Nigel Lythgoe Hints At American Idol 2012 Top 9 Performances

Stevie Nicks on American Idol 2012

The American Idol 2012 singers may have a wide open field to chose from this week when they pick from their own musical idols, but executive producer Nigel Lythgoe has teased a few details. Of course he’s already seen the mentoring sessions with this season’s Top 9 singers and this week’s mentor Stevie Nicks, but here’s what he was willing to share.

That list gives us six of the nine potential artists covered on this week’s American Idol performance show. I’d guess we’ll see Phillip Phillips taking on Zeppelin or Daugthry, though I’m leaning toward the former for him. Daughtry seems like a potential match for Colton Dixon after the news that they caught up the other week, but with Lifehouse on the list I’m not sure how that won’t be Colton. Skylar Laine seems obvious for Miranda Lambert. Then there’s Hollie and Jessica with either Mariah or Beyonce, possibly in that order.

From those six artists, who do you think will be singing what?

Update: Could this message from Hollie Cavanagh to Carrie Underwood be a signal that she’ll be performing one of Carrie’s songs this week?

@carrieunderwood thank you so much for the necklace i wear it everyday And I almost cried reading the letter PS try to watch idol this week

Seems like a possibility…




  1. i think jessica is gonna be singing listen by beyonce and she will nail it for sure…..

    • I think she is likely to sing this song and I hope she nails it, but I am a bit worried. This song has a lot of high notes that come in succession and require a chest voice, and she might sound to be screaming/yelling.  I have watched a video of her singing this when she was around 12 and she seemed to be reaching.  The song offers a lot of potential for another moment but there is also real potential for disaster.  Anyway, I thought last week would be a struggle for her with Billy Joel but look what she came up with.  Maybe I should just have more faith in this girl.

      • I don’t think she will sing Listen …. She will sing onr of those :
        1_ Irreplaceable
        2_ Move Your Body

  2. I can’t imagine why they keep bringing on mentors who are dinosaurs in the music industry.  Who’s next?  Fats Domino?  Smokey Robinson?  Verdine White?  They are losing viewers because they are dwelling in the stone age of music.  Bring in Jason Mraz, Jon Bon Jovi, Brad Paisley, Maxwell  or Taylor Swift.

    • how quickly we forget when smokey robinson mentored adam lambert and his brilliant performance of “tracks of my tears”  robinson gave him a standing o.

      • Don’t get me wrong.  Smokey is one of my all time favorites, but this week they are singing songs by singers they idolize.  I’m willing to bet that Stevie Nicks does not figure in that scenario at all.  Adam was singing a song that Smokey wrote.  It made sense.  I’d go further and bet that 9 out of the 10 couldn’t name a single Fleetwood Mac song.

      • to templar-it WOULD be brilliant if the powers that be were brilliant enough.  remember what we’re dealing with!!

      • @13d928286da444cd034887610bfc9879:disqus I had to laugh about your “they probably think Stevie is a guy”.   Yeah because Stevie and Lindsey were a couple and Lindsey is a girl, right?  LOL

    • Are you kidding????  I’m all for a young mentor like Jason Mraz, but Stevie Nicks is amazing, and I think she will be an amazing mentor.  Anything is better than Diddy!!!  Especially since he is such a douche, and cannot sing himself (despite trying singing lessons).

      • No.  I’m mot kidding.  Like her or not, she’s very successful, is a songwriter as well as a performer and the contestants will relate.  What possible relevance does a thug like Diddy [didn’t I used to be someone else?] have for these kids?  I agree that Taylor isn’t a remarkable singer, but she is a remarkable success.

    • You are a child. All the muscians that you listen to were inspired by the people that you are calling dinosaurs.  Broaden your horizons kid.

  3. Jessica’s idol is Beyonce, seen her videos in youtube with beyonce’s song covers like: listen, love on top, best thing i never had, single ladies, smash into you, stand up for love and more.

    • Jessica is a great singer, but I really do not want her to sing Listen.  I’ve heard it so many times. 

      I’m sure it will be another robotic/pageant performance from her.  It appears she puts emotion in her songs, but if she is, then why are so many people not connecting with her emotionally?

      Hollie is still my favorite, and I hope she switches it up a bit this week. 

      • What about Mariah for Hollie !!!
         U still didn’t answer my Q . How do u connect with Hollie but not with  Jessica ,, they are both young … ???

      • Ali_359921:

        That question does not even make any sense.  Hollie being young as well, has nothing to do with her ability to connect to an audience.  It is just the feeling I get when I listen or watch either singer.  I believe Hollie when she is singing, where as I do not believe Jessica.  When Jessica sings, she definitely sings, but that is all I am getting from her.  Jessica is certainly passionate, and talented, and has a voice as good as Hollie’s…but to me, Hollie is more believeable.

