SHOCKING American Idol 2013 Top 2 Revealed

American Idol Top 2 results

Breaking News! Randy Jackson has quit American Idol – details here!

Double Breaking! Now Mariah Carey has been fired too??

I am shocked. SHOCKED, I tell you! I don’t think anyone saw this coming after poll after poll put Angie Miller well ahead of Kree Harrison. But like we’ve seen before, surprising results can come in at any time and this season it was at the Top 3 elimination mark.

Angie Miller was voted off American Idol 2013 tonight when Kree Harrison and Candice Glover moved on to next week’s finale. They are your Top 2 for Season 12.

Can we just go ahead and give Candice the crown now or should we wait a week?

What do you think of tonight’s elimination results? Did the right finalist get kicked off American Idol or should the finale feature a different pair of singers?

Let’s hear your thoughts on this big surprise outcome!




  1. The producers have manipulated and influenced the voting more than ever this year and it was horribly apparent this week. Keith said last night if you don’t vote for Candice you should call a doctor and Jimmy said if Candice goes home he will leave too. The judges went wild over Candice’s last song last night, but it had 3 or 4 off-key notes in it but they treated it like perfection. It is obvious the show wants Candice to win. Now they have set up Kree to go against Candice, who is sure to win now since her competition, and better singer, just went home. I am fed up with this lousy excuse of a show.

    • Amen ridiculous politics of this show …given that Angie is a genre that American Idol has never had a winner of they weren’t going to let a Christian Artist win American idol. Angie will be bigger she already is!

      • Yes, prior to Idol Angie would have been in the same category as Colton Dixon. She just didn’t drive it home as hard as he did during the competition. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong w/ that, just stating the reality of it. Check her lyrics to “You Set Me Free.”

      • Yep, she also did a Colton Dixon song, Evanescense used to be a Christian band & a lot of their music has religious references. Also check out her twitter-She’s says that she sings for the Lord.

      • You got a point. The media in general are very anti religion so that could be the producers doing. The judging panel liked that about her. All of the judges are Christian. So it would be the producers. The judges really don’t have much control over anything-the producers seem to be using them as puppets.

    • You are right she was off key when she doing her so called runs. Thought I may have been the only one that noticed apparently not

    • Totally absolutely agree. I like Candice but I want someone to win fairly.

    • Nah, they should have kept Johnny Keyser and made it fair IMO I think he and Candice would have been the top two next week.

    • I totally agree! They let go of Angie so that it will be easier for Candice to win. Kree deserves it but Angie is more deserving for the finale.

  2. As long as Candice Glover is in for finale, then it should be ok. Kree and Angie are both good so it doesnt really matter.

  3. The show is rigged. Angie may not be the winner on American Idol but she has a lot more going for her. She is a Christian and I believe God has even bigger and better things for Angie.

  4. The joke was thinking American idol producers were actually going to let a Christian Artist win American Idol ….The politics of this show are insane ..I haven’t voted since Carried Underwood and tonight was proof as to why American idol has low ratings Scam!!

    • What really happened was they sent the best guys home. It wasn’t fair to them and the ratings went down.

    • It’s not just her voice, it’s her musicianship. You may not prefer her tone maybe but she has incredible range & control & power & great intonation considering she’s 60% hearing loss in 1 ear & 40% in the other.

      • It’s easy..Americans have all gone berserk in the past few years that they can’t vote correctly!!!!

      • Vote for the Worst has been campaigning hard for Kree ever since amber went home.

      • I have to admit it reminded me of Haley getting the boot when I felt she should have stayed.

  5. I dont think Angie was expecting this result! I predicted in my performance review post that Kree’s votes would spike because of last night’s performances and the home visit video, but I didn’t think it would enough to pass Angie. WOW! Congratulations Kree!!!

  6. I have to agree with some of the comments posted below. The judges manipulated the way the voters voted. They have made it so Candice will win for sure. She is an amazing singer but I don’t enjoy her music much. I prefer the music that Angie sings. I am sure they will all have great careers.

