American Idol 2012: Top 8 Performs Tonight

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Elise Testone. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Tonight the American Idol 2012 Top 8 finalists take the American Idol 2012 stage to performs songs from the 1980s.

On hand to mentor the contestants will be No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal, which must mean No Doubt is back together and putting out an album or a tour. Unlike last season, Stefani will be handing out more than just fashion advice on how to be eliminated.

You might want to get in on the discussion about what you’d like to hear the American Idol contestants sing tonight with my song suggestions for the Top 8. It’s all just for fun.

Be sure to check back later for Matt’s live coverage of the performances and for my recap shortly after the East Coast airing. With fewer and fewer Idol finalists left the competition is getting tougher and big favorites are inevitably going to start being eliminated. Don’t forget to show up tonight and support your favorites on American Idol.

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  1. The Idol contestants should really put on a great show again this week because they can pick their own songs from a decade of music….I’m thinking Elise should shine again with the right song.  Your right about it getting down to the best of the best with maybe one or two exceptions.  Looking forward to tonight and your recap…….tomorrow…I’m on the west coast……..LOL

    •  Hi Phyllis G,

      I am glad you are starting to like my “favourite darkhorse”  She is turning lighter and lighter every week, LOL.

      I know it is still a bit early to say anything but I like what I am hearing even from some of the hardliners in this group.

      What makes it more fun is now the fans are looking at her a little bit more fairly and recognizing the fact that she is actually a real nice person , just shy and introverted and was not trying to be mean to
      anyone.  Now she will be judged by her performance and not by her
      character.  It is hard enough to sing in front of millions of people yet
      try not to appear a nervous wreck.

      If she did sing “Sweet Child O’ Mine as suggested by Branden she will
      shine again and may give some of the front runners a run for their money.  Have a nice afternoon, your friend always……………………

      • Hello My Friend,
        Ed, I didn’t give Elise a snowballs chance in hell at the beginning but now I see she is very good and has a chance at the Top 5……..I don’t think she will  win this but Haley didn’t either and she is doing very well for herself.   If  last years performers, Top 10, all got some  sort of contract, this year’s Top 10 should definitely get the same chance….
        I really think Elise will shine tonight….Enjoy the show my friend….

    • elise really rocked it last week…not as good as you know who, but she did a great job.  would love to hear her sing duran duran. I’ve got a thing for simon lebon.  i adore jessica, hollie, and skylar.  the guys are just okay. i don’t think there’s a real standout yet.

      • I hope TPTB have given the singers more choices on the song list than they have in past seasons.  And I hope they’ve corrected the sound system that sometimes lets the band overwhelm the vocals.

      • Hello Namesake……I am really getting excited to see how Elise will do tonight…..BTW nobody is as good as you know who!!!!!  I really like Phil but Colton does nothing for me………I still feel that Jessica has the best vocals but that doesn’t always matter (as we quite know from the past….cough cough Season 8)…….Enjoy the show  whenever you get to watch it…

      • I have always felt like Elise just needed the right song to really show off her talent.   I think she’s amazing!!    I would listen to her music in my car before any of the others.   

      • First of all 28 is NOT old unless your a teenager.  This is what makes this site a lot of fun be cause we all have different opinions..

      • Age has nothing to do with talent, you sorry piece of stupidity. SOme singers just get better with age. now please go away and go play with kids your own age. what are u? 10?

  2. I hope her mentoring works better this time than last time.  Last time everyone stunk.  I like No Doubt.  I just think Gwen’s way doesn’t work so well for others.  If I’m not mistaken, she was irate with Sanjaya over his performance when she mentored.  Then again, her advice to someone like Sanjaya, a result like what he did should be expected.

    And yea, her fashion advice is to be ignored. 

  3. I hope the contestants have been warned! I really don’t know what they should sing but I hope Elise sings “I Love a Rainy Night” by Eddie Rabbitt. LOL OMG that’s hilarious!

    Maybe someone should do “Going Where the Lonely Go” by Merle Haggart LOL

    Another good choice would be, “Ride Like the Wind” by Chris Cross 

    If anyone agrees with this let me know…LOL He said it’s all for fun so might as well go have some. 

  4. I am so excited again to watch another Jessica’s nailing performance…..Hope she will sing a powerful ballad.

  5. My thinking: Based on great vocals:
    1. Jessica
    2. Joshua
    3. DeAndre
    4. Hollie
    5. Elise

    Based on popularity:
    1. Jessica
    2. Phillip
    3. Colton
    4. DeAndre
    5. Joshua

    • You can’t be serious. There is no way DeAndre is better than Phillip or colton. It’s hilarious.

      • deandre is better than them those two guys cannot sing colton we have seen his type of singing before and for phillip he just sucks he is terrible how many people can sing like deandre i think he is a true star

      • Emma, yep you’re right. (heavy on the sarcasm) that’s why Vote For the Worst picked DeAndre…because he is so good.

      • DeAndre  can sing, if given the chance he’ll do as well as Scotty is doing. I love the fact he don’t scream he just sings. I like his vioice better then ther others.

      • Hell ya!!! I dare phillip to sing a ballad! have you ever heard the judges said to him that he can sing anything????

