American Idol 2012 Top 8 Revealed

American Idol 2012 Top 8

American Idol 2012’s Top 8 was revealed last night when Heejun Han was eliminated. The list of finalists continues to shrink as we press on to the season finale at the end of May but still no big surprises in the eliminations. Since the summer tour cuts off at the Top 10 singers you’ll be seeing all these plus the last two eliminations again soon, plus Heejun promised fireworks on the tour.

Next week these singers will return and they’ll be tackling the 80’s which should be a nice wide open theme for the finalists. They all did great getting to pick their favorites last week so let’s hope production keeps things running that in that direction rather than “songs from one artist who vanished 20 years ago”

American Idol 2012 Top 8 finalists:

  1. DeAndre Brackensick
  2. Hollie Cavanagh
  3. Colton Dixon
  4. Skylar Laine
  5. Joshua Ledet
  6. Phillip Phillips
  7. Jessica Sanchez
  8. Elise Testone

Are you satisfied with who made it to the American Idol 2012 Top 8?




    • Jijik, give me a clue.  Is there a real error in the photo,  or are you just implying that someone doesn’t deserve to be in the top 8 and therefore this picture should contain another contestant instead of the undeserving contestant? 

      • Nope.  Elise is standing behind the chair and leaning over the back toward JSan.  You can see her hip line along the side.  So, that’s not it.

      • Actually the black sash that looks like on Elise’s waist is the back of the chair that Jessica is sitting on.  that’s why it looks like Elise is right there beside Jessica (lol).

      •  hahaha… yeah i saw it.. elise is a half winged creature trying to tore the remaining girls apart… shes insanely freak. i dont like her.

    • it’s colton’s hand on phil’s shoulder. nw that heejun is out…they have the opprtunity…. er…just sayin’

  1. Liking to be out in front of things here is what I think they need to do next week.  The 80s has a lot of interesting things to offer.  What I struggle with is the Idols aren’t going to have any idea of the full depth of songs from that era and only know what they hear on oldie stations or see on VH1 best of shows.  

    My recommendations are:

    Colton-A great choice for Colton is “Faith” by George Michael.

    Deandre-“Kiss” by Prince.  No question.  Another good option for him is “After the Love Has Gone” by EWF.  He is going to want something where he can use his falsetto.  Unfortunately I don’t think his falsetto is strong enough to carry him through a whole song and he is better using it as a flourish to the song.

    Elise-It seems this timeframe is made for Elise.  A few songs that come to mind right away are “The Warrior” by Scandal, “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar and “Harden my Heart” by Quarterflash.  Songs that have a rock vibe for female voice.

    Hollie-Hollie has me confused as to who she is as an artist.  Lets go for “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton or “Woman in Love” by Barbra Streisand.

    Jessica-I really think Jessica needs to go out of her comfort area without actually going out.  So I recommend “Time after Time” by Cyndi Lauper.  A ballad, but not one from her usual stable of artists.

    Joshua-I am not sure where Joshua goes.  My recommendation is Luther Vandross “So Amazing”.

    Philip-I really want to see Phillip do his thing on “Janie’s Got a Gun” by Aerosmith and see Steven’s reaction.

    Skylar-The ultimate song for her would be “I was Country when Country Wasn’t Cool” by Barbara Mandrell, but more likely she will do a Reba or Dolly Parton song.  How about “9 to 5”.

    • We are a bit off topic, but Ok, I’ll play.
      Deandre – Love You More Than I Can Say [Leo Sayer]
      P2 – Welcome To The Jungle [GNR]
      Hollie – Desperado [Linda Ronstadt version]
      Colton – Lady In Red [Chris DeBurgh]
      Jessica – What’s Love Got To Do With It [Tina Turner]
      Elise – Black Velvet [Alannah Myles]
      Skylar – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [Cyndi Lauper]
      Joshua – Key Largo [Bertie Higgins]

      • Deandre – “Girl You Know It’s True” – Milli Vanilli (Boo! Hiss!)
        P-Squared – “Shame on the Moon” – Bob Seger
        Hollie – “This Used to Be My Playground” – Madonna
        Colton – “Kiss From a Rose” – Seal
        Jessica – “Breathe Again” – Toni Braxton
        Elise – “Life in the Fast Lane” – The Eagles
        Skylar – “Whoever’s in New England” – Reba
        Joshua – “Sign Your Name” – Terrence Trent D’Arby

