Will Nicki Minaj Ruin American Idol 2013? Early Reviews Give Insight

Nicki Minaj on American Idol

From the moment Nicki Minaj was announced as a new judge for American Idol 2013 the viewer response has been strong. Negatively strong. Most posts we put on our Idol Facebook page (be sure to join us there!), even those having nothing to do with Minaj, have earned a response along the lines of “I won’t watch this season due to Nicki” or “Get rid of Minaj!” In fact, at the time of publishing the top three FB posts had responses all declaring they wouldn’t watch the show because of her. So it’s worth asking, will Nicki Minaj ruin American Idol?

Last week FOX allowed a preview glimpse of the first hour of this week’s two-night premiere event as well as the TCA panel with the new judges. This would be viewers’ and critics’ first chance to watch Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and the “dreaded” Nicki Minaj in action as judges. The result? Surprisingly positive.

Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred wrote this about Minaj on Idol:

The three new American Idol judges faced TV critics this morning along with the one old judge, and Nicki Minaj stood out, surprising me and other critics with her on-point, even smart comments about judging a reality competition. Really.

For example: “I don’t feel the need to send a person through just because of a great story or because there’s something going on that may make people cry,” Nicki said. “I feel like even the great singers have stories that may make us cry, but that shouldn’t change our decision because it’s kind of unfair to the ones who really are great.”

Rickey over at Rickey.org praised Nicki, saying:

“I have to say, Nicki Minaj is the best judge this show has ever had since Simon Cowell. She was amazing. She was funny. She threw shade at Mariah Carey. The audience loved her. She was the most popular judge of the panel.

I think American Idol just reinvented itself in Nicki’s image. I’m going to rename myself Rickey Minaj. I loved her!”

There’s even more praise and positive feedback for Nicki Minaj over at MJ’s:

Nicki Minaj is going to definitely be the break out star. She’s not only opinionated, but a total chatterbox. And with her quirky style, crazy outfits, and random ways, it’s hard to pay attention to anybody else.

No wonder Mariah is a little miffed. Nicki is CONSTANTLY pulling focus.

Now I’ll admit that Nicki wouldn’t have been my first choice as a new judge, but with such positive praise for her role in Season 12 I’m keeping an open mind and am very anxious to see how she does on American Idol 2013.

Are you willing to give Nicki Minaj a try as a new American Idol judge? Vote below:

Video – American Idol Season 12 Promo ‘Nicki Minaj is in the House!’




  1. I posted something a week ago or so stating reasons why I won’t be watching this year and stated that Minaji is just the icing on the cake. So while Minaji might be the single reason why others aren’t going to watch, it’s not the single reason why I won’t be watching.

  2. I will definitely be watching. I’m not a Nicki Minaji fan but I am an American Idol one….Yes, I hate, hate the voting system since Adam Lambert lost in Season 8 but with that said I still enjoy watching the show and the new young talent. Its to soon to vote on Nicki but I will give her a shot tomorrow night.

  3. People need to give nicki minaj a chance seriously she had established so much and will probobly be one of the biggest stars in the future!! I mean seriously times magazine name her “the most influential female rapper of all time” she is winning every award she has been nominated for and has sold over 50 million records. U don’t have to like her u just have to respect her. True idol fans will continue to watch for theiove of the show and young talent not for the judjes. Grow up haters

    • Read my other post. Everything about her is fake. I don’t respect someone who sleeps with rappers and producers to gain stardom. Most of her songs should be credited to the actual writers.

  4. Nikki is the absolute reason why I can not watch this year! Her voice, she talks like a child,wines,moans…uuugghh… She has ruined the best part of the show for me…. Audition week! Poor randy is trying so hard to keep afloat, Mariah TRIES to say some stuff, Keith is also trying to give advice but JESUS Nikki SHUT UP!!! she has a comment for everything!!! I’m so upset that she ruined the best part we all look forward to!!! They didn’t even show any “crazy” people!!! The shows run is OVER!!! Thank god for the Voice!!!

  5. Some how she just doesn’t fit in the Ametican Idol image as a judge. Where are you Paula, when we need you? I don’t see how it will survive next year. Nick Cannon could replace Ryan Seacrest if Ryran left.