      • Dolly, no, they probably haven’t said Phillip can sing anything and that would be a silly statement to make. Even the great Mick Jagger probably wouldn’t be very good at country or opera. DeAndre just isn’t good..period.

      • oh please!!!! everyone can do rock or anything by that!!!!!! but when you do a slow song you can hear if the person can really sing. for example MJ. Even colton did a slow song.

      • Not a fan of Colton and Phillip. I think their voice are common. Phillip is like Dave Matthews and Colton is just handsome which adds appeal to his not so amazng voice. DeAndre has great vocals, beautiful and entertaining.  Perfect package. Joshua’s a talent too.

    • you have got to be kidding, no way is joshua or Deandra better than Phillip or Colton, really

  6. I think DeAndre may do “This Woman’s Work” in the style of Maxwell but recorded in 1988 by Kate Bush. 

    It might happen! You never know.

    Everyone Vote DeAndre Brackensick over and over again.

  7. Your are right about Gwen. Her band is good but her advice to singers for both music and fashion leave much to be desired. If I were a contestant on the show, I would just stick to what I know works and not buy too much into whatever she recommends. Some good performers are good at performing but are not good teachers…

    I hope Elise stays true to herself and keeps rocking us! She’s fun, has a unique voice that stands out from the others. Jessica is good technically but I think her voice is one that doesn’t really stand out in the sea of commercial singers out there– but I’m also sure she should get a lot of mileage out of her exposure on Idol. Because of the voting system on Idol, the best singer/performer does not always (rarely, actually) ever wins.

    • Tj that’s what you think, but nobody cares, and what makes Elise unique that Jessica is just one of those voice in the sea of commercial singers? Jessica is way better than Elise and that is according to Randy himself . Jessica was proclaimed the best talent in the whole country period.” and that word was came from the AUTHORITY himself..

      •  Hi Romeo,

        I am confused on who are you referring as “AUTHORITY”.

        I know you like Jessica, that’s good but if you want to enjoy being here
        and have a decent conversation with us, you should start respecting
        other people’s choices.  You don’t need to shove your favourite in our throats. 

        If you want her to have a chance in winning this competition start
        gaining friends here not enemies.  You may harvest more supporters that way instead of trying to convince us Jessica is the best.  We are not deaf, and we are not unfamiliar with the music business.   We know who is good and who is not.  Some of us have been involve in music for a very long time.

        Like what you like, that’s your choice, we have the right to like what we like, have some respect.

        Just saying………………………………………….

    • I think Elise can take it all. She has the best lice out of all. Philip has a controlled scream, that’s it. I see Colton and Elise in the finals with Elise taking the crown.

  8. The Song “Without You” was written by Pete Hamm & Tom Evans of BADFINGER,shame on American Idol & Jimmy Iovine for not mentioning that

  9. One thing about Elise is that she is the whole package……she is very attractive, is extremely talented with a very unique voice that can no doubt sell lots of records (CD’s).  That’s exactly what they are looking for.  Someone that may sing ballads well, will not be as marketable as Elise.  I’m sure everyone will do well tonight….but my bet is on Elise tonight. 

    • Elise comes off as rough, I thought we had enough of the growl sound last year.

  10. Every night that they sing, I feel like the music is much louder than the microphone for each of their performances.    We have a room full of family watching it and we all agreed and realized it wasn’t just one of us that felt that way.    I wonder if others have noticed it too?   I would just prefer to have the vocals a little bit louder than the band or at least equal.   But what do I know : )

  11. although I am a JSan fan, I already liked Elise since her Hollywood audition days =) she will definitely go a long way 

  12. I wonder if anyone will do Johnny Mellencamp tonight – maybe Phil could pull it off.
    I still think Josh is great but could be too same same and get boring – I think he needs to do something really out there to remind us of his talent -True Colours by Cyndi Lauper??

  13. What on earth is wrong with these judges?!  Hollie just did a great job on her song and the judges hammered it.  That song starts out low and slow and then builds to a blasting finish, just like hollie did it!  She was great!  Jessica was great too and those two girls were the best of the night up to now with a couple more left.

  14. The judges are awful!  Elise also did a great job.  She was trying to make that song her own and got blasted for it.  The judges said she had pitch problems!  Yet when Phillip or Deandre are way “off” they love the way “they make it their own”.  I am getting sick of the manipulation going on.

  15. The judges suck the way they always put Holly down, they  have never given her a compliment and yet they suck up to Jessica every time she sings. If they would praise Holly the way they praise Jessica, Holly would take it home! It is sick the way they have already announce Jessica as the winner, why should America keep voting????

  16. Skylar did an awesome job.  I got goosechimples.  She’s got my vote for overall win…

    •  I was sitting at my computer when Skylar starting singing Islands in the stream. I thought they got Dolly on the American Idol show. She sounded just like her in the beginning. She did great on her song too. She has such a personality. It is great. The curly long haired fellow, if I had to listen too long, I would get irritated. Though he is a cutey.

  17. What was going on with phone lines to vote? I tried for hours to vote for my favorites and it kept saying number not in service. This has never happened before as I vote every week

  18. my opinion :
    based on the “whole package” (not in order) ;

  19. Soo tired of JLo interrupting other Judges, she’s getting worse! Would love her to STOP talking so much! Come on Steven put her in her place!!!!!:)

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