American Idol 2012: Top 9 Results Show Recap

American Idol DeAndre Brackensick

Thursday night on American Idol 2012 we said goodbye to another contestant, meaning the judges’ save is still in play for the Top 8 next week.

At the beginning of the show we get some news that Aerosmith is going on tour. OK. And that guy that DeAndre Brackensick covered last night shows up to surprise him. Still not sure who that is (Joke, people. This is a joke).

After a kind-of OK American Idol Ford music video, Ryan dims the lights for the first batch of results. He calls Elise Testone, Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh up to the stage. At this point, I’m certain it’s going to go as I predicted last night. Phillip was sent to safety first. Then Elise. Hollie is in the bottom, just as I suspected.

After an ear-bleeding performance by Nicki Minaj, we’ve got more results. Ryan asks Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet and Heejun Han to join him on stage. Colton is sent to safety. And after playing with Joshua’s head, he too is sent to safety. So it’s Heejun in the bottom. Again as I suspected.

Scotty McCreery takes the stage next and not much has changed with him in a year. His pants are way tighter but that’s about it. I didn’t hate his performance.

Time for more results. The remaining three, Skylar Laine, DeAndre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez, join Ryan in the center of the stage. Surely the last seat in the bottom goes to DeAndre, just as I predicted. Wrong. He was safe. And so is Jessica. It’s Skylar in the bottom. Surprising. She’s the only country singer in the contest and last year the Top 2 were country singers. Guess the country fans are taking a season off from voting.

The first person Ryan sends back to safety is Skylar. Then Hollie. It’s Heejun who has to sing for his life in order to stay in the contest. He sings the same song as the night before (smart move) and it was actually better than the night before.

But the judges just can’t bring themselves to save Heejun. They just know that one of the really good singers is going to pull a Hudson/Daughtry/Toscano, so they’re going to save it for that moment.




  1. Branden. It’s top 8 for next week, not 9. Simple typo I know. I think we all thought deandre was destined for the bottom 3. Hopefully next week America, and the teenie boppers will come to their senses, well at least grown up America ha

  2. You think America could be finally warming up to DeAndre’s style? I hope so. He’s still in jeopardy though so all the DeAndre fans need to keep Voting and Voting and Power Voting! 

    •  Funny how some blame teenie boppers on keeping Deandre in when his fan base are more mature and grown up, with a mix of younger ones. Just look at his style, it attracts an older crowd. And yes, Taymaro, I hope America is finally starting to warm up to Deandre’s talent.

      • Well in my mind that Eric Benet song should gain close to the same following as Adele’s “Someone Like You”. It carries you on that same journey but the lyrics are not at all similar. So if they’ve ever been in love and been isolated from that person and gotten over them to the point they can move on with their life, but when they are alone still regress to that dark place and their heart breaks all over again then the lyrics of this song should hit home for them. 

        So if you are this person and if “Someone Like You” brings you to tears then bring out the hankies before you listen to this song.

        Remember it’s Eric Benet, Sometimes I Cry. Give it a listen. You may be surprised you like it even though it’s falsetto and a man sounding like a girl…LOL. Then listen to DeAndre’s studio version and see if you change your mind about his vocal skills.

  3. Oh and it’s Eric Benet….look him up. Buy his songs on itunes. He’s awesome!
    I know Branden knows who he is but he didn’t mention the name so I thought I would. He deserves a mention.

  4. we will miss you hee jun!  american idol season 11 wont be the same without you. hmmmp. 🙁

    • Yeah! Its the main reason why I watch it. HeeJun hopefully youre not serious, it doesnt do any good. Be yrself! Omg im crying too.

    • I  like Deandre, but his falsetto is painful. I had to mute the sound last night.  He has a lovely voice otherwise.

    • Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, seriously can he sing? to me he can sing a little, not the voice for me but for you – fair enough, sincerely sharing with you –  he will go sooner or later – pleasant to look at, he doesn’t have that special voice – JLor like him because of his look as she is into this young hot male now. I am sorry,  I do no want want to fight with anyone – just an opinion

  5. Branden;  I don’t think the country voters are laying off.  I’m a fan of country and talking to like minded friends, I’ve learned that most don’t like Skylar.  She’s just too butch.  Steel magnolias is a cliche’ for a reason.  We like the ladies to keep sweet unless there’s a reason to blow the lid off the kettle.  I don’t think Skylar’s kettle has a lid.