      • My logic on the above choices:

        DeAndre – totally joking — but it would be awesome to see him try
        Phillip – Would love to see him slow it down and do some Seger
        Hollie – Madonna has a deeper voice like Hollie – good fit
        Colton – Good song for the Piano — and it’s a little more mainstrem
        Jessica – something with a few less vocal acrobatics and a good love song for BB Chez….
        Elise doing Don Henley is a dream come true!
        Skylar – was told to do more Melody — probably one of Reba’s prettiest tunes…..
        Joshua – I’ve wanted to hear him thing this since Vegas — perfect voice for it.

    • My Song choice:


      Elise Testone- These Dreams (Hearts) or Listen To Your Heart(Roxette)


      Phillip Phillips- Crazy For You (Madonna) or Heroes(David


      Jessica Sachez- Flashdance… What a Feeling (Irene Cara) or
      Livin’ on a Prayer (Bon Jovi)


      Joshua Ledet- Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson) or I Want
      to Know What Love is (The Foreigner)


      Skylar Laine- Faithfully (Journey) or Respect (Reba


      Hollie Cavanagh- Love is Battlefield (Pat Benatar) or Total
      Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)


      Colton Dixon- Take These Broken Wings (Mr.Mister) or I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (U2)


      Deandre Brackensick- After the Love Has Gone (Earth Wind
      Fire) or If You Asked Me To (Patti LaBelle)

    • Hi jbeee,

      Nice songs!! also possible songs for:

      Deandre –  I can’t Tell You why – Eagles  or
                        – Careless Whispers – George Michael

      Phil          – Roxanne –  Sting    or
                          Missing You  –  John waite  ( Done PP’s style )

      Elise         – Making Love Out Of Nothing At All   – Air Supply
                           If You Don’t Know Me By now  – Simply Red

      Just a thought !!        😀

      •  Deandre NEEDS to sing Prince – Adore. That will seal the deal with many on the fence fans, and just send his hardcore fans over the edge!

    • I guess I’d rather see her singing it than have to listen to her singing it.  Thankfully, there’s the mute button.

  2. I’ve heard josh sing purple rain by Prince once and he was phenomenal. Would love to see him do that.

  3. Totally satisfied…….These remaining 8 will have to perform because anyone of them can be gone, well not anyone of them but the bottom three keeps changing so it seems that their performances dictates the bottom 3.

  4. I think that Hollie should have gone this week. Are people voting with past performances in mind or just the night before? If they think about ALL the performances then I think they got it right but, if they are thinking only about the night before then I think Hollie should have gone.

    • Totally. But what i see is that because of her good reputation from her much more earlier performances (i think shes being faced with jessica few weeks ago) she’s got this value where in joshua, deandre,elise or skylar would be better off eliminated than her. Regardless of their performance’s quality. Hollie’s beginning to suck but if im right she’ll get far off than these guys ive mentioned.

  5. the only ones who will make it to the top and are talented and mature enough are Phillip, Elise and Colton. The rest are very good, but they should come back in a few years when they have experience under their belt.

    • If they did that, Idol would not have enough people to fill the show. Part of the idol process is to groom raw singers into recording artist. I think every contestant will have successful careers, even Deandre who I don’t care for personally, will have a good career.

    • JESSICA RANKS RIGHT UP THERE WITH THEM !!!! I think she is the best !!!! I don’t care if she is 16 !

  6. Diandre will go next…….then holly / elise …although judges will save either of them so only to piss voters off and will be eliminated the mext week……as in cryin casey….

    • Did you even watch last year?  Casey lasted a few weeks after the save… Thia and Paul left before Casey Did…..

      Deandre wasn’t in the bottom 3 — not sure why – but he wasn’t.  Odds are Hollie, Skylar and Deandre will be the bottom 3 — then it’s a crap shoot…..

      • Reading your post it occurred to me that Jessica and Thia are twins.  I forgot all about Ms. Thia just like I will forget all about Jessica when she’s gone.

      • Could it be Scotty’s voters are starting to watch the program about now and like Deandre this year???