    • Right on! I was so shocked by this result – after this season of blatant manipulations – I literally gasped when they announced Kree’s name tonight! I couldn’t be happier and I’ll be happy for either one to win, but I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Kree. But I’m a country girl at heart. But Candice is so fantastic that I couldn’t begrudge her the win – unless I felt that Kree outperforms her next week and the judges manipulate the audience…. I’m starting to wonder if the audience as a whole has finally grown as tired of that as I have.

    • I thought from the very beginning that it would be Candice and Kree. Angie improved the most over the past few weeks and will do very well in the music business.

      • JMO but I think it really should have been Candice and Angie,the home visit lost it for her I believe, I could be wrong.

  7. I don’t agree that all voted for Kree because of the judges. I have always loved Kree and Janelle and after Janelle was voted off I started voting for Amber and Kree. I love Candace too but Kree gets my votes.

  8. Unfortunately it does seem like Angie was only eliminated just because they wouldn’t let her win and record a christian album :'( Really sad to see her go, but will keep rooting for her. She will be big as soon as she releases her original You Set Me Free. Congrats to Candice and Kree though. Kree doesn’t have the best voice for me – at least not better than Angie’s – but she’s a nice person who deserves everyone’s respect.

    • I agree. Kree was great when she did bluesy country, but when she sang straight country she sounded to much like Carrie Underwood. We already have one of those in country music & she even one idol. I don’t like too many similar artists out at the same time.

  9. angie deserved to win. a friend of mine and i both tried to get through to angies number and they did not work not once in two hrs. Rigged results..

    • I voted online… I gave Angie all 50 votes, then called for the entire 2hrs giving Angie another 225 votes and even text to vote.

  10. I really thought the top for were Janelle, Candice, Angie and Kree. Those four were so close in talent, any of them could be the the next Amer Idol.

  11. The voters got it right! Candice has been the winner since when she sang “Love Song”!!! Kree has been the most consistent between she and Angie and is rightfully in the #2 spot. I think all of the Top 5 will carry on after Idol with little difficulty…Angie and Amber could be very big in the coming years if they are promoted well. Candice can be in the league of Adele with the right songs and exposure while Kree should be big in the Country genre.

  12. Branden… I quite obviously ‘saw this coming” as I posted in my performance night rankings:

    Round 01: Jimmy’s Picks

    01) Candice – One – Grade: A-

    02) Kree – Perfect – Grade: B-

    03) Angie – Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word – Grade: C

    Round 02: Judge’s Picks

    01) Candice – Next To Me – Grade: A+

    02) Kree – Here Comes Goodbye – Grade: B+

    03) Angie – Try – Grade: B

    Round 03: Producer’s Picks

    01) Candice – Somewhere – Grade: A

    02) Kree – Better Dig Two – Grade: B+

    02) Angie – Maybe – Grade: B+

    Based upon last night’s efforts, Angie placed last in each of the rounds.

  13. It’s no different than when Chris Daughtry was voted off and was the best of that group a few years ago…

  14. This is really insulting towards kree.. And it doesnt matter about what the polls said because if i remember right amber holcomb was in the lead the night she got eliminated

  15. Yes. I know why Kree is in the top 2. Angie could win and that is not an option for producers and Randy. Don’t you people see this? All manipulated as always.

    • My god you people are so rude to Kree & all because your favorite went home! I feel sorry for Angie to have such hateful fans yet most of you are comenting about her being a Christian!

      • Well, cynics will point out the Crusade and the Spanish, Portuguese and Roman Inquisitions to tell us otherwise…

  16. I picked these two all along. So did the odds makers. You should never under-estimate the size of the country audience. They may not be visiting and voting on these polls, but they ARE watching idol. I thought X-factor’s results were nuts last year – but that country factor took over! There was only one singer for them to vote for in the end… On Idol last week, Ryan kept saying, over and over, that he was giving the results “in no particular order”. That meant that Kree could have gotten the most votes for all we know, even though she was the last one he let us know was safe. He NEVER said she was a bottom vote getter. The only position we knew was that Amber was last – they didn’t give away the positioning of any of the other three. Ryan made it look like Kree might have been a bottom two, he even asked something about what she might do differently next week, but he never strayed from his reminder that he was announcing the “safes” in no particular order. It was a game designed to confuse. Or to skew the voting for this week… Can’t imagine Idol doing such a thing…

  17. Mathew, didn’t Amber get over 50% vote in the poll only to be voted off the following night? And didn’t Jessica have more twitter followers than anybody last season? We all knew the numbers meant nothing.
    I was surprised that Kree got to stay not because she was not good enough, but because the way the judges threw her under the bus on Wed.