    • I like Skylar and Lauren Alaina, but loud-mouth Lauren was certainly not the definition of a ladylike “steel magnolia”!!

  6. Your voice JESSICA is like a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare… either way i don’t want to wake up from hearing it… somebody pinch me, your voice is too good to be true 🙂 
    ~ LSS with JSan’s “Sweet Dreams”

      • Joanne,  EyesEyes is just using the lyrics from the song “Sweet Dreams” which Jessica sang.  She’s not jealous of Jessica.  She is actually praising Jessica.

      • Thank you Wolram for defending me. hahahaha maybe Joanne just didnt understand what im trying to say by using the Sweet Dreams lyrics 🙂

    • Have u ever had a night terror?  Little 16 girls please don’t sing Beyonce songs, please.

  7. Heejun’s got a nice voice and the jokes are really funny, but it’s his time. This kinda reminds me of Sanjaya. He was also eliminated during his best performance (even Simon did like it). So I agree Heejun going home.
    However, Skylar and Hollie in bottom three? Really America? On the other hand, I feel like they (AI producers) put them in purpose. Skylar and Hollie have a really nice distinguished voice yet they are like fading a little bit. So maybe putting them in the bottom three will draw more attention (and votes) later in the show. It worked on Elise and Joshua, didn’t it?

  8. The fact that Skylar was in the bottom 3 makes me more suspect about last years voting.  Skylar is better this year than either Scott or Lauren were last year.  Yet she’s already in the bottom?  Something’s fishy here.

    On the flip side of things, a few weeks ago I thought Lauren showed the most improvement of any Idol who came back to sing the season after they left.  I also thought Scott was pretty good too.  I liked Haley (thought she looked terrible though) but I felt that Scott & Lauren did a better job on their return than Haley did.

    I still think Haley is the best all time Idol.  American Idol is more of who should win Rookie of the Year than a Lifetime Achievement award for who goes into the Hall of Fame.  So I’ll always feel that Haley should have won it last year.  At the same time, in Season 2 of their careers, I’d say Scott & Lauren are a bit ahead of Haley.  (insert any “Scott was ALWAYS better than Haley” comment here). 

    Maybe I think that way because I felt Lauren and Scott gave the best performance they ever gave upon their return where I feel Haley had some mesmerizing moments last year and was only “good” when she returned.

    All 3 are good.  I’m not dogging Haley here.  Just noticed a huge improvement in Scott and Lauren. 

    I’d be curious to know which Idols iTunes are selling the best this year.  Is there any way to look that information up? 

    • I think the reason why Skylar was in the bottom 2 is because she hardly gets to sing in the last half of the show and also there is no buzz about her. I think it would change from now on. 

      Girls should be the ones in the pimp slot from hereon.  I agree with Jimmy, we need some girl power. 

      • Oh this BS about women power.  I am myself a female, but I gotta say when I’m watching a singing competition show I certainly don’t think OMG that’s a guy with an amazing voice, but I have to vote for a girl.  This EMC is why Jessica will be in top 2, they won’t stop pitching her…I’m waiting for her to curtsy, she’s scary.

  9. Good choice for eliminating heejun I think Deandre sucks too and the only one I think should win is Colton he’s awesome And have you noticed the winners of past shows you never hear that much of and the runner up becomes more successful? Like Adam Lambert and Daughtry ? That’s dumb they keep picking the wrong one

    • Daughtry  wasn’t runner up. He finished 4th place. And I think Runner-Ups has more success isn’t always true. Case in point: Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood; also Scotty overall is more successful than Lauren.

      • true, BUT what about ADAM LAMBERT!!! and jennifer hudson.  they’re not doing too shabbily

      • So Lou, when is the last time you heard Kris Allen or Lee DeWyze belt out a tune.  Everyone on the planet knows Adam Lambert’s name if not his music.   Katherine McPhee is on hit show, Clay Aiken had great success and now on another reality show…Constantine nominated for awards on Broadway, the list goes on and on and on.

  10. If ever i can vote in American Idol i will vote Jessica Sanchez….her voice like an angel…. can we vote for her? Please lets vote Jessica….

