American Idol 2012 Singers Colton Dixon and Elise Testone Visit The Tonight Show

American Idol 2012 Colton Dixon and Elise Testone

This past Friday our two most recent American Idol 2012 elimnations, Colton Dixon and Elise Testone, paid a visit to The Tonight Show. The former Idol hopefuls had a quick interview and then spent the evening performing alongside the band.

Colton Dixon stood by his defense that poor song choice, a Lady Gaga selection to be specific, cleared the path to his elimination and was pushed over the edge by strong performances by his competition. Leno saluted Colton’s self-blame in lieu of pointing fingers for his departure.

Elise Testone explained that she wasn’t surprised by her elimination during the Top 6 considering her many trips to the Bottom 3. She was clearly still disappointed, but staying positive and looking forward to what’s next for her.

Elise Testone will have more media appearances this week so keep an eye out for your next chance to catch her on television. Colton Dixon finished most of his post American Idol 2012 press tour events last week and you can watch a few of those.




  1. I know they will be signed but I wonder how quick… Hopefully soon enough, for sure their respective fans can’t wait for their first album release including me 🙂

  2. So happy to see both , Colton , and Elise performing on the Leno Show ! I’m happy for both of them = ) Good Luck to both of them , and north of them are GREATLY MISSED !

  3. another singing contest ..DUETS gonna premier this summer,,,ABC is gonna join the bandwagon,,,so CBS is left with no singing contest program,,they will think of something…..

    • how the hell jessica gets into this post? this is about elise and colton, not jessica! i’m a jessica fan but this is inappropriate to promote these kinds of comments here. know it yourself why.

      • JessPushers have no respect for the other contestants which is what this thread is about. For them, it ALWAYS has to be about Jess.

      • Just ignore them if there is there are comments about Jessica here ok?Have you notice that only few comments this time,they are not interested about Colton & Elise I think only 22 followers share their views about them.I’m not interested too in this topics about  them, just wait for the next topic to arrive.

    • I totally agree! Go Jessica,
      To me your already a big star like beyonce
      More power to you

  4. i’m not a jessica fan at all.  but folks every poll has her to win.  the next american idol is ms jessica.  love skylar

  5. Haven’t watched AI since Colton Dixon left.  He was very exciting to watch and he was talented and creative.  Can’t wait for his album to come out.

  6. I really got disappointed when Colton left early. I hope he will have a great music career in the future. 

  7. Where are you guys,Colton & Elise followers give some comments and views
    with this 2 newly ousted AI11 contestant,Are you not interested anymore with both of them?

  8. Colton should have stayed not hollie and Jessica sucked so much on every song and Joshua too but Jessica didn’t desvere to get the save boo Jessica and Joshua .COLTON was good and better then gaga her self and everyone known that but why american didnt you vote for Colton why but everyone now vote for PHILLIP PHILLIP NOT JESSICA and JOSHUA THEY SUCK and sing bad

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