Top 8 Results Revealed On American Idol 2013

American Idol 2013 Top 8 results

It’s time for the American Idol results to be revealed as the Season 12 Top 8 become the Top 7 finalists. While only Ryan Seacrest and production may know the results coming our way we’ve made some pretty easy predictions for tonight.

Along with the dimmed lights and bitten nails we’ll be treated to a big stack of impressive guest performers. We’ll be hearing from Idol’s own judge, Keith Urban, when he performs his single “Long Hot Summer.” Next we’ll hear from Katherine McPhee performing with OneRepublic as the guest vocals for their song “If I Lose Myself.”

Oh it doesn’t stop there though because it’s an apparently alumni night on American Idol 2013. Colton Dixon breaks out one of his hits in his return to the Idol stage. Watch Colton’s video for his new single “Love Has Come For Me.”

Join us tonight at 8PM as we reveal the results in our live blog recap and fill in the blanks below. Here we go! Time to find out who was in the bottom 3 tonight on Idol. I’m assuming no one is surprised that all the guys are in the bottom three.

American Idol 2013 Top 8 – Bottom 3:

Will the Judges’ Save be put in to play tonight to save Devin? I’d be shocked, but let’s find out… The crowd is going nuts! Mariah is cheering on the crowd to get louder, but Randy announces it was not unanimous and the judges will not use the Save tonight. Wow, I really thought the crowd was going to force the judges hand tonight. Nope.

Who Got Voted Off American Idol Tonight:

  • Devin Velez

Safe Singers & The American Idol 2013 Top 7:

What do you think of tonight’s American Idol results?




  1. mariah just tweeted: “Wow, another guy will be leaving tonight. Good luck to all three!!” Why does she have to say “will be leaving”. Well I guess it’s obvious that they won’t use the save tonight.

  2. i’m glad to see devin go, but how long will lazaro hang on… geesh why doesn’t vegas just call him up and be done with it!! i mean really..

    • I agree. I don’t care for her. I heard she and meriah don’t get along. I think niki could be narcissistic. She all about herself.

  3. im happy that Lazaro is still there. im sorry thay devin went home but that is what the people voted.

    • No offense, but Lazaro doesn’t deserve to still be there and the only reason is because of his story. Enough already!

    • I think with more practice lazaro could win this. Mel Tillis stuttered and he sang beautifully back in 1970.

      • It’s with the here and now. There are so many that are truly blow him away. Lazaro is beginning to rub me the wrong way. First, never disagree with successful judges… are learning. My opinion, which really doesn’t matter. He’s been coddled his whole life and he’s not used to losing. Welcome to the “real” world, Lazaro. The meaning of the name “Lazaro is “God is my help” he sure needs it.

      • yes maybe with more practice but you have to beable to sing first and be versetile to he only like to sing songs that he likes i dont think he knows how to pick the songs that he sings

  4. I still think Lazaro should have been the one to leave. Devin really gave his all to stay tonight, and it was great. Based on that performance, it was save-worthy, but, I’m not a “professional judge” following a script that seems like the result was decided long before Devin even sang his last song. Sometimes I wonder if this is a singing contest or a “soap opera.” This will continue to get interesting because there is still a lot of talent left standing. I would like to hear more from the girls’ trio last night. They sing well together.

    • We knew Devin would go, as that SAVE will only be used for Candice. She is the chosen one this year, and I think her voice is best, but she has no charisma for us. Angie, Janelle and Amber do. Kree will record good country for sure, but she is a bit bland for concert material.

  5. I agree with all of y’all Lazaro should leave already so he studders poor him it’s a show about vocal talent geesh he can’t even sing

  6. I like Lazaro but talent wise he shouldve been eliminated last week.

    Oh well I guess they really are pushing for a girl to win this year. Choosing the best 5 girls and a mediocre 5 boys for the top 10 (isnt that a bit unfair) Dont get me wrong I also want a girl to win this year I think its time, but I guess AI execs think a girl cant win with just their mere talent and needed some help. Thats sad 🙁

    I’m rooting for Kree this year. But I’ll be ok if any of the other 4 wins, coz they are all great! As for Lazaro and Burnell, sorry guys I think you joined the wrong season.

