American Idol 2012 Top 10 Week Rankings

It’s time again to see where this past week took our American Idol 2012 Top 10 in the rankings and what it could mean for the singers moving forward this week.

Steady in her top spot is Jessica Sanchez who has yet to be beat in our weekly polls. She climbed up eleven points to 38% of the overall vote. Coming in right behind her this time around was Colton Dixon who maximized his use of the American Idol pimp-spot with his “Piano Man” performance and reached second place with 17% of the vote. This was Colton’s best ranking yet in our polls and the first time he worked his way in to the double digits. Phillip Phillips rounds out the top 3 at 16%, just one point behind Colton. Phillips has held steady in second and third place so far this season.

Elise Testone picked herself up this past week on American Idol 2012 and it’s no surprise after a strong performance on stage and a stronger performance behind the judges’ table. Steven, JLo, and Randy all pushed hard to praise and highlight Elise and it seems to have helped. At least it did in our poll with 6% of the vote, her highest yet. Just behind Elise was the man who is taking this very seriously, Heejun Han. Heejun pulled in 4% of our poll’s votes which was enough to keep him out of the Bottom 5 here on the site last week.

The bottom of the heap was a crowded space this time around. Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, and Erika Van Pelt tied at 3%. Hollie took a tumble after her “Honesty” performance this time as her fans didn’t seem to connect with her this time around. Speaking of tumbles, Joshua dropped like a rock going from 26% last week to 3% this time with his rendition of “She’s Got a Way.” Perhaps going from second to last the previous time to second this time around contributed, but that’s a big change. Sadly, Erika Van Pelt had her best poll results all season last week with 3% and yet she still managed to get sent home anyway.

At the very, very bottom of our poll for the American Idol Top 10 performances you’ll find DeAndre Brackensick and Skylar Laine. DeAndre has been circling the bottom of our poll’s drain for the past three weeks while repeatedly earning just 2% of the vote. I expected him to leave the past two weeks with those sort of results but he’s managed to press on. Meanwhile Skylar had her first flirt with the danger zone here on the site but managed to steer clear of Ryan Seacrest’s Stools of Sorrow during the results show. Skylar will need to pick things up and I’m guessing that won’t be a problem for that high-energy singer.

How do you think the American Idol 2012 Top 9 will handle the songs of their own musical idols?

American Idol 2012 Top 10 Week Poll Rankings:

  1. Jessica Sanchez – 39% – up 11 points from last week
  2. Colton Dixon – 17% – up 13 points from last week
  3. Phillip Phillips – 16% – up 5 points from last week
  4. Elise Testone – 6% – up 4 points from last week
  5. Heejun Han – 4% – no change from last week
  6. Hollie Cavanagh – 3% – down 8 points from last week
  7. Joshua Ledet – 3% – down 23 points from last week
  8. Erika Van Pelt – 3% – up 3 points from last week
  9. DeAndre Brackensick – 2% – no change from last week
  10. Skylar Laine – 2% – down 2 points from last week

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American Idol 2012 Top 10 rankings




    • Jessica is a fast learner and she is also a good listener. At the age of 16, Jessica is a ‘smart’ singer – A diva in the making. Definitely the one to beat. 

      Mary J. Blige – “Take your time”; “Sustain on it and then catch it” (I will always love you) – CHECK!
      Diddy –  Not to oversing the song (Everybody Has a Dream) – CHECK! 

      My advise: 

      Jessica must start singing the song in a soft, smooth and soothing manner in the beginning and belt it out in the end. In that way Jessica can identify her singing style and later her singing signature. Jessica FTW! 

      Proven already: see “I will always love you” and “Everybody Has A Dream”

  1. I don’t understand why Jessica SO high up! Shes not that great. I say Colton and Phillip for the finale!!

    •  I totally agree with you.  The judges and producers like Jessica alot.  She is okay, but tends to yell far too much.  Colton and Philip are definitely the best.  Colton will become a major star after Idol.  He is the total package now.  Philip needs to change his image, doing away with the plaid shirts etc.  He is a great performer.  Go Colton!

    • Olivia….its just a simple mathematics…. u can have ur answer right away, if u will just open ur mind to the really.

    • If you don’t like her, there is no way you’ll ever understand why so many others do. It’s that simple.

    • Spotted again^^^^^Olivia is a hater since day 1…The door is still open for you to become a ‘believer’. Jessica FTW!

      total 4 standing O from the judges…she is really that GREAT! deal with it.