    • Our particular poll w/ Amber getting the high marks did not sync up with other sites like this week’s did (which is why I included several other site’s results). We had an influx of visitors supporting her from international locales that week. International readers can vote here, but not in the real, official voting.

      But your second point supports our expectations. The judges were really tough on Kree, and that influence is what, in part, drove our predictions.

    • I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thought the judges were really harsh on Kree. Have been for the last few weeks. It is apparent they want Candace to win…. So much for impartial judging!

  18. Im not going to watch the season finale b/c the best person on it left and the judges dont give any real advice.I believe the voice has way BETTER singers and coaches.

  19. What do you mean SHOCKING??? Just a few weeks ago you, or Branden?, had Kree winning the whole thing rather than Angie. Kree was just recently in the top two with Angie over Candice and Amber. Until the judges changed to start pimping Amber, then Candice, they actually thought Kree was amazing. I have thought since Day 1 that Kree was amazing and am predicting she will win. Whose record would you rather listen to on the radio…Kree’s heart-felt pop-country or be taken to church by Candice (and I actually LIKE Candice)? Angie was NEVER going to win it. The poll has been completely wrong this season. Wrong about Devin, wrong about Lazaro and wrong about Angie being at the top every week. Kree for the win!

    • I think the surprise is Candice beating Angie for a spot in the final…she has visited the bottom 2 several times and this is her 3rd try at AI. Kree has been consistent all season.

      • Are u sure you are watching the same Idols as everybody else ,,,,for your info , Candice v been in the bottom 2 only once, pls get your facts straight, will u?

  20. Absolutely true – country is huge! I think Angie has a great shot at commercial success. I love Kree and she will sell as long as she gets with the right people. I love her best when she isn’t letting judges and mentors mess with her head. Same with Candice – she’s got a beautiful voice. She deserves to be on that stage next week.

  21. Candice is the next american idol. She can sing anything. Her voice is one of a kind, no duplicate, one in this entire universe. The producers and judges did not do anything to change the votes, it’s a competition and people decide . The judges are paid to critique so the contestants will improve and grow and it’s normal, like us they have their own pet :). America knows who they love to vote and they vote their fave! It’s silly to say it’s manipulated or the show play favorites. All of the three are good singers but only one will have the crown. I’m happy for the 3 of them. Whatever and wherever, God bless them.

    • I think Candice sings great, but you don’t know that she can sing anything, because she hasn’t been asked to sing anything different from her genre unlike Kree. Kree has done a little of everything and did it quite well!!!! GO KREE

      • I watched all the shows Ma’am, did you watched Candice sing? Yes, she can sing any genre. Everyone has their fave, mine are Amber, Janelle & Candice. But I respect so much the electronic voting that I just shut up 🙂

      • I may be wrong here and I apologize if I am, but I don’t remember Candice singing anything soft? She only seems to belt it out or sing the power ballads. She does that spectacularly, but I’d be curious to hear whether or not she could do soft.

  22. I’m glad Angie didn’t win.. People who don’t win American idol have better careers look at daughtry and Jennifer Hudson Angie will be a bigger star than these two America definitely got it wrong but good for Angie who will have a huge career

    • But would you rather have her win than going home as the second runner up? So, it’s not ok to go home. Don’t kid yourself.

  23. The closet idol I have seen all 3 girls are awesome and all 3 will go on and make it in the music world!

    • There’s nothing rude about stating the obvious expectations. All three are great singers and tonight’s results do not reflect negatively on their particular talents, but rather the outcome of a pattern of vote. I should be “ashamed” of discussing that situation?

