American Idol 2012: Watch The Top 6 Performances

American Idol 2012 Phillip Phillips performs

Last night on American Idol 2012 the Top 6 performed hits from Queen and songs of their own choosing. The votes have been cast and the fate is set for one of the young Hopefuls, but we won’t hear those American Idol results until later tonight. In the meantime we can still go back and rewatch our favorites from the live show then vote for who did it best in our poll for the Top 6.

First up we’ve got the group performance medley of Queen hits followed by the individual performances from last night’s show. Download them at iTunes.

American Idol 2012 Top 6 Perform Queen:

Jessica Sanchez – Bohemian Rhapsody

Skylar Laine – The Show Must Go On

Joshua Ledet – Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Elise Testone – I Want It All

Phillip Phillips – Fat Bottomed Girls

Hollie Cavanagh – Save Me

American Idol 2012 Top 6 Perform Hits:

Jessica Sanchez – Dance With My Father

Skylar Laine – Tattoos On This Town

Joshua Ledet – Ready For Love

Elise Testone – Bold As Love

Phillip Phillips – The Stone

Hollie Cavanagh – The Climb

We’ll have live coverage of tonight’s American Idol results show so get ready for some tense moments as host Ryan Seacrest slow boils the reveal of who goes home tonight. Who do you think it will be?




  1. phillip, Jessica and Skylar are SAFE
    hollie, Elise and Joshua BOTTOM 3 (Elise will GO HOME) 

  2. Another SHOCKING ELIMINATION! It will be Joshua Ledet going home. AMERICA knows/smells BS! especially when its being ORCHESTRATED by the judges and I know voters will resent that.

  3. DialIdol Results:

    Hollie Cavanagh

    1-5 (B3)

    Phillip Phillips

    1-6 (B3)

    Joshua Ledet

    1-6 (B3)

    Jessica Sanchez

    1-6 (B3)

    Skylar Laine

    1-6 (B3)

    Elise Testone

    2-6 (B3)

    Hollie safe, the rest in danger.

    • Dial Idol used to be reliable …. BUT they (American Idol) introduced text and online voting. Where I come from … anything that uses the phone is FAST becoming obsolete.

      Hollie will be in the bottom three.

      • They were right last week, it’s the bottom person or third from the bottom usually, I’m thinking Jessica or Elise. But in truth I’d rather see Skylar go.

    • Let me add. They added one extra phone line for everybody. This throws the DialIdol logic off kilter.

  4. Either Elise or Joshua…
    Hope to see Phillips in the bottom 3, just to shake things up.

      • what’s the point on your posting if you’re bored with the show? do us all a favor and go watch the ‘voice’ (and die every day that you watch that show haha!).

      • hell, gordon ramsey is a better judge than the three that sit at idol!!  IT’S RAW!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @13d928286da444cd034887610bfc9879:disqus Hmmm… Gordon Ramsay as an AI judge… That would be fun (we’ll all be hearing a lot of bleeps during the performance night.)

        He’ll probably say “You’re performance is RAW!!!!!” *insert curse word here*

  5. bottom 3 hollie, elise and joshua. their time is up. phillip was amazing last night and picking a DMB that is not played on mainstream radio was GENIUS! because he is so compared to Dave, by picking a song most people did not know let HIM shine through the song so that he could show his flavor. not be compared to a “dave sound-a-like” if he would have chosen a song like “crash into me” or “the space between”. GO PHILLIP!!!

    • Joshua’s time is up.

      As for Phillip, well, he’ll be at the finale just like David, Kris and Lee. It’s pretty obvious already.

  6. I am a country fan and love Skylar but there is something about Phillip, his voice and his personality that I just love!

  7. Finally finished downloading the whole AI episode.

    The only song that meant anything that night was Jessica’s Dance with My Father.

    Jessica will make it to the top 5.

    • jessica akn balek korek kubo tnm diri sndri……jessica’s amazing and will be top 5…nk muntah I…jessica FTW….

    • yeay jessica is amazing!!  amazing la sgt,i pon nk muntahhh..jadi pujaannn hati pinoy je lerrr

      • tau x per…tau x pinoy tu semu ejek yuna……i love jessica so much FTW….muntah..muntah….

