American Idol 2013: Amber Holcomb’s Best Moments

Amber Holcomb on American Idol 2013

American Idol 2013 producer’s and judges’ plan to push Amber Holcomb to the top of the Season 12 heap fell through Thursday night when the 21-year-old 18-year-old from Houston, Texas, was sent home, just missing a spot in the Top 3.

Amber was definitely the underdog the entire season as far as votes go. She even escaped the bottom three two or three¬†times. So she had some pretty strong performances to help keep her in the game head of six others. Let’s take a look back at some of her best moments.

Amber Holcomb Performs ‘My Funny Valentine’ during the Sudden Death Round

Amber’s first time performing “My Funny Valentine” really put her on the map this season. The judges and fans loved it. She tried it again this week, but it didn’t have the same impact, clearly, as she was sent home this time around.

Amber Holcomb sings “I Believe In You And Me” during semi-finals

It wasn’t my favorite performance of Amber’s (that’s still to come) but it was one of her more popular moments on American Idol 2013.

Amber Holcomb performs “The Power of Love” during Top 4 Week

My favorite Amber performance was last week when she took on Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love.” I kept thinking Amber should sing Celine since she’s a fan and when she did you could tell it was song she loves and is connected to.

What were your favorite Amber Holcomb’s performances?




  1. amber has the best vocals of all these girls, maybe not the best performer or artist, but by far the best vocals. You can tell this show is rigged. Oh well, won’t be watching this the rest of this season…………………..

  2. I have never felt so bad far the robbery of Amber Holcomb. I feel asleep on voting night voting for. Hold your head up high you represented well. Listen to the judges, And the next time you step in front of a crowd own it, That’s the only difference between you and all the others.

  3. It is Final Four, guys! Any of these girls could’ve been eliminated. These are four great girls. Amber didn’t get the votes so you need to respect it.

  4. Amber is very talented!! That girl has already been picked up by somebody who knows talent!! Her vocals are perfection!!! This is not the last we will see of Amber!!!

  5. The real question is who will be the next one picked apart and put down by voters in order to get their favorite voted into the finals? And, what will be used to do it? Will it be Angie’s need for the piano, Kree’s lack of emotion, or Candice’s volume, because Amber’s critics will now switch to someone else. For me, Candice has the best voice of the three. She has also shown she’s coachable because she did listen to Harry’s comments and improved her performance. Good luck, Amber. I enjoyed many of your performances. Your last song said it best “… now I’m free” (from all the criticism, stress, and Idol tension). You’ve already won. Enjoy the summer tour and start thinking about the record deal that I’m sure will be coming your way.

  6. No longer matters. Amber will be a huge star for years to come and be far more successful overall than the others. Candice is already made and will dominate her niche in the music business. Angie will appeal for a limited time and make a decent living. Kree will just become another C&W diva appealing to those kind of people who have a limited understanding of music. Good voice, but not in the same league as Candice and Amber.

  7. Sorry to see Amber go. I preferred her vocals and singing voice over Angies’. but I suppose the songs Angie sang were more up-to-date with what’s hep today.for a lot of listeners. I think Amber will be just fine and be one to watch for in the future.

  8. Amber get out there and record , Your already a winner, My Funny Valentine took my breath away OMG it doesn’t get better than this, I know you are sad but God has a plan, take your time enjoy the American Idol tour they will all see what an OUTSTANDING Artist you are take it all in learn all you can it will help you be a better performer God Bless You Amber.

  9. I have played back Amber’s videos and I haven’t realized until now that her voice is amazing! Even better than Angie’s. Well, she’s out now but I’m confident that her talent and charisma will help her career to grow

  10. No sorry folks .. that was not for me .. have always really enjoyed Amber but she really did not ‘”get’ that song ..

  11. I don’t understand how America could put Amber in the bottom too. To be honest Angie should have been in a bottle, what a shame.
    Amber keep your head up, you are a great singer.
    Amber, thank you for coming on American Idol, I’m a great fan of yours. GOD Bless, you are already a winner.

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