        I do not necessarily think Mariah is the best choice for Hollie, but I have no doubt she could sing one of her songs. I’m also sure that Jessica could sing Beyonce.  Beyonce is an amaing singer and performer, and we she performs…she PERFORMS!  I can see her nailing a vocal, but not one of her songs. We shall see if that turns around for me. 

        With all that said, Jessica was one of my picks for top 10.  She is just not my favorite.

      • Jessica is a great singer … !!!   then, U say that u don’t want her to sing Listen coz u heard so many times ??
        I will assume that she sang another song …. ur answer will  be ” I’m sure it will be another robotic/pageant performance from her” .

        PLZ, Don’t give any advice if u already made up ur mind about it.

      • Everyone is entitled to an opinion…yours is not the only one!!  Mine is not the only one!! 

        I’m well aware that people disagree with me, and that is okay.  Get over yourself if you think that your opinion is the only one that exists.

        …and just so you know, I am completely open to any of the singers changing my mind, so don’t pretend to know me and what I’m definitely going to say.   

      • If they are singing songs from their idols, then you will very likely be hearing songs you’ve heard so many times, even from Hollie.
        I don’t understand what you and others find robotic in her performances so far.  I guess it boils down to a matter of taste.  Even great singers have their own share of people who prefer other singers, so if you say you don’t connect with her, that would be perfectly natural.  

        But to say so many do not connect with her- what is your basis for saying these? The comments on these and other threads?  But they are coming mostly from the same people, so I don’t get the so many. What I do know is that the good comments outnumber the bad ones, so if what you say that there are so many that don’t like her is true, then the number who do should be pretty awesome.
        Here’s my take- based on their performances, the audience’s and the judges’ reactions, the number of views their videos get and so on, Jessica is arguably the frontrunner in this competition, so those who prefer other contestants may feel compelled to put her down.

      • I don’t quite get your comment well. Jessica doesn’t even sound robotic. I’d buy that robot if it does sound like Jessica.

        The point is your basis doesn’t stand as true.

      • For a person who allegedly does not connect with people emotionally,   Jessica sure does get a lot of standing ovations and  votes.   

      • WOW.  You mean there are robots now that can sing like Jessica?   They sure must allow robots to audition AI next year!

      • Kris do not want Jessica to sing “Listen” by Beyonce because if she nailed it she will get another standing ovation from the judges and overshadow Hollie for sure. Kris is obviously a white guy and Hollie is white and Jessica is not, so kris connect with Hollie but not with Jessica get it? Of course Kris will deny this. But like he said everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is only my opinion.

      • last week,  hollie was out of tune. but she is a nice girl. hope she will do good this week.  

      • Hi Kris.
        For the record. I went back to last week’s poll. There were over 12,139
        total votes.  Out of that :
        Hollie – 3% = 364 possible people that connected to her performance
        Jessica – 39% = 4,734 possible people that connected to her performance

        I do realize we all have to respect each other’s favourite and also our opinions.  But to say there were not that many who connected with Jessica last week does not make any sense to me and your statement
        has no validity to it.

        What we are saying here is, it is ok to like or not like someone.  But if you are going to stretch some truths, check it out first.

        Also , the people that knows me in this blog knew that Jessica is not one of my favourite, but I needed to back up Ali and iurqal on what they are trying to tell you.  You like Hollie, then keep voting for her, never mind Jessica and no one will bother you again.

      • Actually, I think it is Hollie who lacks the emotion when she sings–i like Hollie but she is just lacking the soul for the music so the emotion does not radiate in her.

    •  I’m hoping Jessica sing another song not Listen…  Hollie must sing up beat she’s started to get boring and please less the nasal voice it’s irritating, I like skylar she’s versatile, Philips he’s good but most of the time he yell if he cannot reach the note… those 4 are my fav

  4. My guesses are Colton daughtry, Phillip led zeplen, or lifehouse, Joshua boys to men, Jessica Mariah, skylar reba or Miranda,

  5. Agree with you guys…..If Jessica sings “Listen” by Beyonce then definitely another “standing ovation” because she will surely nail it…….and for Mariah, I hope she will choose “Through The Rain” or “Without You” or “Can’t Take That Away From Me”………I am excitedly anticipating another great performance from her this week.

  6. They should get past Idols like Kelly and Carrie to mentor the contestants…that would be interesting since they have been through it all!

  7. Next week they should have something like a younger theme…like Celine Dion or Britney Spears or Madonna,even…enough of the Beatles, Elvis, and Billy Joel…the reason The Voice is becoming so popular is because they feature young, contemporary, and CURRENT songs like Pink and Foster the People and Beyonce etc.
    Idol is still BY FAR, the best, but they need to do younger, contemporary stuff to help not only their ratings, but the contestants, who havent even heard these old songs. And what point is old music is they are going to be competing on the charts soon? They need to know how to be current in order to have a lasting career in the crowded industry.