  24. I felt any of the three could have gone home. I wonder how much tonight’s result was based on the performances, and how much the homecoming shoots played a role. Candice had a great homecoming as the show really displayed an island culture. Anyone who has lived on a small island knows what I am talking about. The whole island will come out and support as came across in the shoot. Kree’s of course was heartbreaking. It also gave an insight into why Kree is like she is. How hard can it be to lose both your parents at that age. Angie on the other hand comes from a big city, and a fairly normal background. Hard to make that as compelling, although I’m surprised they didn’t play up the Boston bombing a bit more. This is not a criticism of any of the three, and just an observation. I’m a Candice supporter, and I like Kree a lot, but also felt Angie did very well last night, and admit I was a bit surprised at the results.

    • Me too… I’m happy America didn’t vote on the “surface” this time, in spite of the judges efforts to get us to go there. They’ve been pushing the commercial looks and Amber’s Beyonce legs to the point that I wanted to puke. And that video of Mariah gyrating last night while stroking and admiring her own beauty was enough to seal the deal. OMG. Can this show get more superficial? Thank God the “women” with depth and talent and beauty will grace the stage next week. I was insulted to see spoilers online about “plans” for Angie’s finale duet. The judges and producers seemed to be counting on voters to remain superficial and vote with them, believing the youngest and thinnest must be the most talented. Not so.

  25. This is RIDICULOUS!! Way rigged. Candice won’t be successful. She has NO personality at all. She always gives off a stank face and she is boring, it’s true.

    I guess I want Kree to win but again manipulation by the judges has swayed the votes like every year. It’s been happening for so many years.

    Lauren Alaina should have won her season, Hollie Cavanagh should have won her season and now Angie Miller is added to that list

  26. We should be proud of these 3, they are all great singers! Im sure theyll make it big in the music industry. Good luck to them

  27. Everybody involved with American Idol got what they wanted, as they did everything in their power to ensure it. They got their church girl to the final. I’m sure she’ll have every bit of the success Ruben had… oh wait, what ever happened to him? Meanwhile, at least two of the other top 10 will have huge success. As long as AI continues to ignore their own title (American “Idol” – not – American “Singer”) they’ll continue their nose dive in the ratings. Singing doesn’t sell, entertaining does. Yet this show’s entertainment value is less and less every year. Not because they can’t find talent, but because they insist on locking that talent to a microphone stand and ask “sing puppet, sing.” Letting these contestants actually perform will allow America to better judge what kind of careers they can have. I just can’t see people going to a Candice concert, nor buying any album she’ll put out. No wonder the show is going to clean house next season, they have no choice!!!

  28. angie soooo deserved to win =S! she is awesome and is the most marketable contestant of this season. Candice is the best singer but not the best artist and i dont really know if she is an “idol” (i remember Ruth Brown from the voice who was maybe better than Candice… and where is she right now?? who knows)… and kree? mmm she is a good singer but thats all, nothing special (skylar laine, kellie pickler, lauren alaina… all good country singers… well kree is also like them… so nothing WOW) i even believe that amber deserved the top 3 spot more than her… But thats it! it was the same with Haley Reinhart, in the same week by the way… Anyhow Angie is gonna recieve a contract, like the whole top 5… this was a good top 5 though =)!

  29. I am happy that Candice and Kree were selected , I do not care which one gets the Idol title. I love them both.
    Yes Kree was shocked, so was I. But the shock was worth it.
    Angie can take the time to mature, she has a great voice and the showman ship. Wish her well, In a couple years she will be showing her stuff and it will be great.

  30. This is the FIRST time in my 11 yrs of watching American Idol that they got it right, America…not the judges. Any one of last 4 standing could have won it, but I really do believe that Candice and Kree are the best of the bunch. I keep saying that the judges should just critique the songs each week and stop trying to sway the American public and just let the best man/woman win. Best of luck to two truly amazing singers as they battle it out next week. Angie and Amber will do ok for themselves too, so everyone, please just stop hating on these talented young people.

