American Idol Results: 2012 Top 9 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 9 performance show

After an impressive night of performances the American Idol 2012 results will be revealed and one of the Top 9 finalists just might be going home tonight. With five standing ovations handed out by the judges there will be a lot of reasons to use the Judges’ Save device if they disagree with America’s votes.

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Jimmy Iovine just let it slip that next week is 80’s music.

American Idol 2012 Top 9 – Bottom 3:

  • Hollie Cavanagh – Ryan reveals Hollie is safe
  • Heejun Han
  • Skylar Laine – Ryan reveals Skylar is safe

Wow. DeAndre escaped elimination again. Go figure. Will the Judges’ Save be used?? We’ll know in just a few mins, but I doubt they’ll use it for Heejun.

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American Idol 2012 Top 9 – Elimination Result:

  • Heejun Han

Sorry, but Heejun won’t be saved. The judges do not use their Save.

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 8:

  • Phillip Phillips
  • Elise Testone
  • Colton Dixon
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Skylar Laine
  • Hollie Cavanagh

What do you think of tonight’s American Idol results?




  1. Good luck everyone! Let Ryan Seacrest roll as he calls out who is safe this week.

    I’m rooting for Jessica every week! Go Jessie! 
    And also Elise and Phil! 🙂

    • Heejun should have stayed over Deandre! He makes this competition interesting. After all, this is American Idol. Not Best voice Idol. The competition entails personality as well. There is no such thing as a competition about pure vocal talent. Will miss you Heejun!:(((

  2. Hmmmm… It’s getting down to the wire enough so that there may be a shocker tonight. I sure hope not lol

  3. I just re-watched the show, and lastnight when I was half asleep watching on dvr, I thought Elise was just ok, but listening back to it just now, she freaking killed it. My favorite is still Joshua, but I’ve got to give it up for Elise. Very well done mam. Phill, Josh and Elise, the last three to perform, were hands down the best of the night Hope they are all safe, even tho I still think Phillip shows no variety at all. Good luck to all

    • Phillip is original..maybe not as you say variety, but he never tries to do the song like the original artist..all the others just copy the original arrangements.

      • Yea but Mary, every song sounds the exact same from him that’s all. I do like him, it’s just kinda growing old hearing the same thing from him every single week.

      • This is not a competition for the most original arrangement, but to determine who is the best singer of the competition. Many of the past winners sing this type of songs Philip sings. And if he wins, he is another David Cook, Cris Daughtry, Kris Allen etc. Same sound, same type of songs. This may be the end of American idol! We need someone who does not sound like the other idols before.

    • yeah i understand, but he really enjoys himself.  perhaps he could try a slow ballad without the growl…he might amaze you if he got all sensitive on us…i still love casey james’s jealous man…..

      • Would love to hear a ballad from him. I do think he can pull it off, but I think we would all like to hear him change it up a bit.

    • Btledoux1229, very well said. I agree 100%. My top 3 last night were Josh, Elise and Phillip, but I wish Phillip could be more open to trying new things. He does sound the same every week.

  4. i always thank you for giving us real time update 😀
    i can’t wait.. nervous and excited here  for the contestants =)

    •  Hollie is in my top 3 faves, but i am a bit nervous with her performance last night..

      • She needs to be thankful she is around another week and take SUPER advantage of that. The judges will either use the save next week or the week after that.

  5.  DeAndre – Whoa, a whole song in falsetto was too heavy on my ears. Hearing him singing something in his “real” voice (and no falsetto) would be nice, but I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen, as I’m 90% sure he’s gonna be eliminated tonight. And if not tonight, then next week 100%. Cause people will eventually (and very soon) get tired of him. My grade D.

    Hollie – Another ballade, hollie, really? And why taking Carrie Underwood song, the untouchable princess of country? BTW, why country?
    She’s probably gonna be at the bottom 3 tonight, but we’re deffinately gonna see her another couple of weeks.
    My grade B+.

    Colton – Okay, I get it, he’s trying to win the christian vote, by choosing Lifehouse but there was no need for him to do that. He’s a brilliant singer, who could easily nail some great (and familiar) rock ballade. Also, no crying, please. But I gotta admit, he is a great performer, though I hated him at the beginning of the season, thought he was too overrated, and now he’s one of my favorites.
    My grade A-.

    Heejun – Major improvement since top 13. But really. Seriously, for me he was one of the best last night. LOVE his tone! But as I said before, Heejun is my absolute favorite of this competition, so I could be not objective enough.  I’m just afraid that Steven Tyler kinda broke him last week, so now he’s taking the competition TOO seriously.
    My grade B+.

    Skylar – I absolutely love Skylar, love her voice, love the song she chose last night. She gave a great performance like usual. Oh, and I REALLY love her for not doing ballades. I also don’t quite understand why many people don’t like her.
    My grade A. (Actually A+ for singing an upbeat song)

    Joshua Ledet – His performances are flawless, but I’m getting tired of his voice. When I heard he’s gonna do “Without you”  I knew exactly how it’s gonna sound like, and I wasn’t wrong. But (hopefully) that’s just me, cause he’s a great singer. And he’s gonna stick around for a while.
    My grade A.

    Phillip – Very consistent performances. Love his voice, one of a kind, at least on Idol stage. Got really nothing to say, that’s already haven’t been said.
    My grade A+.

    Jessica – Okay, here’s the deal. After reading those “lovely” comments on Branden’s recap, I now understand, that criticizing Jessica even a bit, is not an option. So there you go, she’s the best, amazing, breathtaking, etc.
    My grade A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++.

    Elise –  Now THAT was amazing and breathtaking. For me it was WAY better than Adam Lambert’s version, she totally nailed it. There’s no way she will be at the bottom 3 tonight.
    My grade A++.

    So my order is : Elise, Phillip, Skylar, Colton, Joshua, Heejun, Hollie, DeAndre. Bottom 3: Heejun, Hollie, DeAndre. Elimination: DeAndre.

    • If she isn’t the judges BETTER use the save. The MINUTE hollie goes home, I’m not voting anymore this season… Wait, maybe I will throw a couple votes Joshua’s way…

      • Actually, i want Jessica and Hollie to be in the final 2. I am okay with either one of them taking the crown.

      • LOL Mary I like Phil but if the show has another WGWG winner it’s going to die. I like american idol more than I like Phil… Not feelin the voice for some reason… x factor needs to adjust the live show arrangement but it’s a good show altogether.

    • Are you kidding me? Elise was stellar last night! She rocked Led Zepplin and nailed it!

