American Idol 2012 Top 6 Results Show Tonight

American Idol 2012 Top 6

Tonight we’ll get the next American Idol 2012 elimination as the remaining six finalists await host Ryan Seacrest’s dimmed lights and Stools o’ Sorrow. It won’t be all sorrow and sadness though because Queen Extravaganza, Katy Perry, and Stefano Langone will be joining the show tonight.

Relive last night’s performances and read Branden’s recap to find out who he expects to be heading home tonight after the results are revealed. I don’t think it’s going to be the same “shocker” like we got last week, but you never know.

For the guest performances you’ll hear Katy Perry perform “Part of Me” though no word on just which part she means. Stefano Langone will return to his former Idol home and perform his new single, “I’m On A Roll.” Then we’ll also get the Queen tribute, Queen Extravaganza, with Brian May and Roger Taylor coming back on stage again tonight for a performance of “Somebody To Love.” Now considering Adam Lambert is set to perform four concerts as part of the upcoming Queen tour I don’t know how they’ll miss the opportunity for him to be a surprise performer. Then again, if they were having Adam Lambert on stage you’d think FOX would want to promote that considering their results night ratings recently.

Check back later for the live Top 6 results and for a complete recap of the results show.

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    •  On second thought, since there’s only six left, they might NOT have a Bottom 3, just a Bottom2, or just send someone home while the other 5 are safe. Just a thought, since that’s what happened last year.

    •  Hollie in the bottom three? Probably not.

      Oh, you forgot to include Joshua in your bottom three.

      • joshua seems like the favorite of judges!they keep on standing everytime he sing! i think the show is over! so transparent!but i don’t know the judges why they stand after joshua,sucks! they like how joshua shouts? like he keeps on crying after he sung because he wasn’t able to reached the pitch!boooh! the way he sing its like his shouting all the way with the gay outfit! go home joshua!

  1. Hurry up and get your thoughts in before the mindless “Yay Jess” and “Hate Jess” garbage fills up the comments section.

    I think we lose Elise — but (to me) she has the most enjoyable voice — her studio stuff is amazing….in fact there are a couple of “non idol” singles on Itunes from her and they are awesome.

    The Queen songs last night were the best songs of the night —

    One final thing — has anyone noticed that the more “production” that is put into a performance — the better the judges comments are?  The more lights, more singers, more video, the better the comments? 

    Oh well — here’s hoping Jessica goes home — but I’m guessing it’s probably Elise.

      • I’m actually a pretty good singer — 🙂

        Fortunately it’s my pocketbook that is more important — and Jessica won’t get a dime of my cash….. she sounds just like Jennifer Hudson….so, I’d rather by hers.

  2. it would be the best show of the season if adam showed up again to sing with queen.  he’s the only one who could pull it off.  GO ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Elise should have gone home last week when Colton did. She picks lame songs that nobody knows and tries to make it her own. My pick for the bottom 3 Joshua, Elise, Phillip……… Elise or Phillip going home tonight.

    • Not sure Led Zeppelin or Hendrix or Queen or Stevie Nicks could be seen as “lame” — that perspective doesn’t say much about your taste in music.

      • Led zeppelin was best performance ever o ai! The hendrix and even queen songs were relatively obscure. This late in the competition, given her track record, she had to “swing for the fences” these last couple of weeks. She didn’t, she played it safe, she let us down, she’ll be going home. It’s a shame but her own fault.

  4. bottom line, I am just looking forward to the show…guessing who is going home after the last two weeks is insanity…dont need the brain damage

  5. Do they always provide 2 phone numbers for each contestant when they get down to a small number of contestants like they did last night?  Was just wondering cause I read a comment that a number of voters got busy signals when trying to vote for Colton and Hollie last week.  Originally thought that was just a disappointed Colton fan but when they had 2 numbers this week and Ryan mentioned a couple of times about why they had 2 numbers and to keep trying if you don’t get through, it seems there might be something to that comment. 

  6. They are all talented and all will do well in their careers.  Their parents must be so proud.  I am amazed at the talent this year, very impressive.

    • Boy, I hope your right, I want Hollie to win too, she is so good at singing.  The best this year.

      • Yep. Maybe not the best performer, but she had the best studio recording voice of the remaining six.

    • I agree with your first statement (Joshua will go home).
      As for your second statement, I’m not sure if I can agree with you there.

    • Maybe so, but I can’t stand to watch her when she sings.  I’m not talking about her appearance, it’s her “I’m teaching pre-schoolers a song” gestures.  We can hear her voice go up and down we don’t need the graphics.

      • Not nearly as much.  That whole arm with pointed fingers thing is distracting and annoying.  She and P2 are unwatchable.  For me P2 is also unlistenable.

  7. they are all good now and each one represents a different genre. I am just sick of the judges getting together and campaigning for their favorites. There is no way Skylar was any better than Holly and yet their comments were predicatably skewed for the country singer. For that reason alone I hope Skylar is going just to stop the biased comments.

    I personally think Jessica has the best overall voice and would love to see her sing Wishing on a star by Rose Royce

  8. Does anybody get the impression the Judges are trying to ram down our throat Joshua?  I mean he is okay, but not great and always getting a standing o is a bit over the top, don’t you think?

    • I agree with you 100%. I personally think all these standing ovations for joshua is getting old. Don’t get me wrong i think he’s a good singer but not the best in the competiton the judges need to stop trying to persuade the public with there constant favortism it’s just ridiculous if you ask me.

      • I totally agree  this is American Idol not Judges Idol  treat everybody the same I don’t think I like the show much any more.

    • Yes, last night was strange cause Joshua gets 2 so’s, Skylar doesn’t get any and judges say Skylar had best 1st song and then at the end ST says Skylar impressed him the most.

      • yaah they re all saying that they like skyler but no SO,,,, only to joshua exclusively SO to JOSHUA… its irritating really

  9. hollie cavanagh was amazing singing the climb i think she will be safe tonight.didnt like jesscia singing dance with my father again this song to me has a lot of meaning in my life and she didnt do it any justice.bottom 3 elise,phil and sorry to say maybe skylar.hollie to win 🙂

  10. all of them go home…except Jessica…she has the voice that America is looking for…the others are just shouting… 

  11. elise is better than skyler… skyler always playing safe…. but anyway the show must go on.. Atleast Jessica still in the competition i love her much…

    Guys Please Vote Jessica Every week!!! love you all

  12. I don’t get the Jashua thing either.  I know the judges are pushing for him like crazy but he does not hit the notes, he screams and  he does not seam connected to the lyrics at all.  I also think that Jessica is not as good as she once was. She his her peak and she is just lackluster for me, but they still push for the poor little me line wiht her.  With the other three, it’s a horse race. I can not believe that  Skylar will not have a huge career with or without Idol. Phil also has something so unique. I think Holly is a remarkable talent and should stay in the competition. Elese should have gone home before Colton 

  13. Lets face it they all sing well and don’t listen to the judges. It’s not the choices of song that they sing, but how well they perform and shine.
    My opinion
    Going Home:  Jessica, Joshua 

  14. Joshua gets yet another standing ovation, this is getting rather annoying. He has an o.k. voice but half the time he is sreaming. Come on judges this is ridiculous. J Lo at least seemed hesitant but stood anyway. I’m sure we will find some criticism for Jessica. 

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