  31. Americans will crown 2 country singers…Tate Stevens at the X Factor and now Kree at Idol….maybe the both of them should combine for a duet..would be awesome!!!

  32. I’m so happy for the final 2! But to be honest, no matter how much I want Candice to win, I have a feeling Kree will win AmericanIdol coz she’s been in the B2 for the past couple of weeks and more than that,, she’s white. :/ just saying . but I still love Candice.

  33. People should remember that the contestants did not pick ANY of their songs last night. It was obvious to me that both Candice AND Kree were at a disadvantage at the end of the night. Kree was given ONE good song and Candice likewise. Angie was given 3 beautiful songs that we all KNOW and love to sing. Last night was NOT Kree or Candice’s best nights, but how could it be…given the songs they had no choice but to sing. I think that the best 2 singers are in the final. Congratulations to all of them for a job well done!

  34. This is WRONG WRONG WRONG!! Kree has a great voice, but it should of been Angie and Candice instead. As usual, America got it wrong! They better get it right next week and Vote Candice for the win.

  35. Any one of the top 4 contestants could have won this year. Candice and Kree are in the finale and I will root for BOTH of them. Whoever wins the night should be the next American Idol. End of story!!!!

  36. Yes they got it right… Finally !!! Candice should win it… Kree is real good but I dunno,I vote for Candice.. Angie, I dunno I just don’t care for her .. she needs to work on her breathing while singing you can hear her struggleing with that..NOW their finally getting rid of all the judges maybe they will get better judges and do something diff with the show or I won’t be watching it ever again.. they have to do something better.I really like the Voice

  37. I think you mean me.

    Insulting to Kree? When every poll reviewed put Angie well ahead of Kree AND Angie had never been in the “danger zone” for me to be “shocked” by Kree moving on while Angie gets eliminated to be “insulting”? Nevermind the judges giving Kree harsh critiques in the third and most “fresh” round just before viewers voted… Oh come on.

      • If you’re suggesting Angie was my favorite then you’d be wrong. She’s a wonderful singer who had great performances this season, but that doesn’t make her my favorite. Her never being in the bottom 2 before makes her supported strongly enough by so many viewers that these results were unexpected.

      • I know. I’m also shocked. But I wander each comments in this blog. I saw a lacking of angie love because their hating something about her. So that made her lose somehow. But I still love these 3 girls. Sorry from my first post. cause I’m like a perfectionist about being fair.

  38. I still believe Kree is clear winner and always believed Candice was and is 2nd. What everyone seems to forget week after week is that Ryan announces them in no particular order. He clearly states this. I don’t believe that Kree was in 3rd place last week or even 2nd this week.

  39. I’m sorry I like Kree, but she was flat almost her entire performance of Perfect by Pink which I was surprised about because she usually has great pitch but it was a song out of her comfort zone. With a top 3 that good, you’ve gotta be that picky. Pitch is the one thing about music that can be scientifically measured. For that reason only, she should’ve gone home. I think the producers made sure Angie didn’t make it to the finale to ensure Candice would win. Angie’s fanbase was so huge she might’ve beat Candice. Though Candice probably deserves to win the whole thing, I like to see people win fairly & win against the best. Either that or the sympathy votes came pouring in for Kree about her being an orphan (not Kree’s fault she’s a class act) but they gave Kree the best homecoming package. 3rd, it could be Angie hate. A lot of ppl have been hating on Angie & I think it’s because Candice & Kree look like real girls next door & Angie seems too perfect. But I really think it was the producers manipulation. Hoping Candice wins.

    • If Angie has such a huge fan base, then why didn’t she get more votes over Kree to put her in the finale? And really, no-one is point on every time, no-one! If anything the whole show is a joke. Because if I were to get the transcripts from the beginning of the show, we would all see that the judges and Jimmy couldn’t seem to praise Kree enough! She didnt change they did!

      • The last few weeks they were hard on Kree And wanted and Angie and candice to go all the way ..That Nicki Is a Idiot !!!! She was more worried about what they were wearing I felt bad for Kree ..So Happy for her!!!

