American Idol 2012: What the Top 9 Should Do This Week

AMERICAN IDOL 2012: Colton Dixon. CR: Nino Munoz / FOX

Even thought the American Idol 2012 Top 9 theme is a broad one, there are still some things I’d like to see from the contestants.

This week, the theme is songs from the singers’ idols, so picking what songs I’d like to hear them sing is nearly impossible. Of course we did get some hints from American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe as to what some of the idols will be, so we can take a look at that as well.

Colton Dixon. Colton will likely take on Lifehouse or Daughtry based on what Nigel said. There’s not much Colton can’t do at this point. He’s definitely in the right zone.

Skylar Laine. I was going to suggest Skylar do a very well-known song before she slips into the bottom, but according to Nigel, someone is doing Miranda Lambert and it’s probably Skylar. So that means she’s not going to do a really well-known song. Miranda isn’t one of those artists that crosses over at all. Skylar needs to consider some classic country like Patsy Cline.

Hollie Cavanagh. It’s anybody’s guess who Hollie’s Idol will be, but I’d love to see her lighten up a bit. Come off a little younger for a week with her song choice. I’m not talking something awful like Miley Cyrus or anything, just a more youthful sound.

Jessica Sanchez. There’s little Jessica can do wrong at this point. I don’t really see her falling into Pia Toscano syndrome or anything, so I’d stick to ballads for a bit longer if I were here.

Phillip Phillips. This guy can do no wrong. Everyone thinks he’s going to be doing Led Zeppelin, but I think that might be Elise’s Idol. We’ll see. Phillip just needs to keep on doing what he’s doing.

Elise Testone. I don’t think Led Zeppelin is a good idea for her, but I’m getting the feeling it’s her. I don’t know why. I just am. I think she needs to bring it hard every week or she could fall back into the bottom.

Heejun Han. Heejun should really take everyone’s advice and play it straight for a week. It could actually help save him from going home next. He might be the Vote for The Worst pick, but that’s not why he stuck around last week. It’s because America is still charmed. But they won’t be much longer. They’re going to want to hear him sing and not joke.

Joshua Ledet. Joshua should mix things up a bit. If ANY of the contestants are coming off as a one-trick pony it’s him. He doesn’t have to take us to church every week. He might want to reach out to a broader audience.

Deandre Brackensick. Oh, he’s still here. I seriously kept counting how many people I had written about and couldn’t figure out who the ninth person was. I had to look at a photo just to remember this guy.  That being said, I have nothing really to say. He’s pretty much destined for the bottom 3 this week regardless. He and Heejun have to shake things up if they even want to try to not go home.

What would you like to see the American Idol Top 9 do this week?




  1. I agree, Jessica won’t fall prey to the Pia Toscano Syndrome. Because she’s a lot more likeable and actually a sweet person. Pia was nice, but I always felt a disconnect with her, like an invisible wall. Jessica has officially won America’s hearts with her petite size, bright smile and incredible, heartfelt voice. I’m still not saying that Jessica WILL win, she might not, but she has a great chance. Anyway, keep voting! (By the way, has anyone noticed that Ryan hasnt once announced the number of millions of votes? I think the average votes might be lower this year…)

    • I think the vote numbers are down partially due to all of the basketball that’s been on and partially because this year’s talent just doesn’t have that much star power.  Last year we had two country singers which drew interest from viewers who normally don’t vote.  We had a rocker and two jazz performers, ditto.  We had a pageant/vegas/cruise ship singer that excited the retirement home crowd.  This year, while a talented group, we are lacking “It” power.

      • Dang, agreeing w/ you again.  Last year I was for Haley.  Big time for Haley.  I was also for James.  The year before I was for Shiobhan.  The year before I was for Allison big time.  I was for Adam.  For that matter I really enjoyed the final 6 that year.  That was Idols’s best year IMO.

        So most years I was for at least one, & sometimes more.

        This year I’m not really “for” anyone.  There’s some ok singers. I’m more watching to see how it plays out. 

