American Idol 2012 Top 7 Week Ratings

American Idol 2012 Top 7

American Idol 2012 viewership ratings nearly held steady on Wednesday night for the “This Decade” performance show. 16.8 million viewers tuned in to watch the Top 7 take on their modern favorites which was a small dip from the previous week’s 17.1 million viewers. I would have expected more since the theme was one of the better options we’ve seen for the Idol Hopefuls, but pulling in nearly 17 million viewers for 10 songs over 2 hours isn’t so bad either.

The big jump came on Thursday night when viewership climbed 1.5 million over last week’s numbers as audiences tuned in to find out what was going to be so “shocking.” Well they weren’t disappointed! Total viewers on Thursday night’s American Idol reached 15.8 million versus the previous week’s 14.3M.

I’ll be very interested to see how this week’s Top 7 results will impact next week’s ratings for American Idol 2012. Will viewers be disillusioned by the previous outcome or driven to watch and vote even more than before? I’m sure production is hoping on the latter.

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  1. I’m sure there will be some significant although short lived shifts in the voting.

    • Ignoramus. Its’ American Idol, anyone can be booted off the show just like Pia and the best singers that have surfaced on American Idol. Its’ not discrimination whats so ever. If it were, how come there is a cultural blend between contestants? The reason why she was nearly voted off is because many voters decided to vote for someone else to save them from utter elimination. It isn’t discrimination, its just a matter of fact. Did you include the fact that this show is somewhat 60%+ female based? Girls often vote for the best looking contestants to enable them to win, not the best singer, the best looking. Thats how Scotty  McCeary won, by typical female voters. 

      • …and nobody’s buying his songs. Close to failure just like Taylor Hicks and company. NObody came inch to Kelly Clarkson’s feat, including  those non winners success (Jennifer Hudson, Constantine Maroulis, Clay Aiken, Katharine McPhee, Adam Lambert and David Archuleta).

      • I was so shocked at not just the way our singers were separated without knowing who were the  ‘safe’  ones and who were not…………. the ones I thought were the safe ones were completely reversed by those who had performed in a mediocre and were claimed as the ‘safe’ ones.  I screamed and shouted………. NOooooo at my TV here in the UK…………….frustrated that I couldn’t vote in  American Pop Idol.  I thought at first that this is Ryan Seacrest being a jerk again……..Incredible that a quality STAR like Jessica could have had less votes when her performance IMO was superlative. Observation from the UK, is it only those who love Country and Western music that vote?  Was so pleased that JLO and Stephen and Randy did what they did, like me they looked truly shocked.

      •  @lee1974, Scotty first album has gone platinum (1,000,000+), he’s been out there 1 year, he’s ahead of Jenifer Hudson, she’s never had a Platinum album. He’s doing ok and predict he will be in the top 5 most successful AI alumni before its over. Personally I don’t like country music, but Scotty has done OK.

    • SERIOUSLY? WTF, why you on about discrimination? is it because Jessica and Joshua was at the bottom 3….

      • Yes, it had nothing to do with her having “Diva” status and an Alter Ego!

        Teen girls just love other girls who think they are a diva…..

        (sarcasm injected post here — for those not able to tell!)

  2. Yeah, that’s right. All they care about is ratings. They don’t really care who you vote for. Although they would like to have a better talent leave this show as the crowned “American Idol” than all those other competitions that are on TV these days.

  3. Well I kept pretty quiet about that shocker we had this past week. First I want to say that race has nothing to do with what happened. Nobody was crying race when Heejun was eliminated or what Deandre was eliminated. So I doubt race had much to do with this elimination, or non-elimination that is.

    What could have caused this?
    The voting system- I’m not a Jessica fan but I predicted her to be safe this week. I didn’t consider her to be in danger but she could have just become a victim of the voting system. I have long said that the voting system needs to change and limit the number of votes per device. However they won’t listen about that as they like to say “We got _ million votes” making people think that whatever number of votes they got reflects how many people watched the show(more on that later) One big thing that I could probably see happen was that after the judges comments to Hollie motivated Hollie’s fans into voting hard for her, and thus giving her enough votes to keep her out of the bottom 3. You can claim teen girls but the last two eliminated were both guys so I don’t know how that argument would hold up.

    A conspiracy theory or it was rigged. Now I’m not one who’s into conpiracy theories or anything like that. But as I mentioned before they like saying “We got _ million votes” but I haven’t heard that line since the top 25 week, so it could be they rigged the result knowing the judges would use the save and thus the following week they will get enough votes to say that they got _ million votes.

    Jessica’s fans- Let me apologize up from first to any Jessica fans that are sane rational people. People who realize that people have their own likes and dislikes and don’t call someone who might not be a Jessica fan racist or a “hater”. However there are Jessica fans who are just insane like that. Say if someone’s favorite is Colton(just using Colton’s name as an example they do this if someone has any other contestant as a favorite), they will tell that person that they are “stupid” and don’t have a right to have an opinion on music and will call them a “hater” or even racist. This behavior is turning people of to Jessica that would otherwise probably would vote for her. My advice to you is if you want to see Jessica crack the top three at least then tone down that rhetoric, and just agree to disagree with someone who says that their favorite is a different contestant.

    Those are just some of my thoughts of what might have happened.

    • Actually Colton’s performance was indeed the best of the night last week. You notice I did not say that was my opinion. I really and truly believe that is not just opinion. Some may agree or disagree depending on their musical preference but I actually think from an artistic and musical standpoint it was absolutely the top of the crop.

      Now that being said, I don’t know what the guy has to do to get a standing ovation either. The fact that the judges did not stand is proof that either:

      #1 None of the judges know anything about true musical art and talent
      #2 They are so into Jessica they are blind to everything else
      #3 They don’t want to be at odds with the rest of the music industry on their opinion toward her for fear they will lose respect among their peers

      I don’t know which it is but Colton definitely deserved more recognition than what he got last week. That WAS the best performance of the season by any contestant.

      Also I just noticed that I had exactly 666 total posts on Disqus boards and I had to change that number and I had nothing else to write about. That number scares me. 

      •  I wasn’t knocking Colton there I was just using his name as an example if someone said “Colton’s my favorite” and how some of the insane Jessica fans would react to that. I could have used Skylar or Elise’s name in there as well.

        These judges have greatly devalued the meaning of a standing o. I saw a clip of Adam Lambert when he did Mad World when he was on the show, in which after words Simon didn’t critique him but simply stood up on his feet along with the other judges. You can tell that it was a true moment there as something had happened that normally didn’t happen there. Now with the current judges all one of their favorites has to do is simply stand on the stage and do nothing and they are on their feet, then throw a fit when their favorites are in the bottom 3. I am seriously in favor of seeing a new judging panel next season. Not necessarily a clean sweep, just get rid of JLo and Randy they can keep Steven around as he can be pretty entertaining, but at least two judges that will do a better job, and will give credit and standing o’s when they are due and not because of their favorites is on the stage.

      • You may truly believe that Colton was the best last week but it is still opinion.  If there is someone they are so into I would have to say it is Joshua, considering the number of standing ovations they have given him.  I don’t think the one they gave him last week was deserved. 

      • Most of the time I do state that this is my opinion but sometimes you just know when something was a master piece of work and this was. Of course not everyone is always going to agree with you on anything but as far as musical art and technical deliverance is concerned I stand by the statement I made.

      • That’s a very big stretch to say Colton’s performance was the best of the season. I think the standout performances have been;

        1. Jessica – ‘I Will Always Love You’
        2. Joshua – ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’
        3. Elise – the Led Zeplin song
        4. Joshua – ‘You Pulled Me Through’
        5. Joshua & Jessica – duet ‘Knew You Were Waiting For Me’

        I think Colton has been really solid throughout the competition, but just hasn’t had that WOW performance yet. Jess and Josh have had the most Wow performances thus far. They are all good and I think that this top 7 is probably the best top 7 ever on Idol. But this is only MY opinion.

    • I know you weren’t putting him down but reading that just made me think about it and I really think that was the best of the night and not the JS performance anyway. So it didn’t really surprise me that she was not in the top 4 of the night except for the fact that I thought she had more of a fan base. I wasn’t speaking directly towards your post at all. I just needed another post to change that number so I decided to reply to you…LOL

    •  You, know they should have 2 overrulings. 1 for the judges to use as they did with Jessica, and another with previous judges who were in the show. As for public vote in AI, use it for a general popularity contest. For kicks or what not.

    • did you forget the part in american history that america was built on racism and racism is in fact america’s true idol? yes buddy…you need to wake up…racism IS ABSOLUTELY  a part of america and american idol is no exception. an incredible sweet little girl on a singing competition recieving so much hate can’t be explained by anything BUT racism! it’s as american as apple pie to hate non-whites in america! or non-nordics that is…if you are in denial of this you are either holding within yourself an extra chromosome or you just don’t want to accept that our country… the good ol u.s. of a is a country still full of hill billies! wake the F*** up!!! o and btw…i’m white myself and could admit this wholeheartedly! if we could admit this crap then it could be the beginning of moving passed all the crap we do to non-whites in this country! when i hear people like u i am ashamed of america!

      •  I say racism has nothing to do with this because it doesn’t. I’ve voted for Jessica in the past, and just because I didn’t vote for her this past week doesn’t mean it is racism. Why don’t I vote for Jessica? Does it mean I hate her? No I don’t hate her she just isn’t my favorite. Plain and simple. I don’t vote for Hollie either. In the past I have voted for white, black, hispanic, ect and also in the last Presidential election I cast a vote to elect a black president. So get your head out of your a** and quite accusing anyone who is not a Jessica fan of being racist.