  6. I had a feeling Hollie would be in the bottom 3… I REALLY hope she isn’t going home… Anyway, the judges will most likely use the save if she is in danger…

    • she clearly is better than deandre and heejun..but i guess when it comes to idol voting that might not matter…wonder if having deandre getting that personal atta boy from erik is a consolation…just thinking.

      • Sorry Mary but she is not even close to DeAndre she is not even in his category he  is way beyond her it’s unreal how many people have no understanding of this and all who think he is no good I laugh at all who continue to discredit DeAndre and your knowledge of  music.

    • I’m not so sure they’ll use the save..randy after all threw hollie under the bus last night…I’m hoping that she’s not the one to go…she doesn’t deserve to go home.

      • Actually, Steve was much more critical of Hollie last night. Randy was “it was ok” JLo said it was one of her best and Steve gave a thumbs down.

      • NOT AT ALL does she deserve to go home over DeAndre and Heejun… And Elise… and… well, everyone but Josh and Jessica. They are on par with her.

  7. i have to disagree with jimmy.  I think jessica has no soul and is all technique…though given jessica is just 16 that will change i believe.  Hollie lacks some soul as well like jessica its more age than anything.  Jessica has better pipes and if she can learn to connect with the emotion of the lyrics she will be very successful.  Hollie can be successful too and she seems a little more emotional than jessica about what she sings now. if nothing changes both will be doing national anthems at local ballgames.  Phil rocks.

    • I would rather go with Jimmy’s observation as he’s been in the business most of his life and he knows soul when he hears one. Besides, we’re only listening over our TV set and it would be different if you’re there live.

    • I totally disagree Mary. I don’t think Jessica has no soul? Are you blind or deaf? I believed that you have watched her a lot of times when she sings? She puts soul and passion on her every performance with all the eye contact, facial expressions, body language, hand gestures and similar stuff going on while she sings? She also put her own touch, dynamics and style to every song she sings. Furthermore, Jessica is very versatile coz she can sing any genre of songs and can amazingly change her emotions on the song when it matters most. 

      I don’t think that Philip really rocks. You might feel his rocky side because of his strained voice. Yeah I agree he gives his own version of songs he sing. But every time I hear and see him sing, he looks and sounds like he is about to pooh! I don’t think his voice quality is really for singing. And I’m getting much more annoyed with his renditions week by week, because almost everything sounds the same. He is becoming very boring for me….Sorry!

      Hollie is also boring, and she has no soul to her voice. She only tries to focus on reaching the high notes, but she does not have dynamics and transition abilities into it. And the last two weeks, she is very pitchy and strained. I don’t know. She’s one of my favorites before, but now, she is just mediocre to me.

      • I have never had eye contact with any of the singers..what i have seen with every contestant but Phil is they are reproducing the songs as they have seen them already perfromed.  Phil makes every song his own and could care less if you like it….the others perform karoake pure and simple.  jessica did dolly pardons song i will always love you almost as good as whitney…it was good…but given the two if you had to spend your money why bother almost whitney when you could buy whitney.  Phil’s version of a song is never like the original, so if you like the original fine buy it, but theoretically you could own the original and Phil like having a Sinatra version of a song and a Judy Garland or Johnny Cash version of Hurt or Nine Inch Nails version..they are not the same and can both be appreciated.  But if an person does the same arrangement in the same voice its just karoke.  I would rather own whitney than jessica.  I love stevie wonder but love what Phil did with his song.  now are you getting me?

    • Jessica is like a CD Player, u press the buttons, music comes out.
      She lacks life experience.Phil though lacking in vocal techniques & range is a better artist. He’s more real.

      • Experience is something we gain by doing things repetitively for a long span of time.  While one can speak at 2,  they talk nonstop at 4.  Hence, if a singer does well at 16 and gains the experience of TIME, she/he will improve by the time they are say..21.  Even if you’re a Carrie Underwood fan, listen to her then and now and what you hear is experience.  BTW, this is in response to @Ali.

    • No mary, we still don’t get you. Have you ever heard beyonce’s original version of sweet dreams? It is an uptempo song thats danceable. Jessica’s version was a ballad.. She slowed it down…it’s a diff arrangement than the original. Didn’t you hear what Jlo said?…beyonce should take note and maybe do it the way jessica did on her next concert. I think you only listen to Phil and ignores everybody specially the ones you don’t like. And also even if Phil makes every song his own, it doesn’t mean it automatically sounds great. The changes he makes to the songs are all the same….it gets boring …don’t see any variety in his performances. I still do like him though for creating his own style and he has charisma…but not his vocal techniques.

  8. I  think  they are going toi  us  they  save  tonight , but  we  well  see  how  it  all  shake out  tonight……

    • If DeAndre or Heejun goes home, they won’t, but if any of the others are in danger, they will use it up right quick.

      •  all your comments are bull. american idol is just a stepping stone for better and bigger things to come…so based on raw potential to become one of the greats in the American music scene, it will be undoubtedly…JESSICA SANCHEZ, the first Mexican-Filipino to win AMERICAN IDOL.

  9. As long as Jessica is safe, i will get sweet dreams… or a beautiful nightmare. 🙂

  10. Shut up Jimmy. Joshua got emotional because he was feeling the song. Just… I do not like him.

  11. Jimmy might have been a little tough on Colton, but i agree, Colton needs to decide if he is a tough rocker or a sensitive christian singer..nothing wrong with either..but i really hate seeing someone dress like sid vicious but sing like they are on the lawrence welk show.  Colton is not being true to himself.  he is not a 1970’s vintage alternative rocker..he is a skinny young man from tennessee better suited for a baptist revival.  very unauthentic.  josh sings well also more gospel than soul and more woman than man…heejun did well but doing well one week out of three is not good enough. 

  12. Little girls voting for colton… You’ve got to be kidding me. Ryan gave me a heart attack with that fakeout for Joshua… I thought my two faves were in the bottom 3 for a second there…

  13. scotty is cute and i love country music, but for some reason i never connect with him…maybe its age.  but he did make me smile a lot last year.  seems like he is getting more polished.  glad to see he is doing well.  seems like a nice kid.

    • Sounds to me, Mary, like you are a “grownup.”  Not indulging in insults and slurs against fellow bloggers.  I am 60+, love country music, and have watched AI since the very first show.  I never miss!  There have been lots of changes over the years, but one thing is still true: this show is NOT about winning; it’s about exposure. The 10 kids on the tour will all get that and hopefully make the most of it.

    • Yea… and I think the sky is blue… It’s a given hahaha just kidding. You are absolutely right.

      • deandre has the talent but he needs a coach, an honest coach that tells him to stop singing like a girl.  he does so much better in the mid range…the falsetto has to go. 

