American Idol 2013 Top 7: Now Who Has What It Takes To Win?


Last night we said goodbye to Devin Velez on American Idol 2013. He finished in 8th place, which was my prediction for him last week.

So now that he’s been eliminated and a few changes in the Idol power rankings, it’s time to once again look at who has what it takes to win American Idol 2013. And as usual, these are NOT my personal opinions, but how I think things will play out based on popularity, voting patterns and a few other factors.

The Top 7 Assessment

1. Angie Miller. I’m still keeping Angie in this spot for the time being. I still think Candice or Kree could give Angie a run for her money, but I’m not ready to make any changes with Angie’s predictions yet. Final placement prediction: The Winner of American Idol 2013

2. Kree Harrison. I’ve decided to swap Candice and Kree because Kree is on fire. She’s got the country slant going for her and production seems to love her as much as America does. She even got a personal message from Aretha Franklin on last night’s episode. That’s pretty major. Final placement prediction: 2nd place

3. Candice Glover. As I said above, Kree might be edging Candice out. I’m not sure I agree with that, but I can see how it could happen. Country music fans love their American Idol and Kree is bringing that home for them. Final placement prediction: 3rd place

4. Janelle Arthur. Janelle keeps floating in the middle but she did move ahead of Lazaro after this week’s results. I thought America was going to keep coddling Lazaro, but I think the cuteness might be wearing off. I think Janelle will outlast him now. Final placement prediction: 4th place

5. Burnell Taylor. This is wear things get tricky. Amber was on her way out until Idol figured out a new formula to keep her in it. So while I’d like to confidently keep Burnell in this spot, I’m can’t. I can only do so very cautiously. This season could seriously play out in a way that means ALL the guys went home before a single girl. But for now, I’ll keep him here. Final prediction placement: 5th place 

6. Amber Holcomb. As I said above, she may not be going anywhere until Burnell and Lazaro are out, but at this point that would almost be too predictable. I think she’ll go out next week or the week after. But since she’s a girl, the judges could use the save on her. Final prediction placement: 6th place

7. Lazaro Arbos. He went from runner up in my predictions at one time to 7th place. That’s because he’s had a rough couple of weeks and I think the girls are just too strong this season. I could see Lazaro not going home next week and sending Amber or Burnell home instead, but I think his time might be up. Final prediction placement: 7th place




    • I could mention this responding to alot of predictions not yours particularily. I do not see a Kree versus Janelle final. WGWG might be replaced with WWWG. Janelle and her guitar were the star of Wednesday’s show IMO. That by the way is bad news. I thought as terrific a person as Janelle is and a great yodal that Kree had positioned herself significantly ahead with the voters until Janelles performance. The reason it’s bad is you cannot get enough country votes to to get both to the final. My fear is that after the save is either used or it expires one of these ladies goes home early. And it may not be Janelle. I’ m a huge fan of all 5 ladies and find each one has undenyable talent
      Think of it this way where does Devins vote go this week? I’ve had seasons that peed me off so bad like Dougherty going out that had me wanting to put my foot through the TV. But i watched every episode as I have since season 1. Devins votes will go somewhere. My best guess is it strengthens angie ultimately getting her from 3 to 2 and the final. Short term it benifits Lazaro which i believe need not even sing next week to be safe. It was a bad break that Burnell didn’t go as that would have likely Garunteed a final 5 all girls. My gut tells me Burnell or Amber next week. Lazaro may last to 5. Not my preference for sure.
      If Lazaro goes early enough she’ll solidify the Devin/Lazaro audiance that plus her own fans should be enough to win it all. That leaves Candace and Kree ideally. Branden I think has it correct right now it’s shaping up as Kree/Angie final. If somehow the final 3 were Angie/Janelle/Kree it might be Janelle and Angie. It seems most years we get a surprise at either 5 or 4 left. Usually goes somehing like this. The strongest singer looks safe that night. People try to sure up a “shakey” performance by a well liked 2nd favorite. Best singer in the competition goes home. This could be how Candace doesn’t make the final. Or it could be simply the country vote gets Kree or Janelle in beside Angie.

      • It’ll stay WGWG because it’s White Girl With Guitar as opposed to the usual flavor of White Guy With Guitar. So, the acronym will stay intact, and Janelle could have a shot if Kree stumbles or loses her appeal.

