the show from american idol to american favorite… it is not about the talent it seems americans wanted… stupid show.. without jessica, this show will be dead duck.. it’s like a beauty pageant, talent is not needed as long as u got the ass face… well, americans blame jessica maybe for being a filipino and this is how they punish her… poor young girl.. to tell u america, jessica doesn’t need AI. she’s already there on the top looking down at the stupid viewers who voted her out…

    •  IMHO, I don’t think it’s just because of that…a lot of us tend to look and listen first before we judge by whatever physicality (or racial if ever it’s a case) there is to a contestant. Whether or not Jessica wins, it’s not because she is a Filipina or anything else. It can be a case of either she hasn’t really captured the taste of the general public (but would be a great appeal to a segment) or someone else might outshine her in the weeks to come. I don’t think that America punishes someone for being who they are in a contest. She would never have made it this far and have a following if that were really a major issue.

    • OMG..stop. I don’t care for the girl’s taste in music but that has nothing to do with her being filipino. Like I said before, I didn’t even know she was filipino before coming onto this site.

    • The way for Jessica to win has been hinted at by Nigel Lythgoe (AI producer) who has said that ‘Jessica picks strange songs’ and Jimmy Iovine who has said that ‘ all it takes is one RIGHT song, and she will be unstoppable.’Jessica is the type of talent that can win fans. She can in fact win over fans of the other competitors. All she has to do is to pick the RIGHT song or songs.If she gets this right, she will win American Idol.

  224. I agree with the save , the girl can sing….and she handled it ..very humbled and somewhat embarrassed…with the Judges .  I was really embarrassed for  Jessica myself….

    The judges vote all year down to the top 24….not America….Now America has their turn …on air..The judges have one save…They should have let her finish her song and saved her like professional judges…not being bias….

    Their outburst on stage may have cost Jessica the show next week. They told America they were crazy…they said “she was the best”…I am sure that made all the other contestants feel good …right!…Seems as though America is angry at the judges outburst.

    The judges told America no -one was safe… We have the best talent this year…The judges said vote for your favorite, and who has the package….
    So why all the drama…Just do the save and let America vote…and yes ..I do love all the judges…I just think…the way they handled this was not in Jessica’s best interest….I wish her the best …she deserves to be there..but America is voting….

  225. I actually think Hollie was great. The judges need to ease up. They are being terrible to her

  226. I was going through the reactions of the other contestants in that elimination round, y’know … facial reactions, body english and all that.

    I appreciated Philip a lot. 

    No doubt this guy wants to win the whole thing … but I’m getting this vibe that he too was shocked and disagreed with what had happened. Of course the other contestants might have felt exactly the same way BUT Philip was especially transparent.

    Go see for yourself.

    I don’t think this was a sham. If this was scripted, then Steven Tyler wouldn’t have blurted out that they were going to use the save prematurely. Anyway’s … I don’t think the three judges are the kind of people who would let themselves be lead around by the nose. The fact that there was chaos onstage spoke of something that was spontaneous and unplanned.

    Ryan (being the host who have had to have prior knowledge), did try to maximize the impact of the development (no surprises there …that’s his job) but things just didn’t fall into place for him. I think he was angling for Jessica to sing her song first, then in a moment of extreme drama, have the judges save her. The sequence just got mucked up somewhere.

    Cheers !

    • Check out the conservation Hollie had with Colton and his reaction when Jessica was told she was at the bottom. Hollie  leans across to Colton and says “Great!” Colton smugly smiles back. Then the were up patting her on the back, we’re so pleased you’ve been saved. STAB, STAB!

  227. Jessica will be sent packing in a couple weeks and we will get to see her crocodile tears again…

  228. it seems to me that everything that happened that night were all scripted. maybe they thought that it’s good for the show (little twist) to add more excitement. i’m afraid the gimmick backfired.  after that drama i lost my appetite on the show. i felt like i don’t care anymore who’s gonna win. for me  the show totally lost it’s credibility. do you feel the same way as i do?

    • I don’t think it was scripted. I have searched all over and there is NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH that incontrovertibly proves that the elimination is a sham. 

      All I’m seeing are blogs that do not provide solid proof that the voting was rigged. All innuendo, hoohah, hot air, hearsay, senseless rants.Sorry … it’s all just HOT AIR. 

      Nothing has been proven therefore lets ignore these rumor mongerers.

  229. Let’s not have this racial thing. Just in case some of us didn’t know … we all came from a single group of people from africa. That’s what the Discovery channel says (or is it the history channel?)   :-)))

    Only, some people went to cooler regions and got fairer. Others went to very cold places and had to evolve chinky eyes. Others went to places where there was very little food and got smaller.

    Enough of this.

  230. When the rating are down:- PUBLICITY, PUBLICITY, PUBLICITY! 
    Great Stunt AI. Not original, but  still a good stunt. 
    Judges, have you seen the producer, got your script… and ACTION!  lol
    All publicity is good publicity. Talk about manipulating the American viewers.

  231. Checked it out and you were right! I think if you have these two up those sort of tricks, the other two J and S are so under their thumbs they are trotting along behind.
    “Check out the conservation Hollie had with Colton and his reaction when Jessica was told she was at the bottom. Hollie  leans across to Colton and says “Great!” Colton smugly smiles back. Then the were up patting her on the back, we’re so pleased you’ve been saved. STAB, STAB!

  232. If Jessica is “the best in America” then 5 years ago when she was on Amcercia’s Got Talent, or which ever show it was, why didn’t she go on to be a star?  Because her voice is not marketable.  The powerhouse voices are few and far between because to be honest it isn’t what sells.  As far as the judges, well it was a total disrespect to the other contestants.  The show has always made the public vote for who they wanted, Simon just was better at it.

    • More likely …. she is a better singer now that she has matured. 

      C’mon …

    • After Simon left, American Idol’s viewership increased by over 1 million viewers a night on the average. Simon Cowell is a LEGEND … in his own little mind.

      Let’s forget about Simon. He’s history.

  233. They say that Jessica can’t win now cause everyone who was saved by the judges before ended up being eliminated sooner or later. But In my opinion it’s because they are  NOT-POTENTIAL-TYPES-WINNERS, unlike Jessica. Jessica already had lots of moments and will make more this coming weeks. I think she just earned her spot in the top 3, and will make it all the way to the finals. 

  234. Everyone of us has his own way of choosing and own reason of whom he’ll gonna vote, of whom he thinks is the best to win.No need to argue…All of the contestants left are deserving to win but of course their winning depends on us…regardless of how they look, of their complexion, where they came from,what they sing and how they performed.It’s all up to us..We have our own different point of views,opinion and way of judging them…Let’s stick to it…Let’s go for whom we think deserves our vote..No one could ever stop us for that..It’s our right to vote and right to choose..I believe everybody deserves to be respected in his own opinion and choice…


  236. I am from australia & i have watched every season of american idol & i don’t want to tell people how to vote but to me american idol just like australian idol is anything but a singing competition its a popularity or who is the best looking contest. For the last 5 yrs boys have won the competition & this i believe is due to the fact that more girls vote for the cutest boy. I actually believe that the judges who know what they are talking about should have more of a say as to who goes home each week compared to most of the general public who know nothing about what makes a good singer. For me jessica & joshua are the best singers in the competition. Its supposed to be about finding the best singer not who is the most popular or the best looking. I believe its time they changed the voting system so that the competition really is a singing competition. Look at all the years the actual winner is forgotten & others that have lost have gone on to have a better career than the winner, adam lambert, daughtry,jennifer hudson just to name a few. They should change the name of the show to americas most popular & best looking idol.

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