      • I say that because she has never been in the bottom til last night & tons of polls the night before the results were in revealed Angie as higher than Kree. It’s very possible that ppl took for granted that Angie would make it in so ppl didn’t vote cuz they didn’t think they needed to or Kree finally was shown to have some major personality cuz of that heroe welcome package with her losing her parents was very sweet. She’s such a shy person that it seemed difficult for the audience to connect with her at first. I really believe tho that the producers didn’t want a Christian artist to win cuz they didn’t want to have to produce a Christian album. The producers have been so heavy handed this season. Plus there have been multiple times where I went to vote & the website &/or the app wasn’t working. It the past if something like that happened they would replay the episode and let ppl vote again. They didn’t do that this season.

    • There was no manipulation here, it’s the electronic voting- which surprise many. That’s why only Ryan Seacrest knew. This is why the show is great because fans have crazy reactions. Angie doesn’t know the word “sportsmanship”. She overrated herself. My parents always taught us, “Do your best and expect the worst.” There’s always one winner! and that’s life 🙂

      • How do you know she doesn’t know the word “Sportsmanship”? Cuz she cried? Everyone cries when they’re eliminated. She was also smiling during those tears. She’s always conducted herself well on this show. She never used her handicap for sympathy votes even when prodded by the judges or Ryan. Even if you thought her tears were unsportsman-like. That was after the voting results so that couldn’t have been the reason. I think 1. The Producers who’ve been very heavy-handed & controlling this season made sure she didn’t win (the producers not the judges) The producers have all the power on these shows. They didn’t want to have to sign & produce a Christian artist’s album-cuz that’s the music that she does is Christian music. They didn’t want to do that. 2. I also think there’s a lot of hate towards her because ppl deem her as too perfect. Whereas, Kree & Candice look like normal average girls. If you’re going to vote by who needs to win the most then vote for Angie cuz the other 2 can get image changes & stylists & makeovers like Lauren Alaina & Carrie Underwood did. Angie has miniere’s disease. How many ppl will be clamoring to sign a girl that might lose all of her hearing? She’s already lost 60% in 1 ear & 40% in the other. That’s just sick. Also could be a reason the producers didn’t want her to win, cuz she’s hard of hearing & they didn’t want to deal with that. 3. Ppl might not have voted for Angie cuz they took for granted she would get in & didn’t think they needed to.

  40. Angie is a star no matter what. She’s on to have a great future! All three girls were so different and unique, it was anyone’s game. Happy for Candice and Kree! Both so talented and beautiful!

  41. well all three are good , but i think overall it will be Candice who will win next week! Angie will do okay she will get her contract and make her cd and be out touring too ….. But like before the one that comes second always do better then the winner it is proven fact from other seasons…. Go Kree, explode next week don’t whole anything back….

  42. well, the fat chicks out therevoted the pretty girl off. What an effing surprise.

  43. Kree is an average Texas bar singer. Stunned she made it. Candace deserves a win? But no one will know here name five years from now, unless she goes blues/jazz and sticks it out. Angie will be multiplatinum, and a superstar. . Just the facts, foclks.

  44. The wrong two went to the finals- it should have been Angie-Kree finals!! This confirms why I’ve stopped watching this show and explains why the ratings are so bad!!

    • After something like 11 years (?) the show is still one of the most popular shows on TV. And you want to say “the rating are so bad”?

    • The same here. I think Amber has the best and most beautiful voice but still needs a little more maturing. Candice’s voice has the most power and consistency, but on a song like “Somewhere”, it was too overpowering. Kree’s voice is unique but rather limited in both power and strength, but it will fit quite nicely in either country or blues genre. Angie is the most average voice wise, but she compensates it with her vibrant and vivacious personality on stage and her keyboarding skill.

      So, everyone of these singers have their strengths and weaknesses. As someone else pointed out, it’s down to a matter of taste. The question is what taste the majority of voters want comes the finale.

  45. Interesting how so many WANTED a Kree/Candice finale but so few EXPECTED it. Perhaps we should have trusted that those WANTS would turn into VOTES.