  1. Angie has always had my vote for winner, but each of the girls have had at least one stellar performance on one week or another. None of the guys should be top 5.

  2. Saw the stats on the % of genre watchers and Country was at the top so I’ll have to go with Kree in the number one spot although my choice would be Candice.

    • This is definately NOT going to happen! If for some reason I cannot imagine she gets the lowest vote total this is an instant judges save. By the way I have thought for a long time the producers decide and not the 4 judges. But that’s not good television so they say it is unanimous by the 4 judges.
      By the way there was a terrific comedy show based on giving “unknown” talent a shot hosted by Jay Moore. Absolutely terrific show. Was ruined when a judge who left leaked the tghe decisions on who stayed and went to the house were made by the producers and not the judges alledgedly.

      • Totally agree. If Angie does end up with the lowest votes (which is very unlikely), the judges would save her.

    • You simply cannot be serious!!! Burnell is incredible!, the thing is.. he is an Artist, unique and brilliant, I believe he’s being ripped off by the American public..too wrapped up in the good looks and glitz of other contestants especially the one that struggles to sing let alone Talk!! The gals are great alright, but.. come on America!!

      Im a Kiwi and simply no an artist when i hear one mate! 🙂

      • I’m a kiwi too but cant agree with you. I’m not a Burnell fan. I get what you’re saying about Lazaro, but i thinks its nerves and confidence that have let him down. Frankly I don’t get how its so lopsided this year. I think the judges did a poor job of picking the boys. I find this year quite boring to be honest. i tape it all and fast forward thru all the crap. Niki is just way too much for me with her inappropriate comments and frankly Mariah is a disappointment too. I mean she may as well not be there with the feedback she gives. As Jimmy said, “What does that even mean”

  3. 1/2/3: Angie, Candice and Kree (cant decide which one is what)
    4: Amber
    5/6: Janelle and Burnell (again cant decide which’ll go first)
    7: Lazaro

  4. My Predictions:

    1) Angie – She is the whole package. She has looks, stage presence, performance ability and of course an amazing voice.

    2) Kree

    3) Candice

    4) Janelle

    5) Lazaro

    6) Amber

    7) Burnell

    That is the way things should be, BUT as I have said before, I have ABSOLUTELY no confidence in the process. It is
    manipulated to have the results that they want. The last 2 seasons when the title was STOLEN from James and Jessica, both of whom were clearly better than the winners, should serve as proof.

    Now, will political correctness take over? Will the powers that be allow 3 girls as finalists? If not, who gets shafted? If this happens, Candice will lose out to Burnell which serve 2 purposes, first to get a guy in the top 3 and second to keep a black contestant in the running. This should not happen,
    it should be based strictly on talent, but it never is. Candice is much more deserving.

    I welcome comments.

    • Your so off in my opinion. 1st I thought Burnell the best guy in a weak season for months. That said he has been weak for weeks. The girls have been the top 5 for weeks at minimum!, No PC on this the Woman have kicked the B … Jesus out of this season so far. I don’t root for anything but excellence. I have no favorite b/c the 5 woman are all so FREAKING BLOODY GOOD!!!
      If my vote is based on kindness and a decent heart JANELLE is my choice. If it’s that plus a voice that kills Kree is effectively my favorite easily. Factually it is Angie versus Candace in the final! I want a “menage A Quatro” Bring all 4 woman in. I am a selfish horndog though. On Pure voice I think Kree and Candace. It’s angie plus 1 of the other 2. The 12 year old girls crown Angie AI champ. It will be a mediocre result IMHO.

  5. Angie isn’t even close to the same league as Candice and Kree. Snoozy, overly dramatic, sometimes off-key, not a lot of depth coming through. I had high hopes for Amber but think she needed another year. Best vocal tone but if she has life experience, it’s not coming across.

    Candice and Kree come across as full-grown WOMEN with incredible instruments, know how to use them, with distinctive tone but also with versatility. They seem to sing from life. Angie and Amber are still girls, which is fine, but remember that Jordan Sparks won everyone over when she sang (“I Who Have Nothing”) like a woman.

    Janelle is the wild card. If she can keep the momentum she started this week, she could be a #3. Any finale without both Candice and Kree will be bogus.