      • What hate? It’s hate because votes put her on bottom?
        There are racist everywhere, American and by judging from this site apparently lots in the Pinoy community. There will always be racists. However, I believe the majority of Americans are not racists. Americans do get caught up in stereotypes, and yes that is a type of racism, but not the hating kind of racism where you think someone isn’t as good as you. I see examples of racism every day, but I see much more the harmony of races than I see racism. I would remind you, the majority of Americans did elect a black president.  I’m white and I saved a black man’s life…I didn’t think about saving a “black” man…I thought about saving another human being. AI has had minority winners in the past, so I think that proves that the contestant who is meant to be AI can over-come what racism is out there and win.

    • There are actually some ‘posers’ here. They sarcastically and
      inordinately idolize Jessica to devastate the true intentions of the genuine
      fans.  Too bad that “crab mentality”
      attitude exists everywhere.  I am a
      die-hard Colton fan but I feel bad for Jessica being victimized here.

    •  I feel sorry for Jess because I don’t think she is that way, the pushers are hurting her, not just on here..everywhere.

  4. ….I hope America would vote for the best singer but not by favor,,,,,,stop being racists America ……..Jessica & Joshua are the best contestants & are the best singers but how come they were in the bottom 3?????…..come on people……….’BE HONEST”…………….

    • With all due respect, I hope and I believe most people don’t vote for the best singer.  They vote for the singer on whom they’d spend $$.  I don’t vote for anyone if I wouldn’t purchase their music or concert tix.  Out of this year’s bunch, I’d spend $$ on DeAndre, Joshua, Hollie and Colton.  I wouldn’t go see the rest if the tix were free.  I’m not saying they are not talented, just that they don’t interest me at all.

    • Did you read Shawn’s post above? We did not vote for Jessica because we just did not like her style, even though she does have a good voice. It has nothing with race. let it rest, will you?

    •  It isn’t racism. It’s people like you accusing people who aren’t Jessica fans of being racists or haters that are turning people off to Jessica that would otherwise vote for her. I strongly believe that is what happened this past week. People like you aren’t doing Jessica any favors acting the way you are.

    • It sure seems like most of the time a minority is voted off, sure as heck the crys of racism are quick to follow. American Idol is in it’s 12 season I believe. Yet minorities have won a good number of those seasons. Can you imagine how many white or asian performers would have won if the show was called American Rapper Idol? There we would see examples of true racism each and every week..

    • True talk Bell, please tell them…we over here in Nigeria Africa are really surprised at Americans’ decision last week. Whatttt…they need to vote for TALENTS not favourites pleaseeeee

      • Wrong.  It’s Idol, not singer.  It’s all about who we like, not who is technically the best vocalist.

    • Randy said America got it wrong and now you are saying Americans are racists. Well in case you haven’t noticed AI has had minority winners in the past. To call all of America racists is quite an insult and a lie, in case you haven’t noticed, we have a black President voted in by the majority of non-racists Americans. So honestly, you call me a racists because Jess/Joshua is in bottom 3, then I do my best with an anti-Jess/Joshua vote campaign. STOP IT. People vote for who they want to vote for and we don’t need a racists foreigner car salesman to tell us how to vote.

    • Hmmm I thought this was a show so that we could vote for our favorite and our favorite type music? when did this become a racial issue because Jess isn’t white? I don’t think so it’s just her style of music isn’t everyones favorite.   The girl can sing and will probably go on to be big. But please stop begging people to vote for her!  I personally think it was all a set up! If she wins than it was rigged and I will never watch the show again! Not because she wins but because AI fooled the fans into thinking she was going home.  ANd judges need to go on and make another show called The Judges Idol! SMH!!! Go :P:P, Colton and Elise!!

    • Jessica was voted off because her song choice last week was horrible. the judges then saved her. Holly and Elise are among my favorites this year and the judges are much harder on them then they are Jessica. Jessica has a strong and smooth voice but she doesn’t do a thing for me artist wise. She needs a lot more growth. Your racism comment is ignorant and doing jessica more harm than good.

  5. I am a JSan fan and she is really, really good but her song choice last week just didn’t grab me at all. In a competition such as AI where audience impact (hence votes) counts, songs which the audience can identify and connect with is also to be considered not just because she  like to sing it as a personal preference or wants some other singer’s song to be recognized…just too premature to do. 

    JSan can experiment later when she’s (up there already) & have the luxury of  choice… first win AI audience first (coz there’s no more save) or at least top 3. As she  mature in years as well as musical experience and if the record prods are really into her, she will come into her own style and not be an alter-ego of any other singer. 

    Help yourself first and win the votes! BTW we are getting all worked up here..Does she or others who advises the AI singers read this? I wonder.. 

    Just my 2 cents worth on this almost-elimination…   In the meantime I prefer to sit back and enjoy the rest of this AI run. I would like to see and hear Colton and Elise surprise me again and all the others for contrast and variety. C’mon people this is an audience driven show and as one I would like to be entertained…

      • Thanks..all the more fun in sharing opinions without the bashing. Looking forward to the menu next week and each to his/her taste; variety is spice of life..that is why entertainment is big biz ..why is is called showbiz! Enjoy! 

    • You’re absolutely right, I’m a fan of Jessica. for me her talent is amazing but her song choice is not really good. When she sang the Whitney Houston ‘I Will Always Love You” that was WOW moment, I.m really really entertained and so with the other Idols, like Elise with the Led Zeppelin song, Joshua with the song When A Man Loves A Woman, Skylar singing Winds Beneath My Wings and Colton (i don’t remember the song) while playing the piano, each of these AI had their Best moments, so my advice for other JessSan Fans lets RESPECT others favorites, don’t accuse them of being haters or racist, lets be RATIONAL……..what we need to do is VOTE…..VOTE…… for her if we really want her to WIN the AI………just like what Ems0713 said we watch AI to be entertained…….so lets see this week performance who will have their WOW moments since they will have 2 songs to perform.

  6. Last Thursday has been so shocking. All of us might think there was a conspiracy going on to boost the ratings. Some, Tweenie-girls…and gays—-power-voted for the guys. And others  just think there is really no safe zones for all of them and that the fans felt confident for the fave idol to pass through the single strand of danger. 

    There is really no point of you arguing over who should win and who’s the best since we all have different preferences. If you want your idol [As I love my idol to go through] to pass and breathe fresh air, then tone down the debate and vote. 

  7. Move on, move on…It’s gonna be more exciting Wednesday and Thursday ahead, 2 songs each so total 14 songs from  the BEST SEVEN singers of AI11.

  8. here we go again. the best singer will not win again, because of idiots who vote  . there should be no other than joshua or jessica to win. they are the best. im tired of phillip, he is not a good singer. hollie continues to get creamed by the judges and she was great .  i think the should be able to sing what they want , and then you will get a huge variety. how about the 70s or soul or motown…

    • Larry you are an absolutely idiot – it is the voters ‘ choice and the same idiot like you who might not be able to vote or do not vote. Uncalled for calling the voters idiot – if I know you I will slap peppers in your foul mouth and wash it with bleach – I am a fan of certain idol, but did I come here and calling the voters for other idols idiot. I can give poison writing too, but I am not a low idiot like you – thank you

      • you are just like the idiots who voted for obama, that is why this country is finished. are you,  surayaabadi and obama from the same country.  you couldnt handle me fool. who do like to win it , sure not phillip or skylar or colton , or elise. they are good, but not in the same class as hollie, joshua, or jess. sorry if i called you and idiot, but this is a million dollar singing contract, not a cutie contest…

      • Unfortunately a large number of smart people voted for Obama too last time……not sure what that has to do with American Idol though.

    • Here we go again!!! with the Josh and Jess pushers!!!  Vote for your favorite and stop calling people idiots because they don’t like the same type of boring music you like!!! SMH!!!!!!!

  9. Aerosmith theme! and MoTown! :))

    I guess we’ll see Phillip and Elise go home next week. Then Joshua. Then Colton. Then Jessica. Hollie and Skylar for the Finale!

      • You might be right..AI watchers always love their country crooners.  She’s laying back waiting for the rest to go.  It would be funny if she won.  The show should be renamed American Country Idol!

    • I like country but don’t care for for Skylar’s voice, she can sing but she’s not one I’d spend money to hear. I think Phillip might just win. He’s like Scotty in ways, he stays humble and he has great talent. He had the best song last week.

    • Na! it will be :P:P, Colton and Elise, but the win will be between Colton and :P:P 🙂 My opinion :))))))

  10. Last year made me think the show was rigged.  This year, it still might be rigged, but these 7 are close enough that it wouldn’t be as easy to spot. 

    If there’s the huge country vote that they said there was last year, then Skylar should be walking away with this thing hands down.  Skylar is miles ahead of where Scott or Lauren were last year.  She may/may not be the best this year, it’s pretty close among em all. 

    If the country vote took 2 average contestants to victory over 2 excellent contestants, then it should easily take a very good contestant to victory over other very good contestants.

    A case could be made that Skylar was the best of the whole group 3 times this year.  Last year between them, Scott and Lauren weren’t the best of the lot 1 time (except for the final of course).

    • I can’t explain the Scotty love last year either…….

