American Idol 2012 Top 6 Performances Recap: Idols Take on Queen

American Idol 2012 Skylar Laine Top 6

The American Idol 2012 Top 6 took on songs from Queen during their first round of competition tonight and I think they all picked the wrong songs.

And I’m not just saying that because none of them sang the songs I suggested yesterday, I’m saying it because I know the Queen songbook very well and they had much better options to choose from. But anyway. On to the recap. As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved. In order of performance:

Jessica Sanchez, “Bohemian Rhapsody.” There’s a number of reasons why no one should have chosen this song. One being, it’s untouchable. Freddie Mercury should be the only person ever allowed to sing this song. And he’s no longer with us, so that’s that. And secondly, it’s not a song that can be edited down to fit the American Idol performance clock. It comes off weird and choppy and that’s what happened tonight. Bad song choice and bad editing. Jessica’s vocals, however, were good. So that saves her grade a bit. B+

Skylar Laine, “The Show Must Go On.” Skylar’s song choice and performance were the best of the six during the Queen portion of the night. I never really thought she should sing it, but she proved me wrong. She delivered it with great power and poise and she told a story with it. Skylar has definitely become a dark horse in this thing. A

Joshua Ledet, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” This was a very weird song choice for him. I have no idea why he picked one of Queen’s less-singy songs, but OK. And the real problem ended up being that he tried to make it a bigger song than it is. And it came off screech-y and shout-y. C+

Elise Testone, “I Want It All.” Again, I Queen song I love, but not the right one for her. It had the rock edge she needed, but it didn’t have the popularity edge she needed. She needs to do songs everyone knows and this isn’t’ one of Queen’s better-known songs. She doesn’t have the freedom to just pick a great song and sing it. She needs to be strategizing to stay in the game. B

Phillip Phillips, “Fat Bottomed Girls.” A couple of seasons ago, this song sent Bucky Covington home. I don’t think that will happen to Phillip, but I don’t think it helped him any. I’m a Phillip fan and I thought this one just came off kind of weird. B-

Hollie Cavanagh, “Save Me.” This one confused me. I thought the vocal was great but the performance was boring. And that’s NOT a boring song. I guess it was all how Hollie delivered it. B-

Round 2 (songs of their choosing)

Jessica Sanchez, “Dance With My Father.” Jessica has finally gotten to that place where she’s connecting with the audience. And that was my one problem with her before. So now that she’s getting past that, I’m starting to get her a little more. This was a great vocal and showed great emotion. A

Skylar Laine, “Tattoos On This Town.” I have no idea what this song is but I kind of liked it. Skylar is such a performer. She never misses a beat. She’s about to make me a fan of country music if I don’t watch myself. A+

Joshua Ledet, “Ready For Love.” Again, a song I don’t know. I know a song called “Ready For Love,” but surely that wasn’t just some way altered version of it, was it? Nah. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I thought it was a great performance. Much better than the first time around. Good vocal, great emotion. Good job. A

Elise Testone, “Bold As Love.” Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Elise. I agree completely with Steven tonight. Elise might know and love the song. I might know and love the song. But do about 75 percent of the voters? Probably not. Sure she did a great job with the song, but as I said before, she doesn’t have the freedom of choosing just any song. It has to be the right song. A song everyone knows. Bad idea, Elise. B+

Phillip Phillips, “The Stone.” Another not-so-known song choice. What’s going on tonight? I don’t think song choice matters as much with Phillip. I’m pretty sure at this point he’s the front-runner and probably has very little to worry about. The performance was good. It was weird again and Phillip-ish, but I guess that’s the point. A

Hollie Cavangah, “The Climb.” Finally, a smart song choice. I hate the song and the original singer, but Hollie’s is probably the best version I’ve ever heard of that song. And it’s a young and well-know song. At least well-known by a large percent of the people who actually vote for American Idol. And on top of that, the vocal was top-notch. A

Now it’s time for some predictions. And as always, these are NOT my personal opinions on who I think should go home. They’re simply how I think America’s votes MIGHT play out. That’s all.

100 Percent Safe: Phillip Phillips

Most Likely Safe: Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine

Possible Bottom Three: Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh

Probably Going Home: Elise Testone

My Thinking: After last week’s elimination of Colton Dixon, anything is possible, so I’m not going to put a lot of trust in my own predictions. But anyway, I think Elise is definitely going home this time. Her song choices were all wrong. I think that’s a safe bet. As for the the other two in the bottom (or will there only be a bottom 2 since we’re down to the Top 6?), it’s hard to say. Hollie did well tonight, but she probably isn’t going to be one of the highest vote-getters. And I THINK Jessica is still riding the wave of her near-elimination two weeks ago. So that leaves Joshua. I think Skylar’s popularity has risen so she should be safe. But like I said, anything is possible.

What do you think will happen tomorrow night? What did you think of the performances tonight?




  1. Jessica can sing anything! JLO needs to lay off.
    Jess does not need to move around all the time. She
    can perform and she has so much soul for her age. You don’t see Adele moving around because she has the voice
    and so does Jessica!!! Like if u want Jessica for the win!!

    •  dude jessica can sing absolutely right in your comment. jlo wants jessica to be like her.. always movin in stage in performing.. but jessica is different from her.. jessica can sing and has a great voice while jlo is a great performer because she can dance.. 😉 my 2 cents.

      •  Yep I agree but it’s not gonna happen! I think Jessica can focus on her singing and put feeling into it like she did tonight with “Dance With My Father.” She doesn’t need to be jumping around the stage because her voice does that for her. Sure JLO can dance and she has had a great career, but she’s insecure and it shows when she makes comments like that.

      • Yes, JLO needs to lay off Jessica! Do you notice how they are pushing for Joshua, always standing up for him.  I’m not sure exactly what that means. But, I have my thoughts about it!

  2. And Joshua two standing ovations? I don’t get these judges with their praise over Skylar and Joshua. They praised Colton and look what happened so maybe it will work to Jessica’s advantage that she didn’t get a standing O!



    • yeah right. i think the judges stand for the sake of joshua’s not being voted out. jessica deserves one though.

    • Oh thank you for that comment.  I have been sick to death of the standing ovations from the judges.  Joshua’s performance of “Ready for Love” was barely average and as usual he threw in the screaming at the end as he does on most all songs.  Joshua is a one-trick pony and the judge’s bias is showing as they try to sway the American voters.  Really pathetic.

  3. My top 3 after tonight
    1. Skylar
    2. Hollie
    3. Jessica
    Bottom 3
    4. Phillip
    5. Joshua
    6. Elise

  4. Skylar’s performance is good but forgettable…Both songs…She will be at the Bottom 3…..

    •  I just wander why Skylar is still there??? She has a NASAL voice!!! Colton is better than her. Please America vote for the best so that your country can show the best talented American (as you always have).

      • Skylar is still there because she sings country, which is the fastest growing musical genre in the country today.  Lots of folks like country.  Those of us who are old enough to have grown up with Fats Domino and the Everly Brothers and who love country today know that today’s country sound has a lot in common with the old time rock n roll.

      • agreed, I think she’s a good singer but most of the time she sounds nasally 
        & too twangy. When listening to her studio versions I find myself getting annoyed of them and having to turn it off

  5. 1st Round
    Jessica – Bohemian Rapsody – (A-) – The song is really hard to sing, but she sang it nice.
    Skylar – The Show Must Go On – (B+) – Not boring. Great Performance
    Joshua – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – (B) – Not that good. Very Shouty. Doesn’t deserve a S.O. For me. XD. But Good
    Elise  – I want It All – (B+) – Good Performance. Really Unique Voice
    Phillip – Fat Bottomed Girls – (A-) – Nice song choice for me. He performed it great.
    Hollie – Save Me – (B-) – Wrong song choice. Sorry.

    2nd Round:
    Jessica – Dance With My Father – (A+) – Amazing rendition of the song! The judges should gave her S.O!
    Skylar – Tattoos On This Town – (B+) – Great!
    Joshua – Ready For Love – (B+) – I just don’t like the shouting! But good job!
    Elise – Bold As Love – (B) – Not that good.
    Phillip – The Stone – (B+) – Lol. That should be A, but I don’t know the song. But he did a good job with the song.
    Hollie – The Climb – (A+) – Not a fan of hers, but I think he did an amazing job with the song. 

    • 100 Percent Safe: Phillip Phillips ( but you’ll never know, because of colton’s elimination), Jessica SanchezMost Likely Safe: Skylar LainePossible Bottom Three: Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet, Hollie CavanaghProbably Going Home: Elise Testone

    • Phillip, IMO, is the singer who has the most individual voice.  He is a true blues-man and his choice for his second song was spot-on………for him.
      I think that, because most of the songs were made famous by well-known artists, the judges and the people who vote are influenced too much by how close their versions came to the originals.  IMO, the point of finding new talent is if they are truly new, or imitations of others.  While it’s true that Phillip is much like Dave Matthews, it’s only the style and not the voice.
      Whether he wins or not, he’s the one to watch after this is over. 

      • Joshua has a unique voice too..thats why I think with josh and phillip most ppl can take it or leave it based on the singing types they like


      •  Susie Q, accept it that Jessica was saved by the judges because she is one of the best singers in America! Even if she will not be the grand winner, she has a brighter future not only because of her incredible voice but also because she is a humble person that people will love her most!


      •  i know!!! right!!! and it’s like they look to each others first before they stand up geez…


    • Jessica’s Dance with my Father deserve a standing ovation! :D. But the judges didnt gave her standing ovation. Maybe they want her to  sing it very shouty, just like what Joshua is doing.


      • You might need to watch it again, cause if anyone was more shouty it was Jessica. Josh was very controlled on his second song and no way he went over the top on that, please tell me the exact point in which you say he ‘shouted’, just not true. He had ONE run in the entire song, that doesn’t constitute as ‘shouting’ a song. Jessica tried to stretch way more than Joshua and SHE sounded like SHE was shouting throughout her performance. Might wanna watch and listen again WITHOUT the Jessica blinders on that so many people seem to have on.

      • @5922034480573afcdd470e700ad48462:disqus , we DONT like you!!!!!!!!! You are soooooo rude!!!!!! Such a negative person…. go away and leave us be!

    • I agree.  They gave Joshua the standing O then when asked after the 1st round who won, they said Skylar.  So the standing O didn’g mean a thing.  They give it to Josh yet believe Skylar won the round.  It makes no sense and they need to stop showing favoritism!  The judges need to be impartial yet Jennifer stated she loves and looks forward to Josh’s performances the most of anyone’s.  It ain’t right for a judge to be biased like that.  (It’s ok for her to feel that way but not ok for her to say it outloud!)