  11. I’m a huge fan of American Idol and live in australia the performance by Elise testone was amazing I would so by her album I have already bought the song whole lot of love goodluck Elise! Phillip Phillips is amzing too

    • I think it’s about time people got off this Sanchez wagon and hopped on with Elise.  She has so much more star power.  She killed it on stage and has the skills to go on after Idol, don’t think Jessica does.  I just love to watch Phillip as well as listen to him sing.  This is one dude who gets into his music and gets lost in it.  Love him.

      • Definitely agree…she really stepped up her game and had a great performance this week. Also like Phillip Phillips. Amazing talent and not afraid to venture “outside of the box”..takes confidence which I see in Elise and also in Skylar. Not overly impressed with the others…ho hum..

  12. Erika’s and Heejun’s eliminations prove that it pays to be yourself all the time regardless of what the judges, mentors and some of the people say.  What  happened to Erika when she changed her looks and Heejun when he tried to be serious?  They GOT eliminated.  What happened when Phillip ignored advices to get rid of his beloved guitar and not to wear gray shirts,  and to Colton when he refused to cut his hair?   They got high votes.   People love contestants who don’t change themselves just to please a few. 

  13. DeAndre’s voice is amazing. He just may win AI. I know I’m gonna keep voting for him.

    •  Yep !!  You and all the other 12 year old girls can keep voting for him.  While he is still on the show, my thumb is still on the mute button.  It’s too painful to listen to.

  14. It was Hee Jun’s time. He has been bottom consecutively. Unsure about Deandre, maybe a lot of Prince fans out there voting? Never did get caught up with the falsetto type of singing then…

  15. “They just know that one of the really good singers is going to pull a Hudson/Daughtry/Toscano, so they’re going to save it for that moment.”

    Why are these three names so often touted as shock exits?  There have been several greater shock early exits, near-misses and ultimate results over the years. 

    Jennifer Hudson was in a year with two similar but superior singers and her  performances were never stellar. 

    Pia Toscano hovered above the bottom three margin for weeks before ending up with the lowest votes.  Michael Johns was more of a shock in that respect.

    Why anyone was shocked at Chris Daughtry’s exit is a mystery?  He had already been in the bottom two three weeks earlier.

    • I don’t recall Chris being in the bottom three weeks earlier but you could very well be right. It was a ridiculous elimination though. He is the third best selling contestant to be on Idol..right behind Carrie and Kelly.

      • Phyllis..I don’t think it was that big of a shocker. You either loved Adam or hated him. There was no inbetween. Is his career going better than Kris Allens? I don’t know.

      • I guess by now you now I’m a hugh fan of Adam’s…..I just love his music now and I loved his music on Idol.  To his fans, it was a shocker.  He is definitely doing very well.  I don’t follow Kris Allen’s career but truthfully I have not heard or seen him anywhere.  I really liked Kris but he was no comparsion to Adam……..but this is history.

        This season I’m liking Phil, Jessica & Elise but it seems to change every week with some one  else being outstanding. 

        Have a nice weekend……Pally45

      • Phyllis..I’m also a fan of Adam’s but I think he might have rubbed some of the straight laced people that watched Idol the wrong way.

      • Pally45…unfortunately you are right……but thats okay…he is doing just fine coming in 2nd………straight/gay who cares…he puts on a fabulous show and is a great entertainer……that is worth the price of a ticket!!!!!!

      • to pally45-adam, i think, rubbed the entire midwest the wrong way.  the gay, jewish badboy as opposed to the straighter than straight straight guy.  but look who’s making all those trips to the bank now!!  i’m also very biased.  i ADORE adam, as if you couldn’t tell, and think he’s the best that idol has produced.  he’s an incredible entertainer

    • Why aren’t they mentioning ADAM?……One of the most outstanding Idols ever….in fact the most outstanding Idol…….JMHO

    • Jimmy bent over backwards to make Pia a star after she got voted off. I was a fan…but after a year she has gone nowhere except back to Jersey.  Talent doesn’t always make you a star.  She also embarrassingly pursued Mark Ballas to advance her career (allegedly!)  then dumped him when it didn’t work.  Darn you Pia, I really thought you were special but not so much anymore.