      • He has to become a pro with his voice. I like him but lately his performances are either pure falsetto or simply not using falsetto which is not good for him. I wanna see him perform with both his natural voice(which is good) with a taste of his falsetto. Like his EW&F’s “reasons” and wildcard song “georgia on my mind”. Those were his earlier performances and using the variety of his voice range is what’ll take him out of danger; not just sticking to falsetto bec. it is his expertise or only using his low  natural voice bec. he was playin safe. From what i see, people are expectin him to go home next week. Hope he’ll prove them wrong 🙂

  7. I am satisfied with who made it to the American Idol 2012 Top 8.
    I wasn’t happy with the bottom 3 though. I love Skylar and Holly.
    I have a simple method of judging. I ask myself, would I pay money to see them if they were in my city? I would pay to see any of them.
    Please don’t send anymore home.
    But of you must send the guy with the red glasses. (smile)

  8. As I posted yesterday about who may be eliminated, the stats from AI itself shows that the majority of voting comes from Southern States and from young teenagers. So far this year, once the public voting started, we had the choice between Elise (28) and Jeremy Rosado (FL) were the bottom two and Florida is not considered a Southern State in the Stats.

    The next week we saw Shannon (FL) eliminated and then Erika Van Pelt (RI) plus, of course, we had the situation with Jermaine Jones (NJ) and this week it was bye to Heejun (NY).    

    Now the only two left who are not from Southern States are Jessica and DeAndre who are both from California and Holly, while living in Texas is originally from Liverpool, England.

    Heejun’s elimination was no surprise as I predicted it on the basis that he had fooled around too much and not taken the finals seriously plus he is from NY. 

    Whatever they do, I will not be surprised to see DeAndre and Holly in the bottom 3 next week with – potentially Elise. Geographical Location and Age are, unfortunately trumping talent in American Idol and it gets worse each year, not to mention the teen preference for guys.

    Holly has a big voice for a little girl but she really needs to step it up in terms of connecting with the audience and using the stage more instead of standing still as she does right now.

    Elise is much better than people give her credit for but I keep seeing comments about her age. In any other situation, that would be considered discrimination but this is American Idol.


    •  I like Elise too. She has a special kind of voice, a little different from the others.

  9. Does anyone else love Jimmy Iovine?  I think he makes up for Simon’s absence.  The judges seem to sugarcoat the performances, at times, whereas  Jimmy doesn’t hold back, much like Simon a few years ago.  It was also great to see just how sweet Stevie Nicks was with the young singers.  She seems so down to earth, and yet she’s been in this business longer than Madonna, who comes off  as a total snob.

  10. I’m really worried about Hollie. She must pull something spectacular this week that is standing o’ worthy.

  11. I  love – Joshua, DeAndre, Elise and Jessica – voices that give me some extasy

    i like – Philip Philips, Colton, Hollie (but she’s going backwards week by week)

    i dont like – Skylar – she is generally pretty good country singer but not great and she’s also going  backwards doesnt do anything special


      • Sorry but skylar was already in the bottom 3. Our idol is always on top of the leader board. Who has more fans then?

      •  I like Skylar too. My problem with the crowd they have this year is that they all are great. It makes it almost impossible to know who to vote for. I wish they all could win.

        I am having a problem though, the last two weeks I have not been able to vote. I have verizon and text messages do not go through. I have called the numbers and they are always busy. I know something is wrong because I usually can always get through after a little bit. I tried the numbers all the time even after the time we are supposed to be able to vote and the lines are still on busy. I have an AT & T home phone, but not cell. Cell won’t get where I live.

        Tried to vote on the computer both times and it wouldn’t let me both times. Computer went down right after I tried both times.

    •  What was up with Joshua’s coat. He did a good job singing, but who let him out with that coat. It looked to tight and too short.  Nothing to do with singing, but….

      • He reminds me of the 80’s. His voice is good he should try singing Kenny Loggins just saying…

    • I am itching for a Jessica CD. Who cares if she wins? As long as she gets signed I am fine.

  12. Hollie is the worst I never pay attention to her performances anymore and she used to be one of my favorites.

  13. I’m not satisfied with this group of contestants. I haven’t been from the outset of the live shows. I don’t think the judges got the top 24 right much less the top 13. Things would be a lot different right now if the right people had made it through from Las Vegas to the live shows. But this is what we are left with. We have to vote for the “best of the rest”. So I will continue to watch the show. There are one or two that are still making the show interesting for me. So until they are gone I guess I am still enjoying the show. 