  6. I loved you review except that you spelled Hollie’s name wrong Branden on the second part. 

    Based on their Performances, I would rank them as follows.

    1st Part – Queen
    1. Elise
    2. Philip
    3. Skylar
    4. Jessica
    5. Hollie
    6. Joshua

    2nd Part – Personal Choices
    1. Hollie
    2. Jessica
    3. Skylar
    4. Joshua
    5. Philip
    6. Elise

    Sure Elise was not so clever upon the song choices. By this time, the idols should pick songs many could have known.

    For me,
    100% Safe: Philip Philips, Jessica Sanchez
    Middle: Hollie Cavanagh
    Bottom 3: Skylar Laine, Elise Testone, Joshua Ledet

    Either of Elise and Joshua will leave tomorrow.
    I hope it is Joshua.


      • I respect your opinion. I get your thought. Some people don’t prefer Soul or Gospel. My personal choice is the music of Elise but I don’t think she will go through for more weeks.

      • Susie Q, do you know what a talent is? I agree with you about Joshua’s screams but Jessica?? Duh, you don’t seem to know what a real talent is. 

        This is not a personality talent but a singing competition. So wake up Susie Q

    • Sorry, not gonna happen. Joshua will still be in the competition, and most deservedly so!!!

      • THANKKKK YOUUUUU  btledoux!!!!!!! finally someone on here knows what they are talking about

  7. I try to look at who’s songs will I buy-download and keep coming back to Phillip. I hated Skylar, but can see her winning CMT’s best new artist next year. The others can all really sing but who will I buy.  I want Hollie to go next.

    •  i will buy Jessica’s album. I rather buy Daughtry than Philips coz he is boring no variations…

    • I will buy Hollie and Skylar’s cd and My wife will want to buy Phillips so either way I’ll have all three. I might check out Elise’s but will never buy Joshua’s or Jessica’s. Just not mine or my wife’s taste.

  8. I want Joshua to win so he can be all over the radio. With that type of singing, he’d make a good alarm clock for me or cop’s replacement for siren. 

  9. i hope nigel can read this if he doesn’t want to get simon back then at least and tell his judges to keep on their seats and stop this nonsence-standing-o


      • Susie Q….really hate jessica! Just relax and vote for ur AI, a friendly advice 4 u.

      • yeah only NO ONE on the The Voice this yr can sing to save their lives. I was a big fan of the voice last yr and didn’t watch ai, but woww they really all suck on that show. Like someone actually sang Hit Me BAby One More Time by Britney Spears on their. who sings that in a singing competition.

        &all the judges are too nice on the voice and rarely say anything negative

        I do agree with their voting system tho and I strongly suggest that ai pick up something similar


      • Hahaha this makes me laugh!. Hollie was the only one who deserved a standin ovation!. IMO

  10. 100% safe: Jessica Sanchez
    Most likely safe: Elise Testone, Phillip Phillip

    Bottom 3: Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cananagh

    Going home: Skylar Laine

    • You’re kidding right?

      Skylar going home?

      Not only is she consistently performing the best every week now, she also has the support of particular fan base that many have ridden deep into, and even won AI with.

  11. Okay, this is so weird for me to say because I really want Jessica to go home last week but she’s PHENOMENAL this week. She sang “Dance with My Father” like a pro. Oh my goodness, I don’t even know what to say about that performance~ It is so moving. I absolutely love Hollie but Jessica was just extraordinary that night.

    • Very true indeed. She also deserved a SO. but judges are lazy enough to get off their seats. They might as well need a hearing aid coz i think they cant hear enough..

  12. Can i Ask? which ai contestant of all seasons is greatest? (IN ROCK) at least name 5

  13. well its not about the judges its about you as the public. So my question to you yeah you have your favs and just like the judges are doing critics so are you people on this forum. So did you vote? or you just like to complain alot. I mean even the judges got their favorites. So i am sure they are voting. Oh and before you commmet Yes I am voting over and over for jousha he is my favorite. I dont care if he sings flat, off key or scream which he does not IM going to vote for him case closed. You do the same for YOUR fav

    • Well I’m voting like crazy for Hollie! Hollipops! Let’s get the vote out and make sure our girl is safe again this week!

  14. Elise killed it tonight.  Just proves no matter how good she does, she’ll never get what she deserves.

    Probable bottom 3: Elise, Hollie, Joshua

    MY bottom 3 : Jessica, Skylar, Phillip (still love him.)

    Still don’t like her, but I’ll admit she did decent at her second choice.  Personally, it wasn’t enough to pull her out of bottom 3 after Bohemian Rhapsody for me.  That’s not a song you can just go up and sing “okay.”  You HAVE to kill it, and she just didn’t.  Not a good song for her.

    Unfortunately, I think this is it for Elise.  And if that’s true, I’m done with the show this year.  It will be unfair for her and Colton to be eliminated.  They are true ARTISTS and deserve to be there.  I won’t watch an unfair show.

      •  It IS unfair.  All the Jessica obsessed would say it was unfair if she is eliminated, and DID when she was.  She is criticized by the judges and that makes her lose votes.  She is an artist, she is diverse. (and for all the smart people saying she isn’t, how is singing Zeppelin, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Billy Joel…the list goes on…all in one competition NOT diverse?)  No matter how good she does, she never gets credit, and that is unfair.  Not because she’s my favorite.  Even if she wasn’t, I would think it is unfair.  Elise is more talented than anyone there.

    • Yeah. After all you thought of Jessica having the most hottest legs. Then call the competition America’s Hottest Legs.

      I am sure if that will be the competition, Cavanagh would win.

      For largest legs, Elise would. LOL.

      • u r so mean about elise… lol. but agreed Hollie’s leg is def the winner of them all 😀

  15. I agree with everything you said Branden ..I do think  and I hate to say it but Joshua will be leaving tomorrow night and I think Phillip will be in the bottom 3 along with Jessica..Those are my predictions not my personal choices ..To me they all deserved an A+ and I love them all…

  16. Okay, I’m not sure I get that Bold as Love is an obscure choice.  It has been covered by John Mayer and others in recent years and I think it has been featured in a commercial even, plus it is a great Hendrix tune.  Obscure. No, Judges you are wrong.  I like Elise.  I realize her days are numbered though and that’s ok. As far as Phillip’s DMB song, yes not one of their better known songs, but I think he can get away with that.  Hollie, 2nd song was great…first, nope.  Probably good to end up on that note. Josh, I’d tell you what I thought but I had to fast forward through it.  Bored to death again.  Sorry but screech-y and they all start to sound the same to me.  My opinion, his style is just not my thing.  Jessica, Great singer but nothing original about a Beyonce/Whitney clone.  And she still doesn’t connect with her songs or the audience as well as some of the others. And if I’m being honest the BB Chez is ridiculous.  Keep the alter ego to yourself until you ARE the next Beyonce.  And she will be.  But, again not my favorite style, which is not to say she isn’t talented. Skylar both songs were good enough.  Liked the Queen song better, but she continues to pick pretty good songs and sings them well.  Great story teller and great connection to songs/audience pretty much every time.
    Safe: Phillip, Jessica
    Middle: Skylar, Joshua
    Bottom: Elise, Hollie
    Going home??? could be either one.  And maybe even Joshua.  But who knows after the last few weeks.

    •  Jessica, a whitney/beyonce clone? Firstly, That’s a compliment. Secondly, she’s not a clone, she is an original. Thirdly, BB CHEZ is being fun. She’s 16 so stop judging her so harshly because her talent is bigger than any of those contestants…..

      •  She is a Whitney/Beyonce clone … and if I wanted to listen to that type of music, I would. I need to see something from her that makes me feel like she can reach me. Until then, not a fan. She’s incredibly talented, that’s undeniable. But I want my Idol to be talented and personable.

    • Don’t show your rudeness to her it is you that is very ridiculous. Hey Jessica is JEssica. Have you listened to her second song common! maybe you are the one who lost connection not her or you are just absolutely paranoid because she is incredible and indestructible. With her age??/ HAHAha. Absolutely amazing. Why do you think she is the all time favorite.? 

  17. I think the judges are being unfair.  They ALWAYS give Joshua a standing ovation.  Jennifer is always telling people to vote for him.  I think the judges should be more noncommittal unbasis to any one contestant. I think Skyler is the winner.

  18. ummm…. sklar was not that great as the judges claimed to be! she got to go…. sorry.

  19. imho skylar was the one great tonight. i’m not her fans but i can doubt she nailed the songs. and sorry for jessica fans, shes not so god in the first song, you have to accept it, but she nailed on the second songs. and Joshua argghhhh please stop to scream, you can do more better thean today, and i hate when judges always give him SO. 

    and whos will be out tomorrow is Ellise….(based on her performance like braden says..)

  20. Other than construction and transportation systems and poor urban planning, World Health Organization officially enlisted another major anthropogenic cause of noise pollution: Joshua Ledet. 

  21. joshua must go home and practice singing minus the screeches, shouts and yells…he sounds like a duck (in heroine)quacking like crazy. I can do that too, i swear! try it,it is easy…pretend drunk and crazy, ur gonna get a standing O too.

  22. in the elimination, they should make 3 groups of 2 where one is in the top 3 and the other in the bottom 3

  23. i think the bottom three this week will be Jessica Hollie and possibly Joshua or Phillip it is a toss up for either one of those two boys.  and most likely going home to me will be Jessica or Hollie again a toss up between the two of them.  100% safe to me is Skylar, then my choice after that is Phillip and Elise and then Joshua, Hollie and Jesica dead last. but then again america is choices from canada land. 🙂

    • Julie! Julie! Julie!  Sorry, no one likes your comments.  Even in your Canada land. So sad…! 

  24. Congratulations to the Top 6!  You all did your best and i think it paid off.  Its anybody’s game now… continue voting for your favorite!  

  25. jessica’s dance with my father rendition was amazing… it made me cry because i miss my daddy… 🙁

  26. Joshua every week sounds the same to me no matter what he is singing!! He yells and screeches and it all comes out the same. Too bad the judges try to sway the voting. Liked Jimmy’s commentaries the best. Where was he tonight??