  16. No big news on who was sent home last night. Although a little two-faced for Steven T. to show all this love for Hee Jun on his performance and then turn around and “coldly” dismiss him. The judges really need to stop “pimping” certain contestants. Jimmy Lovine tells it like it is and doesn’t mince words..he was right about Colton and Joshua getting overly emotional…and what is up with Colton – is he the Tim Teebow of AI this year??? Anyway…still watching. 🙂

    • Yes he is.  When you’re kneeling on the floor after singing a Jesus praise song in tears, you’re working the Bible belt.  The difference is Teebow is pretty cool…Colton, you decide, I know I have and listening to Jimmy, he too, is on to him and Jimmy’s been around the block a few times.

    • yes! I miss the old days when one or two judges gave S.O and Simon just sat calmly; his way of saying “that’s not S.O worthy”.

      • when they allow non-professional judges crowded the podium that is what we will get – the 3 clowns – may be the two singer a big star, but what they really know about being a pro judges – why did Simon leave???!!! – Randy followed the  other 2 clowns and he become a big clown

      • oops  – this is suppose to be my feedback  (was in a hurry) “when they allow non-professional judges crowded the podium that is what we will get – the 3 clowns – may be the two singers are big star, but what they really know about being  pro-judges – why did Simon leave???!!! – Randy followed the  other 2 clowns and he become a bigger clown”

    • when simon (rarely) gave you a standing o you know you really deserved it.  you can count those on just about one finger.  WE MISS YOU, SIMON, THE VOICE OF REASON

      • You do watch the X-Factor??????  I want Simon, Paula & Randy back together again on Idol……..

      • Yeah, we miss Simon’s honesty…but not Randy’s….JLO is even worst! She could win a best actress award …..she cried (or pretends to)whenever she heard a contestant being voted out!

      • to my namesake, of course i watched x factor with simon, paula, ditzy, and loon atic reid.  but you’re right about simon, paula, and randy on idol.  i even liked kara dioguardi.  she had a brain.  to tennisadict: j-lo is about as sincere as a three dollar bill.  she should get an emmy for some of her performances.  and steven tyler should stick to rock and roll only.  randy, i think, is just tired of this job already.

  17. I never thought Colton has a good voice. Yes, he’s a nice kid, but never found the beautiness in his voice.
    I love Heejun’s voice more than any other contestants .. miss him so very much. I will stop watching AI then … goodbye!!

  18. Congrats to AI,Best show this season!Next time the 80’s should be good too.With 10 years to choose from gives them some latitude.I think it was Heejun’s time with Deandre next but Hollie really worries me.I like her but she just can’t seem to get it right.They all need a change up to avoid stereotype and monotony .Elise hit a home run and it was refreshing.You know what they say “when the going gets tough the tough get going.Good luck to all.Jessica still my favorite.

  19. Anyone like country?I would love to hear someone do a Brooks and Dunn “I Believe “.I’m sure several could do it.Would get some country votes and maybe some religious votes.Just a thought.

  20. Well the way Heejun had been acting is like he would rather be back taking care of those special needs kids, he never applied himself or pushed himself so I’m not disappointed.

    My favorite is Phil, but this week Elise had me raving about her. Sorry I can’t bring myself to support Jessica right now, she sounds too much like the “big divas” that are out there right now.

  21. Although I am most likely a little older than everyone watching American Idol, we need to look at the real talent here. Yes, there are alot of good singers but are they talented?  In the industry you need the whole package. I think Philip Phillips is the real deal. He’s vocally talented, he’s musically talented, he’s not fake, he’s always himself, and he’s not bad to look at. I believe Jessica has a beautiful voice, and although she sings much older than she is there’s something missing. Colton, appeals to the hip crowd, yes, and the younger audience. He is vocallly talented, no doubt but how far will he go? Over the years A.I. has had a few singers that won but how far did they go?  Alot of second , third and fourth place winners went very far in their careers. Whether Philip makes it to the to or not, he will still be a asset to the music industry for sure.

  22. Congrats Dre!!!!! I just want to thank all Drehaters 4 all the negativities…….coz its only makes him stronger and 2 work harder 2 reach the top. Keep up doing the good work by supporting Dre 2 be such a pessimist. 

  23. Okay..what was that disaster on stage..Nicki Minaj? Seriously? Who is buying into that garbage?

  24. im tired of deandre.
    btm 3 next week should be
    joshua “should not have been in the top 13
    deandre “wtf is he still here”
    jessica “sweet dreams was creepy and scary.

