American Idol 2012 Top 5 Takes Shape

American Idol 2012 top 5

Next week when American Idol 2012 heads to its results show we’ll see more singers seated at Ryan Seacrest’s Stools O’ Sorrow than at the Seats O’ Safety (Benches O’ Benevolence?) for the first time this season. Yes, there are just five singers left in Season 11 and that’s going to make things seem even lonelier at the top for these remaining finalists.

There many have been plenty of disappointed viewers last night with Elise Testone’s elimination, but I’d guess most of you weren’t surprised considering the votes in our poll this week. Elise’s fans will have plenty of opportunities to hear from her again as she said in one of her first post-elimination interviews.

Then next week get ready for the British Invasion all over again. The remaining American Idol finalists will be performing “British music-themed” songs, though I’m not sure why they aren’t just “British songs.” Am I missing the contingent of US singers posing as British singer-songwriters? Or are there songs with British themes? Anyway, next week the UK takes back over, but this time with less taxes.

Here’s your American Idol 2012 Top 5:

  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Skylar Laine
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez

What do you think of this season’s Top 5? Is your favorite still there?




  1. Since the beginning of the season, I had four favorites. Phillip and Colton tied for my number one favorite. Then Skylar. Then Hollie. Glad that three out of the four are still there, but wishing Colton was there too. Definitely missed him Wednesday night. 

    • I’ve never been a Phil fan but he should sing something by Sting! If the songs have to have a british theme, Englishman in New York might work well on him.

    • You wouldn’t give a chance to a non white, would you?¬† All the soldiers fighting for this country are¬†in cariety of skin¬†colors–just remember that.

      • Quit throwing the race card into the mix. ¬†My fave is Joshua, but you’re out of line.

      • ¬†I guess nobody remembers they aren’t ever allowed to like Caucasian singers.¬† Such forgetful people these days.¬† You people who keep playing the race card are nuts.¬† Do you really have to stoop that low?¬† Not everybody likes Jessica and Joshua!¬† GET OVER IT.

      • Can we just judge them on performance and not color. My favorite VOICE gets my vote, no matter the nationality.

      • To Iloveusa914: That’s not true! You’re one of the few haters of Joshua and Jessica on here… Get a life!

      • ¬†@16bca7960e645143c6b80521212e949d:disqus , if you’re going to judge me, at least do your research first.¬† I have said multiple times Joshua is one of my favorites.

    • I’m missing Colton (badly) too last Wednesday. He would’ve done a great job with a Queen song. My bet now is PP.

      • My favs have always been Joshua and Phillip. If you haven’t listened to their studio versions of their songs, don’t miss it! They are amazing!

      • Colton’s voice is too weak to carry a Queen song IMO…so let it go. Now he is free ¬†to do his own songs if he is the songwriter as claimed..Most singers who do their own songs goes a long way and stays long in¬†the music biz¬†

  2. Jessica should sing Adele’s Someone Like You, because ¬†a week ago someone sang already Rolling in the Deep.And she covers this song in one of her youtube postings and it was good. She could give a good rendition that will bring her back to the top.

    • As I posted earlier, I’d love for our little Liverpudlian to come out all Carnaby Street [dressed like Twiggy] and sing something by Lulu [To Sir With Love or Oh Me Oh My]. ¬†Pearfect!

      • Another great one for Hollie would be Downtown by Petula Clark. ¬†This should be a super week for Hollie!

      • Might be a bit too obscure and clever most most of the voters out there don’t you think?

      • I’m thinking a sensational song for Hollie would be Dusty Springfields “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”. ¬†She would bring down the house.

      • ” I’m thinking a sensational song for Hollie would be Dusty Springfields
        “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me”. ¬†She would bring down the house.”
        Ok, you have a point- that would be great too!

  3. i hope they skip the dave clark five and freddy and the dreamers.¬† and if it’s current british music please, please, please leave adele out of it.¬† no one can touch her and it’s sad when people try.¬† how ’bout some stones and a group no one has done yet, the moody blues.¬† would love to hear hollie sing “nights in white satin”¬† and speaking of the brits, skylar would be great doing the who’s “squeeze box”.¬† jessica could do some dusty springfield and p2 could possibly do some phil collins

      • I believe he’s already done 2 Phil Collins, I hope he does someone else like Sting. ūüėÄ Is Sting British LOL?

    • I like your suggestions.¬† If Jimmy Iovine wants to help Jessica sing songs appropriate to her age, he could direct her to “You Don’t Own Me.” Dusty Springfield had this on her debut album. The song had been previously recorded by Lesley Gore, who was just 17 at the time.¬† See?¬† Right age for Jessica.

  4. For almost the last eight years or so, the music industry has been pushing Diva and Hippity Hop/Rap music and the market is saturated to death with it. Let’s call it “Junk” just to nick name it. Consequently, sales have continued to plummet and the industry is in decline because “Junk” just isn’t attracting sales.

    Phillip is getting praised and is liked by many because he isn’t “Junk”. “Junk” music lovers don’t understand it because they think “Junk” music is it and they love it. Which is fine, but lots of other people are bored to death with women or men (DIVAS) singing slow ballads with big runs or with people spit shouting about hoes, bros, drugs and murder.

    That is why when one hears someone like Phillip, there is excitement, because it isn’t “Junk”.¬† When Dave Matthews and other Alternative Music hit the music scene in the late 1990’s, the industry sales soared and it was the best it had ever been.

    Remember all that great music and how diverse sounding it was. The thing about alternative music is the broad appeal it has and what is included in it as sub-genres. Alternative music can include elements and styles that appeal to all….from jazz, country, metal, hardcore, to pop.

    It is complex music that some find hard to understand, so they label it “Artsy”.¬† Because of the complexity, if offers interesting DIVERSITY. It isn’t the same thing over and over again. Bands have their different styles, but even within bands look at the diversity of their songs, ie Dave Matthews.

    My point is…we got all the Beyonc√©s¬† we need and they all sound the same anyway. Please stop killing the music industry by boring it to death. We need all the new potential Dave Mathews we can find….and Phillip is a new potential DM at a higher level.

    Alternative music lovers unite….fight the industry and break the “Junk” hold they have on us right now…fight for real music with broad appeal.

    Having said all the above…I support any of the 5 left except Joshua the screamer, maybe it is me, but I hate his screaming and it is screaming. Phillip has become my fav now because of the “Junk” fatigue, but I like Skylar lots also, but not a country music person. But as long as Joshua doesn’t win, I would be happy.

    • i can agree with you on that but sorry I am not a Philipp fan but I will concede if that is what the viewers want.¬† My take is Jessica, Hollie, Skylar, Joshua and Philipp.¬†

    • I never like Beyonce.¬† She is more of a show case than a truly artist.¬† That was one of the reasons I do not care much for Jessica, after all Beyonce is her idol.

      For now I’m rooting for Phillip and Skylar and may be , just may be, Hollie.

      • I really like Hollie; but being an alternative music fan (diversity), I am betting on Phillip; being a Sam Cooke, Aaron Neville, Al Jearrau fan, I’ll say Joshua.
        Phillip and Joshua in the finale. I sure hope it isn’t Hollie and Joshua. Seems like a love connection is going on there;)

      • Does your favorite artist make more money than Beyonce??? I don’t have any favorite artist…but please speak only for yourself.¬†

    • I know Phillip has a lof fans and it is almost like he has it in the bag already.

      • Wish that were true….but I’m still going with the “fix” of the save.¬† No way was she in the bottom three, let alone last.¬†¬† That was AI’s way of saying GD, it’s going 2b a girl this year….and guess which one?¬† Sure hope I’m wrong.

    • Hit the nail on the head, for me. That’s exactly why I like Phillip and why I vote for the people I do every season since Taylor Hicks. Maybe not the “best vocalist”, but they can entertain and they *are* good singers, in their own right. They aren’t boring. If Phil gets voted off before the finale, I think I’ll be done with this season. If he doesn’t make it I hope Skylar wins, but I won’t be watching.

      • Same here!!! If PP does not make top 2 with it being him and Skylar, I will never watch this show again. Unless of course someone catches my eye like Phillip the boy is gorgeous and the sexy voice ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

      • i agree. phillip extertains me each week though he doesnt have the best voice ( and unfortunatly) he feels this too.¬† but in my opinion he is the best. he reminds me of alternative 90s music which i love.¬†

    • You said everything so brilliantly, it’s a shame so many people don’t ¬†get it.¬†¬† My ears don’t listen to most of this new age music that is eating up society.¬† My genre is and always will be rock and alternative.¬† Some of the best music out there came from the underground bands and they show and play like a true musician does.¬† They don’t care what anybody thinks of them because they know when they play people will listen.¬† That is the #1 reason I am a total Phil Phillips fan and¬†because he’s down to earth and the wardrobe department of AI doesn’t impress him¬†one bit, it’s just Phil being Phil and¬†I love that!!¬† There’s so much good British music out there, past and present.¬† I really hope Phil does a Beatles number, i.e. Helter Skelter¬†and rocks the world big time.¬† If you really wanna listen to some good British music, listen to Spacemen 3 or Spiritualized on youtube, it’s far out baby.¬† Anyway Phil is my pick for the win and for the idol who will sell the most CD’s.¬† Peace……….¬†

      • Stick to your type of music and please be respectful of other people’s preference ! Everyone has his/her own choice when it comes to food, sports, music…etc. You have your own world, enjoy it! ¬†¬†

      • ToRobertomkat, you obviously have a serious low esteem problem to make the ridiculous comments you have on here.¬† Nobody cares really what you think and just for the record I was basically agreeing with what James had to say.¬† It’s sad that this society today (people born in the last couple decades), really do not¬†realize what really good music is or was.¬† I have been around awhile¬† and I’ve had the pleasure of listening, buying and attending some of the greatest music ever written and sung out there.¬† Those days of music will never ever be replaced.¬† You my dear are a pathetic one and sadly your unhapiness shows greatly on here.¬†¬†May I suggest you read some books by the Dali Lama to help you reach a happier level in life.¬† Cause you know what, I don’t judge,¬†I accept all mankind for what it is as the Great Buddha hoped for all the world.¬† SIUYA you loser……….¬† Blah Blah Blah……..¬† Peace to you always¬†

      • Soulshines, I was thinking more along the lines of “House Of The Rising Sun” for Phillip.¬† I know that almost everyone has done their version of it.¬† But, the British group, ¬†The Animals did a great version in the sixties with Eric Burden on vocals.¬†
        Because Phillip IS Phillip and not a low-budget version of the more famous artist whose song he’s covering, he will give us his version of this old classic.
        Phillip is a blues-man, along the lines of Johnnie Lang, but not as totally absorbed in his emotions,  more approachable and with more stage-presence. 