      I do find that in hindsight Haley, Casey, Durbin and Paul McDonald were all very good and very impressive.  Paul’s stuff is excellent on Itunes — the Magnolias music is really superb….  Last year had some great talent.

      Personal taste only — I like Phillip and Elise the best.  But I really do enjoy Joshua as well…..if I had to pick, they’d be my top 3…..

      • I’m biased towards James, since I grew up on Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy, etc.  I think I’m unbiased when I say he showed a lot of moxy in his performances.  I didn’t like the guy just because he was rock, I liked him because he was good.  

        I thought a lot of people missed the boat on Paul last year.  I had him 3rd after Haley and James.  I knew he didn’t have a chance though.  Scott and Alaina, while much improved on their return visits this year, were average at best last year.  

        I’d have Colton 1, Jessica 2, Josh/Skylar tied for 3 this year.  It changes all the time though.  Top 24 week Colton wasn’t even in my top 6 or so. I had Jessica starting out at #5 or so.   I’m basing it on, in my limited opinion, that those 2 are the only ones who haven’t had a bad week. 

        Hollie and Skylar were my 2 favorites to start.  Hollie’s had 2 bad weeks IMO and Skylar 1, so they’ve dropped some in my mind. 

        Elise I like, but she’s done 2 of the same songs Haley’s done and fell a little short on each.  

      • I’d love to see an Eliase/Colton final with Elise winning it all. Even if she doesn’t win, a record deal will come to Elise for she is that good.

    •  I’m not a country music fan, but I agree with you about Skylar. Should could be the dark horse winner. Her over twange? drives me crazy, but I see her really hitting the country charts big time.

  11. If Dial idol score is anything to go by, then why was Jessica picked to go on Thusday when she was not the lowest singer when Else Testone was?
    Perhaps it was the she was the best, the producers and the broadcasting company wanted it to be more open instead of a clear favourite. Because at the end of the day it is the broadcast company that has the last say and the producers not the public that vote!!
    If dial idol score is anything to believed then if jessica had gone then it was definitely a fix and I think that the producers put Jessica last to make the Judges use their save to make it more dramatic, Steven Tyler was right Jessica’s song selection put her in the bottom. People expect an artist to pump out hit after hit, they are not interested in something different, they want hit,hit,hit,hit!!!!

  12. By the way guys, I’d like to make amends in behalf of Jessica’s fans–or better say some of us who are pushing you to her and for some who  subjectively oppose and hate the comments of the others.

    This is but all advertisements because of the fact that Jessica almost got out of the competition. Yeah, I got sad about that. No need for you to understand the post. 

    To some JSan fans, spreading hate towards the other people won’t help her through the competition, voting will.

    To everyone, I hope for the best this season. All of them are great but I’m rooting for either of my three favourites.

  13. The harsh comments given to Hollie on April 12th by the judges and Jimmy was over the top.  How do you expect her to perform next week when you people keep putting her down.  I thought the comments were suppose to be positive.   You might take a few tips from The Voice.  The judges in that show are so enjoyable to listen to and watch.  

    • The Judges should treat everybody the same they are all good singers and they do have feelings.  I would walk off the show and let them stand up and wonder what happened

  14. If the contest come an end,the AI11 winner will be in danger selling records globaly,The shocking elimination rumours spread online and news globaly it will sink to all tha the  right winner was junked of not good looking.Now guys who will buy the cds of this winner if he got the tittle for the teen boopers only.It will be isolated in America only and not in other country anymore.
    If the most qualified was the winner there will be no problem at all,
    1.Jessica Sanchez (all genres sell globaly)
    2.Joshua Ladet (limited sale sglobaly)
    3.Skylar Laine (country sell in America only)
    4.Hollie Cavanagh (Pretty face sell globaly)
    5.Elise Teston (rockers sell globaly)
    6.Phillip Phillips (teen boopers fan base only)
    7.Colton Dixon (limited sales globaly)

    • Hi Jesse,

      Who cares about selling albums for now?  One step at a time.  Let’s finish this competition first, find out who wins then maybe a recording contract,  then sell albums.

        There you again trying to convince us that we should vote for the person that sells album globaly.  Frankly I really don’t care if my favourite did not win and got eliminated I will still vote for her, and secondly I would not vote for somebody I don’t particularly like just because that person can potentially sell albums globaly, would you?  Besides we are not record producers and neither are you I am sure.  Just vote for who you like and hope for the best, but most importantly enjoy the remainder of this show, I got a feeling it may change dramaticaly next year.

      Just saying………………………………..

    • ALL genres globally…really…OMG jessica can sing rocks, country songs…LOL… I can’t imagine she can do that…plus, she’s can’t play piano or guitar.. you’re totally wrong..

      just saying…..

    • BTW, you need English lessons.
      “Jessica Sanchez (all genres sell globaly)”
      So far the only thing she has done is Diva music, would love to see her do something else if she can.
      Globally-I don’t care, it’s American Idol, not World Idol.
      Sorry, but I strongly disagree with your analysis. I suggest you google the record sales for past AI contestants. LOL…country does not just sell in America. And I think Jess has pretty face as much as Hollie.

    • Totally disagree about PP and Colton!!!!! I am not a teenie bopper and I happen to love those boys!!!! So tired of the stupid comments about “teenie boppers” get it together jelous guys!!!!

  15. its so simple my dear…
     if you want jess to WIN…                                                          >>>>> Pls VOTE<<<<<<<aGREE?

    • Jessica needs more vote till the end of this competition. To all Jessica Fans Vote vote vote vote vote vote ….

      •  For all who don’t want Jess to win….Don’t vote for her, vote for any of the others or for who ever you want to including Jess.

    • For all who don’t want Jess to win….Don’t vote for her, vote for any of the others or for who ever you want to including Jess.

  16. Seriously, it can’t get any more staged than this.  It was all for shock value placing the best 3 contestants at the bottom 3, to get 1.5 Million more viewers and it worked!  

    • What maks you think so? I believe it was true. People didn’t like Elise’s changing the song so much, no one knew Jessica’s song and a lot of them were probably voting for Hollie after the judges were so mean to her. Joshua sang a really upbeat song that talks about a confident (and stupid) guy who says he always gets the girls. Plus, since Haley sang the same song last year as Elise’s this week, I’m sure a lot of people thought that Haley’s was a ton better so they didn’t vote for her. Reply if you have some points to why it was a setup, please.

  17. How do any of the voting public or the people watching the show around
    the world know for sure that the votes in Ryan’s hands are the true
    phone vote? Sometimes he announces how many people phoned in, and when
    there is a shock to happen he does not. The show is governed by the host
    television company, they are paying the bucks at the end of the day, so
    they have the deciding vote who goes and who stays. Which is why I
    think that the figures for who were in the bottom 3 were fixed, not on
    the votes counted.Without Joshua, Else and Jessica the other  no
    hopefuls stand a chance, they aren’t that good but there have been

    If Hollie turns out to be there and wins then it is totally fixed,
    because her nerves get the better of her and she has struggled every
    time. I am not a fan of Jessica but when it comes to a polished
    performance the others do not come close, She is a performer also the
    best and that’s why I like her and whether she is eliminated next week
    then she will outsell the others, because record producers will jump at
    the chance to sign her. Let’s face it with her beauty she can do

    It like this do you want a Rolls Royce or a Ford?

    Tony Faith

    North Bali

    • hmmmmm I don’t agree with you, why hasn’t she been signed supposedly she’s been doing this her whole life!!!  why does she need to enter contests?  I don’t believe for a second that she will outsell :P:P, Colton or Elise. And if Jess wins, then the show was rigged!! and I will never watch it again not because she would have won but because AI decieved the viewers. :((((((( My opinion dont hate!!!

  18. Even though Skylar did good, I think she did the weakest. I don’t think another country singer should win or not even get to the finale. I say that she goes home next week, along with Colton. With Colton, you can’t understand him, he is horrible at rock songs, and he has the rocker hair. Then, I say Jessica goes home. She is already so experienced that that might be why so many people didn’t vote.. Because she’s been good the whole time.. The great performances are just good for her because it’s average. For one of her performances to be a pmazing, it would have to be really really great. With Joshua, a bunch of people don’t like his screaming, so they hate him. I think he should go next. After that, I think it will be Hollie. The Holliepops might not be good enough to vote her all the way, even though I love her so much. Plus, I think that Elise and Phillip are the perfect ones for the finale. If Elise won, it would change idol history forever. It would show that one of the best singers could actually win. But out of the top 5 that I have chosen, I wouldn’t really mind any of them just as long as it isn’t Jessica and josh In the finale..

  19. Fascinating contest!
    I think that America gets it mostly right!
    That is to say that America admires all round musical talent.
    I think that Jessica and Joshua are both fantastic singers and performers. Pure commercial gold.
    But possibly great vocals is the limit of their talent.
    I think that Colton, Phillip, Elise and Skylar are genuine musicians, with a lot more to offer than just vocals.
    Deandre is a bit of a drama queen. Talented singer, but limited in his musical ability. I think America had seen enough of him.
    And the “DIVA” thing also seems to play a part in shaping America’s voting. Last year, Pia was (I think) voted off becasue she became too full of herself.
    So Jessica has to watch her presentation. If she comes over too cocky, America will dump her.
    I think Joshua may have reached Americas limited patience also.
    In my humble opinion, this was his best performance. He cut out all the screaming, and mincing, and was excellent. But he too must become aware of what America will put up with.
    In my opinion (again) Philip and has got it all. He is a talented musician, a great performer, a nice guy, and is truly, genuinely humble.
    And colton is in a similar mould.
    America likes that. Phillip and Colton will go far.
    Same as Scotty last year.
    Holly has been riding her luck for several weeks now. She has not taken on board anything that the judges and coaches and mentors have tried to impress upon her. She is set to fall!
    The  judges are professionals. they have a great handle on what it is all about.
    Jimmy Levine has been around forever. The guy knows what he is talking about. He gets it mostly right.
    Although it was a bit of a shocker this week, I bet America will continue to vote in similar fashion.
    They all have to raise their game.

