American Idol 2012 Rankings: Top 4 Week In Review

American Idol 2012 Top 4

Less than two weeks remain in the American Idol 2012 season and the pressure is starting to mount on the remaining finalists. Hollie Cavanagh was eliminated on Thursday while the rest of the Idol Hopefuls headed back home for their hometown celebrations. Based on your votes in our Top 4 poll last week everything turned out exactly how you said it should have.

Leading the pack is Jessica Sanchez who might have been eliminated once this season which puts history against her chances of winning, but she’ll take the trophy for our unofficial polls on Season 11. Once again Jessica comes out on top with a steady climb to 53%. It’s still to be seen what portion of her votes here turn out to be domestic versus the major influx of Philippines traffic we get on the site.

When I wrote about the polls ahead of Thursday’s American Idol results show Phillip Phillips held a one point advantage over Joshua Ledet. By the time the poll closed they were tied with both holding 17% of the vote. Each of the two remaining male singers are doing very well in our polling and appear to have a strong shot at the season finale next week. Phillips seems to perform better in the official results than in our polls as we’ve had him steadily getting closer to the bottom while he’s managed to avoid ever hitting the Stools O’ Sorrow when the lights are dimmed. This upcoming week’s performances are likely going to be a battle between these two for a chance at the finale. It’s certainly possible for both to move on, but it seems more likely that we’ll get a co-ed finale.

Hollie Cavanagh came in with 11% of the vote which placed her comfortably in last place. This was a big drop from her previous week’s results of holding on to second place in our poll. Sure enough, when it came time for the big reveal she was eliminated. That extends our readers’ streak to three weeks in a row of correctly predicting the eliminated singer. Hollie made a valiant effort to stay in the race last week, but after repeat appearances in the danger zone it was only a matter of time as the walls closed in around her while her buffer of eliminated singers vanished.

Looking ahead to the American Idol 2012 Top 3 week we should have some exciting performances and tight competition. Joshua will likely need a round of knockout performances and he’s certainly capable of doing just that. Otherwise I won’t be surprised to see a Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips finale show for American Idol 2012. What do you think will happen this week?

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American Idol 2012 - Top 4 rankings




      • Joshua is the true talent here regardless of what happens.  It’s not a popularity contest…it’s the one with the most talent and this young man has it all.  Whether he wins or loses, he will have the best career of them all because he has the talent.   Go Josh…you deserve it!!!

      • are you sure phillip is leading in the us? but according to us theres no way he’s leading.peace be with you.

      • Believe what you want to believe—if he is good for you.  If not, good for us (hehehe)

      • Not true at all.. Phillip is the underdog and behind everyone else. Judges push so hard for Joshua and Jess and leaves Phillip as lone underdog who needs everyone to vote for him to make up for the unfair bias of the Judges. J&J both get standing Os, P2 should have for Volcano and proves the Judges are biased.

      •  In all conversations I’ve had with people about Idol in the past month, Everyone is wondering why Phillips is even still here now that this *singing competition* is at this level.  If he makes it to the finale, AI will need to do some soul-searchin on how to fix the voting system so that it is no longer controlled by horny teenage girls who could care less about singing talent.

      •  not all voters search through google or would search for their favorites through google..
        just like the graph here, the one you posted is just a part of the big picture..

    •  no!! phillip all the way!! jessica is boring and joshua is way too gospel for me!!

      • Yes phillip will win all the way. I like phillip originality. Most of my filipina friend are mad at me. Because I did not vote for jessica. I will vote for who I like. And phillip phillips have it all. He got the package…. and yes phillip for me all the way.

      • No bashing—you should have outgrown that by this time. The contestants are all deserving  Now the fans have to give them their support.   Vote for whoever you think deserves it.

      • These three lovely and talented contestants are already a winner. Each has different style and vocal quality.

    • Armand, correction pls…. it’s Filipino not philillipino…..and Philippines for the country. Thanks for support.

    • Armand, correction pls…. it’s Filipino not philillipino…..and Philippines for the country. Thanks for the support.

      • Philip was out of tune 2weeks ago (top 5) and he wasn’t able to recover.  But I like his last perfromance, but in the past nothing spectacular.

  1. Watching Jesicca’s homecoming videos only prove that she is really a STAR in the making.  With all the love and support of the  people who went yesterday, I can say that Jessica has a big chance to win the title.

    For me, anyone in the TOP 3 is already a winner. Each one has own style of singing and I am sure,  they will be successful in their singing career in the future.

    But… we still hope that Jessica win… and we are here to support her whatever it takes.

