American Idol 2013 Top 9 Live Performances

Kree Harrison - American Idol 2013

The Top 9 finalists are preparing themselves for another American Idol 2013 show right now as one by one they’ll take the stage and perform their very best cover of The Beatles’ famous song writers John Lennon and Paul McCartney. All will perform, but only eight will move on to the stage round.

Perhaps even more important for the night will be the big reveal on the Season 12 American Idol Wild Card results. Either Aubrey Cleland or Charlie Askew will be announced as the winner of the most votes and part of the Live! Tour this summer.

American Idol 2013 Wild Card results:

  • The Wild Card winner is Aubrey Cleland

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American Idol 2013 Top 9 Live Performances:

Voting begins at the end of tonight’s show and you won’t want to miss that opportunity. You could still do the “SuperVote” method online which lets you create fifty votes in one action at Keep in mind that the rankings are being revealed this season so if your favorite was in danger then you know how important this will be to keep the votes going strong.

When the finalists are done I’ll add a poll here so you can vote for your favorite along with adding your comments on tonight’s American Idol 2013 show!




  1. Am I the only one who thinks Charlie should have won that spot? He was an original artist with a personality.

  2. I couldnt even get thourgh hardly on janelle’s she must be in the top 3 tonight, i think that going from 1 to 9 should be
    1 Janelle
    2 Candice
    3 Amber
    4 Angie
    5 Kree
    6 Burnell
    7 Devin
    8 Paul
    9 Lazaros

  3. I think devin was in the bottom very low last week,
    so american idol put down the next lowest dude paul,
    to see which goes home, also i wouldnt be surprised if burnell dont find himself in the bottom 3 this week. as for lazaros they slamed him, he’s still top 4 but with the more slamming this should knock him down a few more pace’s probaly number 6, cause lazaros is getting the pity vote, the gay vote, the teen girl vote, and also getting vftw so’s its hard to defeat this guy, but lazaros will go home soon, just not till paul and devin goes

  4. i wouldnt mind seeing paul go,
    cause everyone predicted this guy to win,
    and i love upsets

  5. Based on their performances:

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