  7. WHAT?! Lazaro over Devin?! Lazaro SUCKED yesterday! D:<

    Gah, stupid teenage girls who don't know music if it hit them in the face…. T_T

    I swear… Devin should've stayed.. 100% better than Lazaro!

  8. Nicki is the judge that wasn’t on board. There is no way the save should not have been used tonight. Nicki needs to go along with Lazaro. He should have never been on idol. As well Nicki is the worst judge ever. Good talent has went home because of Americas stupidity.

    • I thought that at first, too–that Nicki was the one, and maybe she was. After all, Mariah commented that it would not be unanimous, and we know she and Nicki are not exactly best friends. Nicki may be a lot of things, but I do think she says what she thinks (forget the nicknames and the other “personal” comments) about someone’s performance. Her filter may be lacking, but what she says is IMO what she actually thinks and is not said just to maintain some kind of image or stay in the good graces of fans of that particular contestant. Maybe she did not agree with letting Devin go, and that’s why she didn’t stand. Maybe the others were just applauding his performance, but didn’t vote for him to stay. Will we ever really know? Next week it will be someone else. Often I feel that her critique is the one that is not just a bunch of flowery words. I don’t always like what she says or even the way she says it, but she has the courage to say what others are thinking and don’t have the nerve to say. That is never a popular position, but of the 4 judges this year she is more like Simon who actually let the contestants know where they stood on a performance. Do I think Devin should have been saved–Yes!!! If Jimmy were made a judge, then who would mentor the contestants? If I were a contestant, that would be right up there with the experience of performing before a huge audience. One thing I have learned over the years: even though I get annoyed and sometimes angry, I’ll still continue to watch because I love music and a good song sung well.

  9. I’m really beginning to hate this.
    Lazaro’s good, but he’s not Top 7 or higher good.
    He needs to either step it up or go home.
    Quit voting for him for his looks or his sap story! THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL; NOT A BEAUTY PAGEANT OR A “WHO HAS THE SADDEST STORY” CONTEST!
    I’m just so mad that a good talent had to go home because of someone’s looks and/or some sap story. >:/
    /end rant

    • Lol! Right on….. I love this show but I truly do not understand America if we keep on saving people because we feel sorry for them.

    • I totally agree. I look at AI as a scripted docudrama. This show departed from reality a long time ago. Lazaro has no business being in the top 7. He simply hasn’t honed his talent well enough to be in a competition like this. It seems he is playing right into the sympathy vote. His comments that he didnt have enough time to rehearse or that he was not familiar with his song are wearing thin. I have never heard him take responsibility for a poor performance. What if one of the others tried using one of those excuses? I really hope Devin finds the success he deserves.

  10. This is not a pity party for lazaro, he has talent. He needs to step it up a little, like some of you are saying.Give him a break he will prove himself. There’s other performers out there that stutter also like country legend Mel Tillis.

  11. I totally called it. I do not agree, however, America’s 12 year olds’ are doing this and it takes away from the real talent from the other contestants. My thoughts that were Amber redeemed herself and she was totally safe. I was “iffy” about Angela because she crashed last night and based on everyone’s vote; I thought she would end up in the bottom three….not that I agree with that. I have an opened mind and as long as one the top three have true talent…than great. I liked how humble Devin was, he handled the situation very well. When Ryan asked the judges if they were going to use their save…..he even looked surprised!:-O “REALLY?” That was an A+ performance from Devin. I see the dynamics going on with show…..I think this might bite them in the a$$. Lazaro, OK…he’s charming but did you see him after he was on the “safe” part of the stage? He was checking his posture and adjusting his bow tie and was totally into himself. I see myself screaming at this same time every year. Even when I did not agree about Philip Phillips….he was consistent and he was an artist. I can’t say that about Mr. Bow Tie. For all of the others that are safe this week….I have an opened mind. I just want to be moved and feel when they are performing. I look forward to next weeks show and…..we’ll see how that goes.

  12. PS…..OK, Nicki is great, I love her honesty, but I wish I knew her motive in denying Devin tonight?????

  13. no i dont agree with the vote the girls were great and they should of used their save for devin, lazaro should of gone home he needs more practice and i think candice or kree ill be the next american idol

  14. Why can’t the “sing for your life” be between the last two standing and let Jimmy make the decision? The judges have said enough the night before–some of them too much.

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