    Congratulations to Jessica in her journey in reaching her ultimate dream.

      •  Only Jessica had a gazillion. The other two had a less than respectable turnout when compared to previous years.

    • And for all Jessica Sanchez fans, you will be treated with “The Prayer” song this Memorial Day weekend concert. When the line-up includes Natalie Cole, it’s an indication as to how far this 16-year old will go.

    • if she wins she will be the youngest american idol winner ever… and will surely top jordin’s albums… 😀

  2. Songs for the next week in no order.
    Jimmy’s choice:
    – “Smells Like Teen Spirit” (Nirvana),
    – “Secret Door” (Evanescence),
    – “One of Us” (Joan Osborne).
    Judges’ choice:
    – “All By Myself” (Celine Dion),
    – “Sober” (Pink),
    – “Heartless” (Kanye West).
    Contestant’s choice:
    – “Burnin’ For You” (Blue Oyster Cult),
    – “Grenade” (Bruno Mars),
    – “Don’t Rain On My Parade” (Barbra Streisand).

    From Wikipedia.

    • Never never rely on Wikipedia for the list of songs for American idol………….

    •  Two important things I learned this season:
      1. Wikipedia is useless.
      2. DialIdol is useless.

    • if this is true then i think                                                                                              r1.Jimmy’s choice: 1.Smells Like Teen Spirit-phlip 2.Secret Door-joshoua 3.One of Us-jessica. r2.Judges’ choice 1.All By Myself- jessica (bad copy of celine dion song) 2.Sober-joshoua 3.Heartless-phlip. r3.Contestant’s choice 1. Burnin’ For You-phlip 2.”Grenade-joshoua 3.Don’t Rain On My Parade-jessica.

  3. In my opinion, I think Joshua will go home next. Would like to see Phillip win but he will need to get more of Americas votes to do it.

    • I would like to see P2 win also, I think he has an excellent chance.  I do believe folks are tired of Jimmy and  the judges favs (the 2 Js) and that might get P2 more votes.  Whomever wins,  they will deserve it, this must be a grueling experience.

  4. If you really want your idol to WIN vote as much as you can,”DISREGARD”  the vote result(polls)  from different sites because it only mislead you to the REAL facts… Simply VOTE for your Idol, nothing more nothing less.

    Since Hollie is out, all my vote goes Jessica… IMO she deserves it.

    GOODLUCK to all remaining  Idol hopefuls, anticipating for the upcoming performances

      •  Well if you were that nice to me, i’d vote an extra 50 votes for Jess, but I am nearly my max, running out of phones.

      • Tsk3…. @twitter-570711058:disqus , just say it honestly. Don’t be such a crap. We don’t need a one-eyed total liar here. Anyway, you are very well respected for you are voting for. Have a nice day!

    • GIRL POWER !!!!! NO BOY WINNER !!!! I’M SICK OF THEM !  It’s time for a girl ! and her name is Jessica Sanchez !

    •  This may be the year that the reign of the cute guys voted in by horny teenage girls comes to an end. the last 5 years, all of these eye-candy boy toys have been an absolute flop.  Jessica Sanchez has reinvigorated Idol s a whole.  She is bringing in a huge audience that will take on these teenage girl “cute boy” voters.

  5. It’s ironic that Jessica dominates the poll of this site since the very start but still Branden seemed not a fan of her since the very start. Anyway, this is game. In the end, one will learn to accept,appreciate and even love the eventual winner once proclaimed.
    We Love You JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It’s okay..let Branden choose his own…everyobody has a favorite.  As long as there is no “hating”, I’m okay with that.  Just vote for our idol.   We will vote and vote, America. 

      • You know what I’ve learned from this site? Everyone is reading articles the moderators and authors are giving. We hang on to Matthew a lot as well as the others. And you know what else I’ve got? He keeps on making us believe it’ll be as objective as it should be and still, making it way too biased indirectly.  And I’ve had enough.

        The sole reason this article is my least priority in this site.

      • I have two favs, Phillip and Jess…but after listening to “This Love” several times…Joshua is starting to grow on me. I wished he would pull back more like he did in ‘This love”…like for a whole song…stay very controlled…he might win me over yet. I might have to stop voting if I like all three. I getting to the point, I like all 3…so who win really doesn’t matter, they all got good aspects and they all will get recording contracts.

    • very true, i believe his a not a fan of Jess so lets prove him wrong…..

