Aubrey Cleland Has High Hopes For Season 12 Wild Card Results

Aubrey Cleland on American Idol

We’re just a few hours away from learning if Aubrey Cleland has won the American Idol 2013 wild card battle. She’s facing off against the once popular, once not Charlie Askew and according to our readers Aubrey should go home happy tonight.

Aubrey took to Twitter to remind her supporters to watch and be ready for the reveal tonight and maybe she knows something we don’t because Charlie’s account remains silent since this weekend.

The opportunity to join the American Idol 2013 Live! Tour is a big one as it’s a guaranteed job with an impressive paycheck for the summer. These finalists can thank last season’s batch of singers for helping to recover what was once a financial drain event as ticket sales were falling fast. Of course it’s not an easy time, but Aubrey sounds ready to go.

Which singer do you hope to see rewarded with the final seat on the American Idol summer tour bus.