  14. Is anyone else put off by the fact that Jessica Sanchez has an alter ego?  That alone keeps me from voting for her.

    Really?  16?  Alter Ego?  Really?

      • Despite having an alter ego , I think she meant that she is different when she hits the stage ..That’s all …. She is 16 but I am sure that she has the mind of a 23 ….

    • what keeps me from voting is she sucks.
      before i get attack by sanchezfans.
      she ruined beyonce’ song
      her turn the beat around was dreadful.
      if anybody did those performances they would be in the btm 3.
      she is getting favortism over the rest.
      and se will be gone soon

      • that is not favoritism moron, maybe your idol skylar just need to sing better. and your favorite is in the bottom three in case you’d forgotten.

      • Skylar ruined Miranda song >>> B3 ??? That’s a valid reason, don’t u think !!

      • you’re not a singer so you don’t have the right to say that she ruined the song of beyonce and jessica can hit any notes and her control on her voice is amazing and she’s a risk taker because she wants to show everyone that she’s not only good in ballads unlike the other contestant who’s always playing safe every week and if jessica sucks so are you

    • What???  Are you imagining things or just saying it to make her look bad.  Hey, you don’t have to like her but don’t make up things.

    • You said it. She is only 16. And idolizes Beyonce.  Fans tend to try and imitate what their idols do.  So if she does something a bit silly like having an alter ego like her idol does, let her be.  As long as she gives her best every week, I am fine with that.

    • IF you dont understand why DeAndre is way above AI level and along with Jessica, Elise and Joshua is the best in the competition, then you know nothing about music. Take a look at other contestants’ faces when DeAndre was singing “Georgia on my mind”. That pretty much says it all about how impressive his talent is

      • i aint saying he is horrible. im saying he wont win.
        nobody i mean nobody would his album.
        maybe back in 60s he would have been huged.
        but now he wont make it.

    • skylar is the best.
      4 people sticks out in my mind.
      i like jessica but her and hollie are pretty much the same.
      same for joshua and deandre

      • skylar will be going home soon…if not next week then the coming week….that’s very possible…..

      • email22 :  Why would bring skylar name when u see  Jessica’s name  ?
        I want to see Skylar’s with other contestants …
        I respect ur openion . Skylar is better than Jessica . I disagree . That’s all.

    • Not. What has she done besides stomp all over the stage and scream? She has done nothing different the whole time. When will she sing a ballad? All she does is up tempo angry country woman songs, and people are growing tired of that.

  15. Skylar should definitely do “Let’s Get Physical” by Olivia Newton John. What do you all think?

    • like she would even allow herself to sing a song that’s not close to being country? C’mon. She’s getting dry and people are tired of her because of doing country and country and country every single week. Jessica did took a chance on an upbeat song with turn the beat around which is not a safe place for her to do.  That’s how it is, you need to experiment with the possibilities in order to avoid voters to be turned off. Skylar’s only getting fewer votes because she’s afraid to go beyond her boundaries. She deserves the bottom 3 yesterday. She can sing, what shes showing is that she sings only within her limits.

  16. In response to email22:
     So many comments, In my opinion, you say things to
    shock or joke, your
    embarrassing yourself. Please allow others to make comments.

      • For somebody who have to resort to bad mouthing when somebody points our something “not nice” about them, they really are below everyonelse.  Now I know why you have to post those “mean”  comments.  

  17. Thanks for this great site, all the recaps and the comments! I’ve been following the show here in Finland and americanidolnet is the first thing I check out every Thursday and Friday morning to get the latest update. 

