American Idol 2013 Top 3: Who Has What It Takes To Win Now?

Idol 2013 Top 3

After two weeks of American Idol 2013 Top 4, we’ve got our Top 3. Angie Miller, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison will he heading home for the Top 3 homecomings next week and will be singing for those two spots in the season finale.

So like every other week this season, it’s time to take a look at who has what it takes to win American Idol 2013 now. And it’s no longer as easy as it once was. I’m starting to think the votes are so close this season, anything can happen. And as always, these are not my personal opinions, but my predictions on how I think the rest of the season could play out based on the current state of the competition.

American Idol 2013 Top 3 Assessment 

1. Angie Miller. I think I’m back to thinking America is going to pick Angie. As I said above, anything can happen and I think song choice is more important than ever. And I mean ever. I think Angie’s fanbase is the biggest. She has around 60,000 more Twitter followers than the other two. And while Twitter doesn’t decide who gets votes, that difference is huge. It means she has more fans, simple as that. But do those fans vote? Not sure. Final Placement Prediction: American Idol 2013 winner

2. Kree Harrison. Kree has the least amount of Twitter fans than Angie and Candice, but her fan base is likely the older, country, and rural groups that don’t exactly dominate Twitter. And they vote. Country music fans love Idol and they love to vote for country singers. So even though I think Candice should definitely be ahead of Kree, I don’t see it happening. Maybe I’m wrong. Final Placement Prediction: Runner-up

3. Candice Glover. I think Candice is the best singer of the three, but since Idol is and always has been a popularity contest, she will likely finish in third place. I don’t want that to happen, but that’s where I see it. UNLESS she has a flawless show next week and picks familiar songs that audiences respond to. Oh, and it might help if her homecoming is more emotional than the other two. Ha. Final Placement Prediction: 3rd place

And since readers can be very cruel and accusatory (not to mention confused), I decided to reveal how I’d rank the girls. I’m also going on the record as saying that I write my blogs the way the majority of bloggers do: I mix news, features and recaps with my opinion. This isn’t CNN, it’s a blog. So that’s why it’s OK for me to say who I think should win even though I usually don’t try to point it out. There doesn’t have to be an unbias here. I’m not a news reporter. I’ve been trained in news reporting, but that’s not what this is. OK, enough explaining. On to my opinion.

How I’d rank the final three:

  • American Idol Winner: Candice Glover
  • Runner-up: Kree Harrison
  • 3rd place: Angie Miller

What do you think will happen and what do you want to happen?  They can be two different things, you know. Just like mine.




  1. I still believe that Candice can still win it. She has to. She’s very talented and creative. She just needs to keep this streak of amazing performances. Go Candice!

  2. Totally agree with the blog stuff, blog allows you to express your personal opinion, it’s much more interesting than news, because all the news website just repeat the same information that you already know. That’s why I’m following Americanidolnet because it’s information but also analyses !!!!! Keep on writing this way.
    C. a french blogger lover

  3. i am hoping for a Candice-Kree finale showdown but with the way the show has been since season after season 3 with the exception of Jordin Sparks winning, i doubt there will ever be an african american to win it again. or even be in the finale. its not me playing the race game but just looking at how the show has played out.

    • WHAT! You are playing the race card, period. You had 2 african american’s and two whites in the final 4. Can’t be any fairer than that.

      Angie is by far the best entertainer, hands down. Along with her beauty, song writing and vocals she will win, period.

      By the way, Candice and Kree have great vocals also. Kree is like a statue on stage (very boring). She has very little personality. Candice has a strong voice and the same comments I made about Kree stand with Candice.

      It takes more than a stellar voice to sell records. Look to today. Half of the top singers have an average voice but put on “BIG” performances. There is one judge that meets this criteria and it’s not MC.

      Candice’s voice IS NOT superior to Angie’s. It’s a different style altogether and i’d say they are on par with each other. The same for Kree.

      Get my point!

    • Sick & tired of how people always seem to bring up Race card when something doesn’t go their way. You don’t need facts you just make unfounded statements. By the way, it is also racist to vote for someone BECAUSE they are Black. Race has nothing to do with talent. But I’ll bet you feel very ‘self-righteous’ & ‘superior’ when you wrote this crud.

  4. I do agree that Candice’s voice is superior than the two. But this is Idol. This means that talent plus personality plus character count. If you only look at the voice of the contestant than Candice shld be in The Voice not Idol. As far as personality and talent are concerned, Angie has both. She has a pleasing personality, she’s good at the piano, she is good at songwritng. Angie has intrinsic value. And she has a very strong FB fanbase (around 80,000) all over the world. If voting is open to not only Americans, Angie wld win Idol hands down.