    • count the number of standing ovations, youtube views, and, uhm? whos gonna sign her on the spot? Jimmy?  who enjoyed her Billy Joel song?…Billy himself? gosh…are you nuts

    • @2d832c6f7661beb17bc3ad4f890eceff:disqus so you want cute boys huh? hahaha guess you have their posters on your room already!

    • If the judges and the audience keep giving her SO, doesn’t that mean she’s truly amazing, talented (and other superlatives that describe her) and people appreciate what she does? Haters, if Jessica is that higher up than her major competitors, and the difference between Jessica’s 39% and Colton’s 17% and Phillip’s 16% (their percentage is not even half of Jessica’s), doesn’t that tell you, America, the Fil-Mex community, and the world something? C’mon, join us. Get on the bandwagon and let’s all support this kid who, at 16, could be the youngest and 1st Asian-American to potentially win AI season 11. (Jordin was 17 when she bagged the crown.) Peace, everyone!

      • No one should vote for Jessica just for her to be the 1st Asian-Am AI idol.
        Everyone should vote for Jessica just because Jessica can be an excellent role model for all the American teen agers.  She is that good, period.

    • maybe it’s not American Idol you’re watching! She deserves to be up there…and WIN!!

  2. I am hoping for something awesome out of DeAndre. I don’t know who each contestant’s idol is so it’s hard to say. I am sure each one of them will pick a song that they are very familiar with. That is if those songs are cleared to be performed live on the show. 

    We will just have to wait and see how it turns out. 

    • i feel this years talent is lacking considerably and that the judging panel is way too liberal in its critiquing. Is this the best we can come up with america?

    • Hi Taymaro,
      The pimp spot … Joshua/Deandre …. one of them….
      I do believe that Deandre will be great on wed … I don’t know why ??

  3. the week when they sang houston’s songs, the producer insisted that i will always love you must be sung and they all thought that only jessica sanchez has the capacity to pull it off so that song went to her and she didn’t fail to deliver the goods that was expected of her. 

  4. Heejun has a stellar performance ready for us Wedsday, he is gonna skyrocket up that poll like Jessica Sanchez

  5. I wish Jessica can also dance a la Beyonce.   If she accomplishes this while maintaining her voice quality,  this competition is OVER. 

  6.  I don’t see Colton and Philip are in the same league with Jessica.  These two guys can play their instruments but their voices are far beyond Jessicas . Their votes are only from teen girls who are only for the looks  and not  the voice.

    • there were lots of aspiring singers who sound just like jsanchez…what so special bout her voice…a copy cat of all the divas ive known…no originality whatsoever…

  7. I son’t know why, but I just dont like Jessica’s singing. I would rather listen to Holly, but she’s always picking boring songs.
    From boys my favorite is Joshua.

      • Hahaha.   But there are people like that.  My wife, for instance.  She keeps on listening to these 60’s songs that are much older than her mother.    They are boring to me,  but not to my wife. 

    • Well, each person has his/her own taste and that includes music.  Personally, I like Jessica not just because of her roots but also because of her singing abilities, i.e., her wide vocal range and youthful appealing style.  She gives justice to a song and sings from the heart.  She is the embodiment of an American Idol.

    •  If u listen very carefully to Hollie’s voice most of the time it’s her nasal voice I heard… it’s |Hollible… especially if she needs to hit a high note she almost die and needed some air…she’s grasping  She’s good… but Jess and Skylar are better

    • I thought she’s Fil-Am, her father is American right? I mean in nationality, but in ethnicity, her father is American-Mexican. So that makes her …uhm, three ethnicities? o.O

  8. Jessica is getting blown up way to early! I think Phillip, Josh and Colton can hang with her on the guys side, and Hollie on the girls side. I think as far as vocal range goes, Josh, Jessica and Hollie are tops by far. I think they are all ok in the styles that suit them, except for Deandre and Heejun, but no one can touch those three when it comes to vocal range. Josh doesn’t get much love because he is a black gospel based male singer, which doesn’t scream main stream music, but he has the vocal chops to hang with anyone in this competition, regaurdless of what America votes for or not. I like Jessica to, but I’ve got to go with Josh by a very thin margin at this point.

