Heejun Han Talks Life After American Idol 2012

American Idol 2012 Heejun Han eliminated

Heejun Han may have been eliminated last night on American Idol 2012, but fear not Haniacs (or Han-Fans, if you will), there’s plenty more Heejun to enjoy.

Lots of funny bits came out of Heejun’s post-elimination media blitz including where we might expect to see him next. Han jokingly informed THR’s Shirley Halperin that he was ready to jump networks with plans for The Voice:

FOX and the American Idol family isn’t ready to let go of him just yet though. He’s still got the American Idol Tour coming up this summer! When asked by Yahoo’s Lyndsey Parker which side of Heejun we’d see on tour he responded, “on tour, something crazy is going to happen.” He goes on to explain it will involve a dinosaur and fireworks so we need to “come watch the freakin’ tour!”

Watch the full video interview from after last night’s American Idol below and find out what Heejun was planning to sing if he made it through to 80’s music next week along with his best/worst moments of the season.

Are you sad to see Heejun Han go or was this the right time for him?




  1. I definitely sad. Sorry don’t mean to be mean, but I guess Deandre was terribly horrible but he hasn’t even in the bottom 3.
    And I don’t think Colton’s voice is good. He was just loved by teenies.
    Heejun is the most meaningful, soulful and beautiful voice I have ever heard. Definitely finish watching AI. So shameful.

    • i hope bromance lives on as i pray that phillip wins… and same here Cara, definitely finished watching AI…

      • You’re not finished watching..just wait til Wedesday night, you’re there!  I hope you don’t literally mean you will pray for someone to win..that makes the show a lot more important than it is.   

  2. I’m disappointed in the judges this year.  Their job is to give input to the contestants, not try to sway the votes.  This year the judges are soooo biased it makes me not want to watch! I think they need to be re-directed back to what their job should be!

  3. Thank God he’s gone.  Heejunn was the only one who thought he was funny or entertaining.

    • you are as  horrible, too i guess… and do you think you can sing or do  you think you can dance…hahahah…poor little you…GODBLESS!!!

  4. deandre = prince “you dont have to be rich”
    skylar = dolly parton
    elise = total eclispe of the heart
    phillip = bon jovi blaze of glory
    joshua = lionel rithchie
    jessica = all by myself “not sure if it is 80s or not”
    colton “van halen” maybe
    hollie i will alwys love you “to so jessica up”

  5. that is soooo rude of you to call heejun a b!tch! not that i care much….i’m in it for jess!

  6. so sad to see heejun go…but its the way the judges wanted so…go you MUST…but don’t yah worry, we still wait in great anticipation of more best things to come your way…you are one sweet gifted intellectual and we hope to see and hear more of you…AJA!

    goodbye AI…thanks for giving us a colorful person like HEEJUN HAN…

  7. and to JLo…you never ever stood up for your man…you let us down by letting go of heejun… shame on you…

  8. Jimmy Iovine on Colton Dixon – 
    “Last night made it sound like we were at a boxing match. If it was, I would be the ring side scorer. Colton was good, but not good enough. From your mentoring session, to rehearsal, to the Green room to the stage, you have to complete all four of those. Hit the stage with confidence and poise. This is not the end of your concert where you can lose it and cry. And our audience is with you and they’re going to go crazy. Compared to the other contestants, who had the emotion, but held their poise, I believe that he lost that fight. In this boxing competition, you don’t have one opponent. You have eight. And in the 10 point system, he didn’t get knocked out, but he lost the round.”

    • i think it SUPER STUPID how jimmy said that ur not allowed to cry.  i think it is wonderful when idol cries, because it shows all the emotion. as long as they cry at the end, im happy. 

  9. Jimmy Iovine on Skylar Laine – 
    “Skylar gives me something that makes me want to vote for her. It’s exciting. She picked a character song, rather than a song with real melody. To get through this competition, I believe, she will have to through songs that have more song in them melodically. Not just substance lyrically. She needs both. That will put her in the middle of the pack this week. When she performed with the other girls, on the melody, she rose above the pack. She showed how professional she is and how much confidence she has. We need more of that.”

  10. Jimmy Iovine on Heejun Han – 
    “Really great to see Heejun come back. I think Steven Tyler helped him by giving him some tough love. The main math doesn’t work though. My problem is that I don’t think he sings as well as the other 8 contestants at this point in the show.” 

  11. Jimmy Iovine on 
    Hollie Cavanagh – 
    “Hollie has a beautiful sound and did a beautiful job last night. But what she lacks is experience. What she is doing is technically right and emotionally behind the pack. Inevitably, its going to come down to Hollie and Jessica… Hollie comes at it from an intellectual approach… Hollie has all the pieces, but she has to fill in that blank.”