    • Shame shame shame. These kids are doing their best. Get very dad right now. For Josh and Jesicca will be top two.ypi can’t stop it scream as much as u want Joshua. We have your back

    • I am of the same frame of mind as you, and Phillip is certainly my fave. However, I do still think that Joshua has a great voice and don’t think of him generally as a screamer. I¬†prefer it when he sings the slower songs and doesn’t scream, but he probably wouldn’t be in the top five if he just did that.
      I think Hollie, Jessica and Skylar are all great too.

    • Im a big fan of rock,… Post grunge, grunge, indie rock, country rock, alternative rock,… Name it,….. But i can have other artist to listen, but Phillip?…. No way,…. Id rather listen to Casey abrams or go straight to Lee Dewyze,.. At least they sing at ease not a freaking out guy who is about to ejaculate! Damn!

    • YES!! Agree completely. It’s so irritating to listen to the radio sometimes because it is so synthesized and mundane. Ok, Jessica does have an amazing voice (yawn) but doesn’t excite; lacks diversity.
      I really want something different. Whatever happens, Phil Phillips will be huge. I can hardly wait to buy his music.

      • You and James have something in common…You have your own world! If you don’t like Jessica, leave her alone. We all do have our own preference in music and nobody can change it, you and James have to respect it! If you have nothing good to say about Jessica, just keep it to yourself. ¬†Music is not ¬†about getting excited…. Real music touches the heart and is good for the soul!! I don’t know about you getting excited… What i do know … some people love to listen to a loud-music especially
        if a person is intoxicated,¬†¬†even more so it gets more exciting If they are under the influence of drugs….. Believe it or not, this is Satan’s way to deceive people through music.

      • you have a hearing problem Molly Jackson. Why don’t you visit your doctor, so that he/she can give you a proper medications. =)

      • ¬†Philip sounded the same when he sings. Why would I buy his album when I hear the same sound but differnt lyrics.¬† And he looks ike he is in pain when he sings, that is why I dont want to watch him when he sings. I cannot feel his emotions but rather his pain.

    • I may say your point nonsense…!! ¬†You call divas a junk..Hmmm maybe it is your brain that needs to be junk… hahhhah lol…

    • Phillip is the most boring, most predictable, singer left. He only knows one sound, one note, one tempo and one type song. A record with nothing but the exact same sound on every track, would by no means be beneficial to his career, and to date on this show that is all he has shown he is capable of doing. Every contestant has done different tempo songs, except for Phillip, so why is constantly getting free passes to do the same thing over and over? He shows ZERO diversity, and for that reason he needs to go….next. Sadly it prob won’t happen tho. He is the least deserving contestant to be get to the finale, so I guess that means he’ll win, considering the direction this show has gone the last several years.

      • i laugh at your and¬†@a27bf0c78d72f38fcde657ed003a258b:disqus¬†‘s opinion. It amuses me very much.

      • Well James you can call it what you want, but Phillip has not shown the ability to sing different tempo songs throughout the entire song, that’s just the FACT. Is anybody that sings a ballad considered a diva, or junk music tk you, if so you are seriously out of touch with reality. So rock bands like GnR, Aerosmith, Poison, and numerous other rock bands are divas for singing ballads???? The greatest musicians can sing all types of tempos, Phillip cannot, or at least has not shown he can. It’s kinda funny actually you label music you don’t care for as ‘junk’. And as much as you act like you know it all, it’s obvious you don’t know much based on some of your absurd comments. Oh ‘Josh screams’,… Show some originality when you bash a contestant would ya. Bye bye Phillip and Joshua for the win.

      • One tempo ?¬† Then we must see a different show last wednesday.¬† PP performed two different songs with different character¬† and tempo. The first he performed with power and positive energy. His second he potrayed more quiet and melancholy.

      • I think you are wrong!!! Phillip will be one of the most succesful ones from this competition. And as far as¬†being predictible I can pretty much say that about all of them. They all¬†sound the same in all their songs every single one of them. But I guess you have to trash talk¬†Phillip because he might be the one to win it all and not¬†your favorite.¬† shame on you for hating on someone you don’t even know !!!

      • This is actually in reply to robertomkat. Wow, I’m accused of alcohol and drugs, neither of which I partake in. I do like Jessica, she is amazing, but, perhaps, being ADHD I need something different. I think all of them have a great musical future ahead of them. My husband’s favorite is Joshua and Jessica, my Dad can’t stand PP and love Jessica, but, because I’m entitled to my own opinion (and am not dissing you on yours) MY favs are PP and Joshua. There isn’t a bad singer left. Phillip can be boring to you if that’s how you hear him. Cool. But I wouldn’t personally attack you for your opinion and accuse you of drugs, alcohol or hearing problems. Obviously very passionate about your opinion, but so am I, without comdemning you. I thought reading these opinions was fun and interesting, but people are mean. So I’ll have these debates with my home becasue we all can agree to disagree without cutting each other down personally.

      • Jay and pita, you can pull for Phillip all you want, but saying he has showed an array of different tempos is factually untrue. Please pinpoint exactly which week he sang a ballad, uhm you can’t cause he has not sung one. Every contestant has done ballads AND uptempo EXCEPT for Phillip. That’s just the FACTS, I’m not making it up. And I’m sorry but different variations to a mid-tempo song, is not diversity. I’m not the only person that feels like Phillip sounds the same on every song, tons of people have stated that. So how am I ‘trash talking’, or hating on Phillip? I’ve simply pointed out the things that I see, or don’t see, in his performances. So…has he shown he can sing a ballad….NO. Fact. Is that hating or trash talking…..NO. Every contestant has sang ballads AND up-tempo, EXCEPT for Phillip, therefore in MY opinion, he is the least deserving to win this competition, and I’m sure there are many that agree with me. But..both of you are certainly entitled to disagree with me I’m not ‘hating’ on anybody. Phillip will not get a vote from me until he can prove that he can sing ANY type of song, and he has not done so, that’s just a Fact, not an opinion. So if y’all would like to hear ten songs from the same album with the exact same tempo, tone and sound, go for it, but I would not!

    • Well, I would like to agree with you. I like PP but i could not even force myself to like his music. People have different taste, you can’t force people to like what you like. Even though they are many DIVAs out there, but they are the once who are very popular and who most people like.

    • ¬†In which kind of niche would you put Adele? I think, she is special, because she found a middle way between “Junk”-music and alternative music!

  5. I think Hollie will sing “You’ll Never Walk A Lone” because its Liverpool football club’s theme song…

    • I think the are gonna sing two songs again. What dya think must be her second choice? Your pick is awesome.

  6. Someone should sing one of The Beatles’ song, Jessie J and or Florence + The Machine!

    • Phillip should sing “With a Little Help From My Friends” but with the Joe Cocker spin on it…Ive said from the beginning that he kinda reminds me of Joe Cocker…he could kill it with that song.

  7. All my top 3 are still in it: ¬†Hollie, Phil and Skylar. ¬†Looking forward to their performances of “British music-themed” songs on Wednesday. ¬†

  8. Phillip Phillips song suggestions: White Room by Cream, Moondance by Van Morrison, Tears in Heaven- Clapton, any Pink Floyd song.

  9. skylar, hollie, phillip will be the top 3 remaining left.¬† say good by to josha and jessica. time for them to be on there way. jessica should have already been gone. the judges should not used the save to later… if things go there way josha and jessica will be final two. if so this will ruin” american” idol

    • That is a racist comment. We can read between the lines, you know.¬† The emphasis you put on AMERICAN says that you don’t think it will be very American if either Joshua or Jessica wins. Because of their skin color? They were both born in America and therefore as much American as you and me, if you are American at all. They’re more American than Hollie who was born and partly raised in Liverpool to British parents.

      And please look over your comment and edit it before you post, there are way too much spelling and grammatical errors.

      • ¬†…If you’re going to criticize grammatical errors, at least make sure you don’t have any of your own.

        1. Never start a sentence with “Because.”¬† (“Because of their skin color?”)
        2. “…and therefore as much American as you and me…” Should be “therefore ARE as much…”
        3. Last sentence should read “…there are way too MANY spelling and grammatical errors.”