  27. American Idol Top 6
    Review : Queen Week!

    Queen Songs

    Jessica Sanchez – Bohemian Rhapsody – I thought
    she did a pretty good job with this, it could have better, could have been
    worse. I think she could have taken it farther than what she did. I would say
    this was actually one of her weaker performances. But, for Queen week, she done
    a pretty good job. (B)

    Skylar Laine – The Show Must Go On – I thought
    she did a great job with this song! I wasn’t expecting her to sing it, I was
    expecting Elise to sing this. But, she definitely did her thang with this song.
    Although it was a little shrill towards the end for me. Overall though, one of
    her better performances. (A-)

    Joshua Ledet – Crazy Little Thing Called Love –
    This song is just not an impressive song to me. I thought he did a good job
    with the song, he did what he could do with it. However, the standing ovations
    from the judges are PISSING me off. They stand up for that, but not for Skylar?
    Their favoritism is ridiculous. However, he did a good job with the song. (B+)

    Elise Testone – I Want It All – Well that was
    better than Joshua’s performance, but off course no standing ovation. I thought
    she did a fantastic job, my favorite performance of the night so far. Really
    good! (A)

    Phillip Phillips – Fat Bottomed Girls – Just
    what I expected from him. Another typical Phillip Performance. It was good,
    nothing fantastic though. (B)

    Hollie Cavanagh – Save me – This was better than
    what I was expecting, I think she did a really good job with it. No, it wasn’t
    her best, but it wasn’t bad at all. I heard only one noticeable pitch issue
    through that. Overall, a rather good job. (B+)


    Contestants Choice

    Jessica Sanchez – Dance With My Father – Damn, I
    was really hoping that she would have sang the Indie Arie song, it could have been
    a moment for her. But, I understand now why she chose to sing this song, and
    she did an amazing job on it. One of my favorite performances from her. I’m
    nervous for her tonight though, because she went first. She could be in the
    bottom 3. People pick up your phones and vote for this girl. (A)

    Skylar Laine – Tattoos on This Town –   Um..
    this was a typical Skylar performance. It was a really nice solid job. I always
    like it when she plays her guitar. There was something about this that seemed
    forgettable to me, until she hit the big notes at the end. Overall  a really good job. (B+)

    Joshua Ledet – Ready For Love – Well I knew
    after the first couple of notes, that the judges would be standing on their
    feet. This was better than his first performance, and I really did like it.
    But, I can’t help but to think, why does Jessica not get a standing ovation for
    her performance. Once again the favoritism is ridiculous. But, this was one of
    the performances that I really really enjoyed from him. (A-)

    Elise Testone – Bold As Love – I’m not familiar
    with this song, but she did a really good with it. I liked the runs that she
    did. I do agree with Randy, that she does do too much at times. But, with this
    song, I agree with Jennifer by the fact that it was enjoyable. (B+)

    Phillip Phillips – The Stone – I think that was
    one of the most boring performances, I have ever watched on this show.
    Literally, I thought it was soooooo boring. He didn’t sound bad, but it just
    wasn’t good for me. (C-)

    Hollie Cavanagh – The Climb – This was a really
    good song for Hollie. I think she did her thang with this song. She is really
    starting to come back into this competition. (A-)

    Overall, tonight was one of my least favorite nights this
    season. Something about it was just not good to me. Maybe it’s because I’m
    sick, I don’t know. But, it just wasn’t that good for me. I think Jessica is in
    trouble, I hope people vote her. Going home tomorrow, possibly Skylar. I’m honestly
    not sure, they all brought it. I wish it were Phillip but that isn’t going to

  28. My Predictions
    bottom 3=Hollie, Skylar, Elise
    Going home=Elise
    I’m rooting for Hollie & voted for her 50 times online & over 50 times via phone. 

    • And I am sure it will make the Elise haters happy, Elise is a great singer and very seldom get credit, the judges have wanted her off show for some time now. Joshua can do no wrong in their eyes, Why? he is just not that good. Can not connect with Jessica or Skylar.

  29. Press like if you think Jessica deserves a Standing Ovation With Dance With My Father. 😀

  30. I do think that it is a wise move that the judges do not give her standing ovations after her near-elimination (though some of her performances are not that stellar). She shouldn’t be pimped that much anymore, she can do it on her own. What I don’t understand is the judges praising Joshua Ledet almost every single time he sings. I mean REALLY!? He’s a good singer, but…

  31. joshua needs to go tomorrow. that first song was nowhere near standing ovation worthy! really judges? really?

  32. Jessica Sanchez is the one to beat. She’ll probably end up with Philip as top two. It’s time we have a female Idol winner!

  33. As for Philip, he is him. But he irritates me sometimes. He can’t belt out without that phlegmatic (literally) throat sounding grit. Difficult to describe. Help me! 
    I like him for one performance. For long, i’d just learn to play his songs by ear. I bet even if he records 1000 songs, they will sound the same…

  34. She starts to get weaker week after week… she sets the standard so high that her performances starts to push her outside… Hope she can survive another week. Her performance this week is just okay for me… 

    •  true. i was kinda hoping that she is using that as a strategy but as for now, enough for that! she needs to loosen up.

  35. Jessica starts to get weaker week after week… she sets the standard so high that her performances starts to push her outside… Hope she can survive another week. Her performance this week is just okay for me… 

  36. I don’t know. Colton was sent home after his sister came on stage the night before. What’s to say Jessica will see that fate with her father there?

  37. The judges are officially frauds. A standing O for Joshua’s “Another On Bites the Dust?” That was probably the worst rendition of any song I have ever heard. And let me get this straight…J-Lo gives Joshua a standing O for that, but not for Skylar for hers, but then says Skylar did the best Queen cover? Uhm, ok. Yes J-Lo, people are actually paying attention. I can’t wait for tomorrow, when Jimmy teaches them how it is.

    • Um, Joshua didn’t sing Another One Bites The Dust.  What were you watching?  Or should I ask what you were shooting?

      • Sorry…yeh, that’s what I meant to say…I was typing to fast with too much I wanted to say.

    • clearly the judges know what they’re talking about.. have u sold millions in records?? Noooo. Josh is amazing! He already sings like a pro & will be a legend. & P.S. Jimmy always loves Joshua too

      • A lot of so called singers have sold millions of records. Lot of them on charts right now. Rap,really? that is music, but they are still selling millions.


  39. Joshua MUST be eliminated. The short bits of roasting each other…just proved how annoying he is………and I want to see Randy cry like a baby

  40. Did nobody notice that Jessica messed up the words to Bohemian Rhapsody? At the end of the slow part… I was waiting for the judges to point it out, and when they didn’t I was at least expecting you to do it… I love Jessica and I vote for her, but this is making me think AI is fixed

  41. if the judges won’t give Joshua a standing O next week, assuming he survives tomorrow’s cut, then…

    who cares really. i have dishes to do. later.  

  42. I don’t even know why I read your reviews Branden, I think it’s a joke most of the time, and yes it is once again. Phillip 100% safe…..hmm think he was 100% PREDICTABLE again! One tone throughout the song, absolutely no range whatsoever, typical Phillip song choices, every single sing he has performed on this show has sounded absolutely the SAME, Unpleasent to watch, shows Zero ability to slow it down and SING, only growl his way through a ONE note, ONE tone, ONE tempo song, and he didn’t even do that good. It was awful, boring, predictable, hard to watch and sounded bad. Period. Why does he keep getting all these passes for doing the same crap every single week????? I just don’t get the fascination with this guy at all. He’s like a broken record. Arguing. Go home please

    Elise was actually the worse tonight, far and away, the WORSE. That child like yelps she’s been doing in between the bars lately is so irritating and annoying. I thought she was just bad on both songs, and she SHOULD be the one going home tomorrow night.

    Jessica was good, just nothing WOW from her. Didn’t like bohemian rhapsody for her, that song just should not of been attempted by anyone. Her second song was just OK for me, nothing special. Sorry Jess fans.

    Skylar was rock steady. Her voice can be a bit annoying, but she did a really good job on both performances. Didn’t take it to that mad country woman type thing she likes to do a lot, and I think it benefited her. Really nice job.

    Hollie didn’t get enough credit for her first song, again, go figure, but I thought she did a nice job. But her second song was I think the best of the night. That song was right up her alley and she killed it. The judges finally recognized her efforts and gave her a well deserved standing O. Based on tonight she deserves to be safe, hopefully America agrees.

    Then there’s Joshua… Let’s face it, Queen & Josh…. not exactly a match made in heaven, but I thought he did a respectable job. He made it his own, and did the best to fit it into his style, and I think he succeeded. Maybe just one little stretch where he took it over the top, but that’s his style tho. His second song was phenomenal. This is the type of music he will record and be successful with, as Steven made comments about getting the right songs on his label. The emotion he injects into every performance us unmatched by any of the contestants. You can tell how much he feels his music, and Phillip to I guess, just think he’s too repetitive. Josh’s 2nd song and Hollie’s 2nd, were by far the two BEST performances of the night, and neither of them should be leaving, hopefully not anyway. Two more standing O’s, must be doing something right in the eyes of the judges. Agree with 2nd one, don’t know bout the first tho.

    Bottom 3, Elise, Hollie (prob not deserving tho), and hopefully Phillip. Leaving will be Elise, HOPEFULLY. That’s just my personal opinion based on what I heard tonight. TIFWIW Just my OPINION now!

      • Nope. Couldn’t stand Jacob Lusk actually. An. That’s all you Josh dislikers can say, he screams, and compare him to another black gospel singer from last year..? Just shows the lack of MUSICAL knowledge and ineptness by so many people here. It’s not even worth replying to all the Josh dissers. There’s far more people that actually appreciate all types of music, but most don’t bother to read sites like this because of the hatred shown towards the contestants. And if you refer to Joshua as a ‘screamer’, you’ve got to put every contestant in that category then, cause they have all at one point sounded like they were screaming.

        But that’s ok, his many fans, all 3 judges and Jimmie Iovine, all recognize just how musically gifted this guy is. If a white rock legend like Steven Tyler can consistently praise a black gospel/soul singer cause he sees the talent, than me as a non rock legend can as well, as well as the millions of people that vote for him. My opinion is that he is the Best on the show, so I’m entitled to my opinion and so is everyone else.

  43. I used to like PP. But he does the same thing everytime. Except for that Usher song he covered. I find him stubborn and would not take advices given to him. He is cute though but when he sings and does the facial acrobatics, it seems like he’s transforming into a werewolf or something.

    Elise sounds good but she just lacks charisma to build a solid fan base.

    Jessica is a great singer and can practically sing anything but she needs to sing songs that anyone (or at least most) could relate to.

    Joshua? I have to lower down the TV volume during his turn. I don’t know why the judges like him so much.

    Hollie can’t sing everything. She is not an Idol material.

    Skylar can sing but she doesn’t have the star quality. Her facial expressions are often misleading. She is always excited and it became irritating. Remember when Colton did his exit song last week (Everything)? This girl was jumping up and down and clapping. What’s wrong with her. Is she autistic?

    Okay, that’s just my opinion. Let’s see who goes home tomorrow.

    • LMAO  with the werewolf transformation or something comment!!
      Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Nice one! 😀

    • She was hiding her emotions… Her and Colton were very close but really as long as they have been together would you really try to accuse her of being happy that he is goin and calling her autistic? Get out of here with that… You dont deserve to talk anymore… GO SKYLAR!!!