    • let’s face it, the show is old already.  the thrill is almost gone  due to the predictability of the judges, the biased voting, and the talent that almost gets it right.  jessica is fabulous, which means that she won’t win.  this might be good for her because those who don’t come in first do better than those who do.   love hollie and skylar.  the guys are good to okay but nothing really out of the ordinary.

      • IMO the biggest problem with the show is Nigel and his manipulations.  If they put the age limit back to say 18 to 30, limited the votes per device and got rid of the ancient theme nights it would revitalize the show.  Also forget the sob stories and get some relevant 21st century mentors.  Oh, I see the horse is dead.   Putting down my stick.

      • to templar-interesting theory and observations.  i agree about the age limit and the theme nights.  i’d like to hear them all sing the same song  on an episode and really compare talent and style

  2. Hollie’s idol is Mariah Carey
    Jessica’s is Beyonce
    Colton’s is Daughtery
    Joshua’s is Lifehouse – let’s not forgot that he is a church boy.
    Skylar is Miranda Lambert
    Elise is Led Zepplin – Could be incredible for her if she picks the right song.

    • It’s more likely that Lifehouse belongs to Colton and Daughtery belongs to P-squared.

  3. This will be exciting, let’s see who will shine on their comfort zone… I think the best 3  of the night would be Jessica, PP and Hollie or Joshua.

  4. Can’t wait!!! Looking forward to jessica’s performance! I guess she needs to keep in mind what diddy (jessica considers as the best mentor session) not to overdo things. With a ver strong vocal chords and beautiful voice, what could possibly go wrong? Another standing O??????

  5. I’d love to see DeAndre pulling a true falsetto performance with some kinds of Barry Gibb’s song lol

  6. Elise has been growing on me these past few days. I look forward to seeing her performance. (:

    • I agree.  Elise has been coming on for me in the past few weeks too.  I’d be fine if a lot of em won at this point.  Back in the top 24, I wouldn’t have included Elise in the group that I wanted to see win. 

      I still don’t think she has a shot to win.  I’d be happy for her if it happened though. 

    • I hope she doesn’t sing Stairway to Heaven.  That song is all about mood and a down mood at that.  The lyrics don’t even rhyme and without that Paige/Plant vibe it’ll fall flat.  Not to mention condensing it to under 2 minutes.

      • You’d have to do the first verse and then go to the bridge to where it ramps up to a strong finish.  2 minutes would be a Herculean challenge….

        Not sure what else she could do that was mainstream enough for people to at least know the song.  Perhaps she could do “All of My Love” or “Going to California” —

        I always was a huge fan of “Down by the Seaside” — but no one knows that one….

    • I cannot stand Elise! I think she is such a brat. When everyone goes to hug one another she always rolls her eyes, she doesn’t take any criticism well and while she does have a good voice her attitude is so annoying I will never vote for her.

      • This isn’t a Miss America Pageant — I don’t think i’d be interested in hugging people either in that environment.  She doesn’t want to be in the Bottom 3 — who would?

        Let me guess — you were one of those that hated on Haley last year too because she thought the judges were AHoles….and had to keep hearing from JLo what Haley needed to do to sing better — I think if I had Haley’s voice (or Elise’s for that matter) — I’d roll my eyes and them too.

      • I’m sorry if this sounded silly, but – when did Elise ever roll her eyes or show a bad attitude? Perhaps because I miss the results show a lot, I never see her show any unkindness towards other contestants. Last time I see her, she was smiling and chatting with Skylar onstage, and they seemed pretty close. Just an opinion, but maybe we shouldn’t judge Elise or her personality only based on what we see. We don’t know her personally. Maybe she’s a kind person, just with a strong personality – I don’t know.

      • Elise is the exact opposite of a brat. She has worked so hard her whole life for this and is an actual talented musician- she appears SERIOUS on TV because this is the most important thing that has ever happened in her life. I think Jessica’s little act is far more annoying than anything Elise has done- Jessica and Elise have the best voices on the show and they both know it. To act the way Jessica does with the “oh my god you think I’m good? I can’t believe it!” is a lie- that girl knows she can sing. Elise knows she can sing and OWNS it.  I promise you the more songs you hear this girl take on, the more impressed you will be. Elise is someone that has so much talent, squeezing it into a 2 minute package for Idol is like trying to cram your favorite book all on one page. She has everything to make it for the long haul. Vote vote vote!!! Don’t be stupid America. 