  6. Because Hollie got voted off, I was going to quit watching AI. But I can’t help it, this year is too interesting. I still think Hollie was the greatest and she should still be there, way before Joshua. I will never vote for him. I waiting till performances this week to make final decision, but based on lasts week’s Vulcano, I’ll probably vote for Phillip now since I can’t for Hollie. He’s cute like Hollie and what he did last week was really great.

    • I’m glad you decided to stay and leaning on someone to vote  after your favorite left-Hollie was also a favorite of mine.  Now,   I’m leaning more on Jessica because she is deserving, and we need a female in the finale.  I guess they all deserve to be in the finale but like you, I have my favorite at this point. 

    • Cute is not what it is all about….it’s TALENT Bambi…duh!  Joshua has it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Well Perez Hilton did say he thought Joshua was fabulous and cute as a black little pillsbury dough boi, so he has cute going too.

    • Cute works for me Bambi.  The two J’s are not my taste in music and P2 is unique…and cute!!!

  7. It’s still to be seen what portion of her votes here turn out to be domestic versus the major influx of Philippines traffic we get on the site.—–> such a crappy part of the post. LOL Wow, Branden. I think you. My swoosh friend is a pretty joke. 

    Isn’t that ironic how Jessica has been criticized by race, Joshua criticized for his  gender and Phillip criticized for his health?

      • I don’t know with you. You’re the one who had the experience in either of the two. You do the survey. So tell me. Is your face the uptown or the downtown? XD

    • well you can’t criticize for health its bad to do that…. still JS for the win…she’s ready to take the stardom….

    • I think that Phillip has been criticized for being boring, not being a good enough singer and being another WGWG (so he too has been criticized for his race AND  for being able to play the guitar.
      Joshua has been criticized for screaming too much and for gospel singing.
      I’m not sure about the irony in any of this.

      • Hmmm…. I think you kinda hit that one on Philip. Aside from bringing the bluesy vibes in the stage——he’s already boring me out unlike Adam and Daughtry. Joshua’s screaming syndrome is another one.

        —> These parts that you mention states the objective side of a singing competition. The other criticism are based on people’s perception of them other than their performance-side.

  8. I Believe That Joshua Should Be The Next American Idol Winner Because He Knows How To Take The Stage Seriously

    •  As opposed to what…..the Phillip & Jess Comedy Hour…WTF?? I think everyone on that stage is probably too serious. The only exception…Joshua and Phillip did swing together…


  9. I think Jessica’s 53 percent is misleading. During the top 13, she managed to reached 60% while the other 12 contestants share on the remaining 40%. Now, Joshua and Philip have 17% which is very high that most who are in the pimp spot got. (Ex. Elise Testone Top 9 16%, Skylar Laine Top 8 15%) Jessica is in real danger.

  10. Jessica Sanchez arrested, cited, and released Sunday night. Reports are being confirmed by chief David Bejarano of the Chila Vista Police Department that Jessica Sanchez, along with her brother. Gilbert Sanchez, were detained by officials on Sunday night at approximately 7pm following an arrest for possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana. Because of the small amount of contraband, Sanchez and her brother were equally cited for the misdemeanor infraction by receiving a ticket with fine and released back into custody of their parents. Apparently arrest occurred during routine traffic stop as Sanchez was entering the local business known as “Seau’s The Restaurant”
    American Idol producer’s representatives reported they were unaware of the arrest, but would be investigating details to determine Sanchez’s eligibility to continue as a contestant.

    • The arresting officer was interviewed by the AP this morning. He said both of the youngsters were very cooperative and because the female suspect was under age it is not clear if her citation will be lifted or not at this point. Prosecutors and AI attorneys are currently in negotiations concerning the matter and any determination will likely be pushed into the post season time period. That fact might be the only thing that saves her from being disqualified.

      • if it’s really true, for sure AI producers will surely kick Jessica out of the competition, but there’s no news about that yet. so stop telling gossips which is not really true ok? if u have favorite just vote for that person and not saying bad things to that sweet little girl Jessica , u understand?

    • It’s so funny because Gilbert is not her brother—He’s her father! XD You should get facts straight. 
      @Taymaro:disqus , Jessica is the eldest which makes everyone involved to be minors.  I’ve read this twice before figuring out that this is actually another FALSE ALARM!Nothing to worry people. There is no such thing as this. Another false news spread  last week which happened to be a false alarm. People’s minds when they operate… XD


    • funny. your trying to make issues to her so people would not vote for her.. well sorry for you coz its not gonna work tho, if I we’re you, you should better shut up and just wait until the end ok. don’t try to get sympathy from a lot of people just to help you vote for your favorite. again its not gonna work for u dude.