  6. Amber has the personality and the stage skill to be a top artist. Strange how people fixate on “big notes” , I love a good show, who couldn’t watch Amber as she completely tells the story as she sings. He facial expressions, head movements, hand and arm movements in concert with the words,…….love it. And dang she pretty and nice 🙂

  7. I think Angie is losing her momentum but she could easily regain that in a few weeks if she chooses the right songs. I think too that Janelle will have a chance to get in the finals, as Jimmy said, she is a possible dark horse to win the show. But a Kree-Candice Finale might be the most possible outcome this season. But I still want it to be a Kree-Janelle Finale.

    Here is how I think the votes will play for the remaining top 7:

    1.-2. Kree and Janelle
    3. Candice
    4. Amber
    5. Burnell
    6. Angie ( Angie will be eliminated right after the judges use the save on Amber)
    7. Lazaro

    • This is interesting. The 1st thing is would they use the save on Amber at 6. She’d have to be terrific both weeks. I’d say no. But what if someone surprising like Kree was at the bottom with 6 left. They use the save and the following week 2 singers go home. Maybe this happens but I doubt it. Angies base vote is strong and picks up Lazaro if he’s eliminated at 7. The longer Lazaro stays the tougher it is for Angie to stay top 3 IMO. I still think she is the surest thing to a lock to make the final on fan appeal. Think the Judges would prefer Candace and Kree in my opinion.

      • You need to learn to read(if I need to learn to spell) LOL I’m not an Angie fan. I’m a Candace and Kree fan 1st then Janelle. When I talk or refer to the 12 year old vote I’m speaking about how past seasons have appeared to have played out. Voting blocks like “12 year old girls”, “Grandmothers”, “Country Fans” ect . are just generic ways of of speaking about different groups tendancies, they are not monolithic in thier voting.

        What I am suggesting is once Lazaro is gone where does his vote and those of the departed Devin go? My opinion is Angie. Amber appeals more to 30/40 somethings in my opinion. Angies the same 18 years old but appears more “hip” for the teny bopper crowd IMHO. It’s an opinion but it’s based on watching every episode since season 1.
        Also you need to grow up and understand there is regional voting. Angie represents the north eastern United States. She owns that vote at this point. Amber is Texas, Janelle, Candace, Kree southern bells. Stack that on top of everything else It appears to me shes a lock for F2. That said it is not what I want just my best guess on what will happen.
        PS my best guess is better than your flawed irrelevant opinions all day long. Burnell top 3 is moronic

      • I don’t think its within the realm of possibility that Angie would go home at this point either, but she definitely has faltered a bit during the last few weeks. I think the performance of her original song set the bar too high for her to follow up with anything that comes close to it. I wonder if she should have held onto that to use later on in the competition just in case she starts to slip in the voting. Then again, maybe that song gave her such a strong fan base that that scenario will never happen. I agree with the judges tnat she needs to stick with what she does best until its over. That’s if the weekly themes allow her to. She comes across as a different person entirely when she does uptempo songs like “shop around”.
        Burnell in top 3? I don’t think so.

    • I agree about Angie. She blew me away when she sang that song of her own in the auditions phase. She has real talent but i agree with Jimmy that she needs help from someone because somethings going wrong for her. I thought she had the potential to win but am not so sure now. Either way she is talented and will do very well for herself when this comp is over and done with.

    • You almost seem like you’re so sure it’s going to happen. Angie will not go home in 6th Place. Guess what. Angie was in the Top 3 in Top 10 week. Amber was in 5th Place. Top 9, Angie was safe. Amber; Bottom 3. Amber, so far, is the only girl to have landed in the Bottom 3, while the other four girls are far superior to Amber in votes, no matter what the judges stand up to or try to influence America to vote for. Angie will beat Amber, you just watch. And I’m so sure of that happening.

      • Well we can say that there have been “shocking eliminations” in the past seasons. So I bet this season’s shocking elimination would be Angie because whether she wins the show or not, she will do great in her post-Idol career (just like Colton). And let me clear out that I wasn’t saying Amber is going to beat Angie. Of course not. I honestly think that Angie has more potential to win than Amber. But what I commented above is just a “prediction” that Angie will be eliminated after the save has been used. No one knows what exactly is gonna happen. This is just how I think the voting system will play in the next few weeks and I am 100% unsure of the outcome. However, thank you for sharing your opinion, Jake! 🙂

      • You can’t always count your chickens before they hatch. Remember Fantasia as well as Ruben Studdard were both in the bottom three before they won!