    • I agree with most of your observations steve, but you have to distinguish confidence from being cocky. When you hear jessica answers questions during interviews and on the spot queries, you would

      notice just how shy this girl is. I bet she does not even have a spontaneous reaction for every compliments being thrown at her. If i havent seen her performed, i would easily conclude that she cannot

      pull out a good performance in front of millions of people. But when she steps on the stage and do her thing, there seems to be a different jessica performing and delivering. That, for me, is the true

      attribute of an artist. I’m starting to realize and understand what she meant when she said that she had worked hard all her life. She may be shy and unassuming most of the time, but for a 16 year old

      to possess such a maturity is really amazing and for her tender age, she probably must have experienced more in life than most of the people twice her age do. But sad to say, what you laid down are

      facts which cannot be ignored, because that how things in american idol are and that’s how its gonna be.

      • Thank you for addressing her comments. Nobody else has. I think that may be one of the problems. She has made that statement a couple of times. I am a musician, and I know that all of those folks have worked very hard to get where they are. Yes, she does sound shy, but she’s made it sound as though she’s the only one who has done any real work. She can’t do that and get the people’s votes. Perhaps she needs to rehearse some answers to potential questions so she doesn’t come across as being spoiled and vanity -driven.

      • I agree with you because the contetants are not only being judged based on their performance alone. They are also being judged based on how the carry themselves outside the idol stage. Of course,

        for those open minded enough, they would understand the limitations of a teenager when it comes to interpersonal relationships. But in the eyes of public, there is no room for excuse. Much as i

        consider spontaneity as a virtue because it translates to honesty, it still would not hurt if she can, like what you suggested, practice the art of responding prudently.

  20. What transpired last elimination night wouldn’t happen again coz the judges used their one and only save privilege. Move on and wait for more excitement and amusing performances from the remaining Top 7. All we AI fans just sit back and relax. Vote for the ones you are rooting for – go for great talent and truly an Idol. 

  21. stop non-sense blurb, win or lose there is life for jessica in post-idol, we will seeing more of her, akon is a firm believer of that

    • who cares about what Akorn……I mean Akon says who is that guy never heard of him until now.

  22. i just wonder, if any other AI contestant is in her shoes last Thursday, will it create the same noise as today? tell me please. . .

  23. Stop drinking the AI Kool Aid!  It’s a reality show!  They will play up the drama and you are all playing into it.  The judges are looking for the who will make the most money, period.  America is voting on popularity, personality, home towns, almost anything BUT singing.  That’s why Randy is right.  The voters have gotten it right only TWICE in 11 seasons.  Kelly and Carrie.  Still too early to tell with Scotty, but he’s off to a good start.  If America had gotten it right all the time, Daughtry, K McPhee, and J Hud would have won too.  

    Your votes and opinions don’t matter.  It’s a built in safety system in AI.  They don’t care who wins, they’re just going to make it as dramatic as possible.  All your votes do is decide who gets a free Ford!  Yes the winner gets a contract, but I guarantee that at least 6 of the top 10 get record deals.  Once they made the Top 10, they won.  They get paid to go on tour, and will make money in the music business.  

    Stop hating on the contestants, especially Jessica.  They’re KIDS!  Only Elise and P2 are old enough to buy a beer!  This is the best top 7, probably ever.  Just enjoy it and vote for your favorite to get a free Ford.   Then put your money where your mouth is and actually BUY their albums when their released.  

    • if these are all for the drama, why did they choose JS to be the victim, why not JL or ET?

      • They don’t choose.  America chooses and rarely gets it right.  They just play up the drama.

      • AmateurIdolJudge..I have to admit you have the perfect title in amateur.  Who are you to say America only got it right twice.  Blah on Underwood, I don’t dig listening to songs about woman keying cars of men who cheat.  WTH.  For the record, Bo Bice was btr IMO, but wasn’t a cute blonde girl..sound familiar..Hollie.  Live and let die, everybody has their own taste and doesn’t need to be scolded for not agreeing with the masses.  This isn’t Nazi Germany, we’re still free to vote as WE choose.

    • America can’t get it wrong. If America votes and the one who gets the most votes wins then that is NOT the wrong outcome. It is the way it’s supposed to be. It has nothing to do with who sells the most records after the show is over. We are participating in the show, not the contestants career afterwards. If our votes actually count then it’s our decision and the outcome will be correct. 

      I get so tired of hearing people say we got it wrong. That is why I will never vote for Jessica Sanchez. How can anybody presume to tell us who our favorite should be. Isn’t that a personal decision? 

      We like who we like and nothing is going to change that. That’s why there is more than one genre of music and that’s why there is more than one singer/band/performer out in the world selling records. Nobody has exactly the same taste in music.

      I am just not understanding the idea that America could get it wrong. That makes absolutely no sense to me. 

      Vote for your favorite people and let the cards fall where they may. It is not our responsibility to try and be a professional singing judge. We just pick who we like as a contestant on the show and leave it at that. 

      • You are absolutely right! That’s where I think the judges blew it in telling America they got it wrong. That’s almost guaranteeing that people will vote against the bottom 3 of last week. Who are they to chastise americans for how they vote. I don’t think that would have happened in the first place if they’d kept a few of their personal opinions to themselves. I think the judges have themselves to blame for that. So nice to see a few well thought out responses on this.

    • Also I don’t appreciate being scolded by Randy Jackson!

       If it weren’t for the viewers tuning in how would they sell a single ad during the show? 

      He scolded Hollie straight into the lead on the show. That’s how much attention people pay to what he says. Get some credible judges on the show and then a few people in the world might agree with them. These clowns are so unqualified to judge this competition it isn’t even funny. Randy knows it. He has even started dressing like the clown he is.

      • Hi Taymaro,

        Bulls eye, right in the middle.  Why don’t  we teach Mr Randy a taste of  his own medicine.  He has gone way over board with this and so is the rest of the judges by doing what they did last Thursday.  The only way the producers will pay attention is viewer’s ratings.

        Get them where it hurts the most.  Ratings is number one , product sponsors number two, poor ratings , no product endorsements, you can achieve this buy product boycotts that support it, then Mr Nigel will now have no choice but to make changes or cancel the show.

        We are the viewers, we pay for their salaries, no viewers no revenue.
        Even the greatest shows on TV gets cancelled when ratings drop.  We
        are the ultimate judges.

        How about it?  I know it sounds drastic but definitely will be highly effective.  One way to let them know we do not like what happenned is to let the producers know  how we feel.  How do we do it is simple and very effective and it is right in front of us staring us in the face. On line
        protest, we spend a lot time here on this site anyways so instead of us
        channelling our frustrations to each other let us combine our efforts
        and make significant changes.  I invite anybody who has suggestions
        on this.

        Just saying…………………………

    • Most definitely waiting for :P:P, Colton and Elise to put out their music, buying for sure like we did Scotty!!!!!!!  I don’t care if they win or not they are my idols!!!

  24. The voting will never be fair until there is one vote per phone number. However that will never happen as the revenue gathered by the multi votes people are allowed makes millions. Jessica and Joshua are both perfect… however they are toooo perfect for me. I like someone with a bit more grit! Maybe that’s why they were in the bottom 3. Maybe lots of people think like me.

    • i guess u are right in saying that a lot of people think like you, this is the reason why only few winners of AI succeeded in their career as singer. based on what you said, i dont think the voting system is the problem.

    • At the beginning of the season, have AI fans register online (they could make ton’s of money off that registration). For each show, each register voter with their secure username gets to vote the number of times as there are contestants. Give them 12 hours to vote. Also, after the elimination show each week they should show the vote totals on the website and maybe other interest voting statistics like age demographics, location, etc.. More potential areas of revenue. You could still use phone and texting, or better yet phone apps to cast the votes, but always tie them to secure userids.

  25. All the remaining contestants are great, they all need more experience and seasoning.  Jessica has the most potential.  
    Jessica didn’t get the votes this week because she’s not from the South.   She’s from the West Coast and Idol is no longer “cool” in the West and East Coasts.  AI doesn’t have “street cred”.  So the most fanatic voters are tweeners and grandmas from the South and they connect with the rest of the contestants.  You think it’s coincidence that every one left but her is from the South and she was the lowest vote getter?  You think those Idol voting parties are happening in Los Angeles or Manhattan?  I live in Los Angeles and I’ve NEVER seen any sign or poster for a contestant from LA.  You’re just another talented wannabe if you’re from a big city, but if you’re from a small town or state, you’re a big deal and if you have everyone in a town voting hundreds of times for you, it’s gonna add up.  That’s why America’s gotten it right only twice in the last 10 seasons.  Kelly and Carrie.

  26. Two of them will go home next week…..if one boy & one girl that will be….

    Joshua + Elise/Holie

    if two girl that will be

    Elise & Holie

    Jessica,Colton,Philip & Skylar sure safe…..