      • I totally agree! Jessica’s ACT is getting totally annoying! I swear she has been trained from birth for this and I just can’t take her seriously. All substance.

      •  Hey Avabrooklynn,

        You must have a different TV than most of us,  it has one of those
        that make eyes to roll involuntarily on the screen, Can you tell me where to buy one of those,  please.

        I have been waiting for you to come out from wherever you were hiding.  I understand if you don’t like Elise , there are 8 more singers
        to choose from.  Just don’t spread lies here since we also watch the episodes each week. Vote for whoever you like period.

  7. It doesn’t matter what skylar sings. Even if she sings a song that no one knows, she will be the best. She has shown already that she can sing anything. She is definitely the top!! Go skylar!

    • Skylar sing anything?  I haven’t heard anything but country from her.  Remember when Carrie sang “Alone” by Heart?  That was a country girl that could sing anything.  Skylar hasn’t shown me that type of range yet.

  8. I’ve decided that if I were a betting man… my money would either be on Hollie or Colton. Both would break the WGWG saga. If Colton won, it would be White Guy With… Piano. I really hope it’s Hollie though. She REALLY needs to step it up! She’s still my fave!!!

    • So agree with you. I love Philip Phillips. He has already one in my book. He does not need to win the show. I am sure he has several producers looking at him. He is unbelievable.

  9. Jessica should sing “ave maria” by beyonce. seen her vid in youtube singing that song, and she nailed it, go Jessica! 

    • Jessica sang Schubert’s song ” Ave Maria “. It’s not even In English . It’s not Beyonce’s ” Ave Maria ” …

      •  a traditional Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox prayer calling for the intercession of Mary, the mother of Jesus … Wikipedia … PLZ, search before …      /  BTW,  sung by many …..not inly Schubert.

  10. I would love to see Heejun go out with a bang (he should have gone last week anyway) and hear him to Weird Al’s “Eat It”.  It would be hilarious and totally mock the process as he seems totally content with doing.

  11. Branden , U can do no wrong !!!  .  from what I have seen so far, u r being so fanatic towards Phillip, He can do no wrong .. Really ??
    U must  Show  respect to all of the contestants espicially DeAndre …. If U disrespect people , they will disrespect u .


  12. Hi Branden,
    I am not quite sure what you meant for Elise to bring it hard every week.
    I do agree 200% that she do not have any room for a bad song choice.
    Clear my confused mind will you please and tell me if Zeppelin’s catalogue is not hard enough for you.  Songs like:

    Whole Lotta Love
    Houses Of the Holy
    You Shook Me
    In My Time Of Dying
    Boogie With Stu
    I am not going to suggest Stairway To Heaven but she might decide to do that song.

    This is just a wee sample of  some “very light music that Elise can do” since
    she likes Zeppelin, have listen to it and tell me what you think. LOL

    Just saying……………………………..

      • Hi Pr63,
        Trex, wow thats going back, way back .  In order for me to listen to these songs I need a little help from my friends.  Perhaps, maybe Mr. Green Frog. or Miss Strawberry Alarm Clock. but I do like some good old fashion “Clear Heads” that would do it. Naaaaaah, I must be dreaming,
        those guys have been gone for a long time.  Heh heh Just Kidding,
        like Mr. Ringo Starr would say, no no no no I don’t _ _ _ _ no more, I’m tired of waking up on the floor, no thank you please it only makes me
        sneeze.   I have given up those friends for a long long time. LOL

    • “All of My Love” and “Going to California” might be good choices for her….