    • Yes. Jessica has a Standing Warrant of Arrest. Her case.. Multiple Murder..
      She MURDERED every song she sang..
      She SLAUGHTERED all the dragons..

      • Oh, sailor moon, please dont forget to add that JESSICA might also be cited and arrsted for illegal fishing as she had caught the BIGGEST (extinct) FISH IN THE OCEAN! …. Hahahaha! 🙂


      And JESSICA SANCHEZ WILL WIN American Idol next next week!

      Its a SURE THING!

    • What a way to discredit someone.  I hope Karma doesn’t get back to you….

    • What a joke. Jessica was already at LA on Saturday afternoon.  You are full of crap.  Can someone arrest this guy or gal for misleading information please?   LMFAO

    •  chismis………what the mouth!!!..woe to you!..u’r such a fucki’n bullshit person….!!

    • so  sick…haters you are indeed pathetic…and you’re only making JS stronger!

    • If you guys knew anything about the AI schedule, you’d know this was a joke.  All 3 left their hometowns Sat night b/c Sunday was the Ford shoot.

  11. branden , you’ve been saying that jessica’s popularity is bound to wane after that ‘save’ effect but the contrary is happening. lol. why ? bbchez’s fans are bound to multiply until the finale. actually , jessica near elimination was the best thing that happened to her !

  12. X Factor…Britney Spears and Demi Lovato
    Now there are at least two chances that a train wreck will happen, ought to be very entertaining to watch as Simon tries hard not to bash their two heads together. AI better wake up and get some decent judges to keep up with X Factor.

    • so u think XFACTOR have more decent judges now since they get Brit and Demi? compared to AI’s JLo and Tyler?

    • What Idol needs to do is limit the voting to , say, 10 votes per device.  Many people don’t watch anymore because they know the voting is so messed up.  Plus Nigel disqualifies and rejects any votes he chooses.  It’s so fixed.  What’s the point?

  13. The writer of this article seems not a Jessica fan and looks irritated with the wide margin that Jessica had against other contestants for the last 10 weeks. Why does he have to insinuate accusations and have to mention the Philippines on this column being on a bad taste?
    I just hope Mr Boyer to be balance in giving information and trust worthy

    • And should avoid sensitive comments and personal opinions. Be fair to all AI fans and readers of your site.

    • No reporting is without bias, why one should always have multiple sorces for news and avoid Fox News at all costs.

    • I do not read any bias against Jessica in the article. There has been an influx of traffic from the Phillipines. He is not saying that is wrong nor is anyone else. Jessica is part filipino and folks are proud of her, rightly so. He is just saying that it is hard to measure the final results because even though the Phillipines can vote on this site, they cannot vote in the actual competition.   

      • Jessica Sanchez gets global votes from their poll, but so do Phil and Josh but the only difference is the amount…

        1.  If he is not being bias, why not include  in this article about the votes that P2 and Josh gets from other countries?
        2.  There’so many different countries who votes in this poll, why do they simply specify just the Philippines?

        I know it’s hard for you to see the “BIAS” part of this article simply because you don’t like Jessica, but please try analyze more and learn to read between the lines, you’ll be surprise on how much more you’ll gain….

        have a great day to you

      • Not only filipinos. Brazilian, Argentinian, Mexican, English, Canadian, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, French, Chilean, Australian, Russian and Japanese people too. The world loves JESSICA and we want her to win, even if we can’t vote. Saying that the filipinos are the only people who follow Jessica is the worst ignorance that I have ever read in this blog. Branden, you need to rest. Take a holiday!

  14.  So what happened to Tommy Hilfiger? Did he just give up on Phillip and leave…LOL. Phillip should do old navy and gap commercials.

    • Or maybe Salvation Army or Goodwill commercials.  “I got this great gray henley at my thrift shop for pennies on the dollar”. LOL

  15. Before, i was never a fan of Phillip Phillips.  But after ‘You got it bad’ and ‘Volcano’, omg… I am now a convert! Phillip and Jessica in the finale!

  16. let JESSICA win this season 11 for a change….
    no one is laughing now if Philip landed 2nd place….


  17. can’t you put out some numbers with all votes from US IP addresses only?  that would be more realistic. I am a huge Jessica fan, but I am among a huge international fanbase she has – most who can’t officially vote on AI.

  18. IMO this will be the results for AI 2012: one White American Idol, one Brown American Idol, and one Black American Idol. They will have their own success but only time can tell who will be the most successful. We can not predict the future. Good luck to the top 3.