        I’m not a grammar nazi as I make mistakes as well, but I dislike hypocrites.¬† Also, how do you not know that American was emphasized¬† in quotes in rus’s post because of all the votes coming from the Phillipines?¬† Not sure how they’re getting by with it over there because I was always lead to believe that you had to be in America to vote, but many have already admitted they do mass voting in the Phillipines, which IS highly unfair and makes the show “International Idol” rather than “American Idol.”

      • @iloveusa914 so I guess you dislike yourself that much huh ¬ę(¬į¬°¬į) ¬Ľ by the way will you please give me the link showing the votes that are coming from the Philippines(want to know how true it is) …
        Just to let you know, I, myself despise “pretenders” & “mr/miss know it all”.lol
        JUST SAYING….

      • ¬†@77847f54875cf281df6f142adaafe94a:disqus¬† actually go read this site.¬† You’ll see tons of people saying they vote tons in the Phillipines.¬† ANYWAY, all I’m doing is trying to prove a point that not everybody who dislikes Jessica or Joshua is racist.¬† And @67f67edf051ea42cbbf5d77b7ba090a0:disqus , don’t even talk about anyone else not having a brain.¬† You make no sense.

    • Hey¬†Iluvusa914¬†use your Brain please.or maybe you don’t have any…hahahah lol.. Just admit Jessica has ahuge fan base.. Too sorry for your idol because they are such ¬†a looser… Even if you will add all their votes… Duh…….!!! ¬†Hey rus! is it obvious that of all the AI ramaining finalist you like Jessica least or you are trying to made rude comments about her..Hmm i am sure because she is always a threat for all of your idols… WOW Jessica is so famous….!!! Okay for Jessica fans let us just ignore them they don’t even deserve our attention. Well as we can check everyday polls? ,,, Jessica tops it all…HAHHAHAHAha. ¬†I know ¬†some of you here are dying with jealousy because she can always do justice in all songs and take note please listen to all the judges comments…!!!

    • Why is there an “_” on the word American? Are you playing the race card again? You mean Jessica and Joshua are not American? It’s already 2012 and this borders on hate. Please no talk about race here.

    • Too opinionated and bitter!!! I guess, if Jessica or Joshua win…. it will ruin your ego, and not ¬†the America Idol. ¬† You’re disgraced!! Get a grip!¬†

    • i don’t think rus is american, top 3 remaining left?, there or their?…the judges should not used the save to later?…i don’t think he is discriminating because he doesn’t have the right to…entiendes?

    • who r u to predict r u God……….a very big big big mistake do u have eyes and ears…….its jessica will win th season 11 of American Idol 2012………..

  10. OMG I enjoy “Save Me” by Hollie so much. Been playing it for at least 5 times now.

  11. My song choice for them:

    Jessica Sanchez- You”ve Got The Love (The Source) and Before It Explodes (Alexandra Burke)

    Skylar Laine- White Flag (Dido) and Creep (Radiohead)

    Phillip Phillips- Elevation (U2) and Nights In White Satin (The Moody Blue)

    Hollie Cavanagh- Relight My Fire (Take That) and Wild Horses (Rolling Stones)

    Joshua Ledet- Who You Are (Jessie J.) and Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me (George Michael)

      • I’m pretty sure only one will actually kill Guesty. ¬†The rest will just support the idea.

    • The¬†song Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me was originally sang by Elton John but I think Joshua would do a great version of that.¬† As for the others, well I just hope that no-one sings an Adele song as there is no-one who sings her songs the way she does and personally it would be a bottom 3-er for sure if someone did.¬†

    • ¬†Not sure if Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me would count since George Michael did not originally sing it.¬† But Nights in White Satin for Phillip?¬† Wonderful I would have never thought of that!

      • ¬†That wasn’t produced in England though I do not believe.¬† I don’t quite get the theme.¬† What makes a song elligible?¬† Being sung by someone who is from England, or being produced in England?

  12. Competition is getting tougher. Whatever they’ll sing next week, I hope they will all take risk as they¬†pick the perfect song that will showcase their vocal prowess. Hope to see something new from them.

    Cos at the end of the day, a great show is what they owe to their viewers. ūüôā

  13. British Theme? I suddenly just remembered ANTM British Invasion (Cycle 18).

    Well, anyway, it seems to me like this is a perfect opportunity for Hollie to shine. Hopefully, she doesn’t squander this very rare opportunity.

  14. Brit Theme

    Phillip: Mumford and Sons-“Little Lion Man”
    Dude…you got to do a M&S

    Skylar: Eric Clapton-“Tears in heaven”
    Something new for her…
    I wished she would do Norah Jones (not Brit) “Dont Know Why” if they have an artist choice again, this song is so her.
    Jess: Natasha Bedingfield – “Unwritten”
    A great non-ballad she could really nail

    Hollie: Dido -“Thank You”

    Joshua: Amy Winehouse – “Rehab” I don’t care, you will scream whatever it is, go home and judges go to Rehab

  15. After all the comparisons of P2 to Joe Cocker surprised no-one has suggested him to sing a Cocker tune.

    A bit slow but why not Hollie go for Imagine

    • Imagine while a brilliant song is no showcase for a strong voice. ¬†It’s practically a dirge. ¬†No.

  16. Good lord. Why some people are so sensitive of their skin color? Someone’s favorites happen to be white (this season) and he/she is upset because it’s not a black singer? Stop it people.

    Just because they like a white singer, you start the race card? Maybe last year their favorites happen to be black like Jacob Lusk or Asian like Thia Megia. Take a chill pill will ya?

  17. Jessica, Hollie and Skylar make the show worth watching…can’t wait to see what they do next…I find it hard to enjoy Joshua because the judges over praise him and the standing ovations…no doubt, he has talent but he is not at the talent level the judges portray…props to P2 for being himself but I am not into his style…if a concert was held for Jessica or Hollie I would go…for Skylar, I might go…for Joshua or P2, I am a no show, even if the tickets were free¬†

    • ¬†My favorite performance of the night. Too bad she had one tiny glitch towards the end, but other than that I enjoyed it very much indeed.

      • ¬†So did I, no idea why Jimmy slammed her for that! Hollie is slowly reaching her peak, if she just pushes herself a little more, she could even reach the finale! I am loving watching Hollie grow and evolve, when the competition started, we barely saw her and now we see her and feel so proud of her! She is taking risks and pushing herself and that is really good for her as an artist.
        Hollie may go this week, sadly, but at least we can say that hey, we enjoyed her on the show!

      • ¬†The improvement of Hollie is very late. All the other contestants are going to the finish line while she is still in the middle. She moves 1 step at a time while the others are 3 to 5 steps.¬† Maybe she has big chances if she will join next year.

  18. this is the time for HOLLIE to shine….one more chance,if she blew it this will be her final performance….ill see it coming !!!¬†

  19. Switch out Jessica for Colton, and I would be okay with that as the final 5.¬† Next to go should be Jessica, then likely Skylar, who is a fun performer but not the best singer – listen without watching her, it’s not always so great.¬† Best week on Idol is getting rid of Elise, although she should have been kicked the week that they sent Jeremy home.

      • ¬†After Joshua proved he can sing a song beautifully without shouting, I’d have to say Jessica deserves to go before him in my opinion, as she has yet to prove this.

      • @iloveusa914 – Jessica doesn’t have to prove anything to you… and btw she doesn’t shout, she belts – huge difference!

      • ¬† fiona”she belts”, isn’t that kind of a private matter. Sounds like a William Hung song…
        She belts, she belts, yeah, she belts she belts…

        go Billy

      • She does have to prove that to me to ever earn my support.¬† And no, it’s shouting.¬† When it’s so loud it just sounds like she’s at a football game yelling for her team, it’s shouting.¬† It doesn’t sound good to me.¬† AND I AM ENTITLED TO THAT OPINION.

  20. Also would have liked to see Jermaine still in this competition, in the Top 5.¬† What a glorious voice, prefer his to Joshua’s in the big male-voice category.¬† So for real the Top 5 should have been:¬† Phillip, Hollie, Jermaine, Colton, Skylar.

  21. I am so excited to watch Jessica next week.

    I am never a fan of her but now I am. I just can’t believe how Hollie Cavanagh has improved. Wow!¬†I am not so familiar with British music but I think Hollie must sing “Skinny Love” by Birdy.

    For the finale, I want JESSICA VS. HOLLIE!

  22. What is up with everybody bringing race into everything?¬† Just because Phillip or Skylar or whoever is someone’s favorite, doesn’t mean that it’s because they’re white.¬† Quit using race as an excuse to make people look bad for not liking Jessica or Joshua.¬† Some people just simply don’t like them!¬† Doesn’t mean they are haters, racists, or bad people.¬† Just means they have a different taste than you.

    SORRY, had to say it.¬† Now, Elise, Colton, Phillip, and Joshua have always been my favorites.¬† 2 out of 4 in the top 5, not too bad I guess.¬† But I’m starting to pull for Hollie as she continues to improve.¬† Her voice is just so rich and has such a full, sweet tone.¬† None of the others have as gorgeous of a tone in my opinion.¬† Wouldn’t mind seeing her win.¬† I like Skylar when she sings ballads, and I only liked Jessica when she sang “I Will Always Love You.”¬† I really would like to see Phillip, Joshua, and Hollie be the top 3.¬† (Yeah, members of the Jessica cult, I hope you have tons of fun telling me that I’m a racist and the devil and blah blah.)