    I’m always particularly interested in reading the comments as they give me an entirely different perspective on the competition. I do have a personal favorite as well. Honestly, I think I’m in love with Phillip 😀 There’s just something magical about him. I can’t even explain it, I just find myself watching his performances on repeat.  From an outsider’s perspective, though, it looks like Jessica is the front-runner to be the next American Idol. But I’ll be rooting for Phillip. And Phillip, when you go on your first world tour, would you please make sure it includes a trip to Finland 😉

  18. Jessica doesnt need to prove anything at this stage ,  …She is a total performer, at her age she is unbelievable , amazing  . Her vocal prowess is comparable to the likes of Beyonce, Mariah Carey , Whitney Houston, Jennifer Hudson and Celine Dion , a next Diva in the making. I will continue rooting for Jessica in or out of AI…

    • Slow down there big fella. Way way to early to start comparing her to those names. She’s good but no where near those singers you named. She has not been near as consistent as all the jess fanatics think. She was just average on ‘turn the beat around’ and the first half of the Beyonce song was very boring and you couldn’t understand a lot of what she was singing. She’s good, but not the powerhouse diva so many of you Jessica fans think, not yet anyway.

      • Remember Jennifer Hudson was voted out and her voice is far more powerful than Jessica’s…I do think Jessica will be a star no question, but she has a long way to go…she is not diva…yet…but has the potential to be.

      • and don’t forget Amber Riley. she’s a star in Glee now, but was a contestant of Idol. she did more justice to Whitney, Beyonce, and Jen Hudson than Jessica. she wasn’t even make the top 12 on the show!

      • Just so you know Jessica is just 16. The things that she can
        do right now are really something. And I’m still curious of what she can do when
        she reach the age of all the Divas that have been mentioned.


  19. To all Jessica fans,

    Am really proud that many of us don’t resort to attacking and degrading other contestants for the sake of our idol.  That’s the way to do it.  Let’s praise and support Jessica,  but let us also respect the other contestants.  Our idol is so winnable that we don’t need to put other contestants down.     

    • Are you sure u r not a Colton fan?  You sound like a preacher and rather pretentious.  You may like your girl Jessica’s voice, but there are others in the contest who sing as well or better than she does, and have a personality as well.  I swear a lot of her fans are trying to push her into sainthood and it’s going to backfire..makes me feel sorry for her in a way, she’s still a child. 

      • The insecurities when it reach to the top. Are you really that desperate to trash everything that has been said? We are not trying to push her into sainthood. We are are pushing her to AI 2012 championship.

        Yeah, she’s still a child. A child with vocal prowess and humble personality.

        Anyway, you can say anything you want and I respect your insecurity. I really really do. 🙂 So keep shouting, crying and growling about what you don’t like. You need it until middle of May. 🙂

      • @JoeLando.  Not shouting, crying or growling.  I believe that Jessica will win the contest based on her obvious popularity.  I just hope people are as fervent voting for president as they are in voting for a new pop star.  It’s all good Joe.

  20. perhaps jessica will sing id rather go blind by etta james, if my research is right its 1981

    • Etta james id rather go blind was released in 1967 i think, not 1981. Well jessica has a lot to choose from. Nothing to worry, whatever she chooses, its surely gonna be great. Did she ever go wrong the past few weeks? I agree with wolfram, there is no need to bad mouth other contestants just to pull your faves up. Im rooting for jessica. Saying nasty things against others will not help her, but NON STOP VOTING WILL! Ive been watching AI since season 1, and ive never been this hype – its all because ive always been excited and soooo looking forward to jessica’s performances. See u in finale????

  21. TOP 3
    1. Deandre Brackensick – 15.75%
    2. Elise Testone – 15.60%
    3. Phillip Phillips – 15.56%
    4. Colton Dixon – 15.42%
    5. Jessica Sanchez – 15.40%
    6. Joshua Ledet – 9.85%
    BOTTOM 3
    7. Hollie Cavanagh – 4.42%
    8. Skylar Laine – 4.37%
    9. Heejun Han – 3.63% O.U.T. (X)
    the official rankings
    via, THIA MEGIA’s Fan PAGE

  22. I think the top 3 will be:
    Jessica – great voice but very lack personality (we already have Charice though, no need anymore Charice)
    Colton – average voice but huge teenies fans based
    Phillip – artistry with huge teenies fans based as well
    I’ll go with Phillip!!macaroni hair should go!!

    • Should go home (in order):
      1. Deandre – he should never ever been in wildcard picks, hurting falsetto
      2. Hollie – boring
      3. Skylar – boring
      4. Joshua – he just screaming
      5. Elise – I appreciate her, she’s getting better and better
      6. Colton – not into him
      7. Jessica – her beyonce’s version was horrible, she ruined it really
      Phillip for the win!