    •  Zac, I’m 70 years old and I’m tired of these nostalgic tunes . I’ve heard them forever.These younger contestants need newer  songs.The world is full of Elvis wantabes going nowhere.I would like to see a new and different Idol this year!Like you said they’ll soon have to compete with current music trends or be forgotten.

    • I agree but there are old songs that are really good and the contestants can do justice to those songs.  

  8. Jessica is going for. BEYONCE -best thing you never had or love on top

    Colton is a fan of daughtry and no one else in this season for sure expect a DAUGHTRY SONG FROM HIM

    Skylar is a big fan MIRANDA LAMBERT so probably gonna sing THE HOUSE THAT BUILT ME


    Just check out there profile in the American idol site.. And you will sele who are there favorite because I think DEANDRE IS DOING MAXWELL- PRETTY WINGS

  9. Look!

    Elise will do Zeppelin, cuz in the official webpage it says that this group is her favorite
    Colton will do Daughtry
    Jessica , Beyonce
    Hollie, Mariah Carey
    Skylar Laine, Miranda Lambert
    Hee Jun, Lifehouse! 

    • I hope she does “Stairway to Heaven” on the Piano — as that I believe could be an incredible moment.   It’s the one song that can really elevate her.  Haley did great justice to “What is” last year — but I’d really love to see Elise try it.

  10. Alright, I’ll make it MORE interesting!

    Jessica – Led Zeppelin
    DeAndre – Mariah 
    Philipps/Colton -Miranda
    Hollie/Skylar – Daughtry
    Joshua/HeeJun – Beyonce
    Elise – Lifehouse

  11. I could actually envision Phillip singing Gunpowder and Lead or Carosine, in one of his own renditions. Her older stuff is slightly more masculine than her newer and could be pulled off by a guy, if done right. I could even see him taking on “Always Be My Baby”, like David Cook did, though I honestly hope he doesn’t (Phil’s a great singer and artist, but he would have to make it perfect for it to really work, I’d rather he not risk it).

  12. Cant wait!!! Looking forward to jessica’sperformance and anticipating what heejun’s gonna do this time…. I just hope that jessica will keep in mind what diddy told her not to overdo things. With a strong vocal and beautiful voice, nothing could go wrong…. Another standing O????

    • she can start with soft, smooth and soothing tone in the beginning and belt it out in the end. In that way Jessica can identify her singing style and later her singing signature. Jessica FTW!

  13. My feeling is that the music business has changed so much in the last 15 years that anyone from the 70’s, with a few exceptions, just doesn’t get it now.  Sure, The Stones, Aerosmith, Queen will still fill an arena, but most of the   bands from before 2000 are on the nostalgia circuit.  And an act that is a band rather than a solo artist, tends to do better.   Stevie Nicks didn’t pack the arenas by herself.  FM did, and for my money Christine McVie has a better voice.   And the audience is looking for a different type performer these days.

  14. But who does fill arenas anymore?  The days of huge concerts are pretty much over.  I remember when I was in college that every week someone was coming through — the true golden age of concerts (early to mid 80s) — In a span of about 18 months,  I saw Rush (3x), ZZ Top, Billy Joel, Don Henley, Clint Black, Little River Band, Alabama, Eric Johnson, and some I’m not even remembering….

    My kids will never have that luxury

  15. can wednesday be any slower! I can’t wait for this week. I love Skylar and can’t wait to hear her sing Miranda Lambert she’s gonna do amazing!

  16. i think jessica will sing love on top or listen by beyonce and hollie will sing hero by mariah. Colton will sing september by daughtry and philip will sing the song of zeppelin. This is surely 90 percent true!!!

  17. Whatever song she chooses,  Jessica will own it!  But I hope she chooses a fast song by Beyonce and dance with it because that’s what Beyonce is most famous for,  her dance moves.

  18. With the list coming out, you can see which contestant will pick which artists’ song. Having said that, I hope there’s some kind of mess so the contestants pick is random-like and surprise everybody.
    Like Mariah’s performed by Deandre with the falsetto thingy. Heejun continuing last week madness by singing Beyonce (with the body shake)LOL. I would love to see Elise singing Beyonce’s 1+1.
    And also I think what Hollie meant by that tweet is not about she will perform Carrie’s song but she’ll wear the necklace.

  19. Colton will def do LifeHouse, i saw his video on youtube performing one of their song on the piano. Skylar will do miranda. Jessica will go Beyonce, Hollie for Mariah. Philip  will go for daughtry. 

  20. Phillip Phillips – Daughtry
    Colton – Lifehouse 
    HeeJun – Led Zeppellin
    Holllie – Carrie
    Skylar – Miranda
    Elise – Mariah
    Jessica – Beyonce


  22. Beyonce = JessicaMariah = HolllieMiranda = Skylar
    Lifehouse = Colton
    Daughtry = Phillip Phillips Led Zeppellin = Elise

  23. I like Stevie Nicks. She has such a beautiful Voice. I have like her from the first time I say her. and the first time I heard her sing. Stevie, It will ne great to have you on the show.

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