  14. the one that should go home out of those three is heejun.  skylar no way should be in danger..and hollie is better than heejun and deandre…heejun did well last night, but he has really done bad on at least two previous weeks.  but i am worried about hollie.  good luck hollie and skylar.

  15. Sorry you bunch of Deandre haters, not happening. It looks like actual talent will prevail.

    • I’ve been sitting here since last night’s performance reading comments and cringing as the same people keep attacking Deandre and bashing his “girly” voice and hair flipping, making him sound like a silly” gay” doll that can’t be taken seriously. Honestly, it all comes across as insecurities based on fear of their own idols being sent home.

      Now I can’t help but smile a little bit for the guy. He’s worked hard to stay in it. He probably won’t win it, but at least give him credit when due.

      I understand we all have our own personal favorites, but it makes me sad when we let our love for our favorites turn into “mean girls” (and guys) because we’re insecure.

      • What is most remarkable about your post is that you’ve been sitting there since last night’s performance show.  Wow!  That’s dedication.

      • That not totally true. My favorite us Josh, but I have admitted that Jessica had the best performance when she sang Whitney, and Elise had the best performance lastnight. I can give it up for other contestants when they had the best performance of the night. I just don’t find Deandre’s voice and style appealing at all, as well as many others. A lot if Jessica fans are the ones that can’t give it up for other contestants.

  16. Hopefully Heejun will go…out of the bottom 3, he has less  talent than the Hollie and Skylar…

  17. OMG!! people there is definitely not going to be girl champ…deandre over skylar and hollie??? This is like absolutely incredible…just goes to show us that tweenies are again ruling the voting..and we all know who they vote for..and it’s not for the girls.

    • Jessica is better than the guys! So there is still possibility that a girl will be the champion.

    • I hope it won’t happen. Phil and Colton are backed up by those tweenie girls and with Deandra having a wide fan base of girl-wannabe fans [If you get what I mean haha] 🙂

      I hope Jessica and Elise won’t be overshadowed by those Tweenies and girl-wannabees….

  18. My gosh what’s the thing with this blogger and Deandre. He did great with the song. If you don’ t like him then keep on listening to Hollie’s out of tune songs. You’ve got some ear cleaning to do. Stop hating Deandre. You are so biased when you are doing your reviews. 

    • Evidently these people just didn’t know the song. Those who know the song know just how well he did with it. I think the guys on here are afraid to say they like a singer like DeAndre for what ever reason. They are especially hard on him. I can only think of one reason that would be but there is absolutely no doubt that he did amazing on that song and on the studio version. And I say that as not only my opinion but it is a verified fact. Nothing anyone says can change the truth. And guess what? Absolutely NO auto tune needed. The voice is just that good. 

      We called out the troops people and they showed up by the droves. That’s the only explanation you need. Now we know he wasn’t bottom three but because the votes are not released we don’t know where he ranked in the top 6. I hope America is finally getting it with this guy. 

      • It’s kind of a bummer reading the posts about Deandre. There’s a really nasty undertone, and it doesn’t feel good.

        I’m just happy that Deandre can finally see he has something special, a gift of a beautiful voice, and that his fans support him no matter the hate thrown at him by other viewers.

        Congratulations kid!

      • I think the problem is that Deandre’s type of singing does not have a universal appeal.  Sure, he is very good with what he does, but in a competition like this, he has to  try to appeal to a greater portion of the voting public.  He has to present himself as a more versatile performer instead of relying mainly on his falsetto.  Based on the few times I have heard it, his normal singing voice is remarkably good, so he has to learn to put it to better use if he wants to go far and stop receiving flak from many.

      • Well he did do that. It got him into the bottom 3 so many weeks in a row. So I think he should stick with who he is and with the type of artist he wants to become. Sure it might not lead to winning this contest but this is not the be all and end all of the music world. Very few winners have went on to have great success. Scotty McCreery is more the exception to the rule. So while I think he is the most talented in the show, has the most heart and puts the most soul and emotion into his performances, it’s the universal appeal issue that I think will keep him from winning. 

      • Stellar I hate JB and dont really like Deandre. I expect that why would people love high pitched boys. Plus JB and Deandre are both high pitch voice.

    • I think yesterday Heejun gave his best live performance.  It’s a pity that he waited too long before showing the people what he can do.

  19. when heejun speaks he really has no accent but sometimes he sings with some words in the wrong tense or number…that could be a second language issue i suppose…but i love this song, and hate that distraction.

      • kaka if the lyrics are in past tense you sing them in past tense?  i am confused..wait..i guess you are confused.  yes lyrics can be in present tense or past tense or future tense….and yes those are verbs. 

      •  Wait, now I’m even more confused! LOL Ah forget it, let’s just agree he did OK but yes, his accent can be distracting.

  20. It has to be Hollie!  The girl can sing, but has no personality and is the same week after week!  We don’t need another Celine Dion-wannabe!

  21. Matthew,  Deandre not only escaped elimination.  He’s not even in the bottom 3.   Am not a Deandre fan,  but don’t you think you are totally underestimating Deandre?

      • I agree with you 100%.  I am a Jessica fan, if I may add.  But Matthew always says that he bases his bottom 3 and elimination predictions NOT on his own personal opinions on the contestants,  but on how he thinks America will vote.  So he predicts America will put Deandre in the bottom 3 and will in fact eliminate him.   American didn’t.   So,  I’m just saying that Matthew underestimated Deandre.   I’m NOT saying that I liked Deandre’s performance. 

      • @da5870bf1a8fcdafec9e158d3a6b14de:disqus : I’d rather you not misquote me. I’ve said I’m basing my predictions on how all the readers here have voted in our polls. That’s always the biggest driver. You can re-read the posts if needed.  
        Once again this week, DeAndre garnered the least support in those polls. Based on those results, and his past elimination, I again said I expected him to get the boot. He didn’t. Good for him.

    • Am I underestimating the guy who America voted out 4 weeks ago and the judges brought back only to get in the Bottom 3 last week? Nope, I don’t think I’m underestimating him.

      • But we are not talking about the past, are we?   Isn’t the public voting based on their performances last night?    And according to you,  his performance was bottom 3 material and worthy of elimination.   American didn’t agree with you.  In this sense,  you underestimated him.   

      •  Yes, Wolram, Deandre has been (and is still being) seriously underestimated by many, even by those seasoned fans on this site. I’m happy that he has this moment to breathe easy and pump himself up for next week.