  12. Jimmy Iovine on 
    DeAndre Brackensick – 
    “With DeAndre, I’m in the middle. I’m not going crazy for him and I’m not disliking him. To win this, there’s still something missing. In my opinion, DeAndre needs to work his way into this business and earn his dues. He needs more experience. His falsetto was beautiful. It can also be polarizing. I’m the American Idol audience. Either you buy into it or not. If they don’t, he’s in trouble.”

  13. Jimmy Iovine on Jessica Sanchez – 
    “At 16-years-old, Jessica has managed to harness enough experience like she’s been here 10 years singing like this. What she’s doing with her vocals, at each and every moment of building that song, is something that people that have been doing it 20 years have difficulty doing. She got lost in that song, but kept her composure. I am fully on board with this.”

  14. Jimmy Iovine on 
    Phillip Phillips – 
    “I’ve been around Stevie Nicks a long time. She likes Phillip Phillips. She believes he can go a long way. If his raw material is 80% of what he brings, we’re all witnessing on American Idol, a big star being born here. He was flawless.”

  15. Jimmy Iovine on Joshua Ledet – 
    “This is a tough one for me with Joshua. He has so much talent and he delivered 85% of the song. He could have won the night. When he got emotional, he lost it. His voice closed. When you cry, your voice closes. On the other hand, when he was in the Michael Jackson medley, he was relaed, calom. He killed that.”

  16. Jimmy Iovine on Elise Testone – 
    “Last night, Elise did herself and American Idol a lot of good. She took charge of that stage. She led the band. Her hair, her clothes, her vocal ability. It all moved in unison. When that all comes together, it’s one of the most transporting things that can happen in your life. She’s the right age. Stevie Nicks didn’t have her first record until she was 26. If she remains in the competition, which she most certainly deserves, she’ll have an opportunity with the 80’s next week to have two great weeks in a row.”

    • This is all so true, she can be a star…but as Jimmy also says, teens vote, and 26 to them is an old lady.   They want a 16 year old just like them (not) to win.

  17. He should have gone home last week. Idol is no place for clowning. The circus is always hiring. Nice voice, but time to go.

  18. Are you serious Matt?  He was about two weeks overdue!!!!! I would really like to see him do comedy…..

  19. i´m so sad, Heejun is  so talented, funny, and he has a big heart! I finished watching this show.

  20. looked forward to hee jun every week, liked his soulful,  husky calm voice and definitely liked his personality.  Why is there no room for that on Idol? Look at the voice – the best part is when the judges spar and rip on each other.
    Kind of tired of “this year’s Janis” or another Reeba, they are all good but clones of the original entertainers that  can still be listened to.  Also I don’t like a falsetto, reminds me of “tip-toe through the tulips” singer, deandre’s other voice is better.

    Was hoping hee jun would make it to top 5, so now there is no more incentive to watch. Was in the mood for a crooner. But he does need more experience and training.  Hope to see him in a sit-com.

     Final three will probably be Sanchez, Joshua and Phillips.  Holly is good too,  Colton and others will probably not make it to final three.  All deserve to tour and make a living of it, even if their voices are clones of previous top singers, can’t ever have enough music.

  21. buuuuuu como es posible que Heejun se haya ido…..que error tan grande !!!!!! esa voz tiene que ser conocida por todo el mundo….el canta muy bien….estoy muy apenada…   🙁

  22. AWWW, i wish he could have stayed a bit longer. he left too early. i mean skylar should have left. but, he wasn’t going to win, but he wasn’t that bad. oh well. PHILLIP AND COLTON FTW!

  23. It was Heejun’s time to go…Would love to see an Elise and Phillips in the final.  Heejun is a wedding singer not an american Idol.  Don’t think he should of made the top 13 cut.  Sorry Heejun this is no joke!!!

  24. I think the top 3 will be:
    Jessica – great voice but very lack personality (we already have Charice though, no need anymore Charice)
    Colton – average voice but huge teenies fans based
    Phillip – artistry with huge teenies fans based as well
    I’ll go with Phillip!!

      • Lee was better than Bowersox and Simon liked him..but hand to God, he is not even close to standing in the shadow of Phillip.

    •  We started enjoying Heejun when he was in the original group thingie…then..the “Hee Jun” was so catchy..because we are so old we remember the Original “Hey Jude” being played at our parties/dances!!
      I teared up this week….thanks young man.for showing all that you can laugh,cry,and sing in this world.

  25. So over this kid.  He’s making the rounds with negative comments on the show that will give him a nice summer paycheck.   Before he landed in Hollywood week, I thought he was sort of a sympathetic character.  Now I think he is just a little “special.”

  26. i thought it was the right time for him to go. he will do fine out there in the world.

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