    • UR own taste … I respect that … u r right about Jessica,Joshua and  being the best vocalist … Hollie, I need to see more of her , The high notes …
      U don’t know how much I appreciate comments like yours.
      “At This Point ”   There’s a hope for us ….. J .

      • Thanks. I try to be fair and objective even when my favorite doesn’t have the best performance of the night, I can still give credit to those who in my opinion shined. Some people just see their favorites, and only their favorites, and act like they’ve had the best performance every single show. I just think they all deserve credit for chasing their
        dreams and having the courage to put theirselves out there for all
        America to judge, I know I couldn’t
        do that.

  9. To Piscean9,

    I can see you consider Jessica as the biggest threat to your own idol, whoever he/she is,  by the way you contradict all comments in favor of her.   Thanks for this acknowledgment.

  10. Ok so here’s my opinion…

    Elise is doing amazing and everyone is not treating her right, just like Haley last year. She deserves to win, but even if she doesn’t, she’ll go really far.

    Hollie needs to loosen up and do an upbeat song that shows off all her vocals. I’ve listened to her sing on YouTube and she’s amazing at songs like Adele, etc, etc.

    Jessica needs to do a fun, loving song that a lot of people would enjoy. And she shouldn’t do all those power stuff. Thats what’s making people hate her.

    Phillip needs to cool off and do a calm song that a lot of people will relate to. And DON’T change the song too much. I am not likening him because he is changing the songs too much.

    Heejun…. He needs to work on his vocals BIG TIME. In every performance, I’ve heard a bunch of pitch problems.

    Joshua needs to do something different, without making a song all gospely and choiry. He needs to cool off and relax. Sing a song everyone knows without changing it too much.

    Deandre needs to sing an upbeat, fun song and smile, without all the dancing and hair flipping. It’s really annoying.

    • Ok so here’s my opinion…

      Elise is doing amazing and everyone is not treating her right, just like Haley last year. She deserves to win, but even if she doesn’t, she’ll go really far.

      Hollie needs to loosen up and do an upbeat song that shows off all her vocals. I’ve listened to her sing on YouTube and she’s amazing at songs like Adele, etc, etc.

      Jessica needs to do a fun, loving song that a lot of people would enjoy. And she shouldn’t do all those power stuff. Thats what’s making people hate her.

      Phillip needs to cool off and do a calm song that a lot of people will relate to. And DON’T change the song too much. I am not likening him because he is changing the songs too much.

      Heejun…. He needs to work on his vocals BIG TIME. In every performance, I’ve heard a bunch of pitch problems.

      Joshua needs to do something different, without making a song all gospely and choiry. He needs to cool off and relax. Sing a song everyone knows without changing it too much.

      Deandre needs to sing an upbeat, fun song and smile, without all the dancing and hair flipping. It’s really annoying.

      Continued… Sorry I couldn’t type any more.

      Skylar needs to choose songs that would fit her voice better. Sing different songs to see which would fit best.

      Colton is doing great. He has done upbeat, songs people know, slow, emotional. I think if he continues to do a variety he can go really far.
      Anyway its just MY OPINION. So you don’t need to insult anyone that I favorited. PEACE!!!

    • Jessica did Turn the Beat Around and that was fun. She even said on Twitter that she had fun doing that in spite of the judges’ criticism.  I felt the performance was over-criticized. Then again she seemed to handle the critiques well.  

      She has a lot of urban/R&B covers on YouTube. She has a fun voice! Billy Joel week did not exactly bring out the fun in any of the contestants. 

      P.S. I downloaded Hailey’s Free. Such a great song!

  11. People don’t like other idols like Jessica because she is leading right now and they wonder why most people like her.  it is obvious.  I don’t need to explain.  All I can say is that every idol has their own talent and that’s why they are there.  Everyone has their own favorite Idol.  We are not perfect.  Let’s just praised them for being there and tryin their best to succeed.  Jessica still my idol forever bec I know she will do great even if she doesnt become first place. I’m sure some of the top 9 will have a record deal too.  Good Luck to all Idols.

  12. Jessica has been on top of the polls since the beginning.  I just hope America continues to support her all the way to the finals….  and to VICTORY.  Good luck!!

  13. My wish would be a Jessica vs Elise in the Finals.  I also feel Skylar can be in there.

    I am betting on Jessica because I have been watching a lot of those Idol Recaps on THR. Based on what past Idol contestants say she seems to have the maturity to handle the pressure.  She also seems to have the humility to take in criticisms.  She chooses songs pretty well as well.  I also think Jessica knows what type of music she wants to do post-Idol and her collaborations with young singers on YouTube (where she sings original songs) are proof that her voice is radio friendly.