      • Darren,  one more time, please.   You said you appreciate Elise,  and you’re NOT into Colton NOR are you impressed with Jessica’s performance.  Yet,  you think Elise “should go home” earlier than Colton and Jessica.   Since you used the word “should”,  you are saying that the one you admire should go home ahead of those you don’t.  

      • If you think that hollie, skylar or colton are better than deandre then there is sth wrong with you

      • if i said sth good from a contestant doesn’t mean I admire her/him … gosh!!
        I admired noone in this competition.
        One I admired has been gone.
        I just write my opinion who’s going home in order .. 
        and yes Deandre is the worst amongst them

      •  isnt your face horrible? Please define horrible, then apply it to hollie’s and deandre’s performances…Hahahaha….

      • DDR. They are ALL better than Deandre! Please America, GET HIM OUT!!! Can’t take the ear piercing shrills anymore. I guess it’s beautiful to some, just not me

    • And who said Jessie is another Charice???? Charice became famous because of Oprah and David who are seemingly influential in the music industry. And where is she now???—in that odd look. I don’t get her.

      Jessica is a different artist who has proven her vocal prowess. Lack of personality? You really can’t connect with a singer unless you like her. You see, the problem with people who seem not to like a singer is that their main reason is the “lack of connection”. I won’t question that. It happened to the past Idols also.

      What I want as the Top 3:
      1. Jessica
      2. Philip
      3. Elise

      I’ll go with Jessica! No to the Macaroni hair as well! 

  23. I think that they were all great last week..It is up for grabs ..If one of them fails to deliver next week they will be voted off..Best of luck to all of them they are all unique in there own way..:)

    • Well you’ll hear the exact same thing and the exact same sound on every single song! medium tempo growling is all your gonna get, he hasn’t proven otherwise. I do like him but come on, it’s getting a bit redundant. Can you even sing a slow song PP? Has not shown any versatility the entire time, sorry that’s just the facts.

      • Absolutely. I like him but arent you tired of hearing songs which seems to be repeated every week? I mean, it all sounds like hes been singin the same song every week, maybe bcuz of his execution. It gets him the votes and secure spot every week but i noticed that even the way he delivers a song onstage seems to be getting rusty. with the guitar, blood rising up to his face from growling, feet makin weird motions. Its always too safe and a bit expected from a P2. I want him to try somethin else or jus somethin a bit new just like everyone else. 

  24. Open Arms by Journey but Mariah Carey version i hope Jessica Sanchez sing it in 80’s theme

  25. hollie needs to sing ‘stronger’ by kelly clarkson at some point in the competition. like, seriouslyy!!!

  26. I offer my viewpoint and how well I think how well each remaining performer, for what it’s worth. It is not met as a slam on anyone I do not like. It is just my viewpoint, from best to worst:
    1- Jessica Sanchez – Yes, sometimes her performances cn be a bit boring. But, her voice control is so freaking perfect, I love the song anyway. She should make it into the top 3.
    2- Phillip Phillips – I very unique singer who is not afraid to change up every song he sings. Perhaps the best all around musician of the bunch. My problem with Phillip is it seems to me every one of his songs sound exactly the same, with the lyrics changed. But, his fans do not seem to care and his fan base is huge. He will be in the top 3.
    3- Elise Test0ne – Elise very much reminds me of Halley, from last season. In the sense that she was in the bottom 3 for a long time until people finally caught on to how strong and versatile a performer she was. She might make it into the top 3. Plus, she has that bluesy voice I like in Hailey, as well.
    4- Joshua Ledet – He is in my viewpoint, has the best pure vocal talent of any male performer. But, his gospel style can leave me a bit bored. And I suspect others as well. So I predict he will not much longer than the basement dwellers. And that is a shame.
    5- Colton Dixon – is just middle of the pack for me. But, he has the looks that the pre-teen girls like. Plus, he has the Bible Belt vote … So his fan base is freaking HUGE. He could very well make it not the top 3 because of that.
    6- Holly Cavanaugh- For a tiny girl, she sure has a strong voice. But, that voice is not nearly as strong as Jessica’s and she is a bit boring to watch. So, she may not last much longer. Which, I wish was not the case.
    7 – DeAndre- I personally do not think he is as bad a vocalist as a lot of other people do. It’s just that a strictly falsetto voice can be a bit boring after awhile. It sure is to me. So, I doubt he will last much longer. But. never underestimate the power of the preteen girl voters, who vote based on looks alone.
    Skylar Laine- She is a country singer who does not have a very good voice. And Country music has always been based on the quality of the voice. So I think she should be the next to be eliminated. But, American Idol has proven to have a large number of country music fans. And with no one else to choose from, she will probably go much further than I think she should.