      •  @Wolram: 3 singers were brought back from elimination as wildcards. In the past 3 weeks, the first 2 of them were eliminated. If that alone doesn’t make the case for a weakened position for them in this contest then you’re not being honest.  DeAndre has been consistently at the bottom of the polls here, which means out of the thousands voting here each week, he’s earning the least support.

        And come on, you know voters don’t vote purely on that week’s performance alone.

      • I rest my case,  Matthew.   You thought America will put Deandre in the bottom 3 and will eliminate him.   America didn’t.    You are not underestimating Deandre.   You’re right. 

      • DeAndre is like Elise. I can only think of the theme to The Jeffersons sitcom, “Movin On Up”! 

        I think both of these performers took some time to warm up to and now they are getting noticed for the artists they truly are. That studio version for “Sometimes I Cry” by DeAndre should garner some extra support don’t you think? Matthew you got to admit that it is absolutely amazing. You have said before that your musical taste was eclectic so if you just like the work of a great artist you should be able to appreciate that for the master piece that it is. I know the studio versions are usually better than the live performances because of audio enhancements but I really don’t hear anything but his raw voice on that. I don’t think it’s been altered at all. It was out almost immediately after the show.

    • Deandre is not terrible. I dare any of you to even TRY to do any of the things he effortlessly does with his voice. It’s so black and white with y’all… Either someone has to belt out ballads or be a country singer. Deandre is an r&b star

      •  I think it comes down to a lot of peoples inability to see past the surface. I was watching a clip of Deandre’s “A Woman’s Work” last night and my roommate couldn’t see the screen was like, “Wowthat guy has an awesome voice! But as soon as I turned the screen for him to see, he cringed and starting trashing the kid, making fun of his mannerisms and looks. This attitude is being reflected in the comments of many on this site.

  22. Well, I was really hoping that I would never hear Deandra’s falsetto ever again next week—-I was wrong. Now, I can only hope I won’t be tortured with his…I mean her voice on the next performance night. [sic]

      • Yeah, it sure is full of surprises. You can never tell what’s going to happen. All you can do is to predict, right @223e5030b07c365a06a03bb0dfecc4aa:disqus ??? 3;)

      •  Hey, that was my previous prediction from last week: 🙂

        Joshua (save)
        Skylar, Hollie
        Top 3: Colton, Phillip, Jessica.

        So let’s really hope, this prediction was right, and DeAndre will go home next week.

        P.S: I really don’t get it, but somehow, I can’t reply directly on your post.

      • Wow, and who do you instruct—me? What a jerk. Rude, huh? Too much insecurities makes you old. Go and get your knit, sit on the couch and make some sleeves ’cause whether you like it or YES…. I’m still gonna be around…okay? 🙂 

      • Joe is right. Not to be a hater but I wish he was eliminated. I MIGHT stop in fact cause he is here and HeeJun is out. 🙁

  23. steven sounded like donald trump…you’re fired!  heejun nice guy, is going to make money…who knows where we will see him again. 

    • I don’t hate him. I just don’t like his voice and he was not better than HeeJun this week. The reason he was safe because of teenage girls who voted for his looks.

      • Yes, the only one I have ever fast forwarded….just could not take any more. Sorry, but he needs to good

    •  I know! Pretty disappointing really. I just wish we could all support our favorite idols and get behind them, leave the rest alone. But alas, it’s a nasty world we live in, like we’re all geared towards being mean and wanting to pick on someone who’s different. Anyway, congrats to Deandre for making it this far!

  24. I hope next week, De Andre will go home… I mean, I like him as a person, not so much as a singer… Sorry

  25. I think Jessica should have went home she needs to sing something diff that all the ballads she sounds like she should be singing by a piano at a local bar

    • Wishful thinking? She was not even in the bottom 3 … I’m sure your idol will go first b4 jessica.

      • No I don’t think so cuz joshua is amazing and Philip is amazing but I love Elise and skylar

    • Oh man, you are just asking to get scolded. With all the Jessica infactuaters (however you spell that word) here. You can’t say anything but she was the absolute best every week or else you will get blasted! Dont blast me tho Jess fans. Ha

      • I just wanna hear her sing something diff thats all she needs to have fun with it and not be so serious

    • Come on be honest with yourself.  This applies to Hollie FAR MORE than it does to Jessica. 

    • admit it, Jessica is the only consistent among the girls…. she didn’t even landed on the bottom 3 eversince…. think it over. just saying 🙂

      • I liked her when she sang I will always love you cuz that was beautiful I just wanna hear her sing something diff than a boring ballad that’s all I’m saying

    • I got your point, Stephanie i just want to point out what was the judges comments when Jessica sang Turn the Beat Around, coming from a Whitney Houston song to an upbeat song and the judges didn’t like it coz they told them that she fits in doing ballads that’s why she come up with two ballad performances the next time. Giving interpretation to the songs takes a lot of effort, if the song calls for more emotions a singer should show it and put herself into it, if it’s an upbeat same thing, you have to show that you are happy and enjoying what the song wants to relay.. music is emotion, you have to put feelings on it, it varies to which songs are you singing. Jessica is good at that, she relays the story the way she sings and the way she puts emotion to it and not to forget the eye contact with the audience and not only the judges.

  26. wow… just what i thought Heejun.. but i will miss him really. I liked him last night. Surprising bottom 3 for me.

  27. I’m gonna miss Heejun, but let’s be honest, it was time for his elimination. Between him and Hollie, Hollie is just the better singer…

    • That’s true, but I’m still mad at the fact that deandre could’ve been in the bottom and HE could of went instead of my fave… D’:

      • It is not Deandre’s fault that he wasn’t in the bottom three. His fans voted for him.  The others got there because not enough people voted for them. Simple mathematics. If you want your favorites to stay, keep voting for them.

      •  Waah waah waah, lay off the jealousy and hate, makes you (and every others hater on this site) look so insecure. I’m a fan of both Deandre AND Heejun, and I’m sad to see Heejun go. That has nothing to do with Deandre and his fan base.

      • Kakamaney. You must be a fan of last comic standing and the bachelor then. What type of music do you listen to then if your a fan of Heejun and Deandre? No offense but I would hate to listen to your iPod or be stuck with you in a car or be invited to a quaint lil dinner party with your record player, or hopefully cd player, playing in the background. Those two talented..yes, but 7 more people are way more talented!

      •  Don’t worry, you’ll never have to deal with being in any way involved with my eclectic life, it’s much too creative for one-dimensional pop lovin’ babies to even try to wrap their narrow little minds around. 