  8. jessica…girl you gave me the goosies as J.LO would say…never ever change your style of singing…like listening to an angel sing with a voice like yours !!!! L.V. smiling in the heavens when he heard that I bet…..

  9. watching it again….ahhmmm…i think the girl who played the violin on P2s’ 2nd song upstaged him a little, she was amazing 😀 crazy little thing by joshua was all screaming! its as if he was trying to make the song so big, i didnt like it at all! Skylar was impressive, she was the best last night! Elise was boring (im sorry)…JS was just a so-so, but her 2nd song was amazing, love d emotion! her vocal ability is really incredible! Hollie was also a so-so for me, nailed the 2nd song, and that would put her to safety! Elise will probably go home tonight….

    • Yeah I feel the same. I am not sure if they will announce bottom 3 or bottom 2 only. I predict Jessica, Elise in bottom 2. Not sure the 3rd person.

    • If we’re talking about track record, then Elise might go home tonight. But if it’s on the performance, I believe Joshua will be the one going home tonight.

  10. PP….hasnt been in the seat hot,,,,this is the night,,,,,we might have another shocker…..his performance was not up to par lately,,,his one of my favorites to be in the top 3..will see….

    • He’s not gonna be in hot seat Phillip stood out he is the only one that brings something new each week I’ve grown to love him as much as I did/do Scotty McCreery.

  11. Me think, the top three performances last night were all by the “younger” gal trio. Hollie won it hands down with her rendition of “the Climb” followed by Skylar Lane’s “the Show Must Go On” and then Jessica Sanchez with her version of “Dance With My Father Again”. 

    The one who possibly will go home is either Elise or Joshua, and unfortunately the often repetitive Phillip^2s will linger until I don’t know when,  perhaps until many people start realizing that he’s been singing the same way week in and week out with nearly identical songs all the way.

  12. i wont  say any predictions but whatever  or whoever will win the A.I. It is a tough job how you would prove that you are the one that been voted by the people actually the title is a title but the responsibility and pressure to maintain to be on top as American Idol as he or she will be the eyes of critics and the people.  But anyways A.I.  is celebration of  talent. But of what Ive choose I would rather to keep  myself. 

  13. WTF … listened to Jessica’s Bohemian Rhapsody all over again and my view has changed. America Idol INC. gave the toughest assignment to their BEST VOCALIST. 

    Jessica Sanchez sang the Queen anthem … and in her special style … NAILED IT.

    Steven took away some of the bluster with his well meaning comment but in so doing, stole Jessica’s thunder somewhat.

    Jessica is 2 for 2 tonight.

    The save was justified last week with Falling and Tenderness … and this night she showed us that the elimination was a FLUKE.

    She will be in the top 2.

    • Personally I thought the rendition was crap, but doubt any of the others would have done a much better job with that song. Like you said it was a tough assignment. Curious though, you said she was given this song. Is that true? I thought the artists got to choose their own songs, obviously within a category. As a result I have kind of slammed her for making such a stupid choice. If what you say is true I take my critisms back.

      • My first reply is being moderated. 

        Well .. anyway … if you were Nigel Lythgoe … and you knew that Simon Cowell and the producers of the voice were patiently waiting for American Idol to relax or make a mistake … would you allow CONTESTANTS aging from 16 to 28 … take full control of the American Idol SONG LIST?No … no … no. A producer will always look out for the well being of the show first. Contestants will be given a pre-approved song list … from where they will make their choices … OF COURSE !

        End of argument.

    • I know she has already recorded, why have we not heard of her before this.  I believe she has been on ‘America’s Got Talent’ also…..

      I cannot understand a word she sings and she is very hard to look at. 

      • Still … with the exception of Joshua, she outclasses everybody talent-wise.

        In a logical and perfect world … Jessica and Joshua will meet in the finals. 

        I dare not predict the outcome.

    • BUT wouldn’t it be great if she took home the GRAND prize? That’s what she should go after.

  14. Elise made a mistake. She should have gone for the song that Jessica sung. She is the only one who could have done it more convincingly than Jessica.

    She sang a song nobody knew … holy cow. She might pay for that.

