American Idol 2013: Isabelle Performs ‘God Bless The Child’ During Las Vegas Round

Isabelle performs on American Idol 2013

It was sudden death last night on American Idol 2013 and Isabelle fell victim to the chopping block. Considering her consistently strong performances and praise from the judges it was a bit of a shock to most viewers to see her sent home this close to the live shows.

If there was ever a case for the Wildcard to be played this season many fans are hoping she’s it, but so far we haven’t heard anything about the American Idol judges making that call. So far it seems like all of last night’s eliminations are final, but the silver lining is that they can all come back and try again next year.

Say farewell to Isabelle with this one last performance video where she sang “God Bless The Child” during the Las Vegas Round for American Idol 2013. Maybe we’ll see her again down the road.




  1. I thought she was amazing. Her performance was incredible, she was way more talented than the last girl that was picked!!! I am an avid american idol fan, but last night cut for Isabelle was wrong. Producers, executives and judges she should be brought back as a wild card. Give this girl who so deserves this chance bring her back !!!

  2. Really dissapointed with the judges….isabelle is one of the best..she was amazing yesterday and always…

  3. Amazing voice – Just left AI link and so many are wondering why Isabelle was sent home – she was their favorite. Hope to see her as a wild card this year. She is awesome!!!

  4. So disappointed in their decision, she was amazing, won’t be watching anymore of this season, pray she keeps moving forward, amazing talent n beauty

  5. I too am disappointed at last night’s decision. She has been consistent throughout all of her performances & she is truly talented. Judges need to bring back the wildcard & bring Isabelle back.

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