      • Like I said in my last sentence, that’s just my opinion. I respect yours. I am only watching the show and need not to dig in on how close these contestants are to each other. The impression it gave me was, her reaction to Colton’s elimination was weird. Yes, Skylar can sing. Maybe the best amongst the girls left. But I just cannot connect with her. Like you said, she was hiding her emotions. How could she connect to the audience if she would not put her emotions to what she does on TV?
        You love her so I would not say anything further. You will not ‘listen’ anyway, I guess. Again, just my opinion. Don’t take it too seriously or else I’d assume that you are giving me too much importance. LOL



    • oh shut up will you!!!!  stop bashing other contestants…. you are tooooooo rude!!!!!!

  46. Queen Song 1:

    Jessica Sanchez, “Bohemian Rhapsody” This song started out great for Jessica. I thought wow she’s gonna pull it off. She had the flatter shoes I suggested last week too. But then she got into the heart of the song and something went wrong. It seems like every time she starts an upbeat part of a song she gets winded and that made it way too choppy for my liking. She earns a B- from me on this performance

    Skylar Laine, “The Show Must Go On” This was an example of someone pushing too hard. Sometimes she can nail the big notes but at other times she just comes across as shouting instead of singing. Pushing too hard for a moment I think sometimes they just miss it and that is what I think happened here. The whole performance combined wasn’t bad but it could have been better at times. She earns a B- for this performance. 

    Joshua Ledet, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” Let me start by saying that Joshua has a great singing voice. He just gets carried away and then starts screaming. I think he wears his voice out in the first part of the performance and there is nothing left but screaming towards the end. I don’t know what is going on. The judges are not helping him to control this by always praising him and not giving him any constructive criticism. I do think, however, that this was one of the better performances of the night. He earns an A from me. 

    Elise Testone, “I Want It All.” I actually liked this performance. I am not really familiar with the song but if I were hearing it for the first time and performed in this way I would probably buy it. I am not even sure what else to say about it other than I thought it was a good performance. She earns an A from me.

    Phillip Phillips, “Fat Bottomed Girls” Uh, not so good. There are little things about Phillip’s voice that just steer me away. His phrasing and way he trails off on certain words just doesn’t work. Last week he had a good night with his first song. I actually liked it. Tonight, not so much. Sorry P2 fans but he just wasn’t at his best tonight and you know it. He earns a C from me on this performance. 

    Hollie Cavangah, “Save Me.” I am not real familiar with this song either but Hollie absolutely nailed this vocal. She did crack one time when she got a little emotional but I actually liked that too. I did not feel disconnected with this performance as the judges commented at all. I was captivated by the whole performance. It was not a song that needed a lot of moving around or animation. She just sang it beautifully and that was enough to make for the perfect performance in my opinion. Hollie earns an A from me on this performance. 

    Contestant’s Choice 2

    Jessica Sanchez, “Dance With My Father” Jessica did a great job with this song but the arrangement didn’t really go anywhere for me. I am very familiar with this song. Not only LV’s version but I have heard a better version of this song than Jessica’s. The song is supposed to build to a height and then end with an emotional softer landing. There were also a couple of pitch problems in the middle parts too but over all it was a good performance. Again with the wind machine. I think that was there to produce a couple of tears at the end. She seemed to be looking into the wind with her eyes wide opened and trying to get them to tear up. That was my impression anyway. But still a good performance. She earns a B+ from me.

    Skylar Laine, “Tattoos On This Town” Skylar gave another Skylar performance on this song by Jason Aldean but again with the shouting. She has to stop doing that or she is going to be in trouble. I would like to see a softer side of her with a more melodic song. The nearest she came to that was “Wind Beneath My Wings”. That was a moment for her and we get it. She can belt but when it turns into shouts it’s time to pull back just a little. Skylar earns a B from me on this performance. 

    Joshua Ledet, “Ready For Love.” I heard this for the first time just before the show tonight. I had never heard it before. Joshua did a great job in the beginning. Now that is the Joshua that I could listen to. But yet again he went for the big moment and started screaming again. There doesn’t have to be a huge moment in every performance. He could have a moment with the whole song if he just sang it like I know he can from beginning to end. It was still for the most part a good vocal so he earns an A from me on this one. 

    Elise Testone, “Bold As Love” I have never heard this. I didn’t even listen to it before the show. I didn’t like it at all. It was a bad song choice and I have nothing to reference as to whether or not the vocals were good but if I heard it for the first time I would be changing the station in a hurry. I can’t even find anything positive in this except for the fact that I heard her hit one note that was clear as a bell with no rasp what so ever. That is the first time I have heard that from her but I have to be honest and say that she earns a C from me on this performance. 

    Phillip Phillips, “The Stone” I have never heard this before and there is probably a good reason. I probably changed the station if that was anything close to the original. I can’t even believe a contestant would get on stage and do something like this at this point in the competition. I know hate is a strong word but I actually hated this performance. What was he doing? That is exactly what I said when I was watching! I think maybe he doesn’t want to lose the VFTW vote by sounding too good. But I am with Branden. I don’t think he has anything to worry about. I don’t think it would matter if he got up there and sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. For the performance he earns a D from me. 

    Hollie Cavangah, “The Climb” I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus but I am a fan of Joe McElderry. This performance was pretty close to his arrangement on “The X Factor UK” a couple of years ago. With that said I don’t think this deserved the SO from the judges. It was not perfect and it lacked the vocal enhancements and tweaks that JM put on it. There were times I was expecting her to do certain runs that she didn’t do and that made it just seem flat to me. It definitely wasn’t perfect and I may be the only one that could notice that. I do not like MC’s version but it is a good song for someone of this age and I love the JM version. She did a good job. Don’t get me wrong but it was not up there with Joe’s version. She earns a B from me on this performance.

    That’s my opinion of tonight like it or not…LOL

  47. Yahoo! loved both joshua’s performances and raved about them. They also said his 2nd one was the best overall performance of the night

  48. Skylar was by far the best in both songs tonight. Don’t understand why everyone love Jessica you can’t even understand her. Joshua was my second favorite but I still say he has Mickey mouse ears.

      • Agree with countryalltheway you can’t understand her maybe this should be immigrant idol. Skylar all the way country has the biggest fan base by far

      • yes, i concur. how can anyone makes such a remark abt. any singer for that matter. Well, we can’t understand you too.

      • this is in reply to deer_slayer. I cannot believe what u just said abt. Immigrant Idol. My God, irregardless of race , creed or colour this is a singing competition. So, pls do not go off track….Again, My God, you are not only a deer_Slayer but a Mood_Slayer

    • @Countryalltheway! Same here, I’m confused as well! I don’t understand why Skylar’s nose does all the singing! One time I clipped my nose and started singing Baa Baa Black Sheep. I actually freaked out coz I could hear Skylar, except it was me singing! 
      Another time, I saw mating cats! The feline was hollering like Joshua! It was Joshua! He’s everywhere! While Skylar I only hear when I’m trying to suffocate myself.  

    • Pls speak for yr self. I am not a fan of Skylar and I, like u, cannot understand why anyone would love Skylar. So bottom line, to each his own. You love Skylar, fine but pls no remarks abt. Jessica.Thank you

  49. Props to Jessica for her song choices this week…I really want to root for her…I am an American living in the Philippines and this country loves American Idol…it would be awesome to see someone with Philippine heritage win…it is already awesome Jessica is doing well…that said, as much as I want to root her on, she has to deserve it…I have been most impressed so far with the improvements I have seen from Skylor and Hollie…was most disappointed when Colton was gone, really would have liked to see him do Queen but it is what it is…this has been a great season of American Idol so far, cant wait to see that happens next…its all good!!!

  50. Jessica’s performances… Liked it? Yes. Loved and thought it was amazing? No. I only felt the emotion like once or twice. I don’t think singing Queen was any help to her. Especially doing my favorite Queen song. B-/B+
    Skylar’s performances were both great the Queen song and her song choice. She delivers that “Idol” performance which makes her very likable in that factor. A-/A+
    Joshua is crazy. I liked the first one a bit better. I do admit he does screech and doesn’t really control his notes as well as most of the contestants. But he still has a chance to win. B+/B
    Elise has got that unique voice. It can get annoying a little, But all in all she’s a great singer and well, honestly some of her song choices weren’t that great tonight. That might send her home tomorrow. B/B-
    Phillip’s performances? I don’t know about tonight, this was definely not his night. His last song kinda bored me. B-/C
    Hollie did ok on her first performance I didn’t see the Hollie I’ve seen. But the last performance of the night was amazing and really showed the power in her voice I hate Miley Cyrus. But Hollie made that song extremely likable for me B-/A+

    Hate on me if you will since my favorites have been Heejun and Hollie this whole season.

    •  i hate when someone think that they can’t feel the emotion of the song and admit it as the weakness of the singer…
      it’s about you… the relation of your personal experience with the song, if you don’t have it, then you can’t feel it…

  51. I have a feeling (hope) Joshua will go home. He is not that great and I think the American people are now getting sick of the continual and monotonous standing ovations he gets from the 3 so called judges.

    Jessica and Philip and Skylar should be safe.

    Hollie should be safe because she is actually good and she will still be getting some “punching bag” sympathy votes. Ste will still be in the bottom 3.

    Elise (because of her bad song choices and low popularity) and Joshua (because of the continual standing ovations (people are sick of it)…and well he is just not that good) should be the bottom 2.

    Fingers crossed Joshua should be going home

    • Further to my comments.

      Jessica is either very confident or something but NOBODY should sing Bohemian Rhapsody unless you sing like Freddy Mercury (she isnt that good) or are part of a choir.

      I agree Queen are legends with so many great songs….so many weird song selections chosen by the 6 artists.

  52. @5922034480573afcdd470e700ad48462:disqus  you go home! Nobody likes you either!

  53. jessica’s dance with my father is one of the best idol performances ever…hope she goes thru =) GO JESS!!!

  54. Judges are keep on saying that the idols should have a connection with the audience. But why is Philip keep on looking up and sidewards?  Who is he staring with? And where is the connection in that? I always noticed him with that gesture.. You observed. 

  55. The only person that deserved a standing O for tonight is Ryan’s gf she also gets an A+.

  56. looks like  PP in not taking this competition seriously…after tonight,,,l will put PP  on the bottom 3 tomorrow,,everybody felt whats like to be in a hot seat…but l would imagine he will stay on..but then again,,,everybody performed great but him….PP is one of my favorites to win it all next to jessica,,,,,after tonight l dont know now….

  57. I think people need to remember that American Idol is about the whole package. If it was just about the voice the people would go to the voice. in MY opinion, Elise needs to go. Her attitude makes me mad and I think she’s super arrogant. Her voice is the worst of the six and needless to say I’ve been wanting her to go for a while.