  15. When Phillip sings a song, and you’ve never heard it before … in your mind that song automatically becomes Phillip’s song.

    Whatever song Phillip sings, he owns it convincingly.

  16. bottom 3 are: Elise, Jessica, Philip
    and im philip’s fan but he didnt pick the right songs last night

    • & they are bringing Stefano tonight to cheer people up cause of Colton’s elimination!! u know what this is stupid if Colton was there last night he was gonna rock it

    • Ooops ! Totally the reverse. I think you totally prefer Elise, Jessica and Phillip. But your’e mentation is so negative, that you consciously push for the reverse of what you really want to happen.

      Advise? Go with your first instinct. You’re second thoughts will get you into deep shiyet! 

  17. I wont say my predictions here. But it is a different story when it comes on my own profile, beside It is my thing so no one can’t stop me.

  18. Hollie’s voice is of the quality that forces itself into your brain. The tone is beautiful. It’s compelling especially when it’s in perfect pitch and timing. ‘Save me’ was a great song for her. I am, however, looking for the dynamics. Singing volume doesn’t change much all through out.

    Her vocal quality reminds me of Sheena Easton. Same sweet, compelling tone, only … Sheena Easton is more dynamic with handling volume and emotion.

    She can be a major star with her looks and voice. 

  19. Phil Phillips & Jessica in the finale!! With PHIL PHILLIPS winning! I actually smile when I watch him and his is the only CD that I would even think about buying.  The others all over-sing/scream.  Sometimes less is more people! and Jessica & Joshua needs to quit with the overly-dramatic emotions…not buying it. Sure maybe some others sing better than Phil but that isn’t necessarily what makes them American Idols. (On another note…KRIS ALLEN was awesome last week – He must be as big as some of the other idols but he has always stayed true to himself & his music…)

  20. Skylar is spitfire. Spunk personified. Strengths … she’s got a lot, most compelling … she’s bulletproof. She can’t be fazed.

    Lower registers are OK, higher up… she might rival Joshua and Jessica. Her range is great … while at the same time … unknown.

    Weakness … where I’m from country and it’s twang is a bit of an acquired taste. In the US of A … my understanding is that it is actually a strength.

    • Her twang might appeal to much older country fans (Reba types) but she is no Carrie Underwood.

      • Skyler can sing great and she can entertain,  which is great
        she has it all

  21. Joshua is a guy who might rival Stevie W and Al Jarreau. Having said that … is is it a wonder why the judges stood up 7+1 times for him? (+1 is the duet with Jessica).

    He’s a prodigy. Like Bach … Beethoven … Jessica Sanchez? 

    Hahaha !

    The TOP TWO, Jessica and Joshua would be EPIC in the FINALS !!!!

    • Did you really just compare Joshua to Stevie Wonder? Al Jarreau? Not even close. He screams during every song…He isn’t all that…not yet anyway…and to compare him to the likes of those 2…wow..

  22. Randy is PUSHING to have Joshua to win have you seen him wave his hand to make the other judges to stand up. WOW it’s driving me crazy I don’t get it. It’s wrong and it’s making me hate Randy. You can see the other can see what he is doing, look at Skylar the way she ran up to him after he came back stage. I’m sure she did it in just but come on Randy does it every time. What ever it’s Randy’s boy he wants him to win and it shows but why do the other judges have to follow him when he telling them to stand up. They shouldn’t do it.

    • Not sure he is pushing him to win, but more likely not be eliminated at this point in time. They tried the same stunt with Deandre. Fortunately many of the judges stunts seem to back fire and people react to their obviously ploys.

  23. I don’t want to spoil everyone’s excitement but there are reports that there will be another elimination shocker tonight.

    The person was in Randy’s Top 4 prediction list.

    Hint: country

    I hope not. Everyone did well last night.

    • Skylar or Philip then … country amd country rock. Both qualifies as a shocker.

       Jessica is pop, R&B and possibly soul. Joshua is R&B, soul, gospel and early times rock and roll. Tending to Skylar then … really country PLUS … I think Hollie has totally redeemed herself last night.Jessica can never be mistaken for country … nope.Phillip is WGWG …. guhbye Skylar.