      • Kakamaney, for the record, I’m not a teenie bopper and I’m not a pop fan. Actually I’m a 40 year old white guy that listens to Christian music, the station is called K Love to be exact, and a lot of Motown, which happens to be the best music ever made. Reading a lot of your comments I would venture to say you are related to or know Deandre, maybe not, but you seem to get extremely defensive when anybody has anything negative to say about him. You’ve implied that anyone who thinks Deandre’s musicality is unappealing and painful to the ear, is ignorant and doesn’t know a thing about music. People like what they like, period, you don’t have to be a professional musician to enjoy someone’s singing, and it just so happens a lot of people do not enjoy Deandre’s style and sound at all, that’s life and that’s opinions so just get over it.

  28. ok folks…another day is done.  Phil will be on next weeks show…and we know who his guest stars are.  all is right in the universe.  Peace out.

    • always shaky & pitchy, no voice control… she should pick the right songs that could cater her voice, sorry…. 🙁

    • I like both Hollie and Jessica but it’s time to quit sing boring ballads they needs to shake it and dance and have fun with it and not so serious all the time

    • Well she got prepared to go home last next week when she does go it should be easier for her.

  29. What do I say to the deandre haters, well, that includes the author of this blog!!!! Deandre is so damn talented that America can’t just let him go!

      •  Actually Matt, there’s been a lot of comments recently outright stating how much they hate the kid, and in addition to that, a lot of other comments that pick on him for his feminine mannerisms and looks rather than criticize him on his voice, which can also be translated as hate.

        I’m sure you don’t “hate” the guy, but I can see that are lots of others here that do.

      • Matt just reread, and although the commenter I’m sure was referring to more than just you and Branden, I can see from your comment that you were just speaking for the 2 of you. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • Deandre is a likeable guy.But he reminds me of this famous woman in tabloid who is addicted to plastic surgery(dun know her name).
      He showed improvemet in his last show but after hearing him sing, i was temporary impotent. sorril

  30. this weeks bottem 3 was messed up why was’t deandre in it instead of hoille? please lets send him home next week.

  31. I’m very happy! Hollie is still with us and better impress us next week like I know she can!

    • I am so happy too! I will still be looking forward to 2 contenders next week! (Jessica and Hollie)

  32. Wow! Jessica wasn’t at the bottom 3 this week… So it goes without saying that dialidol is not that accurate… yehey! go girl! u have my support  all the way to the finale. 🙂

  33. Oh thank God. I was going to start fast-forwarding through Heejun if I had to listen to him one more time. 

    Now we just have to get rid of boring, white-as-toast-but-I-look-like-I’m-a-punk Colton and his whiny voice, and we’ll have the real friggin’ competition. 

    • Heejun has a wonderful voice. The person that should of went home was Deandre. :/ Heejun is way better than that guy.
      Also, Colton isn’t that bad. I don’t understand why people dislike him…

  34. Will miss HeeJun, even though his voice would most likely not have taken him into the top 5.   Would have far rather seen Elise go, and can only hope she will be back in the bottom 3 next week.   Out of this week’s bottom 3, I would have said it was Skylar who would go, having screamed her way through the Miranda Lambert number last night, really not very good music performance at all.    But Elise is just the worst as a total package, boring singer.

    • Don’t agree about Elise. I think she deserved to stay. I do agree with your opinion of Skylar. But I like her better each week. She’s full of energy to say the least. 

  35. guys dont assume jessica will be safe you have to vote because she will end up like pia if you dont

  36. rooting for jessica sanchez, best singer of AI season 11, keep it up.  it is now time for a female winner here!!! she would be just like kelly clarkson and carrie underwood. 

    • I’m also a fan of Jessica, she’s very talented, but i think she will eliminated soon, but the judges will definitely used the save for her (if she eliminated before top 5), but i think she will not win this thing because she’s not pure american:(

      • I think the reason IF she is eliminated not because all the ethnicity thing, it’s just because AI has had these kind of singers in the past (frontrunners and power house) and didn’t make it through the finale like Pia,Lakisha Jones, Mandisa, Jen Hudson.. They all didn’t for some reason (maybe the charms wore off, idk) 🙂

  37. I agree that HeeJun sings better than Deandre, as long as we are stuck listening to the falsetto nonsense instead of his natural range.  Deandre really did grow on me this week, though.  Hollie is the best singer of the bottom 3, so no way she should have been the one to go this week.  Hollie is better than HeeJun, Skylar, Elise, and Deandre. 

    • Heejun sings better than DeAndre? And that falsetto isn’t made by a machine. In that sense it is his natural voice. I actually think he is more comfortable singing up there than mid range or lower. That song was absolutely tailor made for him just as Benet said. You can believe he was safe because he deserved to be safe.

  38. I think america got it right tonight.  Next week  Holly should go.  And Jessica too.  B oth are unimaginative.

  39. Good bye Hee… You will definitely gonna be missed……….by Phil and the company. 🙂

    It’s not the end yet. You have a bright future ahead of you. You have an amazing talent [let me mention that humor you have]. 🙂 So, congratulations for making that far! 🙂

  40. I’m surprised I haven’t seen any comments anywhere about Holli’s striking resemblance to Kristin Stewart. I mean, she’s a blond carbon copy of her! And I find it ironic when I see people write about how she has a lack of emotion…K-Stew? lol

    I love love love Holli btw, not so much K-Stew…I think Holli has a great voice, she just needs to gain a bit more experience on how to really control it. 

    • I’m surprised no one has mentioned Deandre’s resemblance to Patrick Swayze.  Watch him in a close up.  Dirty Dancing.

  41. Opps,I forgot, Deandre should go next…..please.  His voice lacks a universal appeal, except perhaps to Sanjaya fans.

  42. The troops showed up! I was skeerd! LOL. No doubt that DeAndre didn’t deserve to be bottom 3 in my mind but his style is so polarizing. You either love it or you hate it. But there is an up side to that. While I don’t think it’s the recipe to win American Idol. I do think it is the recipe for great success in the music industry. When you have fans that stick by you while everyone else is putting you down it’s like a true friendship. They will stick by you for a long time and through anything. Like it or not guys, the simple fact is that the kid is amazingly talented and I think a larger portion of America is finally getting it. 