  6. I love Nicki, but I’m not lovin her on American Idol right now. I just finished watching the first episode, and I can see why there’s tension between her and Mariah. Nicki was defensive from the get-go, maybe she thought people wouldn’t appreciate her input, considering Mariah is a music legend. She shouldn’t have underestimated herself- shes a star in her own right. I just think she should have been a little warmer to Mariah, because it seems like Mariah was trying to joke with her but Nicki kept taking it seriously. Anyway, Nicki should stay, but she needs to check her attitude! Loving Mariah n Nicki much more than JLo! Ugh couldn’t stand when JLo used to talk about tone or someone being pitchy—hello, Queen of Autotune! Thank goodness she’s gone, I’ll miss Steven Tyler though, but I really like Keith Urban. He’s pretty effin` sexy.

  7. I am a fan of this show but it was just awful last night! Painfully awful, no chemistry between the judges, annoying diva rudeness. Truly hope they listen to all the complaints and straighten this mess out! Hate to see the show ruined! 🙁

  8. Lol mainstream media have no idea how this girl came to fame. She was a groupie and pretty much effed* her way to stardom. Mariah Carey knows this and that is why she is irritated that Nicki is on the panel. Nicki rapped back in the days and had no game until she started effing rappers and producers for tracks. She even started imitating Lil Wayne’s style early in her career to be relevant. Her personality and butt is fake. American Idol is at a new low and if they don’t fire Nicki, I hope Mariah Carey walks off.

  9. I may be a senior citizen, but I have been an idol fan from the beginning. Tyler and JLO more than made up for the loss of Simon. Randy tried to be the tough guy but failed. I anxiously awaited the new AI and was totally disappointed. The senseless chatter drove me crazy. The cartoon pop-ups reminded me of a batman comic book. There was 90% worthless rambling and 10% time showcasing the talent. After all this is a talent show, not a Kardashian type reality show. After the successful seasons the Voice and the X Factor just completed I was eager to see what AI would do to maintain their position. I’m either totally out of touch or they are.

  10. Nicki is rude and disrespectful to the other judges and the contestants for making such snide remarks to and about other judges. I will NOT watch the show again until she is gone. Period!

  11. I have one of her songs on my iPod….I think I will delete it now! She is worthless and has no talent!! In fact I want to punch her in the face!!

  12. American Idiol is an entertaining and interesting show and that includes the contestants as well as the judges. I watched the first episode last night and I will not be watching it again. It is interesting to hear the comments from the judges,but sadly that is missing, as one particular judge feels the need to only give their comments. The put on of the english accent is insulting and childish, imagine if they were making fun of the chinese or mexican accents. I am aware that the TV executives will be loving the publicity, but the cat fighting, weird accents and face pulling is just a turn-off.

  13. Nikki is so annoying! And all Mariah seems to care about is if her hair is done before anyone sees her. Or if enough attention is paid to her! I don’t like either one of them as a judge.

  14. I just watched the show for 5 minutes and that’s it! What a boring show! AI lost its connection with the audience thru the new judges. Bring back JLo and Steve. They made the show more enjoyable and fun to watch.

  15. She is very unlikable. There are controversial judges, there are crazy judges, opinionated and even annoying ones. But she is just very unpleasant and arrogant, lacks class and is being disrespectful to everyone. I think choosing her was a big mistake.

  16. I don’t want to watch the show anymore – Nicki has ruined the show completely for me. The show has become all about the judges and their egos and no longer about the talent.

  17. Niki is making it really hard to watch. She has no talent and certainly should not be judging based on that fact alone. Plus she’s annoying. Get rid of her!!!!

  18. Watched the show on Wed. and parts of it on Thursday. Love Mariah, Keith and Randy. I thought Nicki was very annoying and rude, constantly cutting people off and basically trying to run the show. I have always loved Idol but this years panel of judges would be great as a threesome and eliminate Nicki before your ratings slide to rock bottem. What planet did Nicki come from anyway???