    • creepy? really? uhm.. if that’s your opinion, i respect.. but hear me out, listen to her studio version of the that song .. Listen with an open mind. 🙂

    • I think your fortune telling for next week is a little creepy…..but I do agree with you about HeeJun!!!!!!

    • Totally agreed on both deAndre & Joshua…but I doubt that Jeesica will be in bottom 3 next week…unless something terrible wrong happens!! However,  I wouldn’t mind if it’s Skylar’s turn next!

    • So the three people of ethnicity are the worse huh? Not saying, I’m just saying!! Joshua is amazing, not deserving of top 13 is just a ridiculous statement. Not liking that type of music is one thing, saying he’s not talented is a crock!

  25. I fail to grasp the logic of this show. This week was probably one of the best from top to bottom in a long time. Why? Because the kids got to choose whatever song they wanted. And now they’re forced to do 30 year old songs and will no doubt be forced to hear the same old “not sure what kind of artist you are” crap. Let them decide their own songs everyweek and perhaps we’ll see who they are and be entertained at the same time.

    • I suppose that’s because if they were to pick songs from today, we might be sujected to more of that Nicki Minaj crap. The 80s had some great music.

      • so did the 70’s, 60’s, 50’s.  how many of these kids could tackle jay & the americans’ “cara mia” or del shannon’s “runaway”?

    • Totally agree.  They should be able to sing their own choice of songs every week and then we would have a GREAT show of entertainment.

      • One of the stumbling blocks with that is getting songs cleared and letting the band learn the arrangement and singers rehearse in a 7 day time frame.  Chaotic to say the least with shooting commercials and the school hours, wardrobe etc.

      • On paper, I agree with you. But, having to choose from one persons song catalog is part of the charm of the whole show. On Simon Cowells show, the X fator, performers can choose any song they want. And I think most will agree that American Idol is a better show than X factor. And that may be the reason.

    •  Well since it’s 80’s music I’m not going to complain about the theme too much. Themes are good and bad. The good thing about themes is that they can force the contestants outside of their comfort zone and really show us what they can do. The bad thing about them is when the theme is too limiting. Like say when it’s narrowed down to one or two artists, then I have an issue with it. Like say if they were to have an Elvis week, well there are some who can do Elvis and others who can’t. Last season the most boring weeks for me where Elton John and Carole King. This season Billy Joel week was completely boring. The themes need to have a little variety and not be narrowed down to one or two artists

      I am in favor of having an uptempos only week because I know the vast majority of the contestants are probably going to choose ballads when they need to start moving away from ballads. Another reason why I give props to Elise this week because she took on an uptempo and rocked it out and got people excited.

    • The idea is to test their adaptability to see who’s the best when out of their comfort zone! otherwise, Skylar would forever singing country while Hollie would be Mariah till the end of the day…although she’s still doing ballads each week so far!!

  26. YAY……..America finally got it right……..Nice kid, sings ok but he is a
    natural comedian not a singer…….

  27. I really think Skylar and Hollie deserves the pimp spot. They need more exposure. America please vote for them! Skylar made me love country. I love you Skylar!

  28.  Correct me if I’m wrong but Daughtry made it to the top 4 and the judges can’t use their save at that point.  Toscano is a very valid example and I’m not sure about Hudson.

  29. Branden; the only relevant person in the summary above in re early elimination is Pia Toscano. 

    Jennifer Hudson finished 7th in Season 3 and there was no save back then. 

    Chris Daughtry finished 4th in Season 5 and even though there was no save in that season, it would not have mattered had they had one because it has to be used BEFORE the top 5.

    I believe the save was introduced in Season 8, which was also the first season in which they had 4 judges and it had to be unanimous. Season 8 was also the year they introduced the “Finalists Mansion.” 

    The save was first used it for Matt Giraud with Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai being eliminated the following week (always 2 go after the save) and Matt eventually being eliminated in 5th position. 

    In Season 9 it was used for Michael Lynch with Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens being eliminated the following week and Michael surviving to 4th place.   

    Last season they used the save on Casey Abrams in the 11th slot, which was ridiculous. No disrespect to Casey but he never had a chance of winning and the next week, two females were eliminated. They were Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo and then the next week out went Pia Toscano. Casey survived until 6th place.