      • I’d love for Colton to do Hush by Deep Purple.  All this talk of Zep and TRex led me all over the place to King Crimson, Velvet Underground, Neon Philharmonic and eventually to Deep P and the penny dropped.  Wow!  What a party that was. LOL

      • If we’re on a “wish list” I’d love to hear Joshua sing:

        “Try a Little Tenderness”
        “Change is Gonna Come”
        “Sign Your Name” by Terrance Trent D’Arby

      • Ok for Joshua, but I think a rough key for him.  Can they have him ride in on the Indian?  He could really “church up” TALT like Andre Braugher in Duets [better than Bolton’s ], CIGC is overdone on Idol, IMO.

  13. Deandre Brackensick has the best voice of the group, I don’t know what he’s singing, but I think he should sing  Simply Jessie by Rex Smith.

  14. Phillip will most certainly do a Dave Matthews song…how could that not be his idol?

    • I could hear him singing “A Little Help From My Friends” Joe Cocker!!

      or “The Letter” or “You are So Beautiful”

  15. I argee, Erika Van Pelt Felt was Robbed Over
    American Idol 2012 Elimination. The judges should let America decide and keep their opinions to them selves.

    • There was nothing to rob because the probability of her winning the title was probably nil. Talented as she is (more than a few of the contestants that remain), the fact is she did not connect with a lot of the voters, and saving her would have only delayed her exit, thus wasting the save.

  16. I think your a jerk and wont be coming to your site again. deandre is the only one that has done ballads, upbeat songs, danced around on stage. So I can almost guarantee you have done nothing in your life to say you have went out for your dream and if you have I hope people were kinder to you. all of these young people deserve respect for just going after their dreams, you sit behind a computer screen and dis people, when these young people read what you people say about them can shake their confidence, shame on you. their are other bloggers who give constructive critisism not just mean words like you.   you will never be remembered because we really don’t know who you are, you are just a cyber bully so keep hiding behind your computer because we probably wouldn’t like what we would see a cruel ugly untalented person.

    • Hmmm…and how are you any different from him then if you’re saying such unkind things? In his defense he writes that these are his opinions, not infallible statements. If you don’t like it, oh well, that’s your opinion. And as for the contestants reading this, they’ve signed up for this show so they know what to expect. This is all just good fun. If we all keep it nice everything should be fine. And as for DeAndre, he just simply said he wasn’t his fave. Nothin wrong with that.

      • He is a contributor to the site, a figure of authority. The site is for discussion not attacks on contestants. Yes we are also contributors but he is in a position of influence and should not be allowed to attack someone personally like that. He should limit his comments to critiquing the performances and not acting in a vicious manner such as this. It’s wrong and he knows it’s wrong. 

  17. Omg how can you put Deandre in Heejun’s category? He’s so talented, he doesnt get enough credit for it, his range in his voice is amazing he does not deserve to be in the bottom 3 with Heejun at all…Deandre is freakin awesome

  18. You dont care about DeAndre and to me DeAndre has the mose distinct and original style and honestly he and maybe Hollie are the only ones ireally care about. He should sing tracks of my tears or sth by Usher or Bob Marley

  19. I think Hollie should do ‘When I look at you’ by Miley Cyrus. She did it in Hollywood last year and was amazing. Also her video on YouTube of her singing the song is so good. If she sang that song she could easily be the best of the night.

  20. If Skylar is doing Miranda she should do “The House That Built Me”.  It would show a differnet side of her voice.

  21. I think Miranda is a good fit for skylar. Like Miranda Skylar writes her own songs and hopes to show some off on idol soon. Miranda has a lot of heart in soul in her songs that many people can relate to. “Cause I heard Jesus he drank wine
    And I bet we’d get along just fine He could calm a storm and heal the blind And I bet he’d understand a heart like mine ” She didnt win all those AMC awards for nothing! So Miranda may not be a cross over thats not her she born and raised country but., she is one of the TOP country recording artist to date. However Skylar has sang well known NON-country songs but added a country twis. Carrie, Scotty, and Lauren did that as well because like Skylar they knew theywere country. So sorry I don’t think its fair to say shee needs to do more well known songs when Colton was accoused of doing the same thing not singing well known songs. There’s a lot of singings in this comp. that know what style of music they like and the artist they want to be and Skylers no exception. so sorry I think shes doing great and Miranda is a great fit!