      • You wont see that. Watch and see. (that is how the show runs, A person goes through the trial to become a top contendor, just like Jessica). Amber was great. Better than Angie. If Amber was not great, you wouldn’t see Keith gave her a standing ovation. Forget about the three other judges.

  8. Okay….Angie is way too plastic…like a Barbie Doll. Kree is so real, so talented. Candace is great too. So is Janelle. Amber…I think has the potential to be a great star but for some reason America is not loving her…maybe she is just not ready. They all need to focus on making the right song choices. Better Shop Around was a huge mistake for Angie. Right now, I predict: Kree…Candace…Amber…Janelle…Angie.

  9. Amber and Candice and Burnell are my top 3. One of them will be the American Idol! I rebuke the prediction of anybody else. Country singers bore my kind. Angie’s voice is too angelic lacking in passionate anima. Lazaro is like the Kidney kid Phillips who can’t play the guitar and whose fans are limited to Florida Cubans.

    • You’ve lost your mind respectfully. The country vote is as solid as anything on idol. If you think Burnell is still around when Janelle and Kree are gone your unbalanced. Amber hasn’t connected with the audiance. Not surprising for an 18 year old. She’s a terrific singer but she was a year or 2 of maturity away from winning it. I consider Candace the best voice but Angie will get the 12 year old girl vote after Lazaro leaves that makes Angie almost a lock for the final. Candace could be next or Kree. If Kree goes at 4 then my darkhorse is Janelle. If your a Candace fan you better hope there are no surprises.

      Frankly based on the performances so far that’s an embaressment to include Brunell in the top 3. Root for your favorites fine but respect people who clearly have a better ear for music than your self. Rebuking others opinions on Burnell…..ROFL!

      PS…. because you don’t like country music does not mean you are relevant but rather your inability to understand how relevent country fans are to the show is shocking and out of touch with AI. Clay annd Scotty just 2 I’d mention right off the top.

  10. I think it will go like this:
    7. Burnell Taylor
    6. Lazaro Arbos
    5. Amber Holcomb
    4. Janelle Arthur
    3. Candice Glover
    2. Angie Miller
    1. Kree Harrison

  11. Angie had a rough week and I predict this week (rock music) will be a further tumble. But not enough to send her home. Thus she has time to recoup before the finals. She needs to sing songs of faith (Pop or Gospel)-the way Colton Dixon has. Remember she did a Colton Dixon song. In other words i see her as an Amy Grant like path to fame.Cadice will take over the #1 spot after the Rock week, kree maybe #2, but don’t see Angie falling from a #3 spot.

    • Angie’s pitch at times goes flat or sharp as noticed too by judges. She can’t be in Top 5, much less 3. But pontificant fans like author Branden and Stan7777 below will root for her I’m sure.

  12. 1. Angie- Definite star in there. Could become the biggest star since Carrie Underwood

    2. Kree or Candice- Either one suffices this spot

    3. Kree or Candice- These two girls and Angie will be the Top 3, hopefully

    4. Janelle- Love her soothing voice, but don’t think she’ll win

    5. Amber- I know she’ll make it to Top 5, but I don’t understand why everyone’s drooling over her voice, Angie, Kree, and Candice are better

    6. Burnell- His tone is starting to get irritating, and with the way the guys are going, he doesn’t have much time

    7. Lazaro- He doesn’t have much time. He would seriously need to pull off a fantastic performance to stay, but I don’t think he has that in him

  13. I concede that Amber may not win, but she’s the best singer. Nobody even comes close.

  14. Aretha was never even on Motown but Kree gets to sing her on Motown night and gets a message from her while Devin goes home?? Thia show could at least attempt to appear real. So disappointed.

    • I believe it was called Detroit night and not Motown night, so in fact you could have sung Ted Nugent. Wouldn’t that have gone off with a bang.

  15. How many years have you watched Idol?!

    The ONLY reasons the guys were B3 were 1. the show’s desire to replicate the prior night’s trio; 2. to anger Devin’s fanbase into regarding Lazaro as “the enemy”; and 3. to fool people into thinking as you, that Laz was near the bottom.

    I’d bet muchos dolares that Lazaro has been consistently in the Top Four.

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