    • Mark Twain said:
      “Patriot: the person who can holler the loudest without knowing what he is hollering about”


    • no your’re not racist, and the issue in singing contest is not racism, regionalism and favoritism, ¬†but people sometimes have defective intellect in music, maybe including you with you’re choice of “favorites !!! peace man……¬†

      • ¬†I could just as easily say that you have “defective intellect.”¬† Jessica’s voice doesn’t appeal to me.¬† Doesn’t mean my taste in music is wrong.¬† Just different than some.¬† I find it sad that most of her fans feel the need to jump on everyone if they don’t post 20 comments a day going “OMG BB CHEZ FTW!!! EVERY1 ELSE SUCKZ!!!11!!!1!”¬† Everyone is entitled to their opinion on singers.¬† I am in now way defective for disliking Jessica.¬† Not everybody is going to like her and her fans just need to suck it up, accept it, and move on.¬†

    • It has always come to pass that most anytime a minority is voted of on American Idol , there are those that will ALWAYS scream “racism”. Which must be hard for them to do and keep a stright face. As a good percentage of the American Idol winner have been dark skinned minorities¬†I am certain. Yet the cries of racism continue. Go figure.

      • I guess some people can’t handle that their favorites are not everybody else’s favorites too.

    • It cuts both ways you know. ¬†When somebody bashes a contestant, most people assume it’s being done by Filipinos. ¬†

  23. What does “British Themed Songs” mean? Can they sing James Bond movie theme songs because Bond is suppose to be British, songs about Big Ben or the river Thames? Or are they confined to songs by British artists? ūüėõ

    • I would think it means songs sung by British artists. Such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones or Amy Whienhouse.

  24. Why do many of the Bluejays comment on every fanpage of the other idols that “Jessica is the best. You must be out! Jessica FTW!”????

    Jessica is still in the competition!

    I believe you are so very proud but your bashing to other idols esp. Hollie and Skylar will never help Jessica. Mind you! Especially most of the FILIPINOS are harassing Hollie in her fan page and to Skylar too.

    Mind you Pinoys who were doing these, you are disgracing your country!

    • Let’s stop bashing. And be more educated – and that includes me, and YOU! And don’t put the word Filipinos on CAPS LOCK!!! You’re equally harassing US!!!¬†

    • Don’t get too hysterical in your comment dude. Especially stereotyping ones race. I know you’re just pissed with all the bashing and the pushing but remember, it’s American Idol. There could be a lot of people who liked the contestant other than Filipinos.

      • I am not a Filipno or even a Jessica fan. But, I am honest enough to admit her second song last week was one of the best I have ever seen on AI.

    • Robert, think before you jump into conclusion…Jessica has thousands and ten thousands of teen admirers and fans in the Philippines…. Again, they’re teens!! How old are you? Don’t level yourself with these teens or else you end up just like them…insecure and flighty as they are…. ¬†

    • ¬†Why do you think that these are Filipinos? Are you 100% that these are Filipinos? Dont open your mouth unless you are sure.

    • Do you mean next week’s British theme? ¬†That means songs that were first made popular by British singers/bands. ¬†From the 60s British invasion [Beatles/Stones etc.] to Amy Winehouse, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay etc.

  25. if joshua want to scream and yellin again next week…he should sing IF U WANNA BE MY LOVER by SPICE GIRLS…..

  26. so glaaaaad hollie is safe and get to perform again and jessica too!! go hollie and jessica!

  27. My top choices for the British singers are:
    1.Jessica Sanchez………..Amy WInehouse_Rehab or Love Is a Losing Game
    2.Hollie Cavanagh……….Womannizer or Back to The Start
    3.Skylar Laine…………….Foundation or Fluorescent Adolescent
    4.Phillip Phillips…………….Your Word Tells Me or Our Lady Of Lourdes
    5.Joshua Ledet……………A Whiter Shade Of Pale or Up Where We Belong

  28. i think phillip phillips have to do something different………may be THE SCRIPT…

    • Im sure theres one thing he could always do,… By showing us How to sing while pooping on our toilet….. Lols

    • ¬†I think he should change style of singing and his tone. He sounded the same. If he sings the alphabet song and¬† THE SCRIPT¬† it all be the same.

  29. As long as Jessica is there, I will not stop watching AI…. If she get booted, then maybe it will change my Wednesday TV habit.

    Aja! Jessica… Aja!

  30. Hollie and Jessica will do Leona Lewis or Susan Boyle or something diva-ish.
    I’m worried for Skylar, she might have a tough time picking a song this week! Anyway, I’m happy with the Top 5, all my favorites are in there!

    • diva..AGAIN..and…AGAIN…and….. AGAIN…FOREVER…. N ….. EVER…. ¬†N…. EVER… N… EVER…..BORING….N……BORING…N…BORING….

      • Jessica’s supporters had enough of your negative remarks…. If she sings a diva’s song, it’s boring… Soul-ballad, it’s boring… R&B, it’s boring! What else is left for you to say??? it’s all boring!!! ¬†You people are in denial!! bitter, the real boring ones, get a grip!

      • U mean P2 is not boring? As if he sings diffently every week,… Well i guess i may not be boring watching his performance when i Poop on my toilet bowl, im sure it helps me to drain solids in my anus…..

      • Well, It’s like Phil singing¬†electrically… Electrically again? and again and again and again……. forever n’ ever n’ ever…. boring n’ boring n’ boring.¬†

        And I’m off to that one.. LOL

        I’d rather see Jessica perform Diva, RnB, Soul-Ballad than see her look like having all the spasms in her body when she sings. Anyway, I still like Phil’s uniqueness.¬†

      • Peace, people! It lies in the eye of the beholder, which kind of songs he find boring.¬† Some like Jessicas music,¬† others prefer Phillips, because they have completely different styles. Everybody should respect other people opinion.

  31. I would like to see Phillip Phillips sing something by Joe Cocker¬†like “Unchain my heart”or as someone else suggested “White Room”by Cream.

    • I actually think both those songs are excellent choices for Phillip, that would fit his style perfectly. I think Joe Cocker’s¬†‚ÄúA little help from my friends‚ÄĚ performed by him, could very well be his moment of the season, that people will remember. Whatever he does, he can not afford another disaster like last week. Actually, he probably can. As I am certain his fans would vote for him, if all he did was fart the names out a phone book, in chronological order. But, if he performed one of Joe Cocker‚Äôs hit songs and did it well ‚Ķ he might get a whole new group of fans. Including me.

      • ¬†In the beginning I really like Philllp but he is slipping slipping away as one of my favorite because he is sounding the same every week and sometimes seems to be in pain when singing.¬†¬†¬† Sorry Philip supporters this is just my opinion and not bashing.¬†

  32. Jessica will sing ” THESE WORDS (I love you) by Natasha Beddingfield” ….. These songs dedicates to all of her supporters, and to her haters for making her strong!

  33. How about getting the contestants to pick the songs they wish to sing and then let the public vote?

    • This sounds good on paper.¬†But, I think it’s the anticipaption of seeing which performers will be able to rise up the the challange of performing song selected from one small catagory¬†… Is what makes American Idol what it is. Shows like the Voice and The X-Factor allow the performers to choose there own songs (for the most part). And because the challange is just not there, those shows pale in comparision.

  34. Joshua is my favorite and I’m glad to see that he’s still in the running. My second choice was Elise so I guess I’ll wait and see who moves me next week.

    • Elise is doing fine now, if shes not gonna have a record deal from any producer, well she might produce her own Fragrance,… Its Testosterone Perfume by E. Testone, a smell that gives you a Whole lotta Love! Lols

  35. Why British Invasion? We have enough of them (yes Adele..i’m looking at you)
    Why not Indian Invasion…AI GOES BOLLYWOOD!!! That would be fun! Fun! Fun! Lol!

  36. what’s with the moderator
    not posting my post if they think it will not be good for their bets

  37. somebody here say’s that he/she does’nt like beyonce
    so funny
    maybe you have a hearing problem
    go clean you’re ears it’s full of dirt

    • Go back to school and learn how to use punctuation marks properly. Better check your comments before posting them here so as to avoid being bashed. Ok.

      • This is not a grammar blog! Com’on! Chill! This is just a mode to express our opinion! If you want perfect grammar and flawless english, i dont think this is the place for you! Peace! ūüôā

      • @james__who:disqus¬†If you’re sloppy about the details, you’re sloppy about all of life.

      • @a7fb6271d3d9dd449a591a5572ea8401:disqus¬†, there’s nothing to be sloppy about with the details in the post. It’s not scored and not payed. It’s up to the author’s discretion whether he or she will type it correctly or not. If you will pay per sentence, then I’ll be honored to type a lot of posts perfectly. ūüôā¬†

        Have a nice day!

  38. akon wants jessica sanchez to be voted off?? haha so that he will sign her how is that

  39. OH MY!!! People!!!!!! Quit all those Hating and Pushing! What’s with all the bashing in this site? You, my friends, are playing fool with yourselves… -_-

  40. Jessica FTW!

    But Hollie is improving.

    Hollie FTW!

    I’m confused.

    But Hollie Cavanagh for the win!!!!!!!!