    • Some people posted a list of songs. Granade, Don’t rain on my parade, Smell like teen spirits, All by myself… Is it false???

    • I think we will not get any leaks this week like before.  In previous seasons, I recall the choices were revealed during the live show.

  21. What a way to say it…Domestic virus…racist!>>>  Everybody can vote on your site….idiot!

    • What are you talking about? He said “Domestic versus” not “domestic virus”!

      Please read carefully and don’t call him a name. And if you don’t like this site, why don’t you choose another?

      He is only warning everyone that the statistics on this site may not be truly representative of what is really going on.

      I really feel for you, Matthew, and for Branden also. Things get very heated on this site.

      • On the bright side, maybe next season there will be no asian contestant and all of the Pinoys will not be on this site.  Phyllis/Las Vegas and all of our regulars who have been driven away by the rude and aggressive filipinos will return.  And Jessica will be a faint memory like all of the other unsuccessful Idol alumni.  Fingers crossed.

    • If you really know about singing how in the world  you think Phillip sing better than Josh.  I think Holly should have still been in it for a chancge to win.>>>>>>>Josh and Jessica

      • Correction:Holly should have still been in it for a chance to win>>>>> Josh and Jessica

  22. A PHILLIPS – JOSHUA finale would be the worst ever!!

    Don’t let it happen. Please, vote for JESSICA SANCHEZ!

  23. Jessica and Josh should be in the finale, I based this on all of their performances, Philip is way too boring, yes he has a unique singing style but  its not always delightful to hear compared to the other two, J&J sing the I don’t know what out of ALL of their songs while Philip is just I’m unique without convincing me that he can sing a song that would make me stand up my feet and btw J&J have a wider range and are unique in their own way too

  24. Josh and Jessica for the FINALE! I’ll admit that Phillip’s style is unique but It’s jut not that powerful and dynamic compared to the two contestants. 

    • I tend to agree too. I mean they need ratings for the finale.  Having 2 powerhouse singers in the finale not only makes the show legit (“singing competition”) but exciting too.  Imagine PP strumming his guitar, yawn! 

  25. *Read commentsss~
    Mostly Josh-JS or P2-JS~ 
    You don’t want an all guy-finale huh~ 🙂
    For as long as JS is there, It would be best for me~ 🙂

  26. Someone stated “Jessica Sanchez arrested, cited and released “………..

    Who did Jessica arrest  ????

    Wow…… a 16 yr old girl arrested someone.    Perhaps she arrested someone named “AINewsleaks”…….. Good for her……. 

  27. Based on all of the performances, Jessica and Josh deserve to be in the finale, Philip is unique but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s great, I don’t get excited when its Philip’s time to sing cause he doesn’t convince/impress me every time he sings, his performances are quite forgettable plus J&J are technically better singers. People seem to miss that singing is more important that looks.

    • Agree. I can’t never seem to recall what songs Phillip did, with the exception of “U got it bad”, “Volcano”.  Meanwhile I do remember all the songs the other two sang.

  28. one thing that I like about Jessica Sanchez is that she knows how to ask guidance with the Lord..She is always praying everytimr she performs….She is holding the rosary everytime she pray..I hope Mama Mary and our Dear God the Father and Jesus Christ will bless her to her next journey….May all people who criticize her will stop…God Bless Jessica Sanchez..

    •  Jessica….stop wearing such revealing clothing that is too old for you and no sensual dancing like Miss Tina….Mother Mary had big fit over that.

  29. Jessica all the way!! I’m not Filipino, not even Mexican or American! I’m Indian and all of India is in love with Jessica Sanchez! People are glued to their TV sets just to watch this young girl rise to fame. She has filled our lives with so much hope and happiness merely with her spectacular voice that transcends borders!
    Go Jess! Hope it’s your year! The whole world is wanting you to win!

    • Yeah but somehow Matthew and branden thinks that all of Jessica’s fans are only from the small
      country of the Philippines.

      • maybe aside from USA the only country that matthew and branden know is the Philippines

      •  I know! Jessica already has become a global star! Just one victory away from her becoming an INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR!!!

      • Small?   There are 90 million people in the Philippines!  That’s almost 3 times the population of Canada!  Nice try.

  30. I’ve been hoping to have a Jess-Colton, or Jess-Hollie finale… but sadly that won’t happen anymore so i hope it would be Phil-Jess. Though, i like Josh too.. 🙂 please vote for your favorites!