    Elise has a raspy voice that I like so much.  I can see her having hit after hit after hit in the future.  She is so talented!

    In any case, we need a really successful post-AI winner this time.

    • Jessica & Elise can be a great finale. I’m not getting that “hiccup-like” sound that Colton’s has in his voice and Philip’s “constipated growl”

  14. jessica ftw!!!! im tired of guys always winning. we need a really talented girl this year!!!

  15. Jessica will win this whole shebang. The “‘OTHERS'” are not even in her league. They are too amateurish for this contest. 

    • That’s precisely what was all over these boards last year about Pia.  The facts are that the fingers typing here are mainly attached to adult hands, but the fingers doing the majority of the text voting are on the hands of teen girls.  Jessica will not win.  She may get a career out of the experience, but she will not win.  No offense. 

      • Fact is, nobody here knows who is going to win, except maybe the bosses at AI. Making bold predictions like we know everything is kind of dangerous because we might fall flat on our face if they don’t pan out.

  16. For the past weeks [or maybe since Auditions days..] Jessica has been consistently unbeatable. The others just keep on shifting and shifting ranks.

    I hope that this will continue until the final results! 🙂

  17. I really hope JSan can win this thing. This is the first time I’m rooting for an Idol contestant. For the past season I’m just watching the show and just be happy whoever wins the title. Though Kelly Clarkson was my fave AI winner. It feels like I’m a brother or a friend to this girl who want to help to realize her dreams.

    • Are you America to instruct her to go? Obviously not…. 

      Please keep your insecurities to yourself. And if you can’t, please state your reasons to your posts. Be sure you make it OBJECTIVELY….. Okay 🙂

    • Very understandable.   If my idol were not Jessica,  I would also wish for Jessica go home since she is the BIG stumbling block to my idol’s win.  

    • Zebra2894: i think it is not fair that u will let jessica go home knowing that she is doing great, just to have ur idol in! Lets make things fair to everybody so that we can have the
      Best result or else u will say again america got iy wrong….this is what we want. Okey zebra?

  18. Jessica Haters just hate the fact that she’s an Asian Hispanic who’s doing really well on the show…..a bunch of insecure and ignorant viewers…  Colton and Phillip?…ugh come on!  give me a break!  I would rather see Jessica and Elise or Hollie in the Finale —

    • So if our favorite is someone other than Jessica, we are ignorant and racist? That just sounds like a butt hurt comment towards people that don’t agree with you. People do have the right to have a favorite other than Jessica without being called ignorant for it. We all have different tastes, doesn’t make us wrong. I’m a 40 year old white guy that likes Josh just a lil more than Jessica, so does that still make me ignorant and slightly racist?

      • KiwiNurse didn’t generalize her/his statement about ignorance and racism unless you were affected and proven guilty? We have our choices of our own. So RESPECT. If your bet is better than my bet of her/his bet then bring it on!!!JESSICA FTW!!!

      • Uhm magicball. Kiwi said Jessica haters hate the fact that an Asian Hispanic is is doing so well on the show, that’s a racist comment that implies that if you don’t agree that Jessica is the best, then it’s because she is an Asian Hispanic as to why people think so. Implying that someone’s ethnicity is the reason some people don’t have her as their favorite, that is a racist statement. It was a black and white statement, not grey, you might want to read it again. ‘a bunch of ignorant and insecure viewers’ , again being called ignorant for not having Jessica as your favorite. Those comments were cut and dry for the message kiwi was trying to portray. Ignorant, insecure and racist, are those who hate on Jessica, according to that statement.

    • Dude, I guess people don’t hate the fact that Jessica is Asian Hispanic. Don’t start issues here my pal. This is not Youtube. Anyone can have their favorite other than Jessica without minding the race. And don’t even curse them with being ignorant. They’re fans and they comment here also–just like you and me. So, stop bragging about your issues. You are not helping.

    •  not another lee… im sick and tired of it! why don’t we just call this competition as the “ultimate search for the next lee dewyze.. the growling idol!”

  19. Okay, go on haters—-keep making Jessica always on the news. You are one of the reasons why she is very popular among the others. However, you can’t get anything except bitterness. 🙂

    Go for gold Jessie S.!

