American Idol 2013: Kree Harrison Q&A

Kree Harrison

American Idol 2013 is already down to the Top 6 and among the hopefuls is country singer Kree Harrison. Kree has taken the competition by storm and has become the one to beat it seems. We’ve gotten to know her singing style and how she carries herself, but what about what got her in the business and who she’s inspired by?

Thanks to Fox, we’ve been sharing the Top 10 Q&As with you and today we’ve got our final one and it’s of course with Kree.

Kree Harrison Q&A

Q: How has music inspired you?
A: Music has inspired me in every way. It keeps me sane.

Q: Who is your favorite female artist and why?
A: Patsy Cline. May be a cliche, but she just sang so beautifully. Something about her tone, it’s like no other.

Q: Do you have any formal music training?
A: No.

Q: Who has influenced your personal musical style?
A: My parents mostly.

Q: What was the first concert you attended?
A: First concert I ever went to was The Doobie Brothers, I was 8, I think. They called me on stage and I sang “listen to the music” with them. First big crowd I had ever performed in front of.




  1. Someone commented elsewhere that Kree looks like Rose on “Two and a Half Men.” Thank you. I felt that she reminded me of someone. Now I know who it is. She does look like Rose.

  2. Kree, sweetie we are all so proud of you and we are standing right beside you,this is Mandy and Callie,aunt Irene,aunt Dorothy,Shelley,Russel and family. We all love you and we are all voting for you, keep up the good work sweetie and we haven’t forgotten you and never will,love ya sweetie

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