      •  No….we can bring Colton back and Hollie too…just need a few extra parts, a few brains and of course…Lots of ELECTRICITY!!…they will be my greatest creation yet.

      • please @fd0cba7237d5a6b7ae7e6fd5fc595fd7:disqus …..we just have 2 weeks..make it work…i want colton in finale…..thanks……..LOLOLOLOL…..

    • I am not voting for my favorites. I am voting because I believe in someone’s talents. I love listening to all kind of music and watch all kinds of show so I like everyone. But never seen someone like  Jessica Sanchez, I always can’t wait to see her perform on the show. She is unbelievable, her vocal ability and clarity of her voice when she sings the song. You dont see that in most singers/perfromers. This girl can sing a melody even without a band or back-up singers and still sound so beautiful.  Amazing!

  31. In her FOX interview, Jessica gave a hint on one of her songs but never mentioned its title. She said that she would be singing one of the songs that she had already performed in the show (AI) and that she was planning to surprise everyone. I wonder what that song is.

    • Maybe she did it during Hollywood week, or I ‘m guessing it’s you make me feel like a natural woman, her audition song.

    •  Jessica vs. Joshua would be a spectacle to watch! Phillip would slow the entire show down! If it’s a Phillip vs. Joshua finale (unlikely), I will never watch Idol again. I mean it!

      • well, everyone want their favourite contestant to win..good luck to u…and ALL THE BEST FOR THE TOP 3…

  32. I’ve never been this excited with AI’s Top 3 in a long long time. It can easily match Season 5’s.

  33. Jessica Sanchez for the win! She did an amazing job with “And I Am TellingYou”. I think it’s only Joshua Ledet who can also carry that song. LOL!

    • I was amazed with her version of that song as well. It was not that many weeks ago that I always thought Jessica had great voice, but a inability to make me feel a connection with the song. I felt the same way with Joshua when he always sung in his gospel still. But lately, I am starting to see BOTH of these performers in a much better light.

  34. I hope a Heejun and Shannon Finale. I would love Shannon to sing “I Have Nothing”. It’s so beautiful! OMG.

  35. I am very dissapointed in Jennifer Lopez performance last week! I and my 12 year old daughter watch the show together every week. We were disgusted by that song choice and the fact that American Idol would allow that song and display to show to all those young girls! Please don’t use American Idol to sell a sleezy song!!

    • Totally agree!! JHO will have a very short lived career becasue she is totally disrespectful to the young audience that watch AI..  We should petition AI management to keep her vulgarity off the stage of a “family” show.  I’m very sorry your daughter had to witness the slutishness of JHO.

  36. People say that the most talented wins but that is not true. America chooses because if he or she get a record deal. They want to be popular and successful.

  37. Tragedy has struck the AI contestant mansion. Apparently, during a game of friendly beer pong, two ping pong balls took on a life of their own and bounced until one slammed into the left and the other into the right nostril cavities of the favorite and darling Jessica Sanchez. The balls are stuck and appear to be permanently lodged where they bounced. Jessica while sounding a bit under the weather with some major sinus congestion states the show will go on and she will sing with the balls. What a trooper, her last remark was…just call me “Super Noseball Girl” I’m a super hero girl who can save any losing beer pong game”

  38. i am an avid fan of this site. but i think the authors are very biased against Philippines. C’mon, one reason why this site is very popular nowadays are because of Filipino people rooting for their idol, which happens to be Jessica.  They become very over acting at times, but it’s evident that they root for the talent and not because Jessica is half-Filipino. If you think they vote or they idolize because of race, then Thia Megia should have won last year. It’s really about the talent guys. Don’t be so oblivious.

    anyway, Jessica is the most consistent idol on the show that’s why maybe her rating in the poll is also “consistent” in rising up.  Take this Authors.

    • First let me say….I lived in the Philippines for 10 years and was married to a lovely Pinay for 13 years before she died.  I cherish every single day I had with her, but I will be the first to admit…Americans and Pinoy have different brains, we think very different and sometimes it does cause conflicts. Her and I had more than a few…lol.  Anyone else who has lived with the other and vice versa knows exactly what I’m talking about.

      You owe an apology to the authors of this site. They are in fact, very, very supportive of Filipino people, much more than most American sites would tolerate (exception would be Pinoy ran sites). They have allowed Pinoy fans to dominate this site and pretty much give you a free hand in letting you say what you want. They could have blocked all IP traffic from the Philippines if they wanted…but they didn’t, did they? So stop ripping on the authors, they are your friends and they have only expressed their opinions and passion in their reporting. No where on this site do they say, “we guarantee a complete unbiased reporting site; that isn’t what this site is”…so stop it and thank them for having the site where Pinoy and others can come with support from the site’s monitors.