    • There are also Idol contests all over the world. One year there was a contest between winners of Idol. Kelly Clarkson came in second. I don’t remember who won. I don’t know if that is done every year. I only saw it covered on TV one time, but it made me realize that American Idol was not the only one.

  5. it’s a crapshoot at this point. any one of the three could take it. song choice and, more importantly, interpretation and performance should determine the winner. if it doesn’t turn into the inevitable popularity contest. and to those who badmouth branden and matt, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. why is it necessary to get nasty??

  6. Candice has been my pick since tryouts! I really hope she wins, but I wouldn’t be surprised by a different outcome.

  7. Candice will not win because she is fat.
    Angie will win because she is slim and gorgous.
    Kree is inbetween.
    Note; all have fabulous voices with Candice leading the way!

    • That is an absolutely disgusting comment to make. What difference does it make if she is overweight? What matters is that she sings like an angel and seems like a genuinely nice person. To say someone should win because they are slim is completely biased. No one said that Ruben Studdard shouldn’t win because he was overweight so it was okay for a man but it’s not okay for a woman? I totally agree with you TigerAmbition TA when you said Champion is a moron and a fool.

      • You’re living in a bubble. No one said its right, however it is the world we live in. Fat men aren’t fat, fat women are fat. When Margaret cho lost her show because she couldn’t keep the weight off, they replaced her with drew Carey, a FAT white guy. Don’t be sensitive be honest. I’m New York fat and I know that.

    • I think weight has little to do with most people’s voting. Many may disagree but when you’re listening to music on your ipod you don’t have to look at the person. Are u saying that you personally would like a singer better but not vote for them because they’re fat?

      • I totally agree with you three above, I voted for Candice. I just made the above remark to see what response I’d get. I also voted for Melanie Amaro (who was also overweight) on the X Factor and won it. Then LA Reid sent her to a fat farm to loose weight instead of fully concentrating on her vocal recordings! So there is a disadvantage in the music market place to be heavy Vs. Slim.

    • hey, angie is gonna win cuz she’s the best.
      and has the best voice! dont hate hater

    • You remember Jennifer Hudson? She was chubby, and look at her now, she looks amazing and has a beautiful voice. She is a star and not win AI! The point is: The physical is fixable, the talent is born with it.

  8. Candice is the best singer. Doesn’t matter, though. Angie is better looking. Unfortunately that seems to matter more. I think she ruthless & cutthroat. She’s the only 1 who wasn’t teary eyed when amber lost.

    • Wow! you have never met someone but can tell they are “ruthless & cutthroat”, very ‘intelligent’ statement. If you don’t care for someones music style or voice fine, but personal attacks show a lack of class.

    • If Angie wins, i like her but Kree’s my favourite, it will be because people see her potential. I truly believe when she sang that song she wrote herself on Hollywood week she made a lot of fans and they’re not leaving her anytime soon. That song was amazing!

      • Or would it be a one-hit wonder? A lot of those fans were already established before she auditioned for Idol. See L. A. Logan’s comments on Twitter and Facebook Numbers last week that compared the top four.


    • Also, reading can be a great asset. They said that they “wanted” Candice to win, but that they predicted she would be in third place. Remember, reading is important. It can make you look intelligent. If you don’t read something and then comment about it it can make you look like an idiot.

      • Just for clarification: I read and understood perfectly wht was being said,,,,my Q is why would he predict that in the first place? pls don’t be dumb like Champion,,,, Wht kinda wahala be dis? make na go go comot, ashawo na be so,,,pls let me b

      • He is trying to be accurate with his predictions. I think that is quite evident. Also, how am I the one being dumb? Oh, and don’t be a hypocrite. You were just being disrespectful to the writer(that’s not letting them be). FYI, I’m only 14. This is kinda sad.

  10. Angie and Candice are great and i think that Kree should go home. Angie and Candice are out doing Kree. Kree doesn’t have a chance.

  11. I cannot for the life of me understand the hype over Candice. Brilliant voice? Absolutely. But I can’t STAND the way she turns everything into a jazz song. So dull. She’s got very little stage presence and charisma. And Lovesong was definitely not one of the best performances on the show. I much prefer Angie’s beautiful, clear voice over Candice’s jazzy voice. And Angie’s stage presence and performance skills are phenomenal. I think Angie should and will win, Candice will be runner up, Kree third.

      • Kree is boring full stop,maybe your the one that need your ears checked.

      • You cant say someone is deaf.
        we are have opinions. learn RESPECT!
        i think angie is the best.