  46. I don’t see what was so shocking about it? For one, Angie peaked in Hollywood week, way too early to be giving your best performance of the season. For two, in to your recap yesterday you gave Candice an A- A+ A+, Kree an A- B+ A- and Angie a B+ B+ A-. According to those grades, Angie was the weakest of the night and therefore deserved to go. Best of luck to her in the future tho.

  47. Candice may be off-note on Thursday night, but looking at what she did at the entire competition is still head and shoulders better than Angie and Kree. She’s done “I Who Have Nothing”, “Love Song”, “Don’t Make Me Over”, “When I Was Your Man” Do I need to continue? While Ms. Angie, she had her moments too, but if you’re going to review all what they did throughout the competition, you all have no right to say that Candice doesn’t deserve to win because she’s been working her butt of since season 10.

  48. don’t worry, angie. you will follow in the footsteps of adam, daughtry, clay, jennifer, crystal. your career is assured. as for candice and kree, it’s a race to the finish line. you’re both incredible.

  49. You know I picked these three to be the final 3 from the beginning. I love them all. Each of them had one super good song that they sang and I thought it was anyone’s game. Sometimes people don’t get to vote. But we should all be happy for them. For any of them.

  50. I was shocked. I though it should have been Kree not Angie. But as long as Candice is there I’m happy. She wins the crown.
    Come on America NO SURPRISES NEXT WEEK. Candice Glover the winner next week.

  51. All three girls are talented singers. but Angie was a all around performer. She was in the top 3 99% of the time. It was a total shock. She will be succesful because of her talent. I was torn who should have been with Angie I liked both Candace and Kree but I did predict Candace. Angie I loved you from the beginning and you are The American Idol 2013 to me no matter what the socalled vote was. I believe the producers picked the winners a shocking twist to get ratings up. Think this is my last season as you saw the judges and Kree were in shock of the results.
    Good luck Candace and Kree. See you Angie in Atlantic City and guarantee you get the loudest reception

    • Your number should be in the top three 100% of the time since the night she was at the bottom there were just three singers left.

  52. The whole show has been a joke this year with the two women bickering back and forth at each other. Several good singers lost out due to them. I can’t believe Idol put up with that crap the entire season. I still think Jimmy should be the one to do the SAVE….

  53. Here we are–the morning after–already choosing who to vote for before the final songs are in. We did it last week and then were shocked at the results. When our favorite is eliminated, we say the show is fixed or blame the judges. What can we do about it? I’m going to stop listening to the judges’ comments about who was best, who won the night, or who I should vote for. I’ll listen to their critiques, but I’ll decide who to vote for. We should not let a contestant’s fan base on facebook or twitter influence us. Sometimes people think they don’t have to vote because the fan base is large. If manipulation is going on, there are some things we can’t control like the song choices this past week. But we can control what we think and not let the judges tell us what to do. Every year people get angry and say they will no longer watch. (It happens on The Voice, too.) I did that one year and did not watch much the next year. But I’m watching again, enjoying the music, and putting up with some of the other annoying stuff. Good luck, Candice; good luck, Kree–said “in no particular order.” Time to pick another Idol and get ready for the summer tours.

  54. I would have rather seen Candice go home. But that is who they want to win this year. She is good but I think Angie and Kree have better voice and will go further in their careers. My favorite is Kree though. No matter if she doesn’t wins she will sell alot of albums!!

  55. Two judges down and two to go, about time FOX totally cleaned house. I read a comment earlier that Angie was a singer/entertainer. Candice and Kree are singers and that is better….are you kidding me? Sure, I want to pay $150 to see someone just stand there….wow. Celine Dion is a singer/entertainer and pretty darned successful. Candice is the new idol, Kree does not stand a chance against her.