  20. There’s 6 or 7 that I’d be fine with winning.  Hollie started out as my favorite but she’s now the “or 7” person.  As long as Heejun or Deandre don’t win I’ll be fine.

    Jessica certainly seems to have the biggest fanbase.  If she won I’d be ok with it.  I’m not sure how much I relate to her though. 

    Overall, & this applies all the contestants, not just one, but overall I’m sort of tired of getting all these young kids shoved down our throat & told how great they are.  The only prodigy, if ya will, was Allison a few years ago. 

    In any other aspect of life, rarely is someone 16-18 better than someone in their mid 20s or older.   Yet on American Idol, it seems to be happening all the time. 

    When I think of the best Idols of all time, in no particular order, I think of people like Haley, Adam, Bo, Carrie, Melinda, Daughtry, Shiobhan, & Allison.  Of all those, only Allison was under 18 & Shiobhan I think was 19. 

    I didn’t watch when Kelly Clarkston or Jennifer Hudson performed.  So I can’t really rate those 2.  Since I’m guessing they were pretty dang good, I’d be curious to know how old they were when they were on the show.  My guess is they were in their 20s. 

    So whoever wins this year I’ll be fine with.  I don’t think any of em will be on the All Time best list though. 

    Paul McDonald said last year that a lot of the kids on the show didn’t even want a music career.  They just wanted to win American Idol.   I can somewhat see that.  I’ll still watch the show, but I’m not as stoked about it as I was in past years. 

    • On the Paul McDonald comment.  I meant to add that it was one thing to think you’re watching a show because someone wants to go on to have a career.  Like I might be seeing someone who’s going to be an artist for years to come while they’re a rookie.  If I’m just watching someone who wants to win a singing contest, I can do that at a local karioke bar.

  21.  I never understood why Erika never was liked by the American viewers.. She has a great voice, and so much confidence on stage.  For some reason she just never clicked with the viewers.  I feel sorry for her. I don’t believe she is a sore loser. I believe she got a bum rap on AI.

  22. There ain’t no way. Skylar, and Colton and Phillip are there 3 best. Come on leys get serious.

  23. Jessica Sanchez was on America’s got talent
    how far did she get on that
    kind of strange

  24. For all the HATERS of JESSICA… Listen to her “HATER LUV” song! hahahaha! that’s all for you! <3 Go on… talk mooooooooooooooooooore  about her!

    ~ Every time I go around
    They look me up & down
    Talking all that, here & there
    Throwing my name everywhere
    It's okay it's okay it's okay
    You keep on doing that
    Cause honey I aint mad
    Your helping me out, with all your
    Hater [ x6 ] luuuuv.

  25. “JSan” would be a nice moniker for Jessica Sanchez. I just read it somewhere here! That’s nice!

  26. I don’t understand why Erika 3% to send home.  The other 2 persons 2% can stay.  Anyone can tell me why?

    • Because the adults voting on this poll have nothing to do with the teens voting on the phone.

  27. Totally no experience here is Heejun Han.

    According to him the only experience gig he has is singing in his BATHROOM.

    What more if this kid get a vocal coach and study vocal lesson – he has an amazing voice – If you just listen to his studio version of MY LIFE – you will be surprised. He sound like young Elton John.

  28. Why do so many people want Jessica to win? I mean, she’s a good singer and all, but I seriously think Colton or Phillip are a bit better off winning idol. I want to see Jessica get voted off, cause she’s popular enough already, so even if she doesn’t win idol, she can still get signed on the spot by someone else. I just don’t think it’s fair if she wins…

    • Why is it not fair for the best contestant to win? Isn’t that what a competition is about- to determine who is best?

    • @aad78e5b378cc66c52cd9c0167fceb16:disqus , that is called Crab Mentality or Crabs in a Bucket… “if i cant have it, neither can you” mentality.  probably out of envy or competitive feelings…???? AI is a competition. it takes real (and the best) talent, star quality and charisma to win it. just because a contestant might have it all doesn’t make it UNfair for others. stop pulling down one person just so others could achieve what could be wrongfully his/hers to begin with. 

    •  you ought to be ashamed of yourself! wishing bad for another person is not cool! another thing, the best singer should win the title! it’s a singing contest you moron!

  29. Take it or Leave it!!, It will be Jessica Sanchez, who will win American Idol Season 11.

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