    Josh does have a great “voice” but I can’t stand the way he projects it! I feel like he’s always screaming it me. He isn’t America’s Idol. He’s America’s Church(es) Idol.

    & for the people who say P.P doesn’t change up his voice enough, I say who cares. He is who he is and that’s why so many people like him. You don’t have to screech all of the time to be a great artist. Take DMB for example. Sometimes it’s good to be low-key and sing mellow. I think he proved with the Usher song that he is good at taking songs and making them his own. He’s my favorite by far. After that I like Skylar, then Hollie, Then Jessica.

    Again…all my opinions. Please don’t comment on here bashing me for them. haha. 🙂

    • Why do you think Elise is arrogant? Do you know her? Just maybe she is shy and has no self confidence, and for sure judges have done little to  help her build any.

      •  I blame the judges for any problems with Elise.  They are beyond unfair to her.  She is overall one of, if not the most talented one there. 

      • No, I don’t know her. She is the only one who ever makes a rude comment back to the judges. They are NOT overly unfair to her. Do you think they are more unfair to her than they were to Hollie or anyone else? I don’t think so. The night Jessica got sent “home” Elise gave the biggest smirk when Ryan put her in the group with Jessica, because she thought she was safe. That’s when I really started to dislike her. She comes off as she is better than everyone. & when she outright said the judges are harder on her than everyone else I disliked her even more. Definitely not true. If anyone they are hardest on Hollie. I don’t think she’s shy at all and I think her problem is that she’s overly confident which is why her “Let’s get it on” performance sucked.

      •  @f3cae86c09f84d85e1b9ffbb914a0b12:disqus , Elise is the only one with the guts to state her opinion.  There’s a difference in that than being rude.  Nobody said the judges weren’t unfair to Hollie too, she just gets more support.  Elise IS good.  Whether you like her style or not, she is talented.  Nobody else in the competition can do the runs she does.  Nobody else can go up there and kill a rock song like she does.  And they are not harder on Hollie.  She was pitchy the whole first half of “The Climb”  and they acted like she was perfect.

      • It’s just my opinion. I don’t like her or her attitude. You don’t have to agree.

  58. I forgot to give my bottom 3 for tonight. 

    Jessica Sanchez
    Skylar Laine
    Elise Testone

    Phillip did the worst tonight but he isn’t going anywhere. Elise should be the one leaving but we have predicted that for weeks on end and she is just proving to be very resilient so I am going to go out on a limb and predict another shocker for ratings:

    Skylar goes home. I hope I’m wrong!

    • i hope the other shocker elimination will be joshua ….
      and no will be sad…. yeeeeah…

      • Yes joshua can go home! The best shocker would be Phil Philips. He was horrible last night. I doubt it though- he sucks but people still vote for him : (

        Either guy going home would be nice

    •  I will agree with 2 or your bottom 3…Elise and Skylar…but no way is Jessica Sanchez bottom 3 this week…she took on the most difficult Queen song and did it justice…and “Dance with your father” might have been one of the most touching songs I have ever heard done on AI…

      Hollie and Jessica were spot on tonight and should be safe…Phillip Phillips bets a bye IMO because he is best male vocalist left…

      Joshua would round out MY bottom 3 this week…

      Trying to guess who goes home is such a crap shoot at this point…nothing surprises me anymore

      • I happen to disagree with that assessment. The song is called “Dance With My Father”. This is one of my all time favorite songs. I have listened to that song over and over and over. It’s on a playlist on my ipod and my job requires a lot of driving so, therefore, I do a lot of listening. I have two versions on the same playlist. I love both versions. One is by Joe McElderry and the original, LEGENDARY Luther Vandross.  I think I speak on a little higher authority than you do on this particular song. 

        You are welcome to your opinion but Jessica was definitely not spot on and Hollie wasn’t either on her rendition of “The Climb”. Of course Miley Cyrus isn’t spot on with that song and it’s her own. Hollie was leaps and bounds better than Miley. If I can say this even with Hollie being my favorite of the 6 left then after you go and listen to both of the versions I have cited you come back and be honest about Jessica’s version. 

        Just sayin……..

  59. Have you heard the Jessica’s studio version of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’? So much better that her live version. What a voice….

  60. i want jessica and skylar in the final 2…..
    in order
    hollie 6th
    joshua 5th
    philip 4th
    elise 3rd
    skylar 2nd
    jessica 1st

    that’s what i want, but i predicted the reality will be like this..
    hollie 6th
    elise 5th
    joshua 4th
    jessica 3rd
    philip 2nd
    skylar 1st


    • You are such fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks… and the Journey to their Lost Sister Skylar.

  61. im voting for  JS, P2 and skylar right now non-stop!!!!! 😀 im sorry but i dont like joshuas performance tonight, his 2nd song was a little better but d first one was a disaster!

  62. Latest DialIdol Score Tally Philippine Time: 2:00 Pm1. Hollie Cavanagh – 11.335
    2. Philip Philips – 10.419
    3. Joshua Ledet – 9.883
    4. Jessica Sanchez – 8.347
    5. Skylar Laine – 7.193
    6. Elise Testone – 6.266Better watch out Chipmunk! Haha.

  63. My prediction for top 3:  Hollie, Phillip and Skylar.  I think bottom 3 tomorrow:  Elise, Jessica, Joshua.  Elise will be going home.  It is time.

  64. Top 3:

    Jessica, Phillip, Skylar

    Bottom 3:

    Joshua, Hollie, Elise

    Going home: 1 of the bottom 3

  65. I agree Elise needs to go home! Hollie did great as well as Jessica, Skylar and Joshua.  Good luck to all of you!!!!!

  66. Daniel Boyer.. I am a Filipino living in the US, you have to consider English is our  second language. But which is worse..English as your primary language, know how to use your he and she without question ..yet don’t know how to spell? Pinoy

    •  if that is an honest question, I will give you an honest answer…the spoken language is much more important than the written language…You learn to speak before you learn to spell, correct? That makes speech much more import…since you are asking…BTW, in the Philippines, legal documents are all English…all Philippine schools are instructed to teach English as the primary language…I am trying my best to teach your countrymen the English language…and the he/she comment was not to disrespect anyone…it is an unfortunate common language problem in the Philippines

      • dont mind Osang, Daniel Boyer he/she just a wannabe….. Thank you for liking Philippines 🙂

      •  Mr. Boyer, let me tell you a little about Philippine history just so you may understand us….the educational system of the Philippines was patterned after your own since we were under US colonial rule for a period of time and the GI Joes who came over made sure we are the adopted children of Uncle Sam….  Please don’t try to teach us the American English language if you are not a teacher by education. I  applaud your generosity but it’s not welcome if you just acquired your high school diploma or better yet, your GED.

  67. Is it just me who thinks there must be another Alvin and the Chipmunks sequel. It must be entitled, “Alvin and the Chipmunks and the Search for their Long-Lost Sister SKYLAR”. :DD

    • Alvin,
      You always were the “goof off” in the family, but I never knew you had a hearing problem.

  68. I think tonight was Phillip’s worst night, but I don’t think it will get him voted off.  I’m afraid that Elise is more likely to depart. Jessica’s second song was lovely and will keep her safe.  Skylar had a very good night tonight, so she should be safe. Hollie finished on a good note; that might save her.  Joshua did a good thing with his second song: he showed some control.

  69. I have been a fan of Jessica and I have been waiting for her singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” unfortunately it was her worst rendition of a song thankfully she had another beautiful rendition for her second song “Dance With My Father” though I have to say that “Falling” last week is a lot better than this. 

    Anyway, kinda disappointed with the list of songs that the remaining contestants chose in spite of wide range of choices for powerful beautiful songs. I really felt that almost all the  top 6 are really singing now for a big singing competition but singing for a weekly variety show again. There is no risk-taker for powerful songs this week.

  70. Jessica’s performance of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t that bad. It is a lesson to Jessica to sing straight sometimes. Less vibrato for the rock part of the song is needed to cope up with the eat.

  71. Studio version of Jessica Sanchez’s Bohemian Rhapsody is breathtaking. Check it out guys. 

    • Nope. I am still breathing. They shouldn’t have put out that studio version. Same as the live version. Starts off really good and then it just goes all wrong! Sorry but that’s my opinion. 

  72. Skylar and Joshua for the finale! it would be so epic!

    like the mouse and the elephant story.  =_=
    -the other screams, the other squeaks. yay!-three little pigs judging
    -perfect +_+

  73. Jessica didn’t do well with Bohemian Rhapsody, her second song was better, but still she is not giving us the right stuff, behind her golden voice. Well, Jessica still has the greatest vocal among the top 6. Hope she wont be voted out. Philips and Elise, I believe are two great artists who deserves to win also. Kudos! Jess,Elise and Jessica! 

    • Bohemian Rhapsody is a very difficult song…I applaud her for even trying that song…props to her…her second song, was better, true…the girl is 16 years old and what she is doing is so amazing…

  74. I think the best of the night was Jessica.  First of all, it is not easy to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody” it’s the biggest song of Queen and I agree that it was a long song and to compress that into 1 1/2 minutes is kind of hard to make it simmer but I tell you what, I enjoyed her rendition and the way she rocked it…if you check the original in youtube, there were really no extreme high notes in Freddie Mercury’s version either and the way Jessica did hers was good enough.  Now, her second song…if there is any doubt that of her connecting in songs, there is no doubt now…her rendition of “Dance With My Father” was the best I’ve heard.  That song was the best of the night for me and it’s amazing how Jessica picks the songs of the biggest artists in the world and she not only equals it or can even go better than it…wow, Amazing!!!

  75. Bohemian Rhapsody is a rock anthem I’ve been weaned on and one  can’t sing it effectively  in just one and a half minutes…no matter how good a singer is meant to be sung in its entirety…it slowly builds up to heights to the ripping parts and slows again and to have it cut the way it is cut to fit in with the timer takes the powerful rhythm and flow of the song..result?  it comes off  awkward in its transitions…and it has to be delivered in all its rocking passion!

    So that is what made me apprehensive when I first learned Jessica is taking this one..fortunately her vocals saved the song from going haywire…it showed her natural talent but still she could have done something like “it’a a hard life” or “I Want to Break Free”  and channel a Tina Turner style to it..all wishful thinking of course..

  76. @Madisonellis93 I am not here to debate Philippine history or my credentials…I am here to show support for the talented people competing for Americas votes…living in the Philippines, many could see me as bias toward Jessica…I do want to see her do well because I know how it gives hope to so many people here…and she has the talent level to deserve whatever success she achieves…it is a shame people like you give the Philippines a bad name and hurt her chances…

    • i appreciate your love for the philippines and for the filipinos. I am always touched when foreigners show their sincere support for my fellow countrymen. God bless you!