    • not one of the most….the best singer ,very unique!!actually look at the favourite on judges eyes ,    1-joshua     2-elise    3-i think jessica,philipp and colton on the same spot   then hollie,skylar and deandre is last  surely!i think thats the right order of this american idol and the judges have right!!anyway the first 2 spot should be elise and joshua..!!but i dont think it would be possible because america voted jessica and philipp in the first 2 places even the performance of there were not that amazing!as elise and joshua made it

  43. Are you KIDDING me?! Deandre is terrible! Why wasn’t he in the bottom?! The only reason he’s still here is because of his looks. Its not called “Who-has-the-best-hair Idol” its American Idol. He needs to get voted off next week. >:/

    • Close your eyes and just listen to him sing. Or listen to his studio version of last night. He’s a great singer and does things most people wouldn’t even try with his voice. I’m not saying he should win, but he definitely deserves to be where he is and heejun deserves to go home. His diction needs work and he is one dimensional. Deandre has never even been off pitch while doing all the crazy things he does with his voice

      • Great point! I had that thought run through my mind once while writing but it never made it to my finger tips. He has never been out of tune. I can understand some not liking the range where his voice lives most of the time but to say he is a terrible singer is just false on it’s face. He is always in tune, on key and his range is so dynamic that it just leaves people in awe. Look at Joshua Ladet’s face when he performed “Georgia on My Mind”. People say he is the best vocalist in the competition and that expression right there says it all. He was even awe struck by that performance. And not only that performance but all of his performances have been absolutely on the money.

  44. Hollie’s voice is tailor-made for the end of year concert in high school.  While she can sing in key, all she does is belt it out!  Jesus, Take the Wheel and drive her and her old lady dresses out of the competition! If I ever suffer from insomnia, a few minutes of her singing “Jesus, Take…” would put me out for hours!

    • Not to be mean or anything but I actually almost went to sleep during Jessica’s performance last night. Really I did. I was yawning and everything. Not to say that she didn’t nail the vocal, it’s just a sleepy song about dreaming. And the set looked like some nightmares I have had with so many doors and only one will open and it doesn’t go where I want to go. LOL

  45. My prediction yesterday came true. Joshua sung second to last and now has as many standing o’s as Jessica. Am I the only one who thinks there’s something wrong with this trend? I can’t believe both Hollie and Skylar werte in the bottom three instead of Deandre! There’s something wrong with the voters! Neither of them should have been there! Colton and Joshua should havbe been there instead. glad Heejun is gone though.

    • No way Josh, or Colton actually, should have been in the bottom 3! America got it 66% wright tho put deandre in there instead of Hollie and it would of been 100%, in my opinion anyway. So the two most outspoken Christians should be in the bottom 3? Not saying that has anything to do with your opinion, it just adds to why I pull for both of them, that’s all.

      • I meant Joshua or Colton not both and my opinion has not to do with their religious beliefs. I just think Hollie and Skylar were better than both of them.

  46. Pheww………………at last Heejun is out!  Btw, Jessica is unlikeable………..

  47. You know the funny part? DeAndre looked as shocked as anyone that he was safe……that was epic right there. He nodded his head before Ryan announced it as if to say, “Okay, I’m ready for the bad news.” And then he was safe and I thought his knees were going to buckle…LOL. Too funny!

  48. Maybe it’s because I’m not a country music Fan but I don’t get skyler. I feel like she talks throughout all of performances and couldn’t hold a candle next to hollie or Jessica. I feel like there’s a million skylers out there (ie Miranda lambert)

  49. Wow…I really like him but I guess he had to go…..but I like Jessie too ….Go Jessie …….

  50. Bye Heejun, your AI journey has made you what you are right now. Keep singing and make people smile, we will miss you. I am happy though that Jessica is SAFE and never been at the bottom 3 eversince, keep it up girl it’s still a long way to go. I really could see a Phillip Phillips & Jessica Sanchez finale… 🙂

  51. I want to congratulate for making it this far- he has so much to be proud of and I rooted for him the whole way! Very well done Heejun. Your very talented and I hope you never give up singing.

  52. from last night perfomance, i thought DeAndre was the one who should be eliminated, Heejun was so much better than DeAndre.  too much falsetto in one song, from the beginning till the end. 

    • That’s the way that song is supposed to be sung. Go look up Eric Benet, “Sometimes I Cry”. You might cry so have the hankies handy….LOL


    • Sorry, Rinsewash.   I’ve been waiting for you.   Am not a Deejun fan,  but I’m sorry that he’s gone.

    • as much as i like hee jun, i understand the judges are saving it for Jessica(being a minority), Hollie(potential), Elise(oldest contestant). But anyway, i dun have to watch AI anymore(that means 3 hrs more per wk to do other things). Most important is Hee Jun made a lasting impression & a grand exit with his swan song. He could take a break & i m sure he is also missed back in New York.


  55. Irony – It’s when an AI contestant repeatedly ignores America’s advice for him to take the show seriously and manages to stay in the competition,  and then finally decides to heed to America’s wishes, takes it seriously,  and gets elimination as a reward.

  56. Now to decide should I vote for Phillips, Heejun’s bff, or should I vote for Jessica, the one Heejun wants to style himself after…Decisions, decisions, why could’t the judges have just saved Heejun and spared me the trouble

    • yeah, Heejun is close to Jessica and Phillip. Am sure Jessica felt bad about Heejun’s ellimination, Heejun look up to her. 🙂

    • I think Philip is crazy upset about him. If Elise was watching this, she would be too. They’re both close to him.

  57. Too bad because Heejun really sang well last night.  I wish he would articulate his words more because his slight accent makes the words harder to hear.  Jessica sang really dramatically last night but there is something lacking in her personality.  

  58. Those results were stupid. Deandre needed to go home. The one breakthrough moment heejun had and he’s sent home. Terrible America. 

  59. Jousha, colton, and deandre are my favorite guys. Now that Erika is gone, Elise is my other favorite. I do applaud all of them for following their dreams. It’s not easy to do a show like that. Reading comments here and else where about deandre, so disrespectful. He won’t have a chance to win, for all the haters. Last night performances were pretty good. My choice is Elise for the girls. My three favorite guys Ofcourse and PHILIP I like that song. Good luck to all of them

  60. America meed to stop listening to the the judges. Neither Hollie or Skylar belong in the bottom…but clearly some of the faulty standing O’s should be challanged

  61. I think Heejun is going to do just fine. Quite the character, I like him.
    What’s with all the drama queens on here, it’s a contest, someone has to go home. Period. They are all great.
    My favorite has never won. So I pity the fools I like on this show. Than I go buy their songs on itunes to make up for it.

  62. HEEJUN fans like me! don’t be too sad, he’ll at least be on tour! :))) its not the end for him. but me too will miss on the show

  63. VOTE VOTE VOTE for Jessica Sanchez JSan fans!!! Even though she always delivers outstanding performances and the judges will surely save her if she’ll be in the bottom 3, we shouldn’t be very confident. We have to ensure a smooth road to the finale for JSan so vote vote vote vote big time!!! 