      You have no idea what the real hate and racism that exists in this country is like, maybe 30-40% of the US population are truly redneck, hating racists who would tell you to shut your “G–k” mouth and ban you from their site. You have no idea the things my wife used to endure during the 80’s & early 90’s.

      Appreciate this site and step up and offer the apologies you owe.

      • You don’t have an idea of how much monies they (Matt and Branden) earned for this site – coz of heavy ‘traffic’ from the Philippines..

      •  No apologies are in order.  The premise of your comment is very flawed, much less, baseless.

      •  I can only say my “sorry” to you James because I can’t grant your wish. I enjoy Matt and Branden but whenever they bring “Philippines” or “Filipino” in their comments that (in one way or another) “trashes” Jessica, then something is wrong. BTW, this is only my point of view and I am entitled to it.

        Anyway, you have a great story about Filipino/as. That I wouldn’t deny.

  39. if PAULA and SIMON  be the judges next year, i will not go to college and watch american idol 2013…

  40. Simon Cowell interview at the end of February 2012, that completely explains why Joshua has been pushed and pushed by AI producers and why he will win AI. AI producers are not about to let Simon get away with saying this.

    I knew there was something going on this year, the show has NEVER, EVER pushed anyone like they have pushed Joshua and it just seemed so fake. It just took a bit of digging and Simon’s mouth to piece it together. Simon intends to replace AI completely with X-factor and use the race card to do it:

    “In terms of “The X Factor,” we replaced “Idol” in the U.K., and every year the U.K. show went on, it got better and it just got bigger and bigger and bigger. And I do believe–otherwise I wouldn’t bother doing it–that that’s what is going to happen with the U.S. show over the years.”

    “What sets “The X Factor” apart from “Idol” is it is less whitewashed. In recent seasons, R&B and African-American contestants have been shockingly under-represented on “Idol”; this year, there are only three black contestants, who sing R&B, in the entire top 24. But R&B and hip-hop were well-represented on “The X Factor” last year.”

    google this

    • BS!  X-Factor has crap ratings compared to Idol.  Simon is desperate to boost them by bringing has-been B. Spears in as a judge.  X will tank this year.  What is hurting Idol is the bogus voting policy.  IMO they are pimping Joshua because they know that Phil and Jessica are not at all marketable.

      • Vada…sorry but you really don’t know anything of the 3 left, Joshua is the least marketable….P2 and Jess much more marketable for many reasons.
        X-Factor ratings were not that bad compared to the lower ratings that AI got this season. Mark my word, Joshua will be the next AI because of Simon.

        Today’s AI news conference: there was a 30 percent drop in young adult viewers on this season of American Idol 2012 even as it maintained its number one position. FOX is worried that next year it might not keep the wolves at bay if those viewership drops continue. FOX’s entertainment president, Kevin Reilly, explained, “The producers know what happened this year. There’ll be some changes.”

        Everyone knows, the majority of young people in this country aren’t white.

      • But in all essence, the only contestants music I would ever buy is Phil Phillips, he’s my genre and the other 2 stink, never ever would I listen to anything they put out there.  JMO…….

    • There is one BIG problem with your theory. American Idol has had several Black winners. So, it would be very difficult for anyone to buy into the ‘race card” claims.

      • they have only had 2, Fantasia and Ruben as winners and not many as runner ups
        it is fake this year with all the phoney standing ovations
        yes Joshua can sing ok, but he is not going to be a big over the top star
        get real people,   its pushing for a African american to win, whether he was the best or not

    • And just where is Simon Cowell’s little darling Melanie Amaro these days??  If ever a contestant was brought back pathetically, it was her by our lovely Simon. (How does that slap in the face feel Simon?).   Getting back to AI, Ms. JS was eliminated by our votes, but saved by the stupid judges, a save that should have been used for someone a whole lot better.  What we voters think, doesn’t matter one little bit; it’s all in the judges hands.  Go Phil Phillips, America loves you baby!! 

  41. Even though the eligible votes are from U.S.,  you CANNOT deny the fact  that AI is paying VERY close attention to this “international” sample votes in this website week after week.   Why ?   AI wanted  to gauge and see who is marketable internationally through this website polls.  Otherwise, this website polls would not be here, right !

