American Idol 2013 Auditions Preview: Get A Sneak Peek Now

Judges on American Idol

If you can’t wait for tonight’s premiere of American Idol 2013 then check out the auditions preview video for tonight’s New York episode. We get a glimpse at a lot of talented singers along with the judges telling us about their experiences on the show so far this season. Of course Randy gets in more “the other shows down’t compare” comments. He’s one protective dawg!

I know a lot of viewers are anxious to see just how Nicki Minaj handles her role as a judge, but according to the early reviews she’ll do great. You can watch Nicki and all the judges in the sneak peek video below to get ready for tonight’s premiere!

Which American Idol judge do you think will be your favorite this season?




  1. It looks like it is going to be fun to me. I can’t believe Keith Urban didn’t get hurt when he slid under that table. He is so cute. and what a character he can be. I don’t know about Randy’s comment that they have some of the best talent. Did he say of any of the shows? Because ” The Voice ” had some great talent! ” Because I have been watching AI since the beging I think I will give it a try.It will be fun to see more of Keith Urbans personality just like it was fun to see Steven Tylers personality! Steve was so funny. who would have thought? And it is always nice to see Matthew and Branden too! Keep up the good work guys!

  2. 🙂 niki manash is awsome keth urban is beter than awsome mariakary is cool rady is kinda weird becuase he is rude and mean ryan screst is the best of all 🙂

  3. Pass on this seasons American Diva’s….HATED watching the tension between the girls-I want to watch the local talent not a cat fight

  4. I live for this moment. I love this show. Oh nikki stop the cat fighting with mariah shes beautiful and you are to. But im a big fan of both yall are such an inspiration to me but in different ways. Angela Stewart from Waco,Tx.

  5. was not impressed with the talent lineup for the first night, and Nicki’s look and phony accents along with the barbs towards Mariah not funny

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