  19. I am surprised by the initial e mail that complimented Nicki saying she does not mind going first, it is because she is a big mouth and full of herself. I watched it the 1st night, taped it the second night and have not bothered to watch, I really have NO INTEREST. Fox, way to go, you ruined the season when you added Ellen D, You should have given Paula more money and now you have destroyed it completely. I think I am done with Idol, loved X factor.

  20. What was up withe the ANNOYING fake accent? And did Nicki not hear other judges talking when she interupted them? And knowing she is going into this a very unpopular judge, what was up with the fake “I am so sweet, I will encourage everyone” bit?

  21. I will no longer watch the show, neither will my mom or mother in law. Her bullying and teasing towards Mariah is exactly what I am trying to teach my kids not to do. I used to watch idol to escape from my children and chaotic life. Watching it just stresses me out more with Nikki and her childish behavior.

  22. I’ve watched this show since season one when everything was done right, and when the criticism and voting felt legitimate. I’m not sure when it happened, or how it happened, but the last few years have been sloppy, and this is the absolute end for me. The clown chick is predictable (“Oh, hi, cute boy. Do you have a girlfriend?”) and possibly the most annoying person I’ve seen on tv. Keith, Mariah and Randy simply look embarrassed. They’re all better than this show, and this show is too good for that thing wearing the make-up mask from K-Mart.

  23. Minaj is a complete turn off to me personally. She lacks charm, style, warmth, with or any hint of authenticity. Who ever dreamt up this losing combo of judges needs to be fired. But don’t take my word for it….I am not an AI fanatic. My wife is …..and she has asked me to turn off the cable recorder…….Minaj has ruined it for her and she is done with Idol.

  24. I have to agree with others – Nikki is ruining the show for me a well. I’ve always enjoyed American Idol and think it is a great inspiration in helping others follow their dreams, especially for our younger generation. It has been very encouraging – up until now! To see a season of American Idol where one adult continuously whines and moans and (what gets me most) rolls her eyes and is so disrespectful towards others is very discouraging. I’ve always (from day 1) been an Idol fan, sometimes even hiding the remote from the hubby! But as for this season – I don’t know if I will make it through! I’ll give it a few more rounds because I’m still trying but, although it sincerely breaks my heart, I’m thinking “thanks but no thanks!” I

  25. i agree with a lot of people in the comment section NIKKI is not worth the money there paying her also i would of got rid of her as soon that she threatning comment to Beyonce i’m going to kill you or shoot you she’s not fit for the show to me she not a ladybut a Black tramp ghetto carbage Beyonce is she has more brains the NIKKI the bitch Amen

  26. i don’t care if AI don’t like my comment but its the truth u don’t send threat to anyone why didn’t she get charge u tell me AI

  27. It’s a shame that Idol has stooped this low…Nicki should NOT be a judge!!! Everything about her a FAKE…Her Hair, Her eye lashes, Her Lips, Her reactions and advice to these poor kids, but most important, Her Music i mean it’s rap and she’s sitting next to LEGENDS that have paid their due’s…and the talking through the nose thing got old real fast…Needless to say I have already stopped watching American Idol this year, maybe forever…

  28. I LOVE HER!!! She’s hilarious, adorable, spot on with her comments, fun, compassionate, wise…insightful…all wrapped in colorful cotton candy! (Oh, and I’m totally crushing on Keith Urban!)

  29. We were devoted viewers of IDOL the first 8 seasons but the talent for the most part since then is really lacking. It seems the goal is to promote the most screaming, loud and growling noisemakers. Traditional vocalists with straight great voices don’t have a prayer. Add to that problem the inept judges who are almost laughable in their commentary and choices. How can inept judges pick good talent when they themselves can’t sing? The only show that is featuring great singers, albeit occasionally, is AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. That show and the British version discovered the fantastic Jackie Evancho, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. and Susan Boyle. When you get top Jazz and Pop vocalists to judge (Harry Connick Jr., Michael Buble, Johnny Mathis etc.) we’ll come back.

  30. yes, she is definitely an idiot!!!! she needs to be fired from American Idol, we too use to love watching it, but it has now became the gross nikki show!!!! my family and I mortally hate it now. get rid of her or the show is over!!!!

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