    • Joshua is way better than Colton and Phillip. No way he deserves o go before those two. But Colton and Phillip are good looking white boys, so they’ll get the teenie boppers vote, which is just sad for this show!

  27. : Next week the remaining top 7 contestants will sing 2 solos each of Elton John. Find out who are going home. Go jessica!!

    • Seriously????? Elton john is a great, but they wer done with that last year. There are lots of other themes to choose from. I mean, com’on!!

    • If that is confirmed, i hope jessica does “your song”…. Heather headley did an amazing interpretation of the song at kennedy center honors, a tribute for elton john way back 2004. I know she can pull something like that.

    • C’mon! Of all Themes, Elton’s???? Don’t get me wrong. He’s a living legend but isn’t it odd that they brought it back again? Can’t they choose another theme? There are lots of themes that they can make their own.

      • Hi joeland0208. Thats also what i thought when i learned about the top 7 redux theme. Does it have something to do with the royalty fee that ai prod has to pay for every song used in the ai performances? Its probably more easy to transact with 1 artist rather than have a theme which involve various artists. I dont know, just thinking?

      • @f475a863e32460224d6c865494fdc187:disqus 
        I guess so. However, they should’ve chosen two artists instead of one. Are they loosing a lot of money to pay these days? I They haven’t with all those drama we’ve seen this season that boosts their ratings. I don’t know if the heads are avaricious to spend a lot every week for the artist but isn’t it a little boring to listen to all 14 Elton songs? I hope it won’t be. Unless…. something special will happen this week.  

  28. i hope jessica will doing something different next week with elton john’s songs….

    if not, she’s supposed going home…

  29. I just wondering why jessica is the most famous and talk of the town among the rest of the AI this season! ! Is it because shes the best among the rest?? I can’t wait this week for thier performances. 2 songs each is enough for us to choose Who will Shine!!’ Jessica FTW!!

  30. I don’t know why people should vote when the comment of the judges say that Sanchez has the best voice, they have already made up their minds.
    I really felt for the other contestestens. It should be on the whole performance the whole package. Very dissappointed.

  31. Again, the save is wrong and should be eliminated.  Once you’re voted off, you should be gone.  It’s like first runner up becomes Miss America bc she broke her leg.   These kids remaining may or may not get deals, etc., but if it were me..I’d be embarrassed to be crowned the winner if America voted me off 5 weeks prior.  Tainted Love courtesy of Nigel and the gang.

    • what if it was your favorite that was eliminated… would you ask for the save when you know that the save is not yet used?

      • My favorite has been eliminated almost every year!  I’ll use Adam as an example.  Loved him…but I was positive he wouldn’t win bc I’ve seen how the votes usually go..but I wouldn’t gone all psycho to have him saved.  It’s not a fair win.  Let go of the save and let things happen naturally.

      • adam who? the one who competed with kris allen during the final two of season 8? final with the SAVE?

      • Just an example…many agreed that Adam won the contest even tho Kris took home the title.  It’s just a reality show, I don’t post to get into conversations with people regarding my opinion.  I don’t like the save, it’s as simple as that.

      • what if it was use to save adam during the final two (assuming it was valid), would u still hate the save? i hope before u end u will get my point because i clearly get urs.

      • OMG you guys won’t stop today.  No I wouldn’t use the save.  I would rather win fair and square than to use a ploy the show put in to add some sort of excitement to get better ratings for their show.  The end @wondering, you won’t change my mind.  But I’m not trying to change your mind or anybody elses.

      • the contestants didnt give the save for the judges to use. its part of the game. using it to save a contestant is not unfair since it is valid. i am not changing ur opinion, i just dont agree on ur post that the save is wrong.

      • You know what @wondering, you are alright!  You didn’t agree with my view of the save and questioned me on it.  I tried to explain…it had nothing to do with who was saved, just the save itself.  Anyhoo, as I looked around I see men in particular beating me up, calling me names, stupid, etc.  YOU are the only gentlemen who asked a question with respect and for that I applaud you!

      • @essa thanks. reply them with respect and they will do the same to you. just like what u did to me. 🙂 we can reiterate our point without too much harsh words.

    • ok enough…  I’m sure jessica will never make it next week,   she will be eliminated.  Your zealous campaign against her will be fruitful in the end, I’m sure of that… I hope you’re happy, go get a life now.

  32. Go Jessica!!!You still can win,even if you don’t your’e gonna be an international star…

  33. What about the save card the judges used on Casey last year  ?  The judges stopped him from singing in the middle of the last song .    Did anyone say anything about that ???   Did anyone say that the judges were rude to save Casey ????  Did anyone say it was unfair to other contestants ???

    What if the judges used the save card for Joshua or Elise which I am sure they would have done the same thing…….  Oh that is OK….. it is not OK only because the judges played favoritism on a brown skin girl.  C’mon even the blinds can smell that these  people are talking craps.

    You people  keep saying the judges are bias, how about those millions that put indecent comments on this blogs and proclaimed their self righteousness.    Are they not as bias as the judges ????? 

    No, the judges do not owe anyone any apology  ?  Those people making nasty comments about the judges should apologize to everyone.  

    Whoever will win (can be anyone)  shall not be  embarrassed to take the title,  the person who will be embarrassed is the writer who used an “embarrassing statement”  to criticize the judges that the save should not be used. 

      • @nandisa1 was it reported in cnn, reuter and forbes? was the people still talking about it for four days?

    • Judges should have let her sing and then saved her… America decided she should go.. Right or wrong Judges should respect that. What they did disrespected america and mostly the left contestants who were standing there. What a shame!…. And JLo was trying to be an angel saying she tried to save heejun and deandre.. Then she ran to Jessica to pull the mike from and save her??? Hilarious!!!

      • I agree with you.  People try to read things into comments that just aren’t there.  I was laughing at Jlo also.  She will do anything to have the camera in her face (or her other favorite body part!)  The contestants that were in the top were left there as if it were their fault they weren’t on the bottom.  What happened was glorifying the least voted for contestants.  Oh well, we’re all watching so that must mean something.

      • It’s not america who decided jess should go,it’s those teens voting for some hot guys 1000 times…

      •  @2834b2acc9acdcd6b1741af19a678565:disqus , Hollie, Skylar, Elise aren’t hot guys, but they got more votes than Jess. People voted for who they wanted to vote for. Get over it.

      • @essa, please answer this: If the people dont like the president desicion, what they do is go to the street so they can be heard. is that wrong??

  34. Please are there any American idol fans here…Americans are beginning to loose it, how can they place Joshua and Jessica as bottom three and then say she was the least favourite for last week, whilst we have Holly and Philip Philip as saved for the week who did their worst last… Please please we need to let Americans know to vote for talents ONLY not favourites oh pleasssssssssssssse. Thank God the judges still had their save with them cos it would have been a HUGE disaster.

    • Talent is in the eye of the beholder. People voted for who they wanted to and will continue to. From your tone, I’m assuming your not American, so let me tell you as an American, I don’t need to be told by a foreigner how to vote and I think you will find my fellow Americans feel the same way…if you push us, we push back….with anti-voting campaigns. Let people vote how they want to. If you like Jess, it’s fine for you to say you like and support her, but it’s not OK for you to say American’s don’t know how to vote because the results are not what you wanted.

  35. The only way this save was wrong, is if the voting was fair. If Colton has 1 million powervoting teenyboppers giving him 20 million votes or more, and Jessica has 10 million non powervoting fans giving her 10 million votes, does that really mean Colton is twice as talented as Jessica, or does it mean the voting parameters should be corrected?

    This years numbers as far as viewers is roughly 30% lower than last years viewers up to this point. Maybe AI will take that huge drop in viewership into consideration, and try to figure out why their numbers have dropped so drastically. Maybe, just maybe, the AI fans do not like the inconsistant judging, and the skewed voting due to the ability to powervote. If the viewership drops another 30% next year, it will put the program in the “bottom 3” and the only “judge” that can save AI will be the American Viewers. Will we use our “save” on the AI program, or will we change channels and give our vote to “the Voice” or “X-factor?” Wake up AI, your numbers are dwindling, so your staged overdramatic melodrama’s like this one last Thursday are getting very old. When the viewers start watching other shows, the advertisers will switch to the other shows. It’s been a great run AI, but its time for you to make some changes, or your time in the spotlight may have reached its end.

    • The current rules allow for power voting J.D. I am not saying it should I am only saying it does. Yes they need to find a way to fix it but for the time being that is the way it is.

      If Colton’s 1 million fans are dedicated enough to sit for two hours and vote and Jessica’s 10 million fans are not then Jessica is not going to win. 

      You have to play by the current rules and then try to get them changed in the future. Jessica’s fans need to power vote if they are dedicated enough to do so. Unfortunately I do not think that the case you stated above is what is happening. I just think that Jessica has many more fans that can not vote because they don’t live in this country than she has fans that do live here.

      This site is accessible globally. A lot of the people commenting here do not live in the USA. They live in Latino countries as well as the Philippines. Jessica is very popular in those countries but apparently she is not AS popular in the USA as some of the other contestants. 

  36. The judges have turned many of we viewers off with their favouritism.  They should be treating all contestants equally – and they aren’t doing that.  Their ‘show’ Thursday night was ridiculous.  I hope things improve.

