American Idol 2013: Angie Miller’s Best Moments

Angie Miller on American Idol 2013

American Idol 2013 was rocked by a shocking elimination Thursday night as Angie Miller was sent out in 3rd place. A lot of people saw Angie as the front-runner to become the first female American Idol since season seven’s Jordin Sparks. The winner might not be Angie, but America can’t go wrong with either Kree or Candice.

So now that Angie’s gone, we look back at her best moments in our own Angie Miller tribute.

Angie Miller Sings “Set Me Free” During Hollywood Week

When Angie took the risk and pulled out her original song “Set Me Free,” she became the clear front-runner. At that moment myself and many others had her going ALL the way. It was her standout moment and maybe the fact that she never really topped that moment is why happened this week? Who knows.

Angie Miller Performs “I Surrender” During Top 10 Week

This is probably Angie’s best performance not behind the piano. It’s performed beautifully and while she missed a shot at some real emotion here, the vocals were spot on.

Angie Miller Sings “Bring Me To Life” During Top 7 Week

“Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence is probably Angie’s most entertaining performance. It starts off slow and at the piano, then when the song breaks it down, so does she. She gets up and throws in a nice edgy vocal.




  1. Angie was a good competitor, but, I think the voters got it right with Kree and Candice as the Top 2. Angie will be able to further her career after Idol. Personally, I feel like she should consider the Christian music genre…she has such a “good girl” image and her uplifting style of singing will fit into the genre well. Of course, she can do well in the contemporary Pop industry as well. Good Luck!

  2. America got it right. First time in a while that we will see two powerful singers and not singer and entertainer. Angie will do well too in her future

  3. get your horse teeth fixed girl…just all teeth mmm Angie’s mom should have fixed them first

  4. I think her best moment was when she sang her original song. While her stage presence improved as the season progressed I still think she peaked that week. Oh and that best moment was a great moment so she should be proud.

  5. I cannot see Kree at all. She has poor pitch. I feel as if the voting was fixed. Candace is by far the best singer but kree is not even close to Reba or Martina. I’m sorry, I’ve worked with some great singers in my 30 years but kree is just a county fair singer to me.

  6. well too bad she never sang her original full version song last night it would have got her through for sure,Kree is not that good to be in the top 2 for sure so with out a doubt now it will be Candace number 1

  7. Her best complete performance sans even the piano is without a doubt “Cry Me A River”.

  8. I know Angie should have win AI. For one she had the most fan base. The best singer. They should take a recount. This is why. On the Voice they had to take a recount because things get messed up. Something about the texting. And this could be very true with AI, Who knows what goes on behond close doors. I think some one wants Angie and made a deal with AI to get her.

  9. I heard all of Angie’s Top 10 songs and they were all perfect. She never missed a note; never sang off key–not even once! Compare that to Kree and Candice. Each of them always missed 2, 3 or 4 notes each and EVERY song. The best singer of the amazing girls was Angie Miller, who is also a songwriter and a musician.

  10. Even though Angie (Angela) didn’t get any votes from me, I predict she will become a superstar in the Christian Music Market. She needed this hard knock. The other two had all their life hard knocks. The shacks they showed of kree’s and Candice’s remind me (sort of) June Carter’s and her sisters-that had no plumbing with an outback John.

  11. BULL!!!! Eliminating Angie was disgraceful AND fraudulent.

    The manipulation is so obvious!

    As I have said before, I have ABSOLUTELY no confidence in the process. It is manipulated to have the results that they want. The last 2 seasons when the title was STOLEN from
    James and Jessica, both of whom were clearly better than the winners, should serve as proof.

    So now for the 3rd time in 3 years, the best had the title stolen.
    Understand that this not meant to demean Candice or Kree, both of whom are fabulous, but Angie was clearly a cut above.

    • Thank You!
      You have taken the words right out of my mouth!
      I Agree 100 %. I have felt the same as you, the last three seasons.
      America knows that Candace should/will win it all however, I could care less at this point if Kree wins it all.

  12. 1. You Set Me Free

    2. Try

    3. Who You Are

    4. Bring Me To Life

    5. Never Gone

    6. Nobody’s Perfect

    7. Halo

    8. Yesterday

    9. Love Came Down

    10. I Surrender

    • Funny, the only time she won the night was the night she sang “Cry Me A River”, the rest either went to Kree, Candice, Amber or Curtis.

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