  22. colton, jessica and hollie should sing a little younger song. that could catch the attention of the audiences. I hope jessica would sing a beyonce song (e.g. halo, if i were boy, 1+1, but not Listen)…hollie would do some kelly clarkson songs (breakaway, somewhat upbeat)..and colton would do a ballad-alternative kind of stuff..

  23. Branden, really. Josh is a one trick pony and Phillip can do no wrong? Seriously you just wrote that huh. Are you watching the same Idol we are? Josh has done a couple ballads with a variety of runs, an upbeat Stevie Wonder song moving about the stage, and a Billy Joel song he was not familiar with at all while toning back on his runs. And you consider that a one trick pony? Phillip, although I do like him, has stood behind the mic with his guitar strapped to his shoulder and not moving an inch. Every performance has looked and sounded the same, he has that same growl and goofy look on his face every time, and he has yet to sing a ballad to show off any vocal skills or range period. Everything sounds the same from him. He doesn’t want to take advice from people who know how to succeed in the industry they’re in. You criticize certain contestants for being quote, ‘one note’ but fail to criticize your favorite for being the worst at it, whatever bro. Fair and just critique should be made for all my friend. It’s ok for some to stay in their wheelhouse and not change it up, but not for others? There’s several contestants who have not deviated from their comfort zone, but Josh is not one of them. If anybody’s a ‘one trick pony’ it’s Phillip!!!

    • Oh and how many standing ovations has Josh had compared to Phillip? I’ll just tell you that Josh and Jessica have had more than any contestant, including your Phillip Phillips!!

    • EW! I can’t stand either one of those blowhards! Well, I hope she does because I’m not a big fan of Jessica, the wind up doll either.

      •  Hi Pally45,

        I tried to get a Streisand concert ticket the last minute for 2 and the cheapest seats available at the time were $2500.00 – that’s the artist you just described as a blowhard.  Before I can make up my mind to buy it,  it was gone already.

        So I’m wondering then who would you consider as an artist you would pay that much bucks to see in concert? 

      • Ed..not very many I would pay that kind of money to see. If I had to pick, I’d pick someone a lot more exciting than Barbara Streisand!! I would probably pay that for..oh…Van Halen from 1983, The Rolling Stones, CCR. Oh, were you talking  today?  I was confused with the Babs love. Today…not many would I spend a dime on. I did pay 120 for a ticket this summer for Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. I bet I have a lot more fun there than you would have at a Barbara Streisand concert. YAWN

  24. Branden is suggesting that Jessica sings a ballad… only to bash her and criticize that it was boring and give a B+/- afterwards.. while giving the over-rated PPs an A++.. nice try branden =D

    • It came to my mind . but I thought .. naah , he is not being manipulative … He is a hopeless case … I hope that no one of the contestants is reading this except his beloved Phillip. Sometimes, I think he wants to give him The Villain Role , so, we start to hate him. by that, we lowered his chances … TPTB … 

      • 17 million people watch Idol.  How many of those do you think visit this site?  We’re not influencing anyone.

    • Phillip is not over-rated. He is easily the most talented of the bunch. It doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty cute either.

      • Most talented? Are you insane? He only looks pooing everytime he sings! That’s all! Jessica is the most talented of all this season. Sorry!

      • Joe, everyone I have talked to thought Jessica was  not very good last night and hard to understand…and everyone loved Phillip…except on this page. I think Jessica has her relatives posing as different people and having them post. She wasn’t that good..a lot of different reviewers have said it also..not just here.

  25. I honestly like Deandre’s voice… they just have been choosing weird songs for him to sing… if he were to sing some Deangelo or some Maxwell i think he could make it to top 3.. he is a r&b singer everyone isn’t meant to cross genres… i love his voice but if it doesn’t pick up for him he’ll just be another Sanjaya… someone who just gets to stick around because hes cute

  26. That was really, REALLY low of you Branden to belittle DeAndre like that. I don’t care if you don’t like him but that was very unprofessional of you as a contributor to this site. 