  37. the problem for anyone still left

    Jessica –
     i think the reason for jessica be in bottom 3 and rise to be eliminate is because her poor song choice choose,yeah she can sing any  song  and  made it so beautiful but she cant choose the song can be remember and steal america heart

    Joshua –
    kind uncomfortable when i hear him sing…..sometime i feel he scream are more than sing…..feel most uncomfortable when trio “Stronger”

    Elise –
    she is pretty good singer but she stand out too slow when everyone(America) already have their idol and this year is not a good year for her…..too many good singer this year guess america like “Younger singer” Lol…

    Holie –

    poor girl have been hate by judge(steven),honestly that night holie sing ” perfect ” is better than last week,that way steven talk just look like holie doing a Terrible job..NO!..she didnt ….for me she need a self believe and dont think too much and DONT STYLE LIKE A GRANDMASkylar – she is a new dark horse now and she is doing great will win unless america still need one more country singer winner
    Colton – he is amazing any song he sing ,i can feel the “soul” of the song …..and he is good looking and great smile,girl like him a lot…..will win it

    Philip – agree with the problem always feel the same when he sing,if he want to win it,should come something difference this week….he is one of them can win it….

    i think the winner of this year will between Colton and Philip because both of them didnt be
    bottom 3 and in the past of the season of AL(that season i watch) winner never in bottom*
    David Cook,Kris Allen,Lee Dewyze and scotty* 

    Skylar – she is a new dark horse now and she is doing great will win unless america still need one more country singer winner
    Colton – he is amazing any song he sing ,i can feel the “soul” of the song …..and he is good looking and great smile,girl like him a lot…..will win it

    Philip – agree with the problem always feel the same when he sing,if he want to win it,should come something difference this week….he is one of them can win it….

    i think the winner of this year will between Colton and Philip because both of them didnt be
    bottom 3 and in the past of the season of AL(that season i watch) winner never in bottom*
    David Cook,Kris Allen,Lee Dewyze and scotty* 

    For me Jessica and holie still need one more song to stand out very very stuning(if she want to 100% win) like America X Factor winner Malanie Amaro one song will made her become winner…..”Listen” by beyonce been watch over  10 million!!!! …….

    • Please check your grammar before you post here. Don’t get mad, it’s just a reminder (so that everyone who read your posts would understand and you not being misquoted). (“,)

    • comment started with “the problem for anyone still left ”
      but you actually don’t mention any problem for Colton. I just noticed it. No big deal~ 🙂
      Some sentences are repeated, you could still edit it though 🙂

    • Jessica – I love lite pop/rock songs and shes very consistent. soooooooooooo…., I like her. I feel bad for her though coz she is hated by many because of others fault. 

      Joshua – I do not like his tone and church genre kinda thing. so no.. sorry. The screaming and high notes though is great, coz that is not very easy to do.

      Elise – Yeah, I also love her. Dont know why people dont like her that much. Looks? Style? Attitude maybe? Being linked to Philip2x?
      Hollie – I like Hollie, shes like a perfect little doll on the stage when she sings. She needs more training and experience though. I think that judges should guide this girl not misguide her and humiliate on national television.

      Philip – I totally agree that he is not that great. Dont like this guy, dont know why. Maybe coz he always scream on every performance and I am getting vibes that he doesnt even want to win the competition like the Heejun guy.

      Skylar – I usually dont like skylar voice, but she got me on last week performance of kelly pickler song. But im sick on getting country/singer/songwriter winning AI. please…. 

      Colton – Very good last week. I love his interpretation of that song. Dont like him that much. Hes like a bit cocky for me. That aside, bravo!..

      Randy – SHUT THE HELL UP!
      Steven – ?????????? are you even there?
      Jennifer – Dont get over excited. Just sit! Ok. Thats all… good boy…!

  38. The judges need to tell the kids like Joshua and Jessica to pick better songs.  I wasn’t surprised about Jessica because her song did not appeal to me and I’m sure the teeny boppers didn’t relate to it at all.  She was dressed like a piano lounge singer and Joshua’s song was more of a rant that a song.  His performance was good but again I’m sure was lost on the younger audience.  Joshua and Jessica have beautiful voices and are old for their years, but they need to try and appeal to the people who are voting. 

    • Thank you for showing that it is possible to criticize objectively and not resort to bashing and name calling. I hope others can follow your example.

  39. The save being used was a way to boost ratings, what probably happened is the votes were close enough where they could take out x amount of votes and claim they were invalid (auto dialed, out of country, etc.) to make Jessica the bottom, make a big deal out of it on twitter and such, and then hope for a boost in ratings.

    It is also idol trying to set the stage for a girl (an asian girl at that, asians and latinos haven’t won idol) to end up winning instead of the usual WGWG.

    Expect Elise and Hollie back in the bottom again tomorrow, with them two being voted off (and Joshua or Skylar taking the third spot).

    I expect this to happen 
    Top 7:  Elise leaves (her votes go to Phillips)
    Top 6:  Hollie leaves (her votes go to Jessica)
    Top 5: Joshua leaves (his votes go to Jessica)
    Top 4: Skylar leaves (her votes go to Colton)
    Top 3: Colton leaves (his votes go to Phillips
    Finale: Phillips wins (maybe a 40% chance for Jessica, 60% chance Phillips)

    • Maybe, but I see it a bit differently.  If Hollie goes IMO her votes go to either Joshua or Skylar [southern vote].  Skylar leaves her votes go to P2 [again, southern vote]  At this point I don’t believe any eliminated contestant’s votes would go to Jessica.  If Jessica leaves IMO her votes would go to Colton.

  40. WHY in the hell are you people freakin’ out now that Jessica is still in the competition.  It’s very obvious that she is BIG BIG threat to your personal bet/s. So many people here make an indirect campaign to ruin Jessica’s image SO THAT their bets will rise as the STAR! C’mon guys, stop criticizing Jessica, unless you are better person/singer than her. Honestly, I’m very annoyed with Taymaro and Essa, to name a few, for writing their comments as if they are prophets who knows everything about music. This Essa thing, i dunno what’s with her. I dunno what’s her talent and golden ability to say stupid things, and try to act as a commentator who backstabs Jessica. If you dont like Jessica, leave her alone! Stop pulling her down by accusing her having a fake smile, being arrogant whatsoever… Why people? Are you guys perfect? Are you guys humble? Do you wear a perfect, innocent smile?

    100% FACT

    JESSiCA SANCHEZ is a BIG threat to your IDOLS thats why you are making talks about her. STUPID, nonsense comments that automatically bounces back to your IDOL’s profile!


    • you are 100% right melbourne and i don’t what’s their problem with Jessica because the girl is only doing what she love and that is singing and i can’t blame the judges for overreacting because they know how good Jessica is so to all those Jessica haters please just stop it and just focus on your idol

    • I am sorry you are annoyed with me. Last I checked this site isn’t just for the chosen few. I will use Matt’s line once more. 

      I will not force you read anything I write here. I promise…okay?

    • It’s not about her still being in. It’s about how the judges acted and how they did it. I am glad for her that she got a second chance.

      If it was real and not just for drama. And if the voting is not rigged then the judges acted totally inappropriately IMO.

      • Why take everything against Jessica???Her possitivity in everything she does, especially in singing makes her excel.Those were the actions of the judges, and jessica never dictated them what to do/say.It is just soooo unfair to take it against her.

      • I am not taking anything against her. I didn’t vote for her before this happened and a lot of people didn’t vote for her or she wouldn’t have been at the bottom. So I think people will just continue to vote the way they have been just to show the judges that they can’t push people around and insult us and the other contestants like that. 

    • Since she got the least votes of all 7, why would anyone see her as a threat to their favorite?  Obviously, regardless of the judges ridiculous display, America thinks less of her than they do of the other 6.  No threat, no problem.

  41. There are some people here who are only pretending to be Jessica fans.  They are actually posers who sarcastically and
    inordinately idolize Jessica to devastate the true intentions of the genuine
    fans.  I am a
    die-hard Colton fan but I honestly feel bad for Jessica becoming the victim here.

    •  I’m a genuine fan of Jessica. I cant take it that various people here accuse Jessica so many negative things obviously to really devastate Jessica’s image, so that many readers will make believe of them. I’m just defending Jessica coz I know she cant explain herself yet. It’s true, I agree with you that there are many people here pretends to be a real fan, but the real purpose is to ruin the pure intentions of Team Jessica. I was like fed up by the comments of various people here who pretend to be music-geniuses. C’mon!

      • What’s Team Jessica? This is just a TV show, why is there an organized  “Team Jessica”? No one else has an organized Team to promote them

      • If you think jessica’s is being accused of negetive things that are not true, you should have been here last season. The country music lovers and bible belt crowd of last season called Haley Rhienhart names like Slut, whore, pole dancer and hotchie mama on a daily basis. I sure am see anyhing like that being thrown at Jessica, ever … much less on a daily basis. The name calling this year is very tame, compared to what it was last year.

  42. I happen to like Holly and could care less what Randy or Jenifer think,
    but I voted for her after they gave such negative comments about her.

    I didn’t vote for JSan even though I think she is the best.
    Last weeks bottom three was a bad joke, It’s no wonder American idol is loosing viewers. I think the Judges did a good job of selecting some great talent, however in my opinion they should keep quite from here out. In stead they are making many people angry with there off the wall comments (in the name of helping them get better)
    I feel the show would do far better if the judges back off and let the chips fall where ever… The true judge is the buying public.