  77. Your so wrong on Elise. Besides Jessica’s song, every other Queen song sung was not one of their most popular. She nailed it and the audience agreed.

  78. if the winner will be announced tomorrow based on number of standing ovations joshua ledet will be the winner because of 7 individual standing ovation and 1 duet standing ovation 

    • they gave standing ovations to joshua but when ryan asked them who impressed them the most,they said skylar..that is so weird..the judges are inconsistent..i dont believe them anymore…

  79. Here’s hoping Jessica remains safe. Queen songs are a bit too alien for her singing style. Rock is the one genre where vibratto is no good. Rock is too raw and too in your face for a sweet 16 year old slip of a girl. 

    Dance with My Father, however, is right up her alley.

    Cheers !

    • you have that wrong, Queen is mainstream so it must be that jess is the one who is too alien to keep up with the others

    •  The show is American Idol.  Not R&B singers only Idol.  Rock music is a huge part of this country.  The whole reason they do theme weeks is because they want winners to be diverse.

      • Review the series of posts leading up to your reply … and say ‘ooops, maybe I shouldn’t have gone off half cocked … ‘.

        It happens … poster / bloggers become impatient and type away … before getting everything right.

        I don’t mind.

      • Review the series of posts leading up to your reply … and say ‘ooops, maybe I shouldn’t have gone off half cocked … ‘.

        It happens … poster / bloggers become impatient and type away … before getting everything right.

        I don’t mind.

      • @jojoandrada:disqus  you said “rock is too raw and too in your face for a sweet 16 year old slip of a girl.”  And I simply say that’s too dang bad.  American Idol’s are supposed to be diverse and she isn’t.  If she can’t handle the themes, she doesn’t deserve to be there.  Bohemian Rhapsody for her was just one big fail in my opinion. 

  80. The judges did a fantastic job finding awesome singers this year. However, I have grown weary of their showing extreme favor to 2 of the final 10 and being extremely critical of 2 of the final 10. The judges 2 favorites and the 2 they seem to want to eliminate are now in the final 6. I believe all 6 will have successful careers but I refuse to vote for the judge’s favorites. They are pushing them on the viewers like Timeshare salesman.

  81. Phillip is very comfortable everytime, he does’nt need to make connections with the audience in the gallery.He feels he may win the contest even performing not acceptable to others,he has the fanbase supporting him.why concentrate with remarks or comment by judges,he got the votes that were left by Colton after voted out.
    He knows his vocal not good than the others but his followers keeps supporting him to stay longer in AI11,so thi is the real score now.

  82. 12 Standing Os…really…They praise the other contestants but my point…12 standing Os…so who is the favorite?  They are all good at this point, so it does come down to favorites for voting.  Jessica isn’t JLo…she doesn’t need to hop around the stage…she relies on her voice, not her body.  (Don’t get me wrong…I like JLo but she has been out of control lately when performing.)  My votes go to Jessica and Skylar since I can’t make up my mind.  I do know one thing, out of all of them, the album I would buy would be Skylar’s.

  83. I hope..that when people judge, they take in mind that Jessica is only 16.  She does not have much from where she can draw crazy passion, but what she has is undeniable talent. How were you guys at 16???

    •  Thing is, many other people on the show had unbelievable amounts of passion at that young age.  David Archuleta, Lauren Alaina, Alison Iraheta…the list goes on.  They proved  it can be done, so age isn’t a valid excuse for anyone.

  84. Jessica’s haters accuse her of being Judges’ pet, Judges’ favorite, etc. They totally forgot about Joshua. JLo said that her favorite part of the show is Joshua show. Judges gave him numerous standing ovations for unimpressive performances. I hope Joshua will land on the bottom three tonight—in your face judges!

    • i agree so disgusted to see those judges always giving standing O for jushua eventhough his performance is not that good ..over favoritism

      • Wow, so it disgusts you? Taking in a bit too serious then if you get that kind of reaction to the opinions of people who are paid to GIVE THEIR opinions. Good thing everyone’s entitled to their own then huh. Musicians appreciate other musicians no matter the genre, so what’s wrong with them appreciating Joshua? People mag have different opinions than the judges, obviously, but they have every right to appreciate and give standing O’s to whoever they see fit. I don’t like that they just won’t tell Phillip he’s bland, boring, predictable, one note, one tone, and one tempo every single week, but I’m not gonna gripe, belly ache and complain that they don’t see Phillip the same as I do, it’s called RESPECTFULLY disagreeing. I know that they have a much better ear for music tho, better and more trained than most of us here, so I respect their OPINIONS, but I stll have my own. You can voice them without being disrespectful to others.

    •  Have you read any of the other posts at all?  PLENTY of people are talking about the judges Joshua infatuation.

  85. i wanted Joshua to go home tomorrow! but, i think that will be impossible, because the Biased judges or what we call “experts?!” give him 2 standing Os so, maybe many people will just agree with those “ExpertS!?”

  86. Who has impressed me the most?  I have to say Holly, because she has become a woman during the show (and I don’t mean just the more mature clothes such as that red outfit she now wears).  She was super timid and now she is really more relaxed.  Now if she would just stop biting her lower lip and get rid of that little girl voice when she talks!

    I got Joshua for once.  I wish he would stick to the ballad songs and lower the volume permanently.  He is more a Nat King Cole singer.

    Skylar also showed a new side to her, not just country.

    I really missed Colton.

    •  I really dont get Joshua…he lost me when he performed with the sexy dancer behind him and Ryan asked his pastor father if he approved…his father didnt object to the sexy dancer…made no sense at all…to me, that was a worse moment than Colton performing Lady Gaga…

      • You couldn’t be more wrong.  Colton chose to sing Gaga.  That was all on him.  Joshua is not in control of what goes on with the stage production when he performs.  He wasn’t even facing the dancer.  She was window dressing placed there by the producers.

      • So was any of that Joshua’s fault? Or did it detract from his vocals? No. That was Ryan putting a father on the spot on live television. Was absolutely not a big deal at all

    • It is Hollie’s speaking voice and she is a very young girl, second youngest among the final 6  actually, so what do you expect? Let her go and mature in her own time…but she has great singing vocals!

      Strive on little Hollie! Next  to JSan am rooting for her..JLo or no JLo, so there..

  87. I almost slap my friend because she will vote for Phillip because he is handsome. Bleh, he isn’t handsome in general standards. But anyways, still rooting for Jessica and Skylar and Elise 😀 Top 3 Girls 🙂

    • OMG…Phillip is so hot…I was str8 and now not because of him. If only I could rub his naked body with olive oil

      • You and thousands teenage girls. Didn’t Ryan Seacrest say his girlfriend, jillianne Hough, also have a crush on P2?

      • Sorry, I don’t get the Phil love.  He looks like the kind of guy who dresses in whatever clothes on the floor are closest to his bed and pees in the sink.

  88. I didn’t like Joshua’s 1st song performance. He was shouting all the time. I can’t understand why the judges loved him so much. Sure, he is a great singer but i can’t stand listening to his cd with all those screaming and shouting.

    Anyway, without Colton now, i really think it’s Philip who will win and his runner-up would be Skylar or Hollie.

    • From the beginning I was saying the same thing – Joshua shouting not singing lol! not many people get it, finally saw your posting ellie – something in common about the mama’s boy – can’t hear any singing there

  89. How can you think Skylar is good, she sings through her nose and has a terrible accent, I hate how she sings.  She has got to go!!!!

    • Most country artists have a nasally twang. Most people from the deep South have accents. You don’t have to like it if that’s not you favorite style of music. She has proven she can sing any style of music with power and emotion. She connects with the audience and the camera. She OWNS the stage when she’s up there. Don’t say she has to go just because she doesn’t sing “your style of music with your accent”–whatever that may be!

    • If you don’t like country music, you’re not going to like Skylar. She sounds a lot like Miranda Lambert. She’s good. I don’t like singers like Mariah and Beyonce so I’m not a fan of Jessica’s style of music. It’s all in your taste.

  90. Send Jessica home, she peaked on her audition. She’s not showing us anything new.

  91. susie q is funny. are you one of the eliminated contestants? 😛 bitter hag.

  92. what was that??? a pure talent in singing…close your eyes and just listen…one of the most difficult song to be sang by any body in this world…and it was made easy and ….. wanting more….


  94. please listen and review….the sound…melody….the diction…and the rest of it…wonderful…..

    • I like elise but this close to the finals I think she had to “swing for the fence”! But she hasn’t because of her questionable song choices the past couple of weeks.

  95. Jessica’s version of “Dance With My Father” made me cry! So I got up, went to my dad, gave him a hug, and I told him “I love you” and “Sorry for everything…

    • me too… I was crying halfway through the song…I still am…now I am missing my dad and mom…

  96. why is joshua always shouting? hollie should have gone home long ago. phillip has a pokerface. skylar is getting a little boring for me and she sings through her nose. I like Elise but she usually just stands out with rock songs.  i love jessica but she has yet to beat her performance of everybody has a dream for me.

  97. The main reason why Jessica connected so well this week, she got to tell her story why this song meant so much to her.  American Idol sometimes is so unfair, Jessica was the only singer got to tell why her song was so important to her before she sang.  Also the Gentle Giant song this song much better and with emotions than Jessica did.

    • gentle giant version of the song was atrocious. it’s so low you’d think he was singing for luther who’s 6 feet under !

  98. OK, just watched the tape delay of last nights performances (previously viewed each performance on Youtube)…Hollie’s performance much more amazing on my flat screen than my laptop!!! Still think this night belonged to Jessica…but that final number by Hollie certainly gave us a moment as well…

    Something I noticed regarding Skylar, the red hair piece…was that a tribute to Colton? If she is getting Colton votes, that would be a huge boost and could push her into the finale, top 3 minimum…

    Elise and Phillip had bad nights…looked even worse on the flat screen…cant imagine Phillip getting voted off but stranger things have happened

  99. Just want to share with you guys. 🙂
    “richardmarx Hey @JSanchezAI11 Just watched you sing “Dance With My Father” online. Killer job! You did Luther and me proud. Good luck! “

  100. Once again, Jessica captivated me with such superb performance. Jessica’s music somehow makes me feel this certain kind of fulfillment – that you can also be happy beyond the affluence of material things. When she sings, she amazingly imparts this intangible wealth to listeners – the beautiful sound that just dwells within your soul, the happiness that cannot be put into words and her music that transcends the boundaries of age, time, race, religion and regions. I just keep on craving for more.