      • @d53a0f7258ba98ea6c924cb0efcd099e:disqus¬†, because Hollie’s legs is situated below the trunk while Jessica’s face is situated above the trunk. You’re not even making any sense.¬†

        I wonder what kind of face you have. Mind showing them to us so we’ll know “EXACTLY” the criteria of a beautifully made product of God. ūüôā

  41. I want Joshua to win! Just watched his last performance and I felt like he has a look-alike. After minutes, I remembered he must not be called a screaming elephant because he looks like the hippopotamus Gloria in Madagascar. 

    Now that is a screaming Hippo!

    • Jessica ¬†may not be physically that beautiful to others…¬† but¬†¬†it is not only physical beauty that is important but also inner beauty. Just like what the Little Prince said, ‘the essential things are invisible to the naked eye.’ Definitely, character and personality are more important than physical beauty, and Jessica definitely for us.. is beautiful inside-out! ¬†

      • … Not beautiful to others? She is very pretty. Jessica comes across a lot more natural beautiful than Skylar and Holly with their terrible huge make up.

    • Jessica ¬†may not be that physically beautiful to others…¬† but¬†¬†it is not only physical beauty that is important but also inner beauty. Just like what the Little Prince said, ‘the essential things are invisible to the naked eye.’ Definitely, character and personality are more important than physical beauty, and Jessica definitely for us.. is beautiful inside-out! ¬†

      • If there is beautiful inside and out, I think Hollie will come first in the list. Just saying. Jessica-Hollie for the finale!

      • They do like Jessica’s fashion sense, by the way. I’ve seen comments about her style in the other sites. Anyway, I’m really after the whole package.¬†

  42. I hope JSan will win I would never watch AI agai if that guitar boy Phil will win I’m done with these guys , I don’t like them . You know why these boys win because of their charm and a litle percent of their voice except Scotty cause I like his voice enough of Charm go with voice and please let a girl win this time P.S. This is not only in AI okay no more arguements.

  43. Why are these people here are so immature?…. If you dont like other contestants, better just keep your mouth shut and go keep on voting on your own Idols.. And there you keep on blaming other contestants that they are boring, overrated, etc…. And your idols are eliminated?,.. Are you crazy? Did you do your part as a Fan? Come on… You can judge by your own opinion, but dont bash other contestants because they do not desserve much attention, unless you are harmed by them.

    Im from Greece. And I watch these American Idol to see your young generation competing for good music.

    I just notice that these young lady 16yrs old Jessica is being degraded by these people who knows only how to say negative…. This girl is by far the most talented i have seen in the competition, she is humble yet powerful in stage performance, making a good songs by a genre which she belongs and deserves to be,…. A lot of people wants these kind of music, in different walks of life. She may not have a blue eyes just like us, but i find her beautiful. We are all equal in these world.

    For you to say American Idol is for americans only, not an International Idol? Come on…. We are in internet world, and dont make bounderies of your talents just only for your country. Talents needs to be share! And i love hearing music not just in my own country but overseas as well.

    These music artist that gives us happiness, fun, inspiration and even thier whole life to sing for us are not worth to be bashed, unless you are being harm by them. Thats not making any sense at all.

    And for these Jessica, she is struggling to win. She is capable of making good music, She is talented, and a genius. Why are you so cruel towards her? Well i dont get you… But no wonder why her fans are making thier forces well built to win these girl because they know real talent and good music.

    • Wow. Your comment is very long but I will refute your comment in a concise way. MAJORITY of commentators here are bashing other contestants and are JESSICA’s fans.

      • How sure are you that the one’s bashing other contestants are only Jessica’s supporters.
        Of course it was way easy to single out Jessica and her fans, as always.

      • You’re saying that Joshua looked like Gloria the hippo in Madagascar. So much for bashing eh

      • There are many non-Asian on here making horrible comments about Jessica. Someone wrote: Jessica looks like an 80 year old frog! That’s is character assassination and so offensive to Jessica’s fans!!! We are just responding to their very aggressive attack! So stupid and immature!! I believe that racial discrimination is still alive in America!

      • ¬†Robertomkat
        What have you got against senior citizen frogs, they deserve to have a place in the world too.

    • ¬†You are probably new. If you hang out more often, and including checking youtube video clips, you will see it’s Jessica’s fans attacking other singers. You don’t believe me? Check it yourself.

      • You write as though the bashing is done ONLY by Jessica’s fans, which is so not true. ¬†It is being done by fans of all singers. Check it yourself.

    • ¬†Yep, this is JessPusher central and her pushers will shove Jess down your throat till the cows come home. That’s why it’s such an entertaining site. Particularly if you like to see people write in broken English and elevate Jess as the next Imeda Marcos, Queen of the Pinay Divas. But really, most are just fine people loving their idol….

      • Diva music or not, everyone has different taste and preference and you have to respect that!!!!… Food, drinks, ¬†clothes to wear, sports, music…etc. If Jessica’s strength is with the diva’s music, what’s your problem?? If you don’t appreciate it, the world do appreciate it!¬†

      • Okay. James, You need to take your relaxant. It’s not like he’s/she’s advertising the contestant. There was no “Go Jess! Vote for Jess! vote for the best! Jess is the best!”… -_- Gheez. Why do you take too much of your time hating on the others’ posts just because the way they state them doesn’t suit your taste of expressing them. They love Jessica’s style as much as I do so what’s your point? Because she’s being pushed to the top??? Everyone is doing that to the other contestants as well.

      • James, I am a Jessica fan but never have I pushed her into anybody’s throat, much less yours. I like to believe I am objective in my posts and even mentions and points out the times she did not do well.

        As for English and Imelda Marcos I could say that even if it is not our mother tongue many of us may even write and speak better than most. You can see my previous posts ans see for yourself…

         Do keep it civil and keep those snide generalizations to yourself.

      • Ems0713, Yes…I agree not all Jess fans are JessPushers and some are very civil and that helps Jess. But I would hope you would acknowledge that some are Pushers and it is a negative thing for Jess.BTW…I lived in the Philippines for 10 years, was married to a lovely Pinay…so I not really a hater at all….I guess I so close to the culture…easy for me to be critical and I apologize.
        I am used to the banter back and forth because many times…I was the only American in the room of many Pinoy and had to learn how to hold my own.

      • Robertomkat,Why, because I like Jess’s voice and wished she would do some style of music where I could enjoy it also…honestly.

      • Apology accepted, James…and no, Jessica is not a Phenom AMD quad core CPU. She’s not Bulldozer-based..hahahaha.. She’s more of an Intel 6-Core i7-3000 series¬†
        with 2¬†¬†¬†reserves) considering she’s only 16 and can still grow into a ‘biggie’ in a small package…

  44. Here’s what we got from LA Times as Ryan speaks about last night’s eliminations.

    Ryan Seacrest: “I knew this was coming. I have taken a poll since Top 7 on who‚Äôs going to be eliminated next and the response for the past two weeks was ‚ÄúElise Testone‚Äú.”

    “I am a Jessica Sanchez supporter (isn‚Äôt that obvious already?!), and I think I‚Äôm a bit of an ageist I think. Elise Testone seem to be a bit too old for American Idol, don‚Äôt you think? I‚Äôm not saying that because I think she‚Äôs a great artist and has a great voice as well but AI is simply not for her. I mean, she‚Äôs 28-years old. I know that I shouldn‚Äôt be saying that but life sucks and it is what it is. I‚Äôve been eliminated from some things in my life because of my age ‚Äď it‚Äôs a fact of life.”

    “She‚Äôs done well to be on the Top 6 and I‚Äôm sure that somewhere, somehow, she‚Äôll get a record deal. She has already built a fan base and I‚Äôm sure those fans will carry her through.”

    “With Jessica Sanchez on the show, I think Filipinos and Mexicans all over the world have joined forces to vote for her. I, alone voted 250 times last Wednesday night. And I intend to vote each week until the finale. Of the 10 million more votes this week than last season (totalling 58 million votes), 250 of those is mine because I never cast a vote on American Idol.”

    Source: LATimes

  45. I have this feeling that jessica sanchez will be eliminated next week. Hopefully not!

  46. I predict Hollie will suddenly rise to the top next week. Especially the theme is British Invasion. I think I want to see her sing I Who Have Nothing.

  47. I hope Jessica will surprise us this week. Please, sing some big songs. Take us on a ride. ūüôā

  48. It’s Hollie’s time to go next, she’s way out of her league now… I’m so embarassed for her.

  49. what’s¬†the¬†difference¬†bet¬†british-themed¬†¬†and¬†british¬†songs?

    • British themed is songs made popular by British singers and bands. ¬†British songs would be songs about the British Isles i.e. God Save the Queen, Londonderry Aire, White Cliffs of Dover etc. ¬†This week’s theme will be songs by British artists.

  50. Well, Jessica Sanchez is the best of all. No shouting, no guitars and not racist,PERIOD.

      • ¬†JoeLand0208, Actually the shoe thing was brought up by Ryan several times as well as the judges and Jess herself. I think it’s funny and I’m not bashing her with it.

      • What’s wrong with having this ‘shoe thing”? It’s not like she has 3000 pairs like Imelda Marcos. so the comparison is unfair. And she’s short’ so it’s a probable reason for those heels. Hollie’s heels are just as high, but you never called her out for them. Ryan Seacrest mentioned her shoes a couple of times, but definitely not “several”.