    I know you probably don’t care about my opinion but I think the writers on this site should be a little more neutral when it comes to the contestants. No way in hell you forgot about DeAndre being in the competition. How old are you Branden? How would you like to be 17 years old and trying to make something of yourself and have someone attacking you like that? And yes, I do consider it an attack in the worst sense of the word. What warranted that? It’s one thing to be critical of a person’s performances but that bordered on an all out personal assault! The world is a scary place and when you are that young you are already terrified that you are going to become a vagrant living in cardboard boxes and eating at a shelter and then have someone just pushing you down as hard as they can with the sole of their shoe?! It’s regrettable that you made that comment and it was allowed to get onto the post without being edited. Not that it was about DeAndre but if you had attacked any other contestant to that degree I would have been equally as appalled by. I have had issues with your remarks in the past but this take the cake and unless I change my mind this is the last visit to this site that I will make. Ridiculous is an understatement!

    I just don’t understand what warranted that. Has he done something to you personally? Besides that the comment I know was totally false. No way you could forget him. He has a couple of performances that were outstanding. I know some people don’t care for his style or his performances but he is definitely not forgettable. 

    I wish you would post a video of yourself singing and let us all judge that. You seem to have all the balls to come out and criticize others in this vicious way, so I would like to see if you have the courage to put yourself up to that same criticism instead of hiding behind this site posting your nonsensical and cruel remarks. I would almost be willing to bet all I have that you don’t! 

    • Branden is a writer, he writes.  Suggesting that he post a singing video of himself is ridiculous.   That’s like disbarring an attorney because he can’t dance.  Mentioning that, for him, Deandre is forgettable is scarcely a treasonable offense.   I like Deandre, but have forgotten him myself when making a list [who should sing what etc.].  Maybe you should huff some Black Flag to get that bug out of your a$$.

  27. I don’t understand how Josh is a one trick pony.. he has so far mix things up. And no I never get the feeling that he’s taking us to church every time he sings. His rendition of “When a Man Loves a Woman” was fantastic and there was nothing gospel-y about it. If anyone is a one trick pony that’ll be Hollie and Phillips2 to a certain extent, but of course you would never point that out would you?

  28. Of course…Jessica will not fall into the Pia Toscano syndrome.   People got tired of Pia’s all-ballad repertoire,  but people will not get tired of Jessica who can sing any type of song,  ballad or upbeat.  

    • I have to disagree.  Jessica didn’t do Turn The Beat Around very well at all. Also, I’m getting bored with her.

      • It’s only you Pally! Get a life and leave Jessica alone.  She will always be a standout no matter what you say. Simply saying she is the most talented AI this season. 🙂

      • Again..Joe? The most talented, really?  At times, she can sing, I’ll give you that. What instrument does she play? Has she ever written a song?

  29. i think elise should sing Anastacia’s songs….skylar should sing lean rhime’s songs…hollie should sing natalie cole’s songs…philipppps should sing louie armstrong’s song because he likes growling like a wolf…colton should do duran duran…jessica would do better with patti la belle …joshua with glady’s knights …. deandre should do israel kawikamakaole and introduce the hawaiian pop songs and heejun han should do cabaret by liza minelli while immitating ken geong’s antics. 

  30.  Somehow Jessica annoys me, which I can’t really explain.  I don’t know – she doesn’t feel genuine? I know, I know, American idol isn’t personality contest, but there are other amazing singers as well. Oh well some have critisized Elise…
    Other than that  I just don’t like Jessica’s voice.

  31. I think Deandre should lip sync Milli Vanilli song – really!  He looks just like that one guy….that’s if any of you on this site remember who Milli Vanilli were…

  32. Does anyone know where I can watch american idol online at because I missed tonight show due to work pls let me know

  33. I have a feeling after last night Colton is going to win. Just my thought. Not even sure who will go home tonight. Great show. Who do you thin will go home?

  34. Adam Lambert killed that shXt. Elise’s performance paled by c omparison. I was not impressed. Also, the judges may want to watch GREAT performances from previous seasons so they actually sound like they know what they are talking about.

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