    •  Maybe you missed something Jessica doesn’t connect with the audience.  She is an arrogant little army brat that tries to use power in her singing to impress you. Power is not talent.  Also Jessica is a materialistic little diva wannabe.  She has her sights set on the money nothing else.  She will manipulate anyone and everyone especially men and yet pretend she is innocent.  Send her home and we’ll see if she really is worth the investment someone will sign her.  If she does get a contract it will be short lived.  

  101. This weeks fast facts….
    1. It’s obvious the voting system has to change. Hollie has  had a couple good songs the last two weeks and the very awful start she had is seemingly has been forgotten.
    2. Judges preach consistency, P2 sounds the same on every song.
    3. Again, if you don’t think Nigel is calling all the shots and manipulating his “reality show”, my mansion is for sale, dirt cheap. Sleeping with sleaze bag TMZ, has deceit and ratings whore written all over it.
    4. I remember a couple weeks ago when “Stuttering”, not being a well known song, was a major reason for low vote total for Sanchez. Based on some of these recent songs, let’s see if that still holds true. And BTW, the next day that sond shot up the charts from #147 to # 4.
    5. I really think the judges are there more for entertainment purposes.
    Randy, has worked with everyone and tells us all the time.
    JIO has a twinkle in her eye for every male on the show.
    Tyler is useless, he must get paid for using the word beautiful a million times.
    6. Last, but certainly not least, ( no pun intended ) didn’t that dress Lopez was wearing really show off what an enormous rear end she has? Mercy.

    • ain’t it the truth.  the voting system is absurd and should be one vote per phone. or computer. or what have you.  the judges are a joke.  hate to say it but i’m beginning to think that idol is ready to be put to bed

      • yes unless they change the judges, the voting system, and make it drastic for the next season…AI’s glory will soon be a thing of the past, move over now  hello THE VOICE.
        Undeniably they have produced known artist today…but that was last 5 yrs ago.

      • @Lawrence_hemlock um…Scotty from just last year is doing very well. His first album went platinum.

  102. proud of hollie. GO HOLLIE and jessica, still hoping for a jessica-hollie finale! 😀

  103. Does anyone know the name of the guy who plays guitar in the back ground? He’s got really good stage presence…

  104. Jessica: yes!!!she picked my suggestion hahahaha…really liked the first, although the song was minimized in the show but she did executed it well especially on the studio version, love the  idea in her performance where the background has her 3 facial close up… love the second, endearing in a way.she looked tall actually in her dress and making her more elegant.

    Hollie: her stage presence with her outfits and hair was great, there’s improvement…loved the first and second for her, quite suited her undeniable voice. her hand gesture over the mic was quite bothersome though…

    Phillip Phillips: again,one of my suggetions was picked hahahaha!!! as expected he did good with the QUEEN song while the second although I don’t know about it he makes it intriguing, making me want to listen to it and finished it.Haunting is the word for it.reminded me of BAD THINGS of True Blood at first then became a song by THE BEATLES then goes BAD THINGS again.I dont’ know.quite odd..i think he got that charisma.

    Skylar: liked the first, don’t know the second…has good stage performance, trying to excel in each week.

    Joshua: like the first, somehow he was trying to capture the RUNAWAY BABY mood, jazzy blues style but still i don’t like the way he projects his song and his ending naaah somehow ruined everything for me…the second song, well his his voice is strong and yet becomes quite boring or bit redundant,and most especially i don’t know it.

    Elise: QUEEN song, second song…very nice.

    I really like to see HOLLIE battle it out on the finale with JESSICA…both young, pretty, with great voice.
    maybe the runner up would be Phillips.
    if the audience still wants another country singer in the finale Skyar will be soaring high but its enough that they had two country singer in the finale last year.
    Jacob Lusk was 5th last year and so will Joshua this season…with the same style, same voice..
    Elise is quite unique but i don’t find her being on the top among these batch.

  105. Jessica’s version of “Dance With My Father”…WOW…. made my wife cry and cry so much…..she had to call her father in the Philippines just to hear his voice.  That song was so moving for my wife…..she can’t stop playing and playing the song.  Way to go Jessica………now that’s what I call a WORLD CLASS ENTERTAINER !!!!!!!!!

  106. I had never heard the song ‘The Stone’–at first it came off kind of weird–not my favorite of Phillip’s.  But after going to You Tube and watching Dave Matthews version & listening to the full studio version from Phillip–it is a very interesting song!!  The time constraints on the show do not give many of the songs performed their just do–and this is one of them.  I am a convert now!!

  107. Okay, I’m a huge Phillip Phillips fan but that second song was weird.  I thought Hollie and Skylar had the best night…by far.

    • Well then i guess you won’t be a fan for long, because i guarantee that will be the type of music he will play after the show.

  108. What I’m beginning to see that is embarassing, no make that demeaning to the others performers is how for almost every song Joshua sings, the judges give a standing ovation. Come on now! He is a good singer I’ll grant you that, but not a standing O for EVERY performance. He sounds similar on every song he sings with the screech. They need to stand when the singer does something unigue to a song and out of the realm. Case in point: when Simon three years ago gave Adam Lambert a standing O for singing Mad World, it was because he did a different arrangment with it and made it his own. None of these singers so far to date has done anything with the song to make it their own.

    • you’re right.  the three stooges are much too generous with the standing o’s.  the contestants are all very good in their own ways but not brilliant enough to command a standing o for every performance.  adam’s “mad world” was beyond brilliant.  he deserved the accolade.

    • I agree with with you, and if someone this season deserved a standing O, it would be Elise’s rendition of Vienna. That was awesome. 

  109. Overall I was just a little disappointed in the night.  Maybe I had my expectations too high, but it just didn’t seem all that entertaining to me.

    Anyway, Joshua completely destroyed Crazy Little Thing. It was a disaster and I was very happy when it was done. Terrible song choice and worse execution. He did alright on the second song, though.

    I was very disappointed in Elise. I had high hopes from her and I’ve been backing her this whole competition, so it was a let down that she didn’t do very well. I think she’s in real danger of leaving this week.

    The rest did a pretty good job, though Jessica was fairly boring as usual, and she definitely is not suited for rock songs. I’m kind of surprised her or Joshua didn’t try Somebody to Love, it would have suited both better than what they chose from Queen.

    • I was more than a little disappointed in the double SOs for him last night. Come on, judges. SOs used to mean something. Now I feel they are just a way of manipulating votes.

      • actually , the SOs are actually hurting joshua now especially that his rendtions were average only to most viewers. randy’s hard sell of josh is backfiring   as his bias is becoming more obvious to a lot of fans of the show…

  110. IMO,

    Winner of the First Round (Queen): Elise
    Winners of the Second Round (Personal Choice):  Hollie and Jessica

  111. My feelings:

    – Jessica, Skylar, Hollie all good
    – Philip safe singer
    – Elise both good songs
    -Jashua why does he scream all the time….I hope he gets sent home (plus I am tired of all the standing ovations he gets)

      • Come on now, destroyed is a bit harsh. A gospel/soul singer trying to sing a Queen song….. Give him a break, not exactly any where near a comfort zone type genre for him to try and pull off. Yes it was a bit shouty, a lil over the top, but he didn’t ‘destroy’ that song. Nobody nailed the Queen songs. He should have done ‘show must go on’ or ‘somebody to love’ it was his first bad song selection thus far, so I’ll give him a pass. Standing O quality…, outside his comfort zone…YES. He more than made up for it on his second song though. Elise was terrible on BOTH songs, she needs to go!

  112. Is it just me or was Phillip upstaged by the violinist during his second performance? I honestly thought that the violinist was better than Phillip.

    • I look forward to the saxophone player during one of his performances, but last night the violin had a bigger part. What are we saying here about the contestant when he us upstaged by the background instruments?

  113. I’m not crazy about Joshua or Elise. I think Hollie , Jessica and Skyler were the best. Philip is really starting to get boring.

  114. Can’t wait for Sunday night. – That is when we see American Idols here in South Africa on M-Net. We also see who goes home. – All in one night.

    Love the show! I loved Hollie’s choice last week (Rolling in the deep), and  I hope to see her in the finals.

  115. My ranking of last night:
    Gong home:Phillip

    How it will actually turn out:

    Btm3:SkylarBtm2:JoshuaGoing home(unfortunately):Elise

  116. Luther Vandross….May He Rest in Peace……..would have bee proud to hear Jessica sing that song……

  117. Whoever said rock is rock is dead wrong. There is lite rock, there is hard rock, there is metal rock, there is alternative rock, there is pop rock, there is classic rock, and there is bubble gum rock.  Queen would fall more into classic which would make it mainstream.

  118. I thought that Elise sang great!  I especially think she owned the stage with the other IDOL contestants on the Group Queen Medley.  She deserved a SO for her Queen Song.  I also liked her Jimi Hendrix singing, but I tend to agree that I would have liked to hear her sing Purple Haze instead.  I believe she is safe this week, since she has gained many new fans.  I thought that Joshua screemed his first song and definately did not deserve a SO.  It really appears that Randi is biased and forced JLO and Stephen to stand up for the SO.  Randy is trying to pimp Joshua for more votes, although it may backfire since many are getting turned off by it.  Joshua’s 2nd song was better…he showed more control and wasn’t shouting!  Skylar ruined the Queen song….it just sounded too country.  Queen should NOT sound country!  I was very dissapointed in Jessica, although her second song was better than first.  I personnaly thought this was Phillips worst performance and I am a big fan of his.  Hollie’s first song was awful, but redeemed herself for the second.  You know it could be anyone’s guess who goes home this week.  Overall, I thought that Elise was the winner.  It was her week, regardless of the Jimi Hendrix pic not being the most popular song choice., she still sang it very well.  Good Luck to All! 

  119. I’m sick of seeing the same people criticize Joshua for shouting praise Jessica for it.  

    • Very very True. Every contestant has ‘shouted’ at one point in time on the show, but Joshua gets crucified for it more than anybody. Can someone please explain the child like yelps Elise has been doing since ‘let’s get it on’ and both songs last night? She doesn’t even try to put a musical run in between bars, only yells out, or yelps, YEAH AWWHH, very screechy and annoying. Play those songs back and you will see exactly what I’m talking about, especially ‘let’s get it on’ and her 2nd song lastnight. How are the judges overlooking that? Has anybody else heard this?

  120. nigel tweeted that there will be another shocker today 
    he said the person to be eliminated man who is a judge favorite 

  121. And what exactly does that little anecdote add to this conversation?  We now know that your mother is an ignorant, narrow minded old fool.  TMI

  122. The best part of the show was the beginning with Queen.
    The judges are getting on my last nerve.  What is with the standing Os for Joshua?   Jessica’s Dancing with my Father deserved a standing O….
    They are pusing Joshua and he isn’t that great.   If Skylar wins this, its all over for me and Idol…….Nigel…Hint Hint….Start a Country Idol show, big hit!!!!!!!
    Now that I got that off my chest……Elise should be going home. 