  64. My Top 8 Rankings:
    1.  Jessica Sanchez – very consistent, versatile, dynamic and powerful with her performances for the past 4 weeks. The best vocalist in the competition. She has also a wide fan-based. 
    2.  Philip Phillips – consistent and puts his own style and arrangements to his songs, that’s why many loves how he sings.
    3.  Joshua Ledet – consistent except his last week performance. Great voice and he puts so much passion in his every performance.
    4.  Elise Testone –  she is becoming a dark horse for the last 2 weeks. She is gong back in the competition and if she keeps doing what she do best, she might catapult to the top of the rankings.
    5.  Colton Dixon –  consistent and a great performer. Handsome too. But his performances are not way over the top. He has to put more vocal dynamics to his renditions to beat Philip.
    5.  Skylar Laine – she is a dynamic performer and consistent. Great voice too. Country pop star. But lacks the versatility to her voice.
    6.  Hollie Cavanagh – she has one of the best voices and top singers in the competition during the inaugurals, but she is slipping down slowly because of her last 2 performances. She’s sounding too strained and pitchy at times. She has to go back next week to stay back in the competition.
    7.  De andre Brackensick – he is a great artist. But too much falsetto (which many ordinary people can do anyway) is becoming very inappropriate and annoying too. I hope he goes back to his natural and beautiful chest voice. Not too use too much of his falsetto which sounds too fake for me.
    You may have your own preferences and analysis. This is my own. 🙂

    • Good job. I agree with most everything, I would just flip flop Jessica and Josh personally. They’ve had more standing ovations than anyone, I just don’t connect with Jessica. I think her performance this week was very boring. You can’t deny she is a very talented singer, I just think Josh has just a little more vocal range and skill.

  65. My Top 8 Rankings:1.  Jessica Sanchez – very consistent, versatile, dynamic and powerful with her performances for the past 4 weeks. The best vocalist in the competition. She has also a wide fan-based. 2.  Philip Phillips – consistent and puts his own style and arrangements to his songs, that’s why many loves how he sings.3.  Joshua Ledet – consistent except his last week performance. Great voice and he puts so much passion in his every performance.4.  Elise Testone –  she is becoming a dark horse for the last 2 weeks. She is gong back in the competition and if she keeps doing what she do best, she might catapult to the top of the rankings.5.  Colton Dixon –  consistent and a great performer. Handsome too. But his performances are not way over the top. He has to put more vocal dynamics to his renditions to beat Philip.5.  Skylar Laine – she is a dynamic performer and consistent. Great voice too. Country pop star. But lacks the versatility to her voice.6.  Hollie Cavanagh – she has one of the best voices and top singers in the competition during the inaugurals, but she is slipping down slowly because of her last 2 performances. She’s sounding too strained and pitchy at times. She has to go back next week to stay back in the competition.7.  De andre Brackensick – he is a great artist. But too much falsetto (which many ordinary people can do anyway) is becoming very inappropriate and annoying too. I hope he goes back to his natural and beautiful chest voice. Not too use too much of his falsetto which sounds too fake for me.You may have your own preferences and analysis. This is my own. 🙂

    •  yeah, philips is consistent alright… consistently screeching and growling.. sing ballad for a change.. he’s becoming boring and predictable.

  66. I think, America got this week right.

    Hee Jun was really good last night but boring. It affected also his shot because of he’s race. Let’s just admit it, America doesn’t want another race to take the title. It’s American Idol folks, not Asian Idol. (The same feeling with Jessica, I know she will not win AI no matter what.) If that what you call racist, so be it!!! If I’m right, you’re all dead! JK! 😀

    Hollie always sings ballad which is not a bad thing. My problem with her always is the song choice. She always picked known songs, I want her to challenge herself a little bit.  If she’ll give us another so-so performance, she may be in trouble next week, show us some variety!

    Skylar was my darkhorse for this year but America doesn’t want another country singer to take the title (just my sentiments). If she want to be safe next week, try to slow things up!

    Jessica, Phillip and Colton are sure top 5 caliber (Hopefully, no shocking elimination will happen three weeks from now.)

    Skylar and Hollie will be fine as long as they will challenge themselves to variate their songs a little bit.

    DeAndre, Elise and Joshua have the least supporters, I think. Any of these contestants will be eliminated any time soon which made me think that the judges’ save will be given any of those 3.

    • YOur absolutely  wrong to me. Why Heejun? Come back for everybody’s ( except for the haters ) sake.

    • Why can’t people just be judged on merit of their talent not by their race.  I am so sick and tired of the race card.  When I hear someone sing I don’t think OMG he/she is asian no way will I vote.  What a stupid comment.  That is why there are problems to this day regarding race.  Geez we have a black president we have come far since the 50’s civil rights movement why can’t everyone back off on these types of comments because they only add fuel to the fire.

  67. Poor little Heejun. I liked him so much more than that curly haired, girly voiced weirdo Deandreadlocks 😉 In fact I’d rather watch Heejun than a lot of the other contestants (Skylame and Jessicka for instance), but he was never going to take out the title. Shame, he was so much better last night. Oh well: Go Elise and Colton!!!

  68. If Heejun decided to make a career in Korea…he will be huge there. The problem with Heejun was his accent which is still somewhat thick and does affect his diction whenever he sings. I would be suprise if someone sign him in. Anyways, AI exposure sure’d open a lot of opportunities for him. He has his time on AI, and it was all good.
    Cheer up Heejun Han Fans

    • Woo Hopefully they bring him back Deandre wasnt great at ALL whats up America? Maybe you have seen the wrong channel ( Sorry if Im being a racist ) 

  69. I think after last night heejun shouldn’t have gone home I thins deandre should have over heejun

  70. I think after last night heejun shouldn’t have gone home I thins deandre should have over heejun

    • DeAndre wasn’t even in the bottom 3. Why should he have left over Heejun? It was sad to see him go. Anyone posting bad comments about him should feel really crumby right now after his emotional departure…LOL but I bet they dont.

  71. I don’t know which one is more unbelievable, Deandre isn’t in the bottom 3 or that we have to listen to that annoying falsetto for another week..

  72. Shirley Halperin: What will you do now?
    Heejun: I guess I will watch “The Voice.”

    I will miss you Heejun. Seriously, I will!

  73. Lets face it, stevie nicks was in the same room as Phil and all the other contestants and said Phil was special.  Jimmy had to even back off his ego and agree.  Phil is the only true artist ready for stardom..that doesn’t mean in time others will not do well…but Phil is flawless.  the Phil haters are looking at something other than talent.  and as Stevie said he is a hottie too.  I really don’t care if Phil wins..Phil is original, the others are amateurs and karoake performers.  Phil has already won.