  56. I always liked American idol as good artists arise from it. Tonight my expectations of viewing a great final e have vanished as I cannot understand why Angie Miller has gone. The artist, composer, and hope of seing the rise of a great singer and songwriter is gone and a predictable and missable finale wont make me switch on my tv. Perhaphs is for a reason winners are not always the more succesful artists at ths programme and perhaphs the reason is that the focus of popularity goes away from the fact of a singing competition and become a soap drama turning results in sympaty votes instead. Good luck Angie…you are my winner!!

  57. Country music is always in, I like it myself however a singer like Candice doesn’t come along very often, in truth I haven’t heard one in years. Her voice is amazing.

  58. people seem to forget that kree also writes her own music and might even be a better singer than angie

  59. I thought it was pretty obvious that Candace and Angie were getting the big knock em dead type songs while Kree was being handed songs that, though good ,didn’t have the opportunity for those big moments. I was wondering if that was intentional and they were in a way ” setting up” the final two. Guess they underestimated the popularity of Kree. To me Kree has been consistent and flawless. Don’t get me wrong…. I love the other two as well…tough choices… but for the people on here whingeing about Krees performance of the PInk song, lets remember it was chosen for her not by her and unless actually sung by Pink is a pretty ordinary song.

  60. Yes, I was shocked as well that Angie was voted off. Not because Angie is a better singer than Kree. But, because in years past, young pre-teens always and I mean ALWAYS vote for who is the cutest singer. Maybe they all went to bed early and left the voting to people to actually vote on the best voice of that night, since there was no cute guy to vote for.

  61. Extremely surprised to see Angie Miller voted off American idol.She did not deserve that. Not surprised about Mariah Carey though.

  62. Everybody just move on and be happy for the final two. Whether you like it or not, Candice and Kree will compete to be the next American Idol because they are great in their own ways. Stop squeezing in Angie in the talks between Candice and Kree!

  63. There is no manipulation whatsoever. So u mean when Keith was commenting like that on Candice’s performances that’s manipulation? How about last year when Steven Tyler was always commenting positively about Jessica’s performances and always predicting she’d win? Just stop it already no manipulation is happening. Candice and Kree is in the finale because they are great PERIOD

  64. The only reason why people love Angie so much is because she made a good impression for herself in hollywood week. But if you’re gonna look at the whole picture, Candice did really well compared to her

  65. Angie was a fine singer, but she was not the best singer. I don’t know what the hype was all about. I listened to her voice many times and she was highly overrated. She was a nice girl who sang very well, but Candice and Kree sound a lot better. In my opinion, Candice has been the best all season. Kree has the love of country music fans. I like her a lot and I am not a big fan of country music. My favorite for the win is Candice. I wish both girls good luck. May the best and most talented win it all. As for voting, I voted for both Candice and Kree all season long. I even voted for Amber to keep her in, for quite a while. I felt that Candice, Kree, and Amber should have been first, second, and third place, with Angie in fourth place. That’s just my opinion, for what it is worth. I’m sure that everyone has their own opinion. Well, Good luck again, to both girls.

  66. Judges… Randy Jackson needs to be replaced definitely. The other three judges must go far, far away. These judges demaged American Idol image. It’s really sad. I haven’t watched the show because of them. Nicki is very low class. MC looks so fake. KUrban must go back to to Nash. Randy, please, replace him pronto.

  67. I think Kree has been inconsistent but is a better singer than Angie. If she gets the right songs (such as almost any Leanne Rimes hit) could have a shot at winning. Hopefully it will be a good finale, either way I’m buying both of their albums.

  68. America has shown that this was a popularity by the way they voted off some amazing talents. In my opinion so was Jimmy!
    Also when people are good at thir craft and not allowed to speak their peace;American Idol should just go into “silet auction mode” Amercan Idol is played out and it is time for Amean idol to make their exit !

  69. Duas cantoras maravilhosas, mas a voz de CANDICE é excepcional, a emoção com que se entrega a cada canção, sempre se superando….com certeza CANDICE é a melhor.

  70. I don’t see what was so shocking about Angie getting eliminated this week. You even said in your recap that she deserved to be the one who went home this week. You gave Angie a B+ average, Candice an A average and Kree an A- average. Judging by those ratings, you were saying that Angie was the worst this week.

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