    Yes AI is looking for a star in the U.S., if a star not only can sell records in U.S.,  but POTENTIALLY be marketable world wide, it is a BONUS for AI.    AI will never never turn this BONUS away from their wallets and  ignore the fact that JS has topped all the other contestants since day one.   They will NEVER ignore this website polls results, believe me.

    You can  argue all you want, but the website poll numbers cannot lie !!

    Jessica has a very high probability (more than 50%)  to be crowned the next idol !!

    Those are just my humble opinions !!   


  42. Would Jessica be on top if the judges critiqued her the way they do everyone else? They only do when she is so bad even they have to admit it! Everyone loved her last song, you know, the song they wished they had wrote. I felt the only reason she picked it was to showcase everything she could do, sure she has a great voice, but if Holly had sung it, her critique would have been she went over the top. I do think Jessica has talent, but the judges bias make me think they must want a female to win this season and they are doing everything to lead the votes there. I wonder who they really think should win.

  43. Going by what I read here on this website, it seems I am one of those rare people who votes for who performed the best on that given week. If all I did was vote for my favorite performer each week, regardless of how they performed … American Idol was bore me to freaking tears. I can’t begin to imagine how boring this this show would be if I already knew who I was going to vote for, BEFORE the show even started. If you choose to vote for someone based on how much you like them as a person or what ethnic group they are, more power to you. But, for the love of God, don’t ask me to vote for someone because they are your favorite. That is beyond comprehension that anyone would think that might possibly have a outcome on how I or anyone else, might vote.

    • Unfortunately, your vote, mine, or anyone’s makes any difference, the show is rigged and it is very strongly so for Joshua to be the next AI.

      • I personally do not think the show is rigged in the slightest. Yes, the judges hand out praise to those they like. Sometimes, over the top praise with all the standing O’s. If that is what you mean by “the show being rigged” … I guess it is. But, I for one understand that is what the judges are supposed to do, even if there are times that their viewpoint does not match my own.

      • Foxstar42
        The show is rigged because it has no voting transparency and no accountability. It is not classified a game show therefore the normal FCC rules for using the real vote count do not apply. The show can do whatever it wants to, the voting means nothing at all. The judges have done things this year that make no sense at all. Like say Skylar was the best of the night and not give her a SO, but give 2 to Joshua instead. There are many rats on this show and it’s not hard to smell them. I guarantee you 100% Joshua is the next AI.

  44. i love Jessica, Hollie and Skylar.. I wished for the three lasses make the top 3… but since only Jessica is left among them, all my votes go to her.. =)

  45. Just so you people know, it was not Jessica that had the biggest turn out for homecoming weekend. It was Phillip Phillips. Even though they gave both Jessica & Joshua 2 events, Phillip had the most people show up. He did also go do a small visit to the children’s hospital also, but that is not even counted in his numbers. They are all doing great and all are very talented & will have careers. Stop being so mean to the contestants!

    • And exactly WHERE are the numbers posted for the attendance of the homecomings???

  46. hi   i  was    just    comment    on   ur         amenican         idol        page      4     i      4get      u   is       fine

  47. Well, I’m an 80 year old male viewer, have watched every season.  I have many friends that watch the show and we have great conversations after each show.  We’re not all in that younger demographic, some of we oldsters are hooked on the show too.  This may disturb some, but the judge I’m getting very tired of is Randy.  He’s been using the same comments for years.  At least everyone isn’t a “Dawg” this year.  Keep Jennifer, and get rid of the other two.   This is just the opinion of a avid viewer !!  Don’t change the show so much that you’ll lose some very intelligent and faithful fans,  we older folk !!   GO PHILIP !!!!

  48. I actually think the final two will be Phillip & Joshua with, hopefully, Phillip winning. I like Jessica, although I still think she is a one trick pony in that she only sings her best with ballads & who wants to hear ballad after ballad. Joshua is too screechy, lounge singerish for my taste while Phillips sound is completely fresh & new. GO PHILLIP!!

  49. I think everyone goes against the judges, but I think the judges know where the talent stands. That’s exactly why they are on their feet everytime Joshua Ledet performs! He’s the best one this year. Wouldn’t suprise me at all if Phillip wins though, look what won last year; can’t carry a tune in a bucket!!

  50. fan base has already been established for each contestant…doesn’t matter if they perform good or not this Wed….if Jessica won’t perform her best tomorrow, I will still, for sure vote for her, even add more votes..a lot more than I used to, bec. she’s my idol… voice, best singer , best choice among the top 3.

  51. I am very sorry but phillip phillip should be out of this competition a long time, He doesn’t have the goods to make it he” He’s not the American Idol product” should be out a very long time!!!

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