  51. Why only Jessica Sanchez mostly attack in this site why?Is it because many are afraid to this little girl to advance up to the finals,maybe their bets does’nt have the vocal ability does Jessica had.Why not let the girl to pursue her dreams in singing.
    Sad to say to all of you Jessica haters,she’s very popular globaly now she was recognized the most visited site everywhere,poll ratings,entertainment news,fashion news etc.We are now in the internet world today,everybody knows what is happening in American Idol every week ¬†& who is the best to all the AI11……………Keep your mouth shut up leave this girl,just stop bullying her.

    • Clearly you are a fan of Jessica because it is very pristine how ALL of the 5 idols are being bashed here!!!!!!!

      • like there’s something wrong being a fan of hers huh? And it’s like you being a fan of another bashing her. FYI, I’m not a Jessica fan, but I have to admit she’s one to look at. I’m just being honest… sorry but for me it doesn’t mean bashing other contestants..¬†

      • Hmmm so Hollie is the frontrunner because the judges definitely want her to go…. HOLLIE FTW!!! ūüôā

    • Other people get bashed just as much.¬† Especially Phillip and Joshua (who happens to get bashed by people who praise Jessica for doing the same thing.)¬† Only difference is that most Jessica fans freak out and bash whoever criticizes her, and it turns into a big catastrophe because¬† most can’t handle anyone not liking her.

      • You’re wrong there Jessica Sanchez receives the most heavy crushing blows,assaults severly,
        harshly, accusatorially, and threateningly most of the time.Joshua & Phillip is ordinary to them because they guys,but for a girl it’s quite unethical and insults to all the girls like you mother ok?

    • Since you are retarded and still don’t get it….Here is the truth!!!
      We love Jess as much as you and think she has accomplished much for a 16 year old.¬† We think she has a great voice, however, her performances and choice of songs make her on the boring side for some of us who don’t like diva/ballads. There is no hating involved….until, the JessPushers open their mouths, promote her down our throats, and bash the other contestants as not being in the same league as Queen Jess…we hate the JessPushers…not Jess. ………………… KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT and lower the level of hate in the world.

  52. Great singers huh?
    Philip – Guitar
    Joshua – Shouting
    Hollie – Pitchy
    Skylar – Attitude problem
    Jessica – Voice (talent) GREAT performer.

    • Let me translate something into your mind.

      1. Phillip – Electrically Amazing
      2. Joshua – Mantasia soul
      3. Hollie – Sweet diva
      4. Skylar – Country’s sweetheart¬†
      5. Jessica – Musical Prowess / Feisty firecracker

      Tip: Don’t bash a lot.

      Have a great day! ūüôā

    • ¬†Don’t criticize Joshua for shouting if you’re going to say Jessica has a good voice.¬† She shouts just as much, and, unlike Joshua, has yet to prove she can sing a song nicely without doing so.¬† And she isn’t anywhere near as good of a performer as Joshua and Skylar.¬† If you like her, great good for you there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t be hypocritical about it.¬† She has issues and things she needs to work on, just like everybody else there.

    • For Jessica, Natasha’s These Words (i love you) is good,
      Include joss Stone’s Cry Baby Cry or Super Duper Love is nice too.

    • Fun is an American Indie band..perhaps you mean the top 10 hits in the UK not just all by UK artists..¬†

    • Oh please dear God, don’t let it be current British music.¬† Please¬†I pray for classic British Rock to¬†grace the stage of AI.¬† We never tire of listening to this greater than ever genre of music for a time when music really was music!!¬† Unlike so much of the crap out there today.

    • Skyler is one of the best performers in this…..she rocks it and can move on stage, plays guitar and writes songs….sounds like a performer to me

      • So you define a performer as the one who winces and strains and groans like he is about to turn into the incredible hulk or a werewolf or something?

      • Some of my favorite all time musical vocalist‚Äôs are what most of you would call screamers …. Janis Joplin, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler. As they had a way of bring out the emotion of a song. If you do not agree with me, I understand. As my Mom felt that all those performers I mentioned just screamed songs. Especially Janis Joplin. She hated listening to her to a passion. But, her idea of musical entertainment was Frank Sinatra. To each their own I guess.

      • Taymaro, you and James are too much! I heard Tina Turner, James Brown, Aretha Franklin etc… did the same thing…and these artists are legend. Maybe it’s not the type of music you guys listen to…. I heard you and James complaining over and over again, you’re so annoying!

        Nobody’s stopping you to listen to your own favorite music… but please don’t make any negative statements on other type of music as you’re offending/insulting other people…. All type of music have their own place and times… You will not insult your grandma if she sings an outdated song, would you? This is about respecting others as to what their choices are!! (Pls. don’t judge my English as i am not a local here(US))

      • By the way, the divas James was complaining about i believe, make millions and millions of profit…i don’t know about your favorite artists???? It’s preference okay?….If you wanna’ be a homo, you be a homo, it’s a preference…. is that difficult to understand, huuh!!!?

      • Robertomkat
        I am involved in the music industry as my business and I can assure you the last eight years have been a disaster for the industry. There are many reasons, not just one. But one of the biggest reasons that focus groups have recently pointed to is that the market is over-saturated with Diva music/Hip Hop/Rap.  Throwing more and more of the same on the pile is not helping the music industry, it is killing it. It has nothing to do with the past, it is about NOW.

      • To James” Your mind is fixed and i don’t really need to waste my time explaining further but this is just a short note. What i said was so simple and you took it negatively. What did i say wrong? I didn’t mean to put anyone down. You put words in my mouth. You’re insensitively critical!! fault finder!!! ¬†Being a homosexual is a right. ¬†I used this as an example because anyone is entitled to his/her own preference…life-style, fashion, food, art, education, type of dance and music… i understand your prostration where the music industry is going….but what can you do?? You can never stop the earth revolve around the sun. All i was saying, please respect other people for who they are ¬†and for what choices they make. ¬†I’ll tell you….You can never change people….only God.

  53. List of Best British Pop Musicians of the 2000
      Overall popularityRank Score Item1. 40 Amy Winehouse2. 38 Madonna3. 38 Depeche Mode4. 38 Franz Ferdinand5. 37 Robbie Williams6. 37 Arctic Monkeys7. 37 Manic Street Preachers8. 37 Kylie Minogue9. 35 Super Furry Animals10. 35 Coldplay11. 34 Primal Scream12. 34 Kaiser Chiefs

  54. all top 5 are excellent singers. anybody deserves to win…the best though may not always be the one to become season 11 american idol.

  55. Jessica:
    Duffy – Warwick Avenue / Mercy
    Will Young – Anything is Possible
    Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love / Forgive Me / I Will Be / I See You
    Alexandra Burke – The Silence
    Natasha Beddingfield – These Words / Unwritten
    Mutya Buena – Just a Little Bit

    Skylar :
    Dido – If I Rise / Thank You
    Lilly Allen – Smile
    Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven / My Father’s Eyes / Change the World

    Amy Winehouse – Back to Black /Stronger than Me / Love is a Losing Game
    Craig David – Walking Away
    George Michael – Faith
    The Script – The Man Can’t Be Moved

    Jessie J – Who You Are
    Adele – He Won’t Go / Don’t You Remember
    Elton John – Don’t Let the Sun Go Down
    Phil Collines – Against All Odds / You’ll Be in My Heart
    Ronan Keating – When You Say Nothing at All

    Robbie Williams РFeel /  Rock DJ / Millenium
    Oasis – Wonderwall / Don’t Look Back in Anger / Stop Crying Your Heart Out
    James Blunt – You’re Beautiful
    Coldplay – Yellow
    Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
    Mumford and Sons – The Cave

    • Some of these agree with my wishes..I really hope Jess or Hollie do ‘Unwritten”. Phillip would do great with Mumfor & Sons, but Little Lion Man is probably better known.
      But I really want Joshua to do Boy George-Karma Chameleon,¬† Church of the Poison Mind, or I’ll Tumble for You…And most important…in full Boy George Costume

      But no Phil collins pleeeezeee

      • what’s wrong with phil collins? he’s good…maybe Joshua and Jessica could sing SEPARATE LIVES??? LOL

        there should be no more adele, how many times the contestant used her songs…auditions, elimination, wild card, top 12…

  56. praying that JESSICA will pick up a song that can show again her talent and versatility,,,,, KEEP FIGHTING .. go go go goooooooooooo

  57. Anyone want to know what the three Jessica heads were about during her performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

    It seems that Skylar wasn’t the only one with a shine on their voice. The only one Steven mentioned was Skylar but I was hearing this at the time and it made her sound amazing. Do you think they could have been trying to make it look as if Skylar was somehow given an unfair advantage when in fact others were getting the same treatment? I do think that because I think they are systematically trying to discredit the other contestants and push Jessica to the front of the competition. That is my opinion only, I don’t have ¬†a shred of evidence except for what I was hearing and I decided to consult the one person who I thought would be able to discern whether this was what I was hearing.

    ¬†I thought about this because I have a nephew who has a recording studio in his house, complete with sound proof room and all for recording vocal tracks. I can say with a great deal of certainty that they did this on “Bohemian Rhapsody” but they also incorporated Jessica’s live voice in a very clever way.