    • here here 🙂 i could not agree more,you got it spot on,I think Angie will win it hand down if she does the full version of her original song for the final hopefully they wont be restricted to choose from a selected list 🙂

    • This sums it up beautifully. Yes, Candice can sing, but it is all in that jazzy/r&b mode. Btw, the excessive use of runs does not make the song better – honestly. Angie’s voice is so much more pure than the other two. I find her much more enjoyable to listen to. And it doesn’t hurt that she is easy on the eyes… Yep, it seems like she is the total package.

  12. The problem with people is that they keep on looking on the person’s physicality. This is a singing competition, not a beauty pageant. Yes, Angie is gorgeous and all that, but she never comes close to what Candice can do. Candice must win. She’s the best out of this whole competition. And if she wins, she can work her physical aspects so that she can be marketable. I mean, c’mon! She’s beautiful as well, she’s just a little fat!

  13. KREE’s performance is simple, truth and most of all relatable.. she knows her music,, i can’t wait to buy her albums..,, as what judges keep saying, she will be country superstar,,,!!! #crossfinger

  14. Candice is a wonderful singer. She seems to be a truly nice person. I hope she does win because she definitely has the best voice. The voting system is very screwed up. It needs to be changed. With that said, I think that this is more of a personality contest. I have listened to Angie many, many times, and she may have a lot of other talents, but she is definitely not the best singer in this competition. I feel that most people like her looks and see her as a rock singer. She has a pretty smile and all the guys probably identify more with her than with Candice or Kree. Candice is definitely “in it to win it” as Randy says. Looks aren’t everything. They last for only so long. It’s the voice that makes the difference. Good luck to all three next week. May the best singer win it all!

  15. Oh let’s be honest. Angie will win this because Americans always vote for the one you would most likely want to see half naked. She will go down the Miley path and then America will turn on her, alls right with the world. The other two girls are way too ethnic to swallow, like Indian food. They are both heavier and neither one plays an instrument which we all know have led to such chart toppers written by Britney, Christina, and Beyonce. They all play something, right?

  16. MY Fav is Angie.
    and i dont think its fair for you to pick favs.
    you’ve obviously liked candice and burnelll taylor from the start.
    and you always slam angie. it doesnt matter what they sing you always love candice. candice needs to go./

  17. Angie has the best attitude.

    when the judges slam her she dont cry.

    or pout or get mad. she smiles.

    and continues.

    now kree and candice look so angry when they get slammed.


  18. Read the blog .read the comment and
    all i can say is
    candice glover is in it to win it FOR SURE
    Look the way she performed in past few weeks
    was it angie to give a stellar performance in idol history till now?
    was it kree to show diferent side of her with each performance week after week?
    it was candice again check out “ROCK WEEK”
    and watsup with this the way she look how she perform
    in the end ita a singing competition
    not any modelling thing
    she looks eyen more charming when she open her mouth to sing
    we want a singer who can sing and connect
    she is next american idol by far
    as she deserves is
    she is a pro
    who will make histroy in amerocan music
    like aretha franklin
    god bless you candice
    you’re already a winner

    • You are messed up in the head. Your second comment made no sense whatsoever. I give all of my votes to Angie. It’s not because she looks great, but it is because she has a unique voice, she writes her songs, and she plays piano. Ipin overall talent, Angie has the most talent. In terms of singing, Candice has the best voice. Kree is tagging along.

      • I am not sure if Angie can hold a candle over the other two finalists, i.e. Candice and Kree, during the Standards portion of performances. and the already eliminated Amber’s “MFV” probably won the night or on even keel with Candice’s “YC”. Her version of “Diamond” was also going nowhere. We are not waiting for her to unleash the second performance of her so-far-a-one-hit-wonder “You Set Me Free”. It could as well be a dud because when you start bringing “G O D” in a singing/performance competition, you either can get thousands or millions of praises or an equal number of indifference. We are not at church or other places of worship, you know.

      • Who said anything about bringing God into this? Or even wanting her to perform “You Set Me Free” again? I was stating that in overall talent, Angie has the talent.

      • I never brought up God in my comment, you know. I was also saying that I would vote for her because of the reasons I listed. I never said that she would win.

  19. Angie you should win idol I am like your biggest fan.
    I am so happy that you made it this far. You never give up. You were a inspiration to me since I started to watch this season of idol.
    You go girl

  20. They have great voices, but at the end of every show the only performance that I can remember is Angie. I even go back to watch it again. Take note she is not my first choice. I like Kree from the start, but as the finale is just around the corner Angie will be the winner.

  21. Angie is the most entertaining – period. Yeah, the other two are good singers, but I am always going to remember an Angie performance. She is fresh and unique and Candice and Kree are just the same old tired performances we have seen countless times before.

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