  43. There maybe some technicaly good singers on the show and I applaud them for there skill and talent.  Unfortunately I dont like their style or material so why would I vote for them?  

  44. We are only the “guests” of this banquet named “American Idol”. 

    We are the guests being invited there to be entertained.   We are not the boss in this banquet and the hosts make ALL the decisions and decide  what to serve including whether they want to use the “wild card”, “save card”, or whatever and whenever……….or who will be eliminated…..  

    Do we  or should we criticize these seven dishes that the hosts serve ???
    Or should we scream at the chefs because you hate chicken ??   The chefs are hired by the hosts and it is up to them to cook the style and ways the chefs want to cook.    The chefs absolutely have the freedom to do so.  The chefs have already tried their best to provide 24 dishes for you to pick from.   They have already done a wonderful job.

    Should we keep picking on these dishes and the chefs as being only the  guests   ??   Or should we learn how to appreciate the dishes and the hosts ? ?   I guess if you are still not happy with the food, you may want to head to McDonald next door.

    Yes you can vote, but this voting system only make you think you are in the driver seats, but my question is :   are you really in the driver seat ?    The ultimate decisions are all decided by the hosts.   Does it make any sense ?    

    We are only the guests for the banquet ……….. NOT the  hosts !!!!!

    People need to calm down, it is just only a television program AFTER ALL   …………….

    • Applause! And now I’m hungry. Where do you think I can grab those dishes? ^^

      You have a point there. Though we have the right to criticize, we don’t own the right to go far. 

      • Hi JoeLand0208,

        I am glad that we can all openly discuss things like “criticism” , it is a  big word isn’t it? 

        I always kept in mind the rules of engagement.  In the world of Critcism
        once you open the door to it, you are now allowing others to enter in.

        What am I saying ?  the rules are really very simple, If you GIVE  then
        be prepared to RECEIVE.  If you don’t want to receive any (nothing wrong with that) then don’t open the door.

        I am really impressed with the improvements in the last 2 days and now we can have a decent discussion on who we like without getting
        acused of being a person with no brains or with no musical understanding and worst haters of young and talented singers.

        This is good!!  just saying……………………………

      • Hi @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus ,

        Yeah, you’re right. If you give something, be prepared to receive. Criticism opens the door for many people to get in. However, once you get inside that tricky room, it resembles a big place of maze and you just can’t simply get yourself out.

        When we judge or criticize subjectively or objectively, you give people the chance to disagree, discuss opposing points and in turn will create a cycle of debate.

        In my case, when I give comments, I’m always ready to be opposed. I believe in what I feel believing and I defend it with my own reasons. The only difference is I try to make it as objective as it should be so I won’t sound offensive to a lot of readers.

        And so that we won’t go far, I will say what I feel as of the moment. I’ve already chosen my chef. Jessica it is! I feel satisfied with the dishes that she prepares every week and I’m always rooting for more. If everyone won’t be satisfied with it, I still have Elise and Phillip. 🙂

        Have a great day! 🙂

    • We are not the guests. We are indeed the host. If nobody tunes in then they can’t sell advertisement and they can’t pay the bills. 

      I say those three clowns that ran up onto the stage and acted like the worst crime of the 21st century had just been committed need to calm down. Not us. 

      We are not the guest. We are in control with our votes. We were asked our opinion and now they don’t like what we had to say so they act like a bunch of lunatics and rush the stage and tell us how wonderful Jessica is and how wrong we were for picking someone else besides her. WE ARE NOT THE GUESTS

  45. To reply to Joeland0208:   You can grab those dishes on Fox5 network on  Wed 8pm, and Thur 8pm………  Please come join us and stay tune !!!

  46. I was pretty disappointed at Randy Jacksons comments when saving Jessica this week – he said come on America, vote for the best, and that she is the best singer in America – I saw the look on the faces of the other contestants and felt really sorry for them – their faces showed it all – its basically like saying – America voted wrong, and the best singer is Jessica – I have been a fan of idol for years but I am starting to think the judges this season are trying to influence too much on whom they like best instead of just giving contructive critique on the performances, and giving the contestants encouragement to be the best they can be, and I think that in the spirit of fair competition they are really overstepping the mark and it was appauling this week – I think all the top 7 are very talented and worthy of winning, at the end of the day its up to the American public who they like the best – So vote for who you like the best, and not what Randy, Steve or Jennifer say – its your choice and its not for the judges to say what they did in regards to Jessica, sure save her if they feel she should have a second chance, but don’t say she is the best singer in America – Imagine how the other 6 feel now after having heard the judges say that!

    • hey bev correct me if i didnt hear it right, i thought randy said she is ONE of the best singer in america. . . have to validate again your post in youtube, brb.

      • You are correct! people seemed to exaggerate RANDY’s statement. they aint know the difference between the words, ” THE BEST”  from  ONE OF THE BEST” . LOL


        RANDY:   We are saving JESSICA, without any doubt. Let me just say it is!,  For Myself, Steven and Jennifer ; THIS GIRL IS ONE OF THE BEST SINGERS IN AMERICA! , EVER! . Are you kidding me ? Please everybody Please vote for the Best, its about finding  the best! I mean come on! .

      • Hi Wondering, you may be right and I may have misheard the exact words, but despite that – I still think they should be a bit more tactful in what they say as it is a competition and they seem to be a bit more overthe top these days in their support for some.  And if I misheard I am sure others have too, and the other contestants definately looked mortified – I am not saying Jessica isn’t worthy of being given a second chance, but at the end of the day its the voters who choose who stays and goes. 🙂

      • Hi Diane Farr,

        It is not so much the words used by Randy and company, it is the intent and the blatant way they did it.  Also not giving any consideration to the 6 singers that are there watching the whole thing.  You may think this is nothing but I believe they had openned pandora’s box , the most unfortunate thing with this is that by that outburst of emotions whether they have done that out of pure pity for Jessica and or pure Bravado, their credibilty of being Judges and advisers, mentors and persons to be looked upon as knowledgeable and impartial went down the drain.

        They  possibly made it worst for Jessica, than simply allowing her to  finish her salvation song, which we know she will do a good job anyway , it would have been a lot less obvious and more proper than what took place.

        Just saying………………………………….

      • He said, “One of the best singers in America! Ever! Please America vote for the best!” Then someone said get back over here Jessica.

        Now when he said, “Please America, vote for the best!” who do you think he was talking about. Was he talking about Hollie, Elise, Joshua? NO! 

        We all thought we did vote for the best. The “best” is relative to your own personal opinion. 

        Plus when all three judges stated that “America got it wrong.” What does that mean? It means that 3 of the other 4 should have been standing there. Does it not? How does that make them feel? How would it make you feel?

        Now I agree that the judges are supposed to judge. But they are supposed to judge on the performance night. Once the votes are in they should just accept it and move on.

        They are supposed to say:

        1.Whether they liked the performance or not. 
        2.Why they felt the way they did about that performance.
        3.What can you do to fix it.

        And that feedback should be honest without any obvious bias and that is not what is happening week after week. 

        Some people didn’t agree when JLo was pleading for votes for DeAndre but those same people are silent in the face of what happened Thursday night. Why is that? This was much worse on a grander scale and I think both were wrong. 

    • @ bev hughes, the judges are PAID t give their opinion, and everybody has the freedom to say their opinion , fortunately Jessica and Joshua seemed to always have a good feed back from them. Obviously because they are vocally talented. the JUDGES doesnt have favoritism they  just appreciate true talent, dont get me wrong but all of the 13 AI contestant are really good, coz the judges wont select them to the  top 13 if they arent good,  it is the matter of  who stands out and who’s not. 

      • totally agree with you.In my opinion,people here know how good jessica is and couldn’t find any flaw week after week.The judges acted that way and BOOM…….magnified  it a thousand times ……..finally found a hole…….then,took it against jessica!

    • Bev, uh oh!ONE of the best…..pls correct your statement about that if you want people to believe you and take you seriously.

  47. Still can’t believe last weeks bottom 3.Jessica’s talent is one of a kind.Ill be sad if she won’t be given a chance.

  48. They say that Jessica can’t win now cause everyone who was saved by the judges before ended up being eliminated sooner or later. But In my opinion it’s because they are  NOT-POTENTIAL-TYPES-WINNERS, unlike Jessica. Jessica already had lots of moments and will make more this coming weeks. I think she just earned her spot in the top 3, and will make it all the way to the finals. 

    • Hi Idolblogger,

      Who are these people ? 

      All what was stated is according to Idol Statistics no singer that was saved in the previous seasons made it to the final round and win.

      So you maybe right, Jessica still have a chance, but keep in mind why
      she ended up in the bottom.  If we are still following the rules of this show, the person with the least amount of votes gets eliminated.

      This has nothing to do whether you are the best singer or not, it is the amount of votes a singer gets that will determine if a singer moves on
      or goes home. Unless of course you are the  producer of this show and have absolute control of who wins and who looses.  My guess is you are not the producer and your guess is as good as ours for now.

    • Hi Idolblogger,

      I forgot to add, this question for you.  Now you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to, it’s ok by me.

      So here is my not so million dollar question for you:

      Why did the judges do the save then if they did not think the singers they saved are not  ( I will insert your quotation)  NOT-POTENTIAL-TYPE-WINNERS.  Isn’t that kinda stupid of them to do?