    What my nephew does is record the same raw vocal three separate times and does something called “vocal stacking”. It can be done twice or three times or more if you prefer. You can also sing live ahead of a double stack or triple stack and have the same smoothing effect in the production if you off set the backing tracks by just a few milliseconds. What you do is play the raw instrumental track with no vocals on the performers head phones and mix the stacked vocals on the output only going to the audience. I knew there was something fishy when they put those three heads behind her on the screen and I could hear it but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then I realized that an offset stacking that was ¬†a few milliseconds off the live vocal was what I was hearing. Basically this has the same effect as back up singers but instead of the backing vocals being sang in perfect unison with the lead vocal it is just slightly and almost inaudibly ahead of or behind the lead vocal. It has a smoothing effect because it spreads the voice out just ever so slightly to give a more fluidity to the vocal. Yes, this can be done live without¬†lip-syncing.¬†

    My question is. Whether you believe this happened or not, do you think this should be allowed in competition of this nature where the main thing we are supposed to be judging is the singing? 

    I am not an expert and I don’t know if I have the complete understanding of this that a trained professional would have but if anyone else is educated or experienced in mixing and mastering sound tracks please feel free to correct anything I have stated incorrectly here.

      • You JessPushers talk about her being the best and that’s the truth all the time. Why do you get angry and call Taymaro a hater when all they are doing is exposing truth. You Go Taymaro!! Truth is important!!

    • TAYMARO .. the Jessica hater.

      You’ve been labelled. ¬†You have labelled yourself …. actually.

      Jessica Sanchez is a phenom. She has been delivering the goods for American Idol. She is pulling her weight where this show is concerned. She is doing her share where bolstering the show is concerned.

      My issue with you is that, instead of selling the qualities of your personal IDOL/CHOICE … you seem to be more of a destroyer. You deride Jessica Sanchez more than you PRAISE your personal choice for the American Idol crown

      You are the worst type of American Idol supporter. Your view is that if American Idol does not explicitly support your personal choice … then F–K American Idol.

      You S–K !

      American Idol is a great show !

      • Now there are horror touches added to the mystery and intrigue that is American Idol Season 11…way to go, friends!

      • Actually James, they’ve been pushing Phillip a lot more. They are always making some sort of comments about him being in the finals. They’ve always talked as if he started the show out as one that would be in the finals, and that the other contestants would have to prove worthy of catching him. That’s how the judges, And Jimmie at times, have made it sound the entire show, so actually James you are WRONG, they’ve pushed Phillip and Jess more than anybody else. Go back and watch all the shows and see what they say to Phillip, Josh and Jess, and you will see who they HAVE been pushing the whole time. So what Josh has gotten standing O’s, listen to what they have said to Jess and Phillip and you will see for yourself.

    • With the kind of post that you have there sir/ma’am…
      I could now honestly say that you are indeed obsessed with Jessica.
      You even have the time in the world to thought about that. And actually replicate it. This is so good.
      Taymaro is obsessed with Jessica, and yeah Lol

      • But nobody has answered my question. Should it be done in a so called singing competition? That was the question. If they are doing it with everyone then it’s not unfair for the contestants but IMO we should be judging the unaltered vocal ability of the performer. Not some contrived, computer enhanced production.¬†

        It’s a fair question.

      • To Taymaro, I think the 3 Jessica heads simulates the big band backup vocals/group chorus effect ¬† in the original Queen performance. Since Jessica was singing Bohemian Rhapsody solo (unlike the original) with no backup singers, ¬†probably they had to do this…nothing sinister , just for live sound broadcast aesthetics.¬†

        IMO¬†I see¬†nothing wrong there. It’s not as if she or the other contestants ¬†like Skylar are not singing live. If not done they could come up with a “dead sound” drowned-out by the ambient noise. Notice the echo and damping effect used in new karaoke systems, it gives us the illusion of ¬†singer wannabe’s (like me, he hah!) sound better. So chill..we do not want want to listen to the finalists sing like they did during auditions, right? There, no embellishments, no ¬†accompaniments to mask their “pure voices”. And we would know who has the best voice and only the voice.. That would be really boriiiiing! C’mon let us enjoy the coming AI shows

        In the meantime, I’m going to play around with my little mic / sound mixer and see if I can sound like a “diva”…which I doubt ‘coz I don’t ¬†really have Jessica’s or Joshua’s voice – minus the screech of course…sighhh

    • Your observations are intriguing alright and made me review all the performances over and over again. I am no sound mixer or mastering expert by any means. My experience was in speech interception & monitoring (and I am not telling you where, hahaha) but all I could detect was a
      very, very minimal¬†“acoustic ¬†reverb” effect in all the performances even when Ryan and the 3 judges speak.¬†

      I am not saying what you say is not possible because it is. But the danger there is that the stacked voice/s may lag  or be way ahead of the live voice  Рfor instance an extra vibrato here and and an extra run there,  a  missed note or broken phrasing could happen in live performances and it may not be easily  masked at the master control. Unless of course they shut off the output of the live mic but then it is already lip-syncing and cheating!  

      In the studio versions, this can be done easily that is why we have “techno-enhanced singers” in this very modern age. Us audience however get the short end of the stick when they cannot perform live as we expect. That is why I admire these AI finalists, all them can really sing – and sing live! Enhancers or no enhancers….

      But I like a little mystery and intrigue…kudos to your post!¬†

      • Thank you for your reply. I know that the 3 heads on the screen also appear in the Queen video of this song. But in that case it is the 3 other members of the band. I understand the possibility of the live vocal possible getting botched and causing an issue. That is a very risky thing to do but yet it is possible to pull it off.¬†

        But the fact that Steven Tyler made the comment he did to Skylar says that something was being done. And he wanted to give the impression that it was only Skylar for some reason. He didn’t mention it with any other contestant. ¬†Other sites have went so far as to deliberately misquote him to mask the implications. I know a lot of people are making money off of this particular reality show and a lot are reluctant to cast light on such a fact as to cause harm to their means of financial gain.

        I am not one of those making money off of it so therefore I am willing to call a spade a spade. And while I do think they are all talented in their natural voice I also think the competition should be won or lost by their natural talent and not by how well their voice fits with certain technical enhancements. There is time to “put a shine” on things later on. Even then some people are going to be turned off when the recordings come out and the performer doesn’t sound the same as they did live.

        Maybe that is the reason I have always thought that the sound quality on shows like this slowly improves over the course of the competition. By the end of the series we are not hearing their natural voice anymore although we think we are. So then the studio recordings are not so strikingly different from the last couple of weeks we heard them sing live. 

        I still think that we should be basing our votes and spending our time and our money according to the natural talent from beginning to end however slight the enhancements might be.

    • yup…this guy is really obsessed with jessica…its like hate bordering on love….: )))

    • I don’t think she sounded anywhere near good enough for me to think it was manipulated, though I have no knowledge of stacking at all to know what things sound like when it’s done.¬† Not sure what I think, but I enjoy your theory.¬† Could be possible.

    • Your raising of these technical issues are very interesting. Others not so interested in technical details won’t understand why it is interesting. Very good ear to catch this!

      • I know they don’t want people to say, ” Ah it’s rigged” or “Ooooh, somethings fishy there.” They just want to enjoy the program and live in their little fantasy world and sit back and relax put their mind on pause for 2 hours a week on Wednesday night and pretend that everything is rainbows and butterflies and little blue sparrows are flying around their head and singing away. To suggest there is anything wrong just ruins it for some people.¬†

        When reality programming was born don’t you think the producers knew that it would be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism? That is part of the fun for some people. Some like to try and see if they can find proof it’s not real. Be smarter than the producers in other words. It’s one more sector of the viewing public and adds to the ratings.

        I am not that person though. I don’t try and be smarter than them. What bugs me is that people get hurt because they are unsuspecting. Some people trust too easily and they leave themselves wide open to the viciousness of others.¬†

        No one person should excel in someone else’s destruction. All who end up on these live shows should gain something from it, grow from it, learn from it, enjoy it. We all understand it’s a competition but if they make the rules they should learn to live by them. Not keep trying to sway the vote in the favor of a certain contestant to the detriment of another. If it’s based on votes then the one with the most votes should win and they shouldn’t be interfering and trying to manipulate things like this. And they definitely shouldn’t be enhancing anyone’s voice or using any electronic tricks to cover up someone’s flaws. That is cheating my friend and places into question the integrity of the whole competition.¬†

      • There you go! It’s James. For sure you’re not a fan of any. You keep on bashing anyone’s favorites… as if you’re too clever & accurate with your comments… Just starting to hate this site because of these people who constantly bashing one another like they’re perfect!

  58. So with the Top 5, my favorite is Joshua to win. I would love it if it were a Joshua/Phillip finale… Phillip reminds me of a Bruce Springsteen, circa Born In The USA era, and Joshua has always reminded me of Sam Cooke/R Kelley. As for british songs??? Are they finally running out of theme ideas? hrmph… Joshua would do well with something from Annie Lennox. (Think outside the box)… and as for Skylar all I can say is good luck. Cant recall any british country singers lol…

    • love that song and I’m almost 100% sure she can nail that effortless and really show to the world what she is really capable of… But on the other hand Hollie can do the same just depending on her nerves and how bad she wants to go further

    • I’m not too sure of that… Total Eclipse is better sung by someone with a sort of husky voice, maybe like Elise but not Jessica, though I’m sure Jessica can nail that song… it would be wiser if she sings something more well-suited for her voice.. like Leona Lewis.. ūüôā

  59. OK guys.. This JUST it.. 
    ¬†International R&B artist and record producer Akon is ready to offer a record deal to Filipina-Mexican-American Jessica Sanchez should her stint on “American Idol” ends before the final showdown. Would you believe it??

