American Idol 2013: Devin Velez’s Top Moments

Devin Velez

We said goodbye to Devin Velez Thursday night on American Idol 2013 when the judges (and by judges I mean Randy Jackson and the producers) refused to use the save on him despite the audience uproar to do just that.

Devin was one of the two most-talented guys this season and it’s going to be weird having an all-girl show when Idol forces out Burnell and Lazaro next.

So now that that Devin is gone, let’s take a look back at some of his best moments on American Idol 2013.

Devin’s version of “The Long And Winding Road” during Lennon and McCartney week was among his beset. It was sweet and tender and proof that he and Burnell Taylor are the best guys in the contest this season.

In any other season, Devin’s performance of “Somos Novios” would’ve catapulted him into at least Top 5 status. But this is not a guy’s season. But regardless, we’ve got this fantastic performance of his in the Idol history books. He sings even better in Spanish than he does in English. He performed this again on Thursday night’s results show with hopes the judges would be granted permission from producers to save him.

Devin took a big risk taking on Beyonce’s “Listen” during the Sudden Death rounds. It was a risk that paid off because he ended up in the Top 10 and finished the show out in with place.

What was your favorite Devin Velez moment this season on American Idol?




  1. Branden, I disagree with you. I think it was Nikki who said “no” to the save. The other three judges stood up for Devin two times while Nikki sat and pouted. I think she was getting back at the others for not saving Curtis. That only served to hurt Devin, a fine singer who has NOT sung a bad note yet!

    • I’m sure Randy did say no but then he knows from experience that the save must be saved in case one of the top three rated singers gets voted off. I like Devin but he isn’t one of the top three. Sad to see him off at this stage but that’s part of the competition.

  2. let’s face it, the powers that be want a girl to win and the talent this season is slanted that way. the girls are terrific while the guys are mediocre. you mean to tell me that in all the tens of thousands of guys who auditioned, this group is as good as it gets?? the show is a disappointment this season except for the five girls who will all definitely make their mark in the entertainment biz. and i won’t even get into the judges.

  3. When Devine joined the top 10 it was because of his connection to his roots and his ability to sing in 2 languages since then he never sang in Spanish until his final song, He lost sight of his roots to the Spanish people, had he sung in Spanish and American more then less, he would still be there

    • so why is Lazaro still there? he doesn`t sing in spanish but his mother language is spanish, his own mother doesn`t even know how to speak english and Devin is better then him.

  4. i agree with most of you devin should of stayed he would of sang more in spanish if he had stayed lazaro should go he is not good under pressure

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