American Idol 2013: Judges Results From Las Vegas Round 1

Shubha Vedula on American Idol 2013 in Las Vegas

On tonight’s episode of American Idol 2013 the first round of cuts came across the Top 40 Hopefuls and sent the first five ladies home. There was only one chance to impress the judges in Las Vegas and not everyone could move ahead in the competition. Read Branden’s recap of tonight’s American Idol episode for more info.

Here are the official results to confirm the spoilers we shared earlier today on who was eliminated tonight on American Idol.

Safe Singers in the American Idol 2013 Top 20:

Eliminated Singers cut from the competition:

  • Brandy Hotard
  • Isabelle
  • Jenny Beth Willis
  • Kamaira Ousley
  • Shubha Vedula

What do you think of tonight’s American Idol results? Did the judges make the right decisions or should some of them switch spots in the two lists? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.




  1. Shubah was phenominal. She was the only one that made me feel, she was inspiring and interestting and very relatable. I am dishearteed to see the judges choose against her. Ummm…. hello?!!

  2. Kind of boring night. Most of them sang well but they all played it too safe.

    Hopefully the guys are better.

  3. Shubha’s song choice hurt her. Based on the voice and personality, she should have been there. I hope she returns next year. I do think there will be great performances from the guys. There are some we haven’t seen much of yet.

  4. I think Shubha should have made it…big question, who do you cut…I think we can better answer that question after we see the ten girls from next week…I am thinking, maybe there should have been 6 women going through this week…the judges selections all deserve it…Angie Miller is on a level above the rest of the competition…Kree Harrison is a distant 2nd…Amber and Adriana distant 3rd…Teena Torres hair is so bad, it is a distraction to her talent…if I were to replace any of the women to add Shubha, I would cut Torres…maybe Shubha is better served next season…because it looks like Angie Miller OWNS this season!!!

  5. so far I am impressed with AI in general…I like this sudden death, live audience in Las Vegas round…I think it gives us a better look at the top 40 contestants…I liked what they did splitting the guys and girls in Hollywood…and the best decision in Hollywood was to let the producers group the contestants…

  6. The four American Idol judges comments are nonsensical. Its disgusting
    to see them giving such a demoralizing comments to an aspiring American
    Idol.What is wrong with an contestant playing a piano and then moves on
    to the stage perform her gig ? As judges your job is to evaluate one’s performance that
    includes the quality of the voice, song selection and
    how the contestant renders the song in your own style. For a start the four “stooges” were not able pronounce a simple
    word “Shuba Vedula” unless it is a strange word I could
    understand their difficulties but this simple one the male judges were were having so much ” fun ” with her name. The worst judges among the four is Keith Urban and Nicky Minaj who were making a fool of themselves. I lost the respect for the four Judges and I don’t think I would want to watch the show anymore. I find one of the contestant is not singing but
    shouting with a flat key yet she is one of the last five girls selected to semi finals this is a big joke by the clowns. I just
    hope the four judges will not be making more mockeries by
    eliminating the deserving one’s with their stupid comments and erroneous decisions.

  7. Among the five selected winners I truly believe Adriana, Amber, Kree, Tenna are deserving winners but Angela is far from the other four. I don’t see any quality in her singing and nothing special to one be of the five. Yet she received a standing ovation for her rendition from the four judges, for what ? Shuba Vedula is much better singer in terms quality and yet the so called judges failed miserably to see it . Their disgusting comment is what I cannot tolerate, How in the world did they come to a conclusion she is trying to do too many thing at one time ?

  8. Kree was the stand-out by far for me! Her voice has a soothing, softness to it, that makes for easy listening!

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