    They are going to be ultra careful this year because when Pia was eliminated last year, it was obvious that they all realized what a gaff they had made saving Casey in the 11th spot, which was the first week of the viewer voter knock out stage.  

    Depending what happens next week, they will either use the save then or wait until the following top 7 week.  I doubt they will leave it later than that because if they save it until the top 6 week, then two will go the next week, leaving the top 4 and I am not sure that is a risk they will take.         

  30. Comments on the guest singers and what Jimmy said to Scotty about his winning a Platinum Disc. 

    Nicki Minaj was a disaster and looked more like a stripper than a singer. We muted her after the first couple of lines and made a few cocktails.Last season, I liked Scotty but confess that he did become a one horse show and, in my opinion, did not deserve to win. Last night, I liked the song, his singing – he showed a lot more range – and his overall performance.Thank God someone has taught him how to use a mike and not hold it as if he is playing a flute. He has grown a lot in 10-months so good look to him and congrats on a Platinum CD. I disagree with Jimmy about it being hard to get so many sales on a debut album. The problem has been that the 2 season before, we had poor winners who did not sell commercially.  Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson’s debut went 2x Platinum.Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard’s went Platinum.Season 3 winner Fantasia’s also went Platinum.Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood went 7x (Yup 7 million) with her debut.Season 5 winner Taylor Hicks went Platinum   Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks went PlatinumSeason 7 winner David Cook went PlatinumSeason 10 winner Scotty has won a Platinum award.The ONLY winners who did not go Platinum have been Season 8 winner Kris Allen and Season 9 winner Lee DeWyze.  Sorry Jimmy; nice speech but inaccurate information.Non-winners who went Platinum or better with debut albums:Season 5 Chris Daughtry (4th place) went 4x PlatinumSeason 2 runner-up Clay Aiken went 2x PlatinumThere have been a number of Gold winners as well including Kellie Pickler, Jennifer Hudson, David Archuleta, Adam Lambert, Josh Gracin and Bo Bice. Adam Lambert is credited with total sales of 1,013,000 but for some reason was only awarded Gold and not Platinum.  Scotty has a long way to go to catch Carrie Underwood whose 3 albums have sold a combined 12,515,000. Kelly Clarkson’s 5 albums have sold 11,419,000 and in 3rd place is Daughtry with 6,592,000 from his 3 albums.Carrie is bound to increase her lead when her 4th album is released in May.Anyway, good on Scotty for bringing back the AI winners record sales that had dropped dramatically in the previous 2 seasons with Adam Lambert being the only one who made sales from the top singers.             

  31. Perhaps Scotty and Lauren have improved more than Haley (debatable if based on one song) because they had more improving to do! Yes, Haley’s my winner. Jessica lacks the same depth and soul that other dimming idol winners have lacked. The producers are too analytical. More people vote with their guts. I still think the winner is not yet clear.

    • Akivamiller…seriously the best performances EVER on American Idol? Now I have heard everything.   Jessica is NOT that good. Yes, she can sing but come on…Kelly and Carrie make her look like the amateur she is.

  32. Was very happy to see Scotty peform again last night I love Water Towers its such a great song and I was glad to see him get an award 🙂

     For Nikki Minaj she was horrible as usual thank god theres a mute button I have never liked her I cant stand the fact through out all her songs the sound of her voice changes through out the whole song witch at points makes her sound like she cant sing at all.

    It was sad to see Heenjun leave I knew he wouldnt make it that far in the competition  I was just hoping he would of made it a little further in the competition       

  33. So glad Heejun is finally gone I didnt think he was very good to begin with and he just didnt take it serious

  34. Josh is just as good and in my opinion better. He’s had the exact same number of standing O’s as Jessica, so I think thats pretty comparable to Miss Can Do No Wrong!!!!

    • Jessica got 3/5 standing ovations and should’ve gotten 1 last week if not for the fact that the judges just gave deandre and heejun standing ovations for mere “improvement”, don’t forgot Jessica was never in bottom 3 like Joshua, and also got standing ovation by group performance in Vegas ( besides for the fact that Jessica’s standing ovation were from the best performances ever on American idol)

  35. Branden, Chris Daughtry went home in top 4 so the judge save will not matter since it’s only good up to top 5.

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