    • YUp !!! The guy is smart and he’s been around. Jessica is ALREADY a star. People are selling SKIRTS similar to what she wore when she sang ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in the last episode.

      The BROWN diva has arrived.

      I really want her to win. But win or lose, Jessica, as Akon has said .. will become a legend.

      • To bad she won’t sell any albums…the Diva market is just about dead and some…just keep killing it with more over-saturation


  61. Jessica and Joshua … this season’s best.

    I want Jessica BUT … holy cow Joshua is so good that choosing between the two is torture. The rest? Phillip would be a close third because he is UNIQUE and he is a DEFINITE good guy in my book. If my filipino son turns out like Phillip … I’d be happy.¬†

    Skylar? Too country … I’m sorry but I just don’t dig country. She is undeniably GREAT but …. ¬†. Sorry Skylar … it’s not in my upbringing.

    I admit I’m Filipino. And PROUD (and humble at the same time … if you can understand that)!

    But holy cow guys (addressed to those who can vote and therefore who really matters) … Jessica can make you cry. She delights you with her virtuosity … and finally, isn’t America all about WHAT IS … rather than what is not? Didn’t amercia fight a CIVIL war for the greatest cause there is? Did not America free the slaves?

    Can America see … that she is one of the TWO best.

    Joshua … Jessica.

    May the best win !!!!!


    • “holy cow Joshua”
      ¬†There’s a lot of People in India that is going to take great offense to that and the will likely spit in your curry or give you really bad customer service

    • Are you mentally impaired? ¬†Why are you dragging politics and ideology into a TV reality show? ¬†Where is your sense of proportion? ¬†You love Jessica. ¬†Fine. ¬†We get that. ¬†A lot of us do not like Jessica and will not vote for her because you are trying to make it into a Spielberg movie. ¬† She will do well in markets outside the U.S. regardless of where she finishes on Idol. ¬†She will never be a star in America. ¬†Period.

      • Talent dictates stardom.

        Politics? Religion? Read all the posts and understand where I am coming from. Religion and politics has got nothing to do with American Idol. Methinks you didn’t really take the time to understand my POSTS. Due diligence my friend !

        You’re post tells me that you got everthing in REVERSE.

      • I think she will be a total star in America. I love the diversity of the final contestants. It’s awesome and all genres are in need of amazing new artists. I think Jessica, Joshua, Phillip, Elise, are very special voices. Skylar is great, but there is so much good country out there already, she’ll be another one for sure. Colton will be great in contempory Christian, and the rest, good for them for making it to the show.

    • ” I admit I’m Filipino. And PROUD (and humble at the same time … if you can understand that)!”

      And you can add…”Seriously Disturbed”

    • I agree with you assessment of all the final contestants. You nailed it. Jessica is the new Whitney Houston. Beautiful. I still love the gravely (if that’s a word) voice of Phillip, he’s my favorite, but certainly not the best singer. I sure hope Jessica or Joshua wins. Either way, I believe those 3¬† will have an amazing career. My husband is for Joshua and my Dad is for Jessica. The best doesn’t always win, but they always end up with the best career after the show. God bless them all.

  62. Jessica Sanchez – Total Eclipse of the Heart
    Skylar –¬†The Long & Winding Road
    Hollie – To Sir With Love
    Philip – Every Breath You Take
    Josh – If You Don’t Know Me By Now

    • Josh already sang “if¬†
      If You Don’t Know Me By Now’ remember? and he got the big ‘OOO’ for that, too…

  63. Brtish week

    Skylar – Amy McDonald + Mr Rock and Roll
    Jessica – Leona Lewis + Better in time
    Philip  РMunford and sons + The Cave
    Hollie – Natasha Bendfield + Strip me
    Joshua – Ollu Murs + Dance with me tonight

  64. I thnk Jessica peaked too early…same as Adam Lambert.
    Philip or Joshua should be in finale.
    Wish it was Hollie..really like her voice when she’s “on”.
    I like Skylar’s energy..not really into country, but enjoyed her singing.

  65. I hated to see Elise leave…. So I’m hoping Phillips will make the finally.¬† JLO is right about him he is so sexy when he sings.¬† I was all for him and Elise.¬† Now I just want to see him and Skylar make it,¬† the talent is amazing.¬† They both have the whole package to be the American Idol this season.¬† Big Fan of the both of you.¬† Good Luck!!!!

  66. Hey guys,wait fot my new survey comment of the top 5,comes from social networks,news,and from american idol fans….be,ready jijiji

  67. Joshua — He singing Boy George??? in costume??? C’mon, that would probably mark his downfall..he needs to sing Amy Winehouse’s Love is a Losing Game, he could put a spin to it making it a bit gospel.

    Jessica — she might sound duffy in warwick avenue, if she sings that it would be like stuttering all over again, epic!!! but she could also do natasha’s these words or leona’s I see you from the movie Avatar.

    Hollie — i could hear in my mind her singing against all odds, hope she could pull it off…it would be her shining moment with the high vocals…it would like mariah meet cristina. LOL

    Skylar — needs to sing Dido’s Thank You. she could make that a country hit…she is like Phillips, she could make a song (any song) a hit country music.¬†

    Phillips — it would be fun to hear him sing Robbie Williams’ Rock he did with that Usher song, Jlo would probably drool again in delight Skylar, he could make a song (any song) a hit fitting his alternative blues style.

  68. The weather in this site is hotter than outside…am going to take a break with my chilled mango juice with a scoop of ice cream your hearts out…

  69. ¬†After the nationwide votes…

    random order top 5

    JESSICA SANCHEZ-16,she really has what it takes,if America’s bottomline will still the race she can’t win the title,but,if America will try a different flavor of an icon/star then she is THE ONE….

    JOSHUA LEDET-19,powerful voice he has,he is “BI” like adam,jacob,clay,but they didn’t win the title,but they are amazing talented people,,,he needs to balance when to shout and not…

    PHILIP PHILIPS-20,adorable,has “it” factor but for the past season we have a winners with a man with a guitar,hmmm,same dessert?turn out a beast hearthrob on the stage ,some likes it,some are not…

    SKYLAR LAINE-18,country musics feels you at home,with her performance?so redundant so last year,she needs to experiment her songs,or else people will compare her from other country singers.

    HOLLIE CAVANAGH-18, cute she is,like a hollywood actress,she has a problem on the stage ,off key with her songs,pitchy,needs more effort,she should beat the stage,or else she’ll be on the bottom…

  70. why there is no TOP 5 picture at the site (the picture the non eliminated takes after the result show)?

  71. Get Hollie and Jessica out.. I thought you had to be a good singer to be on the show. Skylar and

  72. I like Holly for the win. She has a beautiful, mature voice. Second place will be Jessica, then, Joshua in third place. Skylar takes fourth and Philip #5. That is the way I see it. Good luck to all!


  74. how many AI winner because of¬†their¬†good-looks¬†win this competition its almost 5yrs¬†¬†now… be responsible america this a singing competition…¬†

  75. Hi Jessica. i luv your voice , I just would like to recommend that you engage the audiance more and show emotion and that you understand your lyrics. You need to be more engaging so that people does not think you have a chip on your shoulder. i saw that Kim and Akon are your fans

  76. This is actually in reply to robertomkat. Wow, I’m accused of alcohol and drugs, neither of which I partake in. I do like Jessica, she is amazing, but, perhaps, being ADHD I need something different. I think all of them have a great musical future ahead of them. My husband’s favorite is Joshua and Jessica, my Dad can’t stand PP and love Jessica, but, because I’m entitled to my own opinion (and am not dissing you on yours) MY favs are PP and Joshua. There isn’t a bad singer left. Phillip can be boring to you if that’s how you hear him. Cool. But I wouldn’t personally attack you for your opinion and accuse you of drugs, alcohol or hearing problems. Obviously very passionate about your opinion, but so am I, without comdemning you. I thought reading these opinions was fun and interesting, but people are mean. So I’ll have these debates with my home because we all can agree to disagree without cutting each other down personally.

  77. Recently, Akon said in an interview that Jessica¬† is the best in American Idol 2012 and that she’s overqualified for the songfest. He wants Jessica to be voted off to sign her¬† in his record company.¬†

    Just to remind everyone that American Idol is not about physical prowess and looks.¬† Never vote for someone who is just pleasant to the eyes but someone who¬† makes you feel good inside when he/she sings.¬† Its about singing, voice quality and performance.¬† Jessica has it.¬† Some comments said they like Philips, Skylar and others.¬† AI is not about whom you like but who should be liked by viewers because they have the potential and delivers the good.¬†¬† Vote for somebody who will help the music industry grows and and not somebody who will be a star right after winning the AI but will be thrown into oblivion later.¬† Vote for talent. ¬† AI should educate viewers how to spot and judge talent based on Steven, Randy and Jennifer’s judgment.¬† America is great.¬† Show it through your fair and right judgment.¬†

    ED CRUZ  

    • Ed Cruz……..I could not have said it better.¬† Bravo for this comment.

  78. Talking about Jessica’s personality, she has tremendous respect for music. Always gives justice to them or not sing at all. A perfectionist on stage, everything’s effortless mistaken as arrogance or emotionless. Fearless reflected in her song choices. Everything else comes with really knowing her and with age.

    • Joshua is amazing, just wish he’d hone in on the yelling part because I’d love a new, current Sam Cooke/Aaron Neville type of music that we’ve been missing. I have old CD’s of these artists, but it would be so cool to have a new artist in this genre.

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