    • They had a show like Idol for country singers.  Had like one or two seasons I think.  Wasn’t popular. 

    • The show was so boring &  anti-climax last night!  So agreed about the standing O! It’s too much for the last 2 seasons & becomes part of the show these days &….meaningless!
      I too, wish they send either Skylar & Joshua home….but guess it’s Elsie’s time up!!
      This season is so so boring & can’t wait for it to be over with!

    • hey, namesake.  i didn’t see the show last night and won’t see tonight’s. game 7 in ranger/ottowa series (LET’S GO RANGERS!!) but will watch the shows over the weekend.  from what i’ve been reading, however, the contestants are getting completely opposite reviews.  and some of the comments are becoming increasingly nasty and quite immature.  how old ARE some of these people??  anyway, queen is difficult at best and very few singers can pull it off.  (we do know one that can)  sounds like the song choices were not the best and i’m looking forward to hearing “bohemian rhapsody”, the granddaddy of all queen songs.  as usual, your insights are right on

  123. Now that Colton is gone no one really gets me. I think it will be Elise tonight I think she said she didn’t care what they think.  I liked how you graded them and you were right on.

  124. Branden, Branden, Branden. Bohemian Rhapsody by JS as B+? How about C? It’s so aaawwwkwaaaarrrd

  125. What is with you people!!! Hollie is consistently only mediocre and yet she’s back every week.  Then  there’s Skylar..I agree she’s gotten much better, and I like a country song now and the, but she seems to make everything sound the same. (good for CW recording contract,right). Hollie should be the one to go home tonight but I don’t think thats happening.
    Joshua is great!! :one how bluesy style and his voice range but not crazy for 1st performance last night..not his style.
    Hope Elise makes the cut one more time. Love her voice and presence but her song choices for the voters to hear could be better.  Always get goosebumps listening to her and I love her song choices but know they’re not for everyone.
    Phillip!!! What can I his artsy choices;so individual.Last night a little slow for me and I agree, his backup musicians may have taken away from him last night–they were good!! But he always makes me feel his music…Yup, I can go there.
    Oops–Jessica. Nearly forgot her.  She is outstanding and deserves a contract form someone.  She definitely has wonderful voice just needs to connect better. She can put that emotion into her songs and touch with them.
    And then, Hollie…As I said, nothing for me here.
    Like other viewers, I am getting tired of CW emphasis on Idol.  What’s with that, Dude??? (oh no, Randy influence!!)

    • Elise is good, I like her voice (I like raspy voice to begin with), but her facial expression needs work BIG TIME. So depressing sometimes.

  126. Jessica’s Dance with my father is much better than Ledet’s both performances! But still no standing o for Jsan?! the heck!

    • To me, Jessica’s performances last night were C+ and A+. Joshua’s both were either A- or A. Maybe it’s just my song taste?

      • With the exception of Johua’s first song, your evaluation ALMOST mirrors my own. See my post above

  127. I think your wrong, I think Phillip will go home primarily because of song choice. Elise is a great singer and the Queen song she picked was appropriate. I hope it’s Joshua (Old Yeller).

    • You mean, you WANT Phillip to go home? Because I will not be surprised if week after week he is the one who has the most votes each and every time.

  128. Okay. What was with Joshua’s first Standing O ?? Second, okay, but the first was s forced. (And Skylar was like “12 Standing Os!!!”)
    FINALLY Hollie got the recognition she deserved! Im rooting for her a lot more now! Perfect – I mean – “Pehfeact” song choice! Top 5 sure!!

  129. Skylar is annoying.  Screechy every time.  If she wins, I’ll never watch Idol again.  Philip? What can you say?  Look who won the last four years.  Fits the mold perfectly.  Will not amount to anything after Idol.

  130. Obviously the survey results here show Bias but Maybe you all missed something Jessica doesn’t connect with the audience. 
    She is an arrogant little army brat that tries to use power in her
    singing to impress you. Power is not talent.  Also Jessica is a
    materialistic little diva wannabe.  She has her sights set on the money
    nothing else.  She will manipulate anyone and everyone especially men
    and yet pretend she is innocent.  Send her home and we’ll see if she
    really is worth the investment someone will sign her.  If she does get a
    contract it will be short lived.   

  131. how  right you  are..elise,as much as i think she is one of the best,really  blew it with her choice of  “bold  as  love”..great song but not one you would  choose for a singing competition..if  doing hendrix,she should have done “fire,purple haze,stone free” one’s that rock the house and that people are familiar with!! and phillip,getting  tired of watching a dave mathews wanna be!!! he’s good but he need’s to be original..and like i said  before,if joshua would do some thing out of  the otis redding song book,he’d bring  the house down..again,what are they  paying  lopez,tyler,jackson and iovine all the big  bucks for? it  sure isn’t for  guiding the  contestants towards the  right choice of  song…   

  132. bottom three Jessica Joshua and probably Elise.  And Elise better be staying.  Jessica can go although she is great singer she is getting boring everything is the same a ballad.

  133. My favorite performer will always change week to week. As I vote for who did the best on that given night, not on who my favorite is. A strange concept for some. My viewpoint of each performance last night:

    Round one (the Queen songs):
    Jessica – She tried a tough song to pull off and she did OK (not great). C
    Skylar – Took a song I never heard before and did well with it. B+
    Joshua – It was a good though certainly not great performance. B
    Elise – She won this round, as the song she chose fit her bluesy voice. A-
    Phillip – Good performance. Certainly nothing to jump up and down about. B-
    Hollie – A good performance, but not a moment to remember like she needed. B-

    Round two (Their own pick):
    Jessica- I am not exaggerating … it was one of the best AI performance ever. A+
    Skylar- Took another relitively unknown song (always a risk) and did it well. B
    Joshua – He left the gospel act behind and sang his best performance ever. A+
    Elise – The song she picked did little to give her “the moment” she needed. B-
    Phillip – A good example of why making it your own does not always work. D-
    Holly – Hollie got a standing O and a much needed “MOMENT” for her. A-
    Based on last night, who should be going home is Phillip. But, that will not happen. His fan base is too strong. So, my guess on who will be going home is Elise.

    • I pretty much agree with you. Would love to see Phillip, Mr. One Note, go home. Don’t see the fascination with wanting to see someone sing the same tempo, same tone, same type songs, no vocal range whatsoever, type of performances every single time. He’s painful to watch and is self absorbed, refuses advice and refuses to push himself vocally, so why does HE keep getting passes, while every other contestant has pushed themselves vocally, and have gone outside their comfort zones. I used to like him, but his attitude and predictability, now has me wanting ANYBODY but him to win!

  134. Like I said in my last sentence, that’s just my opinion. I respect yours. I am only watching the show and need not to dig in on how close these contestants are to each other. The impression it gave me was, her reaction to Colton’s elimination was weird. Yes, Skylar can sing. Maybe the best amongst the girls left. But I just cannot connect with her. Like you said, she was hiding her emotions. How could she connect to the audience if she would not put her emotions to what she does on TV?
    You love her so I would not say anything further. You will not ‘listen’ anyway, I guess. Again, just my opinion. Don’t take it too seriously or else I’d assume that you are giving me too much importance. LOL

  135. I am not a Jessica fan. And I would say her second performance is not just best of the night … But, one of the top AI performances of all time. And this is coming from someone who has always liked jessic’s voice, but never felt a emmotional connection with her. That should have been a standing O moment, if there ever was one.

    • Who wants to be entertained from SCREAMING? Except if you are high and have taken a pop session which could trigger you from torturing yourself, it could be an exception.

  136. I admit that Joshua got a very undeserved standing-O from the judges. But, his second performance was not sung in a screaming, gospel style. In fact it was a very emmotional ballad and poor Joshua is still is being called “a screamer” by many here. Which I find strange to say the least. I thought his second performance was his BEST OF THE SEASON. And this is coming from someone who has never felt a emmotional connection to Joshua in the past.

  137. I will agree on one thing the Randy said last night. That is that it seems “every performer had at least on great performance”. The only one who did not have ” a great performce” was Phillip in my viewpoint. I challange any of his die-hard fans to say that there was anything special in either one of his performances, last night. His weakest night ever, yet I am sure he will coast through.

  138. I think elise is going home tonight and if you ask me it’s long overdue. I mean she’s a pretty good singer but for some reason can’t stay out of the bottom 3 which means the public is not connecting with her. So yeah that’s why i say elise’s idol journey ends tonight.

  139. Oh Branden I hope your predictions are wrong..Elise is the only reason I watch the show. I enjoy all of her songs, and Randy said  he thought I want it All was her best song so far..As for Bold as Love, different yes, good yes. I thought variety is what makes good shows. 

  140.  my ranking                                                                                                                                 round1                                                                                                                                         6. jessiaca. she sang it well it was a bit boring.                                                                  5. joshua . again boring.                                                                                                          4. pillip . he was sceaming.                                                                                                     3. hollie. great vocal boring performce.                                                                               2. elisle. this suiting her.                                                                                                        1. Skylar. i remeberer somebody doing this in season 7.                                                 round 2                                                                                                                                       6. philip. that was bad.                                                                                                            5. skylar. boring .                                                                                                                      4. elisle. good not great.                                                                                                          3. joshua. at last he did’nt go high.                                                                                       1=jessiaca this was her best perforce.                                                                                  1= hollie . i think she might have been a teeny tiny get better pich wise then jessica.

  141.  Jessica is the best hands down.  I voted for her.  Yet I am SICK OF HER FLIRTATIOUS EYES myself.  It’s the same  effin thing . . . look sideways, crying type like she’s hurting, blinking repeatedly trying to be sexy… WHEW!!!!  Somebody teach this girl the expression has gotten tiresome and see-through.  Get real.

     The best song she ever sang was the “save song” which I wonder why she didn’t sing in the competition.  She’s holding back in the competition… perhaps of the judges’ confusing criticisms.  I’d like for her to go all out, but please leave the same flirtatious eyes.  She really has the best singing voice and ability in the competition.

    I’m tired of Joshua’s oversinging… hope he’s going tonight.  Him or Skylar.
    Elise is good, but she’s always thinking when she’s singing – you could see it in her eyes, thinking like she’s worried.

  142. I hate that standing ovations are always being given. I mean what’s the point anymore? >:(

  143. Syklar was my choice with The Show Must Go On.  Other than that
    I did not care for the show.

  144. i don’t get it when people say that jessica should sing songs “her age” and i think she should not listen to anyone saying that. people should understand that her singing is waaaaaay beyond her age and “younger” songs are just not challenging if you have a voice like hers.

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