American Idol 2013: Kree Harrison Performs ‘Up The Mountain’ In Las Vegas

Kree Harrison in Las Vegas on Idol

It was the performance that put her in the American Idol 2013 Top 20 on last night’s episode. Kree Harrison delivered a powerful performance with “Up the Mountain” that wow’d the judges and impressed the audience.

While a lot of buzz may continue to swirl around Angela Miller there’s a definite challenger here in Kree Harrison.

Nicki Minaj praised Harrison for refusing to chase the idea that girls had to wear as little as possible to perform on that stage. She looks ready to take on the competition on American Idol 2013 no matter how she’s dressed.

Get ready for more of Kree Harrison as she’s moved on to the live shows for Season 12.




  1. This show should be renamed to “American Idiot”! The Feb. 21, 2013 episode is proof that this show was supposed to have been cancelled with the departures of J.Lo & Steve Tyler. It has really hit the skids BIG-TIME with that ridiculous Niki Manaj as a judge. I mean really, we get it already–Niki likes the freaks, wierdos & odd-balls! But this is not a Ripley’s “Believe it or Not” competition. This is supposed to be about the best new TALENT IN MUSIC–more specifically a VOCAL competition!!! How in the world did that red-headed goof-ball Charlie get this far into the competition?! He even beat out one of THE BEST singers Johnny???!!! OMG! Simon Cowell needs to return to this show! Better yet, it should just be cancelled altogether. Clearly this group of “judges” are bored making all that money doing nothing but sitting on their brains! They’ve got America tuning in for all the wrong reasons that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MUSIC! Which makes it very easy for me to change my remote control to another channel!

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