      • Excellent Analysis! The remaining contestants are all equally talented, but are not guaranteed to be safe each week.

        The bottom line:

        The contestant who can generate the most votes from the rest of the other contestants wins AI.

  24. OK … HOLY COW … I’ve finally watched them all.

    They are all great!

    BUT … I want my Jessica as I’m sure you all want you’re personal IDOLs.

    Let’s see what happens …  🙂

  25. What about Colton? Nope … for all his talent … the top 6 now is the right top 6.

  26. i think elise will be go home….i’m sorry….but, she did a good performances…

  27. Richard Marx, the writer of dance with my father, tweeted to jsanchez:

    “Hey @JSanchezAI11 Just watched you sing “Dance With My Father” online. Killer job! You did Luther and me proud. Good luck,” he tweeted.

    Goodluck Jess! Amazing job!

  28. why is everyone hating on joshua?? i really lik him…he cnt help that he’s a good performer. either way he will have a career. but i think the bottom 3 will be hollie, elise and josh….but elise will go home

    • Its just a matter of taste, I do not think Joshua sings, he yells.  I just do not like his type of singing????  I do not hate him though, just would not purchase his music.  He seems like a nice enough person.

    • We don’t hate Joshua. We just don’t like how he sings (if you people ever call that singing.@0d19d7a2149027ae28303e57ba9fdbb5:disqus calls it yelling).

  29. Looking for great  stage presence,  that compliments his artistic style of singing,  for me,  that’s Philip, especially with a band on stage with him adding to the flavor of his singing.  He’s unique and I love that about him.  Its really difficult to decide amongst the others.  Skylar is country and can really belt out a song, like “the show must go on”.  It was good.  The others, for me,  I see as technically very good,  but their voices  and singing are  not original enough for me…they’ll have  lots of competition on the other side of Idol.

  30. Bottom 3: Elise, Jessica, and Skylar.
    Reasoning: Well, Elise’s home is always the Bottom 3 every week, so that’s a given. Jessica’s performances were good, but slightly boring last night. Plus, her little high from the save is starting to die down and her fans aren’t voting near as much. And Skylar’s performances just weren’t in it either. They were just kinda…. there. Really nothing much to remember.

    Phillip has a wide enough fan base/the talent to keep him out of the bottom 3 tonight. Joshua got two standing O’s last night and everyone seems to love him, so he’s good. And Hollie’s song The Climb saved her. Her fans are very devoted and are voting and voting and voting so she stays since they know her and Elise are like roomies every Thursday night during the show.

    Going home will be Elise. Jessica and Skylar were better than her last night, plus they have a much wider fan base.

    Best of luck to the Top 6 tonight. 🙂

  31. Hollie by far was the best with the second performance. When she got sooo happy when the judges gave her a standing O made her feel so real and likable.

    She is humble and doesn’t take all this to her head. Definitely a winner in my book.

  32. Why don’t the judges notice when Joshua is out of breath he usually dismisses the word/note by putting his mic away from his big mouth. And they call that a pro? C’mon judges….and you give that a standing O….watch all his performances. U will see what I mean guys…

  33. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to gooooooooooooooooo…….jessica sanchez

  34. joshua performs the song crazy little called love and judges gave him a standing o? for that?oh are u kidding me that performance was so ugly! 

  35. I just noticed that JSan messed up the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody.


  36. Stop hatin on Joshua! He’s a talented guy and he’s got my vote. So quit bagging on everyone’s favorites, and just vote for your favorite!

  37. hollie’s take on the climb was sooooo goooood, jessica’s take with my father was soooo gooooood toooo… hahaha 🙂

  38. LOVED Phillip’s version of Fat Bottomed Girls and felt that the comparison between his and Jack Black’s was unnecessary.  Phillip did what amounted to a tribute and not a jokey slam as the other version struck me as being.  This was a fun romp.  Good for Phillip.  

  39. When Phillip chose The Stone and presented it as a moody, bluesey ode was a risk, but beautiful, I thought.   It’s so difficult to show the skill an artist has in creating a mood, rather than doing a song that is well-known done by another artist, risking comparison, which shouldn’t be what we are tempted to do.  This is that and Phillip showed who HE is and, I think, succeeded.

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