  27. Annoying things about Idol this year:
    1. Screeching, instead of singing
    2. Phony standing ovations and meaningless praise
    3. Prancing, hopping, or bouncing on stage
    4. Macaroni hair

    • LACK of constructive criticism among judges. always… i like ur hair, dress etc… or too pitchy…

    • That macaroni hair sounds delicious!

      Anyway,, The judges don’t really study well the song choice [at least… that’s what I observed] during the rehearsal with the mentor  and  before the performance night. Those are the lacks that made them inconsistent when they judge.

  28. Elise is the role model for hard-earned votes. What i think is that she wont go very far unlike the other contestants if she aint got that voice and stage presence.  Bec. compared to the others, she wont get many votes if her performance sucked, while other contestants get away from singin bad, she will def get herself into bottom 3 if she didn’t do much better than the earlier week. What she does is she improve and shock the viewers every week of her talent… and she keeps on succeeding. What elise delivers is pure talent, not just charisma. 

  29. American Idol has a number of country music fans (Scotty? Wtf) And with no one else to choose from, Skylar will go farther being the only country-style female contestant than the others. Howdy ya’ll. Its how its played. 

      • Because of her song. Startin to get to the nerves of the viewers bein all the same. Yes, she was in the bottom 3 but in case you haven’t watch the show til the end, she still in the top 8, basically means thanks to the country music fans her elimination was interrupted. 🙂

  30. Wow…..this is wide range of powerful songs for Jessica…hoping she will take another Whitney Houston song like the 1988 Seoul Olympics “One Moment in Time” or some others. 

    I am excited again for another nailing performance though I kinda expect another biased review again from the author here no matter how good is Jessica as usual and of course a good review of him for Hollie and Philip (though this man is really the frontrunner among males). This is sort of expected or predictable thing from this site next week.

  31. Wow…..this is wide range of powerful songs for Jessica…hoping she will take another Whitney Houston song like the 1988 Seoul Olympics “One Moment in Time” or some others like “Total Eclipse of the Heart”. 
    I am excited again for another nailing performance though I kinda expect another biased review again from the author here no matter how good is Jessica as usual and of course a good review of him for Hollie and Philip (though this man is really the frontrunner among males). This is sort of expected or predictable thing from this site next week.

    • Wow what a nasty things to say…can only imagine how you’d describe Jessica.  Nevermind, please don’t.

    • American Idol isnt America’s Next Top Model, just to clear things up. Look up her performances, cuz thats what counts. She keeps on getting better and she deserves where she is now. 🙂

  32. Phil: I should smile even if it hurts me so much. 🙁
    Colton : Now that Hee is gone, you’re mine LOL. Just jokin’ dude. 🙂
    Deandre: Oh…

    Lols…. I miss Hnee’s humor, though.

  33. i hope deandre or elise or joshua goes home next week.. dont want skylar or hollie in the bottom again.. dont want any of them to go home this early..

  34. i think the “save” power will be reserved for jessica…if ever she will be in trouble.. GO PINOY!!!! SO JESSICA!!!!

  35. @adamlambert Catchin up on idol. Jessica Sanchez is a STAR. Get the girl a microphone that can handle her big notes.–even adam lambert rooting for u jessica ur really the best..

  36. jessica is looking good and like a star!… a star is being born in front of our eyes 🙂

  37. I’m a huge fan of Jessica Sanchez. too bad I can’t vote as I live in Australia, to those Jessica fans in the States please  continue to support her and don’t forget to vote for her. 

  38. i wish jessica will sing a different song other than ballads…i kind’a expect her to sing that way each week and i know she’s really really good at that. But i feel like, i wanna watch the others’ performances instead,cause it’s interesting to watch how they step up in their performances…just saying ,ok. i still love jessica!!!

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