    • Phillip is original, I agree. Phillip is talented, I agree. But, he sure does sound as if he is singing every single song EXACTLY the same … Just changes the lyrics each time.

    • She also sang with Elise one of her most popular songs “Dreams”  Ms. Nicks had a true connection with Elise and even stated that she didn’t get her first true hit until she was 26 as did other artists.  I think Ms. Nicks would pick both Elise and Phillip if she were to choose.  I am hoping for an Elise/Phillip finale but that could change as time goes on. 

  74. Ok so the top two performers were Colton and Elise! Both absolutely rocked and entertained! I can’t see myself or anyone else turning on the radio and listening to Deandre! Aaron Neville like but one’s all I can handle! Wow! And Jessica and Joshua- sound very old fartish! Old person voice. Shrill when they get nervous and then they scream. Phillip is unique however he looks like he’s constapated and yells more than he sings! He uses playing guitar as a crutch. Sing a ballad and let’s really hear you sing. Colton though with Piano Man- WOW! John Lenon like- and now this week, he’s the real deal! Elise did Zeplin off the charts and was hot looking too! Baby! But you all are right! Warble vibrato hopping Kangaroo Deandre is a joke! Whew! Don’t know if I can take much more of him! Hollie seems to be a bit out of her league/ as does Skyler. Although Hollie is hot! That will keep her around a few more rounds! Just opinions though..

    • Not often I can agree with just about everything someone says – but it’s like you’re reading my mind (except for the girls being hot and all. Colton’s hot tho…) LOL @old fartish! And I always thought Phillip was having a few ‘issues’ when he sings – he really sounds like he’s straining – hence the constipation reference. Good summary Jconkling.

    • I agree with Elise being in the top 2. But, I thought Colton had his worst night ever this week. I think Colton mostly gets by because there are a lot of Bible Belt American Idol fans. And the automatically vote for who the most religious person is. Which is why David Archellta and Chris Allan went as far as they did in seasons past.

  75. I want to see Phillip Phillips doing a ballad to know if he can carry it…. just curious. 🙂

  76. Your voice JESSICA is like a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare… either way i don’t want to wake from hearing it… somebody pinch me, your voice is too good to be true 🙂 

    ~ LSS with JSan’s “Sweet Dreams”

  77. Just decided I’m going about this all wrong. I’m like one of the people who commented that the person they choose never wins. So I’m going to start voting for someone other than my favorite just to see if I’m really the jinx I think I am. (By the way, my Super Bowl and World Series picks always lose, too.)  If I’m wrong, the person I vote for will win, and I’ll finally be able to say I voted for a winner. This is not like Vote For The Worst. It’s Vote For the Person You Think Will Win But Is Not Your Favorite. At this point the contestants left all have talent, anyway. It’s mostly a matter of genre choice and appearance.

    •  In the case of the Super Bowl, does your pick always lose even when you already know who is in the Super Bowl?  It’s hard for me to make an actual pick, but I’ll root for someone.  Yes, they are different things.

      • Jay, to answer your question: I have favorite teams that don’t make it to the playoffs. Then the teams I root for in the playoffs lose. Then the team I rooted for in the Super Bowl lost. This happened with every choice I made this year–seriously. But, there’s always next year…. Everyone wants to win. Some of the Idol contestants this year need to relax a little bit because they want to win so badly (tenseness) shows up in their performance–in the way they move, in the way they push for higher notes (screech), and even in the expression on their faces when they are singing. I like to see someone who seems to sing for the love of singing.  

      •  Well, if it makes you feel any better, I rooted for the Patriots too and they lost.  But I was rooting for them all season.  I had predicted Saints vs Patriots once the playoffs started so I was half right and happy with that because they are one of my favorites.  But they lost and I’m not happy about that lol.

        I’ve got my predictions for this season too but nothing like who’s gonna win.  Too hard to say that.  I only predict the top three will be Phillip, Jessica, and Colton.  After that I’m not sure, probably Jessica and one of the other two for top two.  I’m personally rooting for Colton and Phillip right now

  78. Everyone sing fantastically last night. Will the judges use their save… I bet they will.  If someone got to be out then I feel sad, it’s going to be Heejun I ‘m not a fan of Elise, but she was awesome last night. But my number one is still Jessica.  Keep it up girl.  On Phillip, if Simon is still one of the judge, he would say he is only shouting… And I think so, no variation on his style and he is screeching!

  79. All day i’ve been listening to Jessica’s studio version of sweet dreams. NONSTOP.

  80. I very much agree with everyone who was in the bottom 3. Though I personally would have Deandre in there before Hollie.

    • She is very safe.   The American Idol “people” desperately want a female to win the contest so this girl is being so hyped up.  It’s not that she can’t sing, it’s is she the best singer.  Absolutely NOT.

  81. Heejun Han may have got eleminated from AI. but he’s going to be sucessful than the left 8 contestants. Mark my word…:) 🙂 🙂

  82. Colton sucks.  Am I the only one that sees this? The guys (except Phillip and Joshua) sucked this year.  If a girl doesn’t win then there is no hope for this show.  Hollie, Jessica and Elise are the best singers.  Any combination of those three and Phillip or Joshua should be the top three.  And can the judges please start being honest with people.  Five standing ovations!  Out of nine contestants?  Give me a break.  Bring back Simon and put Jimmy on the panel.  These kids need to hear the truth.

  83. Didn’t get to see the results last night, but am sad to see Heejun gone.  I thought that his performance was very good Wednesday night.  They are all so good that it is hard to vote for a favorite!!!

  84. HeeJun should NOT have been kicked off of American Idol.  To be honest,  to me, this week’s song was the best I have heard him perform.  I feel that Skylar should have been gone several weeks ago.  Of course, those who do not vote can’t say anything.  That’s why I VOTE EVERY WEEK!!!!

  85. To all Jess fans, please vote, vote, vote , vote, vote, vote for Jessica Sanchez till you fingers cut!!! We have to keep Jessica running to the finale! 

    It’s about time that a girl should win this thing! And Jessica has the potential, class, ability and innate natural talent to be a super star someday. 

    Vote vote vote for Jessica!!!  So that America won’t fail again!

  86. well FYI @adamlambert Catchin up on idol. Jessica Sanchez is a STAR. Get the girl a microphone that can handle her big notes.–WOW just wow..this girl is way way far from the others..

  87. Sorry Joshua, great voice, but suitable for soul/church music.  Jessica? now this is a young lady with a voice that is easily identified if one is in the kitchen and your hi-fi is in the living room.  You go girl!!!

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