    • I am not a die hard Jessica fan. But, I do agree that Jessica has a much bigger chance to win then the other performers who was given the save. That guy who looked like tthe wolfman, from last season. What was up with wasting a save on him?

  49. what do you think 
    simon cowell’s reaction about jessica sanchez elimination
    considering that he said long time ago , when jessica sanchez was in america’s got talent “it is one of the greatest performance i’ve ever seen”

  50. hey guy’s do you think jessica sanchez will be in american idol 2013 intro just like the other contestant in the past year you know the one that pia tos cano was in the first window after kellie clarkson

    • i think yeah because she will not win it but she will replace pia toscano in the picture 

    • i believe yes!  if American Idol will change their Voting system, 1 valid telephone/mobile number = 1 vote . 

  51. In my opinion the top 3 last week will be the bottom 3 this week and surely
    hollie cavanagh will go home
    and before anyone gets mad on me this is just my OPINION!!!!! okay 

    • you stupid idiot
      hollie will not be eliminated she will win it she has the best voice there and has the best control of itnot only that she also has the most number of fans here in america and the whole world she is a world idol

      • Wow Tamero, take a chill pill. I’m sure he was implying that “surely Hollie will be going home” because she will most likely get the least votes”. Not that she is the most untalented. I am sure 90% of the people on this website think Holly will be the next to leave on American Idol. Are they all “stupid idiots” as well.

        Seriously people, when you call someone a “stuipid idiot” because their viewpoint does not match that of your own … You might just take a moment and ask yourself who is looking like the bigger idiot here.

  52. hey guys help me build a fanbase
    that will eliminate jessica sanchez from the competition 
    she is not deserving to be in american idol 
    she best fits in american worst idol, she will win it

  53. The people Of  USA voted for who they want,NO they did not get it wrong! The 3 Judges were wrong & way over the top.Colton was the best of the night & Joshua.Thank God they have no saves left tut!!

  54. I would like to add also that Randy & Steven should not let J-lo keep rapping them round her little finger! swaying them to think in her way,I am in UK but would not ever of voted for Jessica

  55. so many liars here in this blog spreading wrong news
    just like what randy jackson said “one of the best singer”
    not “the best singer”
    they are haters i know it because they want others to get mad to jessica sanchez even though it’s not her fault
    it’s just a tv show why make it a big deal

    • Because Randy, JLo and Steven made a big deal when they ran up onto the stage and started chastising all Americans for voting for someone other than Jessica. That’s why it’s a big deal to me.

      • i kinda agree with you. . the judges were  just over reacting… but, u must admit the fact that Jessica is the best among the group that’s why the judges saved her.

    • Jokes on you false Adam Lambert!  Adam would never say that because Adam is Jewish and Jews don’t believe in heaven and hell.  You lose.

  56. They have no right to scream at the people of USA U GOT IT WRONG! how disgusting,millions of people paid money to vote & they dont like the results.They should be ashamed of how they acted,making the other contestants feel worthless.They can save her but she would never have won it anyway 

  57. So how much does it cost in America each time someone votes for a contestant?

  58. if i was a producer in american idol i would still use the multivote per phone
    type of voting 
    but only register one vote per phone so that their is a fairness in voting
    anyway people will never  knew it  

  59. voting in american idol is not accurate because there are computer geniouses here in america that knows how to hack votes so that the one’s they hate will never win AI

    • Yes, I admit it is I, I wrote a program last year for anti-voting because I could no longer bear to hear Diva music, A Diva will never win AI…
      haaaaa haaaaa haaaa and continued evil laugh

    This week’s Theme would be:
    Motown and Songs from the Movie. 
    Follow me on Twitter for more Updates. @IdolBlogs:twitter 

  61. any song suggestions for the top7 this week
    by the way this weeks theme is eltonjohn
    too bad for the girls elton john is a man ow waitwaitwait
    he’s not man he’s gay 

  62. this week the bottom 3 is still joshua,elise & jessica 
    with jessica being eliminated
    then the judges will get angry again 
    and they will said “you got it all wrong america”
    jimmy will said “let’s all go home”
    that’s for sure

  63. wow jessica sanchez is so famous, she is in every big news paper here in america
    i think this will help her

  64. wow jessica’s elimination is even bigger news 
    than the north korea rocket launch attempt

  65. who do you think will win in a singging competition
    american idol 2012 winner
    the voice 2012 winner or
    x-factor 2012 winner

  66. why did they eliminate jay 
    ooops i taught this is survivor oneworld

  67. american idol will eliminate hollie cavanagh next week no matter what happens even if her fans vote 1000000 times per phone
    sorry that’s true

  68. jessica is boring 
    jessica is arrogant
    jessica is lier
    jessica is ugly
    jessica can’t sing
    jessica sounds awful

    • why r u writing this? i thought u dont want the judges actions during the save but you are acting more worst than them?

  69. hggbebvhbcnwheueugywhcjdncjsndbcqwhufhhgurteivjioejrvndbndvbrhtbvugrheghjdvcjwdqjbcvqbyvcreqbughhteyhuergufhdshvhhfbvjbhnyhihiujitjjbnhrbvhgehvbjfjvbhebvhrvbhebhre

  70. This is what I’m thinking. They did the sudden elimination to Jessica, so the judges will be able to use their save. Because if Elise will be leaving, for sure they will use the save as well which will hurt Jessica if she will be eliminated next week. I don’t think, Jessica will be in the bottom 3 next week as the drama triggered more votes for her now.

  71. Everybody needs a reality check!!!!!

    1)  It doesn’t matter who wins.  Jimmy has already decided who’s getting a record deal.   Jessica, P2, Elise, Joshua and probably Colton and Skylar are gonna get deals.  Some will also get independant deals from other record companies.
    2)  Stop with the conspiracy theories.  IT’S NOT FIXED.  Jessica was the lowest vote getter.  Why would they fix it?  See number 1 above.  If they got caught fixing it, they’d lose everything.  No more AI.  Shows over.  You think they’d risk a multimillion dollar income just to put Jessica in the bottom 3 to save her?   That being said, they WILL play up the DRAMA and you all are drinking the AI Kool Aid.
    3)  Your votes don’t matter.  See number 1 above.  All your votes do is decide who gets a free Ford car.  Once they made the Top 10, they won.  They get paid to go on tour and the majority will get a contract and have a shot at long term careers.
    4)  Even though Jessica is the best singer, she won’t win.  Majority of voters are tweens and grandmas from the South and middle America.  West and East coast don’t vote in the same numbers.  I don’t see voting parties held in LA or NY.  Jessica is the last person not from the South.  If you have your whole town/state voting for you a hundred times each, thats a boatload of votes.  I live in LA and NEVER saw a sign or poster or anything supporting K McPhee when she was in it.   That being said, Skylar has a big career ahead of her since country artists do well out of Idol.
    5)  America get’s it wrong most of the time.  America got it right only twice, Kelly and Carrie.  That’s it.  If they got it right more often, Daughtry, K McPhee, and J Hud would have won too.  Too early to tell with Scotty but he’s off to a good start and like I said, country artists do well with Idol.
    6)  Your opinions are just that.  It’s funny to me that you all think you know more than people in the music business.  If you did, you would be the one handing out record contracts.  The problem is the judges are looking for the person who will make the most MONEY.  America is voting on personality, cuteness, back story, sob story, home town and state, and singing last.  That’s why they like Jessica and you all are up in arms about it.
    7)  I find it sad that many of you say such horrible things about the contestants, especially Jessica.  THEY ARE ALL KIDS!  What kind of person says these things about a 16 year old?  Only Elise and P2 can buy a beer.  This is the best Top 7 ever, can’t you just enjoy it?

    The sad thing is you are all so passionate about your favorites, but once the show is over, half of you won’t really support them in their careers, and half will actually steal from them by stealing their music.  

  72. Dont talk any persOnal adjective to a persOn. You have no rights to say bad comments to top 7 A1. Just enjoy the show and vote if you want! Taymaro you attitude is bad and ugly as what you think to jessica!! Shes doing her best to compete the competition! She will accept if she loose! Shes a good person and i believe she will appreciate all you bad comments to her! because she never step down to your level!!

    • There is someone making posts with my name. That is not me. Matthew can check the IP and ban it. If you click my name you will see all of my posts and if you click their posts you will see they only have a few. If it was the same IP they would be grouped together.

  73. Okay there is an impostor in here using my name. Something needs to be done about that ASAP!!!!

  74. Taymaro have you tried joined the competition? Have you tried somebody put you down without any reason? It hurts right? Before you judge someone look at yourself ! i believe looser never win!! Love not hate! Peace not war!

  75. As I have already stated. The person making these post is an impostor using my name. Please ignore those posts.

  76. wow!!  where did all these hot celebrities come from, commenting on idol!!  i’m really impressed.. don’t they have careers or something to keep them busy??

  77. Is there anyone who knows already the theme for this week~ 🙂
    Some said it’s Cinema/Motown or sons from the movies, is that true? 

    • The only thing I read anywhere else was that the judges will pick one song and the singers will pick the other.  I don’t know if that’s accurate.  No theme was mentioned.

  78. TMZ REPORTED 5-16-2012
    AI producers knew Jess got lowest votes and informed the judges prior to the show and encouraged then to use their save

  79. We had a room full of people at my house and after the weirdo kept yapping about Tom Cruise this and Tom Cruise that we all mutually agreed to watch Rock Center because the people on the AI show are much more talented than that old dork Cruise!

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