American Idol 2012: Top 8 Week Ratings

American Idol 2012 Top 8 performances

American Idol 2012 Top 8 week’s ratings are in and things are looking pretty steady again for FOX’s advertising juggernaut.

Hits from the 80’s brought in just over an average of 17 million viewers on Wednesday night which kept the performance show level with last week’s Top 9 ratings. While the overall viewers maintained its numbers the share of 18-49 year old viewers dropped a few tenths.

Sliding to the right for the big American Idol results reveal the show took a dip on Thursday night with just around 14 million viewers, a fall from last week’s 15 million on results night. TV By The Numbers points out that overall television usage dropped 6% from last week. Presumably this is related to the Easter holiday weekend.

Next week, and as we continue on, I’d expect to see things start to climb a little more, at least for Thursday’s shows. We’re getting in to the final stretch for eliminations and once the low hanging fruit is eliminated we’ll see some American Idol 2012 performers holding a sizable portion of fans being cut.

Source: TV By The Numbers




  1. I have a hunch the numbers on who are the favorites are going to see a significant shift next week.

  2. I live in Australia Joshua you are in my heart every time you sing you bring so much emotion you are the winner in my heart Carolyn

  3. I think any one of 5 winners would be a good choice.  I think Elise & Hollie dropped out.  Too bad cuz Hollie started out as my #1 & is still my personal favorite, along with Skylar.  For awhile thought Elise would have been a good choice too.

    Last year I felt Haley Should win & Scott Would win.  They really seemed to be pimping Scott and Alaina last year.

    This year it’s razor thin on who should win & I have no clue on who will win. I like that this year they don’t seem to be pimping any one contestant.  I think the judging has been overall fair this year.  So in that sense, while I don’t think any of this years contestants are as good as Haley or James, I feel there’s 7 who are better than Scott and Alaina. 

    So whoever wins this year, I don’t think anyone got the short end of the stick.  Therefore I’m happier with this year than last. 

    Gawd, I’m saying this with a smile.  But I grew up listening to Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, etc.  I’ve been in over 200 fights in martial arts.  I played hockey for 13 years.   And here I am in my mid 40’s  rooting on two teenage girls in a singing show.  What on gods earth has American Idol done to me?

    • Good you’ve made it clear you’re not gay. You know we think that all guys who post on this site are gay right……LOL

      Just kidding. You don’t have to be softy to appreciate good talent when you see it. Uhhhhhh…..I don’t think at least (scratches head)….

      • LOL!! Funny-  I’m over here feeling like Al Bundy and you’re over there making wise cracks.  Thanks a lot!! =)

    • they are pimping this year and BAD! they pimp Jessica the most and Elise the second.

      • I can understand saying jessica is being overly pimped by the judges (along with Colton, Joshua and Phillip I might add). But, if any thing the judges are being extra hard on Elise. Much like they were with Haley last season.

      •  Hi hill12,

        If that was pimping they did with Elise last Wednesday, I really hate to see them when they do give her a hard time, c’mon what are you talking about? 

  4. Is it just me or is this one of the best seasons of Idol ever? Loving the talent!
    As for the ratings, I suggest that everyone PLEASE spread Idol through word of mouth or Facebook or Twitter or however!! We need to get Idol back to 20 million+ viewers!!!

    • I don’t agree that this is the best season, because IMO it lacks a true star performer.  As for getting back to 20 million viewers, I think they’d see a significant uptick if they changed the voting policy.  People get disgusted when they realize that good singers are dropped because power voting pushes unworthy talent forward at the expense of better talent.

      • I notice I tend to agree w/ a lot of your comments.  That was very well stated.  It lacks star power is what I was trying to say.  On the flip side, there aren’t the brutal singers either.  Just a lot of real good ones.  Therefore it’s competative.

    • I agree in that there’s a lot of talent.  I don’t think any of these kids are in the Haley, Allison, Adam, Carrie category.   I think that there’s a lot of em who are really dang good.  That makes it competative.

      On the down side, I think AI has lost the viewers for good.  Once people leave it’s hard to get them back.  I feel that people got tired of the best singer rarely winning.  Even me, while I’m now enjoying this season, I didn’t watch the final perfomance show last year and only watched this year because I’d been watching for so long.  It wasn’t until week 9 that I started liking this season. 

      The nice thing about this year is it’s really close.  So whoever wins I think that it’s the right person. 

    • Actually, this a strange season for me. It seems they are all somewhat close in talent this year. Not a stinker in the bunch … But, no one amazing like Adam Lambert, Carrie Underwood or Haley Rhienhart either.

      •  I just read the previous 2 posts and feel like they were both written by me! HAHAHA So, I guess I shouldn’t bother to add my own REAL comment. I feel the same way, have been cruising through this season so far going………good, so/so, ok, might buy a CD, still haven;t even downloaded a song from any performance because it’s either one I already have 1 or more versions of, or they don’t pick songs I want to buy.  So far I don’t really care which one wins.  I’ve been an Idol fan since season one and I really don’t care who wins much anymore. I listen to new voices and hopefully the best of the each crop will emerge in the future and I’ll remember liking them.  I’ve bought many CDs and single songs from quite a few contestants over the years. For me, it’s just all about a song I like.

  5. the show is going to even loose more viewers  cos the judges and jimmy have decided not to tell the truth to the ones who cant sing they are all biase and behaving like unprofessionals, every thing they say is scripted as we all notice that they keep looking on their desk to comment , for them colton and ohillip can do no wrong this will come back and hurt them.they should stop   lieing to those two and tell them howawful they are.this season is the   worst season ever since they keep bashing the talented ones and praising the less talented ones this season is really bad 

  6. Everyone is so talented but Jessica has the sweetest voice and Joshua touched my heart.

  7. My pics would be Phil or Jessica although Phil is my fav and knowing the others still have a future whether they win or not is a good thing.

  8. Would love to have a cd of the idol that was taken off for not going by rules he sang  TO BE WITH MY FATHER AGAIN  I beleive that is close. Would love to have this will it be on any cd that I can buy?

    benniemccoy@bellsouth:disqus .net

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